Stalking the Antichrist


As darkness grows thicker and heavier, more people are concerned about the appearance of the antichrist. Let me tell you, God does NOT set up ambushes to ensnare the innocent. The devil does, but though he can deceive even saints for a time, he cannot ensnare you in a fundamental way unless you allow it. Besides giving an overt assent of the will, you can be ensnared by flaws – mainly the deadly sins. Vanity and pride are the source of more destruction than all the other sins, combined, I think.

That said, satan does send his agents, who work restlessly, to ensnare you. Discernment is a valuable gift. But here’s the rub: even if you knew who those agents are, if you are puffed up with vanity, the knowledge is of no protection, for your vanity will fell you soon enough. If you are utterly ignorant and know it to be so – and so trust all to God, concerning yourself solely with being a sign of hope to others and taking the next, right step, you are utterly invulnerable to the efforts of the antichrist and even of satan, himself. Why, then, spend so much time seeking after that which will not protect you instead of perfecting that which will?

In March of 1993 I had my first Great Vision (Let me digress for a moment – a Great Vision does not mean it is more important or better than other types. Over a decade ago, one of my priests directed me to describe, as best I could, different types of visions. I grouped each of the types that seemed to have a similar pattern into specific category names. A Great Vision refers to one that goes on at some length, into great detail about future events and great detail about the meaning of present and past events, then gives me specific tasks for preparation or what my response should be. I gave them the name because of the sweeping character of them and a certain majesty they have in my mind.) After taking me into the vision, my angel began by telling me that the spirit of antichrist was already rampant in the world – and had been for some time. He said the spirit was simple and seductive. It was simply the belief that good can be done without reference to God. It was tenacious because those seduced by it believe themselves to actually be doing good. He said the error was institutionalized during the Russian Revolution, which taught that good can ONLY be done without reference to God.

Of course, trying to do good without reference to God is like trying to quench thirst without reference to water. Alas, many people, even of the faithful variety, impute a sort of vanity to God – as if He demands our worship as a sort of tribute. To the contrary, God loves us each tenderly and knows that He is the only source of life. He calls us to Him that we may live as heirs in His household. He is like a man in the desert who has the only freshwater fountain for 300 square miles and gives it freely to all who come – even begging the recalcitrant to drink from the fountain. It is not in tribute to Him, but that you may live, for all else is sand and death.

Later in the same vision my angel explained to me that the Russian Revolution was one of satan’s greatest gambits, that Russia’s error was just the disposable delivery system for injecting the spirit of antichrist throughout the whole world: that the political and economic systems inherent to it were doomed to collapse of their own contradictions. Then, while the world was celebrating its “victory” over what was never more than a disposable hypodermic needle, it would not even notice it had been injected and infected with the spirit of antichrist, the institutional belief that good can only be done without reference to God. I gasped over that revelation, for already it was becoming obvious how deeply infected the western world was.

In ancient Israel a substantial minority of Jews suspected that the Messiah might come in a corporate, rather than an individual, form. That is, the Messiah might be a group of like-minded faithful like the Maccabees, who would restore the kingdom to its former glory, rather than a single, heroic figure. Similarly, in serious theological circles, there is no little debate over whether the antichrist is more likely to be a corporate figure or an individual. John the Evangelist gives a lot of credence to those who propose a corporate anti-Christ, for in I John 2:18 he says that, “…you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come.” (italics mine)

Based on my vision, (which I fully vetted with my priests for anything contrary to faith and morals – as I do with all substantial messages) and on what John the Evangelist says, I believe the antichrist is a spirit that infects many, and so is one spirit with many acolytes. the same as there are many Christians but only one Christ.

The question then becomes; will a single person arise who personifies the spirit of antichrist? Carrying my analogy to one logical end, since Christ left Peter and his successors as the Vicar of Christ, might the antichrist establish his own vicar with authority over his followers?

In the late ’90s I had a visitation that gave me some clues to that, as well. I was taken to a large classroom or small hall where a man was giving a speech. He was not unusual, but very distinctive in the way he looked. My angel contemptuously called him “Menses,” though I knew right away that was not his given name, just the contemptuous nickname the angels have ALWAYS since used to refer to him. His talk was pleasant – even inspiring. My angel told me Menses had given himself entirely over to the antichrist – he was not a mere dupe as so many are – he had knowingly chosen satan’s side. He would exercise the most important power satan would have to deceive men once the Storm took hold – the power of deception, to mimic what is actually good. (Satan’s primary weapon for the last century has been that of seduction – to persuade men that good is actually evil and evil actually good. I was told that during the brief period of “rumblings” leading into the Storm, satan’s most effective power would be that of terror, which he would exercise on a large, institutionalized scale) In time, Menses would rise to prominence, and would be celebrated as a champion of freedom and of faith throughout the Storm. Only when it ended would people know of his betrayal. I was told to watch for him and of specific characteristics to watch for in his work, for when he rose to prominence, the time would be upon us. As Menses continued his lecture, he looked over at me (I was standing at the far end of the room to his left) and gave me a leering grin. It chilled me, for I got the sense that just as my Master was showing him to me, so his infernal master was showing me to him.

After the vision was over, I was shaken for another reason. Several times during visitations I had been shown someone who would be important in the future who I had not met yet, In almost all cases, their faces and voices were wiped clean from my memory as soon as the vision was complete. I could remember the role they played and why I was shown them, but not a single identifying feature (except whether it was a man or a woman). But Menses face, body shape, and voice were fully embedded in my memory.

I, of course, reported this to my priests – and gave them both the physical and behavioral description of him. They were naturally curious about his identity, but I couldn’t say, because I had never seen him except in the vision. I pondered the name, Menses. My angel’s face had wrinkled with withering contempt and disgust when saying it. Looking it up I saw that, from the Latin, it is a reference to menstrual blood. Of course, in ancient Israel, menstrual blood was ritually impure – in opposition to the blood of the lamb, which purifies. I wondered if perhaps it wasn’t a double pun, for the related phrase of “mens rea” refers to the guilty mind, the knowing intent necessary for a crime. Meantime, I kept watch for him.

Midway through the last decade, while scanning some announcements and events, I was stunned to see a picture that looked exactly like Menses, along with the announcement that he was going to speak at a city near me. I got his regular name and did a google search. He matched up exactly. I thought of making the trip to go hear him, but then remembered that he had seen me, too. If that was literal, I figured I would just as soon avoid him for as long as I could – and follow him virtually through the Internet to see if he actually began to rise. He has. He is still a relatively minor figure, but is more and more frequently quoted internationally on the matters I said he would be seen as champion of.

I told my priests that I now knew his identity, but refused to divulge it. On the one hand, if I had been deceived, I might smear a good man. On the other, my angel said he would not be revealed until after we were rescued. If I revealed his name, even only to a few, it might tempt them to trust in themselves and obsess over fighting him rather than calmly doing what God called them to. (Another digression – I am under no illusion that I am immune to deception. One of the few times Gabriel was visibly angry with me came after he had warned me that satan was going to try to send me some false visions. Sure enough, I had several that were very pleasant – but had some little twist that was contrary in a small way to faith and morals. I dismissed them immediately from my mind. I got to thinking I was pretty good at this sort of discernment. As I preened over it, Gabriel suddenly appeared with disgust on his face and drily told me, “He’s not trying to convince you of what’s in the visions: he’s trying to convince you he’s clumsy.” He vanished immediately. I got the message. Even if you start right, vanity is always pulling you into self-reliance. Satan will come as an angel of light. Your only defense is to submit all to God, hold tight to Him, and take counsel).

Eventually, it dawned on me that if Menses knew who I was, it could put those who were close to me at risk, particularly those who guided me spiritually. So I talked to ONE of the priests. We had a discussion about what knowing really meant, the burden and the risk of it. But if he could bear it while resolving not to be pulled away from his work, it would allow him to watch for any approaches to others who counsel me and protect them if Menses approached and started sniffing around. I waited for a week and, when the priest was certain he had contemplated the full gravity of it, revealed the identity – to him and only him. He was startled. He had actually met the man at a social event during his travels – and had gotten a very bad feeling from him which he dismissed because the guy was so charming and seemingly straightforward. I told the other priests I had revealed the identity to the one, and reiterated why I would not say more than that.

As I watch Menses slowly rise to more prominence, I wonder at times if he is not the personification of the antichrist, the vicar, as it were of that putrid spirit. But then I wonder what good could come from worrying about it. My angel tells me he will not be exposed for the betrayer and fraud he is until after it is over. It seems to me that focusing on him can only distract me from the work God has laid out for me…and that would be a subtle way of disobeying God, focusing on a battle with satan’s agent rather than being a sign of hope. Jesus knew who Judas was from the start – and let the weed grow along with the wheat until His public ministry was finished. I think it comes down to whether we really trust God. We know the final outcome is assured. Obviously, God allowed me to see who Menses was before he came to any significant public note for a reason – but also told me that this particular weed will flourish throughout the duration of the Storm. I don’t know what the reason is, but I must trust God to dispose of it as He has said without letting it pull me away from the simpler, homelier work of taking the next right step and being a sign of hope to those around me.

That is the essence of what I want you to know. If there is one who personifies the antichrist, to focus on him without leave of the Master is, ironically, to succumb to the spirit of antichrist and trust to your own strength. Be careful about seeking after knowledge that, even if you knew it, would do little or nothing to help you do the work God calls you to, especially if the adventure of it might lure you away while deceiving you that you do well.

I pray often that God not tell me a jot beyond what I absolutely need to know to do the work He wants of me – and that He give me strength to bear what He decides I must know. But when in doubt, I know that the sure formula, the one that calls to me like a beacon, my lighthouse in the Storm is to acknowledge God, be a sign of hope to those around me, and take the next right step. That will carry us surely to safety while the chase after unnecessary knowledge might run as aground.

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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  1. ARBY says:

    You dont really say:
    Is this anti-christ figure, “menses”, a figure prominent solely to the U.S.
    or a global figure that arises outside of the U.S. but whose dominance covers the U.S.?


    • charliej373 says:

      You will forgive me, Arby, but I do specifically say that he is quoted “intenationally” in my post. It is not my intention to give ANY clues as to who he is or what he does; that would only ignite the sort of speculation that I write here is dangerous and distracting. God forbid I should contribute to pulling people off focus!

