Mallett – Hell Unleashed


I hear from people around the country and throughout the world who are feeling the effects of chaos and confusion both among their family and friends and in the larger world. There is the sense that we are at the precipice of something very big. We are, but I tell you to stay steady. These things must come, but in the end, God wins. Pray that you see with clarity and charity to be on His side.

Yesterday, Mark Mallett posted one of the most important pieces he has ever done. Those of you who know how much esteem I hold him in know that that’s saying something. I give you both this link to his site and also, below, the full text of his article. It is important and sound.

By Mark Mallett

WHEN I wrote this last week, I decided to sit on it and pray some more because of the very serious nature of this writing. But nearly every day since, I have been getting clear confirmations that this is a word of warning to all of us.

There are many new readers coming aboard each day. Let me briefly recap then… When this writing apostolate began some eight years ago, the Lord commanded me to “watch and pray”. Following the headlines, it seemed that there was an escalation of world events by the month. Then it began to be by the week. And now, it is daily. It is exactly as the Lord showed me it would happen (oh, how I wish in some ways I was wrong about this!)

As I explained in The Seven Seals of Revolution, what we were to prepare for was a Great Storm, a spiritual hurricane. And as we were to get closer to the “eye of the storm,” events would happen quickly, more fiercely, one on top of the other—like the winds of a hurricane nearest the center. The nature of these winds was made known to me as being the “labour pains” that Jesus described in Matthew 24, and that John saw in more detail in Revelation 6. These “winds”, I understood, would be a wicked blend of mostly man-made crises: intentional and consequential disasters, weaponized viruses and disruptions, avoidable famines, wars, and revolutions.

When they sow the wind, they will reap the whirlwind. (Hos 8:7)

In a word, man himself would unleash Hell on earth. Literally. As we look at world events, we can see that this is precisely what is occurring, that all the seals of Revelation are fully opening one upon the other: wars are exploding all over the world (leading the Pope to recently comment that we are already in “World War III”), deadly viruses are rapidly spreading, economic collapse is imminent, persecution is being fanned into a merciless flame, and more and more incidents of bizarre and unrestrained behavior are happening all over the world. Yes, when I say Hell has been unleashed, I am referring to an unleashing of evil spirits.


I have shared with my readers that prophetic word I received in 2005, which a Canadian bishop consequently asked me to write about. At that time, I heard a voice in my heart say, “I have lifted the restrainer.” ((cf. Removing the Restrainer)) And then in 2012, the sense that God was removing the restrainer.

The spiritual dimension of this is very clear in 2 Thessalonians 2: that a restrainer is holding back lawlessness, that once removed, simultaneously gives Satan free reign with those who have rejected the path of the Gospel.

The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness (2 Thess 2:9-12)

Brothers and sisters, I wrote about this in Warnings in the Wind, that we all need to be very careful about opening the door to sin, even small sin. Something has changed. The “margin of error,” so to speak, is gone. Either one is going to be for God, or against Him. The choice must be made, the dividing lines are being formed. The lukewarm are being revealed, and they will be spit out.

That was the warning in the approved apparitions of Our Lady of Kibeho, that Rwanda was becoming a warning to the world. After repeated visions and premonitions from the African seers that a genocide was going to burst out—and they were ignored—those who were not walking in grace had opened themselves to a terrible deception, many becoming possessed as they walked about hacking and killing others with machetes and knives until over 800,000 people were dead.


I have been given a repeated word for the past few months: that “the bowels of hell have been emptied.” We can see this in the more obvious manifestations of, say, ISIS (Islamic State), who are torturing, beheading, and murdering non-Muslims. As of this morning, a woman in Oklahoma has now been beheaded. I hope you perceive the timing of this writing today.

But this has already been preceded numerous times by parents killing their children and grandchildren in murder-suicides and the rise of other violent crimes. Then there are the increasing manifestations of bizarre outbursts in public,1 increased glamorization of witchcraft and the occult, black masses, and then the less obvious forms of lawlessness couched in legal terms and imposed on the public. And let us not overlook the growing number of high-ranking clergy who appear willing to depart from Sacred Tradition for more so-called “pastoral” approaches to family issues.

I have already mentioned a priest I know in Missouri who not only has the gift to read souls, but has seen angels, demons, and souls from purgatory since he was a child. He recently confided with me that he is seeing demons now that he has never seen before. He described them as being “ancient” and very powerful.

Then there is the daughter of a very discerning reader who wrote me recently:

My older daughter sees many beings good and bad [angels] in battle. She has spoken many times about how its an all out war and its only getting bigger and the different kinds of beings. Our Lady appeared to her in a dream last year as our Lady of Guadalupe. She told her that the demon coming is larger and fiercer than all the others. That she is not to engage this demon nor listen to it. It was going to try to take over the world. This is a demon of fear. It was a fear that my daughter said was going to envelop everyone and everything. Staying close to the Sacraments and Jesus and Mary are of the utmost importance.

Brothers and sisters, we need to take these collective warnings very seriously. We are at war. But rather than dwell any more here on the explosion of evil we are seeing—that is, the intensifying Storm—I want to make some very concrete suggestions to you of how to guard your heart and that of your families using this daughter’s summary. For the main point above is this: don’t be surprised to see such manifestations of evil to exponentially increase in the days and months ahead. The restrainer has been lifted, and only those who have keep the restrainer over evil in their own hearts will be protected.

The words of Jesus come to mind:

I have told you this so that when their hour comes you may remember that I told you. (John 16:4)


Again, the daughter wrote: “Staying close to the Sacraments and Jesus and Mary are of the utmost importance.”

The Sacraments

When’s the last time you went to confession? The Sacrament of Reconciliation not only takes away our sins, but takes away any “right” Satan has that we may have relinquished to him through sin. One exorcist told me that a lot of deliverance happens in the context of sacramental confession. That, and the voice of the accuser is silenced in the face of God’s mercy, thus restoring peace of mind and soul. Satan is a “liar and the father of lies.”2 So when you bring the lies you’ve been living into the light, the darkness scatters.

The Sacrament of the Eucharist is Jesus. By receiving His Body and Blood, we are fed the “bread of life” that is the beginning of “eternal life.” By receiving the Eucharist worthily, we fill those empty places in the soul that Satan wants to occupy.3


I like how this daughter said “the Sacraments” and “Jesus.” Because many receive the Eucharist, but they do not receive Jesus. By this I mean that they approach the Sacrament without any comprehension of what they are receiving, as if they were lining up for a free donut. The graces of the Sacrament then are mostly lost. Aside from the crisis in catechesis that has existed for decades, it is still encumbent upon each of us to know what we’re doing, and do it with the heart.

The preparation for receiving the benefits and graces of the Eucharist is to already be in friendship with God. On the other hand, St. Paul clearly warned that receiving the Eucharist unworthily opens the door to the powers of death.

For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body, eats and drinks judgment on himself. That is why many among you are ill and infirm, and a considerable number are dying. (1 Cor 11:29-30)

The preparation to receiving the graces of the Blessed Sacrament then is what is called prayer.

