Inspiration, A Simple Sign of Hope


(This marvelous little tale of hope is from a reader, Brian,  from Ontario, Canada. In a neat little twist, Brian became a profound sign of hope for a woman just by living his ordinary faith – and the woman became a sign of hope for Brian by sharing why he had moved her. This is how we build each other up and knit together once more a vibrant culture of life, hope and solidarity with each other – CJ)

By Brian, Bradford, Ontario

I’ve been reading you for well over a year and a half. I was shown your website and blog readings by my mother (a devout Catholic).

Everything you have written has intrigued me. I want to say that your calling to help guide others through the storm has been difficult for you at times, but a relief to have you there for us. I truly thank you for persevering and being a strong sherpa.

I have to admit that I struggled to find “my way” of taking the next right step & being a sign of hope for others. That is a beautiful way to live your life and support those around you. I struggled because most of my friends aren’t practicing Catholics. Any time a conversation arises about the state of the world, I want so badly to lead them to your website and let them read what you have spoken. They wouldn’t understand. I tried discussing with two of my closer friends, as well as my girlfriend what is coming upon us and how to gain protection. They seem to agree with me to my face, but their actions speak volumes that they don’t believe or care.

This morning as mass finished, I was leaving the pew, genuflected, and started walking towards the back of the church. Across the aisle, a women was leaving her pew, genuflected and walked beside me as we headed towards the back. She smiled at me and said “Can I talk to you for a moment?” I said “Sure?”, unsure where this conversation was headed. She said simply “You’re an inspiration to me”. I was shocked. How could I, a person she never spoke to before be an inspiration to her? She said “I see you here each Sunday, a young 30 year old, tattooed man who seems to truly enjoy being here and participating in the mass. You give me hope for my children who are about your age and have fallen away from the Church”.

All I could do was say “thank you, that means a lot to me”. She asked if I’d been in Bradford for long and I told her I had just moved here a few months back. I also had to come clean that I was a little older than she originally thought. She was surprised to hear I was almost 38 and was a Grandfather. I told her I had a 19yr old daughter, a 16yr old son and an 8 month old grand-daughter (from my daughter). I had to smile when she called me “baby face”.

She continued to tell me that her children had grown up with her and her husband as practicing Catholics. They had been baptized, confirmed and all. They were also home schooled. Shortly after turning 18-20, they fell away one by one. I admitted to her that that sounds very similar to my life (minus the home schooling). I was brought up going to church every Sunday and sometimes in between. I (like her children) lost interest and stopped going to church. She went on to say how difficult it is to watch your children fall away, no matter how much you pray they return. She asked about me and what my story was. I said quite simply, I needed to do my own thing for a while. I didn’t go into great detail about my return to the church, except to say “through conversations with my mom and private conversations between myself and Jesus, I knew this is where I needed to be”. At this point she was crying. She said she prays so very hard for her children that they’d come back to the church as well. At this point, I wanted so badly to tell her everything I learned reading your blogs. Instead, I leaned into her and said “I assure you, over the next couple of years, your kids will be shown the right path”. This of course is knowing that the rescue will come in late 2017.

Wiping away more tears, she thanked me, I thanked her and we went our separate ways. I walked back to my car and sat there dumbfounded. I had never been told I was an inspiration to anyone in my entire life. It was even more curious that she had this thought of me just because I was actively going to church. I asked Jesus and Mary to please pray and aid the nice woman, her husband and her 3 children that they come back to the church and lead more holy lives. I prayed an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be for them, crossed myself and sat there again quietly before starting my car. It dawned on me, that in a small way, I was a sign of Hope to this woman!

Without even trying, by living my life the best way I can, I was a sign of Hope. I Thanked Jesus for letting this woman have the courage to open up to me and that I could help her in a small way.

Home I went, smiling the whole way.

I’ll continue to pray for her and her family. I also keep you, Charlie in my prayers. God bless and stay strong.


Brian from Bradford Ontario, Canada.

