The Plain Path Revisited

(I am still feeling a bit under the weather, so am taking a very light day today hoping to get back up to full speed by tomorrow. I had a great meeting in Houston last night…but once again, I am not venturing out to my old pilgrimage haunts in Houston today. Meantime, I again have a wave of new readers, so I thought a reprise of this piece from a couple of months ago would be helpful – CJ)

Trust to a Plain Path

Christian pilgrims participate in the traditional Palm Sunday procession on the Mount of Olives, overlooking Jerusalem's Old City, Sunday, April 1, 2012. Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and is the start of the Christian Holy Week. Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90.

By Charlie Johnston

With new waves of readers coming on board, I am being inundated by a host of requests in emails. A few things that folks should know, particularly if they are new here:

  1. I am getting a lot of letters from people who think they have a prophetic message they are called to share with the world and wanting my advice or blessing. Well, first, whatever I am, I am definitely not the Church or a priest – and I am not the person to guide you on this. The Church is. Most times, a person is mistaken on the matter. The way to discern is to get a solid priest spiritual director and obey him as he discerns. If you are Protestant, you had best get a sound minister to guide you. If you will not take direction and be obedient, you are deceiving yourself; you do not have such a call – for the virtue God loves most is obedience to legitimate authority. Then, if you clear that hurdle, just do. Either it will have merit and catch on or it will not. If you really want to follow the path I have, you would spend years trying to desperately find a way out…choose a priest for your first disclosure who is noted for integrity, but most likely to tell you to forget it and give you a way out, then spend more years having that priest and any he brings on discern, all while looking for a way out, then finally speak publicly after many things you have said have come to pass. But when you first speak publicly, do so a bit sullenly, refusing to do anything to promote what you say unless it drops in your lap, hoping it will all go away so you can be left alone. Oh, and be prepared for much sacrifice. I have never had a career. I had what looked kind of like a career, but it was just episodic things laid one after another. Why? Because from childhood, part of what I agreed to was that I would get attached to no work so much that I could not leave it forthwith if I were called to the Master’s service – so I had to forego a host of otherwise perfectly legitimate opportunities because they would violate the terms of service I had promised to live by. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You will need to put yourself in a very radical way in the hands of the Lord – and in ways you will never speak of. It is a fearsome thing that is not for everyone. In the military, many would like what they think is the glamor of being in special forces, but few can pay the price. I do not boast when I tell you you really need to consider whether you can pay the price, for if not, it would just crush you. And the first installment is direction and obedience. In any case, I am not the judge of such things. You may occasionally have what some call a “word of knowledge” for yourself or others, but if you think you have a public calling, submit yourself first to a priest or pastor and obey him.
  2. I am also getting a host of people asking me what they should do about very specific personal problems and decisions. That is not what I do, even though I can sometimes offer counsel over how to approach important decisions. My fundamental message is not that God is close to me (though I believe He is) but that He is close to each of you. Simply call on Him (acknowledge God), make the best decision you can, and act, trusting in Him to gently correct your errors and draw fruit from them in the process. I am not a guru, but the larger point is that there are no gurus who can tell you definitively what God wants from you. God endowed you with moral agency. He expects you to exercise it in choosing what you should do, what the next right step is for you. By exercising it, you build your relationship with God and learn more about what His mission for you is. When you search for a guru to tell you precisely what to do, you are trying to evade the responsibility of the moral agency with which God endowed you. It is like being replaced by a pinch hitter in a baseball game: even if the pinch hitter gets a hit, it is not accrued to you. You may – and should – seek counsel from trusted friends, family members and pastors, but you must make and take responsibility for every decision and action you take. That is how you learn and how you become a true servant of God. Do not worry much about your many mistakes. How many times must a toddler fall before he finally starts walking? Would you want him to stop trying so he would not fall? Of course not – if he did, he would never walk. Even when he falls, you are endeared to the effort he put into trying to walk – and more deeply endeared to his fortitude in keeping at it despite a long succession of failures. You know that if he keeps at it, he will eventually learn to walk with confidence and ease. Your Heavenly Father views you with the same affection. So get up and walk. When you stumble, get up and try again. Sometime after the hundredth or so try, you will begin to get it – and your Father in heaven will rejoice along with you.
