Birmingham Video

By Charlie Johnston

(Update – as it turns out, this is the raw video rather than the edited version. I will check to see if I can get a link to a Youtube that may be compatible with some systems that people are having trouble with. I think I will leave both versions up. Might as well see me warts and all).

I will have a regular post up later today, but the video of the dinner in Birmingham is up now. It was a private dinner at the home of an EWTN employee, Jeff Hahn, and we had not planned a video, but someone asked . He had a camera and a good mike and I readily agreed.

Jeff made a couple of edits at my request. First, earlier in the day, someone had quoted an incorrect number on the number of people who would become physical casualties of the Storm. I had testily corrected them – but must have had it on my mind, for like an idiot, that evening I said the errant number instead of the actual number.

Second, when Fr. Mitch Pacwa began to talk about China, I checked to see who had been buzzing me on my phone. I forgot that the single camera was fixed on me. It looks terribly disrespectful, as if I am ignoring Fr. Mitch. Actually, we had talked extensively and privately about what he was discussing earlier – and the person buzzing me had been insistent, so I was worried there might be an emergency. I was grateful for the break and unconsciously thought the camera would shift to Fr. Mitch – even though I knew it was fixed. I did not want to lose Fr. Mitch’s comments, but I did not want it to look like I was dissing him, for he is truly one of the most brilliant, erudite men I have ever met – so Jeff superimposed a picture of Fr. Mitch when he talks rather than video of me checking my phone.

I am delighted with the tape. It covers a nice overview – and the questions are very good. I will refer people to this tape when they seek a good overview. Thanks to my friends in Birmingham who got this made and up. I have already added it to the “Visit Videos” link at the top of the page.

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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133 Responses to Birmingham Video

  1. Polly says:

    I recently received this video & Was taken aback! Before hearing about Charlie & listening to the video I was reading about a 2.5 mile wide comet that is expected to hit the Atlantic Ocean between Sept 24-29th of this year. Is this coincidencel? I keep in mind that God is in control… Jesus I trust in You!!!


    • charliej373 says:

      For what it is worth, I do not see a comet causing collapse. I do not know with certainty, but I am rather persuaded that it pleases God when collapse comes, that we not be able to evade a whit of responsibility for having caused it ourselves. Several people have asked me about this. I do NOT think that is how it comes.

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    • SteveBC says:

      Polly, I think Charlie makes an excellent point. We have so many incidents in the world now that are exposing to the people involved (and even to us who simply read of it) the reality of what they are choosing, “illuminating” this for us. Given this intense collection of exposures to the consequences of our choices and actions, it would seem likely that the Collapse would equally point to our follies and poor choices, not some apparently random disaster.

      I suppose we could get a comet hitting us *after* the Collapse, since it seems that the removal of God’s steadying hand (as so many in our country and world have requested by poor choices and actions) will cause a number of significant whacks-upside-the-head to happen. At that time a comet would add to the lesson, I think, not detract from it.

      If a comet strike does happen, though, it will need to be a lot smaller than 2.5 miles in diameter, since that size would cause massive death and destruction. The Chicxulub meteor 60 million years ago was at least 6 miles in diameter and caused many years of winter and vast numbers of animal and plant deaths. A 2.5 mile diameter meteor would not be as bad, but it would probably still be a civilization-shattering event we would likely not recover from for centuries, if ever.

      I don’t think the Storm is about death but rather about as many of us as possible learning to live differently.

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  2. Beth says:

    Mr Charlie it would be so fantastic to see a video of you, Kitty and Mark when you go to Covington this fall. What a trio! My family/friends will be there but I live far away, so anything you could give us in video form afterwards would be mucho appreciated:)


    • charliej373 says:

      I am sure someone will tape it…and when they do, I will post a link to it. I am very much looking forward to it. I hear some other wonderful names are making plans to converge there. I laughed with one and said this could turn into the “Catholic Woodstock!” (Only we will clean up after ourselves).


  3. Jessica says:

    Catholic woodstock! Yes! I’ve been waiting for someone to bring together my people 🙂


  4. Beckita says:

    WOW, Charlie! I echo the gratitude expressed here for sharing the video. Thanks, too, Linda for the summary. I live in residence with a holy, Marian priest, soon to be 87, who is hard of hearing so I had just finished writing my own detailed transcription yesterday to share with Father. I’m convinced Heaven is using you, Charlie. Father, as does each of us, deserves his process of discerning. The themes and insights you share are familiar as we have been consecrated to Our Lady for many years now and have striven to promote prayer groups and devotions for the sake of rescuing souls via prayer in these times.

    It was actually one of my priest friends in Montana who several years ago recommended I take a look at your blog, Charlie. I have appreciated your writing yet this video, revealing experiences and insight in a manner that seemed to place you in our home, has captured my heart to secure the calm and trust needed as we continue to make the transition to the Era of Peace. I had been praying in special ways recently for graces to grow in unshakeable trust (a necessity in or out of The Storm) and VOILA! the video! Honestly, for me, there are conversion graces flowing from the talk with accompanying question and answer time. It compels me to find ways to further share this while praying others also receive the grace to totally depend on Abba. I have already sent the video link to my email distribution list and will follow up with the link to Linda’s summary. There are additional ways I will gratefully promote getting this video to others.

