On the Consecration of Russia


By Charlie Johnston

When I was a boy, maybe 12 or 13, one of my younger brothers got very excited when Mom invited him to “help” with the Christmas baking and candy-making. As Mom poured the batter into the pans for the first cake, my little brother was dismayed. “That’s not cake,” he said. “It’s just a mess.” His mind could not conceive of that soupy batter, with heat and time, becoming a tasty cake.

Shortly after 9-11, one of my priests directed me to write a synopsis, an overview of events in the world that would lead us fully into the Storm. It was heavily weighted to events that would come in the US, North Korea, China and Russia. I will largely stick to Russia for this.

At the time, American relations with Russia were notably chilly. I wrote that, very soon, relations would get much warmer between the two nations, but that was merely a false dawn. Before the Storm was fully engaged, relations would get rockier than ever, maybe even worse than at the height of the Cold War. But in the end, Russia and the US would be the most steadfast of allies in the struggle to overcome the decisive assault on the faith and the world that China would mount. In fact, without each other, the world would not be able to endure. In the process, Christianity would begin to breathe effectively through both its western and eastern lungs again.

I knew that the United States was going to become enfeebled militarily. For a time, in the early Bush years, I thought I must have misinterpreted this. Now I have seen the gutting. Though the systematic ideological purging of America’s military leadership under President Obama is a pale imitation of the brutal ideological purge Stalin made of Soviet military leadership prior to WWII, the results are similar, a serious degradation of America’s military capacity to project power, for good or ill.

Right now, Russia uses its military might in a seriously disordered manner. God knows this and yet refrains, for He knows that in the struggle to come, the Christian world is going to need real strength – and the west has abdicated its responsibility as it has lost its will and cultural confidence. I see people panicking as Russia works agreements with China – and even courts North Korea. What did you expect? It is a dangerous world – and America has shown itself of late to be an impotent foe and an unreliable ally. Russia also allied with Nazi Germany in the early stages of WWII, after trying to ally with a dithering, dangerously irresolute west. Like the alliance with Nazi Germany, there can only be an alliance of convenience between Russia and China as each tries to buy time to build strength. As free states, Russia and China could be steadfast allies. As tyrannies, they are natural rivals. In fact, Russia’s courting of North Korea is a recognition of and a hedge against that fact. I’m not sure whether I said it in an article on the Spirit Daily series or wrote it in a private note to my priests or both, but I once said that North Korea is the rabid dog of nations – and that though China was using it as its pet proxy to prod the west, it would eventually find that rabid dogs make unreliable pets. It has already found that out. If Russia cozies up more, it will find the same soon enough.

Some people now argue that the Consecration of Russia could not have been properly done because it is not showing sufficient fruit. Perhaps the best of these arguments is here. As human analysis, it is sound. But it is as beside the point as my little brother’s objection that the soupy mess Mom poured in the pans could not be cake. God does not just see for today. He sees beyond, through the end of time. He knows that we are on the cusp of a terrible, brutal, desperate struggle – and that the west has squandered its military capacity even as Russia has abused its might. We are going to need it all if the world is to endure the assault being mounted even now. So the Lord allows both the west and Russia in their separate disorders, knowing that events will ultimately prompt each to get properly ordered or perish. But He does not root out the capacity. There is nothing that has happened or is happening that is not entirely consistent with what I wrote for my priests on the matter 13 years ago. The large sweep of things is on target and on time.

Critics of the Consecration of Russia say that, originally, in 1917, Our Lady said to consecrate Russia particularly by name, but that what St. John Paul did was consecrate the world, including Russia, to her Immaculate Heart. They are right. Sr. Lucia said – and St. John Paul – said that the consecration was accepted in heaven. I believe they are right.

God does not change – but we do. We go running off into ditches, up blind alleys, tripping all over ourselves constantly. Never underestimate the mercy and determination of God to bring us safely home, despite our constant misadventures. Imagine for a moment that your family was going from Chicago to New Orleans in two different cars. Mom and Dad went first and gave your oldest brother firm instructions to take I-55 straight down to New Orleans to meet them there a few days hence. But your oldest brother had a girlfriend he wanted to meet up with in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Mom and Dad still want you to get to New Orleans in good time. But because of your brother’s screw-up, the quickest way now is straight down I-59. It would be a bit absurd for you to harp on going back to Chicago to take I-55, because the circumstances have changed since the original instructions were given. It would have been best for your brother to follow those instructions, but to do so now precisely would create more problems than it would solve. And the fundamental issue is that Mom and Dad want you to get to your destination as quickly and safely as possible.

