Without the Holy Spirit We Accomplish Little in Ourselves and Others

This is a piece by Anthony Mullen, director of the Flame of Love Movement in the U.S. He has been sending booklets on it to be given away on my visits. Henceforth, they will be drop-shipped to each city so some are available, as we were wiped out in Nashville. Attendance has been a little more than I expected.

Alas, Fr. Daniel Reehil of St. Edward’s in Nashville, told me some glitch caused their videotaping to produce all video and no audio. Their IT guy can’t figure it out – as they routinely videotape things. I really would have liked you to hear Susan Skinner – Veil of Veronica’s comments, but such is life. I’m pretty sure the videotape from Atlanta was okay…and we will have a video of Ft. Lauderdale available later in the week.

Yesterday at Mass I prayed for inspiration on the Pope’s Encyclical – and got it. I need to have a little quiet time to get it down properly. I am in transit to Ft. Lauderdale today and will be very busy tomorrow…but if I get a few moments, I will have it up tonight. If not, it will be up Wednesday.

For now, enjoy Anthony…and thank you for the wonderful reception I am getting as I travel around this great country. I can tell you from Nashville and Atlanta, take heart…you are not alone!

The Divine Antidote

Once when Elizabeth Kindelmann (www.flameoflove.us) was speaking with a very intelligent person, who did not understand the messages of Jesus and Mary about the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Elizabeth stated: “I frequently pray using the Blessed Virgin’s words, and I ask the Holy Spirit to enkindle light in those who have heard the messages.” She then added this key insight: “I felt that what I said (to that person) did not come from my natural powers.”

This is a critical piece of Wisdom that we must be convicted of and seek to meditate on now and until we believe we have absorbed this Wisdom through our daily mental prayer. The Wisdom flows directly from one of the most important insights in all of Holy Scripture:

“No one can say Jesus is Lord, except by the (power of) the Holy Spirit!”

Blessed Pope Paul VI in…

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About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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21 Responses to Without the Holy Spirit We Accomplish Little in Ourselves and Others

  1. Julia says:

    Amazing article Anthony.

    I have been using the prayer recently made available through Flame of Love;
    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners; spread the effect of Grace of thy Flame of Love over all of humanity now, and at the hour of our death, Amen.

    To be honest, I find it a tongue twister, I can’t feel the words coming from my heart, just words.

    I hope that the effect of this prayer is not impeded by my inability to get my head around it, in the same way as for example when we use Latin or when we hear of people speaking in tongues. Holy Spirit knows what it means even when we don’t.

    I had already some years ago come across the Flame of Love devotion, and I understand it was said it was not correctly shared.
    The prayer I learned some years ago which has always flowed easily with me, I also use and it is;
    Oh Flame of Love in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, please fill the whole world with your Immaculate Hearts Flame of Love.

    Thank you Anthony for your dedication to this beautiful devotion. I have read that the first prayer above blinds the satan, and that is always a good plan. So I keep using the prayer. I say it once between the decades of the Rosary. I tried to use it in the decades; but it extended my Rosary way past an hour, and my concentration was lost on the mystery each time. I find it easier to say once between the decades.


    • Matthew says:

      I, too, have found this interpolation to the Ave to be a bit confusing. I understand that there is a distinction between a grace and its effect. These are two things. As the original full post by Anthony observes, one can receive the grace of Baptism and Confirmation and yet the effect of those Sacraments can remain dormant or inactive for various reasons. (The popular expression for this is that a person may be “sacramentalized but not evangelized.”) This prayer seems to pray only for the EFFECT of the grace but not for the grace itself. Since one can possess a grace without experiencing its effects, can one have an effect, that is an external observable behavior / outcome, without the grace?? I wonder if this is a translation issue from the original Hungarian.
      I admit that this has been a stumbling block to my taking seriously the Flame of Love devotion. Since private revelation is not necessary to our salvation, I tend to have a high standard for accepting their authenticity. The lack of theological clarity here stands, for me, as a cause for caution.


