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Just a note to let you know I know I am off schedule. The Christmas season is, obviously, a very busy one – but I am also in the midst of working on some very complicated pieces. I have been working for a week and a half in research on the charge that was negotiated against Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri. I started writing the piece last night and hope to have it up this evening. In the meantime, I will have a guest column up later this morning.

I am also going to do a “By Their Fruits…” piece on Pelianito, Janet Klasson, later in the week, which will focus on her life and calling. As I have mentioned before, I am open to various people offering private revelation, provided it does not contradict or lead people away from Church teaching. It does not bother me at all that some have great confidence in some that I am not sure of. That is part of the process of discernment for all of us. These are unprecedented times – and it strikes me as expected that there are many authentic prophetic voices out there – and many deceptive ones. There are three I have complete confidence in: Pelianito, Mark Mallett, and Mirijana. It pleases me to write a piece focusing on the story of one of them.

I am also working on a piece entitled, “The End of Prophecy.” That title is ambiguous, as it could refer either to the finish of it or the purpose of it. Some have noted I speak less of my private revelation here, lately. One even asked me if I had told all I am going to. I have told everything that is really necessary for preparation, but there will undoubtedly be other things to say in that realm and I won’t shy away from it. But I am firmly fixed on getting through what is important, which is how to behave, how to respond to God and neighbor whatever happens, rather than details on what is going to happen. Focusing on details of what will happen falls in the realm of natural curiosity, but can quickly become morbidly obsessive, in which case it leads people away from what God intends. I am sent not to tell people details of what will happen, but to help all endure the great Storm and trust in God while building up their neighbor. When the former helps accomplish the latter, I will speak of it. But it is not my primary purpose. So I focus entirely on what will help all of us endure and be a sign of hope. Sometimes clumsily, sometimes well. I am not particularly elegant, but am notedly dogged – so I am content to continue to stumble forward.

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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  1. radiclaudio says:

    Charlie, I just wanted to ping you to say hi, and let you know i continue to benefit from and pray for both you and your small, but growing, family of followers that i humbly number myself among. Your simple, frank, and good-natured direction and insights are very very helpful for me and many others to stay focused on Christ and His Church and my little assignment in it. Thank you for your continued “Yes” and have a good day. TJtM Rich

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  2. Anne Archer says:

    What your column provides for me is balance. When I started reading you I was pretty negative about Pope Francis and it wasn’t that you convinced me otherwise it was the information you supplied that caused me to reconsider my observations – it wasn’t that you were telling me how to view him. I appreciate the objectiveness you present which causes me to review my thinking which sometimes is less than objective. There have been some others that I had misgivings about and your thoughts and reasons helped confirm my own feelings or perceptions – so thank you and please continue to share with us.

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  3. Observer says:

    Meanwhile, it would seem that all is copacetic:

    Two nice articles that explain some things:

    Bergoglio’s List: The Untold Story of Pope Francis’ Heroism in the Face of Evil


    and: Pope: Listen to Me, Not Media Distortions


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  4. QUOTE: “These are unprecedented times – and it strikes me as expected that there are many authentic prophetic voices out there – and many deceptive ones.”

    Certainly, dear Charlie. Here in Buenos Aires we had an extraordinary storm last night. It made some have apocalyptic thoughts. This city has always had a very gentle weather but lately the storms are terrifying, very dark with heavy winds and fierce rain and hail.

    Christ said there are going to be false prophets but He also said: “Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time? How blessed is that servant whom his master finds doing this when he comes! Truly I tell you, he will put him in charge of all his possessions.”
    From those words I gather that the “feeding of the household” will continue until the arrival of the Master. I also think that the best we can do at this time is to continue infusing the culture around us with Christian ideas, even if it seems futile we must feed those who are hungry for the Word of God. I can’t think of no better outcome than the Lord finding us busy in works of mercy and salvation at the moment to His arrival.