      As I think I have said in another response somewhere, I am an American so that is naturally my first point of reference. I get irritated with some I talk with because they seem to think this is only about America. We face a global civil war. America will play a key role, but Russia will play perhaps a greater one – and Mexico, completely ignored is important, as are the Koreas and the Middle East. Each day I go through a quick briefing online – looking for (often little) things I am warned of that most others would not take as a serious matter.

      Now there are a good quantity of readers from every continent but Antarctica (Africa is still fairly light). So you rightly wonder whether I am the typical America-centric. No. This is a GLOBAL Civil War. I know things about some places – and not some others…but then I get filled in – in God’s time, not mine. So, yes, being an American it is my jumping off point, just as those of you from Ireland jump off from there. But while I have had to encourage people at home to think globally rather than locally when I discuss these things – so I must ask those of you from other lands to know that, though my “accent” might be American, for that is my native land, it is the entire world that goes into the Storm. The faith of all is necessary for us to endure.

      Finally, please, I know curiosity is normal, but I will say no more about Menses. I brought him in to give you a full picture of the matter.


  2. Janet says:

    Wow! Another amazing post Charlie. Let us pray to remain humble and to cling to Jesus at all times, like the infants we are! Jesus and Mary we trust in you!

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  3. Hi Charlie! It’s me Charlie again…lol! Well I was reading this latest post of yours. Thank you and God Bless you for sharing this with us. I am sure it’s not easy for you to write this. It’s not easy reading it. My question was…..You mentioned in the post that your Angel had said he would not be revealed until we were rescued…..what do you mean by “rescued”?
    Thank you Charlie and may Saint Micheal always protect you.
    God bless!,


  4. charliej373 says:

    There are many things we must do, a great struggle a great battle. But going into it, Charlanne, I know we will not prevail. In fact, before it is over, all will lose hope – including me (when that happens I will pretend to have hope – for faith is an act of will). We must endure…and after all have lost hope, Our Lord will send Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception, to rescue us. Our deliverance will be miraculous and visibly from her hands. We will go into a great period of peace, prosperity and brotherhood under God. Pray that we all act with real fortitude and trust. The Storm is of our own making. The rescue is from God. But after this rescue, the next time there is a mass falling away, it will be the end. May we so live our faith that people for a thousand years live theirs well.

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    • Stephen Maresch says:

      I have a problem with your statement that all will lose hope, despair is a great sin. We may lose heart but not necessarily lose all hope. Just my two cents Charlie.


      • charliej373 says:

        In spiritual terms, despair is a specific type of loss of hope. It is the loss of hope that God is with us. You can lose hope that we are going to survive temporally without ever despairing of God’s presence. When Jesus cried from the Cross, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” He had lost a certain hope that attached to His humanity without despairing for a moment of the Father’s presence.

        I very much appreciate your sensitivity to occasions that pull us away from God, though. I have long said that despair is just a perverse form of pride.

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    • Charlie,
      I too have great issues with your comment that before it is all over we will all loose hope. Hope is what gives us guidance…hope in what Jesus taught and teaches us. And through the messages of Medjugorje, we are taught that we must always hope and pray. That is what I will continue to do. Hope will be the beacon of shining light when we are immersed into the great darkness that ties into where we will end up. I for one do not intend on loosing all hope. I may from time to time come to despair things, but that hope will always be there. And yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly that we need to seek the intercession of our Blessed Mother, for through Her Immaculate Heart…we will preserver and triumph. I finally made it to Medjugorje for the 33rd anniversary and it was all I had hoped it would be. Those of us in rosary prayer groups locally always add our intention to pray for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. You said it so well in part of your comments on the antichrist that Russia is where the evil came from that exists today and continues to grow. It is like a vine. You can cut off this branch or that branch and the branch goes away but the massive international vine is still with us. Cut the vine off at the base (Russia) and the whole evil vine withers. Sadly there are many who have faith but don’t put much stock in this consecration and there are others who feel that that has been done already. Our Blessed Mother has told us from Fatima forward that this needs to be done for real peace to descend upon the earth and obviously, it has not yet been done.
      Prayer is what is needed and She calls us to do this more and more…more and more of it, for it connects us to God. Prayer fuels hope. We are the remnant and we will feel this isolation much more radically as the darkness becomes dominant around us. But prayer and hope will guide us.


      • charliej373 says:

        Alas, I have explained the difference between spiritual and temporal hope several times on here. You don’t have to lose spiritual hope when you have lost temporal hope. While I understand why this is unsettling, I think I am going to quit explaining it. I know people don’t read the whole blog or all my comments, but I can’t spend so much time explaining the thing over and over and over again. There is nothing contrary to faith and morals in what I tell you. I fully vetted it with several priests, including a canon lawyer over a decade ago. It is disturbing. I will stipulate to that. But faith is an act of the will. And either you will trust God when it seems all is lost and press on or you won’t.

        As for cutting it off at the source. Russia is not the source; satan is. Russia was the point of origin for the infection. Ironically, for all her disorders, Russia is not as deeply infected any longer as is the rest of the western world. When an infection has spread throughout the whole body, you cannot stop it by cutting away the point of origin.

        This is also why I try to encourage people not to trust to the plans of their own devising – for we do not think as God thinks. Yes, from the standpoint of a man, cutting off Russia makes some sense. But in fact, in the end, Russia will be a great champion of the faith and a real key to enduring. In fact, without Russia, many more would perish. So, cut Russia off and you are not destroying the problem, you are disabling a key to the solution.

        I know some will want to argue the details with me, but I will leave that alone. I started writing with some specificity about the arc things would take with Russia for my priests back at the turn of the millennium. I wrote accurately that relations were going to warm up between the U.S. and Russia very early in the century, then take a dramatic downturn – and then get rockier than ever. But not to be deceived, in the end Russia and America will be the two most steadfast allies in helping the world to endure against the assault from the primary instrument of the antichrist, which is from China – not Islam. Islam will be a scourge until we take it seriously, then the great shock will be how quickly it folds in on itself. (Our Lady of Tepeyac (Guadalupe), who personally converted the Aztecs miraculously, will do something similar with Islam – working primarily through the women of Islam. But that will NOT happen until we take the threat of Islam seriously and fight it.) While we are celebrating the victory over Islam, the real threat will rise into view, like an enraged Mama Bear over her fallen cub. And then we will know what desperate battle is, for China, the land of the dragon, is truly the dragon’s agent on earth.

        I thought about not writing the latter, but it is available from me elsewhere online. This is what we face. Believe or don’t. St. Peter also KNEW he would never deny Christ. The act of Christ telling him beforehand ultimately made it easier for him to return with a renewed zeal. If you are certain your faith is so strong, your character so unyielding that when people are butchered around you and you haven’t eaten in a week and bombs are falling everywhere you won’t waver a moment, well then God bless you. I know how weak I am and I thank God for telling me – not because I am so strong that I will not break when it comes, but because I can live faith as an act of the will even under those circumstances – and I can make my resolve to live for God no matter how bad things become, even unto death, rather than to live them so long as I am made somewhat exempt from the horror. I do not say this lightly. Must of us here have known people who seemed unshakably strong in their faith – until they suffered some deep, fundamental sorrow…and then bitterly broke away. They were never strong in their faith; they just thought they had forced God into a deal in which they performed a Herculean amount of devotions in exchange for God keeping them from any really devastating temporal setback Their faith lasted only so long as God kept His end of the bargain they thought they had made.

        When Christ was crucified, every one of His disciples lost hope and were in panic. The Lord allowed it, for that made their joy over the resurrection all the greater – and fortified their resolve to be faithful UNTO DEATH. Now anyone here who thinks you are far greater than the Lord’s disciples and could never lose hope under any circumstances, I hope you are right and God bless you. But I will simply work to take the next right step now and continue to take it even should I lose hope for a time.

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        • Charlie,
          Thanks for the reply. Many religious blogs are frustrating because you leave a reply and then never hear from the person again. So thank you for taking the time. I am new to this blog, so I never heard you speak about spiritual hope versus temporal hope. if you were speaking about the latter, thanks for the clarification. Maybe if you had put that we will all loose temporal hope in the end, it would have made more sense to me.
          Also, I agree with you about Russia. I was not saying that to cut the vine of evil (from satan through Russia, which was a given I was assuming all would know) off by consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary would be to stand against Russia. I meant it to signify that the Blessed Mother would assist in the purification of Russia. I have read much Russian literature and I have good feelings about Russia.I even spent time with Russians on board a Russian research vessel back in 1980 and came to really begin to understand their world viewpoint. But my analogy about the vine of Communism still stands. it started (it was first validated) in Russia and if what the spiritual forces are asking for is to make holy again that land by cutting off the base of the vine of communism, then I am all for it and have been for some time. It is a major portion of the Message of Fatima and I have prayed about it…for discernment. And that answer I got was to compare it to an evil form of the vine and the branches in scripture. The devil is a great one for mimicking the messages in scripture so that he can use them (by changing one or two things within them) for his evil purposes. That makes perfect sense to me. That this vine really got it’s start in Russia and continues to do great harm all over the world. China is, as you say, the real dragon. It was a country lead into communism by Russia. It is kind of unnerving to understand that the current administration in power has had government agents flying to Bejing weekly for years now. Personally I think it is to sell off vast portions of our country to them so that they can keep the dollar afloat. But that game may end soon and the dollar may collapse and if so, chaos will ensue and out of that will come martial law. Maybe that will happen. Maybe not. I don’t have that crystal ball. God does. We need to not only do His Will but live His Will. Daily. No simple task. I am involved with a prayer group who daily read from one of the diary books from Luisa Piccaretta and when you begin to read them it makes your head spin. I have always known that the spiritual realm is far more complicated than our earthly realm but we can not see much of that spiritual realm. Luisa opens the gate wide to see much of that realm and I realize how humble and ignorant a person I am when I read these pages. Amazing stuff.
          Anyway, thank you so much for your comments back to me. It is hard to really understand where a person is coming from, so I wanted to let you know more of my thoughts. God is in charge. We are merely meek and humble servants looking for our working orders and trying to do these righteous things daily in our lives. And I do hold fast to agape love, prayer, hope and charity and the greatest of these is Love.


