The Wrath of the Father

wrath of god

(Sorry I have been away a bit. I had a great visit to Nashville earlier in the week and am enjoying my visit to Atlanta, which will culminate with a talk this evening. I will have pictures and some discussion of the Nashville visit up later tonight or in the morning. I am learning as I go how to pace these things. In the future, I will take a full day of down time between travel to cities – both so I can catch up with email and keep current with posting – and to keep the fatigue level down. They were only expecting 20-30 people at the Nashville talk…but 60 showed up. They were wonderful people…and I met a few regular readers here…Cecilia, Kati and Fran. But also, Susan Skinner, who writes the marvelous Veil of Veronica website, is from the Nashville area and came. In fact, the Parish that hosted me is the parish where the Veronica for whom she named her website came from. For now, I have this lovely guest post from our own Ellen Neufeld – who you will know better as EllenChris. Ellen, by the way, is hosting and coordinating my visit to Albany next month. – CJ)

By Ellen C. Neufeld+ FHC

It is becoming more and more obvious to everyone that the world is getting darker by the day. Like the People of Israel in ancient times, we want God to act – to stop the evil and purge the earth of sin. We may find ourselves crying out for the “Day of the Lord” to come swiftly, sooner than soon. But, what is it that we are asking for? We are warned by the Prophet Amos:

Woe to you who desire the Day of the Lord!

Why would you have the Day of the Lord?

It is darkness, not light. . .

. . .Is not the Day of the Lord darkness and not light

and gloom with no brightness in it? (Amos 5: 18 & 20, English Standard Version)

Does this mean that we are to be terrified of God? Should we then prefer to be allowed to get away with our own evil and sins so that we will not suffer under the hand of a wrathful God? Not at all. We need to understand the Wrath of God in its genuine meaning. I would like to offer an experience I had as a child as a little parable to help us to understand what the “Wrath of God” actually means.

When I was about four years old my family lived in a neighborhood where the houses were very close together, separated only by a driveway and a little grass. The family who lived next door to us was large and very noisy. The oldest son was about eight or nine years old at that time, big for his age and a bully. One day for no reason I could ever think of, he grabbed me, threw me face down on the ground and jumped on my back as hard as he could with both his knees. When I got my breath back I ran home screaming and crying, badly hurt. My father went next door and told the boy’s mother (whom we will call, “Mrs. D.”) politely but firmly never to let that happen again.

A week or so later I was out in our front yard playing when Mrs. D. came out of her house with her two youngest children. She learned over them protectively and pointed at me, “Stay away from her!” she hissed. “Ooh, she’s a witch! She’s bad! She’s a witch.”

I was used to grown-ups being truthful, so I pondered this information with some confusion. What did this mean? Very soon after this happened, my father came home from work. I asked him to help me understand: “Daddy, why am I a witch? Am I really bad?”

My father looked shocked. “Where did you get that idea from? Why do you think that?”

Mrs. D. told me I am a witch and I’m bad.”

The look on my father’s face was terrible. He knew I would not make up something like that as a lie. He got up from his newspaper and grabbed my hand. He stomped across the two adjoining lawns with me running to keep up. My strong, calm father was shaking like a leaf; I felt his hand trembling as he held my small hand in his. He roared at Mrs. D’s door, “Come out here!” She came out; my father was furious. This woman had accused his daughter of evil; she had hurt his little girl with a lie. “Don’t you ever, EVER, tell my daughter she’s a witch. Don’t you ever say ANYTHING like that to her ever again!!” Mrs. D. had the good sense not to say anything at all at that point. We stomped back home, and he held me on his lap until we both stopped shaking. My father saved and comforted his child. Whenever I think of the “Wrath of God,” this is the picture which comes to mind.

While excusing itself from any kind of wrong-doing, our culture accuses God of being angry and unfair when He addresses evil with truth. The word, “punishment” has come to be understood to mean the arbitrary and essentially unfair infliction of pain. Punishment is not seen for what it is: the arrival of the natural consequence of evil and the necessary removal and prevention of all that has been hurtful or wrong. It is a kind of breaking of a badly set bone so that it can heal straight and true. A better word than punishment is the word so often used by Our Lady in many of her apparitions: “Chastisement.”

In its root chastisement actually means cleansing or purification. It conveys a sense of discipline for the sake of producing virtue and goodness. Understood in this way, we can see that the intention of the one doing the chastising is the good of the one on the receiving end. Without chastisement wrong choices continue and bad behavior is allowed to flourish. In this circumstance people are hurt and damaged, and even the perpetrators of evil themselves are left to live in darkness and misery. Genuine chastisement, which is the good intention of our Good God, cleanses, purifies and sets right what had been wrong. “For the Lord disciplines the one He loves, and chastises every son whom He receives” (Hebrews 12: 6, ESV).

The Prophet Malachi makes this clear when the people of his time asked, “Where is the God of justice?” by answering, “Who can endure the day of His coming, and who stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like a fuller’s (bleacher’s) soap. He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver. . . and refine them like silver and gold” (Malachi 2: 17 and 3: 2 & 3, ESV). God’s purpose is to cleanse, purify and make things right. He cleanses and heals us so that we can shine brightly.

My father was full of wrath on the day we visited Mrs. D. He showed what was probably the most purely righteous and honorable anger and indignation I have ever seen in my life. A small child had been wrongfully abused by an adult who should have known better, and he was not about to let her get away with it. He set things straight. Neither she nor any of her children ever said or did anything hurtful to me or my family again. The wrath of my loving father protected me, neutralized all threat of harm and just maybe taught Mrs. D. something about parenting. He comforted me and made me safe.