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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  1. eightlambs says:

    How great that is! And a definite sign of hope to all of us.
    Here is another sign of hope to share:
    My 20 year old son was working out at a gym with music in his ears when he heard a voice inside say, “when are you coming back to me?”
    He came home and told us and went to Mass the next day.
    Jesus can break through their music!

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  2. Maeb says:

    You had me at “father and grandfather”. What a wonderful life it is to have your children young and see them grow! I think that was God’s plan for all of us. We are so silly nowadays.

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  3. jan says:

    I could have been that woman. I have 3 children who have fallen away ,too. It is heartening when you see young devout Catholics. I know exactly how she feels. I keep praying someone will invite my daughter who lives in NYC to the Friars of the Renewal Catholic Underground. She would see how many young people still love the church.

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    • Stay on course, Jan. No prayer is ever waste, especially not one from a mother’s aching heart.

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      • barb129 says:

        I could be that woman too. We have three children that we raised in the faith: homeschooling, daily Mass, monthly confession, family rosary, etc. Our daughter married a young man whose family members are Easter and Christmas Catholics, promising me that he was going to go to church with her and she would stay faithful. Four months later, I find out that they only go to Sunday Mass when it fits into their schedule. Our oldest son moved out last year and several months afterwards, told me that he was no longer going to Mass. Broke my heart!!! I’ve given them to our dear Blessed Mother and I’m trusting that someday they too will come back.
        Thank you for another piece of hope!

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        • barb129, just reading what you’re going through has brought me to tears. Your children will come back to the faith because of your continuing prayers. The time and the manner and circumstance of this homecoming may not be known but it will come to pass. The faith that was present in your children from their birth was a gift from God. As a parent, you did the right things – Mass, Rosary, Confession – to nurture that gift. I suspect that this faith has not died; it is merely dormant. It awaits the Flame of the Spirit to be lit to life again.

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          • barb129 says:

            Thank you so much, caitlynnegrace, for your kind words. I have found myself wondering what I did wrong that this has happened but more and more I am placing my trust in the mercy of God and our dear Mother’s intercession and hoping and trusting that they will return. Your comment adds to my hope…

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        • Mick says:

          Barb, I want to second Caitlynn’s conviction that your children will return to the Faith. As I’m sure you know, you’re being called upon to take on the role of St. Monica. And what I love about that is what St. Ambrose said to her when one day, in tears, she poured out her heart to him regarding her worries for her son, the very wayward Augustine. St. Ambrose replied, “Don’t worry; the child of so many tears cannot be lost.” Keep praying, dear sister–especially the prayers of the rosary. It may take many years, as it did for St. Monica and St. Augustine. But because of her faithfulness, the Church today is able to honor her son as a saint, a bishop, and a Doctor of the Church. Trust-Do-Love, and all will be well with your children. 🙂

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  4. Dorothy says:

    What a beautiful story you shared with us !
    Thank you !
    You are a young men….. Busy with daily routines yet you stopped, took time with this older lady talked to her and above all listened to her !

    What an amazing sign of hope for her !

    Amazing life lesson for all of us too…….that is what Charlie is telling us do the simple things that are right in front of you be the sign of hope ….

    Your mom will be so proud of you as we all are !
    Great job Brian!

    All it takes sometimes is to stop and listen to another human being that is what our pope is doping so well !

    He gives so much of himself to others/strangers with so much humility and love !

    It is easier said then done, often in business of daily life we missed these
    momements …. You gave your time to this heart broken lady … you did not miss opportunity to minister to another person!
    Heaven rejoices Brian !
    God bless you….

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  5. Jean says:

    Simply a truly beautiful story. I also have a 30 something, tattooed, homeschooled son who recently called me and asked if I would help him return to the Church, go to confession, get married to the mother of his children and get his youngest daughter- my grandbaby, Baptized. I should have fainted but I have been praying for many years and I trusted Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph to take care of them. I believe all of the parents praying will be answered very soon! What a wonderful and merciful God we have!!