          • charliej373 says:

            Randolph, thank you for that very gracious reply to my animated response to you. It occurs to me that, though I have made the explanation over and over, it has been in the comments section, rather than in a regular post. I can do much to resolve the problem by doing it in a regular post. In the future, I will be alert that something people keep asking about in comments is a signal that I should address it in a general post.

            I, of course can get crabby from time to time…but part of my ethos is to try to respond to the serious comments and concerns people have individually. Can’t promise I will do it right away, nor that I won’t sometimes be crabby. But I will respond to everyone, subject to the simple rules I put in the post, “One More Thing.” I will never dodge someone because their comment or question is tough or critical. We have a great journey to make together. God willing, I want to do my part to live solidarity with all.

            Thank you for your kindness and grace.

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          • Charlie,

            Thank you back at you. And now I will let you go, for you must have a crazy schedule keeping up with all of the comments coming in. Know this…I will be looking forward with great anticipation to your future posts to us all, for God has surely blessed you in seeing what you see. You are right up there in my esteem as is Mark Mallet. May the Lord continue to Bless you and may I extend to you the Blessings of our Lady of Medjugorje, as I was there for the anniversary and She did ask us to spread that blessing.
            YBIC, Randy


        • Milton says:

          The spiritual matrix changed in 1984. That’s when Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. By 1993, I knew without a shadow of doubt that something supernatural was happening. In 1993, Boris Yeltsin ordered Russian tanks to open fire on the Russian Parliament building where the Supreme Soviet and the last remnant of militant Bolsheviks and Marxists were holed-up like a bunch of rats, during what later came to be called the 1993 Russian Constitutional Crisis or “Black October.” Although Yeltsin took the credit for that operation, it was Vladimir Putin and a loyal band of Russian Patriots in the Intelligence Service (KGB) that executed the operation. Putin never looked back and since that day has arguably singlehandedly overseen the reconstruction of Orthodox Russia, much to the chagrin of the anti-Christian West who is led by a man – Barack Hussein Obama – who has done the exact opposite of what Putin has done: where Putin is restoring the old Christian order, Obama tears it down at every opportunity.

          The spirit of the antichrist and the false prophet are alive and well in the West today. Obama would be a leading candidate today for the Antichrist in my opinion. He certainly meets many of the requirements and is currently waging a war – by proxy – against the oldest Catholic communities in Iraq, which have now been literally wiped off of the map in Blitzkrieg fashion. Obama supported the Islamist extremists (the army of Gog and Magog) from day one of the “Arab Spring.” They were our hired guns in Libya, Egypt, and Syria. ISIS was but one affiliate. Obama knew that after our withdrawal from Iraq, ISIS and their ilk would fill the vacuum and watched (with our billion dollar satellites) as they trekked unhindered across Iraq, committing genocide against the Catholics there. The world that Saint John observed while writing the Apocalypse has literally been destroyed and the person most responsible for the destruction is Barack Hussein Obama. That leaves little doubt in my mind as to who he really is.

          The spirit of the false prophet is also alive and well. The False Prophet empowers – intellectually – the spirit of antichrist in the world. And the spirit of the antichrist is apostasy, and apostasy from the the Truth today has been popularized under the banner of Materialism and Evolution. I can think of no better candidate for the False Prophet than someone like Richard Dawkins – a man who speaks like a dragon.

          In addition to the Antichrist and False Prophet, I think a third character is also on the scene today: the great monarch foretold in Catholic private revelation. This would be someone like Vladimir Putin – someone who champions Christianity and defends it with the full force of the State.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Thank you Charlie. Do you have any further insight on how specifically to identify and root out hidden vanity? Should we begin with those areas in which we fall prey to trusting in ourselves? Thank you for the insight that vanity negates discernment. A very powerful and troubling truth for this sinful soul.


    • charliej373 says:

      Ah, Jennifer, most of what I know on the matter has been gained through painful experience. I have voluntarily undergone training for over 50 years now. Early on, I was put in situations where I was warned about trouble coming for someone I loved. That’s great if you can warn them, but when you are ordered not to, it is terrible. Naturally, I defied it several times – and ended up watching a greater trial develop than the one originally intended. You want, at least to give words of comfort and of hope to those under deep duress – and a few times a false compassion led me to go beyond what I was allowed. And disaster followed. The last time I did that was in 1996 – and the result was so bad I suffered over it for years. I didn’t really get over it until the Lord came and told me disaster was going to happen in that case anyway – that I was brought in and allowed to be tempted that way so that the consequences would be burned into me.

      In the end, I think the training has had more to do with being taught to think in a different instinctive way than comes naturally to us in this vale. With a lot of trials, I know that the ONLY motivation sufficient to sustain a noble purpose through anything really is love. Ambition realized does not satisfy, vengeance burns, vanity leaves you empty…all of it fails. But love endures. I come to love Paul’s eloquent soliloquy on the matter where he says that love is even the only one of the spiritual virtues that will endure. All is encompassed by it.

      This is a consistent theme for me, so as you read you will see it discussed frequently. But it is not because I am so wise. Rather, I volunteered for a certain training that involved the Lord allowing me into some terribly difficult situations, than correcting me vigorously as I messed up. I mess up a lot, the Lord is generous in correcting me memorably – and I take the lesson. Now I try to share the lesson. Keep reading, there will be plenty. And don’t beat yourself up when you mess up, even seriously. I do at least a few times each month. Think of King David. After he sinned grievously, he also wept copiously over the loss of his child. But after it had gone on for a while, the Lord told him (and I paraphrase here), “Look, dummy, you screwed up badly and maliciously…but just because you are a jerk does not relieve you of your duties as king – which I gave you. Now wash your face and get up and go do your job. And try not to be such a jerk.”

      The authentic mark of a Christian is not that he stumbles but that, like a toddler reaching for that first step, keeps getting up again. The toddler who gave up after 3, 4, even 100 stumbles would never walk. We are spiritual toddlers. The Lord delights even in our stumbles – for He knows it means we are getting closer to walking.

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  6. Jim says:

    We fail to grasp the this world is the illusion, the vapor; and the world we cannot see that is the portal to eternity is reality. That is such a difficult concept to grasp when our reality is defined as our existence. What we see, hear, feel and touch in this life. And that is why we need and cultivate Faith.

    I have heard stories, including that of my own dad just months ago, of those that have left this life but returned. They consistently describe the spiritual world beyond the veil of the physical world as “more real than real”. It is only when we fully embrace humility, when we become the poorest of the poor in spirit, that we understand our lowliness in God’s Universe and our abject insignificance.

    To truly begin to understand. we must embrace the words of Peter:

    “And you, employing all care, minister in your faith, virtue; and in virtue, knowledge;
    6 And in knowledge, abstinence; and in abstinence, patience; and in patience, godliness;
    7 And in godliness, love of brotherhood; and in love of brotherhood, charity.
    8 For if these things be with you and abound, they will make you to be neither empty nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    9 For he that hath not these things with him, is blind, and groping, having forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.”

    That is not a one time experience akin to preparing for and passing an examination. That is a lifelong process. For we are tempted and led astray by the powers of darkness far more intelligent than we; the fallen principalities, powers and dominions formerly counted among the 9 Choirs of Angels. These dark beings retain their intellect and powers in our World.

    We need to stay close to God, and lean heavily on Him for the strength and grace we need to resist these evil forces.

    The darkness has grown thicker and heavier, as the battle in the heavens (not Heaven) has taken place and earlier this decade the beast was cast out of the heavens and into our world permanently. Across the world, from 2011 on, people reported, and recorded strange booms and unearthly sounds emanating from the sky. Which no government nor scientist could or can explain. I sense that those sounds were the rending of the veil as Satan was sentenced to an existence limited to this world. That is my own personal view, but it appears to be consistent with Revelation 12:

    7 And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels:
    8 And they prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven.
    9 And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.
    10 And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying: Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: because the accuser of our brethren is cast forth, who accused them before our God day and night.
    11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of the testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death.
    12 Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you that dwell therein. Woe to the earth, and to the sea, because the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, knowing that he hath but a short time.

    We are now in a time epitomized by Isaiah’s warning: “Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil…” A time in which “hath hell enlarged her soul, and opened her mouth without any bounds, and their strong ones, and their people, and their high and glorious ones shall go down into it.”

    We just need to look around us. Watch and read the news. We are in the time of sorrows. As Jesus counsels us, watch:

    5 And Jesus answering, began to say to them, Take heed lest any man deceive you.
    6 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am he; and they shall deceive many.
    7 And when you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, fear ye not. For such things must needs be, but the end is not yet.
    8 For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and famines. These things are the beginning of sorrows.
    9 But look to yourselves. For they shall deliver you up to councils, and in the synagogues you shall be beaten, and you shall stand before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony unto them.
    10 And unto all nations the gospel must first be preached.
    11 And when they shall lead you and deliver you up, be not thoughtful beforehand what you shall speak; but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye. For it is not you that speak, but the Holy Ghost.
    12 And the brother shall betray his brother unto death, and the father his son; and children shall rise up against the parents, and shall work their death.
    13 And you shall be hated by all men for my name’s sake. But he that shall endure unto the end, he shall be saved.
    14 And when you shall see the abomination of desolation, standing where it ought not: he that readeth let him understand: then let them that are in Judea, flee unto the mountains:
    15 And let him that is on the housetop, not go down into the house, nor enter therein to take any thing out of the house:
    16 And let him that shall be in the field, not turn back to take up his garment.
    17 And woe to them that are with child, and that give suck in those days.
    18 But pray ye, that these things happen not in winter.
    19 For in those days shall be such tribulations, as were not from the beginning of the creation which God created until now, neither shall be.
    20 And unless the Lord had shortened the days, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect which he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.
    21 And then if any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ; lo, he is here: do not believe.
    22 For there will rise up false Christs and false prophets, and they shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce (if it were possible) even the elect.
    23 Take you heed therefore; behold I have foretold you all things.
    24 But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light.
    25 And the stars of heaven shall be falling down, and the powers that are in heaven, shall be moved.
    26 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds, with great power and glory.
    27 And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven.
    28 Now of the fig tree learn ye a parable. When the branch thereof is now tender, and the leaves are come forth, you know that summer is very near.
    29 So you also when you shall see these things come to pass, know ye that it is very nigh, even at the doors.

