The Coming Chastisement and Renewal of the World

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(The following is a piece by our friend, Dan Lynch, on Jesus, King of All Nations. He has worked tirelessly for decades promoting it along with devotion to Our Lady of the Americas and Our Lady of Guadalupe

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By Dan Lynch

Charlie Johnston speaks of a Great Storm coming from which we shall be rescued and ushered into a renewed world through the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant.  He says that he has received prophetic visitations all of his life, which he has revealed to three priests over the last 20 years. Now he speaks publicly about them.

Charlie wrote:

“I told my priests that we were about to go into starkly terrible times, about the rise of large-scale institutionalized terror, the collapse of financial stability across the globe, ending in a great Storm, a global civil war – a civil war that was cultural rather than political…that this was not the end, but would seem like it, Rather, It was God renewing the world and reclaiming His people, for more souls have been lost to eternity in the last century than at any time in the history of the world – and we would not turn from our folly. I told them of what was ahead in much detail, often miscalculating by a year to three when certain things would happen. But I did make clear that the only time I had been specifically told in plain language was the season of the rescue, in very late 2017.”

Charlie’s advice is, “Acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around you. That will not just save others; it may save your life as it distracts you from the panic that wants to rise in you. You are going to have to make very difficult choices.”

Charlie’s revelations, with the exception of his timeline, are corroborated by the revelations of the Jesus King of All Nations Devotion. Bishop Enrique Hernandez Rivera, D. D., former Bishop of Caguas, Puerto Rico, wrote, “I recognize the need to foster more devotion to Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, True King of All Nations. I wish the promoters of the Jesus King of All Nations Devotion all the best in your efforts of spreading the message of Christ to all who invoke Him by this title.”

Bishop Rivera granted the original revelations of the devotion the Nihil Obstat on August 15, 1993. The Nihil Obstat is an official declaration that a book (The Journal) is free of doctrinal or moral error.

On June 25, 2009, Jesus King of All Nations said, “A great catastrophe is about to descend on the world. Lessen this punishment with the spiritual weapons of frequent reception of the holy Sacraments; loving, reverent attendance at the holy Sacrifice of the Mass and constant praying of the Holy Rosary. Yes, the times are so grave that I desire this great prayer of the Holy Rosary to rise from the faithful as a sacrifice of propitiation. Only through the Immaculate Heart of Mary will I have mercy on this sinful world. I have entrusted it to her. Therefore you must come to Me through her. Hurry My children. Run to Mary!” (Journal  341).

Three years later, on May 20, 2012, Jesus King of All Nations said,Let it be known that as I AM the All-Merciful God, and that though My Perfect, Holy Justice must be fulfilled; that I do not wish My people to be inordinately weighed down with consternation and fear at the coming chastisement.(Journal  410).

It may seem that the chastisement is overdue in view of today’s grave evils of legalized abortion and the selling of body parts, legalized sodomy, legalized same-sex relationships, legalized suicide and mass murders.

Although the chastisement may seem slow in coming, Saint Peter tells us it is because the Lord is merciful and wants to bring us to repentance. Saint Peter wrote, “But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slow about his promise as some count slowness, but is forbearing toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.”  (2 Peter 8-10).

Even though the worldwide chastisement is imminent, we are called to take heart and to realize that our efforts are not in vain. On September 20, 1992, Jesus King of All Nations said, “Do you know, My little one, that if it were not for the love of the faithful few, My Father would have long ago destroyed the earth which is full of the guilt of sin? My Child, make known this truth to My faithful children, so that they may take heart and realize that your lives of love and prayer are not in vain. Indeed, they are helping to save the world and to restore it to the beauty with which its Creator endowed it.” (Journal  302).

We are called to have hope in the promise of Jesus King of All Nations for a great renewal of the Church, of mankind and of all creation. On May 20, 2012, Jesus King of All Nations said:

“Therefore let it also be known that a great renewal of My Holy Church, of

mankind and indeed of all creation will follow the cleansing action of My

Justice. How greatly I Love My people! It is for your good O mankind that I

allow My Justice to be poured out in order to awaken your conscience and

correct your sinful behavior. Yet you see how dearly I Love you in that I

continually warn you and even seek to comfort you in the pain of the

cleansing which is almost upon you.

