Christian Steel in Birmingham

Interior of the main church at the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament in Birmingham, Alabama.

Interior of the main church at the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament in Birmingham, Alabama.

By Charlie Johnston

(Before I write about my Birmingham visit, I want to firmly clarify something. I am getting letters and emails asking about Fr. Mitch Pacwa or EWTN endorsing me. Neither Fr. Mitch nor EWTN has or is going to endorse me. How could they? An angel is not speaking to them. I say that one speaks to me. I would not recommend anyone endorse that – and in fact, in the past, have told some officials, both private and clerical, who considered doing so that they absolutely should NOT. Only I am responsible for the claims I make – and that is as it should be. Others may say whether I follow the Church with fidelity and whether I am worth hearing, but they would be venturing into territory they should not by endorsing me. I have made many friends in Birmingham, including in the EWTN family. I am glad to count them as friends and will take counsel from them. I think most would say I am worth hearing. But that is all.

It goes back to something I have warned against – seeking a guru to relieve you of your moral responsibility. YOU must discern. When you stand before God, He will not be interested in hearing the excuse that “Charlie said…” or “Fr. Mitch said…” or “EWTN said…” Each of us is personally responsible to God for every decision we make. If I am right, 10,000 of the most brilliant theologians in the world denouncing me will not matter a whit. If I am wrong, 10,000 supporting me will matter just as little. Our Lord says in Matthew that “Wisdom is justified by her deeds…” and in Luke that “Wisdom is justified by all her children…” To the extent that I encourage you to hold fast to the Church and the faith, may the Lord bless me. Should I ever lead you away from the Church, may the Lord curse me. You must discern.

I am glad of my friends at EWTN, though I do not endorse everything that is said there. I reckon those there who are my friends feel the same of me. That is sufficient. Please do not ask me further about endorsements for it is an irrelevant vanity.-CJ)

When I went to Birmingham I was able to mix a little family visit with business. My sister, Kim, who often clears comments here, lives about 70 miles northeast of the city, so I stayed with Kim and my brother-in-law, Bryan. I got in late

From left, my brother-in-law Bryan, Sister Kim and me outside the main church at the Hanceville Shrine.

From left, my brother-in-law Bryan, Sister Kim and me outside the main church at the Hanceville Shrine.

Wednesday and had to head out early Thursday,

Deacon Terry Rumore of Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Pell City was my host and guide. He is perfect for the role. We have been in communication by email and phone for some time – and he is tied into just about everything in the Diocese. He was there for much of the growth of EWTN, the Shrine in Hanceville and is close to all the top authorities at both EWTN and the Diocese.

Funny thing about that. EWTN is probably second only to the Vatican as the worldwide center for Catholic communication. Odd that it should rise in Alabama, which is less than five percent Catholic. Over a decade ago one of my priests and I were talking about the incredible accomplishment Mother Angelica made in raising that great center up. My priest asked me if I had ever been in Irondale, where it is located, and my eyes went wide. I had no clue it was in Irondale. From nearly the time I was born until I was about three and a half, my mother and I lived in the Norwood section of Birmingham with her parents. But My great-grandmother lived on a remote hill above the train-yards in Irondale. I loved our long visits with my great-grandmother. The sounds of the trains all night were soothing to me, particularly since the sounds I heard at night in Norwood, then one of the roughest sections of the city, was often gunfire. We would spend days, sometimes weeks with my great-grandmother. There was a big boy in Irondale who thought I was a cool little kid and often took me on rides in the basket at the front of his bike. My grandmother worked for a time before I was born at the Whistle Stop Café in Irondale, which was the model for the café in the book and movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes.” (I asked Mom once if Mamo ever barbecued an abusive wife-beater like in the book. Mom said not that she knew of. I told my priest that I was undoubtedly the Catholic seed from which EWTN grew…heh heh. He retorted that I wasn’t even Catholic then. “But God knew I would be,” I responded.

Thursday morning I was at EWTN at 10 a.m. Jeff Hahn, the employee who made this video, was taking me on a complete tour of the facility.

The painting of Jesus which hangs in Jeff Hahn's office.

The painting of Jesus which hangs in Jeff Hahn’s office.

