Our Lady of America, The Immaculate One

Interior of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

Interior of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

Guest Column

(Dan Lynch retired as a lawyer in 1996 to devote himself full time to working to spread devotion to Our Lady of America; Jesus, King of All Nations; and Our Lady of Guadalupe. I have come to highly value his work, both in spreading the devotions and in his clear, compelling writing. Nineteen years ago tonight, on December 7, 1995, I received the pivotal visitation of my life. I will write in reference to it tomorrow. I completely support Lynch’s work – and was delighted that he offered to write this guest column to be published on this consequential day, the Eve of the Feast Day of Our Lady the Immaculate Conception – CJ)

By Dan Lynch

 On December 8, we celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, our national patroness. We celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary nine months before we celebrate her birthday on September 8. Many people confuse this feast with the Incarnation that is the conception of Jesus in Mary’s womb. The Immaculate Conception means that from the first moment of Mary’s conception, she was free from any stain of original sin.

St. John Paul II said, “The Dogma of the Immaculate Conception introduces us into the heart of the mystery of Creation and Redemption. (See Ephesians 1: 4-12; 3: 9-11). God wanted to give life in abundance to the human creature (see John 10:10), on the condition, however, that His initiative would be met by a free and loving response. Man tragically cut off vital dialogue with the Creator, refusing this gift with the disobedience that led to sin. To the ‘yes’ of God, source of the fullness of life, the ‘no’ of man was placed in opposition, motivated by proud self-sufficiency, harbinger of death.” (See Romans 5:19). (Pope John Paul II, Message for the 12th World Day of the Sick, February 1, 2004.)

The Immaculate Conception,” he continued, “introduces the harmonious interlacing between the ‘yes’ of God and the ‘yes’ that Mary pronounced without reserve when the angel brought the heavenly announcement (see Luke 1:38). Her ‘yes’ in the name of humanity reopened the doors of Heaven to the world, thanks to the Incarnation of the Word of God in her womb by the work of the Holy Spirit (see Luke 1:35). In this way, the original project of creation was restored and strengthened in Christ; the Virgin Mother also shares in this project.”

There is an old saying, “In Adam’s fall, we sinned all.” This means that all of humanity was involved in this closure towards God. So, as St. John Paul II said in his address, “In view of Christ’s merits, only Mary of Nazareth was conceived without original sin and was completely open to the divine design so that the Heavenly Father was able to accomplish in her the project that He had for mankind.” In Mary, God restored His original creative intent.

Pope Pius IX proclaimed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, 1854. In his Dogmatic Bull, Ineffabilis Deus, he affirmed that “the doctrine which holds that the most Blessed Virgin Mary, in the first instance of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege granted by Almighty God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the human race, was preserved free from all stain of original sin, is a doctrine revealed by God.” (DS, 2803). Only two years later, at Lourdes, France, the Blessed Virgin Mary told St. Bernadette in the native dialect, “Que soy era Immaculada Councepciou” – “I am the Immaculate Conception.”

America is consecrated to the Immaculate Conception. The Most Reverend John Carroll of Baltimore, America’s first Roman Catholic Bishop, consecrated the newly-created nation under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the title of the Immaculate Conception in 1792.

On May 13, 1846, the Bishops of the United States chose Mary, under the title of the Immaculate Conception, as the Patroness of our land. In 1847, Pope Pius IX granted their petition to recognize her under that title.


Our Lady of America

Our Lady of America



Our Lady of America

The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a young nun in the United States in several apparitions during the latter half of the 20th century. The nun’s name was Sister Mary Ephrem (later Mildred Neuzil). She was born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 2, 1916. In 1929, she entered the Sisters of the Precious Blood at Rome City, Indiana. In 1959, she became a Contemplative of the Indwelling Trinity in Fostoria, Ohio. In 1938, she began to have mystical experiences. Mary revealed to Sister Mildred her title of “Our Lady of America”, her image and her messages that continued until her death in her convent on January 10, 2000 at the age of 83.

On September 25, 1956, Our Lady of America said, “I am pleased, my children, with the love and honor my children in America give to me, especially through my glorious and unique privilege of the Immaculate Conception.” Sister Mildred wrote, “Then solemnly and distinctly, in calm yet majestic tones, I heard these words: “I am Our Lady of America. I desire that my children honor me, especially by the purity of their lives.”

Sr. Mildred Neuzil

Sr. Mildred Neuzil

On September 27, 1956, she said, “I am the Immaculate One, Patroness of your land. Be my faithful children as I have been your faithful Mother.”

On October 5, 1956, Sister Mildred said, “I felt suddenly urged to write a prayer to Our Lady, Patroness of Our Land.” You may click here to pray this prayer.

On October 13, 1956, the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC was still under construction. Our Lady appeared to Sister Mildred holding in her hands a small replica of the completed Shrine.  She said, “This is my shrine, my daughter. I am very pleased with it. Tell my children I thank them. Let them finish it quickly and make it a place of pilgrimage. It will be a place of wonders. I promise this.”

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

The Shrine was later completed and on November 20, 1959, it was dedicated, and the Bishops of the United States consecrated the country to the Immaculate Conception. On November 11, 2006, the United States Bishops’ re-consecrated the country to her at what is now the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

On November 15, 1956, Our Lady of America asked Sister Mildred to draw a picture of her first appearance and requested that a statue be made according to this likeness and that it be placed, after being solemnly carried in procession, in the Shrine.

Our Lady wishes to be honored there in a special way as “Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin.” Our Lady promised that the placement of her statue in the Shrine would be a safeguard for our country.

An artist created a life-sized statue, as Our Lady requested, based upon Sister Mildred’s description. In November 2006, I found myself in the unlikely position of driving my first truck and trailer. I hauled this statue without the help of a GPS to the United States Bishops’ Conference in Baltimore, Maryland from Indiana, over the mountains and rivers and through the valleys into the heart of downtown Baltimore. There I got lost down a narrow one-way street in which I had to make a near miraculous U-turn and find my way out to the Conference hotel.

I helped a few other promoters of the devotion to Our Lady of America and together we set up and displayed her statue in the Bishops’ Concelebrated Mass Room where it remained for the duration of the conference.

Dan Lynch

Dan Lynch

Archbishop (now Cardinal) Raymond Burke requested the display of this statue at the conference for the benefit of all of the bishops. On November 15, 2006, Archbishop Burke blessed this new statue. I was curious whether this date had any special significance. So, I re-read Our Lady’s messages and discovered that this blessing providentially occurred precisely on the 50th anniversary of her request that her statue be placed and honored in the Shrine.

Archbishop Burke, a world-renowned Canon lawyer, wrote to all of the United States bishops on May 31, 2007 and stated that that the devotion to Our Lady of America was canonically approved. Click here to see Cardinal Burke’s letter.

There were high hopes that several bishops would process this statue into the National Shrine during the 2014 Bishops’ Conference in November. Sadly, this did not happen.

A promoter of the devotion was present at the conference and tried to persuade these bishops to process the statue, but they did not. Some were interested, but not enough to make it happen.
The Practice of the Devotion

Cardinal Burke said, “I think it is a very beautiful devotion and especially fitting for our time. Our Lady’s message on the living of the Holy Trinity within us, and its manifestation in the purity of the young is so much needed in our culture, today.”

The elements of the devotion to Our Lady of America are the image; the statue; the medal; purity and the Divine Indwelling; the prayers and honoring St. Joseph. She gave us the tools to practice the devotion by displaying, honoring and venerating the image or statue; wearing the medal with great devotion; practicing the virtue of purity; praying the prayers, especially the family Rosary; honoring St. Joseph, especially on First Wednesdays and by practicing her own personal spirituality of The Divine Indwelling. Our Lady of America called herself the “Tabernacle of the Divine Indwelling.”