In the passage from the Prophet Amos, quoted above, we also hear: “But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” (Amos 5: 24, ESV). The Day of the Lord is not to be desired out of some kind of perverse glee at seeing all the bad guys get their just due. The Wrath of God is nothing to trifle with; we are warned not to call it down upon others out of our own sense of self-righteousness, thinking that we are exempt. When James and John wanted Jesus to hurl lightning bolts down on a town which had rejected Him, Jesus pretty much told them to calm down and get over themselves. When people ask me about how God might chastise those people who are sinners, I always answer that He will have to start with me. God is not angry at us, but against evil itself on our behalf.

We need to understand that His intention is our greatest good. Throughout the holy scriptures written down by the prophets, God continually invites repentance and offers restoration and healing. Especially in the later chapters of Isaiah we hear over and over again of the full and beautiful restoration that He promises His people. “In overflowing anger for a moment I hid my face from you; but with everlasting love I will have compassion on you, says the Lord, your Redeemer. . . My steadfast love shall not depart from you, and My covenant of peace shall not be removed” (Isaiah 54: 8 & 10 ESV).

I look forward to the day when everyone who repents and turns to God, purified, healed and restored will sit on Daddy’s lap, comforted and safe always.

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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  1. Sarah says:

    EllenChris: A beautiful image of a loving father for us to carry with us in the days ahead. Thank you for that!

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  2. Dawn Walker says:

    My mother was like that. A momma bear who would and did protect us cubs, whenever a situation arose. I attempted with our children to do the same. They called me their momma bear. Lol!

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  3. Mary Ann says:

    thanks for the story. God is angry FOR us, not at us. Even when his anger is directed toward us, it is for us, not at us, as Jesus was angry for the Temple of His Father that had been profaned. We are the Temple of God that sin profanes, and sometimes the Lord gets to work!

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  4. Lily says:

    This explanation was very comforting and encouraging. Well stated…..simply and calming to the heart!

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  5. Mick says:

    Wow, Ellen? Or may I call you “Professor”? 🙂

    Thank you so much for this article. I’ve been trying to explain the wrath of God to my kids, and I think this just might fit the bill. Love, love, love the story about your dad and how he handled Mrs. D. Your father sounds like an incredible man. Out of curiosity, what ever happened to the bully? I hope he didn’t grow up to become prison bait or a wife beater.

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    • Mick says:

      Arggh! I’m such a knucklehead. I meant to put an exclamation point after your name, not a question mark. Sheesh!


    • EllenChris says:

      About five years after this happened, My family moved to a town far away from this area. I have no idea what became of the bully or his family. Over the years I have occasionally prayed for him because — as you said — if something did not intervene to change him, he would not have ended well.


  6. Julie says:

    I agree! This was a beautiful depiction our Father’s Love and Justice. Thank You EllenChris!

    With all that is going on in our world, I have been remembering about my daughter, who came home from kindergarten many years ago sobbing “I am going to China!!” “What do you mean?” I queried. She continued in tears “The teacher said she is going to put us all in a boat and send us to CHINA! Mommy, I am listening to her, but those other kids, they JUST WON’T MIND!!”

    Now days, I hear myself saying the same thing to God. I want His Kingdom to come. But NOT at the expense of so many souls going to hell. So I pray for Mary “to spread the release of grace of her Flame of Love (Jesus!) over all of humanity” (Two Flames Devotion to Elizabeth Kindleman from Jesus).

    I am trying very hard to be persistent with love in heartfelt rosaries aimed at dispersing the clouds of darkness covering this world of souls who have not been told, who were told and forgot, or who just don’t care about the Good News of the Love of an Eternal Triune God willing to do anything to bring us all home into the ERA OF PEACE. I so long for this era and long to serve. I try not to lose sight of the goal line as Paul cautioned, but to persevere in running the race.

    BUT, recently I have been reading on a website called, where a visionary (who has the same spiritual director as Mother Teresa) is receiving alleged messages from Mary which contain some very hopeful news (given that they are true). I wondered if anyone on this site has followed this modern mystic and what your thoughts are about the veracity of what is being written. If it is even slightly reliable, then the latest messages are of more than little note.

    I have summarized for my own sake some of the latest messages and printed them, as they give me hope. I want to have them to read as I imagine my computer/internet browser will be “kaput” in the event of even a small power black out. I have found the comments of those on this website to be solid in the faith and grounded in hope, so will defer to all of you for wisdom and discerment in addressing personal fears. Charlie’s advise is, of course, the most succinct. “Acknowledge God. Take the Next Right Step. Be a sign of hope to your brothers and sisters.

    Here is the summary:

    “Only heaven can save the world and heaven is ready to act. 1. Everything begins within the person, a deep call of faith that purifies and stirs. 2. Then comes a gathering together, a unity that can be brought about by the social media. 3. Then external gatherings, large and open. People of faith begin to see my words coming true. 4. Finally there are signs from heaven which confirm and offer direction. This is the only way in which the whole world will be stirred.

    Do you believe? Then begin now to follow my plan. I will be with you every step of the way. All obstacles will fall beneath my power. All doors will be opened. The light will be brilliant, like the noonday sun. Nothing else will suffice to cast out the impending darkness. What an agenda! No time to delay. While you read this, I was working in your heart. Act upon your good desires. They are my inner lights.