I waited in front for Jeff – and then for his Father-in-Law, Deacon Terry to meet me. Jeff was finishing up a meeting, so Deacon Terry and I got the chance to chat at our first real meeting not filtered through the phone or computer. He is a delightful, voluble man. (Hee hee, in the video I tell him at one point to pipe down so the rest of the folks could get their questions in. The crowd roared with laughter, for Deacon Terry is a wonderful, lively and well-informed man, but he likes to talk even more than I do. He took it in good spirit, but pokes me that I “attacked” him and complains that his own son-in-law wouldn’t edit it out of the video. But how could his son-in-law edit out what was the favorite moment for all the locals?)

The tour was astounding. EWTN has eight feeds going out all the time, slightly different for every part of the world. They have crews covering things involving the Church and the faith in every part of the world. Jeff handles, as I understood it, Internet service and digitizing their programming. He oversees a department of five people. A huge project they are working on now is putting together a digital library, so that people will be able to pull up any of their favorite episodes of old and new programs on demand. EWTN has been around long enough that that is a massive effort. I was astonished at the painting he had up in his office, for it looks as much like how Jesus appears to me as anything I have ever seen. There is another portrait I once saw that looks much like the Lord appears to me, except the hair is different.

For lunch, we were to meet Fr. Mitch Pacwa and Fr. Anthony Mary, then go over to a Middle Eastern Restaurant that was a favorite of Jeff. On the way over, I got the notion that Fr. Mitch had not been warned that what I had to say involved some prophetic elements and visitations. He got very quiet in the front seat. As it turned out, though, Fr. Mitch is incredibly knowledgeable about both Church and world history, which is pretty much my wheelhouse as well.

Our group at the dinner. From left are Deacon Terry Rumore, me,  Fr. Mitch Pacwa, and Jeff Hahn, the host for the night.

Our group at the dinner. From left are Deacon Terry Rumore, me, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, and Jeff Hahn, the host for the night.

We ended up taking absolute delight in each other. When you talk with someone that is really conversant with your area of expertise, it is a delight, for you can quickly delve very deeply into the subject. Alas, I must confess that Fr. Mitch is more knowledgeable than I am (don’t tell anyone). He is just a brilliant, erudite and original thinker, with knowledge both comprehensive and deep. Sadly for Deacon Terry, Fr. Mitch and I were having so much fun talking about what we liked that we constantly strayed from what Deacon Terry wanted to hear about.

Fr. Mitch had ordered some hummus for all of us that he said was great. I had a friend who used to order hummus all the time – and I considered it to just be expensive dirt, which I laughingly told the group. Well, this was spiced marvelously and I liked it, so I tried to surreptitiously scoop it up with my Pita Bread. Fr. Mitch doesn’t miss much, though. At one point he grinned at me slyly and said I seemed to be liking that dirt pretty well. “Best dirt I ever had,” I enthused.

I was delighted that Fr. Anthony Mary remembered my friend, Fr. Regis Scanlan, from Denver. Fr. Regis did some programs on the Eucharist some years back for EWTN. Fr. Anthony told me that Fr. Regis was one of Mother Angelica’s favorite priests; that she loved his blunt, direct, completely orthodox, no-nonsense homilies. He was just her style, she told the other priests there, lively and full of laughter, but solid as a rock when he took the pulpit.

We were enjoying it so much that, after lunch, Fr. Mitch invited us to come on over to his house for a while. Deacon Terry had been teasing him about his cowboy hat, but having spent so long walking on my pilgrimage, I recognized what a great hat it was – and was complimenting and defending it every time

With a replica of the Shroud of Turin outside the lower church at Hanceville.

With a replica of the Shroud of Turin outside the lower church at Hanceville.

Deacon Terry poked fun. When we got to the house, Fr. Mitch grabbed an extra one he had and gave it to me as a gift. I laughed and told him I was going to tell everyone in the country this was my Mitch Pacwa hat. He laughed and said that was fine – maybe grab a few new viewers out of it. Fr. Mitch is an avid hunter – and very gifted at it. He likes bow hunting best. He typically donates the meat to places that need it, while keeping the trophies and having them mounted. He showed me a whole host of pictures – and then had a surprise. He is a friend of our friend, Bishop Rene Gracida – and a few years back, Bishop Gracida was on a hunt with him. He had the pictures. He asked me if I had ever heard tell of the time Bishop Gracida tried to kill Pope Benedict. I thought it must have been some accident or something, but Fr. Mitch said, no, Bishop Gracida tried hard to kill Pope Benedict. He had a wicked grin, though, so I asked for an explanation. Fr. Mitch noted that in World War II, Bishop Gracida was assigned to the bomber planes over Munich – and that Pope Benedict, then Joseph Ratzinger, was assigned to anti-aircraft defense of Munich. Thus, Gracida was earnestly trying to kill the future Pope Benedict while Benedict was earnestly trying to kill the future Bishop Gracida. Fortunately for all of us, both of them had lousy aim in those days.