…prayer is the living relationship of the children of God with their Father… Catechism of the Catholic Church, n.2565

And of course,

Asking forgiveness is the prerequisite for both the Eucharistic Liturgy and personal prayer.Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 2631

Prayer is not a list of words to say, but a heart listening to the Word. It is a matter of simply praying from the heart—speaking to God like a friend, listening to Him speak to you in the Scriptures, casting upon Him all your cares, and letting Him love you. That is prayer.

And really, what you’re doing is opening your heart to He-who-is-love. This is the antidote to this “demon of fear” that has been unleashed upon the world:

There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear… (1 John 4:18)

Satan knows this, and thus…

prayer is a battle. Against whom? Against ourselve and against the wiles of the tempter who does all he can to turn man away from prayer, away from union with God… the “spiritual battle” of the Christian’s new life is inseparable from the battle of prayer.Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 2725


I have written a great deal about the Blessed Mother, her role in our times, in our personal lives, and the life of the Church. Brothers and sisters, it is time to ignore the voices of those who obstinately reject the theology of this Mother and simply get on with the business of letting her mother you. If the Father was okay with entrusting Jesus to her, He is okay with entrusting you to her as well.

But in the context of this meditation, let us renew our commitment today to the Rosary. The chief exorcist of Rome, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, recounts what a demon revealed under obedience.

One day a colleague of mine heard the devil say during an exorcism: “Every Hail Mary is like a blow on my head. If Christians knew how powerful the Rosary was, it would be my end.” The secret that makes this prayer so effective is that the Rosary is both prayer and meditation. It is addressed to the Father, to the Blessed Virgin, and to the Holy Trinity, and is a meditation centred on Christ. Echo of Mary, Queen of Peace, March-April edition, 2003

Indeed, as St. John Paul wrote in an apostolic letter:

The Rosary, though clearly Marian in character, is at heart a Christocentric prayer… The centre of gravity in the Hail Mary, the hinge as it were which joins its two parts, is the name of Jesus. … it is precisely the emphasis given to the name of Jesus and to his mystery that is the sign of a meaningful and fruitful recitation of the Rosary. —JOHN PAUL II, Rosarium Virginis Mariae, n. 1, 33

Satan hates the Rosary because, when prayed with the heart, it conforms the believer more and more to the likeness of Christ. Padre Pio once said,

Love the Madonna and pray the rosary, for Her Rosary is the weapon against the evils of the world today.


The above are what I would call the fundamentals of battle. But we need to shore up the details as well, drawing from the wisdom of the Church and her experience on how to close the cracks that Satan and his minions will exploit unless we seal them.

Closing Spiritual Cracks:

Have your home blessed by a priest.

Pray together every day as a family.

Use Holy Water to bless your children and spouse.

Fathers: you are the spiritual head of your home. Use your authority to rebuke evil spirits when you see them trying to gain entrance to your family. (Read A Priest in My Own Home: Part I and Part II)

Wear sacramentals such as the Scapular, St. Benedict’s medal, Miraculous medal, etc. and have them properly blessed.

Hang a picture of the Sacred Heart or Divine Mercy image in your home and consecrate your family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Be sure to confess all sin in your life, especially serious sin, making concrete steps to avoid it in the future.

Avoid the “near occasion of sin” (read The Near Occasion).

Closing Physical Cracks:

Do not watch horror films, which are a portal of evil (and use discretion with other films, more and more which are dark, violent, and lustful).

Disassociate from those who lead you into sin.

Avoid cursing and negativity, which ex-satanists say attract evil spirits.

Be mindful that many musical artists today have consecrated their “music” to Satan—not just heavy metal bands, but pop artists. Do you really want to listen to music inspired or “blessed” by the evil one?

Keep custody of your eyes. Pornography has powerful physical and spiritual implications. Jesus said “the lamp of the body is the eye.”

…if your eye is bad, your whole body will be in darkness. And if the light in you is darkness, how great will the darkness be. (Matt 6:23)

But remember:

God never tires of forgiving us; we are the ones who tire of seeking his mercy. —POPE FRANCIS, Evangelii Gaudium, n. 3


All of what I’ve said presumes that the fundamentals are in place. Otherwise, we can be led into a false security thinking that a crucifix protects us rather than Christ; that a medal is a our security rather than our Mother; that sacramentals are a form of salvation rather than our Savior. God uses these little means as instruments of His grace, but they cannot replace the fundamental necessity of faith, “without which it is impossible to please God.”4

Yes, there is one other word I’ve been hearing in my heart for several weeks now: the darker it becomes, the brighter the stars will be. You and I are to be those stars. This Storm is an opportunity to be light to others! How delighted I was, then, when I read Our Lady’s words allegedly to Mirjana yesterday:

Dear children! Also today I call you to also be like the stars, which by their light give light and beauty to others so they may rejoice. Little children, also you be the radiance, beauty, joy and peace – and especially prayer – for all those who are far from my love and the love of my Son Jesus. Little children, witness your faith and prayer in joy, in the joy of faith that is in your hearts; and pray for peace, which is a precious gift from God. Thank you for having responded to my call. —September 25th, 2014, Medjugorje

Hell has been unleashed upon the earth. Those who do not recognize the battle risk being overwhelmed by it. Those who want to compromise and play with sin today are putting themselves in grave danger. I cannot repeat this enough. Take your spiritual life seriously—not by becoming morose and paranoid—but by becoming a spiritual child who trusts every word of the Father, obeys every word of the Father, and does every thing for the sake of the Father.

Such a child renders Satan helpless.

…by the mouth of babes and infants, thou hast founded a bulwark because of thy foes, to still the enemy and the avenger. (Psalm 8:2)

Do everything without grumbling or questioning, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine like lights in the world, as you hold on to the word of life. (Phil 2:14-16)

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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86 Responses to Mallett – Hell Unleashed

  1. Jim M. says:

    It appears this message about hell being unleashed is being simultaneously given through multiple sources of locutions. This site, Mark Mallets site and the Locutions to the World site are all in sync at the same time with the same message.

    While we always need to be cautious and pray for discernment, when multiple unrelated sources carry the same message, the credibility if the message increases. Satan has indeed left hell and is now manifest in this world.


    • Irish7 says:

      Yes plus both Mark and Rick Joyner got the identical and specific phrase that the bowels of hell have been emptied. Christ have mercy.


      • Mark says:

        Be very careful with following Rick Joyner. Just google his name and you will find that he is very controversial with his teachings on such things as the ressurection (which he does not believe in the physical ressurection of Christ) etc…. He should not be included in the same ball-park as Mark Mallett.


        • charliej373 says:

          Oh, good heavens, know. I put that specific message from Joyner up specifically because it was recommended to me by a trusted source who thought it striking and that I should take a look. I do not regularly follow Joyner. I am going to make clearer when I include something here in an article that is for a certain interest in it, itself, that moment, so that I do not unwittingly give people the idea I endorse something I don’t.


        • Irish7 says:

          Yikes. Thanks Mark!