Return to Me My people. I Love you Infinitely and Eternally for such is My

very Nature as God; the One-True God, the Sovereign King of all that is.

Pray and trust in Me My Faithful ones. I will not abandon you in the dark

and cloudy day which rapidly approaches. Stay close to My Immaculate Mother;

cling to her Holy Rosary, invoke her Immaculate Heart.

Take up My devotion of Jesus, King of All Nations for in its practice you

shall find for yourselves a haven of Grace, Mercy and Protection. Enthrone

this My image everywhere for I shall be powerfully present there and the

Power of My Sovereign Kingship shall surely shield you from My Just


       Be strong and do not lose hope. I AM with you to save you.” (Journal  414-419).


Jesus said to his disciples, “Stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come.” (Matthew 24:42).


            Learn how to practice the devotion here:

Learn how to enthrone His image here:


“In the shadow of your wings I take refuge till the storms of destruction pass by.” (Psalm 57).

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May Our Lady of Guadalupe keep you under the mantle of her protection and may the Reign of Jesus King of All Nations be recognized in your heart!



About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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51 Responses to The Coming Chastisement and Renewal of the World

  1. Phillip Frank says:

    Thanks Dan.
    Ordered the medals for the family.
    This feels to me to be the BEST prepping I can do!
    God save all here, (and everywhere else too).

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  2. radiclaudio says:

    Amen, amen…

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  3. mmbev says:

    Thank you, Dan.

    In these words my spirit rejoices and my heart is glad.

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    • Dan Lynch says:

      Thank you commenters for your compliments! As the prophet Jeremiah said, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11).


  4. Charles McNeiece says:

    Does anyone know where you can buy an Our Lady of America statue? I’m interested in building a small family shrine at my house. Thank you.


  5. Susan Mulski says:



  6. diane says:

    Very consoling – very good to keep giving us the uplifing posts – we have hope of a better world. If I did not have my faith I would be flapping around like a fish out of water. I am so sad at the condition of mankind, so often I cry out to God and ask, how long, how long. It seems to me as the more evil is exposed the more we are aghast at the boldness of the demons and their antics, lies and the barbaric unfolding of what they have done for centuries and the exposing of our recklessness – the easier it is to recognize and pray for God’s Will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Knowing that His love for us is immense and that He is doing the unfolding not the satan – and all this is allowed for our good, and for our salvation. We all know the end of the story but I don’t think any of us knew how much we thwarted the goodness God has for us with our selfishness and sinfulness. May we all be filled with the Grace of God to be Patient with each other, Faithful to the Church, Gentle Lambs consoling the lost sheep, Loving our families, Generous to those in serious need, Pesevering in taking that next right step, erasing all Pride from our hearts and humbly doing God’s will and not our own and maintaining the hope that we will be rescued by the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I am not sure who, but I think it was Steve who said it is a good thing to have that date of 2017 otherwise we might blow away with the winds of the storm, so that year of 2017 is a hope that will guide us through the storm. God Bless you all and may we all continue to pray for each other, so many needs, so much to ask our God of, so much, so much. Love I do.

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  7. Rhonda Lee says:

    Are the Jesus King of All Nations devotion, the Divine Mercy devotion (St. Faustina), and the Sacred Heart devotions all essentially the same message? They seem very similar. Perhaps each one is an update for the times they occurred. I have read a lot about the Divine Mercy devotion and St. Faustina’s Diary. The “Jesus I Trust in You” message was always a little baffling to me. Of course I trust Jesus, but I never quite understood what it mean in concrete, practical terms. I think God has sent Charlie to explain this. When I read his writings and listen to his talks, I think I understand now. He explains it in our modern language, in the context of our everyday lives. Trusting Jesus is about aligning your will to the will of God. However, I wonder, if one has only limited time for devotions due to a job and motherhood, which one would be the most important? The Rosary? The Divine Mercy Chaplet? There are so many devotions that have been revealed by Jesus and Our Blessed Mother over the years, I wonder which ones I should do. One can only wear so many medals and scapulars. Perhaps a different one each day of the week or month? When I read about all of them I get a bit overwhelmed.