Had the Church acted in the mid to late 1920s, it could have made a clean consecration of Russia. But then, because of Russia’s persecution of Christians, the Vatican began to make diplomatic agreements to ameliorate the level of that persecution. By the 1980s, when St. John Paul made the consecration, the Church was far along in diplomacy with the Orthodox Churches, hoping to eventually re-unify the two wings. The consecration should have been done as asked early on. But once that window was passed, it would not have pleased God for St. John Paul to do the consecration in a way that would violate a solemn agreement that had defended Christians – or to blow up the diplomacy that was bearing fruit among the Orthodox. God – Dad – knew that we had detoured to Chattanooga. He was not happy about it. But He still wanted us to get to the destination as best and safely as we could.

God adjusts His demands, to our benefit, when we mess things up – and when we actually do things right. In these times, God is calling us to stand our post…to do our part faithfully and with fortitude, not to carefully diagnose the splinters in each others’ eyes.

We waited too late for the Consecration of Russia. But God accepted what could be done honorably when we finally got serious about it. Today it looks like a soupy mess – but there have been many benefits and blessings from the 1984 Consecration.

Now that everyone is being called to their stations, it is not the Church which is being called to account for its failure to act in the first half of the last century. It is those of us who want to play Bishop or Pope rather than stand our position who are unwittingly revealing the vanity of our hearts. Take whatever position you want. But you had best act with fear and trembling as you confidently insist that one of the greatest saints and greatest intellects of the last century got it completely wrong and that the seer who delivered the message in the first place got it completely wrong with him. If, after considering the matter you still insist, you had surely better make sure you are standing your position faithfully. For it is not the Church that stands to be judged on this matter now; it has corrected its mistake. It is you who stands to be judged.

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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  1. Gary says:

    This had my wife in tears…………me too.

    The Appalling Benefactress by Charles Huysmans

    To attempt to understand the reason for the existence of sorrow, of this appalling Benefactress, one must go back to man’s beginnings, to Eden, where Sorrow was born the moment Adam became conscious of sin. She was the first-born of man’s work, and, ever since, she has pursued him upon earth, and, beyond the tomb, even to the very threshold of paradise.

    She was the atoning daughter of Disobedience; though baptism wipes out the original stain, Sorrow it is unable to check; to the water of the sacrament she adds the water of tears; she cleanses souls, as best she can, with two substances borrowed from man’s own body, water and blood.

    Hateful, and hated by all, she penalized generation after generation; from father to son antiquity handed down hatred and fear of this torturer; paganism, unable to understand her, made of her an evil goddess whom prayers and gifts failed to appease.

    For centuries she bore the burden of humanity’s curse, and, weary of seeing her work of reparation provoking only wrath and abuse, she too impatiently awaited the coming of the Messiah who should clear her reputation and remove the hateful stigma that was hers.

    She awaited Him as her Redeemer and also as her Betrothed, destined for her since the Fall; and for Him, accordingly, she reserved her passion, until then kept within bounds. For, from the time since her mission began, the tortures she had dealt out were comparatively tolerable. She had to curtail her grievous caresses to suit the proportions of mankind. She did not give free play to herself when dealing with those despairing ones who repulsed and reviled her, when they but felt her hovering near.

    Only on the God-Man did she lavish all that was most exquisite in her armory. His capacity for suffering exceeded all that she had known. She crept towards Him on that awful night, when, alone, forsaken in a garden, He took upon Himself the sins of the world, and, having embraced Him, she gained a grandeur that was never hers till then. So terrible was she that at her touch He swooned. His agony was His betrothal to her.