  2. Barbara Dore says:

    Our Lady of kibeho had warned the people if they did not open their heart to God. Now it had happened and it possibly may repeat in many parts of the world if we keep rejecting God and his Light. Our Lady of Kibeho asked Marie Clarie to spread the renewed devotion , The rosary of the Seven Sorrows so that we may get many ” special ” graces from reciting it. Immaculee IlLbagzia said that we will get many blessings. I got some amazing blessings too!


  3. Janet says:

    Thank you Mark for writing this important word, and Charlie for re-posting it. I would only add that the Flame of Love prayer be added to the Rosary as a new and strategic weapon given for our time specifically in order to BLIND satan! If hell is unleashed, grace has all the more abounded. I would say this is a critical weapon in these unprecedented times. I urge everyone reading this to add the prayers to their DAILY rosary. If our Lady has given us this means to blind satan it is because our Mother knows we NEED it. You can read about the Flame of Love here: or here:


    • charliej373 says:

      Thank you, Janet. I too, think the Flame of Love devotion is critically important for these times, which is why I have a permanent link to it at right.


      • Fran says:

        I believe so too Charlie. I am praying that prayer over people everywhere I go, over my neighborhood, over my parish, my city….and particular places and people that Our Lord leads me to!
        I know that some people may not feel that this is a devotion for them, and at first when I read about it I thought, “change the Hail Mary”? That just doesn’t seem right. So several months ago I dismissed the Flame of Love. Then last month I was led to it again, and this time I got the book, and read about it. I immediately felt drawn to it, and have been doing it ever since. Now I think about it this way…Remember when Pope John Paul II ADDED the Luminous Mysteries to the Rosary mysteries? It may have seemed radical or even unnecessary to some people, but it actually completed the Life of Jesus in the Rosary mysteries. Saint Pope John Paul II gave us the rosary “more fully”. I feel like the Flame of Love prayer is like that. The Hail Mary prayer given to us “more fully” as is necessary for these times. I hope that makes sense. I am typing fast because I am in a hurry…


        • charliej373 says:

          I agree with you, Fran. I am very suspicious at efforts to heap devotion on top of devotion as if sheer volume will somehow overwhelm God. But the Luminous Mysteries called to me immediately. And somehow, the flame of love, added to the Rosary during these times, had nearly the same effect – that rarety that felt right right from the start.


  4. Jim M. says:


    Kibeho certainly rings true. But these times are clearly a convergence of many Marian prophecies.

    Our Lady of Good Success, 1600’s.

    Our Lady of La salette, 1800’s.

    Fatima, 1917

    Akita, 1973, particularly the last one on October 13, 1973. (Regarding the article above, the warnings included: “The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.”)

    Kibeho, 1980’s.

    And there are others. A well done montage of our Mothers messages of these times:

    We were warned, and the warnings went unheeded. Pray. Padre Pio called the rosary his “weapon”, knowing its power over evil. We all need to arm ourselves with the rosary and use it through prayer to battle the darkness quickly enveloping us in spiritual warfare. Pray for the conversion of sinners and for God’s mercy on the faithful, and those that will join the flock of the faithful , in the upcoming and terrible chastisements.


  5. Observer says:

    And to add to those seeming to make similar conclusions re: our current times and happenings, the well recommended Rick Joyner:

    Urgent Warning: ISIS Coming to America – The ‘Gate of Hell’ that has been opened


  6. Kati says:

    Charlie and all,

    I wonder if there could be another convergence of warnings here by including what Rabbi Jonathan Cahn talks about in the Mystery of the Shemitah. Here is a video interview that, granted, can seem a bit dramatized, but if one pays attention, particularly at the 19:41 mark…it certainly seems to speak much of the same message. The video:


  7. Kati says:

    On my! I had some chores to do and then decided to check out Spirit Daily. Guess what book is highlighted there at the top of the page? Yes…it’s the Mystery of the Shemitah. I honestly think our awesome God is making things VERY clear. I heartily recommend the 54-Day Rosary Novena that is being called for because NOW is the time and America DOES need help.

    It starts on Monday.
    Launch September 29, 2014 Feast of the Archangels

    Closing November 21, 2014 Feast of the Presentation of Mary

    27 Days of Petition …and… 27 Days of Thanksgiving



  8. SteveBC says:

    I also just watched Rick Joyner’s videos (which Charlie pointed to) on his recent dream involving the southern border of the US. He states in his most recent video that the massive evil that may flow northward is something that existed before in Central America, but he didn’t know what to call it. I would think that that evil is the same evil that Our Lady of Tepeyac overthrew in the 1600s, but I will otherwise leave it unnamed here. Like the daughter in Mallett’s writing above, I recently dreamed of an ancient and very powerful evil coming toward us and crossing into our “house” and I very much did not want to engage with it.

    It seems to me that the rise of that ancient evil would indeed be horrifying and terrifying, but we must be careful to hold to both Love and clear vision and not (as Joyner warns of) react too much or go too far toward violence or fear ourselves, even as we rightfully defend ourselves and each other from its depredations (as Charlie has stated in his own mission, part of which is to defend the Faithful).

    To react without Love is to place ourselves in a position where we are indeed engaging with that evil entity quite directly, and it will curl itself around any who become like it and make them its own. My dream leads me to think that your Love and discernment help God place a barrier between you and it, and it cannot see past that barrier to find you even as you can see it and be less likely to be deceived about its nature and purpose. It seems that forewarned is forearmed.

    I want to note that Mallett calls for the eye of the hurricane to pass overhead, that Revelations says that all will be quiet for “half an hour”, and that you, Charlie, are calling for a respite to happen partway through the Collapse that is unfolding now. It seems to me worthwhile to point out that common feature (which seems kind of remarkable to me) and to counsel caution when a respite occurs so that we do not think the Collapse is over before it truly is. Such might invite despair and risk us experiencing a loss of hope once the Collapse renews its progress.

    I assume that the respite will be a final moment to help ourselves and each other prepare and brace for the latter portion of the Collapse, as well as to continue to hope for and expect the advent of the Peaceful Land thereafter.


    • Irish7 says:

      Wow Steve. Thank you for connecting the dots to Our Lady of Tepyac and the southern border/our current time for me. I’m also sensing a connection between the Mayan culture of blood sacrifices and our culture’s slaughter of innocents. Our Lady of Tepyac…rescue us!


      • SteveBC says:

        You’re welcome, Irish7. You add another good connection, with the pointer to the Mayans.

        Given that it required the Lady to appear at Tepeyac to evict the Aztec culture and its dark counterpart, I suspect something similar might be required in our present day if that dark counterpart actually is slithering our way. The fact that our country has lost Our Lady’s protection for other reasons, she may delay her corrective action while we realize that we need her help and see how to be worthy of it.

        Sobering. Ha! – Let’s hope you and I are completely and utterly wrong about this! 🙂


        • charliej373 says:

          Ha ha, Steve. My priests used to chuckle about how desperately I wanted to be wrong. A woman the other day I was talking to commented at one point that I must take some satisfaction in knowing that I wasn’t crazy all those years. She laughed when I told her that I had been rooting for “crazy.” Eyes got kind of wide when she realized I was serious. I noted that mine was not flambouyant or anything…so had it been crazy, I would just have been able to live peacefully and maybe write some intriguing fictional stories. So when somebody starts expressing the sincere hope that they are wrong, I can’t help but think, “Now you’re starting to get it.”