  3. Finally, something that worries me a lot. Many of you are asking me such things as when you should pull your kids out of school and hunker down. I know many people – and credible voices – are focusing on September as a time of crash. I have not said that. I do not know when the final crash comes: only when the Rescue comes and all the things that must come between now and then. That does not mean that crash will not come in September. I do know it will come soon. We have been redlining all the cultural, social, political, economic and security systems throughout the globe for nearly a decade now. Like a building with multiple boilers, all of which are in the redline danger zone, one of them will eventually blow. When one does, the rest will follow in short succession. But the rules for this crisis are different than any other crisis in world history. Your instincts will easily fail you if you don’t truly trust God. Part of my training included a searing set of experiences that you have not had – and it was one of the toughest two or three parts of the training. It is about truly trusting God. Before I was a teen, I started being shown some hard things that would happen with certain people I cared about – but ordered not to say anything or actively prevent it. I flatly disobeyed in many cases – and brought down a far worse situation than what I originally saw. At first, I did it because I thought I knew better than God – and the fix seemed so simple. The Good Lord patiently showed me that I knew nothing, and that if I did not learn to trust Him, I never would. When I obeyed, the things I saw still came, but the consequences of them were not near as bad as I expected – and often were a source of blessing to the ones involved. Even so, sometimes I would get so frantic, I could not help myself. God was consistent. If I interfered where I had been ordered not to, small disasters ensued. The last time I disobeyed was 19 years ago. To give you an idea how deeply engrained this has become in me, several years before the terrible tsunami and earthquake hit Japan I knew that it was set for some type of terrible, widespread strike – but ordered to tell no one. This was an agony, because my brother and his family – and my son – were stationed there at the time I was shown. Every instinct in me cried out to warn them, to get them out of there. But experience had shown me to try to do so through disobedience might get them killed. So I kept silence. Oh, I agonized privately and in frequent prayer on their behalf, often in tears. But I obeyed, even as I suffered from the obedience. I was so relieved when they were both out of there – and even more relieved that, when the destruction came, it cost very few lives. Japan, having suffered that tragedy will, in fact, be better prepared to be a field hospital for the suffering during the worst of the Storm. My point is that you cannot outwit God. If you try you may well call down disaster. So act with prudence. If there is a good reason for your child to take a sabbatical year that will help him and the family, then consider it. But if the primary reason is to keep him from harm, know that instead you are likely leading him into harm. You cannot outwit God. The whole point of the Storm is to learn to trust God and know that your confidence is well-placed in Him. I sympathize with you as this was one of the two or three hardest disciplines I had to master – and I had a lot longer to learn it than you do. But I must tell you true. I devote myself in prayer that when you fail at this, the consequences will be light: just enough to teach you you must trust to God rather than devise plans to evade Him, but not so much that you face devastating loss.
  4. I often say that nothing is lost in God’s economy. What that means is that it pleases God that you continue in the good things you would normally do. If you are the head of a company that employs many and know that the Storm is coming, keep taking care of your business and helping your employees grow. There will be a need for such after the Rescue, and those who have acted with fidelity and resolve will be entrusted with more. If your kids are doing well in school, encourage them to persist, for we will need people with good educations after the Rescue. What they gain now will be useful then. I had the head of one institute ask me whether they should proceed with a planned major renovation or defer it and keep their money in the bank. I told him to proceed. First, if I am wrong, there is no reason to defer the renovation. If I am right, however, money in the bank will be gone along with all the rest. But if they proceed with the renovation, even if it is interrupted, they will still have many of the materials and will be that much further along when the Storm is over. The point is, nothing will ultimately be lost from the good and noble things you are trying to do, even if an interruption in all society comes for a time. Keep at it, trusting to God to sort out all the results.