    Christ has given us a tremendous opportunity to be busy doing his work when He returns in glory. I am convinced we are in that time. IF WE ARE NOT IN THAT TIME then it is high time to do something to Christianize the culture because if we don’t do it WE SHALL PERISH as a nation and as the human race. Unless one’s dream is to be ruled by Chinese communist plutocrats or some Muslim khalif we GOT TO GET OUT ACT TOGETHER. I don’t know about other people but I am doing my best. I have no money, but I have time and I can do what I can almost without money — I hope that will be meritorious in the eyes of God because I can’t do nothing else but be there fighting in the front lines with what I have.

    DeLumen.org had a great start. Readers from all over the world gather there daily. We need some equipment and we need help — this week I am in great need of about $150 in computer parts that I must replace (even after a serious clean up I am running out of disk space, my computer is from 2006!) Should any of your readers happen to be a “rich Catholic” (smile) and help us Please click on the link below to reach the DeLumen donations page.


    As far as I can tell you are an authentic prophetic voice and I am very glad the Lord led me to your page where so many are finding spiritual nourishment. May God bless you all this Christmas. It is not a happy Christmas because of so many brothers and sisters are suffering persecution all over the world but our hope is in the Lord. In the words of a seer from Goa: “The next happy Christmas will be after the Triumph.” Amen, amen, maranatha: come Lord Jesus.

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    • charliej373 says:

      I hope there is someone out there who will help you, Carlos. Folks, if you look at DeLumen, it is truly doing some marvelous work…fully faithful and true to the Magisterium – and fully engaged with the complicated questions of the age.

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      • Of course, Charlie. God never fails to provide one way or another. This is working much faster and better that I have ever expected. My Spanish site exists since 2004 but donations are really rare there. DELUMEN readers are perhaps more affluent or more generous and that has allowed us to reach some goals a little faster. That success means larger databases, larger sites, more images … you get my drift. Our nets are filled but will not burst. The Lord will see to that. God bless!

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  5. Sheri G. says:

    Charlie, Thank you so much again for your faithfulness and honesty!! I am so happy to read this! I have been reading Mark Mallett and Pelianito for quite a few years and also feel very strongly that they are true prophets of God. I was a little worried when I felt just as strongly about the “Locutions to the World” and then I read your feeling on them. I said well “Charlie isn’t infallible” and I know you even said that yourself! 🙂 But I do have a question. Maybe it’s very simplistic, but, couldn’t you just ask Archangel Gabriel or your guardian angel and then you would know or doesn’t it work that way? Thank you again Charlie and God bless you!!

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    • charliej373 says:

      It most assuredly does NOT work that way, Sheri. In all things, my visitors expect and encourage us to take responsibility for the decisions we make – and to make them in the light of God. The only things I am told directly are those that I NEED to know with certainty to carry out the work given to me. Most important is to learn the framework on how to judge things rightly every day. Most things I do, I do not do the details because God has given me a blueprint – just the broad thing He expects me to do and then I must work the details out myself with fear and trembling. I don’t WANT to know anything I don’t need specifically for the work. God wants us to learn to judge righteous judgment – and to do that we must make decisions.

      Once you learn that you may be wrong, you make more charitable decisions, which is what God wants – while taking care to maintain fidelity to what is at the heart. People here are constantly quoting sources I am not sure of, as far as supernatural origin, but which are not contrary to faith and morals…so I am happy to have it be part of the conversation, even when I don’t accept or fully accept its origin. I’m not sure why so many were upset that I do not accept that LttW is of supernatural origin…I made clear I regard much, perhaps most, of it as refined spiritual meditation. Frankly, I would much rather people esteem the substance of what I write than to swear by its supernatural origin.

      But no, a key part of our duty is to use our whole mind and spirit to judge righteous judgment and make decisions – and we will be held to account for that. Far too often, people who claim great discernment just spout whatever comes into their head and blame it on God. That does not please Him. There are things I have been told directly that I speak on my own responsibility for. Far better to take responsibility for what you say than blame a musing that may not have come from God on Him. If I speak truth, God will not be upset at me for taking responsibility myself even for things He has told me directly. If I am deceived and attribute to God what I was told in the deception, I will be held to account for that. God wants you to gird your loins, learn to judge righteous judgment, and accept responsibility for what you judge.

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  6. Many people moved from on message to the next and one visionary to the next without really taking on board and living what they read. They are spiritual tourists always in search of the next thrill.