    She filled His cup with the sole blandishments that were hers to offer—atrocious and super-human torments—and as a faithful spouse she devoted herself to Him and never left Him again till the end. Mary, and Magdalene, and the holy women, were not able to follow Him everywhere, but she accompanied Him to the Pretorium, to Herod, to Pilate. She counted up the thongs of the whips, she made sure that the thorns were prickly, that the gall was bitter, that the lancet and the nails were sharp.

    But when the supreme moment had come, when Mary and Magdalene and Saint John stood weeping at the foot of the Cross, and Christ gave up the ghost, and the Church came forth in floods of blood and water from the heart of the Victim, that was the end. Christ, unmoved, escaped forever from the embrace of Sorrow, but Sorrow was rehabilitated, redeemed, cleared forever by His death.

    As much decried as had been the Messiah, in Him she was raised. Her mission was ratified and ennobled, and, henceforth, she was comprehensible to Christians. Until the end of time she was to be loved by souls appealing to her for help in the expiation of sin, and loved, too, in memory of the Passion of Christ.


  2. Pinecone Jill says:

    Happy New Year Charles of John’s town,
    I tried to think of something poignant to say, but at this hour I shall tip my hat to Burns instead:
    “Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?
    Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne?”
    “For auld lang syne, my jo, for auld lang syne,
    we’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne.
    And surely ye’ll be your pint-stoup! and surely I’ll be mine!
    And we’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne.”
    God’s Blessings be upon thee in the New Year,
    Jill of the Pinecones


  3. BJ says:

    I know its not your piece Charlie but the reference to the Catholic Exchange article serves to point out how western media is not at all balanced and therefore has to be suspect…my questions to tat writer: absolutely no evidence of insight into why Russia might be feeling threatened as US invested 5billion into destabilizing Ukraine….according to Nuland…. why would uncle Sam spend that money? for love of Ukrainians? …. why was John McCain encouraging an uprising against a sovereign govt. in person? why was CIA director dispatched to Kiev shortly after putsch? why were men, women and children standing in front of Kiev’s tanks in Donetsk before bullets started flying?( encouraged by said CIA director) …. did US/NATO really expect that Russia would sit back and allow Crimea,its only warm water access port to become NATO friendly? seriously?! … no, this analysis could have been written by the White House and because of its total absence of balance has to be rejected …. indeed the WhiteHouse is fomenting a war in Europe when the USA would do exactly the same as Russia if say Mexico/Canada were to sign protection agreements with China ….. Russia is behaving in a quite restrained way when you consider the ultimatum that was given to Kruschev by Kennedy over supplying missiles to Cuba… Russia is nervous and not without reason as EU/NATO/US seems intent on forming a block all around its borders


    • charliej373 says:

      It is worse than that, BJ. I think most Americans, including most American policymakers, really did not know Russia would not and could not allow the Crimea to be threatened with loss. Nor do they know of the split between western and eastern Ukraine that has been there since the break-up of the old Soviet Union. It is as if American foreign policy was being made by people with the knowledge and prudential judgment of kindergartners.

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      • CrewDog says:

        “It is as if American foreign policy was being made by people with the knowledge and prudential judgment of kindergartners.” ……………. Yeah!! Since … like … 1945!
        “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
        George Santayana
        Merry New Year!! …. ??


  4. BJ says:

    …. delighted to find someone else who agrees ….. I cannot understand how at least some attempt
    at balance is even attempted by Western media,or why people aren’t clamouring for balance or even organizing ‘stop the war’ marches, because it seems that is what US wants… as much as Putin is not innocent he is not by any means the ‘evil villain’ in this cooked up confrontation…..I don’t believe the people in the WHouse are so blind,stupid and can only conclude that they have a ‘plan’ ….. it stinks and no good will come of it …. Garabandal made reference to return of Communism and that return appears to be being manufactured by US/EU/NATO expansionism under guise of ‘we come in peace …. shoot to kill’ if there’s any resistance to the program


  5. Tarja says:

    I tell you a little story about one consecration of Russia! Later I maybe have more to say about this matter….