Many of the things that seem scary to us – and are scary – are a renewed call to prayer. When you can do nothing but pray, both formally and by doing the little you actually can that is right in front of you, you invite God’s hand back into the world. That is a critically important part of the lesson.

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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38 Responses to The Plain Path Revisited

  1. Christine says:

    Hello Charlie , I just want to say thank you for re posting. This is why I do continue to read your posts. Because you try to keep every one calm , tell them to tust God , the magisterium and keep on doing what is right. I do have a question however :When I hear people say that they might have to be ready to leave , I ask ” where to?” IF all systems have failed then surely no other place will be any safer than your own. Not only that there will be no power unless provided by natural forces , there will be no gas to run your vehicle or back up generators. Perhaps the people who have gone through Hurricanes and major flooding recently are more blessed than the rest because they have had their ‘ wake up call / reality check” . The Amish would be the 1 st people I will look to because they know how to live ‘ off the grid’ . I have horses so I have transportation , potential milk supply and a potential meat supply , but if people think they could just hijack one of my horses and hitch it to a wagon they are likely to get kicked in the head . My horses also need extra food and water. No electricity , no water unless I have a natural source near by.
    However I have learn’t to trust God . 2 years ago when my husband was deployed a very important piece of farm equipment litterally blew up at the furthest part of the property away from the farm ( with me on it I might add) so I had no oppertunity to get a hose to put the fire out. I called the fire dep but by the time they arrived there was nothing but a shell left. I remember looking at the fireball thinking – thanks be to God I was not injured and that God had to have a purpose for this random event . It was only a year later in circumstances that were too providential not to realise it that God then replaced what was lost 2 x over . Since I DON’t believe in luck and coincedences , and combined with another year of lessons , I get what you are saying. It won’t be easy but walk with God and trust God . I demember a Bible Study book I picked up a few years ago that I wanted to do with friends , it was titled ” Just Enough Light For The Step I Am On” , I only needed to read a few pages and I got it. Perhaps it might be helpful for some to find and read that Bible Study?

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  2. mmbev says:

    “Nothing is lot in God’s economy.”

    What a gift your words are to us, Charlie. This blog needs to be read and reread. It doesn’t really matter when the Storm breaks into it’s fullness. What matters is that, as you repeatedly say, we are faithfully doing the next right step for our individual lives. Frankly, it does take the worry out of things. Just do. And keep doing. God has all in hand…His hand. What else do we need?

    I do hope that you are soon well, although once you are it will be a return to full speed ahead and no let up. I think of the song with the words, “No turning back” when I think of you, which is very often. You are most surely in my prayers, and everyone else’s here.

    Thank you for the gift you have given us.

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    • Kati says:

      Hey there, mmbev!

      I certainly agree about this blog needing to be read and reread. Since close to its beginning, I’ve been copying almost every entry and printing them out for my husband to read (which he does after finishing the liturgy of the Hours and his Word Among Us …almost every day). I have taken the extra time to print things out on both sides of each sheet of paper used…but I still have a few STACKS of Charlie’s entries. For some reason, I have kept them. If I am inspired to do so, I print 2 or three copies of a particular entry and share them with others. I do this also for Mark Mallet’s writings and those of Pelianito and occasionally a few others as well.

      I think these stacks may well be the gift that keeps on giving! 🙂

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      • Lisa says:

        I too feel inspired to print all of these lessons to either re read or to share with others to inspire and sooth as days go by.


  3. Jennifer Cordova says:

    This was a wonderful little article, I am new to following you after a priest was welcomed to our parish and gave a homily that at the end opened our eyes to what you have been saying. At first it seemed very scary and of course your mind starts rushing about what we should do and how are we going to protect our children ( I have six and because of their ages are all over the city at different schools) plus I have to work so I commute to Albuquerque every morning. But you are so right, once we start focusing our attention not on the tragedy but on GOD that panic subsides, I know my husband and I have done our best to teach our children their faith above all things and that will be a saving grace I hope that if something does happen and we are away from each other I know GOD is with them and us and who knows they may be an instrument to help others not as lucky as to know GOD so closely. That whole trust thing that you mention is a lot harder in practice than we think but once we get the hang of it especially with the help of our Blessed Mother it gets a little bit easier. Thank you again for the wonderful article it does help to remember to look to the Lord not this world for all things.
    Thank you.