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    • Petra says:

      Jean, I love the part, “I should have fainted…” 🙂 If you have faith in God and He will amaze you…
      God bless. 🙂

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      • My daughter too is thinking about going back to church. I’m trying to shout too many “Alleluia’s!” in her presence. It’s hard, though!

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        • jlynnbyrd says:

          What a joy and a blessing for you Janet!
          I often provoked my dear mother to proclaim, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.

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        • Oh, the joy of answered prayer! Alleluia from me too!


          • Pam Nicholson says:

            Oh, so wonderful you have invited me to pray for your loved ones to come back to the church. I will add you both and your families to my prayer list. What wonderful prayer warriors we have on this site! blessings. pam, from NJ.

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        • Petra says:

          I too fell away in my youth at about 19 and lived the typical very sinful lifestyle of my peers until I was about 25. By that time I was devastated and disgusted by the cruelty, unkindness and lack of remorse by my “friends’ and acquaintances, not only toward me but toward others they dealt with. Much like the Prodigal, I thought, My parents don’t have this happen to them. My relatives don’t have this happen to them. I’m getting outta here!
          So began my journey back home to God. I started living according to the Commandments (lost all my *friends* for doing so, but I didn’t care. It was a cheap price to pay.) but still didn’t go back to church. Then about a year later a couple of times the very strong thought came into my head, “Go back to church.” When it happened a second time I kind of laughed out loud because I *knew* it was my guardian angel.
          I gathered up my courage and on a Saturday went to confession. The next day I went to Mass. I sat WAYYYYY in the back and to the side. As it happened, my mother was at this Mass, and she saw me on her way back from Communion. (I didn’t dare go, even though I had been to confession. I was still too ashamed.) The look on her face was like she had seen a ghost. I thought for a second her knees were going to buckle! But she just went into her pew and did her thanksgiving. I left the church quickly after Mass and we did not meet outside. Afterward she never said a word to me about it. Not one word in all the 35 years she lived after that. But I knew in my heart she must have given glory to God in her heart at the top of her lungs! I always knew it was she who won the grace for me to come back to God. May God bless her richly for that!
          God bless.

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    • That’s wonderful Jean. It makes me want to jump for joy!!

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    • Mick says:

      Jean, how wonderful! Praise God!


  6. Pam Nicholson says:

    Oh, Canada! This is truly awesome. I have heard of some people I know who go to adoration and regular mass and daily mass when possible, having this wonderful experience. It is awesome, isn’t it? You truly are an inspiration, Brian. So, may you grow in grace and become more beautiful for God as He sees you this way so very much. God bless, God bless. pam, from NJ.


  7. Great story!!! I loved it!! God bless you!!!


  8. Anne says:

    Story full of hope Brian.
    Pope francis will release album of 11 tracks …. Entitled… Wake up! Go!Go! Forward….. See Rolling


  9. joanp62 says:

    Thank you Brian. This is truly an inspiration and a story of hope for all of us who have adult children, raised in the faith, who no longer practice or believe. God Bless you and may God grant us all perseverance in living and growing in lives of faith, hope and love.


  10. Bill Wright says:

    Dear Charlie, this gives me hope. My son and my oldest grandson have lest the church as well. My seven year old grandson goes to mass with me and will make in first communion next May. I pray Rosary every day for my son and his family. I to hope if they come through the storm they will com e back to the faith. Bill in Georgia.

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  11. Lin says:

    Thanks for sharing this story….to show how easy it is for any of us to be a sign of hope. Only in heaven will we know how often our faithfulness was a sign of hope to someone who, for whatever reason, did not mention it to us at the time….

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  12. Mary Ann Evans says:

    I am so happy to read such a beautiful testimony. I have a son who occasionally goes to Mass, but isn’t back yet 100 percent. I pray fervently for all my children to be inspired to go to Confession. And for all people to be touched by the Holy Spirit to use this sacrament.