          • SteveBC says:

            Indeed! 🙂

            On another thread we celebrated the impending spectacle, pointed out that we were purpose-built for this so “bring it on”, laughed together, and passed the popcorn around, but I ended by writing that at some point I will probably say, “What the heck was I thinking?”

            Here is one of *those* moments. *All* of the items in the above paragraph are correct and worth holding in our minds. Yes, we are built for this and want to do it, but once we are truly in the thick of it, we will wish we didn’t have to do it after all and will long to spend a couple lazy hours watching “Groundhog Day.”

            “Crazy” sounds better compared to something like this. It is to be quite the roller coaster ride, is it not?


    • Marti says:

      I know someone who is an elderly farmer who lives in Utah. He lives out in the boonies and they don’t get visitors very often. They are either lost or expected. He has been having dreams for years of waking up and looking out the window to see ‘thousands’ of people walking NORTH along these roads of his. Entire families carrying children and anything they can. He didn’t speculate what might have made them walk north…famine, water, disease….


  9. Tom says:

    Janet, thank for for spreading the Flame of Love and I will add it to my daily rosary. Having a little hard time relearning the Hail Mary to include but but 50 times or more a day should let me get the hang of it quickly. May God continue to bless you, Mark, and Charlie for your faithful service and for helping so many of our souls!


  10. Anne says:

    Janet, thank you re fol . I read the book ……absolutely must spread!


  11. Mark says:

    Mark’s latest blog is a masterpiece. One that should be sent to every relative and friend, especially those who are lukewarm in their faith or have lost their faith through living the many sins of our times. I found one interesting point that Mark made about us, as fathers and head of household, to rebuke satan in the choices our kids may have taken apart from God’s holy will. I prayed how to do this and it came to me to do so through the Flame of Love. I am 3/4th’s of the way through the diary of Elizabeth Kindlemann (as I am reading it very slow), but it does seem to me to be through the Flame of Love that we can do our best in the war against satan and evil. While our family has been adding the Flame of Love prayer in our daily rosary, I too, have been just praying the Hail Mary throughout my day and night for anyone who pop’s into my mind, changing the words slightly to “pray for us sinnners, spread the effect of grace of they flame of love over “……….” now and at the hour of our death” Amen. I fill in the blank with a person I see in Church crying, or a person I see in the store looking lost, or a co-worker, a family member etc……


    • Fran says:

      Mark, that is exactly the way I am praying the “flame of Love” over people too, individuals, and even entire groups of people. I think Jesus and Mary want us to pray it everywhere we are, and over everyone we come in contact with, or have been in contact with, and that we should “think bigger”. I am only going to share this because I feel like Jesus wants me to, but I will give you an example: I went to a concert with my husband, and it was in a huge auditorium filled with people. I was praying during the concert this prayer for every single person there. I get the feeling that the flame of love prayer is like a candle that you pass the flame from one person to another, so you have to somehow be in contact with that person or in a certain place,or have some connection with the person. They are people in “your territory”. I am just talking out loud what I feel like Our Blessed Mother is trying to show me. Of course I may be totally misinterpreting this. I also feel like you can “send” someone in your family who is going to be somewhere with the prayer. This morning I very strongly felt the Blessed Mother asking me to “send” my daughter who was going to be someplace today with the prayer, and have her pray it there (quietly) over the people she was going to be with. So, I gave it to her, (she didn’t even know it yet), and she said that she would.
      I was also struck by Mark Mallet’s point about fathers, and how they can rebuke Satan from their family members. I thank you for bringing this up, since it reminded me that I need to talk to my husband about this (who shares the same name as you btw) 🙂


      • Mack says:

        I like that idea Fran and I have begun to do that too, to pray the flame of love over certain people in particular.


      • Janet says:

        Beautiful FoL prayers everyone! Let’s not limit our limitless God, but do more and more with the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. One thing I do when praying in a group where they are not adding the FoL prayer is that I add it interiorly while the leader is saying their part. In that way, all are praying in the Flame of Love. In St. Louis-Marie de Montfort’s booklet called “The Admirable Secret of the Rosary” ( he gives us this marvellous statement as to the unimaginable benefits of praying the Rosary in two choirs:

        “132 This way of praying is of the greatest benefit to us:
        “1 because our minds are usually more alert during public
        prayer than when we pray alone;
        “2 when we pray in common, the prayer of each one belongs
        to the whole group and make all together but one prayer,
        so that if one person is not praying well, someone else in the
        same gathering who is praying better makes up for his deficiency.
        In the same way, those who are strong uphold the weak, those who
        are fervent inspire the lukewarm, the rich enrich the poor, the
        bad are merged with the good. How can a measure of cockle be
        sold? This can be done very easily by mixing it with four or five
        bushels of good wheat.
        “3 One who says his Rosary alone only gains the merit of
        one Rosary; but if he says it with thirty other people he gains
        the merit of thirty Rosaries. This is the law of public prayer.
        How profitable, how advantageous this is!”

        Given this principal at work, when we add the FoL prayer interiorly when praying a rosary with others, all those present are not just praying one FoL Rosary, but all are praying a multitude of FoL Rosaries! And we are all praying them as well as the one praying it the best at any given moment! ALL GLORY TO GOD IN HIS MOST HOLY MOTHER’S FLAME OF LOVE!!!

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  12. eightlambs says:

    I am so glad I read the comments here! After watching Rick Joyner’s video I was briefly dumbstruck with fear. But the call to pray and fast is heard and I will join you all. God has been doing deep housecleaning in my soul and I am rejoicing in that.


  13. Lily Malakooti says:

    Hello! I’m new to your blog! But very excited to have come across it. Thank you for your reflections and passing along many interesting thoughts. I have been on Mark Mallets site for many years and I too feel that his inspirations are sincere and aligned with others. Pelianito ,also is very blessed and her inspirations are also in the same text and meanings You mentioned in your intro that man families are going through chaos and disturbances. Well, mine is most definitely . It’s been a trial that is wearing me out emotionally and I am quite often on my knees pleading Heaven for graces and help. However, I place all and I really mean all in the Flame Of Love! Where else will I turn! I started on my own as I was in prayer to call on Mother Mary to crush the head of the serpant. After reading what you said it was all a confirmation for me on my prayers and not to give up. It’s like I’m pushing a huge wall and I cannot stop to wait. I won’t allow the enemy to ruin my family. I only keep asking our Lord to give me what I need to press on. All for souls all for Him

    I pray He comes soon!!

    Thank you again for your words and help Lily


  14. Marti says:

    Thank you Mark for being so obedient to the Word given to you! You are transforming lives and you are constantly in my prayers brother of the night!
    Thank you Charlie for re-posting this on your forum. I went with my husband to help out friends in the hills to bring them a load of water and I read this slowly to him the entire way. When I got home I had my two teenagers read it out loud to me. Then we went to confession. I honestly think all the people on this forum who are actively supplying links to other prophets who are being given the same overall picture are treasures! Thank you! Rick Joyner (yikes!), and Flame of Love. All spot on!! And the icing on the cake was your printing of the message from Medjugorje. Incredible….and timely.

