The Father’s Love


(Our reader, Peter Thomas, put this as a comment today. It may well be the single most inspired comment I have ever seen on this website – and that is saying something. I knew immediately it must be a stand-alone column. And I want it to be the frontispiece to the final summary booklet that several people here are working on. I thought of editing out the first part about how the inspiration came to him, but I decided the whole thing should be exactly as he wrote it.-CJ)

By Peter Thomas

Thanks Charlie. You are truly unique. I was already more or less convinced of your authenticity and watching the video put niggling doubts away. It’s amazing how sane you come across for someone who could so easily be dismissed as a total nut! Someone who chats with the Archangel Gabriel and still enjoys a cigarette! (My request is that in your next video you talk about all these heavenly things with a cigar hanging out the side of your mouth). I will attempt to put in words here what I felt what communicated to me silently by God as I watched the video.

“Shhhh, it’s okay child. With all the changes to come, there is no reason to be disturbed. The one thing that matters will not change, and cannot change–I AM, I AM with you, and my Will is sovereign over all. As you enter further into the Storm, remember that, at the fundamental level, nothing has changed. Divine Love is the same. Divine Law is the same. So you need not be upset or agitated. Abide in my eternal I AM and you will maintain an identity and peace untouched by the Storm. I did not promise my Son that he would not experience pain and sorrow. Nor do I promise this to my children today. I do promise you my Will–the Will that allows these things is the same Will that will sustain you through everything, just it sustained my Son through everything. You can do this, my child. It surely can be done. If you remain in Me, in my Will, if you abide in my eternal stillness, where no Storm can possibly enter, then you will transcend the Storm even as you are embroiled in it. Your soul–the boat entering the Storm–will not sink, but will remain buoyant.

Always remember my stillness. Do not look too intently at what happens around you. Do not be absorbed in the chaos; do not allow yourself to be uprooted from Me. The diabolical chaos would enter into your inner self. Practice this mighty stillness now. Practice this always. This is how you will prevail. This is how you will bring light and peace to others. This is how you will help Me to save their sinking souls from the waters of diabolical chaos.

This mighty stillness is simple, just as I AM. Creatures were made to abide in my simple Being and so reflect my peace and harmony, my light and glory. But since they have joined the fallen angels in wandering far from my Law of Simplicity, they plunge into diabolical chaos. My eternal Law, my eternal Will, my eternal Wisdom and Order–this is the Ground of all that exists. It is utter folly to attempt to exist in defiance of my Law, my Will, my Wisdom, my Order. And yet this is what my children demand. Well, I am letting them have what they demand. And they will see what that means. It will become clear, once again, that my Law is perfect, that my Way is the only way, and that nothing can sustain itself in defiance of the Law of Reality which I AM. All will see that there is no “I AM” apart from Mine, and that there cannot be any “I AM” apart from Mine. Look, mankind, at what your defiant “I AM” produces: putrid, monstrous, repulsive, terrifying, diabolical chaos. Some existence that is! Oh foolish man, your existence is not yours! Return to Me, and let me endow you with beauty, with goodness, with harmony, with peace and light, with glory, with true being! None of this is possible when your backs are facing Me! My Law is sweet–it is not tyranny–it gives you being! Outside my Law, you still exist, certainly–I still sustain you–but your existence is nothing more than chaos, darkness, monstrosity, and I cannot commune with you.

I do not demand impossibly big things of you. I do not task for super-human efforts empowered by a super-human will. Your self-reliance would only end in defeat and despair. Take the humble path of littleness. Little acts done quietly, obediently, faithfully, peacefully, simply. Do not attempt to magnify yourself heroically to match the magnitude of the Storm. You have no idea of its fury! Only my eternal stillness is greater than the Storm–and it is infinitely greater. From your human perspective, it will appear that Hell is unleashed is infinite, like Me. That is indeed what it wants you to feel. If you look too intently, if you pay too much attention to that lie, you will be tempted to despair. Your hope is in the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Get down low–remember your nothingness, precious child–and the fury, the lie, the despair will pass overhead. Be content just to abide in my eternal stillness, and to channel my mercy in simple ways, and I will look after the rest. You must decrease ever more, so that I can increase ever more in you. And you will look back and realise that you achieved prodigious, unprecedented things for Me, by being nothing and letting Me work in you.