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  13. anthonymullendivineantidote says:

    “Blessed be The Lord the God of Israel, He has come to His people to set them free.” Lord, we ask you that you use this powerful witness of Brian to multiply this Grace to and through many who read it, and that You do that through the power of the Extraordinary Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! When Brian reports back from this faithful woman about her children coming back to the Good Sheperd, we will all rejoice and give praise and glory to the Divine Mercy of God, which is unfathomable to us now but, for all eternity we will know and praise this Divine Mercy, the compassion of Divine Love…the Eternal Effusion of Love between the Father and Son, which is a Person! Let us enter together into the Love between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and do that through our Mother, the Woman Clothed with the Sun!

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  14. connie says:

    A beautiful story — definitely a meeting arranged by God. It’s amazing how the Lord works in our lives, giving each of us exactly what we need at the right time. She needed some encouragement and prayer which you provided, and she brought God’s blessing to your day. God is good!

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  15. Suzanne says:

    Wonderful story and both of you inspired by the Holy Spirit.
    I bought a crucifix to wear around my neck. Not a cross a crucifix. It is larger than most crucifixes and it has been a great source of conversation with people. When they tell me how pretty it is I was responding with a thank you but realized this was an opportunity to evangelize. Now I say He helps me remember how I should live my life. Or some other little helpful comment. If you haven’t thought of wearing a crucifix please consider how much it may make an impression on someone and help you live in the light of Christ

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  16. Katherine Bailey says:

    Brian; God has certainly given you some wonderful gifts, wisdom and understanding being 2 of them. I know that you definitely have deep insight and through this lovely experience you have shared with your brothers and sisters here at NRS, you have shown that it is by the simple act of loving and giving of ourselves with God’s good grace , we can have a profound effect on each other’s lives. Not only did you experience a moment of joy and consolation while you sat in your car, but I can assure you that the sorrowing mother you spoke with will never forget your kindness and concern. She will be praying for you and yours as we all will. Thanks for sharing..God Bless and keep you !

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  17. Petra says:

    What I love about this is how much our lives impact others even when we don’t know it. I have believed for a long time that God keeps us from knowing the good way we are impacting others just by our model of life so we don’t become proud, but I think when we die and go to Him, we will see just how many people He helped, consoled and brought back to Himself through us.
    But sometimes He lets us get a peek behind the curtain, and we see what He sees. It’s a blessing to us, and a consolation.
    God bless you Brian.

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  18. sweetwaterhaven says:

    Thank you. It’s really very simple, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this Faith when it is exhibited with such obvious joy and simplicity? Jesus said, “for my yolk is easy and my burden is light,” yet how often we judge the letter, formulaes and appearances from an all too human perspective. Useless weight, analysis, bickering, splitting of hairs… and who really wants to be a part of that!

    It is a great sign of hope when the Love of Jesus burns brightly in a soul devoid of the usual embellishments. With this Jesus, even your tattoos were transformed into a sign of hope for that woman! Trust in Jesus, everybody!

    God Bless,

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  19. Julia says:

    Brian, your testimony is truly awesome. And you know there are probably quite a number of parents reading who will have children fallen away in spite of our efforts in bringing them up in the practice of the faith.
    I for one find your testimony encouraging. A sign of hope. God bless you and your family.

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  20. lisatcoldiron says:

    “You will have confidence, because there is hope…”Job 11:18


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  21. Susan, MI says:

    Brian, thank you for sharing this simple, yet profound, story of hope. Her prayers are the prayers of so many faithful parents. How awesome that she was able to see the light of Christ shining through you, in such a way that it so deeply touched her heart. . May many more hearts find the same hope as they see the light of Christ shine brightly through you.

    Petra, wow.. Thank you for that great insight! How true, He know so well! But, oh, how sweet are those small moments when our Heavenly Father allows us to see a small part of the mosaic that brings us together in His beauty and goodness!

    Prayers that each of you find those moments of consolation to fill you with hope, joy, and peace.