Our Lady of America revealed the ejaculation to be struck on her medal, “By thy holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil.” If we practice the devotion to Our Lady of America, she promises us peace and her protection.

Our Lady of America entrusted a mission to America. She asked us to practice the virtue of purity and to further the cause of faith and purity among people and nations. She revealed that the youth of America are challenged to be the leaders of a movement of renewal on the face of the earth.


On September 26, 1956, Our Lady appeared to Sister Mildred and called her children in America to dedicate their lives to her purity. She said,

My child, I entrust you with this message that you must make known to my children in America. I wish it to be the country dedicated to my purity. The wonders I will work will be the wonders of the soul. They must have faith and believe firmly in my love for them. I desire that they be the children of my Pure Heart. I desire, through my children in America, to further the cause of faith and purity among peoples and nations. Let them come with confidence and simplicity, and I, their Mother, will teach them to become pure like to my Heart that their own hearts may be more pleasing to the Heart of my Son.

She entrusted Sister, as she said, with “this message that you must make known to my children in America… to further the cause of faith and purity among people and nations”, especially through its youth.

She revealed that the youth of America are challenged to be the leaders of this movement of renewal on the face of the earth and that they must be prepared for it by instilling in them the knowledge and study of the Divine Indwelling so that the Divine Presence becomes an intimate and necessary part of their life and daily living. Those who are willing wholeheartedly to follow her in her great battle against evil will bear the special title of “Torchbearers of the Queen,” bearing the torch of Divine Love that will conquer hate.

So what are we to do? How can we support this “movement of renewal on the face of the earth” and finalize the solemn procession and display of the statue of Our Lady of America in our National Shrine?

I believe that our bishops want to be convinced that the devotion to Our Lady of America is a part of the popular piety of Americans. They want to see a great force of popular support for this devotion.

In January 1957, Our Lady of America told Sister Mildred to tell her spiritual director to send this message:

Hurry, my son, for the time is short but the punishment will be long, and for many, forever.

Tell the Bishops of the United States, my loyal sons, of my desires and how I wish them to be carried out. Through him who is head over you, make known  the longings of my Immaculate Heart to establish the reign of my Divine Son in the hearts of men and thus save them from the scourge of heaven, both now and hereafter.

Our Lady, again addressing herself to Sister, spoke sadly yet hopefully,

My daughter, will my children in America listen to my pleadings and console my Immaculate Heart? Will my loyal sons carry out my desires and thus help me bring the peace of Christ once again to mankind?

Pray and do penance, my sweet child, that this may come to pass. Trust me and love me; I so desire it. Do not forget your poor Mother, who weeps over the loss of so many of her children.
So, we need to work and pray harder that our bishops will believe Our Lady’s requests and act upon them.

This is what we need to do:

  • Pray the Novena to Our Lady of America for True Change and Hope for America.
  • Sign the Petition for the Solemn Procession and Placement of the Statue of Our Lady of America in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.
  • Send your Bishop a personal letter and ask him to promote the Devotion in your diocese and with his brother bishops to respond to Our Lady’s requests.
    Click here to see a sample letter for your use.
  • Practice the Devotion.
  • Practice personal purity in your mind, your heart and your body, especially sexual purity.
  • Practice the Blessed Virgin Mary’s personal spirituality of the Divine Indwelling.
  • Wear her medal.
  • Install her image in your own home for its safeguard.
  • Host a Visitation of the Image of Our Lady of America.
  • Please pray for us and support our Apostolate.

Our failure to practice the virtue of purity, as desired by Our Lady of America, caused what St. John Paul II called our “Culture of Death” and resulted in the practice of fornication, adultery, contraception, abortion, infanticide, suicide and the death of the family, our economy and our culture.

Now, at a time when we are faced with the dangers of untold terror, violence and war, riots and civil unrest, the use of nuclear weapons by rogue regimes, worldwide persecution of Christians, economic devastation and the plague of Ebola, Our Lady’s requests are most urgent and beg your attention!

We must practice the virtue of purity and the statue of the Queen of Our Country must be solemnly processed and displayed in our National Shrine to be a safeguard for our country.

We just can’t wait for this to happen. We need to practice the devotion ourselves and not point our fingers at the bishops to solemnly process and display her statue. We need to respond to Our Lady’s requests for purity: purity of mind, of heart, and of body.

Our Lady of Fatima revealed that there are many souls in hell because of their impurity and sins of the flesh. We need to examine the acts of our bodies.  Are we committing fornication? Are we committing adultery? Are we committing contraception? Are we addicted to pornography? Have we committed unrepentant sterilization or abortion? If so, we need to repent and accept God’s mercy in the sacrament of Confession with a firm purpose of amendment.

We need to examine the purity of our thoughts. Are they filled with lust? We also need to examine the purity of our hearts. Do we act only out of our own self-interest or for the best interest of others?

Our Lady of America warned us in January 1957,

The hour grows late. My Son’s patience will not last forever. Help me hold back His anger, which is about to descend on sinful and ungrateful men. Suffering and anguish, such as never before experienced, is about to overtake mankind. It is the darkest hour. But if men will come to me, my Immaculate Heart will make it bright again with the mercy which my Son will rain down through my hands. Help me save those who will not save themselves. Help me bring once again the sunshine of God’s peace upon the world.

Let us dry her tears and respond to her requests! She pleaded,

Behold, O my children, the tears of your Mother! Shall I weep in vain? Assuage the sorrow of my Heart over the ingratitude of sinful men by the love and chasteness of your lives. Will you do this for me, beloved children, or will you allow your Mother to weep in vain? I come to you, O children of America, as a last resort. I plead with you to listen to my voice. Cleanse your souls in the Precious Blood of My Son. Live in His Heart, and take me in that I may teach you to live in great purity of heart which is so pleasing to God. Be my army of chaste soldiers, ready to fight to the death to preserve the purity of your souls. I am the Immaculate One, Patroness of your land. Be my faithful children as I have been your faithful Mother. (Our Lady of America, September 27, 1956).

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About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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75 Responses to Our Lady of America, The Immaculate One

  1. ellenchris says:

    The word used in the Greek text of the Gospel of Luke when Holy Archangel Gabriel greets our Lady is, “kecharitoumene” (ke-KAR-it-oo-men-ee). The forms and endings in this word indicate: “you were until now and continue to be overflowing with the Grace of the Holy Spirit.” Hail, Kecharitoumene!” So what the Scripture is saying here is that *before* the archangel arrived, Our Lady was already overflowing with God’s Grace. The only way that this could work out would be for her to be completely free from the effects of original sin, but also free from chosen personal sin. This is not a doctrine invented later — this is what Holy Scripture actually says. So objections to this dogma are actually denying Scripture. This should be convincing even to the most Bible-believing protestants. Everywhere else that forms of the root word, “*charis* is used in Scripture, it means, Grace or power of the Holy Spirit. It was Erasmus who first translated kecharitoumene as “favor” which has much less impact. There is only one other place in the New Testament (which I can’t quite locate at the moment) in which kecharitoumene is used, and it refers directly to Our Lord.

    It was the Franciscans who always championed the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception long before it was proclaimed by the Church. I totally believe it is true. She is the new Eve, and the Mother of the human race. Much Joy and many blessings on this Great Feast Day!!

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    • SteveBC says:

      EllenChris, thank you for this comment. Now if you and Dan Lynch can give me a hand here, my immense degree of confusion may diminish! 🙂

      At no time during my Catholic childhood was it explained to me that it was Mary who was conceived Immaculately. I always thought it was Jesus who was so conceived. After all, how could God ever be subject to original sin?