    I am already pouring out this new light. Many are drawn to new devotion to my Immaculate Heart. This is like a little flower which must be carefully guarded because its seeds are meant to blow over the whole world. Even those who are scattering these seeds have no idea of the great powers which they contain. Never before has such a light been given.

    These are the mysteries which I reveal so that my children have hope and know exactly what to do. They must hold on to their devotions, gather with others and prepare for the fire of God. Obey me and I will pour out that fire.

    In this age of darkness, I will use another plan instead of apparitions in various places. No one will be able to block my path of light. Listen closely to what I am doing because the light is at your doorstep. Do not wait for another apparition. They are true and valid but I must act more quickly. Realize this, all the light which usually flows from these sites is now readily available everywhere. I am ready to break through into everyone’s heart, especially your own. The normal ways are stymied and I must create new ways that no one can block.

    So, I must use another plan. This is exactly why I speak. Catholics are used to apparition sites which have strengthened their faith. Even if they have not personally visited there, they have read and heard the stories. The events strengthen their faith. They know that I love them and have visited them.

    Let my light break forth right now, in every heart that believes, in every soul that is reading these locutions. Let the light break forth now. This will be the greatest sign, that all are filled with new light with no need of an apparition.

    The more hearts which receive my gifts, the greater can be the signs and wonders. All must study. All must live with the greatest fervor. All must gather so others can gather with them. I will increase their numbers quickly. I am like John the Baptist proclaiming the coming of new lights to help mankind.

    How can this occur when the rich and powerful use every means to clothe themselves in darkness? I am speaking now of a true redemption of humanity, of a complete breaking of the power of evil over the human race. Grasp this moment. Understand what is taking place. Satan knows and fears me. I am talking about the complete liberation of the human race from evils that have been planted in its soil for centuries. These evils have grown and coalesced. They have claimed more and more of human life.

    Am I not speaking of little victories? Of small battles? Not at all. I am speaking of a complete crushing of Satan’s head and bringing the world into light that has been missing for centuries and centuries. This is where the world stands, on the brink of the greatest darkness or on the edge of total light. I have now revealed to you, dear reader, a deep secret of my Immaculate Heart.

    I cannot hold back my words. They flow from my heart like a mighty river. Every person, every parish, every nation needs to hear my words. I climb the highest mountain and shout from the rooftops that the world is headed into darkness and will continue this path unless it listens.

    I am ready to act. I am ready to release immense light that will change the whole direction of the world. I am ready to act upon the world stage and to raise up those who will be agents of light. This is already happening in Pope Francis and he will be followed by another, my beloved priest son.

    But that is not all. I will flood millions of hearts with new light, encouraging them to act, to speak out, to take a stand and to help. No longer will they be confused or overwhelmed by the darkness that now prevails. This is what I mean by my “little path”, meant only for those who are willing to forsake the roads that world leaders are currently on.

    Light. Light. Light everywhere. Overflowing light, waiting to be poured out if only I can find hearts that would receive and act. I am doing this already. When you see it in others rejoice. When you experience this in yourself, give thanks and seek more and more.

    I refuse to allow this world created by the Father, redeemed by my Son and made holy by the Spirit to fall into unending darkness. The answer is light but the time is short. Extraordinary lights must go forth and extraordinary efforts must be made to receive the light. Powerful lights are needed to reverse this darkness and extraordinary cooperation is needed to receive these lights.

    Comments: Pope Francis is opening the door to Our Lady’s light.

    All must know my secrets. I must cast new light upon the whole world. A new dawn will arise, coming from the West, a surprise of the Spirit, not foreseen or expected, catching people by surprise. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, light springs up. Hearts all afire. Wisdom pouring out. A new generation, born so quickly.

    Where did these come from? They are adults in just a few short years. I cannot wait. I must raise up new generations, quickly.

    The ranks of my priests are sorely depleted. Bishops search everywhere. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a new army arises filled with my lights, called from every way of life. Their hearts plunged into my heart, and sealed with the Spirit who seals me.

    By pouring out light, I will restore the family. Spouses will take up their original promises. When love is restored, the children will flourish and generosity will return to the family.

    I will push back time and restore what used to be. I will beat back the darkness and reclaim the captives bound by their new addictions.

    When, when, when? Right now. This instant. Before your eyes. More important, in your heart and in your home.

    I will visit every home that invokes me. Place my images on your walls and I will purify your homes. Call on my name and I will fill your family with faith.

    Light. Light. Light everywhere. How else can I turn back the darkness

    Who can address these problems that have grown so enormous? If world leaders are helpless, then who can act? If things are bad, who can turn them around? “Come, let us enjoy the good life until the disasters happen. Who knows, maybe nothing will occur.” Such is the thinking of many. Their ears are deaf and their hearts are consumed.

    O reader, are you among them? Is that the way you feel? Or, have my words enlightened you and given you hope. For you, I speak once again. Write these words on your heart. I will save everyone who turns to me. I will protect all who call on my name. Events will come. They will change the face of the earth but the little ones who hear my voice, I will be able to gather.

    By my words, you are beginning to see the extent to which I will go, the greatness of the preparations and the worldwide graces that I will release. The present lights are not enough in the face of the darkness that already is grasping human history. Do not fear. Far more powerful and worldwide lights are already pouring forth. Believe and let nothing steal your faith.