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    • That is the reason many failed to see who Jesus was. Herod wanted some circus-like miracle, Pilate wanted some definition of truth but Jesus was both a miraculous image of God made flesh, and also Truth. The passing pilgrim always in search of the mysterious knows nothing about the mysteries of God. One need quiet contemplation and some degree of awe to “catch” the many circles of meaning revealed by each prophetic voice. I have been going over Fatima fro many years now. I thought I was studying Fatima until one day I realize that Our lady was studying me and leading me to deeper contemplation. I don’t claim to have arrived to any profound revelation but I can say for sure that I look at the whole thing with different eyes now: I was changed by it.

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      • jaykay says:

        Carlos: very well said. As our good host days: “trust, do, love”. All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”. That was Saint Juliana of Norwich, mystic of the 13th century. And it was the same then as it is now. Have no thought for the morrow
        , for God shall provide. Difficult, yes, but the truth. Now, how to do it…😊 Well, as another more famous English person said: “There’s the rub”.

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  7. Bev says:

    I appreciate that you have provided us with an “overview” of the next three years. It would be easy to become entrapped in staring only on that…and it would be virtually useless. Each of us is standing “in a different post”, the place God wants us. Each of us will have a different experience by virtue of where we are, what our post is and what God wants of us.

    Much more, I need what you are focusing on. How we are to endure through the Storm and really, really focus on God and trust Him-blindly. It seems to me that our ultimate need is to do exactly that, because then we will know how to help our neighbour. It will be, and even now is, easy to become excited and lose perspective. Only by following with great focus and resolution your steps will we be able to manage to do that when things whirl completely beyond anything we can imagine.

    You space out the “what” in a way that prevents the attention from remaining on what will happen. Each time you bring us back where we belong. Trusting God, focusing, taking the next right step as we understand it, and bring hope and caring to whomever God sends into our path each day. If you didn’t do that, we wouldn’t be ready at all. I have learned that in real trauma, real disaster, our minds and hearts must be ready to cope, or we will panic and lose our staying power which God wants to give us and have us use.

    All of us have had moments or days of those kinds of experiences. They are not enough to prepare us for three years of constant, unremitting disaster. You get to a point where you don’t remember yesterday and what tomorrow is. It really is only now. Without performing the steps almost by rote like multiplication tables, we will lose ourselves.

    Thank you for how you are so faithfully preparing us. You don’t cater to our whims, but redirect our focus back to what is truly necessary. You don’t just help us, you are helping a multitude of others whom God intends us to help.

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    • SteveBC says:

      Bev, even I, a noted information hound and prophecy junkie, have come to see Charlie’s wisdom in this. The fact is that we are in the mess already, so seeing what is way out in front of us does no real good any more.

      For example, I notice today that the Locutions,org site is alerting everyone to events due next year. That’s a nice confirmation of Charlie’s warnings, and I would guess that’s all we really need to know about *next* year. However, doesn’t that feel a bit like “old news” to you? It does to me, and that means it isn’t really needed any more.

      Nonetheless, I know I am already struggling with concern in myself. I know it’s going to be tough for a while. So the kind of help you talk of here feels like a very good thing to me. I would add that posts like “The Great Apostasy” really opened my eyes and increased my ability to discern, not what the future will be, but instead what is happening right now.

      I want to know what is good to do, as well as what is good to avoid. Discussions of what we can do in our lives will, I think, be helped by discussions of the Big Now Picture occasionally, so that we can help ourselves and those around us from being caught up in illusion, of which there will be plenty.

      It’s going to be tough to walk this path in any case, so being more certain that we are stepping forward onto rock is good. Stepping forward into sand or worse, onto a hidden crocodile(!), well, that’s not so good! 😀

      The TLD guidance is great and has already helped settle me down, and I have passed it on to several others who have also benefitted from knowing it as their concern grows. Beyond that, I’m hoping the people on this site and all our pooled knowledge and experience and trust will be like a bright flashlight looking just that little way ahead in the fog and storm to get us and our loved ones safely through.