      I was also under the impression that it was Jesus’s death on the Cross which opened up the avenue back to God for the rest of us.

      I thought that the “rule” was that everyone born of Adam and Eve was conceived in original sin, except for Jesus, who was God. A notable but entirely reasonable exception, it seems to me.

      Yet now I find that God made another exception to the “rule” by protecting Mary.

      On the one hand that seems to me to be cheating. An unnecessary one, in fact, since God by His nature is an exception and should be an exception whether Mary was immaculately conceived or normally conceived.

      On the other hand it makes me wonder why God doesn’t make an exception for others. If the “rule” isn’t really a rule but can be broken when God chooses, why doesn’t he choose to make more exceptions? Why don’t we see other holy people excepted, so they can also bring God to us in their own way? Or have there been others I just don’t know about?

      Why create an exception that isn’t needed, or why not create other exceptions after the first when such would be likely to be very needed?


      • charliej373 says:

        Steve, I’m going to jump in first. No exception was needed for Jesus. He is God, the Eternal Son, who chose to take on our humanity in time. There was NO possibility of sin ever attaching to God in the first place. Mary was the vessel who would contain God as He grew in her womb. It is altogether fitting and proper that a special vessel should be prepared specially to contain such a Treasure. This was not a random, “Oh, cool, Mary, you’re good – I’m going to do you a solid.” She was chosen from eternity to fully bring God to man in Full Humanity. It is unrepeatable, though if God ever chose to do so, I have no doubt He would prepare the vessel by which He did so in the same way.

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        • SteveBC says:

          Sure, Charlie, I’m happy to have you jump in, and “do you a solid” really had me grinning!

          So my original assumption that Jesus didn’t need a pure vessel was accurate, right? Mary could have been just like the rest of us and all would have come out the same way as it did for Jesus and thus for the rest of us.

          If that’s an accurate understanding, then I can see why keeping Mary pure from original sin wasn’t cheating on the rule in order to get Jesus to be born, as I was concerned about above in my “on the one hand”. God could have come into the world as Jesus with either condition so Mary’s protection from original sin changed nothing related to Jesus. That’s oddly reassuring to me.

          Yet God did protect Mary from original sin. To put it in crassly material images, I like driving around in a shiny new car but any set of working wheels will get me to my destination, and God made everything about Jesus humble. Mary as vessel didn’t need to be protected from original sin for Jesus’s sake. So why was she?

          I know God works in ways I don’t understand, but I would assume He didn’t protect Mary on a whim, just to have a perfect Vessel He didn’t need. He had to have a reason (at least one, I should say). If it was a uniquely necessary reason, then I can see how that would answer my “on the other hand” above and show why nobody else in history has been treated the same way. In other words, it would mean we only have ever needed one Mary. More would be superfluous.

          What’s that uniquely necessary reason?


          • charliej373 says:

            I am going to answer you from the perspective of my experiences with eternity, Steve. We are blind as moles here. What is glorious and majestic in eternity often looks mundane and uninteresting here. Yet what looks glorious here is revealed for the cheap paper and paste it is from the perspective of eternity. That sometimes creates some confusion as I speak from my glimpses from the eternal perspective and people I speak to only see grey, ordinary things of it.

            But, in eternity, everything IS properly ordered and suited to its purpose. Somehow, I think it amuses God that we are so blind that we do not see what is truly majestic and are so easily impressed with what is transient and cheap. Yet everything in eternity is suited to its proper purpose. It is unimaginable that God would come Himself and NOT have a vessel prepared suited to His majesty. Yet it also pleased Him that we should be blind to it. Mary appeared like other women to us. It was to the heavenly host that her splendor was apparent from the first moment. For us, we have come to understand it better over centuries and millennia. On the other hand, if I have a long enough visitation, I am wiped out for days. I think sin makes us fragile here. A fragile vessel might not be able to bear nine months of such intimate contact with the Holy of Holies. That last is mere supposition on my part – but informed supposition.

            So the bottom line is that I do not know that it was uniquely necessary – but do know it was uniquely appropriate. And in eternity, everything is always fully suited to its proper purpose.

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        • Mary A says:

          I also think that since Christ’s flesh was formed of Mary (she was more than a vesse, if he is a true son of Adam and David), it was a requirement of his holiness that that flesh be never touched by sin. Protestants often believe that Jesus human flesh was a whole new construct, which would not require Mary to be free from original sin.

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      • ellenchris says:

        Hi, Steve. St. Paul tells us in Ephesians that we are saved by *Grace* *through* Faith. We are NOT saved by our own Faith but by the sovereign Grace of God. If our own Faith saved us, then it would also essentially be another work of our own. God’s Grace is sovereign and undeserved. Nowhere is this Truth more apparent than in the immaculate conception of Our Lady, St. Mary. Without any effort or work of her own, God sovereignly chose to save her by His Grace. Since all Grace comes through the Redemption of Jesus Christ, His Mother’s salvation was, in a sense, anticipated. That is, God began His own work of Redemption and Grace by preserving Mary from the effects of sin as part of His new Re-Creation of the world in and through Jesus Christ, God’s Son and hers. At the coming of Jesus, the world was profoundly changed to be set free from the law of sin-and-death. This Re-Creation and new Law of Grace begins with the creation of the Mother of the Son of God. So, She is truly the new Eve as Jesus Christ is the “New Adam” Who restores humanity as God/man — as explained in Hebrews.

        Catechesis in the Roman Catholic and other Christian Churches in the 20th Century degenerated horribly. It is no surprise that you and others were not taught about the real meaning of such doctrines as the Immaculate Conception. Popular misconceptions about a lot of the Christian Faith were allowed to be substituted for the real thing. The genuine explanation of the meaning of St. Mary’s immaculate conception was there, it just wasn’t properly explained to most people.

        This is not cheating; God does not cheat. What He did for Our Lady was an integral part of His own plan of Salvation. And yeah — what Charlie said, also. The seamless elegance of God’s plan, and Our Lady’s Role and place in it, shows the sovereignty of God’s Grace in His own Redemptive work. For the rest of us, we receive the effects of that Grace in the proper places and roles which God gives us. She freely chose to cooperate with His Grace according to His Holy Will for her. It is our challenge to accept His Grace as He gives it to us and calls us to respond in our own lives.

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        • SteveBC says:

          Thank you, EllenChris. I saw your comment after I submitted the above comment to Charlie.

          So the uniquely necessary reason was to provide an example of what Christ’s life and death would give to all of us if we let it so happen?

          Obviously, Mary is instrumentally important in our day, appearing to people in her role as Mother, and that is perhaps assisted by the fact that she is that example of that pure condition. Although I would have to say that her already-purified state makes it hard sometimes for me to relate.

          However, I want to be sure I have this clearly understood. God protected her from original sin first and foremost as an example? An anticipatory example of what could be once Jesus had completed his mission? An ongoing example of what we could be now that Jesus has completed his mission and if we choose to cooperate with God’s Grace ourselves?


          • Barbara Dore says:


            It is sometimes asked why Our Lady asked for Communions of reparation on five first Saturdays, instead of some other number. Our Blessed Lord answered that question when He appeared to Sr. Lucia May 29, 1930. He explained that it was because of five kinds of offenses and blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, namely: blasphemies against her Immaculate Conception, against her perpetual virginity, against the divine and spiritual maternity of Mary, blasphemies involving the rejection and dishonoring of her images, and the neglect of implanting in the hearts of children a knowledge and love of this Immaculate Mother.