    Julie Greer

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    • SteveBC says:

      Julie Greer, I often read the locutions myself, but the general consensus here at this website is that the locutions are often insightful but may be mostly insightful thoughts of the visionary (I think it’s a man, but nobody knows) rather than actual messages from Mary or Jesus.

      The fact that Monsignor Esseff is involved as the visionary’s spiritual director lends credence to the locutions, at least in my mind, and I have seen some very useful ideas/concepts show up.

      At this point most of us who follow the visionary’s posts consider it questionable as to source but often insightful in useful ways nonetheless. Time will tell if the Church overall should take it seriously as from Mary and Jesus or not.

      Meanwhile, it seems that it is up to each of us to discern its value and keep its information tentative or under reservations.

      I hope that helps.

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    • EllenChris says:

      Dear Julie — in your own comment you said that you very much want God’s Kingdom to come. So do I; so do we all.
      BUT — Just think how much more God wants to give us His Kingdom! His heart aches for us to receive back the fullness of His Goodness and Love in this world. Everything He does is to call us back and prepare us for this. If He did not cleanse us and heal us, His giving of His Kingdom would only make us that much worse because we could only pervert and misuse it. So we need to trust Him to do what it takes to make us ready.

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      • Julie Greer says:

        “So we need to trust Him to do what it takes to make us ready.”

        My confession to God and all of you is that I’m afraid. Daily I ponder the execution of our Beloved JESUS, and see that He is like a skinned sacrificial Lamb, His hair matted with blood and tangled in His crown of thorns. “If you would be my disciples, take up your cross and follow Me. ”

        Even though He never gives more than we can handle, I am certain I would be one of those who runs away. Pray for me that I will stay with Mary at the foot of the cross and tend His broken body, my brothers and sisters in need.

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        • SteveBC says:

          Julie, if you weren’t afraid when contemplating the Storm, I would have to consider you to be nutso. 🙂

          I’m afraid, too.

          However, if you and I do the next right step no matter what, no matter how afraid we are, well, then we will be courageous though we still think ourselves too small for our task.

          People who are never afraid can never experience courage. Just do the next right step, and God will help you take it. Every time. Every step.


        • Mick says:

          God bless you, Julie. I will pray for you. Until fairly recently, I would pray the following prayer whenever I passed by a certain crucifix in my house: “Dear Jesus, when all Hell breaks loose, please help me not to betray or deny you. Please help me remain at the foot of Your cross like Your Mother, St. John, and St. Mary Magdalene did.” Then I would touch the bottom of the cross and kiss Jesus’ feet. It probably sounds corny, but that really did help give me a wee bit of courage somehow. I think it’s natural to be afraid. But if we Trust-Do-Love, our fear won’t get the better of us. Hang in there! 🙂

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          • Julie Greer says:

            Not corny at all to me, rather humble and wise. And, as Steve said, a step at a time works better than taking it all on at once.

            Don’t want to be like those not allowed to enter into the Promised Land because they were too afraid, once they discovered the “land of milk and honey” was inhabited by “giants ” whom they would have to battle for their inheritance.

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          • barb129 says:

            I love that Mick! I’m going to start doing that too…


  7. Jennifer says:

    Ellen, thanks. Well said and much needed. When we lived outside of DC, we used to visit the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. The upper church has a fierce image of Jesus depicting his return as described in the book of Revelations. It scared my kids. I used to tell them, “Jesus isn’t mad at you, He’s mad at sin”.

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  8. Jean says:

    I am in utter amazement of the image at the top. Just this morning at Mass at the elevation of the host, I had to peer at it through the flame of a candle much closer in perspective to where I sat. I wondered at that moment of the significance of seeing God through burning flames, if in some way it was a sign – perhaps of the flame of his mercy. But now I wonder if it signifies the flame of his wrath.

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    • charliej373 says:

      I should note that Ellen provided that image for her article. I loved it and thought it perfect. But that, too was from her, not me.


    • EllenChris says:

      The painting (interestingly enough) is called *Holy Wisdom* by an artist named Fotor. I came across it somewhere on the internet. God sets the world aflame with His Wisdom. It is also reminiscent of the Lord Jesus coming on the white horse to do battle against anti-Christ at the end of the Book of Revelation. I really love it.


      • pineconejill says:

        Um, actually, I think it is called “Sophia—the Wisdom of the Almighty” by Nicholas Roerich. (Fotor is a photo editing site. : )
        You are a good story teller!
        God bless,

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        • EllenChris says:

          Thanks for the information on the picture. Storytelling runs strong in my family. I have a cousin who is a professional story-teller.


  9. Carmelite says:

    EllenChris, so beautifully written. The reminder of the meaning of ‘chastisement’ really touched my heart. Thank you.

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  10. Mary says:

    A wonderful analogy of the loving protection God gives us. Why do we hold back from complete and total trust in Him? Why do we hesitate to allow Him to help us and guide us? Help us to be Your little children, Lord, keeping our hand always in Yours and smiling up at You as we walk together.

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  11. Right on target! I loved the story–how well it illustrates our Abba.

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  12. Kati says:

    This is really beautiful, EllenChris……and so faithful to Truth. It’s still so amazing that our Abba loves us so completely that He will do everything possible to reform our souls from disorder to order in His great love and mercy. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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  13. Diane (mommato9) says:

    I think of God’s chastisement as a single sword with two edges…justice and mercy. Both are the same sword. He chastises us with the SOLE purpose of having us return to Him, which is also His abounding mercy. It is not to punish, as you say, EllenChris, but to restore.