  22. Diane says:

    We can never stop praying for our children and having Faith in God’s Divine Plan. I always have to remind myself of St. Monica, who’s 17 years of tears saved her son St. Augustine! St. Monica is one of my favorite Feast Days and our pastor always gives a great homily to us worried mothers. I also, reflect on how many devout, faithful, praying parishioners over the past 30+ years of trials, mixed marriarge (non religious), wayward children have been signs of perseverance to me. Now, that God has given me His Peace over all of it…I am hoping to be a sign of Hope to others. Daily, I try to unite God’s Will to mine. Also, daily Consecrate my husband and children to The Immaculate Heart of Mary, this I learned from a friend I met on a Medjugorje Pilgrimage, it gives me much peace to entrust it to Mother Mary.

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  23. Beautiful, Brian! I am also from Canada. 🙂

    It reminded me of something Marino Restrepo said in one of his YouTube talks, “Save yourself and you save your family!” Here is a quote from his book, Catholic’s Awake! (If you don’t know who Marino is, look up his testimony on YouTube. Wow!)

    “Our whole life as Catholics is precisely to do with souls. Not only our own, but the souls of millions and millions of human beings who could be nourished by the short time we expend on this earthly pilgrimage.

    “It is awesome to think that we are able to leave a legacy of spirituality inspired by the Holy Spirit in this short life, a legacy that could help future generations and that could serve as a compass and a map for years to come. This can be a testimony of life whereby anyone can see that an ordinary human being was capable of becoming a great saint simply by obeying the divine Master’s humble lessons and the teachings of the gospel.
    “We can all make a difference, a real one, because we are truly instruments of a perfect plan of God.

    “If we humble ourselves enough, we will fulfill our given mission and something great will be accomplished by our Maker through our simple and insignificant fragile human existence. God uses us, very simple and miserable human creatures, to perform gigantic works.
    “If we would only realize that, we would be perfectly happy already. We would want nothing other than to become an unconditional instrument of God. Such would be the greatest joy.”
    (Catholics Awake by Marino Restrepo. Chapter: Strength through Obedience.)

    In a similar vein and to give us all greater hope for our loved ones who may be away from the faith, I have just posted three new blog posts at May God give us all great hope that our prayers and sacrifices WILL bear fruit! Jesus we trust in you!

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    • joanp62 says:

      I think i have listened to most of Marino’s talks in English by now. Didn’t know he had a book. Thanks for mentioning it Janet.


    • Petra says:

      I recently listened to a talk by Mario Restrepo someone else linked to here. I had heard his story once before, but the talk I recently listened to brought many new insights to me. One thing that stuck with me from the talk I listened to and that I have been pondering for the last few weeks is something he said along the lines of, that when we commit mortal sin (or maybe any sin) we are like a ladder for the devils from hell to come up, and when we do good and pray we are like a ladder for the angels to come down from heaven.
      A few days after I listened to this, I attended my cousin Carolyn’s funeral. During it her sister said to us, Carolyn was a conduit of God’s grace for others. I thought immediately of the imagery Mario Restrepo used – our actions serve to bring either heaven or hell to the earth. We work with or against God by our very actions. Very powerful.
      God bless.

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  24. Andrea says:

    Love this story Brian!!! Thank you for posting it.. Great encouragement for us all. God Bless You.


  25. Patty says:

    This is such a touching story, it brought tears to my eyes. I immediately said an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be for this woman and her husband and 3 children. I don’t know them, but I joined my prayers with Brian. I know God knows.

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  26. singingjuls says:

    Brian, you are truly an inspiration. I have been praying for my daughter and all my brothers to come back to the church. It was one of my dad’s dying wishes, and I truly trust that God has this in His hands. You have given me even more hope that it will happen. All in His time. Blessings to you and your family. ~juls


  27. Fran says:

    I really like this story. 🙂


  28. Kim in Ohio says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing. It is a story of hope and how God answers our prayers in simple but amazing ways. I know many moms and dads who grieve over their fallen away Catholic adult kids.
    I just love how God answered his prayer. God bless and help us all.