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    • jlynnbyrd says:

      By the Grace of God, I was brought back to the church at a difficult time in my life via the religious book section in our local Skokie, Illinois Barnes and Noble store in the early 1990’s. I was led to books about Our Blessed Mother Mary and soon afterwards I learned about a small local Irish gift shop in Norridge called the Marian Center. Kathy Long was the founder and was given approval by our Archdiocese led by Cardinal Joseph Bernardin to have the Blessed Sacrament in her shop’s chapel (in a strip mall.) I attended her Marian Conferences in Rosemont every year that followed up until her death. She had renowned speakers, such as Jeff Calvin, Father Larry Richards, Father Benedict Groeschel, Dana and Father Kevin Scanlon, Father Ron Stone, Scott Hahn, Radix Guys with Doug Barry and Eric Genuis, to name a few. The weekend conferences had Adoration, Confession, programs and speakers for adults and children and a full Sunday Mass. At each conference Kathleen spoke retold her story about being in Italty when she heard God’s call to bring His Son to the marketplace. With much discernment and much legwork, she made that possible. I worked in Norridge at the time and would go there at lunchtime to pray (and shop) on occasion.
      Thru my increased Marian devotion, I came across The Cukierski Family Apostolate website over 20 years ago. I have purchased numerous sacramentals and relics that support the Cukierski family outreach and care for children in need. A few years ago I signed on to a Catholic Prepper site base on Wendy Cukierski’s recommendation. I mostly read the contents and did not add a lot other than prayers. My confusion was that as Catholics, we should believe that God will provide for His children as he did during the Exodus with manna from heaven.
      While doing some online research for something completely unrelated about a year ago, I came across a Garbandal Youtube tape and immediately purchased a medal with a piece of the missal kissed by the Blessed Mother that promises: “By means of this kiss, My Son will perform miracles and prodigies” and my knowledge of Marian apparitions expanded.
      Several months ago I soeted out a large bin of accumulated prayers, booklets, pamphlets, sacramentals, rosaries, and other religious articles. I became a hoarder. 😦 So I have put to good use many items and I am selectively giving the others away. I leave them in church pews, on gas station gas pumps, public restrooms, shopping carts, raffle boxes, library bins, in the hope to inspire other to prayer and conversion. I believe Charlie recently warned that what I allowed to happen can happen and suggested instead that we can use these items to get closer to God in prayer and trust.
      It was through Wendy Cukierski’s site that thankfully I found out about Charlie as well just a month or so. I have been blessed to tangibly see the works of Divine Intervention throughout my life and am humbled to be living during these times.
      Just before learning about Charlie and his message, I lost my job. I had worked for over more than one year and had just earn full time hours and benefits when I was fired. Charlie’s message and my faith have given me a remarkable sense of calm since then. I feel no urgency for money, a new job, and material things, and have been able to use this time to return more fully to service, prayer and devotion.
      I experienced great shame and guilt divorcing my alcoholic husband and remarrying outside the church that it was not until last year that I sought an annulment. It was granted and my new husband and I are working receiving on our sacramental marriage blessing. While guidance and instruction from my priest, I just received Reconciliation and the Eucharist for the first time in five years two weeks ago. This is a huge blessing and grace (again) in my life.
      Aside from stocking up on some water and canned goods, I have offered the Prayer of Miraculous Trust for myself and loved one, (including my ex-husband), and am prepared to trust in the love of neighbors, and God to see us through, remembering the devil is in the details.
      While in a long line for confession at a Marian Conference, I got to chat with a fellow sinner standing behind me. She shared that she knew St. Padre Pio personally and showed me a letter he wrote to her which she kept in her hand held bible. She then recanted a story he told her. For quite a while, Padre Pio would ask the congregants of his church to pray for his father to have a happy death after each mass in which he presided over. One day a parishioner spoke to Padre after mass and asked, why do you ask us to pray for your father’s happy death. He died many years ago? Padre responded, because God knows no time and with Him all things are possible.

      Keep the faith.

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      • jlynnbyrd says:

        While writing I was heading out to volunteer at my parish, St Mary Immaculate’s first ever carnival for the rest of the day and just want to add that typing is not my forte. Typos goes hand-in-hand with me.
        Also, if I may request here, today commemorates the 25th year of the F5 tornado that crushed Plainfield and destroyed the original church. Please take a moment of prayer for the 29 people killed including the principle of St Mary’s school while protecting the children and for the ongoing safety of our newly rebuilt church. Thank you & God Bless.