    Perhaps it could also be thought of as a scalpel which removes the disease with the purpose of healing us and making us whole. We often times are so infected we can’t see the effects the disease is having on us but The Kind and Good Physician removes the rotting, wounded flesh to restore us and give us life.

    So, so many people are suffering deep and severe, even fatal, wounds caused by sin, their own and that of others. Such wounds can only be healed by God’s love and mercy and thus, He brings the Storm to cut away the disease of sin and make us whole. In fact, He longs to renew us in such a way that makes us more whole and more beautiful than we can imagine now! While I do not desire the suffering of the Storm, I long for the healing God’s grace will bring in my life, that of my family, and so many others.

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  14. Irish7 says:

    Thank you Ellen. Lovely.

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  15. jaykay says:

    “The Wrath of God is nothing to trifle with; we are warned not to call it down upon others out of our own sense of self-righteousness, thinking that we are exempt”

    EllenChris: thank you profoundly for that, because for the last month or so, since that disastrous (and I use that in full knowledge) referendum on gay “marriage” here in Ireland I think – no, I know – that I have been living in a state of almost, at times, poisonous anger against my brothers and sisters who have willingly permitted it to happen. And yes, almost willing the judgement to come, but, if I’m honest, more to confirm my own “righteousness” than to convert them. “Hah, that’ll show you!”. Well, it’ll show me. Show me up, that is. And I am not ready, not by a long mile. I’ve forgotten they are my brothers and sisters, in fact, and if outwardly I’ve been acting almost as normal, inwardly I’ve been – yes – hating. Not good. Bit of a whitened sepulchre, full of rot inside. So you’ve reminded me, as ’tis said here: “trust (in the Father’s mercy), do (His works of mercy and daily duty) and love (nothing in parentheses needed about that, but probably the most demanding. For me anyway, right now 😉).

    Blessings to all, J.

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    • charliej373 says:

      Jaykay, in Nashville I met a 32-year-old Irish musician. I listened to one of his pieces (he does some traveling as a back-up singer, but also writes his own stuff – he is at the beginning of his career). It was entitled “Not Alone.” Oh, it was marvelous! Very Celtic – and good American Country. He drove me around one afternoon and we got to visit at some length. (He is an immigrant from Ireland – when I Irish, I mean Irish). The situation hurt his heart. I told him that it is open apostasy, but that some of the clergy and leaders in Ireland were strikingly venial in the way they ignored what was obvious – and I thought that in large part, the people were hurting, the pain of betrayal…but that ultimately they would find their way. His eyes lit up and he said he thought that was it exactly. He said the Catholic faith is in their blood, in their bones, part of their identity from childhood in a way we in the States could not understand because it is not our experience…that while 90% of the clergy he knew growing up were wonderful, it hurt enormously to realize that even many of them knew what was happening, but did not defend the faithful…and the hurt and feelings of betrayal are enormous.

      I hope to get a link up soon of his wonderful, unique, original music.

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      • jaykay says:

        I would indeed love to hear that,Charlie. Thank you. It’s heartening to know that a younger person like that could have such a profound insight, because he really only came to maturity when the Church in Ireland was already beginning to be attacked and discredited (helped in no small way by its own fifth column). I think he’s right, actually, but Lord it’s tough right now, waiting for reality to dawn and people to wake up from their death-stupor. As Mr Dog says: God bless all here. J.

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    • ann says:



    • Dave says:

      I imagine the news of the balcony collapse in Berkley California was as big there as it was here. I found it to be a sad parable for what has transpired there with that vote. Young Irish kids standing on what was thought to be a solid stable platform, only to have it collapse and dump them to their demise. So it is with so many Christians following malformed consciences and actually standing on unstable ground. I pray that they all made it to Jesus warm loving embrace, and the same for many who will enter this Storm not knowing the real Jesus.


  16. EC, thanks for this. There’s nothing like a good parable and I’m sure everyone can relate.

    It reminded me of something similar from my childhood. My older sister was being bullied by a couple of rascals down the street, and since my father wasn’t home from work yet, I marched down the street and bit them both. Well, I was only six after all, and didn’t have the presence of mind to try my words first. They ran into their house crying with a matching pair of welts and that was the end of that. Sure, it got the job done, but I felt bad about it for a long time after that. I think my Mom might have spanked me too, but she couldn’t actually bring herself to make it hurt.

    Moral of the story: Wait on Dad, and thank God for Mom.

    God Bless,


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  17. Julia says:

    That is a lovely testimony of your father protecting you as a child EllenChris.

    I don’t know if I should share this with you. But I think God works in other ways when there is a lot of sin going on. Of course in the end if people don’t repent it will come down to more and more degeneration which in the end will force Gods’ hand to protect the generations of innocent souls being born into a cesspool of sin.

    What I want to share with you happened about 3 years ago now.

    One night I had a dream. In the dream, I realised the Lord was standing over me with a chalice in His hand.
    I say ‘The Lord’ deliberately because for some reason I thought it was the Father, not Our Lord Jesus as would seem to make sense to me. I did not look at His face, only at the chalice and the area of His arms as He held the chalice out to me.

    He offered me the chalice, as we would receive it in Communion, and I knew I did not have to receive it. I took the chalice, and when I looked inside, it was about one quarter full of BLOOD! I did not want to take a sip, that is all I can say; but the thought came to me that He would be hurt or let down if I refused to take a sip. For that reason alone, I closed my eyes and took a sip so as not to offend Him. And that was the end of the dream. That was about May of that year.