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      • Bev says:

        You’ve put it more eloquently than I would have, but it’s totally what I mean. I’m learning more and more to take each day as it is, and to begin my day with God, and continue looking to Him often during the day. My goal has become literally, “what should I do today, what’s my next right step?” Sometimes it doesn’t include any TV time (probably good not to focus on the news anyway), sometimes I don’t even get to turn on the computer. Often what God requires of me is a long way from what I thought I was going to be doing.

        I also agree with you regarding what we learn from each other. It boggles my mind with amazement what I have learned from all the different commentators. Charlie’s entries on the blog and now his guest entries, are always, without a doubt, worth reading, and reading more than once. But I have to say, I feel the same about the comments from “our family”. Without this addition, I’d still be outside in the rain.

        (So add “like”, since I have to wait until Richard comes over and teaches me how.)

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        • SteveBC says:

          I’ll consider it liked. You really make me laugh. 😀

          You make an interesting point. “Often what God requires of me is a long way from what I thought I was going to be doing.” That is so true!

          I can’t number the days recently where my plans have been overturned by something. Today, I was going to converse with my 90-year-old mother on something important she and I need to deal with (not a personal issue, she and I get along very well). She is in Florida, and I in New England, so we talk regularly. At least, we do when she isn’t out on the golf course!

          Instead, she called first to tell me that she had cracked/broken one of her front teeth biting something hard (ouch!). I tossed my plans out the window and spent 2-3 hours helping her find a dentist with the right qualifications. Did you know that dentists generally take Fridays off? Anyway, we did finally find someone who seems nice and will do the right thing for her on Monday.

          And hasn’t it happened to you that most health disasters happen on Fridays and can’t be dealt with until the next Monday? 😦 🙂

          Since early November, I’ve been very frustrated by having my days so consistently wrecked by outside events. However, I’ve come to realize that it helps me learn love and also to learn the art of reordering my day so that I can help another who needs that help more than I need to do what I planned to do.

          Further, I have started to view this process more and more as a sign of things to come. Perhaps we are getting trained a little early to learn how to withstand and move in tune with the turbulence that appears to be coming. Forewarned is forearmed, and if we are early in waking up, we may well have a duty to help others who get overwhelmed by the tsunami when it hits them out of the blue.

          I guess you just can’t get through the End Times without at least a few interruptions to your day!

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          • jaykay says:

            Ah, I love that about your mother, SteveBC! How great is it that for your family she’s still (very!) active, although probably not knocking-off too many under-pars anymore. But who knows? 😄 She’s the same generation as my own parents, now with the Lord, but what I suppose I mean to say is how much admiration I have for those of that generation, the whole “never say die” ethos so many of them had. It’s only now that I fully appreciate how much they handed on to me, in their peculiarly self-effacing way. That sort of trusting faith is now sneered at, especially here in Ireland where I am. In some ways I’m glad they’ve dead now, and don’t have to see the wreckage we deal with daily. But then, I think they would have coped and just “got on with it”, as was their watchword in many ways. And we can still know that they’re watching over us, if not perhaps in full glory yet but still able to intercede for us. And, we have to just get on with it as well. They had a World War in their time; we may have… another sort of war. Maybe we’re about in 1939 now and the phoney war will rapidly become something else altogether. But in the end, the good guys will win. This we know. Not guaranteeing our personal safety, however. As CJ says, we won’t just see this one out on our TVs.

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          • NancyA says:

            Hmm. I seem not to be taking to the training very well. Glad I don’t get booted out“ just more training…

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          • SteveBC says:

            NancyA, that’s pretty funny. :-). The way I figure it, if you’re here, you’re awake early. If you’re awake early, you will be in training. If you’re in training, you will do fine when the time comes to start using that training. I think you will be surprised by the multiple strengths you discover in yourself.

            Jaykay, I agree. My mother’s motto has always been, “Do, do, do”. She still gets an occasional birdie. She has hit less than her age two or three times in the past couple years! She has become an inspiration to younger golfers around here just by being who she is and getting out there whenever she can. In the midst of the coming Storm, all she will have to do is take her clubs and play a round of golf, and everyone around her will be inspired to do their part, too, no matter what that may be. She will be a beacon of hope just by playing golf!.