Since the dinner later that evening at Jeff’s house was a private affair, Fr. Mitch had not known about it…but he said he would like to come, and bring a friend, as well. Well who wouldn’t be glad to have Fr. Mitch Pacwa at a Catholic dinner?

We left and headed over to the business Deacon Terry owned in Birmingham, now run by his two sons, Terry and Charlie. We had a lively time there, with young Charlie grilling me harder than any authority I have ever run into. Charlie has felt burned at times by so-called mystics and wanted to put me through my paces. He did. I might have been put off, but he had a good spirit and I found he is the father of nine young children. I can’t get offended at anyone who has such generosity and openness to life. In all candor, people who are open to raising big families are heroes to me, perhaps the great heroes of modern times. Hee hee, I both liked him a lot and occasionally wanted to smack him. His brother, Terry, is the peacemaker in the family.

Afterwards, Deacon Terry took me up Ruffner Rd. to see if we could find the old dirt road going up the hill that led to where my great-grandmother used to live. We found it…it is very distinctive. It was now gated off – and others in my family had already told me that the house was long ago torn down. But it was evocative to be there. As with so many things known through your child’s eyes, the gigantic train yards were still big, but much smaller than my mind’s eye remembered. Then we headed on over to Jeff’s house, where I could rest up a little before dinner.

Jeff was already there, along with his wife, Catherine (Deacon Terry’s daughter) and his Mother-in-Law, Rita.

Fr. Joseph Mary, me and Rita Rumore visiting with each other.

Fr. Joseph Mary, me and Rita Rumore visiting with each other.

Deacon Terry and Rita have gotten to know my sister and brother-in-law. I had heard wonderful things about her, so I was glad to finally meet the whole family. They had Golden Rule Barbecue brought in for an authentic Alabama dinner. They thought they were giving me something new, but I have Golden Rule almost every time I visit. I have it because it is great and I love it – so it was a perfect choice. We all chatted and mingled for a while. As we went down for my chat, someone suggested Jeff video it. He got a camera, miked me up, and that is how we got this great video in such a relaxed setting. It was quite striking. We had five priests there. In addition to Fr. Mitch there was a traditionalist priest who frequently celebrates the Latin Mass and a Parish Priest from one of the toughest areas of Birmingham. You can see from the video itself what a great time we had.

The next morning I went over to the Shrine of the Blessed

Deacon Terry Rumore and me outside the newly minted St. John Paul II Eucharistic Center in Hanceville.

Deacon Terry Rumore and me outside the newly minted St. John Paul II Eucharistic Center in Hanceville.

Sacrament in Hanceville, often called Mother Angelica’s Monastery, for she was the driving force in founding it. I had breakfast with Brother David and some of the monks. Brother David coordinates the retreats at the Shrine – and they have many retreats particularly for priests from around the country and the world. Afterwards, Deacon Terry, my sister Kim and brother-in-law, Bryan, met us and we went up for a private meeting with Fr. Joseph Mary who directs the Shrine and Br. David for about an hour and a half. We went to Mass at the lower Church, after touring some of the building, which was concelebrated by Fr. Joseph and a visiting Mexican Priest. Finally, Fr. Joseph gave us a private tour of the newly opening St. John Paul II Eucharistic Center. It was amusing when, at the end, a video came up with Fr. Joseph thanking us for visiting, as Fr. Joseph stood next to us and listened to himself in the video with us.

The faithful are charged up in Birmingham. Well they should be…it has become one of the most important Catholic Centers in the world.

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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54 Responses to Christian Steel in Birmingham

  1. Charlene says:

    Dear Charlie,
    Thankyou for sharing your visit with EWTN and The Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament. My husband Steve and I have made the pilgrimage many times to both places. The Olam shrine is place of so much peace. Sharing your experience is bringing back this peace this early morning, as I read your blog. In the Heart of Jesus. I thank you for this.