    About 6 or so weeks later, I got flu like symptoms which went on for the rest of the summer, and I never connected the dots. By that I mean, I never connected the dream with the illness. By the September of that year I was still feeling unwell but went on a Pilgrimage to Medjugorje. I thought the break from work would do me good. I was unwell the whole time, and when I came back, the first day back at work, my boss told me to go home and see a doctor.

    The end of the story is ongoing, I never recovered from the illness I now live with; although now in remission, fatigue and lethargy will be my companion for the rest of my life. Or so the medical consultants say.

    I know this is something to do with being a Christian. I can confirm now it is not to do with saintliness or holiness. It is to do with being a Catholic and having a Cross. Hopefully it will save my sorry soul, and if it pleases our Good God, it might assist in saving others as He sees fit. In the meantime we take the next right step, Trust God and love those we meet. Until we get our wings.

    I think there must be others out there like me who are carrying crosses to keep Gods Mercy flowing while more souls turn back to God before it is too late.

    Liked by 3 people

    • A Quiet Person says:

      I think there are others carrying crosses in a special way, maybe more so now than before because of the dire, immediate situation facing so many souls. Some of these people we can see and gain encouragement from as we witness their faithfulness to God in spite of their painful situations. I can think of many inspiring people here on this site who have shared their stories with such strength and courage. I think most though who are carrying these special crosses for our times are hidden, living quiet, ordinary lives. I agree that it does not have to do with saintliness or holiness. It has to do with a person’s willingness, in spite of weaknesses or lack of saintliness.

      Liked by 2 people

  18. Dionna says:

    Wow-EllenChris-what a perfect illustration of God the Father’s love for us! Thank you so much for sharing this story and putting “The Wrath of God” into such clear perspective.. A good one for fathers day as well-I hope you don’t mind if I share this with friends and family?

    I have learned many a lesson on God’s love from my experience as a mother. No doubt He intended it that way. In His image we are.

    I do hope and pray with all my heart that when Our Heavenly Father “Chastises” mankind sometime soon, even those who are steeped in the deepest trenches of darkness-for whom our mothers heart weeps most I am sure-will be made whole again in that “Flame of Love” ! May not a single soul be lost. May all of our prayers bear such incredible fruit – for our families, our friends and our enemies!

    Thank you to Charlie and everyone who posts here-I cannot put into words how much your thoughtful contributions and inspirations have helped me! How many times my exact thoughts and feelings are so perfectly expressed. I read and pray with you every day. I can actually feel the light and authentic love that is very generously shared. We truly are becoming what Jesus prayed for. “One”.

    Although few in my life-including most of my family – really grasp the situation-the perilous times we are in and the storm ahead-I do not feel alone. It won’t be long before they will “see” and because of you I will be better prepared to be a sign of hope so we can all take the next right step together.

    Liked by 4 people

  19. Anne says:

    Ellenchris…….. Thank you! Just before reading this I was pondering the human will. Like a horse which needs taming and disciplined……. I sense that is what The Lord is doing. How sin disrupts …… Harmony is broken. Like an out of tune orchestra The Lord is bringing us into order and harmony, conformity and union.
    I listened to Father Iunuzzi……… He spoke of Adam in Union with God and cosmos so all his actions done in the Divine Will brought all praise for God on behalf of all creatures. Sin broke that and now The Lord wants creatures to return to this way.
    So The Lord purifies,heals and all is returned back to proper order.
    So thank you so much for sharing this.
    Wild horses ,,,,, methe most……. Need to be broken and tamed! Then the Holy Spirit can blow through the hollow flutes.
    Sorry…. Mixed imagery ….. Just trying to express without body language , voice inflection etc. I prefer ” live” conversation!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. SteveBC says:

    Thank you, EllenChris. An enlightening and cautionary story.

    I always remember Saint Faustina’s comment in her journal about seeing her soul as God sees it and being struck with how many imperfections she had. When I think of the coming events, I counsel myself to be careful what I wish for, because I’m quite sure I will see many more imperfections in myself than Saint Faustina had in herself. A daunting thought indeed.

    Despite the fact that I am sure I will be among the many who are to be chastised, I still am getting tired of the corruption and will be disappointed if the Old System does not die and soon.

    It is a conundrum wrapped in paradox.

    Liked by 7 people

  21. waitingNwondering says:

    EC, I agree with the others; what a great story!

    It reminds me though, of something that happened to me a few years ago, that was a denial of the idea that God disciplines. A priest I know (now retired) actually REFUTED the idea.

    I remember walking away from that conversation thinking:

    1) He may not understand the concept (the way EC presents it).


    2) His mindset was one of “Church teachings will always be filtered through the lens of MY priesthood.”

    Don’t know which it was, but it would be good to see some reference to the concept of divine discipline in the Catechism. Anybody?


    • EllenChris says:

      In too many seminaries, many priests-in-training are fed bad, wrong ideas by their professors. The climate of these recent years also permits people to substitute their own half-baked (or totally raw) ideas for the Truth of the Faith. Priests should know better, but often they have not been given a clear sense of their responsibility to teach the Faith, not their own opinions. I am not at all excusing this behavior, just pointing out that it has a source, and the ultimate source is from the pit. God is going to sort us out and show us His Truth — and soon is not soon enough.