Smile. It’s all okay. I’m your Heavenly Papa.”

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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58 Responses to The Father’s Love

  1. audiemarie2014 says:

    Oh, I love this piece. Thank you, Peter Thomas!


  2. Kim Johnston Hocutt says:

    Wow…absolutely beautiful, and inspiring!

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  3. Marita says:

    Charlie, I had just finished reading this message on your other post, and then I read Petra’s wonderful comment to it, and as usual she hit the nail right on the head. Peter Thomas, I think has achieved what I so dearly desire and that is to be still and hear everything that God wants to say to us each individually all day, every day. Like you said in your video, God speaks to us hundreds of times each day and we only hear a tiny bit of what He says to us. I’m paraphrasing Charlie, because I don’t remember your exact words, but I know it struck me, as this message does, to the core. I hope Peter Thomas will continue to gift us from time to time the precious words of the Lord imparted to him. Good night and God bless all.

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  4. Alphonsus says:

    Peter Thomas, thank you for this stunning insight. It has helped me immensely. God bless you for sharing it.


  5. Mary W. says:

    Dear Peter Thomas, you do justice to your apostolic namesakes! The Aquinas must be included as well, I think. Thank you, thank you!


  6. Cindy says:

    So tender. So loving. I had a beautiful cry.


  7. Irish7 says:

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Peter Thomas and Charlie! I could feel the peace and simplicity of the Holy Spirit in the talk too, but you put profound words to the feeling. Awesome.


  8. Anne Archer says:

    Thank you Peter for bringing peace and calm to my soul. I have been very comfortable with Charlie’s message since I first heard it. There have been so many messages through the years and I have always believed I would live through this time – not a desire of mine definitely. Although I have believed and had faith in my God it certainly has created a certain anxiety but this word has helped relieve the anxiety and made my belief in my Father’s love even more firm. So once again, thank you.


  9. Jennifer says:

    Oh, how I needed this reminder. And I agree this video is the best, Charlie. You seem more relaxed. Prayers for you. It must be hard fielding questions and wanting to be so very clear and accurate.


    • charliej373 says:

      It was a very relaxed, informal evening – so I was enjoying myself with that wonderful group of people. I will have a piece up about the Birmingham visit in the morning.


  10. Phyllis smit says:

    Thank you charlie for the video It has done more for me in my soul than words can express. Since I watched the video I’ve had such a terrible headache day and night for 3 days but today is the breakthrough . I have a beautiful peace.I’ve been asked to give a teaching on Sunday I have chosen 2 Tim 2. Since watching the video I must express the importance of faith in time of trials especially through the storm. How I see God preparing me and my family. So much. The word of peter is truly from the Heart and mouth of God it is sharper thN a two edged sword. Cuts right through to the matter. I wish I could tape your video I’m from canada would like to spread it around like paul and Timothy I’m a friend also of Janet and Mark. God bless you


  11. mmbev says:

    I often discover that I am in the same place as others – and the article/blog read is synchronizing with each of us in our different places and in a different way. i don’t know if that enables anyone to understand what I mean.

    It’s just that the entries seem to find me where my “need” is, where my heart is hurting. And though each have a “need” that is different, the words written reach us individually where we are.

    Withdrawal (and I am half way down on the last drug, yah!) does create a bit of havoc with one’s mind. Tonight the wind is making itself known, blowing heavily but with warm wind, that doesn’t come through any open windows. It’s odd to experience that – and seems to represent what’s happening. All around us we see the darkness, the swirling, the tempest. Yet within our “house”, utter stillness, a complete calmness.

    And we are steady; we are still.

    I have wondered if this stillness will last any length of time. It is comforting to know that, yes, if we but hold to our post, reach out to our Father, He is right there. He is always there, always waiting for us. And if we are not with Him, His yearning pulls us back to the centre stillness where He is.

    The wind still swirls around us, sounding the chaos we see. But it does not disturb the centre where we lean on Him

    Thank you Peter Thomas. How clearly, succinctly you have verbalized a needed “present” we must live – now and for always.
    Most truly a gift from our Father.