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        • NancyA says:

          Oh my goodness, Jlynnbyrd. I just looked at a photo series on that terrible tornado. I will remember the many affected with a prayer! I recently read the book What Stands in a Storm, about the super storm of tornados in 2011. Very moving and devastating. No one can imagine it properly.

          Your story is reminiscent of mine, with the finding of the local Marian Center, books and religious articles leading you closer and closer…

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        • Mick says:

          I’ll say a prayer, Jlynnbyrd.

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      • Dan Lynch says:

        Dear Jlynnbyrd,

        Welcome home!

        I also have happy memories of Kathy Long’s Marian conferences. In the early 90s, I spoke there and later explained the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to a journalist in an interview. She asked me, “How can an image stop abortion?”

        I replied, “this is not simply an image, it represents the spiritual presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Any mother who looks at this image would never consider aborting her child, but would reverence the life within her and bring it forth.”

        At that point, she broke down crying and confessed to me that she had an abortion 10 years prior and was suffering from post abortion traumatic stress syndrome. I immediately got a priest who heard her confession. She returned to the sacraments, married, raised a beautiful family and is now principal of a Catholic school.

        You may view her testimony in the lower left-hand corner here:

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        • jlynnbyrd says:

          It is great to be back home Dan! I am so moved that our paths have crossed and more so by the amazing and far reaching graces and blessing that Kathy’s conferences have brought about. Thank you sincerely for being a vessel of mercy!


    • NancyA says:

      Rhonda, I would say that the Blessed Mother has been asking for the Rosary, daily. If you can fit it in, do… if you can only say a decade, do that. The chaplet takes a mere 7 minutes. add it, even while you are lying in bed? Or if you’re awakened in the night (many find themselves waking at the hour of mercy, 3 a.m… pray the chaplet) You can ALWAYS just say the ejaculation “Jesus, I trust in You.” by itself whenever you think of it. (same with “Jesus, have mercy.” or any number of phrases like that.) My caveat: I find myself in drier , lazier periods, NOT getting these done on a daily basis, but ideally, that is what I’d do. Don’t let it get so overwhelming that you don’t do anything. Choose one or two and try to commit to it.

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      • Rhonda Lee says:

        Thank you Nancy, that’s great advice. You are correct that there are some days when I just fall in bed exhausted and all I can manage to say is “Jesus I trust in you.” Ever since reading Charlie’s messages though, I have been trying to acknowledge God all throughout my day, thanking Him and asking him for his guidance and help. At least that’s progrress!


      • Mick says:

        Nancy, those are fabulous suggestions.

        As far as making time for prayer, one possibility is prayng the rosary and/or the chaplet while driving. I find that I can keep both hands on the wheel while holding a rosary in one hand. Of course some (most?) of my attention is on driving; but it’s certainly better than not getting my prayers said (which still sometimes happens, because I don’t drive that much). 🙂

        And if I’m driving someplace with my kids, I’ll often say that I’m going to pray the rosary or chaplet; and ‘llI ask if they’d like to join me. If they do, great. If they don’t, I just ask them to keep it down to a dull roar so that I can try to concentrate a little on my prayers (and a lot on my driving). It’s surprising how often they’ll actually agree to pray with me.


    • Dan Lynch says:

      Dear Rhonda Lee,
      Of all the devotions in the Church to choose from, I would suggest choosing no more than three and that they be those in which Mary or Jesus requested specific responses from us and that the devotions be relevant to our time and culture. I recommend the devotions to Our Lady of Fatima, The Divine Mercy and Jesus, King of All Nations.

      Jesus King of All Nations gave His revelations to His Secretary that are contained in her Journal. Her spiritual director advised her to remain anonymous. Jesus revealed that He wants His reign to be recognized on earth. He also revealed His image and medal and an ejaculation to help us to recognize His reign, “O Jesus, King of All nations, may Your reign be recognized on earth!” These are engraved on a medal that Jesus revealed for us to keep in reverence.

      Jesus said, “I want to reign in all hearts!!! (Journal 233). My throne on this earth remains in the hearts of all men. I most particularly reign in the Most Holy Eucharist, and in loving hearts that believe in Me, that speak with Me, and I tell you, My daughter, that I do speak in the hearts of all men.” (Journal 197).