  2. June1 says:

    That glitch probably wasn’t a coincidence. :S

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    • charliej373 says:

      Ha! Fr. Dan thought the devil was getting in a lick, too, since it was so productive. I don’t know why the devil bothers – for if it was him he knows that sort of thing only encourages me. I love it when I tick him off!

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  3. Chris says:

    Thank you Anthony and Charlie for this article.Last night after reading the bible together, my husband and I were talking about our failure to evangelize our children and others properly because we loose sight of the fact that it is the Holy Spirit doing the work. The second we believe in our own abilities we are sunk.Anthony, you have articulated it so beautifully in this piece, I can’t wait to show it to my husband.

    Special thanks to all who comment here for helping us learn how to grow in our journey toward Jesus and to Charlie for giving us hope.

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    • Mary W. says:

      Did not Jesus say to His Apostles : Without me you can do nothing.

      It only follows that without the Holy Spirit we can do nothing.


  4. EllenChris says:

    Thanks very much for this lovely article, Anthony — much appreciated.

    I am posting this information here for all the folks who have been inquiring. Further details can be found on the Forum.

    Vermont event — I still do not have any information at all, but I expect to get some later this afternoon when I hear from the person who is organizing that part of Charlie’s trip.

    Albany, NY area:
    Charlie will be arriving here in Scotia — Glenville Township — NY late afternoon July 28.

    On Wednesday July 29 we will be having open gatherings here at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 50 Sacandaga Road (State Route 147) at 2pm and 7pm. We are just on the other side of the Mohawk River from Schenectady about 20 west of Albany off the NYS Thruway — Interstate 90.

    If you have any questions, please let me know here or at EllenChris3@outlook.com or check in at the Forum. Many blessings to all.


    • Judith says:

      EllenChris, Thanks for the reminder about the forum. didn’t try to sign up initially because of all the troubles people were having – then forgot about it. Have registered and awaiting confirmation.


  5. mirrose says:

    The first national conference of “The Flame of Love” is being held this coming weekend in Philly. Several of my Flame of Love prayer cenacle/gathering will be attending. The main intention of this now so necessary movement is “to blind Satan”! We want the “effects” of this great grace to be realized in all of humanity.


    Here in the U.S. we’ve only been 30 years late in spreading this devotion. What a sudden pick up….obviously the Holy Spirit is moving. So very necessary for these times which are short and for a world in peril as never before.


  6. Judith says:

    What a great and powerful article. Thank you. I was moved to read several other postings on your web site. It was if the Holy Spirit was saying: Pray attention to ME. [yes, pray] When I checked my email I found a blessing from a couple who operates the Pray More Novenas web site. It was for the intercession of St Mother Theodore Guerin . I think I have found a new intercessor.

    This was the beauty of her life: founded Sisters of Providence of St Mary of the Woods, ID
    Faith in God’s Providence
    devotion to prayer
    worked in education, established St Mary of the Woods College
    respect for nature
    defending justice and advocating nonviolence
    caregiver of the sick and dying

    Definitely open to the Holy Spirit. Must have been an early follower The Next Right Step.

    FYI: Prayer of Intercession . St Mother Theodore Guerin, valiant woman of God, intercede for us in our needs. Implore for us through Jesus, the Christ, the gifts of a living faith, abiding hope and steadfast charity so that through a life of prayer and service to others we may aid in promoting the Providence of God among all people. Amen


  7. donna says:

    Thank you Anthony….this is wonderful!


  8. Mary-Louise says:

    I am eager to hear your insight into the Pope’s writing on the environment, Charlie. I am deeply confused after reading reports on it!

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  9. Bea Velez says:

    Could you please please tell me where in Fort Lauderdale are you going to be?


  10. maryj says:

    Charlie,I am watching women of grace on ewtn,there is a priest on by the name of Fr. Joseph Esper….he quoted a man he knows that was at one time a potical advisor….it was totally you! The qoute ” never let a political crisis go to waste”….he is speaking about everything we speak about here! I just keep thinking…he is one of Charlies priests!


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