    I met someone the other day who asked me a few questions and quickly she realized that I knew as much or more than she did and she literally got up from her chair and came over to me and got down on her knees (I was sitting in a chair) and hugged me! She said she had been quiet and studying for so long and didn’t know a soul that knew the things she knew. She was sure Jesus had sent me to her! I gave her a long list of websites including this one and told her welcome to the family!! I know this is going to be happening more…and more…and more…!


    • charliej373 says:

      Thank you, Marti. I have had several private messages from people grateful for this testimony from you. And you may be happy to know that we made copies of it available to people at our first “Ezekiel 37” Prayer Meeting this weekend. You gave many hope. Thank you for taking up the effort to write it.


  15. Caroline says:

    Thank you for reposting Mark’s article. It’s nice to have a way to comment on his thoughts with others even though he doesn’t have comments enabled on his blog. Please do this with future posts from Mark that are particularly pertinent, too!


  16. Andy says:

    What a wonderful article and so consistent with so many others out there in the world and what they are all saying right now. I have had my run ins with evil spirits in my life and it is so important to not give them what they want, fear! I truly believe they feed off of it! I have noticed that as my prayer life increases and grows each day, that when these attacks come now, I do not fear them at all for I know exactly what to do. Call out to Our Mother and they scatter quickly before you can even finish saying her name. Ironically enough, I wear the brown scapular that has both the Sacred Heart of Jesus medal on it as well as the Miraculous Medal on it. I also wear every day a chain with St. Benedict’s medal. Every month or so I get what I call “little graces” from heaven and this past Saturday I had two that I would love to share because with all the fear and evil in the world it is nice to know the good too.

    I went to church on Saturday evening instead of Sunday to a different parish than my own for the first time in a long time. Early on in the mass my mind was wondering in prayer. I tend to try to do quite a bit of prayer in my life and quite a bit of things for the Lord. I say the rosary (not daily but 5-6 times most weeks but need to be more diligent in this). I go through my routine of morning prayer though I don’t want that prayer to be routine in any sense of the way so I try to take my time with it to not fall into the prayer habit. I pass on brown scapulars to the world. I run a prayer group on facebook and put a new prayer on there everyday to say as well as share so much I find like Charlie’s blog, Mark Mallet, Deacon John, etc. I make prayer books when inspiration strikes and pass them on to the world. I help moderate the mother of god forum. And really, I try to keep my mind on God all day when possible. Any way, in church on Saturday while in prayer I kind of in a way asked the Lord if what I was doing was on the right track? I wanted the pat on the back so to speak that what I was doing was helping the world. Sometimes we just want to know these things. We are, after all, like children wanting the approval of Our Father. I really wanted some approval and don’t know why in this case but the Lord did not disappoint. After communion, I was kneeling with my head down and eyes closed just thanking the Lord and falling somewhat into a deep meditation. All of a sudden I felt three pats on my back. As I looked up and turned to see who just patted me, I saw a man in his forties who I did not know at all but could tell he had down syndrome. He just looked back at me smiling and gave me a wink and a nod. It was so incredible!!

    That evening right before falling asleep, I heard a deep voice loudly say my name. I have no idea who said this but it was loud and clear. I had realized right after I heard this, that I did not have my medals on that I always sleep with. I instantly grabbed them off the night stand and put them on. It was like the voice called my name to remind me to put them on or at least that is how I perceived it. I have been blessed to hear Our Mother’s voice twice in the last year and it is so beautiful but this is the first I have heard a male’s voice. I don’t feel it was the Lord but possibly an angel or Saint. The medal I wear at night is St. Benedict’s so possibly it was his voice reminding me to wear the medal as I sleep to guard me from some evil that has attacked me in my dreams before.


    • June1 says:

      That is amazing, Andy. What blessings and graces! Never depart from the narrow, rocky path to the Lord. 🙂


    • Marti says:

      That is a lovely confirmation and affirmation Andy! You do so many wonderful things and I can vouch for that! Andy sent me two of his prayer books that he put together and they are so beautifully done and the pictures are magnificent. I thoroughly enjoy them. You are an incredibly thoughtful man!


  17. Bob says:

    Today is the feast of the archangels. I prayed today that God would allow the angels to block the demons from their actions. As nature abhors a vacuum and our nation has created a spiritual vacuum by driving God out, apart from God’s restraint, which He can choose to remove the demons and other evil will by definition come to fill the void.


  18. Bob says:

    and I remembered seeing the cover of a Time Magazine during the Rwandan genocide and a missionary was quoted as saying and sadly shown on the front cover “there are no more devils in hell they have all come to Rwanda”. And Rwanda is said to be a warning for the world so let us pray more.


  19. vparisi says:

    I am reading the book The Boy Who Met Jesus by Imaculee- I also read Our Lady of Kebeho. She has written about the genocide in Rwanda and how the Roasry literally saved her life. In light of the events in Oklahoma last week, you really have to wonder what has been unleashed.



  20. laura says:

    I want to share an insight I received the other day that pertains to Mark’s writings as well as several others. Mark (and several saints, blesseds) have discussed the “illumination of conscience” occuring during the storm – Mark pinpointing it to the “eye” of the storm. This illumination (for those who have never heard of it) will be a great mercy given to us allowing us to see our souls the way God sees them. There will be (according to the prophets) a silence over the whole earth as every human being experiences this. Anyway, the insight was this, take it or leave it: the illumination has been moved closer to the end of the tribulation to shorten the time the faithful will be (extremely) persecuted by the enemy.
    After the illumination, battle lines will be drawn. You will either choose God’s mercy or you will reject it and become a great persecutor of Christians.


  21. laura says:

    Continued from above…
    The tribulation leading up to the illumination will be hard (as we are living it now) but nothing compared to afterwards. People who choose to reject God’s mercy will receive hardened hearts, the grace of God will be removed from them and we will see them for what the truly are- children of the devil. We saw this already in Ruwanda, next time it will be global.
    I also believe that the angels will be marking God’s children during and immediately after this illumination.


  22. David says:












    • Connie Etie says:

      Just reading this David, and many miles away in Texas to boot, but I am there now in my spirit despite the late hour and long distance which God can overlook if He wills it, so I am there by desire. I love listening to Father Joseph Esper on Ewtn and love reading his articles.I just read one today. May God forgive us all and have Mercy on us all. Jesus save souls, help us to help You save souls Oh my King and my God.


  23. Mary-Louise says:

    Just another urgent message, from a man who has a Messianic ministry in Jerusalem, Jerry Golden. Golden believes he will help physically rescue Jews caught in a future war in the Mideast.