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    • Peter Thomas says:



    • Sarah says:

      I completely understand what you are saying. There is a synchronicity — oh, let’s call it grace — to this site that makes it the best place on the internet. This post helped me a lot with my lack of joy and peace. I am going to be re-reading it a lot. That part about “getting under” the events of this world spoke to me powerfully.

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  12. Beckita says:

    Thank you, Peter! This writing is extraordinary, powerful and soothing as it has immersed me squarely in the joy and comfort of my own nothingness before Abba. It is a treasured reality to depend totally on our Heavenly Father while striving to live in His Divine Will.

    May these words from the Holy Spirit conveyed through your beautiful humanity wash over the hearts and souls of all who read them, bringing the PEACE that only Jesus can give as we continue this Journey.

    PS Charlie, thanks for keeping the introductory comment. Laughter is sweet in these sobering days.

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  13. Your video was truly insprational, thank you, it was good to see you in a happy mood. Thomas’s piece is outstanding it put me in mind of when I was a young junior in the RN on my first ship in a hurricane. I was going on to the bridge to take over my duty an the first thing I saw was the tip of a approx70 foot wave going past the bridge wing, it scared me! I then caught sight of our Captain sitting back on his chair, his cap on the back of his head and his feet up on the ledge in front of him, didn’t appear to have any worries, that immediately gave me courage and I thought if it doesn’t worry him why should it bother me ! We went through another four hurricanes that trip, no probs ! By the way that Captain eventually became an Admiral ! He was also Polish ! Fought for the Brits durung WWII .

    Papa will always take care of His children.

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  14. Peter Thomas says:

    Dear all,
    I am so glad–and to be honest, somewhat surprised–that the words I typed up late last night had such a profound effect on people. I’ve been a silent reader for a while–not just of Charlie’s words but of Mark Mallet as well. In addition to those two sources, there is a confluence of different Catholic mystics and philosophers (and one non-Catholic blogger too–that’s where the focus on the I AM came from) that have affected me and opened my eyes to different aspects of a ‘panaroma’. It’s like looking through a stain-glass window, and each of these different voices is another piece of glass to look through, and all the pieces fit marvellously together. This is precisely what the Church is, folks! The Holy Spirit turns us all into living stones and harmonises us all into the living Body of Christ, the Church. And then God speaks through it. This is the sensus fidelium in action.
    The Holy Spirit has put many seeds in my mind and heart over the years, using many voices and means. I think all the seeds have come together and created a certain intellectual ‘pregnancy’ in me and the stuff just came out. When I began to write that piece I was merely trying to express what Charlie’s words and personal presence (on the video) conveyed to me. And then the thing grew and went in a different direction, driven by the force of some inner fecundity. It certainly wasn’t a ‘locution’ or anything like that. Just an attempt to put a spiritual ‘sense’ or ‘insight’ into my own words as precisely as possible (it’s like taking a feeling or a truth and turning it into a melody.)
    So what was I originally trying to say when I started last time? That Charlie exudes a joyful relaxation and down-to-earth realism. This is a surprise, come to think of it, since people with immense intellectual energy like him can easily become nervously wound-up cranks who are stuck in their own head and who are not attuned to the people and the everyday things around them. In short, Charlie’s sanity is witness to God’s power (and his obedience to that power). But I still haven’t put it all in words. I’ll start again. A natural response to the threat of disaster is to ‘seize up’ and ‘hold on’ in fear–as if everything depends on us, as if we had to hold our worlds together. No–God will hold us together. We need to relax, let go, and let God hold our worlds together. This will allow us to be truly present–able to smile, able to laugh, able to bless others, able to discern what needs to be done, able to appreciate the beauty of the little things.
    I think in many cases an obsessive interest in prophecies and timelines and end-time blogs is a sort of dissociation. We can be swept away from the concrete circumstances that God has placed us in. Our poor little minds become taken over by a huge, terrifying Image of the World collapsing. We dissociate and begin to occupy an abstract world of apocalyptic proportions. But what good can we do from there? I do not have to deal with a Black Horseman. I have to get my children clothed, washed and fed. I have to bless the stranger as he enters my world.
    I think I’m closer now to what I want to say. The little things–the little delights, the little gesture, the little acts, the little steps–these do not become less important. It easy to think so when they are compared with the terrible grandeur of the Big Picture. But if that’s what you think, then your big picture is skewed.
    PS yes Thomas Aquinas is my confirmation name.