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          • ellenchris says:

            I also wrote my comment before seeing your further discussion with Charlie.

            It is a very tricky thing to talk about “necessity” when we are talking about the things that God does. In a real sense, it is not “necessary” to God to do any particular thing because being God, He wills what He wills. To ask the question, “So, why did He will the Immaculate Conception?” does not mean that we can completely fathom God’s purposes because, as Charlie said, our perspective is so limited that we are mostly blind to the realm of what God is doing. God does things the way God does things because He knows and sees Reality in ways that we can’t. Probably the best perspective on this is what others have already said here: In order to carry and give birth to and be a mother to Jesus, Our Lady St. Mary needed the purity and strength of her Immaculate Conception — it was necessary not so much to God but for her own life and mission.

            Please let me add something here: Dan Lynch’s article is masterful and very thorough. I made my two postings above NOT to add anything to it, but to try to give access to the whole question to the people who object to the doctrine as being “un-Biblical.” That is the primary problem that our more “Reformed” brethren have with this. I was not trying to somehow “improve” what Dan Lynch wrote, but to get a jump on those who try to say, “But it isn’t in the Bible.” Well, yeah — it is there.

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          • charliej373 says:

            Ellen, I count on many of the commenters here to add light to whatever is being discussed, by highlighting it from different perspectives and angles, to emphasize perhaps a particular facet of it. Your erudition always adds light to the discussion. Thank you.

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          • Mick says:

            Steve, Barbara beat me to it, by recommending that you read Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda. When you said that you had trouble relating to Mary, I totally got it because that is exactly where I was in 1997. I didn’t view Mary as approachable or “real.” Then I read Mystical City of God (well, actually the one-volume abridgment of the 4-volume original) . It really changed my life and changed the entire way in which I viewed the Blessed Mother. That book helped me realize that Mary went through and experienced every single thing that we do–except sin. She had her joys, her humorous experiences, her sorrows, her worries, her hardships, her frustrations, her questions, her misunderstandings, the deaths of loved ones (including her wonderful parents, her dear husband, and her sinless Son). In short, she lived the same human experience that you and I live, except she was never touched by original or actual sin. And it was Mystical City of God which brought all of this home to me.

            Regarding the “necessity” or the “appropriateness” of the Immaculate Conception, Here is one of the ways I was taught to think about it: Mary, as the true Ark of the Covenant, had to be even more perfect than the ark of the covenant which the Hebrews built in the Old Testament. The ark was beautiful, pure, spotless, flawless, built according to God’s exact specifications, and held within it the word of God (the stone tablets on which God wrote the Ten Commandments) and the bread from heaven (manna). But as incredible as it was, the ark was only a type, forerunner, and shadow of Mary, the true Ark. Mary was beautiful, pure, spotless, flawless, built according to God’s exact specifications, and held within herself the Word of God who was also the Bread of Heaven. So, as Charlie said, I am not certain whether the Immaculate Conception was an absolute necessity; but, absolutely fitting and appropriate? Darn skippy! 🙂

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      • Connie says:

        Please correct me someone, if I am wrong. Adam and Eve were also without sin also, and then both chose to be disobedient to God, introducing the first sin. After this, all mankind thereafter was born with original sin. Jesus is the new Adam, and as God, He also is without sin, but as Charlie says, Jesus, Our God had to be conceived through the womb in a spotless (Immaculate) vessel. That is only thus right and true and just. But also Mary comes as the new Eve, so she was also conceived without sin, BUT she chose never to sin, unlike the first Eve.

        So, to answer your question, Steve, “Why create an exception that isn’t needed, or why not create other exceptions after the first when such would be likely to be very needed?” After Mary being conceived without original sin, God was able to come forth in a pure vessel and a new Eve came to humanity as an example for us all. God gave us the new Adam and new Eve to be what He had willed the first Adam and Eve to be. So the “exception” was very much needed and no other exceptions were needed thereafter as Jesus, both human and Divine obeyed the Father perfectly and Mary, the creature conceived without sin also obeyed the Father perfectly.

        I believe that is why the evil one hates Mary so, because she was the first human who in her holiness and complete obedience to the Will of the Father kept the nobility of humanity which God willed for humanity to be in part as being made in His image. When the devil can succeed in enticing us to sin we as humans are debased in a way that makes us more like in the image of an animal. The devil, in his pride, did not want to worship a human. Jesus, being human and God, was what all creation would bow down to, including the devil. And because God wants all to honor His Mother, the devil also hates Mary for this.

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      • Echoing Connie’s comment (below) I would like to call your attention to a few things pertaining to Mary of Nazareth. Connie pointed at the necessity that two perfect human beings should collaborate in mankind’s salvation because two human beings (our parents Adam & Eve) got us in this sinful mess. Scripture gives us hints of the order of Heaven if we read it and carefully meditate it in prayer. Something that often appears in Scripture are certain theological models that I –in my ignorance and for lack of a better term– call “bookends” or “counterpoints.” What jumps at us when considering Adam & Eve, Jesus & Mary is this:

        Eve listened to a bad angel and sin entered the world. In the Annunciation, Mary of Nazareth listens to an angel of God, and as a result salvation enters the world. Most important is to observe that the bad angel made Eve envy God’s position. Subtly she was seduced to join in the sin of Lucifer who envied God and wanted to “make himself like the Most High.” When God decided to fix that terrible offense he arranged history in such a way that it would lead mankind to an exact reversal of that original sinful action. Jump centuries ahead to Calvary and there is Mary, as perfect as Eve. There hanging on the Cross is her Son. Mary then perfectly does what any mother does when one of her children is suffering: she desires her Son’s suffering for herself. That is the “counterpoint” to Eve’s foolish envy. Two trees: the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the Cross. Curiously enough in Greek they are both translated using the same word “xylon” (tree, stake, trunk.)

        God the Father is light, and so is Christ. In the Creed we express it as “Lumen de Lumine” Light of Light. Many have seen in Christ’s life the perfect expression of the solar myths so common to all the peoples of antiquity. In the words of C. S. Lewis “a myth that really happened once.” So Lucifer envied the light of the Father but — what is the counterpoint to that divine light? Through the desire of the Mother of Sorrows we find that what Christ is radiating from the Cross is His suffering. That suffering will give life to the world just like the sun gives life to everything on earth. Mary is there to “envy” the suffering of the Cross with the purest of motives: the maternal love for her Son. Many saints have tried to reach that kind of perfection but no one ever will take the Cross of Christ as Mary did.

        When considering these things one can easily see that Mary could not have been just like anyone. She had to have an insuperable degree of human perfection because though her actions angels were judged, and obedient humans were saved. That is why –this is my personal opinion– I call Mary my co-redemptive Mother working mysteriously with Jesus to give me a family in Heaven that one day –if it is God’s will– will cleanse me of all sin and receive me as a son, finally at home in the Garden of God.

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        • joanp62 says:

          If I may also put in my two worthless cents. I have also heard that Lucifer didn’t envy God so much as he hated that God intended to create matter (since before creation all was spirit) and make human beings with immortal souls, in the image and likeness of God. To Lucifer, material matter and people, were beneath the Glory of God and of the angels, and on top of that, being outside of time and space, he knew God would eventually- horror of horrors- take on human flesh Himself!! That and the Immaculate Conception who would also become the Queen of Angels, what? a mere human?, and old Lucifer went into a tailspin to you know where.