    Крестный ход в небе – Cross procession in the sky

    Cross procession in the sky was realized in Russia 14. – 19.6. 1999 along country’s borders. Father Pjotr Vlashenko tells about this event. Starets Nicolay from the island of Zalit had given his blessing to this cross procession and preparations lasted about two years. Details of the route were discussed thoroughly with the Ministry of Defence, Aeroflot and many other organizations. The biggest problem was to get a suitable airplane for this purpose. At first, it was very difficult, but Sergei Mateev, the organizer, participated in cross-procession of Tsar ( Passion-bearer) Martyr Nicolay and got to know about his myrrh-streaming icon. Immediately after he decided to take it to the plane with other icons, sum of money needed for the journey was given by a Russian businessman. So the cross procession could start and they headed first to West.

    On the plane priests read akathist hymns – the first one was to Our Lady Panagia Pantanassa, Most-Holy Queen of All. (It is a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary from the holy and great Monastery of Vatopedi, Mount Athos, Greece. The icon depicts the Theotokos enthroned and holding her son.) At the same time one priest read Gospel and lay people read Psalms. There were 5 priests and 12 lay persons on the plane and they took turns in reading.

    Patriarch of Russia and many famous elders had blessed this journey but it was done in quiet. Not many people knew about it, but always when the plane landed many miracles occurred. For instance in Astrakhan some women working at the airport got honour to witness myrrh-streaming from the icon of Tsar Martyr – as if they presented the whole Russian people. After that journey continued to East: Saratov, Volgograd, Omsk and Novosibirsk, where the icon again leaked myrrh. In Sakhalin in a little village the plane was tanked up and there on the runway akathist to Our Lady was sang again.
    In Anadyr the plane was very popular site to visit : from 9pm to 2am the plain was flooded by people. They just came to see the plane arriving and found many blessings… Next stops were Taimyr and Archangel, where I read akathist to Archangel Michael. The whole trip was very demanding to us priests: we were praying or discussing with people all the time. Angels helped us and gave us more strength to fulfill our duty. When I prayed that akathist I felt enormous blessing which I cannot describe. I forgot everything else, even my family and home, and was filled with the blessed words of prayer, words of mercy.

    One priest on the plane had doubted the sainthood of Tsar Martyr and because of that he got a special confirmation: he – and only he – heard singing of an angel choir in the midst of cacophony of sounds on the plane.

    Over Murmansk we flew back to Moscow and on our way we flew over Solovetsk Monastery. I can testify that at that moment the icon of Tsar Martyr began to leak myrrh and when we left the island behind it stopped. One miracle was shown even on the TV: the icon of Tsar Martyr, which was hang up on the window, was decorated with very beautiful “picture” of ice, resembling a symmetrical star or crown with 12 “rays”.

    You can find pictures of similar cross processions with these key words: крестный ход в россии

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    • charliej373 says:

      Thank you, Tarja. You know, it is striking to me…Vladimir Putin has said the great tragedy of the last century was the fall of the Soviet Union. I disagree….if he had said the great tragedy was the fall of Tsar Nicholas, at least he would have had a contender.

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      • I have always had a devotion to Czar Nicolas since I was a child as my step-grandmother was Russian Orthodox and was in St Petersburg when the revolution broke out in 1917. I almost became Russian Orthodox before I became a Catholic.the Russian Orthodox liturgy and spirituality still appeal to me very much. Thanks Tarja for sharing that story.

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    • ann says:

      Thank you Tarja. Here is something you might find interesting. British mystic Carroll Houselander as a young child (not yet a Catholic) saw in the sky on an ordinary rainy afternoon on her way home in London an icon of a bearded man. She didn’t know who it could be. This person was on a cross. The icon was very beautiful. This was in 1917. She later saw his photo in the paper and identified him as the man she saw in the vision in the sky–Tsar Nicholas. This is told in her book Rocking Horse Catholic. Powerful.

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  6. Tarja says:

    Sorry, the key words were:
    крестный ход в небе
    I have no pictures of this 1999 procession, but these others are interesting, too.


  7. Barbara Dore says:

    I read the diary of the Vatican that Pope Francis will visit Fatima in May, 2017 , after that, he will fly to Russia.

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  8. Tarja says:

    Without commenting, just to show him, Putin, in church….


  9. Fabienne says:

    I came upon your site, felt the need to share this. It was written by me in January of 2011.

