Prayer of Miraculous Trust


We all need prayer. In Catholicism, we speak of the communion of the saints, which means that all the faithful – both here and departed – are fully alive to God, and we have access to the faithful departeds’ prayers if we only ask. (for those who have any theological doubts on this point, please see Matthew 22:32, Mark 12:27 and Luke 20:38). But the prayers of the Church Militant, that is the faithful still on earth, for each other are crucial – and even more crucial in these times.

Right around the turn of the millennium, the archangel, Gabriel, gave me a prayer and told me the time would come when we would need miracles – and many miracles would be wrought through the faithful use of the prayer.

Right now, our medical system is collapsing before our very eyes. We have more people uninsured than ever because Obamacare is forcing their cancellation. The early round of hospital closures has begun (four in Georgia, alone), people are being denied coverage – an eastern children’s hospital treated over 100 children with special needs for free because, under Obamacare, they had lost their specialty coverage. But of course, the hospital can’t continue to do that because both supplies and personnel are being lost. You know many of the horror stories, but it is far worse than you know, as both the media and officials are frantically trying to dismiss these realities. But with each new blow, more pieces of the system collapse.

When the normal means of healing are easily available, you should always take advantage of them. When God has provided abundant means of normal medicine, it is a presumption to demand only His supernatural medicine. Ideally, it is best to take advantage of both. But soon (and it is happening far more rapidly than I expected when this was enacted) availability of normal services will be spotty – and if you have something chronic or are elderly, much will not be available at all as surviving doctors start working under an implicit triage mentality because of the shortages of supplies and equipment. God will not leave you bereft.

Along with this posting I have linked to a religious supply house that has printed up thousands of prayer cards containing this prayer and instructions on how to use it. It is the Full of Grace Supply House which is also linked at the right hand of this page. The woman who owns it gave me most of them to give away. I always carry a supply with me. I asked her to carry them in her inventory, so that as many as possible might have access to them.

Now, if you treat these as some magic object, I have utterly failed my duty to you. There is no magic in the card, nor magic in the prayer. Rather, the instructions for the prayer teach you how to align your will with that of God. Having said that, there have been many startling results from the proper use of this prayer. Let me explain.

First, the Lord often acts to confirm His intentions. I tell you to acknowledge Our Lady of Tepeyac, which is Our Lady’s proper title in this image, though she is commonly called Our Lady of Guadalupe. I know this because she told me long ago. She is sent as the Mother of Conversion in these terrible times. It pleases Our Lord that you acknowledge, then spread devotion to His servant and mother in this role He has given her for these times.

Second, prayer must begin with faith, the knowledge that God is in control of all things. But it must not end there. The demons in hell know that Christ is Lord, they know Scripture better than you and all the greatest theologians combined and, as James said, they tremble because of that knowledge. If all you have is faith, you have nothing more than the demons in hell.

Faith must lead to trust, the trust that once you acknowledge and follow Him, whatever the Lord allows to befall you is for your benefit or instruction or that of another that you may give witness to, perhaps never knowing until judgment the witness you have given by your trust. Many Christians treat prayer as the cloth with which they rub the magic lamp to bind God to their will. Prayer is to bind you to God’s will – and to begin to understand it. That cannot happen unless you trust, knowing that His ways are not your ways. Some purported faith healers teach that God will always heal those who trust Him. They are right, but not in the way they think. Their imaginations are so impoverished that, whatever they say, the only good they can envision is of this world. God always heals for eternity – that you may have abundant life with Him in heaven. If that means you must suffer some here to quell your rebellious yearnings, than suffer you will – if you trust God. If you are a particularly useful soul, God may allow you to suffer in penance for others who do not know they need penance, that more might be saved. Trust.

Trust will lead to abandonment. That is giving yourself entirely and willingly to whatever God wants of you. Gabriel came to Our Lady, Holy Mary, and told her she would get a great honor if she accepted – become the mother of Our Lord in His human incarnation. But there was a catch, This would happen in a way that would subject her to shame and, perhaps even a brutal execution. What incredible faith, trust and abandonment she lived to be able to say almost immediately, “I am the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to your word.” Of course, as Gabriel noted when he first spoke to her, she is “full of grace.” It is hard to get outside yourself. Some years ago, I was undergoing some serious suffering – and it would not go away. I begged and begged to know what I was doing wrong so I could correct it and escape my sorrows. Finally, the Lord, Himself came and said, “This is not about you.” Then He told me who it was about – someone I dearly loved who, unbeknownst to me, was in great spiritual danger. The Lord asked was I willing to accept this penance on the person’s behalf, for he desperately needed it. Foolish and self-centered as I was, I am proud I said yes – and soon was rewarded by seeing how much it was needed. Abandon yourself to His will – and don’t feel bad when He shows you what a silly, little fool you are. He only does that to those in whom He sees great promise. Be glad of your rebukes.