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    • charliej373 says:

      I often told junior staffers in politics – who were always at risk of falling down a rabbit hole by being deceived at the importance of what we were doing by the presence of TV cameras and such – to just focus on the work in front of them. Everything else is a vanity, while the work is real and always needs doing. Stick to the work and you are unlikely to fall into any rabbit holes.

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    • Mick says:

      Thank you, Peter Thomas. Just… wow. For the second time (your original post, and now your comment), you have left me utterly speechless (and that NEVER happens).

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  15. Susan, MI says:

    Peter Thomas, Oh, what truly inspired writing! These are words we all have been longing to hear. There is such great consolation in these words.
    You are the Thomas A’Kempis in these times of the Storm. He was a fourteenth century priest who wrote, “The Imitation of Christ,” one of the worlds best known Christian devotionals. It was also penned in the first person. These words are such a source of strength to endure what awaits us all. I will be printing this out on paper so I can read it when there is no power. And I will make some copies to give to refugees of the Storm, to give them heart and hope.
    Peter Thomas, you’ve done good. May you find consolation in these words as much as others will.

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    • Peter Thomas says:

      Thanks so much Susan. If the words help many in the Storm then God be praised! Please pray for me (holiness is far more than the gift of insight). It is such a blessing to be in a community of (potential) saints who can inspire and support each other!
      Brendan Peter T.

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    • Mick says:

      Susan, as I was reading Peter Thomas’ words, I was thinking, “I HAVE to print this out, so that I can read it later when I really need it.” And then I read your comment. Why does it not surprise me that you and I were “on the same page”? 🙂

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  16. Trish says:

    That was beautiful! Many thanks for posting it.”Remain in Me….”


  17. Stella17 says:

    Hi Charlie, I too enjoyed seeing you in person chatting, being natural, and bringing your houmour (showing your trust and hope) to a serious topic. Thank you for all your efforts and time especially as this costs you a great deal when coping with pain and discomfort. Charlie you, your family and all here, are in me and my daughters prayers daily.

    I would just like to share with you what my daughter (early twenties) came downstairs and shared with me this morning.
    She told me she had a dream (friday night) and in it Jesus was walking towards her on the clouds. He was far in the distance but she knew it was Him walking towards her. When He drew close his face was calm but serious and He was speaking. Although He was speaking she couldn’t hear what He was saying. Jesus turned away walked in a semi circle still speaking then returned to her side still speaking. My daughter heard no words. On waking and switching her phone on, her phone buzzed alerting her to a new mail message, it was a new post from Charlie. She remembered her dream and just had a funny feeling and thought “If there is a picture of Jesus on clouds with Charlie’s post, it wll be like a confirmation”
    Not only a picture of Jesus, but a post from Peter sharing what he felt Jesus tell him! Peter filled the words in….Thank you Peter!
    God is good ALL the time : )

    I had read the original postfrom Peter before going to bed, the one before you posted Peter’s coment, as a ‘stand alone’ post. It made me worry thinking how are my daughters gong to cope with all that is too come. I have been doing my best to prepare them spiritually and explained and shared with them about the times we are in. So Jesus stepped in a remarkable way. Praise Him! He is so, so Good!


  18. Anne says:

    Thank you so muchPT.
    What struck me were all the contrasts…..hope v despair…… Stillness v fury……. Smallness and humility v big and noisy……Truth v lie……. Sense of Light v dark.
    I was thinking if stay little rather than high and proud…… You are close to the ground and less chance of blowing over.
    PT…… So powerful, so clear…… Thank you and keep listening and sharing.