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      • Barbara Dore says:

        St Anne was the chosen one to carry the immaculate child. Read the books named “The Mystical City of God”. You will understand everything if you read this amazing book. It is about Holy Mary’s mystical life, secret life. She is no ordinary lady. She has all the powers that Eve lost after eating an apple. Sr Mary of Agreda’s body is still not corrupt even although she died many hundred years ago. It is highly recommended to read and it will increase our love for Our Lady of America and Our Lady of All nations

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    • the phoenix says:

      I appreciate the Greek lesson, translation, and explanation here, ellenchris! To have such clear Biblical evidence for the reason why we say “Hail Mary” and for the Immaculate Conception is so important.

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    • SteveBC says:

      Wow, what a great amount of help you all have given me. Many thanks to Charlie, EllenChris, MaryA, Barbara Dore, Mick, Connie, joanp62, and Carlos.

      You’ve given me much to think about, and I very much appreciate the time and thought and care in your comments.

      Thank you! 🙂

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      • Mack says:

        One other thing to note is that Mary was redeemed too, but in a more excellent way, by being preserved from sin through the foreseen merits of Jesus Christ. Also, Pope John Paul wrote in his encyclical “Mother of the Redeemer” that the New Covenant began with Mary. Abraham was our father in faith in the Old Covenant, but Mary is our mother in faith in the New Covenant. Because of that, it is especially appropriate that she was conceived without sin because the New Covenant established by Jesus is a kingdom of light, holiness, and grace.

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    • Joseph says:

      Thank you for the beautiful post on our beloved Mother Mary. Please allow me to expand in more detail the greeting of Archangel Gabriel to her as Kecharitomene. This translation of Kecharitomene is taken from the Analytical Greek :Lexicon, Moulton, Joseph H. Thayer, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, 1977. Kecharitomene is translated from the Koine Greek of St. Luke’s Gospel as Archangel Gabriel’s greeting to the Virgin Mary and supports the proclamation of the Catholic Church, Blessed Virgin Mary is the Immaculate Conception. It is translated thus:
      THE GREEK ANGELIC GREETING: Kaire Kecharitomene. Blessed Virgin Mary is greeted with a new name: Kecharitomene New Testament Greek: Luke 1:28 “kaire kecharitomene”
      kaire: hail, rejoice, greetings [hello]
      kecharitomene: [you who] have been filled with grace
      have been made charming
      have been made graceful
      have been made lovely
      have been made agreeable
      have been pursued with grace
      have been compassed with favor
      have been honored with blessings

      From the verb: charitoo, a rare verb, used only two times in the NT.
      (Luke 1.28: kecharitomene and Eph 1.6: echaritosen)
      (1)to make graceful, i.e., charming, lovely, agreeable
      (2)to pursue with grace, compass with favor, to honor
      with blessings

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  2. Well done Dan. This is extremely important to America! We all must get out of our comfort zones and do what Heaven is asking. May God bless your work in every way!

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  3. D Shea says:

    Since you guys have convinced me to modify the “Hail Mary to include the “Flame of Love amendment”, I must “confess” that I modified my “Hail Mary” 6/7 years ago (for, ever more, obvious reasons) thusly: “… Holy Mary, Mother of God and Patroness of the USA, pray for the USA and pray for us sinners … ” 😉

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  4. the phoenix says:

    “There were high hopes that several bishops would process this statue into the National Shrine during the 2014 Bishops’ Conference in November. Sadly, this did not happen.

    “A promoter of the devotion was present at the conference and tried to persuade these bishops to process the statue, but they did not. Some were interested, but not enough to make it happen.”

    Okay, I have to ask because I really don’t get it. Why might some bishops be opposed to processing a statue of Mary into the National Shrine? Why would they not be interested? Is it a matter of politics? A lack of caring? Or is it a matter of prudent caution? It seems like such a simple thing to do, and such a simple thing to agree on. Maybe I’m just naive? Or else I’m missing something?

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    • charliej373 says:

      Understand, Phoenix, I support this devotion fully. But in fairness to the Bishops, if they approved every application that came up, the Churches would be so full of statues there would be no room for worshippers. They have the duty to be both prudent and open. If they do their very best, occasionally something inappropriate will get through – and occasionally something of great value will be delayed.

      When I did statewide campaigns, we constantly got proposals from people with sure-fire schemes. I was the last line in and made the final decisions. Of every 50 that came in, only one maybe had some value. Half of them were pure crackpot nonsense. Fifteen were scams or attempted hustles. Usually nine were done by sincere people, but were hopelessly naieve, ill-conceived, or mundane boilerplate that they thought was inspired. If we seriously investigated every one, the campaign would have died on the vine, lost in the multitude of schemes. I know that I sometimes tried something that was worthless…I’m sure I passed on some that had merit. But you have to make decisions. If they are wrong, you pray you have time to correct them. If you don’t make those decisions, though, you will be forever stuck in the mud. So I have plenty of sympathy with the Bishops on this matter – and think, also, that the fortitude and persistence of solid people like Dan is part of the process of effective discernment for authorities. Unlike politics, in the end, God always gets it right.

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      • Gary says:

        All you say is true Charlie, and it is also true that many of these same clerics do not want to be reminded that they did not preach purity in thought and in action.They did not preach about the evils of contraception and they do not want to be reminded of the main message
        of Our Lady of America: PURITY.

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        • Patricia says:

          And to add to your list of reasons Gary, some of them might not be in the state of grace that would allow them to make a right decision. The sex abuse did not take place without the knowledge of, in some cases participation of ,the higher ups. Not a nice thought but it is what comes to mind.


  5. Gary says:

    Most beautiful expression of love for our Lady Queen of Heaven
    Mundy: Vox Patris Caelestis sung by the Talis Scholars

    Vox Patris caelestis
    ad sacram virginem Mariam,
    filii eius genitricem,
    in eius migratione a corpore mortali
    in his verbis prorumpens:
    tota pulchra es, amica mea,
    mihi amabilissima Annae prolis
    virgo sacratissima Maria,
    et macula ab ineunte conceptionis tuae
    instanti vel usquam non est in te.

    The voice of the heavenly Father
    to the holy virgin Mary,
    the mother of his son,
    as she was translated from her mortal body,
    broke forth in these words:
    ‘All lovely are you, my love,
    child of Anne most dear to me,
    Mary, virgin most holy,
    and from the moment of your conception
    never has spot or stain been found in you.

    Favus distillans labia tua
    ex corde purissimo verba mira
    dulcedinis spiritualis gratia.
    Iam enim hiems terreni frigoris
    et miseria transit;
    flores aeternae felicitatis
    et salutis mecum tibi ab aeterna praeparate
    olfacere et sentire apparuerunt.

    ‘Your lips are as a honeycomb,
    distilling from your more pure heart
    words wonderful in spiritual sweetness.
    Lo, now the winter of earthly cold
    and wretchedness is past;
    flowers of eternal bliss and happiness which
    have awaited you here with me from everlasting
    now appear, beautiful of sight and scent.

    Vineae florentes odorem caelestis
    ambrosianae dulcedinis dederunt;
    et vox turturis, quae mea tui dilectissimi
    amatoris sola est exoptatio te amplecti,
    audita est in terra nostra tali sonnante gratia.

    ‘The fruitful vines give their perfume
    of ambrosia, heavenly in sweetness,
    and the voice of the turtle dove, the song of
    your dearest lover’s only desire to embrace
    you, is heard in our land with graceful notes.

    Surge, propera, amica mea,
    columba mea, formosa mea,
    de terra longinqua miseriis plena,
    et veni in terram quam monstravero tibi.

    ‘Arise and make haste my beloved,
    my dove, my fair one,
    from that far land full of sorrow,
    and come to this land which I will show you.

    Veni de corpore mortali, et induante,
    mea corcula, vestitu deaurato
    circumdata varietate caelestis gloriae.