  22. Michelle says:

    I love your Daddy story, EllenChris. Those were the days when the good people weren’t afraid to stand up to evil. Now, we pray, pray, pray for the evil people but are “afraid” to confront them. Essentially, aren’t we saying, “Lord, Lord, please confront the evil for us?” That can’t be good in His eyes. That’s my next confession. My fear!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Dan Lynch says:

    Chastisements, also known as punishments or judgments, are acts of God’s love to correct our consciences and to bring us to repentance, reconciliation and peace with Him. It is not vengeance that God exacts, but just punishments sent by Him, or by others or by natural forces, and allowed by Him, in order to help sinners to convert.

    Many people believe that a God of love cannot chastise us, but Our Lady of Fatima prophesied World War II and said that said that wars are punishments for sin.

    The King of Love prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem and that not a stone upon a stone would be left there because they did not recognize the path to peace. (See Luke 19:41-44; 21:5-6; 20-24).

    This prophecy was literally fulfilled and Jesus’ prophecy of “A Wrathful Judgment” came in the year 70 A.D. through the Roman General Titus who destroyed Jerusalem and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

    Chastisements may be mitigated (lessened in severity) or averted (turned away or avoided), if people respond to God’s warnings. History shows that heeding the call to repentance is critical. At the preaching of Jonah, Nineveh (ancient Iraq) repented and was spared its chastisement. (See Jonah chapter 3).

    The purpose of God’s chastisements is not destruction but re-construction. He wants to bring us to repentance and conversion to Him and His divine mercy of the forgiveness of our sins. Chastisements are not to consume us, but to purify us. They are not to condemn us, but to redeem us.

    Jesus King of All Nations said that He must chastise us “in order to save the greater number.” Chastisements are not an end, but a chance for a new beginning. We can bring this new beginning through His prayers, His medal and the sacraments of Confession and Eucharist.

    Jesus King of All Nations prophesied the chastisement of the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 26, 2004 that killed over 230,000 people in fourteen countries. (Journal 310-313). It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.

    Five years later, the Haitian earthquake struck on January 12, 2010. It killed almost 100,000 people, injured about 220,000 and made at least 1.5 million people homeless with 250,000 residences and about 30,000 commercial buildings severely damaged.

    Jesus King of All Nations gave a consoling message five days after this devastating tragedy that explained the sacrifice of the Haitians and why He allows such natural disasters.
    He said, “Their sacrifice will not only help to secure their salvation but will also call down My Great Mercy upon their nation and the world. I allow such things in nature to serve My Divine Plan of Love, to help awaken the consciences of souls and thereby to turn their hearts and minds to Me, their God and Savior and also to allow them to participate in My Redemptive Act by sharing in My sufferings. I tell you though, sorrows, such as these and yet greater hang over the nations of the world because of the enormity of sin and outright denial and even hatred of Me, the One True God. If you do not convert and return to me I will punish you My children because I love you and wish to correct you.” (Journal 351-353).

    Jesus respects our free will and leaves the choice to us to accept or reject both His admonition and the gift of His Devotion. In His message of June 6, 2011, He said:
    “Embrace My devotion of Jesus, King of All Nations for it is a great Mercy given by your God for these most perilous times. Contained within it are gems of all-manner of grace given through the mediation of My Immaculate Mother. Graces of forgiveness, healing and renewal of minds and hearts. Why are My people not taking advantage of this gift of Mine?
    Let this be done. Let My gift be accepted with faith and great confidence in My Kingly Mercy and Divine Generosity. Where is your faith oh My people? You bind My hands through your lack of faith.
    Yours is the choice. I leave you free to accept or reject both My admonition and My gift.” (Journal 376-379).

    My daughter said that I should not give links to my Apostolates’ website. She said that it would annoy some of the commenters. However, I told her that this is not commercialization, but evangelization, not about money but about mercy. I told her that God gave us the tools to give people hope and that if anyone offered me a link in an attempt to help me, I would be grateful.

    So, at the risk of annoyance to some commenters and in the hope that some of you might be grateful and if I can get this past Charlie, I am providing a link to my book, Chastisements – Preparation and Protection Against Them.

    Perhaps someone may receive some hope from the prayers and promises of Jesus King of All Nations who has given us His own tools of His devotion; His prayers and His promises for protection against chastisements. Here’s the link:

    “In the shadow of your wings I take refuge
    till the storms of destruction pass by.” (Psalm 57).

    Dan Lynch Apostolates promoting devotion to
    Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus King of All Nations,
    Our Lady of America and Saint John Paul II
    Visit our website at
    E-Mail Us at
    May Our Lady of Guadalupe keep you under the mantle of her protection and
    may the Reign of Jesus King of All Nations be recognized in your heart!

    Liked by 5 people

    • EllenChris says:

      No annoyance here, Dan. Chastisement is a real actual kindness especially to those who are perpetrating the evil. They – we all – need to be waked up and saved. It is not kindness to let people just go along in their sin into perdition. So our good Lord Jesus is continually trying to get through to us, Himself and through His holy Mother. But, we also need to remember that on the other side of the Chastisement is the Era of Peace and Joy. So, Mara natha! Come Lord Jesus!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dan Lynch says:

        Yes Ellen,God’s love is like a coin with two sides, mercy and justice and justice is actually the ultimate exercise of divine mercy.

        I believe that we all should be living now as if we were already in the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima, with total trust and abandonment to divine mercy and providence.