      His devotion is a companion devotion to that of the Sacred Heart and that of The Divine Mercy. Jesus said, “This devotion to me as ‘Jesus King of all Nations’, is to be a companion devotion to that of My mercy as given to my beloved daughter, Faustina, and to that of my Sacred Heart as given to my beloved daughter, Margaret Mary.” (Journal 165).

      Essentially, these three devotions honor the three attributes of God. The Sacred Heart devotion honors His love; the divine mercy devotion honors His mercy and the King of All Nations devotion honors His justice. His justice will result in a chastisement, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the renewal of the world.

      The distinctive elements of the King of All Nations devotion are that He desires His reign to be recognized on earth and in all hearts; He desires unity with one flock and one shepherd; He desires devotion to St. Michael the Archangel as Protector of the Church and of the Blessed Sacrament; He desires the proclamation of the dogma of Mary as Mediatrix of All Grace; and He promises us conversions, healings and His protection.

      His reign is recognized by our acceptance of His sovereignty and submission to His reign through faith and conversion. His reign is established in our hearts by our consecration and reparation to His Sacred Heart. Pope Pius XII said with reference to the devotion to His Sacred Heart, “It demands the full and absolute determination of surrendering and consecrating oneself to the love of the Divine Redeemer. The wounded heart of the Savior is the living sign and symbol of that love. It is likewise clear even to a greater degree, that this devotion especially declares that we must repay divine love with our own love.” (Encyclical Letter, Haurietis Aquas).

      To mitigate (lessen) chastisements and to help us save souls, Jesus asked us to wear His medal and to pray the Novena in Honor of Jesus as True King. He promised us His protection from chastisements. He asked us to pray, “Forgive us, O Sovereign King, our sins against you. Jesus, you are a King of Mercy. We have deserved your Just Judgment. Have mercy on us, Lord, and forgive us. We trust in your Great Mercy! O most awe – inspiring King, we bow before you and pray; May your Reign, your Kingdom, be recognized on earth!” (Journal 29).

      Jesus promised us, “Each time you say these prayers, I will mitigate the severity of the chastisements upon your country.” (Journal 41).

      You may learn how to practice the devotion here:

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  8. Vijaya says:

    I am curious. Is this similar to the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the home?
    We did this nearly 3 yrs ago on the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica and I cannot express how many graces flow even as we suffer through our daily trails. See here for the picture:


    • Dan Lynch says:

      Dear Vijaya,

      The enthronement of the image of Jesus King of All Nations is distinctive from the enthronement of the Sacred Heart image in that there are specific promises of protection from chastisements attached to it.

      Enthronement of the image of Jesus King of All Nations is a solemn act by which the participants (family, office, parish, etc, as the case may be) enthrone, display, honor and venerate His image. They give formal recognition of the kingship of Christ over their lives, and their families, home, offices, parishes, etc, as the case may be. The Enthronement Ceremony is the official, ceremonial beginning of their commitment to live out the effects of their recognition of Christ’s Kingship.

      Jesus said, “Enthrone this My image everywhere for I shall be powerfully present there and the Power of My Sovereign Kingship shall surely shield you from My Just Judgment. Be strong and do not lose hope. I AM with you to save you.” (Journal 418-419).

      The enthronement and veneration of His image will help to realize these requests of Jesus. We make reparation for the enemies of Jesus who mockingly adored Him in His Passion. We recognize Him as our True King in this ceremony.

      You may learn more here:


  9. CrewDog says:

    A niece sent this to me… very smart, educated and successful …. but typical of her generation … raised in Political Correctness and ALL that that entails … and too busy with job-n-kids to spend time on news and World events and what “news” she does get is, no doubt, viewed through the lens of the ABCNNBCBS-NPR/PBS PC Spin Machines … thus she is unprepared for what’s coming …. 24 hours on I have not received any replies from Family and only two replies from e-friends that I forwarded this to … Ha Ha! Crazy Old Uncle “D” probably been on the “sauce”? It tells me that most people don’t want to Hear the Truth .. just like old Israel or pre-WII Nazi Germany or Nuke Iran .. or ?? ;-( All the more reason for us that have heard to PREPARE Spititually and Physically!

