Gone From My Sight


Ordinary Miracles

(I have been keeping very busy. I hope to have a meaty post up tomorrow afternoon. Certainly, come the weekend I will spend the next week catching up with the posts and my sadly neglected email. In the meantime, I have this lovely little piece from our reader, Rosemary. It touched me because, when my Mother died, this poem was what most consoled my father. Alas, Rosemary sent a lovely picture a family member drew that fit this story nicely…but in a format I can’t copy. If you send me pictures to accompany an article, please send it under separate cover or a I may not be able to download it. We had over a hundred people at the Ft. Lauderdale meeting tonight…and I have toured several magnificent spots where people are working nearly unheralded to be a sign of hope. I will write about many of them as I catch up – CJ)

By Rosemary

In memory of our wonderful mother, Kathleen, otherwise known as Nana to many who loved her…

When Nana’s final journey began at the hospital in April, Maggie and her fiancé, Alex, came home to be with her. Within a day or so, Alex drew on her board in the hospital room the picture to the right. I found myself looking at it so very many times over the next days and nights and smiling….

A book on dying was recommend to me by hospice nurses a few days later. It was read through shortly before mom’s death and when the last page came containing the poem, at the top of this page, my heart leapt. The picture Alex had drawn was the poem in picture form…down to the drawing of the same ship…and no, he hadn’t any knowledge of the book.

As a side note, Maggie related that a song kept going through her head during those last days with Nana. It turned out to be the melody from a favorite movie of hers and of Alex—The Lord of the Rings… and she wasn’t aware of any lyrics…she only knew the melody (played at the end of the movie). After researching the song, she found there were indeed lyrics …they were found to be about a ship sailing to new shores with good souls aboard and out of harm’s way…just like the poem…a beautiful gift!

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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21 Responses to Gone From My Sight

  1. Mary Watts says:

    Beautiful! 😊


  2. Nancy D says:

    What a beautiful story. God is so GOOD!
    I have been blessed to be present for the journey home for several of my loved ones, and every one of them speaks to me of God’s loving attention to detail, his gracious help in time of need and his promise to be with us to the very end. St. John Paul II said it well: “Be not afraid!”


  3. jnursester says:

    The song is “Into the West” sung by Annie Lennox. The yearning for Heaven in it, moves me to tears whenever I re watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tolkien wrote, in one of his letters “my Catholicism is woven into every thread of all that I write; it is what I am and what I am is in all my books”. Judy Johnson, Wolfforth, TX USA

    Lay down
    Your sweet and weary head
    Night is falling
    You have come to journeys end
    Sleep now and dream
    Of the ones who came before
    They are calling
    From across the distant shore
    Why do you weep?
    What are these tears upon your face?
    Soon you will see
    All of your fears will pass away
    Safe in my arms
    You’re only sleeping
    What can you see on the horizon?
    Why do the white gulls call?
    Across the sea a pale moon rises
    The ships have come to carry you home
    And all will turn to silver glass
    A light on the water
    All souls pass
    Hope fades
    Into the world of night
    Through shadows falling
    Out of memory and time
    Don’t say
    We have come now to the end
    White shores are calling
    You and I will meet again
    and you’ll be here in my arms
    just sleeping
    What can you see on the horizon?
    Why do…

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    • June1111 says:

      *fight back tears*
      Wow. Just wow. This reminds me so much of the visualization/vision I had during our one-day confirmation retreat back when I was in eighth grade (age 13). All the students were in our parish church for this little preparation retreat and we were instructed to each take a pew to ourselves and lie down on it and close our eyes. Soft guitar music played while the coordinator told us to picture our happy place, somewhere we love being. For some reason, I chose the shores of Lake Ontario (ha ha ha!). In my head, I saw myself sitting on a log, just looking out at the lake and its gentle waves. It was dusk and the sun was starting to set. At one point during this exercise, we were told to imagine Jesus suddenly walking towards us. He walked up to me from my right side and sat down on the log next to me, putting His arm around me and holding me gently yet firmly. I rested my head on his shoulder and we sat in silence, looking out at the water. It was bliss. But near the end of the visualization, we were told to imagine Jesus telling us that He loved us and was always with us but that He had to go for now. THE TEARS… Even some of the boys were sniffling. Great… now I’m weeping. I have never forgotten that experience and it remains vivid, even 15 years later. 🙂 I have a sneaking suspicion that if I get into Heaven, the moment I die, I might find myself suddenly sitting on a log and then I’ll know what’s about to happen, Who is about to approach to take me home… ❤

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      • Anna819 says:

        I love that you shared this experience with us; and I also love that you chose the shores of Lake Ontario as your happy place. This is also so close to my home. Long story, but I am now closer to the Hudson River. Hope to meet you someday!