  8. Kati says:


    I absolutely love this statement of yours: “I thought I was studying Fatima until one day I realize that Our lady was studying me and leading me to deeper contemplation.”

    In my own life, I had no REAL idea of many things until I became consecrated to Mary. Now, as I look back over the last four years, It is impossible not to see the progression of deeper contemplation. Though I was born into a Catholic family, I was never what my sister calls a “Mary person.” Neither was she. Yet now, we are both committed to her via the Divine Will. I have learned more from Mary than from all the study I have ever done. I know God more intimately now because of her. It is nothing I have done…..nothing! She is responsible for all of this growth. AND, all of this deeper growth has engendered a profound sense of God’s FAMILY and of His GOODNESS. I am certainly NOT more gifted or better than anyone else…but I have also been radically changed….and so has my sister.

    I don’t think it is any coincidence that our deceased Mother was tremendously devoted to Mary while she was on earth. 🙂 It often makes me think of that song Mark Mallet sings about the “family beads.”

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    • Connie says:

      I feel the same way Kati and Carl. I have been praying about Our Lady making w way for me to be able to help my children & their families and others consecrate their homes and their lives esp in these times. I believe it is the straightest and fastest way to Jesus and the strongest bond where one will truly hang on tight to Jesus.

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    • I am one who thought Mary was going to be an obstacle to my full conversion. Thant was in 1998. Who would have said that one day I would write a book showing others how to defend Our Blessed Mother with the Bible! I have become aware of what Mary is doing in the world, all the apparitions, seers, messages have a clear direction pointing to the encounter of humanity with Christ returning in glory. I can picture her saying right now “Look my Son, they need help down there … ” and once He shows up I can see her saying “Do whatever He tells you.” One thing I have learned is to be a fool for Mary. There was a song by Billy Joel that had a line “I have been a fool for lesser things” and certainly I have been so. God is also doing great things through us too. We have to learn the devotion of the ancient men and women who contemplated an image of the Virgin starry eyed, like “fools.” Such fools! They are now living forever in Jesus through her graces! I have also been radically changed.

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  9. Bev says:

    One thing I have realized from my experience here is that when people refuse to consider the danger that the world is in from sin, Our Mother Mary is a very safe topic for Catholics–often even lapsed ones. I figure if they can reach the point of consecrating themselves and/or family, even without a “process’ like “33 Days to Morning Glory”, she’s got them. Once anyone turns to Our Mother, there isn’t anything that she can’t lead them to in her own time and in her own way. Bingo.

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  10. Lyle Metsker says:

    Charlie, I’ve followed your “Coming Storm” prophecy closely ever since it first appeared on Spirit Daily years ago. The part that has always stuck out for me is the following: “We will know the nature of the battle we are in when our technology fails — and fail it will. It is not that the laws of science are going to be revoked; rather, we are almost unaware of what a fragile hothouse plant our sophisticated technological systems are.

    Satan has seduced many souls by filling them with an unwarranted confidence in themselves and the work of their hands.” It is this self-sufficiency, maintains Johnston, this idea that we are our own gods, that will be broken down — at times unpleasantly.

    Johnston also had warned long before the recent crisis that the storm would break through North Korea. “North Korea is the dragon’s tail,” he says. China? “You got it,” he says. “China is a very bad actor.