    Charlie, I could not agree with you more that the devil sewed the seeds of the harvest we are seeing now through communism. I was a “cold warrior” an officer in the US Army from 1976 to 1998. What I battled during those years has now sprouted and is flourishing here in the US. The concept that the world does not need religion, since goodness comes from man and not God. Good comes only from God, as we were so poignantly instructed by Jesus: And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone.”

    The belief that mankind can be a source of good in this world indeed plays to the vanity and pride of man. Deadly sins that have caused many to be cast into the fires of hell over time.

    And today, a great and powerful evil now walks among us in the form of a man. A man who embraces the notion that man is his own source of good.

    Charlie, I do not envy the cross of knowledge you bear. It is a heavier cross than I would be able to bear. Not only do you know “him”, but he has seen and now knows you. You will be in my prayers, and I implore St Michael to never leave your side.

    Sorry for the long post, but at times the fire of the Holy Spirit burns hotter than others.

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    • charliej373 says:

      Jim, you post as long as you want. You have something worth saying and I appreciate you saying it here. It enriches us all.


    • Steve Johnston says:

      Jim, thank you for that! I spent 23 years in the Navy in the Intel community. I retired in 2008 and, during all that time, I avoided religion and the church. In December of 2008, Charlie (he is my brother) wanted to talk with me, because he sensed something happening inside me. An event happened that, at first, angered me, then frightened me. I started seeking God and his will and started attending Mass at a local Catholic church (I was not raised Catholic, by the way). I started communicating with Charlie on a regular basis and he shared with me the things that he has shared with others both here and in his Facebook page (if you think that he shares more with his family than he does others, you are TRULY mistaken!). I was frightened by what was coming, especially since my eyes were now open to what is happening around us daily throughout the world. Then, like many others before me, I started getting anxious, wishing that, if the full storm, with its tribulations and trials is going to happen, I wished that it would just come on, so that we could get started with the mission. I have since changed my mind, in that I need to trust in both God’s will and His timing, not mine. That is where your quote from Mark above has confirmed my suspicion that, if God were to follow the timeline that I expected or wanted, then all should perish (Mark 13: 20) “And unless the Lord had shortened the days, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect which he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.”
      I have talked with several people that were of the same mindset, and now I tell them that it is not important to watch for the actual collapse, knowing the timing won’t help. The important thing is to watch for the signs. The signs are all around us. “Nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom”, look at the problems between Isreal and Hamas, along with the issue with Russia and the Ukraine. “Earthquakes in divers places”, an article came out just recently stating that siesmologists predict that 42 U.S. states are now in danger of experiencing earthquakes, far more than ever before, along with all the other areas of the world that are experiencing them, as well. Christ talked of the persecution of the believers, which is happening everywhere. A woman was recently fired from her job at a grocery store for “offending” someone by saying “Have a blessed day”. These are all signs that Christ gave to us, we know that the time of sorrows is upon us. What should we do? My belief is that, as we see these signs, we should be comforted. Yes, the worst chastisement the world has known is now on our doorstep, but these signs prove that Christ is right, and, if he is right about these, then he will be proven to be right about the rescue, as well. I know that I am lost in sin, and my only saving grace is Jesus Christ. I try my best to please him, and pray for his forgiveness when I falter (which I admit that I do regularly). Finally, I seek out the counsel of others, including Charlie and my other brothers, my sister, and my friends. Thank you for your post, as it has helped further comfort me!

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    • Jim,
      for your consideration. Think about those sounds that were reported all over the earth but don’t think of them as sounds coming from the evil one…for he has been here on earth since before Christ was born. No…think of them as the clarion calls from the trumpets from heaven that are signaling the outpourings of the cups of chastisements from the angels…as also revealed in Revelation. If you have ever heard a shofar…the rams horn trumpets that are blown to signal certain festivals and holy days…that was the sound I heard in the various recordings. And that makes the mose sense to me. As our Blessed mother has said in Medjugorje, we are already in the end times and we can no longer go back and we must now live through the unfoldings of the chastisements. But some can be mitigated or cancelled through prayer.


  7. Yuriy says:

    Hi charlie. We are a young family with 4 kids and we wonder about long term plans. Schooling for our kids, our housing, applying for new jobs etc. We are feeling like abandoning all these because there is a sense that the world will be so different there is no point pursuing or planning any further. To what degree do we cotinue physically going about the day-to-day when we actually know soon all will change. Spiritually, we should be doing what u suggest all the time because we never know when we will be called to the Lord. My question is hard to explain… What advice can u give to parents with children or expectant mothers? Thanks.


    • charliej373 says:

      Yuriy, my next post will also go into some depth on that in a way that I think may be helpful. Also, go to those posts that are categorized under “Family.” It still has a few articles to go, but I started writing an extended piece on how family life is a participation in the Trinity – and the highest form of worship here. I began it about a month and a half ago then did not write anything for the month I was very sick. Now I am taking it up again. God bless you.


  8. Mary-Louise says:

    Charlie, you write that you yourself will lose hope in the storm to come. Let me work that into the question of refuges. My understanding was that a few of the remnant were to be guided to refuges, some say by angels. Will there be a loss of hope in refuges as well?

    One other question… Are you familiar with a book by Desmond Birch, “Trial, Tribulation & Triumph: Before, During and After Antichrist?” It is a compilation of Catholic prophecy over the centuries concerning the End Times. Birch concludes that we have on the horizon a time of chastisement but not the end time, that is, not the final coming of Christ. According to him, the Muslims will be the instrument of chastisement. Although there will be intermediate leaders, the antichrist– the man of perdition specifically written about in the Bible– will not show up until the period of peace is over. There will of course be a leader(s) with the spirit of antichrist, as Hitler and Stalin were.


    • charliej373 says:

      I have been told firmly that all will lose hope, including me – and it was repeated so that I got it with no ambiguity. My priests early on asked how could I lose hope when I knew what would happen. I told them that is what I am told and so I believe it.

      But it makes sense to me, too. This Storm comes because we have deluded ourselves that we are sufficient to ourselves; we rely on the might of our own hands. Enduring, having strong faith, and still staring at destruction will shake the faith of the strongest – and drive home the point that we can only rely on God.

      But when that comes, I will be able to do something marvelous. Faith IS an act of the will, so whatever I feel, whatever my fears, whatever my despair, I can still ACT with faith. That can help underline the point that our labors are not in vain – that God really does want each of us to give it our best, regardless of how things look – and then the result is left to Him.

      We often think that if we just do such and such for God, then He will do such and such for us – as if we are dealing with a car salesman. The ONLY way to completely give yourself to God is to resolve that you will be faithful to death. Some years ago I mentioned to a very close friend how surprised and delighted I was at the high quality of the faith of those who knew best what I was doing and were joining in the work. He said, “Charlie, your message to people is to serve God…and if they do that well and faithfully with fortitude it will help multitudes – and their temporal reward is likely to be a bullet to the head. I’m signed on, but does it really surprise you that only the fully committed are going to buy into that message?” We both laughed for he was, of course, right. It is to radically see your treasure in heaven rather than worrying about the state of your treasure here.

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    • Jim M. says:

      Hi Mary Louise,

      I read much of Birch’s book and rereading Charlie’s post, I find no inconsistency. Even Jesus told us there would be many false christs and antichrists. Birch is a stickler for separating the chastisement from the last judgment. Charlie speaks of a man who has given himself totally over to the antichrist, not THE Antichrist himself. A man who is empowered and protected by satan is here to cause a loss of souls so great as to bring God’s wrath upon the world to get mankind’s attention. That is not saying there will not be a time of peace following the chastisement, at the end of which the Antichrist appears.

      I did not see anything Charlie said that conflicts with a separation between the chastisement and the parousia.

      Birch goes ti great lengths to opine that the Antichrist if the final judgment is a man and nit satan or his offspring. Birch cites many doctors if tge Church who hold the belief, as Birch does, that satan cannot mix with mankind to produce a child as a union between spirit snd flesh is contrary to natural law. Birch does concede there are some mystics that hold a contrary view. I believe Marie Jahenny and possibly St Anne Catherine Emmerich are among those declaring the Antichrist to be Satan’s spawn.

      I don’t pretend to have any divine insight, but when confusion exists I look always to the Bible for guidance and answers.

      I found this passage in Genesis:

      Genesis 6:1-4Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

      6 And after that men began to be multiplied upon the earth, and daughters were born to them,
      2 The sons of God seeing the daughters of men, that they were fair, took to themselves wives of all which they chose.
      3 And God said: My spirit shall not remain in man for ever, because he is flesh, and his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.
      4 Now giants were upon the earth in those days. For after the sons of God went in to the daughters of men, and they brought forth children, these are the mighty men of old, men of renown.

      If the “sons of God” were angelic beings, it seems it would be possible for satan to father a human child.

      That got a bit off the path but it demonstrates mystics and doctors of the Church sometimes differ on some aspects of prophecy.

      In my own heart, I feel that while we do have men of evil in our times that eclipse their predecessors in the extent of their relationships to satan, we cannot begin to comprehend the pure evil the Antichrist will bring just before the final judgment.

      I could certainly be wrong, as could many others who profess a difference between the chastisement and final judgment. The one certainty we do have is that we must be ready. Even if not the final judgment, there will be those among us who will pass from this life in the chastisement and receive their judgment.


      • I have read Birch’s book as well. The problem with it is he only thinks of the Final Antichrist figure as the Antichrist whereas there have been many throughout history. The early Church believed Nero (and pagan Rome) was an antichrist as so he was. Daniel’s prophecy on the beasts (in Daniel 7) would seem to allude to four major antichrist figures. I personally believe we have had two already of the final major ones Hitler (like a Lion or An eagle with great oratory powers) and Stalin (like a Bear that is ruthless). The next is like a Leopard and has the oratory powers and the first and the ruthlessness of the second. The final one is the worst that arises after the era of peace (the one with iron teeth). Of course all of these antichrists also represent an antichrist system i.e. Nazism and communism. I speculate that the next one like a Leopard will also represent Masonry. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t many others who are in the spirit of antichrist. The Menses mentioned here sounds like the false prophet of the beast. cheers Br Gilbert


  9. A beautiful article. I respect and admire your decision not to reveal his identity — but I hope you do choose to reveal his identity as soon as you start to realize he is leading people to hell; for at such a time there is no more reason to hold back.