  4. Joseph Jalsevac says:

    She must be referring to this song. Its gorgeous:

    These are the kind of ordinary miracles that keep me going, and believing that maybe life really is beautiful after all.

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  5. mtrettel says:

    This poem is a timely blessing for me! My mom is dying of lung cancer. I am with her every day. Watching how this dreadful disease is wreaking havoc on her is breaking my heart. Twelve years ago she flat-lined in ICU due to complications from strep pneumonia. I firmly believe it was the intercession of Blessed Mother that brought her back to us. I was pregnant with our sixth child, and she has been alive to be a part of the life of our seventh child, as well as my brother’s four year old triplets and the seven other grandchildren already born. The good Lord, in His mercy, is preparing to take her safely home. I believe it is at this time so that she will not have to suffer through the upcoming storm with her frail health. The thought of separating from her is grueling and bitterly painful. The image of her going out of my sight, but into the sight of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as well as the angels and saints, is incredibly consoling! Thank you for posting this Charlie. I am looking forward to meeting you in Boston!

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    • Dawn Walker says:

      I want you to pray on this, I shared it with our (then) Priest, who thought it “beautiful”: (And now, I cannot remember who it was who told me this at the time, but here goes):

      I am a 7+ year survivor of Stage 2B Invasive breast cancer. While going through the 8 months of surgery, 6 chemos and 35 radiations (then 5 years of meds)-a man told me—> God is outside of time. Maybe, just maybe, knowing all the people I pray for-when I die(d) and went to my Particular Judgment-He offered me a piece of His Cross! To suffer while on earth-for what I was asking of HIM. I did. So, He went back into my life-and that is where the Breast Cancer came in.

      It certainly IS something to consider. Think about it-your Mother may have agreed to this, and Christ went back into her life and placed the lung cancer. You see also, her life could have been extended FOR (and because of) this very reason.


      +Jesus, I Trust in You!
      Love, Dawn


  6. Nancy Frick says:

    This truly spoke to my heart as my family is still reeling from the untimely death of my brother. He was a well-loved man and is deeply missed. Thank you and I will pass this on to my family. Blessings on your day. Nancy Frick, Wilmington, DE

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  7. Fran says:

    Besides the beautiful symbolism of a soul passing into eternity, there were other thoughts that immediately came to me reading this poem and account. A visiting priest to our parish gave a beautiful homily last week in which he explained how Jesus told the Apostles to get into the boat and come with Him “to the other side”. He said that no matter what storms we are going through while in the boat, we can be assured and comforted that there is “the other side” and He is right there with us to bring us there. I also thought of the Barque of Peter and how it may seem from this side that it is way off in the distance, making it difficult to see what is happening, but from the other side, after making it’s way through the storm battered and leaking, it appears in splendor and glory!

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  8. christiaria says:

    Beautiful poem, beautiful story, beautiful song. Thank you! We need beauty!

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  9. Ruth DeLonay says:

    When I saw the headline, my heart jumped….Then I found it WAS from the booklet I was given at the hospital when I took my husband there. Unfortunately, I didn’t read it immediatly as I thought it was some consoling thoughts for after his passing. I just put it with the other papers in the folder I was given….only to find out it was very informative as to all the things he was going through…When I looked at the booklet after his passing, [3 years ago] the poem became a wonderful solace to me….I keep it by my chair and read it often…. It is so beautiful


  10. Susan says:

    Thank you Rosemary! God is so good! You and all who have lost a loved one and are going through it now are in my prayers. I just lost my Dad to leukemia 1 wk ago today. He was an extraordinary man! Mom wanted my 2 sisters and me to sing at Mass. Dad had planned his Mass, readings, hymns and all! For Mom’s sake we agreed, but couldn’t imagine how we’d get through it. We prayed together before Mass, I asked God if our Guardian Angels could step in, that our notes be theirs, and if they could wrap their arms around us and hold us up. We had tremendous peace and joy! People kept coming up to us after, and sending notes later to say, “how did you do it?” And ” your voices sounded like angels” The only answer is “Only by the Grace of God” and “all Honor and Glory belong to You Oh Lord!” Praise God!

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  11. Mary Anne says:

    One of my Dads funeral cards had the Gone from my Sight poem. It helped me to keep dying in the correct perspective.

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  12. I am at my mom’s bedside; her death is a matter of hours now. This piece brought back memories. It was one of her favorites. This is how she explained death to me when I was little. My mother’s name is also Kathleen. How perfect and how consoling for me at this time. Thank you for posting it.


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