    Hello Family,
    I am curious if you all are worried about an economic down turn and making any adjustments based on it. A friend of mine at work has been raising my awareness level based on his views and has me thinking. I was curious what my fellow family members were thinking. He sent me a youtube interview with Harry Dent. Harry is forecasting a downturn on the level of the 1929 depression based on demographic changes. See the link below. It is only about 20 mins and I thought it was interesting. I would love for you all to listen to it so we can compare notes.
    Start on 1 hour and 14 mins. The first hour is a talk show host {Alex Jones} that seems radical.

    Thoughtful Cynic Blog – this is my friend’s blog
    My Reply:
    Sadly, I see NO WAY we can’t see an economic “downturn” … far worse than The Great Depression of the 30’s! Here is WHY:
    $19 Trillion Debt-n-counting, $100 Trillion Plus in unfunded liabilities, 47 million people on Food Stamps, 36.4% of working age Americans NOT WORKING, un-guarded USA Borders over-run by millions of poor, ill educated non-English speakers with no intention of assimilating into the USA Society/Culture/Traditions that I was born into…… Oh! … and more than a few terrorists, drug smugglers and military/industrial spies. The USA is not the Country we were in 1932! Then we had a largely young agrarian population (only 125 million) that could, at least, feed themselves and an industrial base that could come on-line quickly to meet the demands of WWII. Plus the USA is filling up with Old Farts like me ;-( Speaking of Old Farts, when I was a Kid virtually everything under the Christmas Tree was made in the USA … toys, clothes, BB guns, radios, cameras, Lionel Trains ;-), house slippers and … now thanks to Government tax/regulation/labor policies nothing is made in the USA … including the fake Christmas Tree made in China. Have Ya heard about what’s going on in China!? … and Europe!? … and Korea!? … and murderous Rag-Heads in the Middle East!? … and massive Cyber Hacking of Government-n-Industry … and our, once great, industrial cities now turned into cesspools filled with the angry, ignorant and violent!? …. which then leads US back to 40 years of Political Correctness … failed US Education … God removed form the Public Square …. Christ removed from Christmas and Easter … and ;-((((
    I guess Ya got my unhappy point!?
    I’m looking for safe havens for my modest IRA & Investments too … and looking for IDEAS … anyone!!?? Until then I’m figuring on “investing” in Beans, Bullets and Spam. I’m hoping the Bad Guys don’t blow up the dam ‘cause I’m counting on the lake for H2O. I’ve told M*** that the S***** Clan needs to plan a Bug-Out Plan with a rally point at his place or on Lake ***** with T***’s Gang? Does this sound Extremist Survivalist to you? Read the Front Page and peruse a World History book before you answer!


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    • Mick says:

      Wow… I hope your niece and other family will realize that Crazy Old Uncle D ain’t so crazy (and that the “sauce” isn’t always a bad thing). 😉


  10. Kim Sevier says:

    I am sharing and just hoping info will at least plant some seeds with skeptics. I am a sidewalk counseler in front of abortion mill. I have wanted to hold pictures up of what an abortion really is thinking it would change their minds. Read an article last night that talked about the horrible videos that show pp for what it is, and that people still just shrug it off. This is what our country has come to. Shear torture to see this. Please God!

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    • ann says:

      Kim I know exactly what you mean. I said many years ago when told by the abortion supporters, “it’s just cells” that even when science caught up to us and proved it was a baby they would say, “OK, so what? I still have the right to kill it.” And that’s what happened. Now here are these dreadful photos and videos and yes they are all shrugging it off, and some are militantly gloating that PP is not defunded. All I can say is God has permitted a deadly delusion to infect them (I believe Revelation says something about that) and they have chosen delusion over truth. I shudder for them. How can this not be like the Germans who claimed later “we never knew.” No one in this country can ever again say about abortion and its chief provider “we never knew.”

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  11. mmbev says:

    …’a great Storm, a global civil war, a civil war that is more cultural than political”….

    Charlie, would you be able to enlarge on the “cultural” since it’s the first time I have noticed that emphasis? Thanks.