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  29. mtrettel says:

    Thank you Brian for sharing this “sign of hope” story. Your continuing presence at Holy Mass and your personal witness will continue to be edifying for those around you.
    On Labor Day at 4:00 a.m. our 24 year old son, the eldest of our seven children, called us from his apartment. He could not wait until a later hour since he was so moved by a dream he had. He compared the dream to a re-run of his life from early childhood to present. At the end when he awoke the first person that came to mind was his grandmother, my mom, who just recently left us for eternity on July 11th. He believes, without a doubt, that my mother gave the dream to him as a reminder of the gift he has in his family. He came to the realization that he has been squandering that gift during the last 10 years of his life, since he traded the practice of his faith for popularity and worldly pleasures. He stopped attending mass and confession and was seriously doubting the teachings of the Catholic church.
    As you can imagine, we never stopped praying. First of all, we consecrated him to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We asked St. Michael to pierce him with the sword of truth and of course, St. Monica was, and still is called upon for her intercession. He had a very holy and fruitful confession the day after the dream, and he has been attending weekly mass and receiving communion ever since! The prayers for him will continue because the battle will be great for his soul.
    My beloved mother had enduring faith and showered unconditional love to her family, friends, and those she would meet along the journey of her life. She was and is, a powerful intercessor, and we often joke about how “busy” she is in heaven. When Charlie was in Medford, I felt moved to give him her prayer card after his talk, which has her picture on the front and her favorite prayer on the back; the Hail Mary. All who read this, please do not hesitate to call on “Luann” for your intentions. The limits she had on Earth do not prohibit her now!

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    • jlynnbyrd says:

      Glory be, that is so beautiful! I will most definitely call upon Luann and keep her and your family in my prayers as well. Your story has moved me to seek intercessions from my own grandparents for my children who have both fallen away form the church and their faith. My parents were orphans and I did not have the joy of knowing them on earth. I am feeling blessed your witness and will reach out in hope and prayers to them for their spiritual aid. Thank you for sharing your story.

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  30. Mick says:

    Thank you, Brian. 🙂


  31. Dan Lynch says:

    After one of my sons was baptized, I lifted him up before a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with the congregation behind me, and consecrated him to her Immaculate Heart. Fifteen years later, he started using drugs, later became a drug addict and a drug dealer. In his late 20s, he became homeless and lost everything that he had.

    My wife and I had prayed the Rosary for years for his conversion and healing. We also prayed through the intercession of the Archangel Raphael (the healing physician and exorcist).

    Then he called me early one morning. He blurted out, “Dad I never dream, but I had a very vivid dream last night. Everything you ever told me about Catholicism is true! Jesus came to me and said, ‘You’ve tried everything else, why don’t you try me?’ Then He pointed to a sign that said, ‘Drug Recovery’.

    I said, “I won’t give you anything or help you in any way except to get you into the Cenacolo.” This is a Community founded by the Mother Teresa of addicts, Mother Elvira. Their motto is “Hope Reborn”! See their website here:

    Five years later, he became the leader of their Community House in St. Augustine, Florida. Now he is married and lives with his wife and son in a new home that they purchased last year.

    My wife and I continue to pray for our other children who no longer receive the sacraments.

    Hope is the confident expectation of divine blessings. There is hope for us all!

    “Let us move forward steadfastly together into the storm…keep calm and carry on!” (Winston Churchill).
    “In the shadow of your wings I take refuge till the storms of destruction pass by.” (Psalm 57).
    Dan Lynch Apostolates promoting devotion to
    Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus King of All Nations,
    Our Lady of America and Saint John Paul II
    Visit our website at
    E-Mail Us at
    May Our Lady of Guadalupe keep you under the mantle of her protection and
    may the Reign of Jesus King of All Nations be recognized in your heart!

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  32. Maria Smith says:

    I think what this man say about what happened when he help someone was awesome. We never know where God is going to put us to help someone. I have prayed with a lot of people in Christ and seen so many miracles happen. Its just so awesome.
    I have tried to tell people about what you have said about the end times, but they don’t want to hear about it. They just want to go the way there going. But I will pray that you will be able to reach more people with your message. Love In Christ Maria Smith. Farmington, N.H.

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    • charliej373 says:

      Put your emphasis on the Rescue, Maria. I have found many emphasize the Storm. If that is all I had to speak of, I would just hold my peace. The key is that this Storm we have already entered is not the end, but the beginning of a great renewal.