Finally, it is good to have prayer partners. It is even better to have one who already beholds the Face of God, for the saints’ faith is assured and will not fail. Take full advantage of the communion of the faithful. We are really going to need all hands on deck.

Know that with God, the intention is the action. Keep your prayers of petition short. It is not the length of them that aligns you with God, but the trust behind it. If you had perfect trust, all your intentions would merely be stated and then you would accept perfectly what God sends you. If you pray long in petition, you risk deluding yourself it is the Herculean nature of your efforts rather than the effortless grace of God that brings light, and thus become vainglorious. And yet, do not begrudge those who must make long, moaning prayers of petition. It is their lack of faith warring with their hope that makes it necessary. Such brevity is not for all prayer. Prayers of worship, praise and thanksgiving may be said at great length, either privately or in community. Also, when a demon is involved, prayers of intercession may go for weeks, but that is best left to priests under most circumstances.

Do not say this particular prayer more than once for any specific intention. To do so is to fail in trust – and defeat the purpose of this prayer, which is abandonment to God’s will. Certainly, God knows how needy we are, so you may say other prayers for the same intention if the need arises, but not this one. If you can, it is best to say it and then let it go, trusting that whatever comes of the matter now is for your eternal good regardless of what happens

I saw a pithy saying last week I will end with: “Don’t worry about tomorrow. God is already there.”

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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14 Responses to Prayer of Miraculous Trust

  1. Mary Kienbusch says:

    This prayer is most beautiful, thank you.

    This post is most helpful, even though it’s hard to read at times.

    Prayers your way,

    Mary and Mike and family of 5


  2. SteveBC says:

    I often want to deal once with a question and then let it go, but I sometimes do a poor job of it. I guess I have trust issues, as people say. 🙂 My thanks to St. Gabriel and to you for helping me on this issue with this post and prayer.

    In considering this prayer and thinking about something you said in a comment to my comment earlier, I find myself mulling over your statement that you had engaged in a 40-day consecration to begin your Task.

    This prayer, and Mary’s example, say it’s possible to commit with a brief, clear intention. Yet Jesus spent 40 days in the desert, presumably on his own consecration, and you also spent 40 days on yours.

    I know you have plans for future posts already, and I don’t want to derail those plans. However, I’m wondering if you might go off the track a bit and someday write a post on consecration, why some consecrations are brief while others are long, why you proceeded as you did, and what lessons your readers might take away for use in their own lives.

    The question has been on my mind for the past couple years. It seems to me that many people, including myself, have decisions and commitments to make as events unfold now.



  3. Janet says:

    Peace and all good Charlie and all. I have a question about this prayer. If I pray it for an intention in complete trust does that mean that I never have to pray for that intention again? For instance for a family member that is away from the Church. Once I pray that prayer, should I let that intention go completely? God, it’s in your hands now.


    • charliej373 says:

      God knows how fragile we are…we are like little kids in the back of a car asking are we there yet. And so He is affectionately patient when we can’t help but wheedle a bit. Usually, if I have said this particular prayer for a particular petition, I don’t say any prayer about it again except to commit to my submission to God’s will on the matter. But sometimes I do, for I am a little kid in the back of the car, too. BUT, this prayer is particularly geared towards building trust, so the only iron rule is don’t say THIS prayer more than once for the same petition. But God doesn’t mind…it even tickles His Fatherly heart for us to ask a little more than we have to, “Do you promise we are going for ice cream, Dad?”


  4. charliej373 says:

    In the post I note that it is good that prayers of praise, worship, thanksgiving and such be long. It is only prayers of petition that can be either way. The more you trust, the less time you need for a prayer of petition, because real trust suggests you are willing to accept whatever comes.


    • Judy says:

      I actually do not understand this teaching. St. Monica prayed and fasted her entire life for the intention of the same prayer: Conversion of her son, Augustine. She apparently did not ask once from everything that I have read.