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    • charliej373 says:

      This is not a dispute between nations so much as it is a dispute within all nations as to whether they are built on fundamentally Judeo-Christian principles or neo-pagan principles. On one side are Judeo-Christians who believe hope lies within living according to eternal truths about faith, family and freedom. On another side are those neo-pagans who believe there is not truth, only power, and that it must be used to force all to accept that family, gender, life, marriage are all malleable social constructs – that freedom is actually consumerist libertinism. That battle has already begun throughout the west. That is also why it is a civil war.

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      • Mary Ann says:

        And yet so many Christians are still trying to figure out how to find that perfect position of power over their personal circumstances, that perfect way to protect themselves. As soon as we start reading tea leaves and stars (parsing events and prophecies) we are distracted. I think an antidote would be to read the last words of Jesus in the New Testament: the words to the 7 churches in the Book of Revelation. There he tells us just what to do.


        • Rhonda Lee says:

          The strange thing I notice about the present times is that there are people out there who say they are Christian, love God, etc but yet they are ok with things like homosexual marriage, fornication, divorce, sex changes, abortion, etc because they say “Jesus would approve” because he “wants everyone to be happy.” So they are not rejecting God outright, like the atheists do, but they have totally warped Christian doctrine to fit today’s relativistic morality.


      • Alphonsus says:

        Every time I see or hear the word “gender” substituted for “sex”, I cringe. It is SO neo-pagan. Knock it off, Charlie. 🙂


  12. Doug says:

    God save us all!

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  13. Nell Wright says:

    It’s good to see that Dan Lynch is connected to you Charlie, the Lord’s doing, I believe. Dan, you came to my city of Moncton NB. Canada, for a Marian Gathering, in May 2004 and brought our Lady Of Guadalupe’s Image. You returned again for a Jesus King of All Nation’s conference. I met you briefly in Medjugorje in 2010 or 2013. We both have nine adult children…I wait with our Lady and Jesus for the Triumph..the rescue in 2017! These devotions and promises and of course the Sacraments keep me going during these years of hopeful expectation that my adult children will return to the faith of their youth. I am not alone in this test to be sure!
    God bless your ministries and families Charlie and Dan.


  14. Anne says:

    The other day I was thinking of stJohnpaul and threshold of hope. Yes we are on the verge because despair IS the threshold of hope. Despair is total absence of Light so with despair mankind will be ready for the Light of Holy Spirit and hope.I put despair into google a confirming article came up. Psychology……… Article by Stephen Diamond. Worth reading . He says despair is really a spiritual crisis.
    Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.
    A.ll false hopes have yo collapse for the True Hope!


    • Doug says:

      Anne, in some sense, we, as Christians have already been rescued. So we have hope above all others. I think one of the major aspects of the storm will be to rescue those who would otherwise parish if we were to not go through the storm. For us who are saved, it is an opportunity to align our sufferings with Christ so as to help in the rescue of souls. I have mentioned this before that my wife is a 3 time cancer survivor and that the experience and suffering we went through has brought a greater closeness between us and has grown our faith. Much of this can only be understood in the context of the teachings of the Catholic church. There is great value and dignity in suffering. You and everyone here are very special. God bless!

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  15. David Hurst says:

    After I originally read this article, on Sunday, August 30th, the 22nd Sunday of Ordinary time, the priest in his sermon spoke about Catholics who get so wrapped up in devotions they put that before the love of God. This was a tie-in to the Gospel reading, in which Our Lord chastised the Pharisees for being too wrapped up in the “law” and not what comes of them. (Gospel of Mark). I would be curious as to what people think about the message given by my priest in the sermon about being “too wrapped up in devotions” to the exclusion of the rest of our faith!


    • charliej373 says:

      I often tell people not to neglect the prayer of doing because you are so caught up in the prayer of many devotions. We are called to go forth and evangelize primarily by the witness of our lives. I think your priest was right on – so long as he was not condemning devotions.

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    • NancyA says:

      Sometimes only God will know. Some are called to contemplative prayer, and their devotions, which might look obsessive to us, are truly what the are called to do. Others throw themselves into too much doing that they are not truly giving to God, but perhaps to themselves. The priest’s homily speaks to each individual…Then it is between them and God.

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  16. CrewDog says:

    I noticed this post over at MOG this morn. Rabbi Cahn is just one of several people who I believe are “Watchmen on the Wall” for our time:


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