    Peace to you and looking forward to meeting you very soon,
    Charlene Edwards

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    • Doug says:

      Hi Charlene,

      It was so wonderful and such a surprise to see you at Charlies talk! Jacki and I would love to get together with you and Steve some time soon.



  2. Kim Johnston Hocutt says:

    Bryan and I had a wonderful time. I always enjoy Larry’s (Charlie’s) visits so much, I get really sad for several day’s after he leaves. But we keep in close contact. I have to say Deacon Terry Rumore is a wonderful friend, he has helped my husband and myself through one of the toughest times in our lives. My husband was baptized on June 20th, and Bishop Baker or Father Sexton will confirm him when Deacon Terry feels he knows the Catechism well enough, we are very excited. Rita Rumore is one of the sweetest, most loving, caring, kind hearted, patient, dedicated, (I could go on and on), women I have ever known. She never fails to hug me and ask about how Bryan and I are doing. I absolutely love the Rumores, I have learned so much from them, they mean a lot to me. I was so thrilled that my brother got to meet these two special people in my life!

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  3. Beckita says:

    Thank you for this steely report… Love EWTN… Just last night I viewed a video on the network which I posted to FB and rarely do I post there. I found it to be an irresistible lifeline and am praying it be so for anyone the Spirit deems to touch via His work in Chris Stefanick. If anyone finds it of use:

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  4. the phoenix says:

    Two quotes:

    “If I speak with the tongues of men, and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And if I should have prophecy and should know all mysteries, and all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.” ~~ 1 Corinthians 13:1-2

    Why do some people seem to focus on the angelic and the prophetic aspects of Charlie’s message, and seem to stop there?

    “There is a tension between the center and the periphery…. We must get out of ourselves and go toward the periphery. We must avoid the spiritual disease of the Church that can become self-referential: when this happens, the Church itself becomes sick. It’s true that accidents can happen when you go out into the street, as can happen to any man or woman. But if the Church remains closed onto itself, self-referential, it grows old. Between a Church that goes into the street and gets into an accident and a Church that is sick with self-referentiality, I have no doubts in preferring the first.” ~~ Pope Francis

    Charlie is going toward the periphery, going out into the street.
    I like it! 🙂
    (Is this considered an endorsement?)

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  5. My heart is so happy that you had this wonderful experience, Charlie! I would be interested to know what that painting of Jesus in Jeff Hahn’s office looks like. Does anyone have this available, perchance?


    • charliej373 says:

      Anna, I posted a copy of the picture in the article along with a caption identifying it. Take a look on a laptop…I am assuming you read this from a phone and did not get all the pictures I put in the article. It’s there.


      • Oh, Charlie! My blonde is showing. 🙂 I refuse to use a smart phone or own a laptop. So, I read this on my very big PC screen and yet still I missed it. It is a beautiful portrayal. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.


    • Marie says:

      For anyone interested in purchasing that picture, leafletonline (dot) com has a very similar one available in both wall art and a holy card; just type ‘Jesus in the Garden’ in the search box. (I’m not affiliated with the company, I have just ordered from them in the past and thought of checking there.)


      • Mick says:

        Marie, it’s funny that you mentioned Leaflet Missal Company. When I saw the picture in Charlie’s post, I thought to myself, “I’ve seen that picture in the Leaflet Missal catalogue.” 🙂


    • maggie says:

      The artist is Carl Bloch.


  6. marie says:

    This is sort of off-topic, but on topic in a general sense.
    Don’t know how many of you will have heard of Scottish singer Dougie MacLean or his song ‘Ready for the Storm’, but as I listened to this song this evening, it seemed to speak to my very soul.
    No, I don’t feel ready for the storm – far from it – but some of the lyrics give me comfort:
    “the lighthouse will keep shining” … ” you love me and I should have realized I had no reason to be

    This is the only link I could find for it. The song starts at around the 44 second mark


  7. mmbev says:

    Well, I may never get to attend anything, but I certainly love the rundown that you always provide about the events. Thanks, Charlie.