    I wonder, Charlie, would it be possible to make a DVD for purchase? There are many who do not have computers who would benefit from this video.


    • charliej373 says:

      Well, I will discuss it with the owner of the Full of Grace Supply House when I am back in Denver, Beckita. I don’t want to deprive anyone of anything, but I am very leery of getting commercialized…so I tend to be slow in discerning such things.


      • Beckita says:

        Thank you for considering this request, Charlie. I respect your discernment and support you in prayer as you discern. Praying for you and all aspects of your mission as well.


      • SteveBC says:

        Charlie, if you haven’t seen Mark Mallett’s latest:
        you will find he is summarizing his message.

        I don’t know if you’ve thought of this, but I find it quite interesting that we have had a sharp increase in the desire to create and read/watch summaries of your message, and now Mark has done the same with his message.

        It appears that this sudden push for summaries may mean that your and Mark’s messages are as complete as they need to be. To me this is a remarkable “coincidence” which may indicate our world is about to take a turn into a new phase.

        I think booklets and DVDs may be a good idea, so discussing a non-commercialized way to provide such might indeed prove worthwhile, as Beckita is requesting. So, too, would be to have web links to summaries or PDFs or online videos, as you are already planning. You might want to include Mark’s summary somewhere near the summaries of your message.

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  5. Beckita says:

    I would like to add another comment… In April-May of this year, Father and I were in his homeland of China evangelizing. God simply opened wide many doors for us and we will be giving Him the glory for eternity for what He accomplished. In the places we went, we experienced the Sweet Breath of the Holy Spirit blowing everywhere, in this sense: there is a vibrant curiosity about Christianity. The ordinary Chinese person is fed up with corruption and oppression. Many seek the morality of Christianity as an antidote to the current evils and discover the fulfillment of a relationship with Jesus.

    We were joined by a Catholic evangelist with powerful gifts from the Lord and we ministered to the Chinese Catholics who ardently desire to bring Jesus to their Chinese brothers and sisters. The number of baptisms in many of the churches reached 100-200 during this year’s Easter Vigil. Hundreds of lay catechists are in formation and ready to go into the field.

    Just as I am typing this a Chinese priest who has been studying in the US for several years called as he has returned to this country after a family/diocesan visit in China. We were conversing about the palpable presence of the Holy Spirit within the people as they eagerly desire to deepen their faith. We agreed there is an air of great expectation for new conversions.

    I write this as an eyewitness affirming God’s Infinite Goodness at work in the ordinary Chinese people even while those in the government continue with their evil agendas. I completely believe what you have shared, Charlie, about the role of the Chinese in future challenges. On three occasions in the late nineties and 2001, I was blessed, while in Venezuela, to spend time with the Servant of God, Maria Esperanza. On all three visits she told those of us gathered that China posed a sure and certain threat in the future. From Spirit Daily today there was this link:

    Please join us in praying for the Chinese people. Right under the nasty noses of those working overtime to perpetrate evil in China and around the world, God is drawing His children there to Himself.

    May He bless us, one and all, with grace to be faithful to whatever mission He entrusts to each one!

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  7. Ginny Allen says:

    Salvation for myself, my family and others is what I have been trying to be about….yesterday someone shared that something I said to him./her which she./he didn’t like at the time has been straightened out…he/she is now back in the arms of God…he/she thanked me….today I had the opportunity to share with someone else what was needed to get back into abiding with God…I also shared that when I do criticize it is always constructive as I see and hand on to them the way to go for a solution…my 2×4 has a real purpose…this following article is what we all need to do…I hope and pray that it gives each one of us the incentive and boldness to do whatever it takes to assist others to salvation…prayer is always the best ….action may also be necessary…thanks for being on the same team. There is a lot of work for all of us in these interesting times…..KEEP THE FAITH!!! Can’t wait for the next right step installment on A Glimpse into Eternity

    In you,O LORD, I take refuge. Let me never be put to shame. Psalm 31 He shall be peace. Micah 5:4 In His Love, Ginny

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  8. Ginny Allen says:

    When I sent this out the other day I was very aware that it was not the Catholic position on birth control…the purpose in my email was to show, in a secular article, the forms of birth control that cause abortion and therefore are killing babies….i.e. murder….the Catholic Church takes a real stand on the other forms of birth control which are objectively mortally sinful but not murder…my email also did not go only to Catholics…. This is pro life month…just listened to a broadcast with Dr. James Dobson. Hope this clears it up as some were concerned….if anyone is interested I am able to speak to the birth control methods as well. CHOOSE LIFE !!

    In His Love,Ginny

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  9. Jos Collin says:

    Would it be possible to see Jeff Hahn’s image of the angel comforting Jesus, mentioned in the video?


  10. Linda says:

    Oh Jos Collins… I m so glad you asked this question… I’ve been pondering that forever… Charlie it made me weep to see that Image…God bless you Charlie😇

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