        In Christ,


        Liked by 1 person

    • Mary W. says:

      Thank you Dan for your post including the links. Much appreciated. I had practiced the devotions to Jesus King of All Nations in the early 1990’s and stopped when I heard they were not recognized as authentic. Much time has passed I realize, and I have not kept track of the status of this devotion. But your writings have renewed my interest especially in light of Charlie’s visitations. Perhaps you can enlightenment me further regarding the current status of the devotion. Thank you and God Bless you Dan.


      • Dan Lynch says:

        The original revelations of the Jesus King of All Nations Devotion contained in the Journal were granted the Nihil Obstat that is a declaration that they were free from doctrinal and moral error. Jesus revealed that the Devotion is a companion devotion to the devotions to the Sacred Heart and to Divine Mercy.

        Bishop Enrique Hernandez Rivera D.D., Bishop of Caguas, Puerto Rico, granted the Nihil Obstat on August 15, 1993. The Bishop said that he recognized “the need to foster more devotion to Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, True King of All Nations.”

        After alleged private revelations have been said to contain nothing contrary to Catholic faith or morals, the faithful are authorized to prudently believe in them (without obligation), and they may be published.

        The revelations of the Devotion are confirmed by many graces of conversion, healing and protection. No Bishop or other Church authority has condemned the revelations or issued a negative judgment on them.

        Mary, I hope that you renew your practice of the Devotion.
        In Christ,


    • Barbara Dore says:

      Dan, Is it approved by Our Catholic Church? Divine Mercy Devotion is fully approved by Our Catholic Church by Pope John Paul II …


  24. JG says:

    Julie you said,”I am trying very hard to be persistent with love in heartfelt rosaries aimed at dispersing the clouds of darkness covering this world of souls who have not been told, who were told and forgot, or who just don’t care about the Good News of the Love of an Eternal Triune God willing to do anything to bring us all home into the ERA OF PEACE. I so long for this era and long to serve. I try not to lose sight of the goal line as Paul cautioned, but to persevere in running the race.”

    A wise priest once told me – try not to take on too much- especially in multiple devotions. If you take on too much you get distracted & discouraged, then don’t do well what the Lord puts in front of you for you to do today.

    You are doing much with your prayers. Don’t let the evil one distract you. You’ll know each day if God wants more of you on that day.

    Just meant to be encouraging!
    May God bless you,

    Liked by 1 person

    • connie says:

      Words of wisdom. Charlie has also reminded us of that in the past. I also seem to remember hearing that recently but at the moment it escapes my memory just where I heard it,but the jist was that although there are many worthy endeavors, we cannot say yes to all of them because it would not be possible to carry out each one well and with fidelity.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Julie Greer says:

      You know, you’re right. As I read your post, I heard God saying to me through your appreciated advice “Quit trying so hard! Take your eyes off your praying. Rest your head on My heart. Hear My heartbeat, know My love. The rest will come in My time, just as the seed comes up in the farmer’s field without notice. Suddenly there’s growth everywhere and all took place without you pushing or pulling or ‘trying'”.
      Thank you.

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  25. Maria says:

    Ellen, your beautiful story of your father’s protection illustrated also for me your own trust in your Dad. You trusted him enough to share your hurt, your confusion and your dilemma. Having your trust your Dad took action. I think all too often, at least I know it is true of myself, we lack complete trust in our Heavenly Father.
    When I think of the Wrath of God, I think of it as God’s remarkable respect for our free will. He allows us to say “no” to His will, and he also allows us to reap the consequences of having our own will done. We are punished by our own deeds and sometimes we are also punished by the deeds of our brothers and sisters or our governments, etc. But, it is, I believe, because we have always gone astray from trusting in Him and have not obeyed His will..

    Liked by 1 person

  26. L says:

    This was such a good story. It reminded me of how I suddenly developed that capacity for righteous, shaking anger after I became a mother and someone had hurt one of my children.

    I will be turning that phrase over in my mind ” He is not angry at us, but for us”
    Beautiful in its’ truth. Somehow, I’ve sensed that too, but even though a writer, had never put that into words.

    Yet, still, just as your father’s shaking anger (albeit righteous) caused you to shake also even though it was not directed at you. In the storm, we will all shake but then our Father will comfort us.

    Julie, I’ve been reading those messages too and have been recording segments in my prayer journal be they give me hope and joy. I pray to the Holy Spirit to alert me if they are false or delusional messages. So far, just peace and no warning.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Mary W. says:

    Thank you EllenChris for this dear story and reflection. Somehow it seems appropriate for Father’s Day. How I wished to have a father like yours while growing up. He passed when I was 6 years old. I, and others growing up without a dad, could have used a father to defend us when we were bullied. And bullied I was. But then Christians have always been bullied, or persecuted, haven’t they? We are suppose to accept that as a given, correct? In retrospect I realize that I was protected by heavenly intercessors many times during my life and I am alive to thank God for His protection and love, especially when I was least worthy. St. Joseph receives my gratitude in a special way.

    I look at how we Christians are bullied at every turn today and I shutter. We still have our heads on however and hope we have the strength and courage to fight as we must in the battles ahead. I am gaining courage through many avenues now. Not the least this blog and those listed along with it. We know a greater chastisement is on the horizon. He has prepared us for the battle hasn’t He. Oh that we remain worthy and loving soldiers through it all and ultimately meet on the other side.
    A Blessed Father’s Day to all!

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Katherine Bailey says:

    You certainly had a great Dad Ellen. As I read this on Father’s Day it brought back many memories of my own Father, gone for more than 50 years now, but never forgotten. Thanks..!!

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