    But let us always hold fast to hope: for it is among the Three Supernatural Virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity), which, more than merely acts of the will (although that is an element), are supernaturally infused directly by the Holy Spirit; Who is indomitable and always capable of bestowing them upon us no matter the circumstances.


    • charliej373 says:

      Unless directed by God – and confirmed by my priests – I will NEVER reveal his identity. You mean well, but what you recommend is precisely what I am trying to combat – the assumption that at some point, we should substitute our own judgment for God’s. God’s ways are not man’s ways.

      Let me tell you, I do not buy the traditional interpretation of Judas. I think he WAS a believer in Christ. But he also came from the faction of zealots in Israel burning with the desire to re-establish the Kingdom. If Judas simply had decided Jesus was a fraud, or simply wanted money, why would he have returned the money and killed himself over what happened?

      If, however, after three and a half years of traipsing through the desert, Judas got impatient to get on with things and truly believed Jesus to be the Messiah, it makes sense that he might have tried to push things along. So, figuring he will force Jesus’ hand, make Him reveal who He is and get on with restoring the kingdom, Judas betrays Jesus – not for the money or expecting the Master to be crucified, but instead for Jesus to have to reveal His infinite power and restore the Kingdom now.

      Then Judas’ suicide makes sense. But it changes what the fundamental nature of his sin was – it was not loss of faith. It was an arrogant effort to substitute his own will for God’s, to take the wheel and steer the chariot for a bit. His loss of faith came when things did not turn out as he expected – when Jesus was condemned to death instead of puffing Himself up and smiting all who opposed either Him or Israel.

      Now, I say this intently because it is urgent, but not angrily because over the course of the first three decades I did things like this many times, foolishly following my own judgment rather than obeying sometimes clear commands from the Master. It always ushered in a stern rebuke for myself – or worse – disastrous consequences for those I thought to help. The discipline I live was earned hard with much pain and tears.

      Now, the LORD tells me that Menses true nature will not be revealed until after the Storm is over and YOU tell me I should ignore God’s clear command and make my own judgment?! I don’t understand why God has set it up that way any more than you do – but it is not necessary I know, only that, after direction, I obey. It is not just that I will obey…rather, I want you to get out of your head the implicit assumption that there are circumstances where, regardless of what the Church says or what God has directed you, you must set that aside and substitute your own judgment in order to avoid disaster. I tell you that is THE formula for disaster. Always get direction – but then obey.

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      • Goodness Charlie. I would *never* suggest that we substitute our judgment for God’s. I didn’t realize you had discerned that God had told you *never* to reveal his identity. Perhaps I didn’t read the post carefully enough. Nevermind.

        God Bless,


        • charliej373 says:

          Sorry for getting animated, Daniel. It is just that that is one of the devil’s most subtle means of seduction. We think we know a right way – and when things don’t go the way we think they should, take over to right them. It has been a long, hard lesson for me, so I am probably over-sensitive to it.


      • Beckita says:

        Thank you for doing your job so well, Charlie: You cause me to search my soul.


  10. One more thing — valid discernment always admits the possibility of error and the openness to correction. Pope Francis spoke beautifully on this in his first big interview (the one published in America magazine, last September I believe). He points out that a sure sign we are deceived (perhaps because we mistake our own inner voice for God’s, or because in fact a demon is speaking to us) is when we have a perceived absolute certainty about what God’s will is for us, what God wishes us to do, etc. The only things we should have absolute certainty of are those things in the Deposit of Faith. Likewise we must always be sure never to regard our own visions and locutions as Gospel – even if confirmed by many holy priest spiritual directors (but I don’t suppose I need to remind you of that).

    Sorry, I don’t want to be antagonistic. I really love and appreciate this blog. I hope you will excuse these few words from me that I feel called, in prudence, to present.

    Please keep up the good work.

    In Christ, through Mary,


    • charliej373 says:

      I appreciate your thoughtfulness – and even your persistence. But my journey to this discipline has not been short, easy or smooth. As I said, in the first three decades I, on more than a few occasions, did out of charity what I thought was right when I had been directed otherwise. The last time I did it, simply offering false comfort to one who was in agony, resulted in someone losing their mission (but not the potential of their salvation). I agonized for years over it and my guilt at my role, my foolish disobedience. After a few years, the Lord was kind enough to tell me it was going to happen anyway. He put me in the situation that it might be burned into me what perilous consequences even well-meaning disobedience to Him could mean. I never forgot it.

      As far as discernment…at seven years old, realizing how weird this was, I told my angel I would go forward with lessons, but never act unless there was an earthly authority I could submit to honorably that would direct me. As things got more intense these last few decades, I put in place a series of protocols that, unless they are met, I will not even begin to consider whether a vision is authentic or not. I have never spoken aloud or written these protocols down, even for the priests, for though satan is brilliant, he can’t read our minds. He has certainly deduced some of the protocols, but not all. Meantime, once I consider a vision as potentially authentic, if it is of gravity, I must submit it to one of my director priests (often all) before going forward with it.

      Even with all that and more, I am sometimes wrong – and know I can be deceived. That is where trust comes in. I also know if I honestly work to submit to God in all things, then even if I err, he will correct me in His time – and usually uses even the error to draw fruit. In fact, it is good that I should sometimes err – that way it proves that I want to follow God more than I want to defend whatever I say as right. When I was on my pilgrimage, I walked past a small lake in Mississippi, across which a whole bunch of dogs (at least 15) were howling an yapping like crazy. At the time I was praying specifically to be spared the sin of Moses – who was given a certain authority – and in a moment of irritation, abused it in a small way. The infernal noise of the dogs got under my skin and I muttered under my breath, “why don’t you miserable dogs shut up.” Silence. I was stunned, Their silence was immediate. I waited a bit for them to start again. They didn’t. So I begged the Lord’s pardon – and the dogs immediately began their riotous yelping again.

      I have spent a lifetime working up safeguards to protect any from being damaged by me – no one will know how demanding the discipline to which I submitted was until the resurrection. I have done it gratefully, for if things are really as bad as I have been shown, the last thing people need is another who sets up shop for themselves. One small example…if Jesus himself appeared in Church and told everyone, including the priest, he wanted me to come up and do the homily – before I did, I would ask the priest’s leave. If he said no, I would not speak. I said from the beginning that the proper earthly spiritual authority must confirm any direct action. Jesus would rebuke me if I cut corners and did what I had promised I would not.

      I do appreciate your concern, but this has been perhaps the dominant theme of my decades of preparation for these times.

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    • charliej373 says:

      One more thing for those of you who read this: Daniel O’Connor has a good BlogSpot that has some very solid stuff – some very valuable practical advice on evangelization and purification. I just looked through some of it and am impressed with the scope of what he covers and his dedication. Please do not let a seeming little kerfuffle between us keep you from checking out his admirable work here.

      (And for those of you who are wondering, I am not sure “kerfuffle” is actually a word, either. But if it isn’t, it ought to be.)

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  11. Judy says:

    Given that the Anti-Christ is now here, I assume that these events will happen in your lifetime and mine? I am 60 years old.


  12. Judy says:

    As a follow up to my first question…..I know that I could die tomorrow. However, the time frame does seem very close. I also have a son in his 20s and a one-year old grandchild.


    • charliej373 says:

      Good, Judy. It is already under way. So yes, you are correct. The good news is that we are already only a handful of years away from rescue, from Our Lady being sent to rescue us and usher in an age of authentic peace, prosperity and brotherhood throughout the world. Our children and grandchildren will call any of us who persevere through these times blessed and treasure our memory. The bad news is that the ride the next few years is going to be rougher than anyone can imagine. (I am 58 years old, so I am right behind you, Judy.)


      • Judy says:

        Here is my (partial) witness: I have had very hard times in my life. Prior to those times (which began around age 34), I was more like a Protestant than a Catholic, I think. I always believed in God, but I really understood little of the riches of the Catholic faith. I never knew how to say a rosary, though my mother and grandmother were fond of saying it. During this exceedingly difficult time, I began to think I had been possessed because no matter what I did, my life continued its downward spiral and I was really alone (due to circumstances too complicated to explain here). My father had died and my mother cried every day. I did not feel like I could lean on her. My health, finances, marriage, job all were falling apart in a big way. I was being mercilessly harassed at work and was being abused at home (because my husband had become an alcoholic). In desperation, I finally went to a church service where there was a woman who had the gift of Discernment of Spirits. It was a charasmatic service and I found it very odd, but I stayed because, if this woman could see truth, then I needed to know what was going on. Had I offended God so badly that he was punishing me? Was I possessed? ….At the end of the mass, people went up to be blessed by this woman named Betty. I went up, too. I asked her if she needed to know why I was there and should I tell her my probems. She replied, “Do you want me to pray for you?” I replied, “Yes” and to my amazement, she summed up my situation and my needs in one sentence. She said, “I ask the Lord to send you a friend to help you deal with your fear, frustration and loneliness.” At that moment I felt my knees weaken and I allowed myself to fall into the catcher’s arms. As I lay there, I felt an amazing warmth enter my body and I felt me peace. But when I got up, I began to cry … I finally had the gift of tears. I cried all the way to my mother’s house and we had a talk. I told her, first of all , that I needed a divorce. I simply could not continue this marriage anymore. I felt like I was carrying tons of weight every day. (Later I talked to several priests who, remarkably, told me I had to get a divorce….if not for me, then for my son. When the priests confirmed this, and after I had done all I could to save the marriage, my conscience was clear and I filed the papers. What a bitter divorce it was, but I extended the olive branch to my ex in order to allow my son to see him whenever her was not drinking, and we did things as a family on weekends. He has since stopped drinking.)….. At the charismatic service, Betty had asked for the Lord to send me a friend. I expected a human friend. But, as time passed, I realized that she had sent me the Holy Spirit who worked palpably in my life for at least 2 years. And Blessed Mother worked in my life, too. One evening I was sitting at home and I smelled roses. It was if a million roses were around me, but no one else smelled the scent. The next day I found out that my mother had just finished a novena for me on the evening that I smelled the roses! So the power of the rosary was evident to me. I asked my mother on a Thursday evening how to say the rosary. She gave me a little blue rosary from Betania, Venezuela and showed me a tape about Maria Esperanza. I took it with the intention of saying it on a THURSDAY night. ( At this time I was still married and my best friend, Linda, had gotten a job out of town and we had not talked in months) On Friday night I went to bed very early and I heard my husband answer the phone. Linda had called and told my husband that she needed to speak to me. He said he would give me the message. I spoke to Linda on Saturday and she excitedly told me that she had experienced a dream on THURSDAY NIGHT. In her dream she saw red roses all over a table and in a vase in her bedroom. In her dream, she saw herself get up and try to touch the roses. BUT HER HAND WENT THROUGH THE ROSES. At that moment a voice said, “Tell Judy.” And she woke up immediately. It was about 3 30 in the morning and she was greatly affected by this “dream”. As she relayed this to me, I knew it was significant, but I did not realize exactly how. I later learned that when one prays the rosary, that person gives Mary mystical roses which represent graces she can distribute. Of course, when I took the rosary for the first time on Thursday, Our Blessed Mother was gracious enough to show me what it would mean each time I say those mysteries! And Jesus allowed this wonderful grace. The years that followed were not easy, but I knew that I was not walking alone. I divorced, just about lost everything, and had to start over. I was laid off from a well paying job and worked a series of low level jobs for years. I finally found a decent job in the hospitality industry which gave me a living wage and benefits. After 2 years, the Holy Spirit lead me to take my next step. I was talking to one of the musicians at a Christmas party. It turns out that he was a teacher. I told him that I had a teaching degree and that I could teach Spanish. He replied, “What are you doing here? Don’t you know that Spanish teachers are in demand?” So I sent out my resumes in January/February. Around March, I wrote a letter to Father Peter Mary Rookey. My grandmother and my cousin were dying, and I asked for his prayers. I forgot about that letter. Toward the end of June of that year, I had a terrible day at work. The new CEO, to whom I reported, accused me of something that was completely false. I felt the sting of abuse once more and I went home and cried for a long time. I told myself that I had to be patient and bide my time. Surely God had a plan for me. THE NEXT MORNING I got a call from Father Peter Mary Rookey (who has a healing ministry). He said, ” I just found your letter in the dust bin. I am sorry I did not call you until now.” And we had a lovely conversation. I told him that I wanted to change jobs and become a teacher. He blessed me and said, “Wherever you are, work for God.” I knew that the timing of this call could not be coincidence. In a couple of weeks I was called to be interviewed by a school district. They interviewed me around 2 pm and they offered me the job at 8 am the next morning. So I have been working as a teacher for many years and I know that God put me here. It has become a very difficult job. I can tell you that our young people are in serious trouble, as I am sure you know. I almost feel that this is a lost generation. I have holy water at my desk and I discreetly spray it around my doorway as often as I think of it. I ask the Lord to keep the dark spirits out of my classroom and I pray for these kids. In any case, the Blessed Mother has continued to work in my life. I have now another serious autoimmune illness, and sometimes I am very weary. That makes at least 3 thorny problems that I have. But, when I cry out to Jesus or the Blessed Mother, when I feel broken by life’s events, I often get answers or some comfort . My kindred spirt, Linda, has gotten 2 more dreams which were answers to my heartfelt prayers. And she has recently heard two locutions. One was for me on May 31, 2013 which was very comforting in the midst of deep grief over something serious which had happened in my son’s life. A Woman’s voice told her: ” You have a wonderful friend in your life. Tell her that God loves her and that all is working for her good.” And the second she received for herself. ( My friend, Linda, is going through very difficult times at the moment and it has been about 5 years now of continuous trials.) Actually, when I look at all the graces that God has allowed to fortify my faith over the years, I am truly amazed. I could write a book….there is so much to
        tell ! Yes, I have suffered, but I can truly say that I KNOW that God is there in the Trinity, that Our Blessed Mother leads to Jesus, and that the Holy Spirit is truly Her Spouse. Actually, I recorded many events with Father Peter Mary Rookey about 13 years ago, but I have continued recording to remind myself of how much God must love little me……just as He loves every one of us. I do see tremendous evil everywhere. I remind myself that He is the vine and we are the branches. I pray that I do not fail the tests of the coming years. God bless you and thank you for your service to Him and us.
        Peace in Christ, Judith

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  13. ARBY says:

    ” In time, Menses would rise to prominence, and would be celebrated as a champion of freedom and of faith throughout the Storm.”

    Well then we’re all skunked, unless….

    . . .
    Your picture of anti-christ is very similar to the actor who played ‘Gary 7’ on a Star Trek episode in more ways than one.


  14. charliej373 says:

    Nah, Arby, we’re not skunked. In fact, I suspect it is a grace. In his 2nd Letter to Timothy (II Timothy 4:3) St. Paul talks of a time when men will have “itching ears.” I often tell people that the heart of my message is NOT that God is close to me, though that is true; but that He is close to YOU. Right at hand. People are too eager to find and follow a guru. This will underline, as the Storm ends, that the Church and God are the only places of authority. I hope that I may be a help building people up and not a hindrance…and I do not gainsay the gift that God gives the Church in the form of prophets. But when we are authentic, all we are is like divine teddy bears – designed to comfort the faithful and give hope during dark times. I say some old things in new ways and with some original insight, but I say nothing new.

    Many will treat Menses as a guru. When it is all over, we will see that the counsel of all who have wisdom, including prophets is good. But there is only one God and only one authority He has put over us. It is good that that lesson should be burned into all in a way that will not easily be forgotten. I know this Storm will pass. But I pray we get it exactly right and do not omit anything that is necessary, for this is the last mass falling away that will be indulged. When next man turns away from God, en masse, it will be the end. Sometimes, the only instrument sharp enough to cut away man’s vanity is to allow him to have his way and suffer the result. Part of me suspects that, whatever Menses thinks he is doing, God is using him as a sharp instrument with which to carve away the last vestiges of man’s vanity – our itching ears.


  15. Luis says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Regarding Judy comment, in an older post you talked about this last Christmas of the Old Age and after 3 difficult/painfull years/seasons the Christmas of 2017 it would be a joyfull celebration of the peacefull age, Did I understand that correctly?

    (2017 its also the century (100th) celebration of Fatima)

    Kind regards,


  16. charliej373 says:

    Yes I did, Luis. The great power of the Storm will have been broken by 2017, but it will have been recent enough that we might not have a full-fledged cultural wide Christmas celebration until 2018. You know, if you have a wildcat tearing through your house, it’s good to get it out of there – but after it’s gone, you still have to spend a little time fixing a house that a wildcat just tore through. That may be how it is at Christmas of 2017.


  17. David says:

    Charlie, you amaze me. My head spins at what you say. I have been in battle with the evil one all my life. Lately he is pushing harder on me. But Jesus and Mary make known to me that they are with me. Pray for me Charlie…Please pray for me.


  18. David says:

    I was wondering . Why do I have a twisted cross Nazi insignia next to my name ?


    • charliej373 says:

      Hi David. The site just randomly generates an avatar next to the name of someone who does not have a custom one. I did not see a Nazi cross next to yours, and I really don’t think WordPress would put something so offensive as one of the randomly-generated things. But perhaps the little logo I saw at my end was different than that you saw at yours. The purpose of them, as I understand, was for people to be able to pick out at a glance commentators they like. I did check settings to see if there was a way to remove them – and there was. So I did in order to prevent any offense to anyone from something randomly generated and beyond my control. (If I am going to offend someone, I want them to know it was me!) As I understand it, you can go in and set up a custom avatar for yourself for this site. (Don’t ask me how – I am a technological slow learner and had to get much help to get this site off the ground…but I am told you can.)


      • David says:

        It just seemed odd to me. I was not offended. At my age and what I have been through, it would take much more than that to bother me. I like what you say, about offending someone. Your honesty is beautiful. If it is truth and it offends, so be it! Our Master was(is) never bothered by the truth. We have very little truth around these days. I have many grandchildren and I try to promote truth in all things. I am glad Mark Malette made me aware of you. I am very afraid that all you say is here and now. I am starting to talk to my children about a meeting place. God Bless you and your work. You now have another prayer soldier here on the ground. I go to daily Mass, so you should feel the graces coming your way.
        Your Brother in Christ,


  19. Dino says:

    Hi Charlie,
    Thank you for your thoughtful and Inciteful posts. Very interesting and very scary. I have one question for you. If I follow your advice to avoid vanity by not seeking to know who Menses is, then shouldn’t we also avoid reading your thoughts about the coming storm? Shouldn’t we just radically trust God and not sweat the details? Why do you feel compelled to share this information if you think by knowing it we become more susceptible to vanity? My wife thinks I should stop reading about all this business and just trust God and hope for the best. I agreed with her until I just read your comment above about “itchy ears” and I’m not so sure. However for me, my itchy ears are not for teachings I want to hear but for information of the coming storm. I can’t seem to get enough reading about it. It is starting to effect my work and take up too much of my time. How much preparation should we do versus just trusting that God will provide some how some way?
    God bless,


    • charliej373 says:

      Absolutely magnificent question, Dino! God does not tell me things so that I may know His mind – I don’t. Nor does He have me tell you things so that you know His mind and secret plan. Rather, He directs me to do this to help people have real trust in Him and to spend their time on things that will make a difference rather than those that won’t.

      Speculation on the antichrist is rampant right now. I get weary listening to people argue over whether there will be a warning…or a rapture…or whatever. I asked someone last week who was relentlessly speculating on the matter to me (this was before I wrote the piece, Stalking the Antichrist). Finally, in frustration, I asked pointedly, “If you knew with absolute certainty who it was, how would it change anything you need to do?” He looked at me surprised and could not think of anything to say. A few months ago a man who is doing some wonderful things – helping those who suffer addiction, counseling the hopeless – giving real help to people who are as he once was, went through a talk with me where he talked about how all this might be nonsense and how he struggles with it. I asked him what, exactly, he would do differently, if I were completely deluded about things. Would he stop helping others, would he stop his counseling, would he return to cheating and conning people. He said with surprise that, no he wouldn’t change a thing…that his life is good now and he gets some real satisfaction from doing good. So I asked him why he wastes time worrying about whether it is accurate or not if it wouldn’t change any of the way he has now chosen to live.