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  33. mtrettel says:

    Thank you Dan for sharing the powerful story of your son’s conversion. There is no limit to how the Lord will speak to us. I wonder if dreams are powerful conduits because He has our full attention; ironically, as we are sleeping!
    I have experienced four vivid dreams since mid-July; the first was after the passing of my mother and was brief but to the point and very consoling. We were at a restaurant and she said “oh Maureen, it is so beautiful!” I believe she was describing her heavenly home. The other three have messages of hope in regard to the coming storm.
    I have not heard of the Cenacolo Community. Thank you for sharing the link.
    We had the privilege of hosting the image of Our Lady of America in our home on August 10th, which would have been the 71st birthday of my mom, Luann. Many graces have been poured on our family since then. One to the biggest being the dream our son experienced that I described in my previous posting last night. Thank you for your continuing work in promoting Our Lady of America, Jesus, King of All Nations, and Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint John Paul II.


  34. Doug says:

    So refreshing Brian!


  35. Ahh, yet another post that moved me to tears. It seems that so many of us have the same prayers for our children/family… Two of my four children claim that they “don’t believe”, and basically feel that we can be a “good person” without religion. That’s even after sending them to Catholic School and Catholic Universities. I pray… and pray, and love them… while trying to gently plant seeds of faith – then desperately try to TRUST Our Lady and Our Lord.

    This post reminded me of another post from Charlie called “Unity”. It was, and still is, a sign of hope. I printed it out last summer and left it on our kitchen counter for one of my sons to read. (He’s often referred to as “uplifting and an inspiration”). I also wrote him a note on the bottom of the post saying, “My prayer was answered. You’ll be fine!”

    All he did was smile after he read it… I must TRUST!

    Thank you Charlie for planting seeds of hope and faith in all of us! Thank you Brian for sharing your beautiful story!

    If I may share part of “Unity” here again…

    Posted on July 30, 2014
    A great work now looms before us. We are called to endure, to lift each other up, to bind up the wounds of those injured during the Storm and to be a sign of hope to those around us. Many speak to me of loved ones who have left the faith – and many worry that their loved ones are not of the denomination they are. It is natural to worry…but God has a plan for all. I invite all to contemplate the brief parable Jesus tells in Matthew 21:28-30. It is about two sons whose father commanded to go work in a vineyard. The first said he would, but snuck away. The second said he would not, but regretted it and went anyway. Jesus pointedly asked His listeners which son did the will of the father.

    Look to the work. When you see one who helps others endure, who lifts up his neighbors, who binds up the wounds of the injured and acts as a sign of hope to all around him, know that he is one who does the Father’s will…whatever he professes otherwise. And he who constantly tries to outsmart his neighbor, who tears others down with malice, who ignores others wounds and is a constant sign of contention to those around, does not do the Father’s will, regardless of how pious his pronouncements. Let us all be dutiful sons and daughters, embracing whoever does the same as brother or sister. Proclaim your faith with clarity and vigor, but do not waste time disputing with another who proclaims differently while still doing the work we are all called to.

    When the power of the Storm is broken and we are rescued, it is not those who proclaimed the Word most boldly who will be most favored by God, but those who lived it.

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    • @maypacemcumte, Considering what you are going through, it would have been so easy to give up and give in to despair. Yet, on you go with the faith God has gifted you with. May the words spoken by the bishop to St Monica, in grief over her erring son, Augustine, be a light for us all when days are dark: “…it is not possible that the son of so many tears should perish.”

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  36. Bob Kirby says:

    Thank you, that is what being a sign of hope is. We have a daughter we pray for as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pam Nicholson says:

      Oh my! The prayers parents pray for their kids are so powerful, and kids for their parents, are also so great. Never stop praying with great zeal for your kids. God has a plan, and parents are so beloved by God as parents do what really matters most to God as we are custodians of their faith. I will add my prayers to yours for the children, no matter how old they are, the prayers are so potent! Have faith! pam, from NJ.

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