    A Word
    September 27, 2014

    With much trembling and fear I send this out, it is unlike any report I have ever sent out, but I know I must send it to you.
    Everyday I pray and feel the urgency to write a report to the supporters of this Ministry, and I hear myself say to God, why, so many times I have tried to explain our needs and how we need more finances but they hear that from many others on the Mission Fields. Today I heard something different from the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit). The time is very near for the fulfillment of your calling, I want you to ask them to talk with Me for it is not by your asking but by My Spirit. The day is very near when those who I have prepared for you to rescue they will be waiting. I have set aside a special people to join you and they will not fail, ask them to talk with Me for they are waiting to hear from Me.
    I could not and would not add anything to the above.
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

    Shalom, jerry golden


  24. Observer says:

    The latest messages from “Locutions to the World” released just the other day really describe this hell unleashed on earth… earthly leaders able to have an answer for the chaos arising all over:
    literally “Hell’s Power Over Earth”.


  25. anne says:

    mark……Immaculee and 2nd Husband??? when did that happen??


  26. anne says:

    simply asking because…….confusion, confusion, confusion.


  27. Tom says:

    Was anyone else struck by Dr. Brantley’s (the doc who contracted Ebola and was flown back to Emory in Atlanta for successful treatment) comment yesterday, found in the last sentence I copy below?

    “Dr. Kent Brantly, working on behalf of the U.S.-based missionary group Samaritan’s Purse, was treating patients in Monrovia, Liberia, when he became infected with the Ebola virus in July. Brantly was evacuated to Emory University Hospital, where he was treated and eventually recovered.

    The Ebola outbreak continues to grow throughout West Africa with an estimated 2,461 deaths attributed to the virus and approximately 4,985 infected.

    Now just a few weeks after being discharged from Emory, Brantly was able to speak out about what he saw as a doctor and a patient during this Ebola outbreak — the worst on record since the virus was first identified in the 1970s. During his testimony, Brantly urged Congress and government officials to give more aid and personnel to try and stop the outbreak, which President Obama said is “spiraling out of control.”

    You can read a few of Brantly’s most affecting remarks from his testimony below:

    “Many have used the analogy of a fire burning out of control to describe this unprecedented Ebola outbreak. Indeed it is a fire — a fire straight from the pit of hell . . . “


    • laura says:

      Yep, those words struck me too. Does anyone think this Ebola is the plague/sickness warned about by Marie Julie-Jahenny and Maria Esperanza that needs to be treated with hawthorne leaves? The symptoms are spot on.


      • Fran says:

        It occurred to me that it might be too Laura.


      • Marti says:

        No. I personally don’t think Ebola is the sickness they spoke about. It is a respiratory illness that they spoke about, mostly in children and elderly.


        • laura says:

          I will have to reread the mystics writings. I thought the illness they spoke of effected the tongue (like ebola), the spirit, and produced boils on skin that if untreated turned black ( just like ebola).


          • June1 says:

            I thought this at first, too, guys, but then remembered Marie-Julie Jahenny mentioned something about a pale, yellow streak in the black parts. Found it here:

            THE MODE OF USING THE HAWTHORN AS GIVEN BY OUR BLESSED MOTHER: “There will be a grave illness which human science will not be able to alleviate. This illness will attack firstly the heart, then the spirit, and at the same time, the tongue. It will be horrible. The heat accompanying it will be a devouring fire insupportable and so intense that the members of the body affected will be red — an unendurable fiery red. At the end of seven days this disease, sown like a seed in the field (incubation period) will spread everywhere rapidly and make great progress.” “My children, here is the ONLY remedy which could save you. You are familiar with the Hawthorn which grows practically in all hedges. The leaves of the Hawthorn, not the wood, can arrest the progress of this disease.” “You will gather the leaves, not the wood. Even dry, they will keep their efficacy. You will put them into boiling water and leave them there for 14 minutes, covering the receptacle so that the steam remains therein. At the onset of this disease, one must use this remedy three times a day.” “This disease will produce a continual vomiting and nausea. If the remedy is taken too late, the part of the body affected will become black and in the black there will be seen a sort of pale, yellow streak.”

            But you know what? It really does sound a lot like Ebola, especially the incubation period part.


  28. donna269 says:

    Does anyone have any idea what type of Hawthorne leaves? There are so many varieties and I want to order some to plant for my yard….


  29. Hopenjoy says:

    Re: Hawthorn leaves for a plague that would strike humanity. In early August I read “The Coming Plague” on website (which you folks may want to read, especially the recent articles on the next 30 days), which tells about Marie-Julie Jahenny and Maria Esperanza…there is another alleged messenger John Leary who has mentioned hawthorn many times in his messages (has he been “vetted” by Charlie? Leary’s writings strike me as a little “off” sometimes?). The women’s writings speak of making a tea out of the leaves. I believe in the healing power of God’s plants, I have been drying herbs for culinary and medicinal uses the past few years. I’ve already purchased a pound of organic hawthorn leaf and flower for my medical preps. Smells wonderful, should make an enjoyable tea in any case. Being from the Pacific Northwest USA, I ordered on-line from Mountain Rose Herbs in Eugene, Oregon; about $30 with shipping. There are many sources on-line and probably local health or herbal stores if you are interested in adding hawthorn tea to your pantry. Donna269 could probably research local varieties of Hawthorn, it is genus Crataegus, there are American and European varieties. Our local nursery doesn’t carry them, apparently too “old fashioned” or not in demand for landscaping? I see them in lawns of older homes in our area. Maybe a neighbor would let you prune some branches to strip the leaves for drying?


    • Marti says:

      That is a really great company. Its the one we bought our tea from. $10 a lb. is about as big as a football. We bought 10 lbs and we gave them as gifts to friends and for our older children who lived elsewhere. They have a free catalog too! You must put it in a dark place as it comes in a zip lock bag wrapped in brown paper. Air sealed would be best then put it in a closed 5 gallon bucket in a cool place to store it in smaller quantities as tea deteriorates in its quality and medicinal purposes with air and light.


  30. Marti says:
    This might help. I know up here in Montana I actually found trees growing in fields that were hawthorn. In Europe there are hedges. They have enormous thorns which is why they say our Lord’s crown of thorns was made out of the Hawthorn tree limbs. Wouldn’t THAT be something! They say its wood burns hotter than oak, which is really dense! Here is a tidbit:

    “Description—The Hawthorn is the badge of the Ogilvies and gets one of its commonest popular names from blooming in May. Many country villagers believe that Hawthorn flowers still bear the smell of the Great Plague of London. The tree was formerly regarded as sacred, probably from a tradition that it furnished the Crown of Thorns. The device of a Hawthorn bush was chosen by Henry VII because a small crown from the helmet of Richard III was discovered hanging on it after the battle of Bosworth, hence the saying, ‘Cleve to thy Crown though it hangs on a bush.’ The Hawthorn is called Crataegus Oxyacantha from the Greek kratos, meaning hardness (of the wood), oxcus (sharp), and akantha (a thorn). The German name of Hagedorn, meaning Hedgethorn, shows that from a very early period the Germans divided their land into plots by hedges; the word haw is also an old word for hedge. The name Whitethorn arises from the whiteness of its bark and Quickset from its growing as a quick or living hedge, in contrast to a paling of dead wood.”