      • charliej373 says:

        Excellent point, Judy. I think I was not clear enough. I kept this prayer to myself and my priests for over a decade. I do not say not to pray with persistence for the things you need. But this prayer is geared to a specific virtue that is in short supply, even among the most faithful now: trust. Many have come to functionally believe that prayer is like an encounter with a genie – that praying long is the cloth you rub the lamp with to bind God to your will. But the purpose of prayer is to bind yourself to God’s Will. Read carefully and you will see this prayer is a humble petitioning, than a faithful abandonment to God. I do not say do not pray for your intentions with persistence; only to not say THIS prayer more than once for the same intention.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for your ministry. Your writing resonates deeply with the stirrings in my own spirit. As I am preparing my family to by God’s grace be a sign of hope for others, I have a question about refuges. I envision them as groups of people living in a radically Spirit-filled and holy way. Yet the people that would naturally seek us out as a sanctuary from the storm (those souls in our territory so to speak — neighbors, extended family, etc) are quite the opposite. They are basically good souls (not consciously cooperating with evil), but nonetheless fairly effective at working against the Spirit and crushing authentic expressions of it. I can’t picture a refuge with these resistant souls, but abandoning them to hunker down with like minded companions feels like an abdication of responsibility. Perhaps it boils down to a defect in myself? I have a hard time living and moving in the spirit in close communion with resistant souls. Jesus was able to create authentic and effective community without excluding Judas. I have been puzzling over this and wondered if you have any insight. Also I have long sensed (with a heavy heart) that my husband is going to be used as a political leader. If all systems are going to fail, I must be discerning this incorrectly. It doesn’t seem that there will be a use for this type of leadership. Perhaps I should modify my prayer for him/us, but there remains a “knowing” that doesn’t add up with the other knowing of what is to come. Thoughts? Advice?


    • charliej373 says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      This is when you trust God, knowing you can’t fully see the way ahead. When I first went to Colorado near where the Shrine will be, someone very close to me and his fiancĂ© took me to drop me off. Though he had doubts, mostly he thought I was a great guy but a bit insane on this matter. Of course, I don’t care whether anyone believes me: as I frequently tell people, if I hadn’t lived it myself I probably wouldn’t believe me. So it’s pretty easy for friends and family to be around me whatever they think about this, for I have lots of interests and enjoy them all. We went to Mt. Meeker to the site of where the Shrine will be before he dropped me off where I would live. At one point, he had gone walking off by himself exploring the woods a little. When he came back, his face was white. I asked what was wrong. He stammered for a few moments – and then said that while he was walking he heard a powerful voice say, “Behold! From this mountain I will renew the faith of the world.”

      It shook him right up. And he has been a big help and confidante to me since. Best of all, he does not focus on anything big…he just works each day at taking the next right step – and he has already become a sign of hope to many. There will be many “road to Damascus” moments ahead. I NEVER try to convince anyone. But I never shrink from telling anyone if called. I figure it is not my job to convince, just to inform. And the great utility of just informing people who don’t believe without any histrionics is that, then when things happen, instead of panicking, they are more likely to see the Hand of God in it.

      Finally, I said traditional politics is already dead. But at its core, politics is just the means by which we order the society we are in. Even during the Storm, though the society we are in will be vastly different, there will be leadership. Don’t worry overmuch about what you will do during these circumstances, but don’t worry much about what you won’t either. Just take the next right step – and if your husband is called to leadership, then so be it.


  6. Jennifer says:

    Very helpful response. Thank you!


  7. BC says:

    Hi Charlie, I turned to OL of Tepeyac in prayer for Cissy, my sister’s sister-in-law, who, on Saturday “out of the blue” was given the diagnosis of stage 4 ovarian cancer. I shared this prayer with my friends asked for their prayers for the situation. We have had what I consider to be a miraculous result. Cissy had surgery today. It was a grapefruit sized tumor; minimal liver removed and small section bowel resected; got it all; saying no chemo or rad. PTL. a long way from the news on Sat. Thanks be to God! Thank you for sharing this prayer. I am going to pray it for myself with the intention that I will always trust and submit to the Divine Will with love, hope and thanksgiving in all things. I will pray for you and your ministry/vocation.


    • charliej373 says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this, BC. I do not like to make much noise about the miraculous physical results that have come through this for fear it might draw people away from the point of it, which is abandonment to whatever God decides is best – which is often not what we want. But the physical miracles associated with it had passed into the double digits months before you shared this. I suspect it will become a powerful tool as times get darker, first by spreading peace and trust – but with the bonus of an abundant bouquet of physical healing, as well. I am so thankful that Cissy is well – and even more thankful for your intention – for well-lived, it will bring peace to many more people. God bless you!


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