    ‘Come forth from your mortal body,
    clothed in raiment of gold, my dear-heart,
    surrounded by the rainbow of heavenly glory.

    Veni ad me, dilectissimum amatorem tuum,
    prae omnibus adamata,
    et ponam in te thronum meum
    quia concupivi speciem tuam.

    ‘Come to me, your most dear lover,
    for I have loved you above all others,
    and I will bestow upon you my kingdom,
    for I have long desired your beauty.

    Veni de Libano monte mundano quamquam
    altissimo humanae contemplationis,
    ad montem Sion, ubi innocentes
    manibus et corde ascendere deberent.

    ‘Come from that earthly mount Lebanon,
    be it ever so lofty in human contemplation,
    to the mount Sion, whither the pure
    hand and heart must ever ascend.

    Veni ad me, Assuerum verum, Esther,
    mea nobilissima, pro populo tuo oratura
    mecum in aeternum manere et delectare.
    Te omnes caeli cives summo desiderio exoptant videre.

    ‘Come to me, your true Ahasuerus, my Esther,
    my most high-born, to pray for your people
    and ever to stay and take your delight with me.
    ‘All the hosts of heaven with great desire are
    longing to look upon you.

    Veni, veni, veni:
    caelesti gloria coronaberis.

    Come, come, come:
    be crowned with heavenly glory.’

    after Song of Songs

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  6. Barbara Dore says:

    Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I thank you for giving us a most wonderful creature, Holy Mary to be our mother. I ask pardon for those who forget to thank you or never thought to thank you. Amen

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    • Bonnie C says:

      Right after I began using the very first Hail Mary bead on the Rosary to thank the Most Holy Trinity for the gift of the Blessed Virgin Mary to mankind, my “charismatic” prayer group leader spoke “in the Holy Spirit” of Our Lady’s pleasure in thanking God for her. It was a surprising affirmation and also built my trust and confidence in knowing that she is truly present when I pray, and that my prayer group leader is for real. It is right to give Him thanks and praise! Amen.

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  7. malachi99 says:

    Hail, full of grace. That is who our Mother is. Like her divine son her identity is perfectly expressed in the title declared unto her by the angel.

    Happy feast day everyone.

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  8. Observer says:

    And if you would like to add another most important ingredient to the “recipe” being discussed here there is also the established innocence/perfection of the chosen Joseph but in a slightly different way….according to the messages given to the humble, holy vessel of reception for heaven’s choice in this devotion. From the original and authentic source which contains the complete deposit of all messages that were given…including prayers, without any deletions….with the explanation of the pure intention of heaven for developing the devotion first and foremost through the heartfelt understanding of the devotees and their own roles of turning back to purity themselves:


    It was the opinion of many of the doctors of the Church that there would have been no suitable spouse for Mary or one who could understand her great mission unless God prepared one for her who would be given all the necessary grace to share in it with her with a great mission of his own.

    ………Mary and Joseph, by these singular privileges and exalted vocations are in a class by themselves. Church Fathers speak of Mary and Joseph being part of the order of the Hypostatic Union because of their intimate involvement with Jesus in the hypostatic union of His human nature with His divine nature and person as the God-man. These three are the trinity on earth, the Holy Family. Since God chose to create man as family, He must redeem man as family, and sanctify us as His family, the Church. Thus the Redeemer needed to be rooted in a human family with a mother and a father. We see in the message of Our Lady of America© that Joseph identifies himself as sharing in the redemptive mission of Jesus and Mary, true to his participation in this order of the Hypostatic Union.

    “My heart suffered with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Mine was the silent suffering, for it was my special vocation to hide and shield, as long as God willed, the Virgin Mother and Son from the malice and hatred of men.

    The most painful of my sorrows was that I knew beforehand of their passion, yet would not be there to console them. Their suffering was ever present to me and became my daily cross. I became, in union with my holy spouse, co-redemptor of the human race. Through compassion for the sufferings of Jesus and Mary I co-operated, as no other, in the salvation of the world.” (Diary, Pg. 13.)


    Joseph, because he was to be the putative, the legal father of Jesus according to Jewish law, was likewise favored with a singular privilege similar to but lesser than Mary’s in deference to her greater role and greater privilege. His privilege was being cleansed from original sin and its effects the moment after his conception. With this cleansing came also an infusion of grace in an abundance only exceeded by the fullness of grace that Mary knew. He spoke of this great grace to Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil in October 1956, about a week after Our Lady’s first appearance; she heard but did not see him at this time.

    It is true, my daughter, that immediately after my conception, I was, through the future merits of Jesus and because of my exceptional role of future Virgin-Father, cleansed from the stain of original sin. I was from that moment confirmed in grace and never had the slightest stain on my soul. This is my unique privilege among men.

    My pure heart also was from the first moment of existence inflamed with love for God. Immediately, at the moment when my soul was cleansed from original sin, grace was infused into it in such abundance that, excluding my holy spouse, I surpassed the holiness of the highest angel in the angelic choir. (Diary, pg. 13)

    There are extremely profound and gifted writings/meditations/instructions, from 2009, which are perfectly sourced and beautifully/magnificently explained, contained in the “What’s New” topic from same site here:


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  9. Observer says:

    And this question is also answered:


    With all this in mind, let us look again at Matthew’s account citing Joseph’s fear and decision to divorce Mary quietly to avoid exposing her to shame? Some translations of this Scripture say, “To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph…”The question is, were Mary and Joseph only betrothed or were they married?

    The nuptials had already been celebrated, according to the true sense of Scripture, a point which has been clearly established by the Holy Fathers and Doctors, and, in particular, by the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas. Thus we find St. Matthew calling Joseph the husband of Mary, and Mary the wife of Joseph. … Those who contend that the marriage was not solemnized until after Mary‟s visit to Elizabeth, which lasted three months, and Joseph‟s discovery of her condition, raise an unsuperable difficutly; for how in that case could one of the primary objects of their holy union have been attained, that of shielding the honour of the Blessed Mother of God? (Thompson, Pg. 166.)

    Regarding divorce, many of the early fathers held firmly the belief that Joseph did not doubt Mary‟s purity but feared his own unworthiness to be her spouse and to participate in the awesome mystery God was working in her, for he came to understand that she was the Virgin spoken of by Isaiah who would give birth to the Savior. This notion of divorce was not about separating Mary from him but about separating himself from her, the Immaculate Tabernacle of the Indwelling God!

    The Mother of God my spouse! The Son of the Most High born in my house! No, such an honor was not for him. …Could he in the face of the world continue to accept, recognize, and treat Mary as his wife, who had conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost? Could he appear to claim as his son the Holy One who was to be born of her? He shrank with holy consternation from the very idea. In his just mind such conduct assumed the appearance of acting out an impious falsehood. No, his place was not there. What could he do, then, but privately depart, and go to hide himself among the deserts and solitudes of the Jordan, there to weep over his unworthiness. (Thompson, Pg. 195.)

    How the encounter with an angel in his dreams must have allayed Joseph’s fears of unworthiness as the angel, addressing him as “son of David,” bid him accept his own great mission to be putative and legal father to Jesus by giving Jesus His name, Savior of His people, and to take Mary, his wife, into his home, along with the holy duty to protect her honor and to care for her and her Child. No doubt the angel assured Joseph of divine assistance in this sublime vocation, for when God gives a mission, he first gives the grace to fulfill it. So Joseph, the just one, prepares the way for Jesus, the Justice of God.


    ……Joseph, being second only to Mary in holiness and privilege, must then enjoy this privilege even earlier than John. Many in the early Church so believed.