  31. laura says:

    (This, like most of the apparitions cited here, is not formally approved. I know it gives people some comfort, so I don’t mind things that have not been condemned posted here. But occasionally I think it appropriate to remind you that I do not endorse these things. I guess I need to write something on this tomorrow. The world is in the process of changing in ways that you cannot imagine. God is moving actively in the world again. The more we depend on plans we make – even, maybe even especially, those we make in response to words of knowledge – the more we will sink into the sands of despair. Going forward, the simple way is not merely the best way: it will soon be the only way – CJ)

    THE MODE OF USING THE HAWTHORN AS GIVEN BY OUR BLESSED MOTHER: “There will be a grave illness which human science will not be able to alleviate. This illness will attack firstly the heart, then the spirit, and at the same time, the tongue. It will be horrible. The heat accompanying it will be a devouring fire insupportable and so intense that the members of the body affected will be red — an unendurable fiery red. At the end of seven days this disease, sown like a seed in the field (incubation period) will spread everywhere rapidly and make great progress.” “My children, here is the ONLY remedy which could save you. You are familiar with the Hawthorn which grows practically in all hedges. The leaves of the Hawthorn, not the wood, can arrest the progress of this disease.” “You will gather the leaves, not the wood. Even dry, they will keep their efficacy. You will put them into boiling water and leave them there for 14 minutes, covering the receptacle so that the steam remains therein. At the onset of this disease, one must use this remedy three times a day.” “This disease will produce a continual vomiting and nausea. If the remedy is taken too late, the part of the body affected will become black and in the black there will be seen a sort of pale, yellow streak.” SOURCE: Marie-Julie


  32. Janet says:

    Just re-reading Flame of Love and found this. Jesus tells Elizabeth Kindelmann:

    “Do you really know what desire is? It is a wonderful and delicate instrument available even to the most helpless man that can be used as a miraculous way of saving souls. The key point is, that desire be united with my Precious Blood exuding from my side. Increase your desire with all your might to save as many souls as possible.”

    Our Lord is giving us innumerable miraculous ways to rout the foe. Let us ask the Lord to increase our desire for souls through the Flame of Love and the fount of Divine Mercy–two invincible weapons. Alleluia!

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    • Nancy says:

      Janet, thank you for posting this. Last night, I started to post a question about discerning fear and trust and our territory of souls but gave up because I couldn’t articulate the basis for my question (too tired). You have answered it. 🙂 Jesus is so good. Where is that in the diary?


  33. The Imitation of Christ

    Book One

    Chapter 22

    Do not lose heart, then, my brother, in pursuing your spiritual life. There is yet time, and your hour is not past. Why delay your purpose? Arise! Begin at once and say: “Now is the time to act, now is the time to fight, now is the proper time to amend.”

    When you are troubled and afflicted, that is the time to gain merit. You must pass through water and fire before coming to rest. Unless you do violence to yourself you will not overcome vice.

    So long as we live in this fragile body, we can neither be free from sin nor live without weariness and sorrow. Gladly would we rest from all misery, but in losing innocence through sin we also lost true blessedness. Therefore, we must have patience and await the mercy of God until this iniquity passes, until mortality is swallowed up in life.
    How great is the frailty of human nature which is ever prone to evil! Today you confess your sins and tomorrow you again commit the sins which you confessed. One moment you resolve to be careful, and yet after an hour you act as though you had made no resolution.


    • Andy H says:

      Thanks you Padraig for this. How true. Also a great reminder that I need to pick up this book again and read all the treasures that in there to be read. I have not picked it up in some time and it just sits there waiting to be read.


  34. Observer says:

    Speaking of Mark Mallett, today his teaching was about angels and mentioned his own experiences, esp. noting a time spent with Sondra Abrahams with whom I’ve spoken and watched the FOCUS videos re: her near death experience. Since I’ve been thinking more lately about my angel/s and the Archangels I was fortunate to find this audio of a wonderful interview with Sondra just on this subject right after I read Mark’s spiritual reflection. Here is the link:


  35. Observer says:

    For those interested.
    Sondra Abrahams, whom Mark Mallett mentioned in his spiritual reflection today, speaks here about her near death experience and what she saw. I’ve spoken to Sondra and asked her about close family members who’ve died and where they were in purgatory. I was surprised about one because I expected something other than what she told me….and which gave me hope. So continue to have masses said for your loved ones.


  36. Andy H says:

    Fun story about the Hawthorn Tree. When I first heard about this remedy I was intrigued because my parents have always had 2 old Hawthorn trees by their driveway and they absolutely hate the tree because it is a very dirty tree and drops a lot of “junk” all over that they always have to clean up. So as I continue to research the tree last night I found out this wonderful stuff about the tree and can easily see why it would be considered the tree to heal.

    1. Some Christian writers are of opinion that the thorns with which our Divine Lord was crowned in the hall of Pilate were taken by the soldiers from a bramble bush, or from the hawthorn tree. Other able writers sustain that the crown of our Lord was formed of Red Sea bulrushes. [See A Lapide. com. in 27 St. Matt.] Both sides have authorities and facts in their favor.
    2. The Hawthorn is often referred to as “The Queen of May” hmmm, who else is the Queen of May or rather has an entire month devoted to her.
    3. Hawthorns often stand over holy wells, also traditional thresholds of the Otherworld, where pilgrims festoon them with ribbons, rags and other votive offerings. A sacred hawthorn hung over the St. Patrick’s Stone on an island in the River Shannon and filled its hollow with dew, which had great healing powers. St. Bridget’s Well in Cork also collected the dew from an ancient faery thorn above it.

    and finally this last piece of information made me nearly fall out of my chair.

    4. The Hawthorn Tree in Greek is called “Kratos” meaning hard for its hard wood. In German it is called “Hagedorn” meaning hedge thorn. My last name is Hagedorn.


  37. Caroline says:

    Charlie, what do you think about Ebola being in the US? Is this part of the storm or part of hell being unleashed?? Additionally, when I think about the chaos that is on the horizon, I think about my 4 children between the ages of 2 and 8 and can’t help but think about how traumatizing this storm will be. Any words of consolation on that? Thank you and God bless you!


    • charliej373 says:

      The column I am working on right now touches on this, Caroline. But as I write that, a couple of things for you to contemplate.

      First, what difference would it make on how you react depending upon whether it is part of the Storm or part of hell being unleashed?

      Second, we have so badly screwed everything up that if God did not ultimately intervene, this would be the end. How much more traumatizing it would be if God just left us alone. And how much more traumatizing to future generations of children if God did not intervene in a way that let us fully see how utterly incompetent we are when we insist on taking the wheel and driving things ourselves. I have consolation, but I fear giving it for far too often people relentlessly think I have some formula to offer by which we can escape this terrible trial.

      On the night before a great battle is upon a military unit, it would be very consoling for the captain, knowing that the battle was coming, to tell his men that all would be well and that the battle was going to pass them by. It would also result in most of them getting killed the next day. I am trying my best to keep people from getting killed in the battle that is upon us. I have five grandchildren, ranging from one to nine years old. I know the fear. In advance of the column I am writing, I ask you to take another look at The World Enters its Passion. I hope to have the new post up tonight.