  8. Marie says:

    Thanks for the video Charlie; I know this is of minor importance in the big scheme of things, but for those of us who have single young adult children in various parts of the country, will both landlines and cell towers be useless; will there still be snail mail-will there be any way to communicate and see if they are ok during the various stages of the storm?


    • charliej373 says:

      Marie, I couldn’t say how that will unfold in the brief period of utter chaos. I think it is good to have a general place where family and loved ones can gravitate to. Everyone knows that I will be in the environs of Mt. Meeker when I am able to. But God is rather adamant that we will simply have to trust to Him. I see almost no details of the period of chaos and do not know where I will be or what I will do. God will help me. He will help you, too, if you let Him. As my friends in Jersey said, “Let go and let God. Bada-bing.”

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      • Carmelite says:

        Charlie, there are so many of us who sincerely appreciate the video, since we are no where near one of your talk sites.
        Time and again you have been to me a ‘Jonah’, going through the streets of Nineveh. Every time I hear that story, you come to mind 🙂 May our good God bless you abundantly and continue to give you His strength to do His will!!!


  9. mmbev says:

    The picture that you mention as the closest like Jesus as He appears to you, and have reproduced in your blog, can also be seen at 3:48 on Youtube: THE BEST Chaplet of Divine Mercy EVER MADE, Kolbe 1019.


  10. donna says:

    This was wonderful…..what Godly people you are encountering on your journey. So wonderful you got to see Kim and her husband. The Deacon and his wife seem so warm and loving. To meet the staff of EWTN is quite a thrill. I watch it with my husband all the time. You were blessed to meet with Fr Mitch and Fr Joseph Mary…..too bad you didn’t get to meet Fr Apostoli and you would have hit the trifecta…..the video of Birmingham is what I will use to share the message of Charlie….it is just perfect and comfortable and like being in the living room with you…So grateful for the people of Bimingham who made it possible. Also, I love that Jesus looks like that picture to you because that is how I imagine Him to look as well!!!! But it’s like you said, heaven comes to us dressed as how we will most comfortable perceive them…Just look at how differently the Blessed Mother has appeared in Akita, Rowanda, Medjugorje, Fatima, Lourdes, and Tepayac….

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  11. Marie says:

    A follow up:-if we have kids away at college on the other side of the country; will there be enough
    warning before the eye of the storm, that we can bring them home via air, train, or car?

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    • Charlene says:

      All are good questions. I will assume that is what trusting in our PAPA is all about. I am in my 60ies and still learning. Also I have adult children living on the other side of the country. Marie pray for me, and my family. Escecialy for my adult children who do not believe or so they say think anyway 🙂 Thankyou ahead of time for your prayers. Have a blessed day.

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      • Marie says:

        Prayers ascending for your children to return to the faith; in fact let’s swap prayers as I am in a similar situation with two of my kids; We could probably start a mini St. Monica sub group. May Our Lady of Guadalupe intercede; (I have a devotion to her as we went there many years ago.)


      • Carmelite says:

        Charlene, prayers for you and ALL parents with children who don’t have faith.
        I ask prayers for my own girls, one of whom lives in Dubai. So far away *sigh*. So, prayers for you, too, donna.
        But at least both my girls and their families are pretty strong in the faith, thanks to Our Blessed Mother!


    • donna says:

      good one! I got one son in Lithuania right now….

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  12. gettimothy says:


    About 1:25 into the video where Christ rebuked you for your frustration with the ‘hippie church folks’ made my eyes mist over. God really is like that–adamant in His love for us.

    What is illuminating is watching you and seeing what animates you. You giggle a lot for a Bears fan, but when you get on the subject of the Faith, you hold yourself like Mike Singletary did–with singular purpose.

    Well done and God bless.

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    • charliej373 says:

      Well, since 1985, the Bears have given us a lot to giggle about. Either giggle or cry.

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      • Mick says:

        Singletary was awesome; the post-’85 Bears, not so much.

        Singletary is a man of deep faith, and his life story is compelling. Walter Payton, though, was my favorite Bear, God rest his soul. My husband has nicknamed our two-year-old daughter “Sweetness”; it’s not in homage to Payton (my husband grew up a Seahawks fan), but I’ll take it.

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  13. Phillip Frank says:

    Between a Church that goes into the street and gets into an accident and a Church that is sick with self-referentiality, I have no doubts in preferring the first.” ~~ Pope Francis
    I like this post Phoenix.