      I tell people that if I should start telling you to gather everything you have, meet me at the top of some building and wait for the flying saucer, for heavens sakes, give me the boot. But what I say relentlessly is to quit worrying about what you think are big things…attaining inside knowledge wouldn’t change them anyway. Rather, acknowledge God, be a sign of hope to those around you and take the next, right step. Those are things that are good regardless of whether I am a nut or not – and will help you live in a way that builds your family up and those you encounter. I would far prefer someone dismiss me while taking that prescription to heart than to believe me and think they had an inside edge that can exempt them from the Storm.

      If by reading what I write, it inflames your “itching ears,” then by all means don’t read me. Above all, live your duty to your family and your neighbor. Anything that obsessively interferes with this is a hindrance, and not what God intends. But contemplate something….I look at various religious forums and many engage in idle speculation over the identity of the antichrist, when he will come, whether there is just one – sometimes getting into heated, embittered battles over it. And that is just one of many subjects a lot of religious people get contentious over. I recognize the issue, spoke what I believe to be true about it and why I think so – but the heart of my message is that worry over that is a contentious vanity. I try to pull people away from that which will damage them to that which they are called to not by ignoring it – but by acknowledging the pull it can have over us – that at times it has had over me. But the acid test on all these efforts at knowledge is, if I knew with certainty what the answer was, how would I use it to make things better for those around me? What’s my game plan if I knew all? If the answer is that you would take the wheel from God and rely on your own heroism and brilliance to stop these things, it is just a delusion of grandeur. What we are called to is simple, so simple that anyone can do it: take the next right step…do the work right in front of you….offer comfort and bread to those who need them when you can. It is not glamorous, it will not feed anyone’s sense of a glorious crusade – but it will change the world. We all know people who claim to want to “save the world” – yet are completely oblivious to a neighbor in need. In such cases, it is the perceived glory they are interested, not saving anything. Help your neighbor and the world is saved. You won’t get on the cover of Time Magazine, but the world will be one step closer to being saved.

      I tell some specifics so that, as they happen, people who heard are more likely to remember it, see the hand of God in it rather than panic, and then resolutely do the homely work of being a sign of hope to those around them. If my writing helps encourage you to this, I am glad. If it distracts you from it, please don’t read me. Let nothing separate you from the simple work God has for you…live your duty to those you love, those who God puts in your path and your care.

      And thank you for asking that important, penetrating and insightful question. God bless you and your family, Dino.


    • SteveBC says:

      I had exactly the same reaction to Dino’s question – magnificent!

      In reading this post I had three reactions.

      First, given some reasonable degree of trust in Charlie’s efforts here, I found that it was actually settling to know that such a person actually exists and that someone knows who he is and can recognize him. That may be weird, but it is true for me. One worry off my mind.

      Second, that for *me* to know who he is was no longer necessary or useful (although I struggled with this for a couple days), since no matter what we might do, he will not be exposed to the world until after the Storm. Indeed, it seems that God himself may not want him exposed any earlier, who can say? So I could let that issue drop, meaning there was no particular need for me (or anyone) to fight to expose him to anyone. As Charlie has pointed out, pushing in where you are not helpful is to be avoided.

      And third, that his rise to prominence in Charlie’s eyes *may* enable Charlie to give us a watcher-type heads-up that we are truly entering the Storm. Although I am working to focus my own efforts closer to home now (thanks, Charlie), to prepare my family and perhaps help my neighbors start to do the same, being possibly able to know when the Storm is truly on us may change how I address my local efforts. You prepare before a storm and brace yourself when it arrives, very different sets of actions. Of course, that will be up to Charlie at the appropriate time whether to give us that heads-up or not.

      It seems we are in the “Rumblings” time where terror reigns, and we have a space for preparations to continue.

      Thanks, Dino.


  20. Jeanne says:

    Excellent post……..stranger and more eerie than Michael O’Brien’s fictional “Father Elijah”.
    In regards to “itchy ears”, the 33 Day consecration to Mary has a prayer in it that says “the only necessary knowledge”. I take that as a personal rule to not seek out more information. God’s will be done. Then there is St. Francis of Assisi who was weeding in the garden and asked what he would do if he knew Jesus was coming back soon. He replied he would continue weeding in the garden.
    Thank you for your witness Charlie!


  21. aj says:

    Hi Charlie, answering blog questions are definitely going to be a full time vocation for you soon I’m thinking. Hahaha. Maybe you should ask St. Pio to teach you how to get your guardian Angel to respond for you like his did 🙂

    On a more serious note, my experience of prophecy both in scripture, public revelations (Fatima, Tepeyac etc…) and privately have most times been an after the fact type of “orrrrr that’s what God meant and how He meant it.” Very few times was/is prophecy given to point to a date. These date pointing types usually cause us to focus on the date and not the message. It is as though the date is the the reason for the prophecy, when in truth and in fact all prophetic messages are a call to turn back to the Loving embrace of God. It “usually” is an act of confirmation of its genuineness.

    Even for me personally, the Lord has spoken to me personally through Scripture readings and only after its fulfilment do I say “orrrrrr…I now get it!!!” I then understand our poor brothers, the 12 who constantly got it wrong while walking with Jesus in the Flesh. Only after the reserection could the scriptures be opened to their minds. It then became so clear and easy…until the next prophecy I guess…lol.

    Friends, my point in all this is, the point of prophecy is to bring us into the Heart of Jesus. The thing is some of us who may be looking at 2017, 2018 etc…may have ours in 2014. Meaning we may die before and have our judgement. So my 2 cents would be focus on Jesus now, dive headfirst into the Immaculate Heart of our Mummy, MARY. And prepare for the future with the guidance of these messages from God but live in the now because now is all we really have…tomorrow isn’t ours to claim.

    Continue seeking the guidance of our Lord Charlie. We pray for you, and please pray for us…we are one body.

    Love in Christ JESUS, in the Heart of MARY.


  22. charliej373 says:

    AJ, thank you so much for that beautiful comment. It made me go misty, for it gets to the heart of everything. When you have your attitude, that is when God can make good use of you. Oh, we are but scalpels in the Masters hands. When we wait upon Him, we can be a useful tool. But we so constantly want say, “Hey, I’m going to cut here…ooo..that looks like a nice place to cut..” Then we wonder why things in front of us are such a bloody mess. Just wait for the Master. Keep making posts like this and I may recruit you to make some replies.

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    • aj says:

      Trust me Charlie…I too am work in progress…always work in progress 🙂 . You know I was thinking what would make you or any of us loose hope? For example if we believe the Lord was telling us to join this particular Refuge and we leave to get others to join this place and when we leave we see it bombed or destroyed…we may be in a confused state. But then again that refuge may have been to draw holy people to join the heavenly Refuge. For me Faith is really impressing on my intellect (as opposed to feelings) that whatever happens, no matter how devastating (tears and wailing included), once I’m trying to follow the Lord in Truth…it will all be well and is for my best. Tough, tough thing this Faith. Hence, it can only come from Almighty God.

      Let us really beg our Lady to keep us deep in the recesses of Her Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart. Her Heart is one of Pure unadulterated, trusting Faith in God.

      JESUS, we Trust in You!


      • charliej373 says:

        Actually, AJ, that is not so hard to envision as many people seem to think. Working in politics I had several situations where I thought we had lost – and we won…and a few more where everyone else but me thought we had lost. I remember one night doing just local stuff, gathered at the courthouse to get returns, I had run a very high-profile race against a long-term incumbent. Several officials, before returns started coming in, sought to console me by telling me what a great race I had managed but how it was impossible to beat a 20-year incumbent. They stopped when I imperiously told them that the surprise of the night would not be that my guys won, but the huge margin by which they would win by. (It was a 16-person race with eight seats to be won). All my guys won – and the weakest won with 60% of the vote. On two occasions I have had races I thought were won come in a loss.

        Some years back, a football team I follow was 20 points down with just over two minutes left in the game. My team somehow won. If you follow sports you have seen those very rare occasions before.

        I spend no time speculating on how it will come about. It is useful to know that it will. And when it does I will do the same as I have in the political races I thought were lost causes: press through with fortitude to the end. One thing is certain: once we are rescued, no one will be deluded that the victory came because of our own brilliant efforts. But our pride at having endured with fortitude even when it seemed all was lost will be a well-deserved and holy pride.


  23. anonymous says:

    How are we supposed to balance this intense urgency for prayer and the daily joys we are given? In one of your posts you wrote about the different meanings of “soon”.
    I sometimes struggle with making plans for the future and “hunkering down in the ark”. Does this make sense?
    Please, I am anonymous.


    • charliej373 says:

      Make plans as you normally would, but don’t make this world into your treasure – for where your treasure is, there your heart will be. I strongly push everyone close to me to not neglect the ordinary things they would normally do – and they often ask, why bother if all is going to change so drastically anyway? Because that is what God intends. St. Joseph was going about his normal work, making his normal plans, when he was directed to flee with his family to Egypt. And when that time came, God opened up the way for him. I cannot overstate the value of simple, humble, ordinary things – and the necessity for us to do them as well as we can. It is God’s classroom – and often the lesson that God is teaching is not what we think it is…but if we just do the classwork, then we will come to see God’s lesson in it for us. How many times in your life have you had something terrible happen to you that turned out, in retrospect to be a great blessing? (And vice versa). As St. Paul says, we do not see clearly in this life, but as through a glass, darkly. But your ordinary day-to-day responsibilities and duties to those around you are God’s classroom. Do them well and with love and, when crisis comes, God will lead you. (And you will be astonished to discover how vital the things you learned while doing the mundane routines are to safely navigating the path God opens for you.)