      • Caroline says:

        I’ve seen both you and Janet ask that question of “What difference does it make?” You have referenced an army the night before going into battle. It’s really hard feeling like the battle begins tomorrow, over and over. My adrenaline is pumping, ready for battle, but if the real battle is still a few weeks away, I would love to rest a bit. I know I should be peaceful but it is hard on a very human level to feel that way. What I’m getting at is if the ebola outbreak isn’t part of the storm, then I can rest for a few moments before gearing up for the real battle. Does that make sense? I am only human. I struggle with anxiety and worry, constantly saying, “Jesus, I trust in You,” to keep me grounded. And I know it may not be my place to know if this outbreak is going to get worse here. There’s just SO. MUCH. disorder and chaos around us that I’d love to be able to look at ebola and not have to worry about THAT one. Thank you for your thoughtful response. God bless you!


        • Janet says:

          Blessings Caroline. If I may jump in here since you mentioned me by name… 🙂

          Something I have learned, the hard way, is to exit the present moment as little as possible. God exists in the present. That is the nature of eternity. It’s not a really, really long time, but an unending present moment–always as if you have just arrived–with all its wonder! That is why people refer to the “sacrament of the present moment”. It brings heaven to earth. So, when we worry about future events, we are exiting the presence of God. That is where the devil can get us and where he wants us away from God’s presence. He will do all he can to draw our thoughts into the unchangeable past or the unknowable future where he can torment us with regret or worry. We are called to live in God’s eternal present, here and now. That is the purpose of learning to trust.

          Wanting to know the future is our way of trying to exert some measure of control over things. But control is an illusion, a trick of the devil. That is why the prayer, “Jesus I trust in you,” is so important. God is in control and we need to trust in him more and more. Pray it till you mean it!!!

          So when Charlie says it doesn’t matter whether Ebola is part of the storm or not, it’s a “come what may, I’m trusting in the Lord” statement. Being ready for battle means praying and trusting more than doing. I hope this makes sense and helps you come to a place of peace.

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        • charliej373 says:

          Elegantly explained, Caroline. The way you put it helped me to feel a little of what you must be feeling. The Storm has already begun, and yes, ebola is part of it. Many trials are ahead. But even soldiers in the hottest part of a war zone have to rest sometime. You can’t constantly be on edge. That it has come does not mean it will come to you. Even if it does, what can you do until it gets there? This, I think, is a very good time to meditate on Reinhold Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer:

          God, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed,
          Courage to change the things which should be changed,
          and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

          Living one day at a time,
          Enjoying one moment at a time,
          Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
          Taking, as Jesus did, This sinful world as it is, Not as I would have it,
          Trusting that You will make all things right, If I surrender to Your will,
          So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
          And supremely happy with You forever in the next.

          Difficult things must come. Turning it over will help you, give you wisdom to deal with them as they come. I know it is hard not to worry – my sister struggles with it. But when you worry, most of the things you worry about do not come upon you – and you squander the time you could have had enjoying your family and friends in worry. Try to take each day as a genuine gift, to polish and cherish it as the glorious gem from God that it is. And you will be surprised at how well it prepares you to deal with difficult situations as they arise.

          For me, I figure those things that must come I will deal with when they reach me, but I’ll be dogged if I am going to run out to greet them before they even arrive.


        • Nancy says:

          Caroline, There is a beautiful prayer in the book of Esther, chapter 14. The whole chapter is called Esther’s prayer. It is an awesome address to God. The last line, the culmination of it all is this: “O God, whose might is over all, hear the voice of the despairing, and save us from the hands of evildoers. And save me from my fear!” I prayed it till I meant it. I am praying it now for you, too. God bless you.


        • Marti says:

          Nobody asked me, but if I can jump in here also and say something…Charlie, if you don’t want me to, please don’t approve it
          I didn’t always pray the prayer I do now, I have known a lot of fear. I now say to our Lord and our Lady, “Whatever you have to do, get me to heaven.” and I mean it. That WHATEVER is HUGE.
          Maybe I am desensitized, but I really do envy the dead. I thank God my prayer partner was taken when he was suffering so much with three different cancers. I pray our Lord has mercy and takes my father who has Alzheimer and my mother who is blind and deaf and terrified. But if he doesn’t, and they suffer along the way even more, my prayers will sustain them, because if I were to be put on this earth to do nothing more than that, it would be God’s Will. I have said to people, whats the worse thing that can happen? We die??? Nope, we are all going to die. The worse thing that can happen is to go to hell and to lose hope and to deny Christ and his Mother.
          I trained in pastoral care. Sudden senseless death is shocking and horrible to deal with. Its permanent. We are plunged into a pit of darkness we don’t know how to handle. We truly MUST believe in God’s control of our lives and His wisdom. Nothing would make sense without it. I’ve grieved the death of three children. Its HELL on earth. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I have lived through it however and been given hindsight into that dark valley of lost hope I was in as I go forward now. I have learned something valuable. I need to take that and help others walk that walk. Be at peace Caroline. God has a plan for your babies. Love them and cherish them and make memories to sustain you. Teach them by being hope and love.

          Liked by 1 person

  38. Andy H says:

    Laura, worrying does us no good because there is always something to worry about. You never know when disaster is going to strike. You never know when the phone will ring at 3 am or when you get devastating news about a love one. What I have learned with the sudden tragedies and pains that have come in my life is that worrying about them did nothing and when they did come and I new about them, no matter how prepared I thought I was, I could do nothing on my own. It is God and God alone that can help us when the tragedies come or the fear sets in. If we Trust in His Will then there is nothing to worry about. If we lose our loved ones the pain is ours because we are the ones left behind but they are in the arms of the Lord. I know it is easy to say but as a father who held his lifeless child in his arms, it was all that I could do for my own sanity to know that she was in heaven and how could I be angry with God for taking her home. After all she was His before me. Don’t fear or worry but just trust and submit knowing that great pain could come. We must be like Jesus right before he started His mission. He headed into the dessert with nothing but his clothes. He went to fast and pray and be tempted and put complete faith in His Father to help Him survive. He could of died of starvation, dehydration, a snake or scorpion, etc but that did not matter, He Trusted in the Will of the Father. If the Father wants to take us in the dessert or our loved ones, we have to be ok with that and trust in His plan, and submit to His will and know that what ever happens, happens because He wishes it to be that way for us. Once we can get to that point, then nothing else matters in the world good, bad or indifferent. Have great Trust and Faith Laura and God will never fail you!


  39. Observer says:

    Here is some wonderful advice from a Dutch Catholic priest (exorcist taught by Fr. Amorth) I had not heard of before today.

    In an email I just received there was listed a comment by Peter B who often gave reflections on the Mother of God site which comment mentioned this priest in connection to one of his favored Protestant “prophets”, Rick Joyner. Rick has reached out to this priest and included him in his ministry and whom he trusts very much. Peter had already mentioned Rick’s original youtube re: his prophetic dream (ISIS Coming to America). Today I saw that he also mentions a continuation to this original video: “The Warning Continued”:

    The original portion of this dream explained, which Peter B first mentioned, is here:

    Don’t know if this is appropriate for this discussion. Just going by the title of the thread: “Mallett – Hell Unleashed”. God bless.


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