    He makes the point here that he would rather make mistakes in the field with the “sheep” than in the Vatican with his pen, thus writing his legacy on the souls of humanity rather than scrolls for antiquity.
    If he too sees the storm approaching he may rather save what he can by his immediate presence than try to inocculate the future with words for a humanity that will no longer be here?
    As Crewdog say “God save all here”.
    Maybe Francis is taking that line literally!


  14. Phillip Frank says:

    Charlie’s quote,

    YOU must discern. When you stand before God, He will not be interested in hearing the excuse that “Charlie said…” or “Fr. Mitch said…” or “EWTN said…” Each of us is personally responsible to God for every decision we make.

    It is no shame to NOT listen to everything Charlie, or Fatima, or any private revelation says.
    We are all different with a different kind of walk in life and not every statement is relevant to us.
    We can only do what We can do, but like the story of the mustard seed, it is sufficient for a great task because of the connection to the other side of that little tiny bit of faith….God!
    Therefore, we become connected to the Infinit who has no limitations…basically along for the ride but with our permission first, of course.
    So suck up as much flavor as you can get from Charlie, but if he becomes bitter, stop for awhile. If the taste returns, so be it…if not, all is well there too….He’s not the only “fish” (christian) in the sea!


    • the phoenix says:

      Hi Phillip Frank!

      1) Regarding your quote: “So suck up as much flavor as you can get from Charlie, but if he becomes bitter, stop for awhile. If the taste returns, so be it…if not, all is well there too …” I always thought coffee was referred to as a “cup of Joe,” not a “cup of Charlie.” 🙂

      2) And regarding your quote: If he too sees the storm approaching he may rather save what he can by his immediate presence than try to inoculate the future with words for a humanity that will no longer be here?
      As Crewdog says “God save all here”.
      Maybe Francis is taking that line literally!”

      There’s talking about praying, and then there’s praying.
      There’s writing about making things better, and then there’s doing something about it.


  15. Brenda says:

    Do you get any feeling as whether we will celebrate a cultural Christmas this year? Thx and Blessings


  16. Colleen DeRose says:

    Just a quick affirmation: last week an image of Jesus came to my mind that was more vital than my normal imaginations…it was so alive I could almost smell the dust of the road and the scent of the sea about Him. He was a little suspended above the ground looking at me with strength and assurance exuding from even his robe. I immediately understood His nature as completely capable Shepherd and, recalling the scripture about how he carries the lambs in his arms and leads the ewes with care (one of my very favorite assurance verses), I put my grandchildren in His arms and placed their mom next to Him as I finished my prayer.
    When Charlie mentioned the picture in Hahn’s office that looked like what he knew, it occurred to me to check for similarities with my recent prayer image. Low and behold, it was He, even to the slightly rusty colored robe, which struck me particularly as it seemed compellingly homespun and historically appropriate. I share this just as a thanks to the Lord for his kindness in showing me this particular image, and as assurance to anyone here that He is confirming Himself to us all in so many big and small ways. Be of good cheer, He has overcome the world.

    Liked by 7 people

  17. Mary W. says:

    I am asking for help. Please tell me if I am understanding my/our role, or responsibility, in letting others know of the imminent Storm. If we know of the Storm and Rescue, through knowledge from Charlie, Fatima, Akita or any private revelation(approved or not by church authorities) we will be held accountable if we do not tell others about what we know. If that is correct we must do our best to tell others, since that is our responsibility. Am I correct?

    For the past three months I have been using Charlie’s vast material to tell others,who I think will be receptive, about the Storm. I think of many of my friends and relatives, first off. I tell them that Charlie has and has had, for 20 years now, three priestly spiritual directors. Some of my family and friends accept that as enough to warrant serious attention. Some (my husband) wants me to ask one of the priests, we know fairly well, if we should take Charlie seriously. This particular priest has never heard of Charlie.

    Then the opportunity came to mention that Fr. Pacwa knows Charlie. We know he is among the serious persons who believes Charlie is worth listening to. This bit of information brought my husband closer to me in this serious matter of preparing for the Storm, since he highly respects Fr. Pacwa, as many who read this site do. Since we( me and my husband) live and cooperate on all levels, it is of utmost importance that we are on the same page. True?