    You’ll know for certain that the storm has broken in its fullness when it comes through North Korea. For almost a decade now I have shuddered with an unknown and supernatural dread at the mere mention of North Korea.” Now we have the cyber attacks on Sony occurring and taking a real toll on their business activities. Today’s Drudge Report headlines highlight the following article: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/technology/internet/article4295826.ece “The Hollywood studio that made the James Bond and Spider-Man films has abandoned shoots after hackers crippled its computer network, and leaked four films and thousands of documents.  Agencies filming for Sony Pictures have cancelled shoots because the problems have left it unable to process payments, a source told The Times. The attack by Guardians of Peace, a hacking collective suspected of having links with North Korea, has taken most of Sony Pictures’ computers offline.” You have also mentioned recently that this Christmas is the first of three that will include “deep and desperate strife.” Here is the quote: “Next year the world enters its passion, the time when the old order fully passes away. We have three Christmas seasons of deep and desperate strife ahead of us. And then, if the Son of Man finds a few who still have faith on earth, the Christmas after that, in 2017, will be a joyful celebration of resurrection – joy that what seemed the end was actually prelude to a new beginning. This references Thanksgiving of 2013. We have entered the passion and the world is making its Way of the Cross.” Today’s news also has the following headline: Sony Hackers Promise to Deliver Large “Christmas Gift” http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/sony-hackers-promise-deliver-large-757492 The attacks focus on a film to be released on Christmas Day that centers around an assassination attempt on North Korea’s leader. The headline reads: Did North Korea order Sony Pictures hack over Kim Jong-un assassination movie The Interview? http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/technology-science/technology/north-korea-order-sony-pictures-4729115 To top it all off, two news tidbits crossed my path over the weekend. First, when CNN was reporting on the hack attacks, an expert being interviewed referred to China as a “bad actor” who is working with North Korea on the attacks. Secondly, I came across a report on the big storm that hit Southern California a day or two ago and it pictured the storm as a dragon attacking the state. What do you think? Lyle


    • charliej373 says:

      Lyle, I am deeply moved. Like Mary, you have pondered these things in your heart and have shown as refined an understanding of what I have been talking about as anyone I have ever encountered. Thank you. It is deeply warming when someone really gets what I am saying.


  11. gmabach@aol.com says:

    My new friend, Charlie…I thought I would share a note that I sent to Mark Mallett who I have known and learned to trust starting in 2006. I started trusting you a few months ago mainly for your respect for Mark’s incredible mission as sentinel Watchman for God’s people. I mainly wanted to share an experience of God awesome creativity of reaching us, healing us, loving us. Thank you, Charlie. Shirley Bachmeier – healing well and continuing to walk in a new anointing of understanding.

    Mark, miss having our yearly conversation;0) thought I would share my last week so filled with pain, tears, getting in touch with my deepest understanding given in a long time. I had been having an increasingly hard struggle with continence mgmt… (elderly and increasingly younger problem happening today) My simple surgery of inserting an Metronic Device that is strategically placed with leads that send out probes to give you a more manageable life. My Psalm 139 body most wonderfully made decided almost immediately that this intrusion was not welcomed and a serious infection started. I’m a person that does not like to complain and I thought the pain was par for the course. After four days of pain not letting up, my daughter, studying nursing at this time in Houston, yells at me, Get to your doctor!! Mark, I had been begging God for the gift of tears for years…felt almost numb without them, hadn’t even cried at my husband’s passing last May. The pain had gotten so bad I started crying, bawling more like it. The doctor, a specialist in this field had only 2 rejects in 8 years working with this prodedure, called for emergency procedure of removing device and leads. They gave me a pillow to hold me steady as I was continuing to exercise my “new gift” and praying out loud in my prayer language. I did not care a hoop that anyone heard me, I was physically hurting on a 10 level but spiritually I was experiencing a new freedom that I hadn’t felt since being baptized in the Spirit in ’71. Another prayer was being answered…I wanted to understand and experience more fully the pain and sorrow of Jesus and Mary on and at the Cross. I saw Jesus’ face and body receiving pain…He did not have pain management to better handle his pain, His needles were an inch square aimed right into the nerves of hands, feet, of His already mashed body. My needles were fine gauged and the pain was outrageous with the help of modern science. I better understood the efficacious grace that was made available at the Cross for all who would come and that Holy Mother had these graces to dispense to any who would receive them from her and the Father. How can they not be eternally available to ALL who would come and receive their gifts of obedience. Some time ago I felt called to visit and revisit Rev. 2, “you have lost your first love…I think that prayer is about to be answered as I make myself available. I know that God’s most loving, creative ways are a mystery. He will show me the rest of the way to know and accept my Mission. Sorry for the Book, Mark. I had to spill it out to one who would understand. I’ve prayed and watched over the Watchman since 2006. God continue to bless so many through your determined obedience and faithfulness. Pray I will continue to walk closer in your footsteps – to HIS.


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