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  19. Doug says:

    Beautiful! Reminds me of 1 Samuel 22, “for obedience is better than sacrifice”. To bring this into today’s context, “don’t try to do great things for me; just do what I say”. I got much more flavor from this when raising my kids. It meant more to me when they listened to me. I imagine anyone with kids can relate. As an aside, it was great to meet you and all the wonderful people last night at dinner. I look forward to your talk tonight.


  20. Lynette says:

    I add my thanks and blessing to all the others, Peter Thomas. It really is all about Love. Jesus, I Trust in You.


  21. Judy says:

    Inspired by the Holy Spirit!


  22. Peter Thomas, thank you so much for your wonderful meditation. Your reflection in the following paragraph was especially striking: “Always remember my stillness. Do not look too intently at what happens around you. Do not be absorbed in the chaos; do not allow yourself to be uprooted from Me. The diabolical chaos would enter into your inner self. Practice this mighty stillness now. Practice this always. This is how you will prevail. This is how you will bring light and peace to others. This is how you will help Me to save their sinking souls from the waters of diabolical chaos.”

    It reminds me of something the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta wrote in Volume 17 on September 22, 1924: “…I saw my sweet Jesus placing His mouth at the place of my heart, and feeding me the words I was writing. At the same time, I heard a horrible din from afar, from some who were beating each other and roaring with such clamor as to strike fear. And I, turning to my Jesus, said to Him: ‘My Jesus, my Love, who is making such a din? They seemed to me like enraged demons. What do they want that they rage so much?’ And Jesus: “My daughter, it really is them. They would want you not to write about my Will; and when they see you write more important truths on the living in my Will, they suffer a double hell and they torment all the damned even more. They fear so much that these writings on my Will might come out, because they see themselves losing their kingdom upon earth, which they acquired when man, withdrawing from the Divine Will, gave free step to his human will. Ah! yes, it was precisely then that the enemy acquired his kingdom on earth; and if my Will could reign upon earth, my enemy, on his own, would shut himself up into the deepest abysses. This is why they rage with such fury: they feel the power of my Will in these writings, and at the mere thought that they might come out, they fly into a rage and try anything they can in order to impede a good so great. You, however, do not pay attention to them, and learn from this to appreciate my teachings.””

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  23. John says:

    Absolutely awesome! Well done Peter!! This speaks to me on so many different levels. Also, Charlie the picture you posted above is the image I’ve been carrying around with me ever since listening to a CD by Father Larry Richards. Thanks to both of you!


  24. mmbev says:

    I have just read your second ‘blog”, Peter Thomas. (Is it too much to hope for a three for one?) It reminds me of an image that I had in my mind for several years in the 1980’s. Charlie’s steps are certainly part of that image too.

    I realized that the Church was definitely going to have to change. I began watching the different groups that arose around the world. Some were offered in parishes as they grew. The commonality was that all focused on leading lay people into a deeper personal relationship with Jesus. There was one for every “flavour”,

    Each, although not necessarily directly, highlighted the need for the Holy Spirit being to be active in our lives. Each stressed the need of taking the “Next Right Step”.

    That image was of a Church within a Church. It was of a huge, beautiful cathedral – the type built as such a labour of love during the Middle Ages. It was being destroy. The stones were falling, it’s beauty being ravished and ruined. But inside, another Church, very simple and unadorned, was being erected in stillness and quiet. Amid this horrible and frightening destruction, a sturdy stone Church was forming.

    When I began reading Charlie’s blog, after a while I saw that Church being built before my virtual eyes. It’s stones are fashioned from the tiny, unobtrusive steps – the little things, the acts, gestures, unseen, unnoticed because they are so small. Oh my gosh, did I more or less quote you?

    Whatever the future holds, this creation of God’s will last. It won’t look glorious but it will be true because the stones are formed from His Will. Did I mention smile, laugh, relax, let go, enjoy, TRUST, trust, trust?

    Blog two described the stones perfectly. Thank you.

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  25. mmbev says:

    Yes, but it’s hard for me to read this tiny print. Go with it. You can figure out what I meant to say. And, yes, the “new” Church does look quite a bit like St. Catherine’s Chapel.


  26. Julia says:

    I love the picture of Jesus at the top holding the little child. It feels to me so like the Jesus we all love so much. Showing so much love and concern for all and each one in particular. Awesome.