    But, if I understand correctly, he, my husband, has just as much individual discernment responsibilty to agree or disagree with me. This is where my dilemma lies. I am torn, to a degree in any case. Should I stop mentioning Fr. Pacwa and EWTN regarding Charlie and his messages, or do so with qualifications? Thank you for hearing me out. STs. Anne and James pray for me.


    • charliej373 says:

      Mary, you could certainly mention that Fr. Pacwa and I hit it off well and that he is among those who do not dismiss me. That is not the same thing as an endorsement. Watch the Birmingham Video and decide for yourself. It gives a great encapsulation of what my message is. But yes, your discernment is key. It may be helpful for some to know that a growing number of serious people think it is worth a hearing…but trerating it with respect simply is not the same thing as an endorsement and should not be treated as such. Each person has to discern. That others of stature – and they are growing – give it serious consideration may, and probably should, play a role in your consideration of it…but you have to decide. Now, you do not have to tell anyone. What you should do is acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope.

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    • Carmelite says:

      Mary W., I too have a strong desire to share this video with everyone I know. My husband was kind enough to watch it with me yesterday. Will give him a day to digest it. It is so powerful and rings so true. As for others, many will say, ho hum, but what to do, eh? Am praying on this one 🙂


      • Mick says:

        Carmelite, my husband also watched it a couple days ago, simply as a favor to me. Praise God! I didn’t think he’d ever read or watch anything of Charlie’s. I’m hoping to discussed it with him tomorrow or the next day. I’ll pray that your husband and mine be open to what God may be trying to say to them through the video.

        Liked by 1 person

  18. Carmelite says:

    The first time I just taped Charlie’s talk and listened to it. Yesterday, I watched it on screen with my husband. Much more powerful the second time.
    So, all you preppers, down south it stays fairly warm during the winter. Up north is a different story. My trust in the good God is growing steadily, but I was hit between the eyes this morning with how weak my trust is when I got to thinking, wow if this all goes down this autumn, we are looking at a long winter – with no heat. No fireplace, no source of wood, no heat.


  19. Doug says:

    Great questions Mary. It makes me ponder what my immediate responsibility is. I find it can be overwhelming to think too much about it. PT’S post helps me. Also, I find St. Faustina’s Diary encouraging.


  20. Mary W. says:

    Thank you Charlie, Carmelite, and Doug for your responses to my questions. I am now going to say my daily rosary. Next to the Holy Mass and sacraments it is my saving grace and gives much comfort and consolation. Thank you God! All here will be placed in Our Mother’s loving arms.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. radiclaudio says:

    Dear Charlie and TRNS family, my wife and attended the Defending the Faith conference this past weekend at Franciscan U in Stubenville. Wow!!! take about drinking from the Catholic fire hose, lol. Scott Hahn mc’ed, presenters included bishops, arch bishops, Father Mike Gaitley, Dr Kreeft, Patrick Madred, Patrick Kaufman, Ulf and Brigitta Eckman, and many many others. it was wonderful as you might expect, but I mention it because I felt so called to pray for our TRNS family there during the entire weekend. Which I happily did. Soaking you all in prayers for your intentions and from strength, courage and wisdom during the Storm. interesting EVERY speak we heard to a one mentioned the coming storm. At one point Carole turn to me ask if I thought they all read your blog. ha ha.

    When I got home I texted then called Deacon Terry to check in only to find out about this trip. I asked him why he didn’t invite Carole and me down to join the group. He said he doesn’t like me very much – Ha ha. No word on his views on Carole but she is infinitely more likable and pretty than me so she probably had an open invite lol. Yes, Charlie you were in good, kind, generous and holy hands with Terry and Rita, they are God’s people. And he spoke very highly of you too. That diocese seems to have something wonderfully and mystically special about it, so I’m not surprised to learn you (Charlie) were born there and visited Irondale frequently. God really does seem to have it figured out. We just have to grab hold of the hem of His robes and not let go, ever. Trust, do, love…

    With all my love and affection, TJtM

    PS- there is a life size Crucifix of the Agonizing Jesus at the Shrine in Hanceville,out side and just to the right of where you and your sister, b-i-l stode for your picture. Did you see it? It is very very impactful and moving. Barely a few days go by that I don’t think about, meditate over, and pray about it. it’s very very moving.


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