    Beyond the darkness there is a light by which men fail to heed, in the darkness comforts of envy abound, treacherous roads, uphill they go, but down the other side they continually fall.
    Yet the light remains searching seeking the countryside, unending never failing, pulling forth from the darkness that pervades all hope.
    those left standing arms outstretched to the light.
    The light will evaporate the darkness and all those who dwell within it, save yet the few whom the darkness did not fool.
    Wicked children do not listen to the voice of reason until unfortunate events bring them groveling on their knees, begging for forgiveness
    What then does a loving father say to his children, how many times did I tell you? How many ways did I show you?
    There is a time to be forgiven and a time to be judged
    lest you should fall so deep into the darkness ignoring the light…
    You shall have your time before he who will judge, before he who will vindicate, before he who will raise up a mighty remnant
    from near and far his voice shall be heard
    In the pits they will grovel and seethe in agony, the voice they had ignored, the voice that they had turned away from now torments their ears, burns as the ashes of death surround
    The remnant being called kneel in oblation of their king.
    This is the word of the lord.
    Jeremiah 16
    RevelaTion 20

    catechism of the Catholic Church 636

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  11. Joe says:

    I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago. The few articles that you have read, I have found to be interesting and many ideas to be consistent or rather pieces of the puzzle consistent with other authors I have read. My reason for replying is as a friend and believer in Jesus Christ to point out my thoughts on the Consecration of Russia. I do not believe the consecration to Russia was completed as intended. The reasoning behind this is not that some how Saint Pope John Paul II got it wrong, but rather that the measure required of the laity and including the religious was not met. St. Pope John Paul the II’s consecration was a stop gap or time extender. St. Pope John Paul II was the seed planter for those who are of maturity today (but youth during his papacy) so that they may weather the storm. In my opinion or discernment St. Pope John Paul II is spiritually connected (and his papacy) to the events we are about to go through. After the storm has cleared we will look back at the events and see clearly the connection of St. Pope John Paul II’s papacy and those events. I believe there will be many correlations between him and the Angelic Pope.
    An example of what I mean regarding the consecration. I am not a plumber but know enough to be dangerous. A few years ago I was working on plumbing for my basement bathroom. To the best of my ability I had put all the piping together and had a functional system. A few days later there were a few connections that began leaking. On speaking with others I realized that I had missed a step in the process. As a result I had to go back and fix those spots. Long story short after I did so I had a good operating system.
    The Consecration by St. Pope John Paul II was accepted by heaven but not in the way that many have been arguing. It is not an indicator that the Consecration was completed as indented. Rather it reflects back to that stop gap. It in its form at that time was what grace allowed due to the fact that the measure given (First Saturdays, prayer, conversion) of the laity and religious did not meet the measure required by God. But God in his mercy allowed the intervention of his Mother (through St. Pope John Paul II performing a consecration of the world) that would give us more time. In my thinking you are right in that the storm will be coming upon us very soon. It is my belief that once it does, Blessed Mother will be reaching out to more hearts and pointing out the need for the measure to be filled. Once that measure is completed then Russia will be specifically Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    Why a specific consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? It is my vague understanding that it is important for spiritual reasons we cannot fully understand but this is the image I have been given. The Devil has issued forth his deceit from Russia (The rise of Communism). It is his worldly throne. The Lord wishes the retaking of the Devil’s base from were he uttered forth his lies to be completed by the Blessed Virgin Mary. “And the woman shall crush your head.”
    St. Pope John Paul’s Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was a temporary plug – given the intervention of Mary and the saintliness of the Pope. But it is only when specifically Russia is Consecrated (by name and in union with the Bishops) that Russia will be converted and become a great victory under Mary’s banner. Why do you think that your vision shows Russia initially as an aggressor and than as an ally. Because no longer will Satan rule from Russia but than Mary shall rule from Russia.
    I have read a few authors like you who provide keen insight into the times we are entering and much of them in theory I agree with, but there are somethings because of our humanness we just don’t see clearly yet.
    We are one in Christ that no man should sow discord among his brethren. I do not point this out as a source of argument (has it, has it not been completed). My only intention is to provide an insight that I have been given but I also acknowledge my inability, I am not above error or reproach.