    It was lovely to read Peters feelings from Observing Charlie’s video and writings. Awesome. Thank you Charlie and thank you Peter.


  27. L says:

    For most of this last week the Lord has been sending inspiration after inspiration my way and I have felt wired up in the Lord (so joyful). Charlie your video in Birmingham being a huge part of the confidence the Lord has been answering my prayers in giving me. I have thanked Him for these graces in many quiet moments. I sense very strongly Him at work in my heart and in my life! But, then I start to feel guilty because I am a busy mother of a happy, busy crew of His children.

    Am I properly contemplating / doing / taking the next right steps ?? I question myself.

    Enter Peter Thomas’ Divinely inspired meditation- and I am suddenly stilled within and the joy has grown even deeper. I am so thankful for your words both Charlie and Peter Thomas!

    The Lord is being very generous in allowing all of us here to have this time together to be a sign of hope to each other. May we all carry forth into the storm what we are gathering here. God bless us everyone.

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  29. CrewDog says:

    Heartlight Daily Verse – July 26
    Hebrews 11:1
    Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    While the road ahead of us may be filled with questions and concerns, we can look back and see the many ways God has acted in our behalf to get us to the places we need to be. We see his work through history and we can take assurance that his promises are true and his victory in us is assured.
    Almighty God, I believe that before there was a world, you existed. I trust that even now you sustain our world with your word of grace. I am confident that before the future arrives you are already there preparing it for us. Help me when I worry to remember my faith and to press on trusting that you are there. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. Visit for more


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  30. Mary Magdalene says:

    I have heard the Pope’s statement on global warming described as a “Galileo Moment.”
    Like a lot of others, I questioned why he would allude to an hypothesis which has no real basis.
    And then……….an apostate friend emailed a copy of Laudatio Si to me, asking if I had read it.
    And so it is that apostates are reading the writings of the Holy Father, when normally they would not give them a glance. God is drawing them in by hook or crozier.
    I am not a recipient of “messages” for general dissemination. But at Mass last week I received this-and I think I should share: “Francis is a Pope in the making.”

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  31. Mary Anne says:

    So often I do get distracted by the chaos swirling around me. Our Father is so good. I love hearing Him calm us and reassure his little ones of His presence. His protection and love. Thank you for sharing this. I’m printing for sure!
    “Father bless all here”.

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  32. radiclaudio says:

    Amen, amen…


    • charliej373 says:

      Good to hear from you, Radi…someone was asking me the other day about where you have been.


      • radiclaudio says:

        Hi Charlie, nice to hear from you. I have been following closely and praying intently for our RNS family, however life, work, and my supposed “smart” phone quirks have stopped me from having the time/patience to comment much recently. But I couldn’t let your visit with Rita and Deacon Terry pass without comment so I posted on your above blog and then again here because this post was so moving and spoke to my heart and soul. Loved the video from AL trip too. Much love and affection. Rich.

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  33. Bob says:

    This business of us becoming little and small and admitting that we, in ourselves, are nothing; how different that is from much of our other maturity in life. In our other growth to maturity we go from being little and helpless like the child who goes from having to have it’s diaper changed to him or her saying proudly, “I did it all by myself” when they learn to go on their own, and in most other things we learn to be independent and to need our parents less and we can make our own decisions without help and often we think we can do so without advice or help from others. And how easily that pride comes in to make us believe that maturity means only being self sufficient and doing it on our own without other’s help and how difficult it is for some of us to learn that even though there are many things God has given us the ability to do ourselves, we must become small and learn to trust for so many other things!


  34. Donna says:

    I find myself coming back to Peter’s blog/insight/prayer. I receive peace just from reading it! I agree with Mick – I need to print this one so I can re-read it as needed. Thank you for sharing both pieces!

    Charlie – I am not going to see you in person while you make these road trips. So the videos are so wonderful! Thank you and the hosts & organizers for making the videos available. I really felt gratitude at the opportunity to be there virtually.


  35. Great wisdom and simplicity of message from “Peter Thomas” a young married man of great intellectual achievement. This message truly has an anointing of the Holy Spirit.


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