    “It is true, my daughter, that immediately after my conception, I was, through the future merits of Jesus and because of my exceptional role of future Virgin-Father, cleansed from the stain of original sin. I was from that moment confirmed in grace and never had the slightest stain on my soul. This is my unique privilege among men. My pure heart also was from the first moment of existence inflamed with love for God. Immediately, at the moment when my soul was cleansed from original sin, grace was infused into it in such abundance that, excluding my holy spouse, I surpassed the holiness of the highest angel in the angelic choir. My heart suffered with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Mine was a silent suffering, for it was my special vocation to hide and shield, as long as God willed, the Virgin Mother and Son from the malice and hatred of men. The most painful of my sorrows was that I knew beforehand of their passion, yet would not be there to console them. Their future suffering was ever present to me and became my daily cross. I became, in union with my holy spouse, co-redemptor of the human race. Through compassion for the sufferings of Jesus and Mary, I co-operated, as no other, in the salvation of the world.” (Diary, Pg. 13.)


    • Mack says:

      In regard to Joseph’s motive for considering not marrying Mary, from a purely exegetical view the idea that Joseph thought himself unworthy is upheld by Fr Ignace de la Potterie, SJ. He wrote an excellent book “Mary in the Mystery of the Covenant.” There he goes into the Greek of the Gospel and shows that the Greek word is not really divorce but a drawing back from a mystery. He says that Joseph’s fear “is a ‘holy fear’ that one experiences before a revelation of God’s presence” and “full of religious awe before the mystery which is accomplished in Mary, his spouse, Joseph sees at that moment no other possibility than to retire from the mystery discreetly” (p. 55). The point is that this is sound exegesis based on the Gospel text itself and not simply on a private revelation, which is not part of official Church teaching.

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  10. Observer says:

    And Spirit Daily today offers us a link to the actual text of the Dogma of The Immaculate Conception:



  11. Bob says:

    Again I remind us that what God was able to do for Mary through no merits of her own beginning when she was first conceived, that is to protect her from all sin, God is able to do for us who have many times wallowed in the filth of many sins. That is, He can give us all the graces we need to be cleansed of all of our sins and to avoid further sins if we want to be free of them. And holy mother pray for us that we may desire always to walk in the freedom that your Son was able to merit for us.

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  12. Mary A says:

    I love Our Lady of America, but really don’t like the statue – at all. Maybe the bishops don’t either? Or maybe it is a bit religious-political, because Our Lady of Guadalupe is called Our Lady of the Americas and many bishops in my part of the world do not see a border between one part of America and another. And maybe the time of that apparition is over, in that her “loyal sons” not only didn’t lead the people in the direction she wanted, but some of the foremost led them to contraception. Thinking out loud, here.


    • Mary A says:

      What?! No pushback? 🙂


      • Observer says:

        Actually, that statue used for promotional purposes cannot be the one installed finally at the Shrine due to the fact that it was not created to the full specifications from Our Lady of America given to the seer, Sr. Mildred Neuzil, including the designated artist. Others agree with you.


  13. JG says:

    Thank you Dan for such a lovely post! I read some of the wonderful comments here and know I’m not worthy or educated enough to add my musing. I find it beautiful how the messages of Our Lady all tie together. Prayer,penance and reparation.
    There is another apparition of Our Lady which ties into your article. In Montichiari,Italy, on the 4th apparition (nov. 16 1947) Our Lady was saddened by the sins of impurity. She was begging us to for prayer and penance to hold back the wrath of God.Dec.8th 1947, her 7th apparition she said, ” I am the Immaculate Conception- and she said an Hour of Grace was given to man kind if they were in prayer from12-1 pm on the 8th of Dec. for reparation.
    I agree – the Americas have a role to play for purity . We have so much reparations to do for all the damage Hollywood continues to spew out and our abortion polocies. Fortunately, we still have EWTN (TV and radio), Catholic Answers and good Catholic website ,to name a few, to reeducate our country towards the culture of Life.
    Our Lady of Tepayac is the only miraculous image of her all others are artist renditions.She choose to come to the New World to a humble little Indian – St. Juan Diego and told him” “Hear me and understand well, my son the least, that nothing should frighten or grieve you. Let not your heart be disturbed. Do not fear that sickness, nor any other sickness or anguish. Am I not here, who is your Mother? Are you not under my protection? Am I not your health? Are you not happily within my fold? What else do you wish? Do not grieve nor be disturbed by anything. Do not be afflicted by the illness of your uncle, who will not die now of it. be assured that he is now cured.” (And then his uncle was cured, as it was later learned.)
    Pray the rosary and pray from the heart.
    Have a blessed Advent everyone,

    Here’s one reference to Our Lady Rosa Mystica and the Hour of Grace http://www.marypages.com/MontichiariEng.htm

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  14. Jim M. says:

    “The Mystical City of God” is truly a breathtaking, inspiring and incredible work. And, you can enjoy it by downloading the entire work from the Internet: http://www.themostholyrosary.com/mystical-city.htm.

    To those that have eyes, but do not see, this blessed work will open them.


  15. Jim M. says:

    An excerpt from The Mystical City of God below.

    Thus says the LORD:

    Mystical City of Refuge
    “I have not revealed these mysteries in the primitive Church, because they are so great, that the faithful would have been lost in the contemplation and admiration of them at a time when it was more necessary to establish firmly the law of grace and of the Gospel. Although all mysteries of religion are in perfect harmony with each other, yet human ignorance might have suffered recoil and doubt at their magnitude, when faith in the Incarnation and Redemption and the precepts of the new law of the Gospel were yet in their beginnings.

    On this same account the person of the incarnate Word said to his disciples at the last supper: “Many things have I to say to you; but you are not yet disposed to recieve them” (John 6, 12). These words He addressed to all the world, for it was not yet capable of giving full obedience to the law of grace and full assent to the faith in the Son, much less was it prepared to be introduced into the mysteries of his Mother. But now, mankind has greater need for this manifestation, and this necessity urges Me to disregard their evil disposition. And if men would now seek to please Me by reverencing, by living, and studying the wonders, which are intimately connected with this Mother of Piety, and if they would all begin to solicit her intercession from their whole heart, the world would find some relief. I will not longer withhold from men this mystical City of refuge; describe and delineate it to them, as far as thy shortcomings allow. I do not intend that thy descriptions and declarations of the life of the Blessed Virgin shall be mere opinions or contemplations, but reliable truth. They that have ears to hear, let them hear. Let those who thirst come to the living waters and leave the dried-out cisterns; let those that are seeking for the light, follow it to the end. Thus speaks the Lord God Almighty!” (Vol 1., The Mystical City of God: Life of the Virgin Mother of God, manifested to Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda)

    As the sanctified Ark of the Covenant held the Word revealed by the hand of God, our Mother, as the new Ark, was the pure vessel for the Word incarnate of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, God from God, only begotten Son of the Father.


  16. kathy kalina says:

    I found “The Mystical City of God” thought provoking and inspiring, but I found the language hard to swallow at times – it can almost give you diabetes.

    Mary of Agreda would have been made a Saint long ago if not for controversy regarding these writings. A strong hint that she was the real deal can be found in the account of her other work – bilocating to catechize the American Indians in Texas and New Mexico, sometimes three times a day!.