    When the storm comes it won’t matter so much if we believe or not that the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary has been completed. What will matter is are we are turning our hearts to God and helping to fulfill the measure required by God by our conversion. In my opinion only when the measure has been met than the Consecration will happen quickly and thoroughly as it was originally intended by heaven. God does not require sacrifice and offerings but a pure heart. So too are conversion is more about love of God. Sometimes the only way we can get there is by a purifying storm [fire] that will burn the crust of sin from us. God does not hate nor condemn man. He hates and condemns sin. Those lost to hell are those who reject the fire of the Holy Spirit to free them from sin. The wheat burned in the fire is that wheat that would not allow the chaff to be separated from it. That is why our struggle to overcome sin [in true peace and hope in God’s mercy and love to complete] is most important. It is not by our strength that we overcome but by the power of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the Lord allows us to continue in our failures but this is only so that we humbled may more perfectly seek him and his Grace. He always completes what he starts and that is no less true with the soul and it’s sanctification. If we seek the Lord with a pure and honest heart – if we are honest to ourselves and stumble towards him he will not reject us but one day will raise us up. Love only permits suffering as long as love can bear. It is the Father’s love for us that bears this suffering. When the measure is complete in our soul’s individually than the Father permits no more suffering in that soul. That soul is than quickly scooped up and brought into the Divine Vision. Love covers many sins. And so the simple path to God is that simple love of God and our brothers/sisters and it is that Love [Jesus love in man] that makes the yoke easy and burden light. We are in a time of Jubilee [my interpretation of comments made by Pope Francis in July 2014 {were he reference Pope Celestine V}]. Just because it is not talked about doesn’t make it any the less true. Let us use this time wisely.
    The consecration of Russia when completed will not replace the Consecration completed by St. Pope John Paul II but rather be the perfection and completion of it. When the Consecration is completed we will see most powerfully the saving intervention of our Mother Mary. There will be no doubt that it is she who has acted. And it must be this way for the Lord wills to establish his kingdom on earth. [We are in the beginning phases of this plan – the beginning transformation of the world]. As such the King introduces in a most powerful way his Queen to this earth who is tasked with preparing the world for the return of our King, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    It is my belief also that after the victory of Mary [Oct 2017] than the world will be further purified (from reading other authors approximately two more decades) until the three days of darkness and than a time of peace on the [transformed] earth [as promised by our Lady of La Sallette [25 years of abundant harvest] though I think the 25 years is symbolic. Our generation will pass and several generations later the final purification will take place.
    In my opinion [if you have been introduced to this concept] there are two parts to the tribulation. In this generation we will experience the 1st part. The physical manifestation of the Son of Perdition and than the final transforming of the world to be ready for the return of our King Jesus will not happen till much later in history. In between and more specifically after the 1st tribulation or storm is completed than there will be a time of simplicity, abundance and peace on earth. An image I was given is as if after the 1st part we will be part naked. And the meaning I was given is that Adam and Eve were completely naked and knew not that they were naked – because they were completely innocent before the fall. After the 1st part of the tribulation we will be half naked, meaning a portion of our innocence will be restored. I believe from this will come forth the rise of the Church of Philadelphia who will remain pure and holy even as a remnant during the time of the Anti-Christ which is not for generations to come.
    A statement that I like as a motto for myself [I may be wrong about a great many of things, but about his love [God’s] I am not. Meaning it is the pervasive love of God that fill the very smallest cracks and fibers of our beings and though I am wholly inadequate it is he who completes me and loves me mistakes, errors and all.
    As always no fear – only peace. The Lord does not forget his little children. Our Mother Mary will protect us and most importantly our souls if we but place ourselves under her mantle. I have joy in saying this because though I sense as you speak a storm coming I also see in my heart great miracles and the intervention of Mary. She runs to us and will protect us. To those who receive her she will bring profound peace and joy amidst the storm.
    God bless you.

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    • charliej373 says:

      Joe, welcome to this community. I hope we hear more from you. I can’t say I am confident in the contours of the timeline you lay out in the lost half of this comment, but it was one of the deepest, most profound and insightful meditations I have ever read on the issue of the Consecration of Russia. This was truly a worthy effort. Thank you for sharing it here.