      If you have children, don’t neglect to take them to an amusement park or a zoo while you can. Living the ordinary well – sharing a little joy and laughter with those around you is one of the highest, most sincere forms of prayer – as is just doing your ordinary work, particularly in trying circumstances and times.

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  24. Chris Young says:

    A wonderful article, sir. Is that not the Egyptian Ankh that “Menses” is wearing? Does that mean that he will be a reviver and propagator of the ancient “mysteries”? Thanks a lot.


    • charliej373 says:

      No, there was no hint embedded in it…it was just the best illustration I could find that was not creepy. The only hint in it is that it does not look obviously evil…and I wanted an illustration that reflected that satan’s agents come as handsome devils, not monsters. That said, all the New Age nonsense of our times has deceived many.


  25. Lil Rose says:

    I know I am late to this party, but I have been thinking over the name “Menses” for many days now and it does finally make sense: the word is anti-life. For a woman who goes through her cycle when she has menses it means another month without life within her, and it is waste from the opportunity lost to be fruitful. So the name does actually fit the type of man he has chosen to be.

    Just my little insights, and my little nurse mama brain.
    God bless you Charlie and we look forward to your return to CO!


    • charliej373 says:

      Thank you for that, Lil Rose. I had to look the word up, myself, after it was said to me. I was burning with curiosity because the angels practically spat it whenever they said it. Their disgust and contempt was so intense it kind of startled me, because I just was not accustomed to seeing them like that. But your insights are right on target and add to the imagery I had already taken for myself on the matter.


      • Bob Diorio says:

        I’ve also read in a commentary somewhere that when Isaiah describes our own righteousness as being like filthy rags to God (64:6), the word in Hebrew means filthy menstrual rags.


  26. donna269 says:

    Hi Charlie:
    I was introduced to you on MOG forum and instantly felt good about the things you shared. I have regularly begun reading your Blog. Can you tell me because it is a topic on the forum about the need to prepare for the storm. What I mean is….physically. Food storage, guns, gold or seed because I am so confused. I have always been taught to trust in the Lord and He will provide. I am devout and know He will. But when I read about “shelters” and “refuges” and the signs are glaringly apparent world wide, I wonder if there is more I can be doing by PHYSICALLY preparing as well as SPIRITUALLY preparing…..thank you so much for your work on earth!


    • charliej373 says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for joining us! And for those of you who don’t know, the Mother of God Forum (or MOG) is a very good open site, based in Ireland, I think. I have added a link to it to the right under “Spiritual Sites I Like.” Spiritual preparation is the most important, but you should do both.

      Think on these things…

      1) The Visitation: When Mary found her older cousin Elizabeth had a potentially difficult late-in-life pregnancy, she did not say she would just leave it to God. She went on a difficult journey to help. She knew that we are usually the instruments through which God accomplishes His will on earth. Of course she knew; she was full of grace.

      2) People marvel at Jesus raising the little girl from the dead. What they often miss is his command to her parents after he had revived her: “Get her something to eat.” (I don’t know, but I presume from Jesus’ command that being dead must be hungry work.) I love the way Jesus always pays attention to the little, earthy things. When he appeared on the beach to his disciples after the resurrection, He did not just tell them He was not a ghost: He grilled some fish and ate it with them.

      3) Read James 2:14-26, particularly that part that says, “If a brother or sister is ill-clad and in lack of daily food, and one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace, be warmed and filled,’ without giving them the things needed for the body, what does it profit?”

      People can confuse trust with doing nothing palpable. To the contrary, living your duty to God through ministering to those in your care and those around you IS living trust. Your efforts will falter and fail unless you trust God, but if you offer them up, they will bear fruit – and God expects you to do the little homely things that make fruit possible.

      It is always a balance. People also sometimes think that, by their efforts, they can solve everything. A recipe for disaster. It is why I relentlessly preach “Take the Next Right Step.” Some think they can save the world by their efforts. That is a vanity doomed to disaster. Others, seeing how big and difficult it all is, are paralyzed. That is not what God intends. No one can save the world by their own efforts. But everyone can do the little work that is right in front of them.


      • donna269 says:

        thank you Charlie for the quick answer. I love the response and felt it was really the answer before asking. Like anything in life, I have to do the footwork and then ask for God’s help….look forward to continued conversations….what do you make of people who proclaim with great certainty the Fatima consecration regarding Russia was never done! Malachi Martin spouted this while alive as well but I get the jitters when people say this. I agree with you that JP II and Lucia would hardly lie about such an important question….thanks again!


  27. Hi Charlie,

    I am just trying to go through all of your posts. I was pondering the name Menses, and the thought occurred to me that it in Latin Mensis means month, and usually a Lunar month. Menses, with the E, is menstrual blood, which usually happens in a Lunar month. I keep thinking Blood Moon. Anyway though, I really don’t want to or like to focus on any spirit of the anti-Christ. I would rather focus on Jesus. If I focus too much on anything other than Christ Himself, including any visions, I feel overwhelmed, so I always come back to Christ, repeating, “Jesus I trust in you.”


    • charliej373 says:

      Yes, when I looked up the meaning of it (the ritual impurity of menstrual blood as opposed to the purifying power of the blood of the lamb) it sruck me that my angel was now making puns to me in different languages.


  28. Interesting article and interesting comments. I do have a couple of questions. As a pastor, I know that I will be asked this question when the time comes for me to share about “Menses”.

    1. Will Menses persecute Christians as described in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 13) or is that something that is only going to happen at the end of time with the last Antichrist?

    2. Although not related to Menses, this has been bugging me. In one of Michael Brown’s early articles about you, he wrote “The coming events, he believes, will take up to six million lives.” ( However, now you are suggesting that it might take up to 25 million lives. That’s a big difference from 6 million. Why the discrepancy? Did Mr. Brown misunderstand you or has the number simply increased? Could you clarify this?

    Thanks for your wonderful articles!


    • charliej373 says:

      1) I would not talk about him at all, Emanuel. I wish I had not spoken of him except to my priests. He will not directly attack Christians and will not be revealed until the Rescue. Until then, he will be viewed as a faithful, orthodox Christian. His job is to undermine and seduce. I have come to think that the Lord allows this because He wants people to learn to judge by the fruit rather than just the rhetoric – to help keep them from apostasizing again after the Rescue.

      2) I have addressed this a few times here. Michael Brown is a good, solid reporter. It could be a mistake on his part….though it is equally likely I might have misspoke. I have spoken publicly enough and advised enough candidates who do that I know sometimes you say something that even you don’t know where it came from. The number in my mind has always been 26 million, but I regret ever having said that publicly, too. My point was how small the physical casualties are for such a comprehensive conflagration – but the sheer number unnerves people who don’t know normal casualty rates. I have taken to saying as large as it all is, only about a third as many physical casualties will ensue as happened in World War II.


      • Thanks for your reply, Charlie. I really appreciate it.

        Since Menses won’t attack Christians, then I don’t need to worry about him. My concern was if he was going to persecute and kill Christians then we had to be on a lookout for the guy. Now, he’s no longer a concern.

        As a student of history, I know that 26 million is not that bad. Six million would be better, but considering that we are living in a nuclear age, 26 million is not as horrific as it could be. Mr. Brown may have misunderstood or misheard you when he wrote 6 million in his article. Thanks for the clarification.

        I’m spreading your teachings among my flock to get them ready for the Storm (although I know that it has begun) and give them hope when the Storm breaks forth in its full fury. I started a sermon series about the subject last Sunday and will end it in a couple of weeks with a discussion on what comes after the Storm. I’m looking so forward in living in that world — if it is God’s Will that I make it all the way through the Storm. What a wonderful and beautiful world it’s going to be instead of the mess this world has become.

        Keep doing the work that you are doing for the Lord. I really have enjoyed reading your articles and your wisdom.

        Blessings in Christ,

        Liked by 2 people

        • charliej373 says:

          Thanks Emanuel. I am working on a major piece…hoped to have it up by now, but it needs to be right. When it goes up, it will be entitled “Go Forth.” I think it will be very helpful to many – and of particular interest to the pastors who write me that are preaching on these matters. God bless you.

          Liked by 1 person

      • YongDuk says:

        May I humbly add Emmanuel, not knowing your Faith besides Christian, that the Beasts of the Book of Revelation are more the anti-Gabriel and anti-Michael, if you ponder that. Again, they are corporate as Charlie suggests above about the Anti-Christ in general–Charlie, as I was pleased to read this based upon this corporate-ness of the anti-Two Major Archangels of the New Testament. (St. Raphael being hidden in John 5:4 which is missing in most current Manuscripts.)


        • Teri says:

          I know this is a very late entry and I have been aware of TNRS for a few months, but I was becoming more and more troubled with this menses person, ESPECIALLY as the nation endures the endless rattlings of the demagogues running for president. I found myself trying to guess, which I did not want to be doing. Today, as I read more on this menses character, I realized that, since he wasn’t to be revealed until after the rescue, why even tell us there is such a character? I then read Charlie’s response that he wished he had never mentioned him. That put me at rest knowing it wasn’t something God commanded be revealed to his children as was the events of the rescue. Thank you, Charlie. I’m grateful for that bit of information. I hope I can take the next right step in following Christ in trust and abandon.

          Your sister in Christ,

          Liked by 2 people

        • Emanuel Burgos says:

          Thank you, Bishop, for your comments. I somehow missed your post last year. I’m a United Methodist pastor who is eager to return to Rome or our Mother Church. It’s not practical right now, but I know it will happen when the Unification takes place after the Storm. I look forward to the day when we will all follow the one, holy, apostolic faith of Rome!

          Interesting food for thought to see them as corporate. I reread Charlie’s piece today and have a better understanding. Interesting too to see the Beasts as anti-Gabriel and anti-Michael. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me.

          Blessings to you Bishop!

          Liked by 1 person

  29. Lynette says:

    I have been reading Michael O’Brien’s latest book, Elijah in Jerusalem, which deals with a confrontation with the seducer, the deceiver, and decided to look up this old post of yours, Charlie.
    I had not seen anything on the antichrist in your writings as we get deeper in the Storm, but I read now why, because it’s not important. It is good and helpful, however, to see confirmations from people like Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea, who know what the breath of the beast smells like, that we are truly seeing bad fruit in some circumstances.


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