    Here is a wonderful telling of the story: http://www.audiosancto.org/sermon/20080921-Blessed-Maria-de-Agreda-The-REAL-Flying-Nun.html

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  17. donna269 says:

    Pardon me if this has been said, as I have not read through all of the comments section yet….thank you Dan for such a beautiful introduction to Our Lady of America. I knew little about her and know I am fully informed! The beauty of the Immaculate Conception is two fold. There are two doctrines which have Papal Infallibility and they are the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption….just a few years prior to Lourdes Pope Pius IX declared the Immaculate Conception with Papal Infallibility and St Bernadette (this poor illiterate country bumpkin) tells the church hierarchy…..the woman says I am the Immaculate Conception…..Enter dramatic music….isn’t Our Lady’s timing impeccable? Perhaps the same will hold true for Our Lady of America…..

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  18. Bob says:

    The reminder these appearances should tell us is to say many prayers. They likely won’t remove the storms and chastisements our sins both individually and globally deserve, but perhaps, by God’s mercy, some of the consequences can be mitigated.

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  19. Connie says:

    Wow! Thanks all who contributed to this post- thank you Dan! I have at least a week’s worth of reading and meditation here – rich!

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  20. Dan Lynch says:

    To summarize my article and in response to some comments, Our Lady of America is the Immaculate Conception since she revealed herself as “the Immaculate One” and gave us the ejaculation to pray through her, “By thy holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil.” This is engraved on the medal that she asked us to wear.

    She said that she desires that we “be the children of my pure heart.… to further the cause of faith and purity among peoples and nations.” This is a mission that she has entrusted to America and our youth are challenged to be its leaders.

    Our Lady of America wants us to repent of our impurity and to imitate her virtue of purity. She gave us her tools to help us: the practice of her spirituality of the Divine Indwelling, the veneration of her image and the wearing of her medal. She promised us that her image will be a safeguard for our homes and that those who wear the medal will receive the grace of intense purity of heart and will be protected against evil spirits.

    The statue requested by Our Lady of America doesn’t need to be created by any particular artist and needs no one’s approval except the bishops. There is now only one life-size statue of Our Lady of America. It is not a “promotional” statue. It is a sacramental created in consultation with some bishops and blessed by Archbishop (now Cardinal) Burke.

    Our Lady of America wants our bishops to solemnly process and display her statue in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

    It is never too late to do this. The collegial consecration requested by Our Lady of Fatima was not attempted until 1984, 67 years after she requested it. According to Sister Lucia, the Fatima visionary, because of that consecration we were preserved from a nuclear war that would have occurred the next year if it had not been made.

    So let us practice the devotion as Our Lady of America requested and build up a powerful spiritual force so that our bishops will recognize that the Holy Spirit is speaking through the faithful and they will receive the grace to believe and respond to her requests as a safeguard for our country, as she promised.

    “In the shadow of your wings I take refuge
    till the storms of destruction pass by.” (Psalm 57).

    “When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever.” (Proverbs 10:25).

    Dan Lynch Apostolates promoting devotion to
    Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus King of All Nations,
    Our Lady of America and Saint John Paul II
    Visit our website at http://www.JKMI.com
    E-Mail Us at JKMI@JKMI.com
    May Our Lady of Guadalupe keep you under the mantle of her protection and
    may the Reign of Jesus King of All Nations be recognized in your heart!

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  21. NancyA says:

    I am a bit reluctant to write this, hoping it will not be taken wrongly. Just a clarification…

    The Immaculate Conception is a truth of the Church which has been recognized and discussed / debated and commemorated throughout the history of the Church. When a pope infallibly declares a dogma, it is not new. St. Juan Diego, whom we commemorate today, was on his way to Mass to celebrate the feast, then celebrated on December 9 in the Spanish Empire. It was a holy day of obligation in the 1700’s.

    While it may very well be true that a child like St. Bernadette was unfamiliar with the term “Immaculate Conception,” it was not a new term, nor a new concept.

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    • charliej373 says:

      It was not a new term, Nancy, but it was an obscure one, mainly debated by theologians. The near impossibility of a rural schoolgirl having ever encountered such a term played a role in the determination of it as an authentic apparition.

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  22. diane says:

    All is well
    What beautiful testimonies and teachings in your postings.
    i also read the City of God, so many times I could only read a small bit because it was so much to take in. The writings of Mary of Agreda, made me weep both joyfully and sorrowfully because there is the joy of God’s plan iwhich is incomprehensable to our understanding, but nonetheless a completeness to all that occurs here on earth that we often wonder if He is paying attention – but He is in the smallest part of our lives and certainly in the biggest. One of the things I had to grasp was that there are the reprobates, those who will never turn to the Truth, the Way and the Light. Thank makes me so sad. Because once the Light of Christ is a part of your life it is difficult to understand any life without it, and those who continue to walk in the dark are so hopeless and without peace, and that makes me sad. Pray for God’s Mercy on all souls.
    Peace and Joy to all, I love.

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    • audiemarie2014 says:

      The part you mention about reprobates made me very sad. Does that mean that my prayers are in vain for people I love as they might be reprobates? Wow. How am I suppose to be joyful about the possibility of heaven when there are so many, and maybe those I love, that may not turn to God? It baffles me.


      • charliej373 says:

        Audie, neither you nor I know who the true reprobates are. St. Paul, St. Augustine, St. Mary Magdalene – among a host of others, were once reprobates. Many who constantly denounce those around them in the name of God are actually reprobates themselves who, when it is their time, will be told, “Depart from me you workers of iniquity. I never knew you.”

        Trust God and, As St. Paul said, make up in your body what is lacking in the sacrifice of Christ (which is merely our embrace and imitation of Him). If you have a loved one who will not do penance, silently do penance for him. Trust God. He hears.

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        • audiemarie2014 says:

          Thank you, Charlie, as this upset me very much and made me weep. I am having a hard time even thinking about any souls going to hell, as the times are so disgusting so the possibility of hell is great. I guess I would be a former reprobate? With the storm approaching, I find myself immensely and intensely wondering how to bring souls to God. Again, thank you. Maybe you sensed my grief. A big hug to you.


          • Fran says:

            Dear audiemarie–I want to elaborate on what Charlie said about doing penance for someone else, if I may help. Whenever I go to mass, receive the Eucharist, pray the rosary, fast, anything like that, and I am praying for a particular person…. I offer it not just for the person, but as if that person did it himself. I believe that the Lord accepts it like that. So, I mean that you can offer what you do for someone you love and “give” it to him or her. Maybe this is something obvious to most people, ( and since I am consecrated to Our Mother, I am offering everything up anyway)… BUT it has really helped me to think of it this way, and especially when I don’t feel like fasting, or praying etc. it gives me a little more incentive because I am “giving it away”. Also, Connie Rossini (Contemplative Homeschool link) wrote in her book “Trusting God with Saint Therese” some very comforting things that St. Therese said about those we pray for. You would probably like her book, and find it helpful.

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          • audiemarie2014 says:

            Dear Fran, thank you so much for your explanation on doing penance. I wasn’t sure how to do that for someone else. I have consecrated myself to Mary also, but still this was unclear to me. Will read Connie’s book. Lately, I’ve felt a surge of desperation about souls being lost and it’s been so upsetting. I really appreciate you helping me to understand and the ways to go about penance for others. Feeling some peace.


  23. Nancy says:

    Preface from 12/8: The Mystery of Mary and the Church:
    ….For you preserved the most Blessed Virgin Mary from all stain of original sin, so that in her, endowed with the rich fullness of your grace, you might prepare a worthy Mother for your Son and signify the beginning of the Church, his beautiful Bride without spot or wrinkle. She, the most pure Virgin, was to bring forth a Son, the innocent Lamb who would wipe away our offenses; you placed her above all others to be for your people an advocate of grace and a model of holiness…

    Mary is a “type” for the Church.
    In Mary, the Church has been brought to perfection and glory and that will be ours, too, when we are assumed into heaven.


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