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  12. Jorge Bizarro says:

    Hi Charlie and readers:
    About the Consecration of Russia, many were done and I think St. John Paul did what was at his reach. For the Consecration to be valid (according to precise instructions given to Sister Lucy by our Heavenly Mother on the first half of the XX century) in needs to mention RUSSIA and must be carried out in unison with the ENTIRE WORLD EPISCOPATE. It happens that because of freemasonry infiltration on the Church, cold war, etc many Cardinals and Bishops interested in the ‘Ostpolitiik’ with the East never wanted Russia to be mentioned expressly (I’ve always wondered why the Second Vatican Council failed to produce a document condemning Communism!)…so that was the Consecration he was able to achieve. Even so, it did end the Soviet Union, but Russia is far from being converted as any one can see today. Pope Pius XII did mentioned Russia, but he did the consecration ‘alone’.

    I would like to point to everybody reading this website, that 1917 IS THE CENTENARY of FATIMA and I would like to live you two links (both have content in tune with Charlie’s ministry):
    1 – these are Locutions from Mary, mostly about Fatima and the due Consecration of RUSSIA. It seems to me (from reading them) that the ‘storm’ ahead will convince people inside the Church of the importance of the Fatima Message & Gift to the World. These Locutions are of distinct style and flavour and everything stated there did come to happen, including the 2013 Conclave and the profile of the new Pope. The next Pope will be the one to consecrate RUSSIA, according to these Locutions: http://www.locutions.org
    2 – This interview with this holly polish priest – Father Adam – has a similar content to what you have been dealing with and it centers around the so called ‘Warning’, ‘Second Pentecost’ or ‘Illumination of Conscience’. It has the suggestive title “I have seen the New World”!
    God Bless


  13. janet333 says:

    Exactly what you say claim also Charlie

    “Bishop Hnilica now declares without ceasing that the triumph announced by the Blessed Virgin at Fatima will only be possible if the Catholic and Orthodox Churches are reconciled. In his view, it is there that the profound meaning of the message is to be found. The promise “in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph”



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  15. Rose Drown says:

    Business people have a lot to gain or a lot to lose depending on whether or not Russia and only Russia have or have not been consecrated..half of us are not here thanks to planned Parenthood abortion and birth control abortion..the world’s cowardice and disobedience has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt..we have a world of obscenity, murder, control freaks,fatherless children,drugs, porn, perversion, and spoiled brats ..perhaps some effort could be made in the area of obedience,faith,trust…to stop the horror and turn things around asap in as many places as possible..only seven countries have not legalized abortion..wonder what would happen if the Pope let God have HIS way for about five minutes..does anyone understand that God made the world out of nothing..He is well able to bring world peace if we will recognize that He also has a brain..THE brain. I WONDER IF GOD WOULD FAINT IF THE POPE ACTUALLY DID EXACTLY WHAT God asked of him…


    • charliej373 says:

      Rose, I deleted your other comment with a link to an organization that uses the name of Fatima to justify treating St. John Paul and Sr. Lucia as liars at worst, or ignorant buffoons who did not know what they were talking about. It uses the name of Fatima to justify fomenting disobedience and contempt for the Church and its hierarchy. We don’t go for that here. I have had people give respectful dissenting points of view on these pages, but we do not engage in bitter invective against the Holy Father.

      Beyond that, if you think that you and your compatriots have unique knowledge which gives you license to treat the Lord’s Holy Church and the Vicar of Christ with bitter contempt you need to take care. The Lord, Himself, will disabuse you of your certainty very soon – and you will desperately need the ministry of that Church you so revile right now.

      Liked by 3 people

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  17. Cheryl-Helena says:

    Where do I begin, as a faithful Catholic, to dissect the errors of Charlie? Today is December 30, 2016, and yes the world situation is rough. But, according to this prophet, we are going to face The Storm together, but it will be all over in a year when the BVM rescues us, right on time, because God is so merciful and why should we all suffer terribly? Then there is the embedded Communist John Paul II, as well as the photographs which prove Sister Lucia was replaced by a double after 1960. Tremble, Charlie. Your delusions are disgusting.


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