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  4. donkeyholler says:

    I’m a new reader in the last couple of months and I’ve learned so much from you and your fellow bloggers already! This site is now one of the first that I check every day and your advice of acknowledging God (in my mind, prayer), taking the next right step and being a sign of hope to those around you is helping me with every circumstance and/or difficulty in my life right now. Thank you for your sacrifice, discernment and vision and may God bless you and yours, always.

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  5. Kris says:

    The whole point of the Storm is to learn to trust God and know that your confidence is well-placed in Him. AND…The whole point of the Storm is to learn to trust God and know that your confidence is well-placed in Him.
    I so needed this message today. Thank you. I am learning loud and clear what my major stumbling block is this year. I keeps glaring at me and I keep saying I see it , then I fail to head the warning and then I reap the consequences. I am slowly coming to trust Our lord more and more on this issue and I am now more forthrightly praying that I will learn this lesson soon, and like a child, just say I trust in you Lord. I am glad you said that we will fall many times before learning the lesson. That is me and pride wants to take me down falling into the crazy chasm of “I should be better than this” . I am glad our Lord is patient. Thanks once again Charlie

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  6. Diane says:

    Ahhh – I liked this when I first read this and I like it even more. It seems to me that we will may be lulled by false hopes and schemes that everything is okay. All is going to be taken care of by our government, and its alright to relax and put your guard down, don’t get caught up in the “sky is falling” screams coming from the economist, anti semitic being revisited, unwatched immigration, wars in the middle east that are burning hotter and hotter by the day, Christian Persecution – My goodness we have refused to let the Christian Refuges in our country and a President that as Charlie says, signs Executive Orders every morning before breakfast. The one thing we have to watch and pray for is the Church, everything else is mud and has no bearing on the what is happening with the Church. The Church is a mess, and poor Pope Francis has his hands full with his Cardinals and Bishops that all have there own agenda in mind for what Church should or should’nt turn into or turn back to. What they ought to be concerned about is God’s plan for his Church, and seek His will not their own “modern” ideas and bringing a “backward” church up to date. For heavens sake all the stuff they are trying to make right so sin can be easier has been around for ever. If we want to feel better about sin, our government has made that possible by making the breaking of the 10 Commandments legal. I am amazed at how many activists there are in the Church and how few active Christians there are. Lead the flock to God and God alone, not over a cliff. Pray, Pray, Pray. And most of Love those around you with a Love that will help them see the light. And one more beautiful thought, there are so many young people springing up doing marvelous things for the Church. Watch the youth, they will make us shine. Love. I do.

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    • Allan Knippling says:

      Loved the way you wrote that Diane . Making sin easier by trying to legislate the sin into being ok . always us trying to be God. One Day at a time folks. And yes PRAY


  7. Becky-TN says:

    As always, perfect timing, Charlie. Get some rest and feel better.

    God Bless,



  8. jaykay says:

    “When you can do nothing but pray, both formally and by doing the little you actually can that is right in front of you, you invite God’s hand back into the world.”

    Good to hear you’re feeling on the mend, Charlie! And thanks for that advice quoted above, especially the second part. Maybe we all strive to meet our prayer duty (and we should) but then sometimes sort of “sit back” with a sigh of relief… and fail to see the little duties right in front of us that we should we carrying out. That’s me to a “T” a lot of times. So the next right step is something I have to remind myself about – a lot 😉

    Blessings to all, J.

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  9. Cindy Opitz says:

    “…by doing the little you actually can that is right in front of you, you invite God’s hand back into the world.” Thank you. That says it all for me.

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  10. Laurie Harris says:

    You’re in my prayers for a swift recovery, Charlie. I love this post, because it reminds all of us of how truly hard it is to totally trust in God. I struggle with it every day. I do believe that when we are still, and acknowledge God, he will send us all the messages that we need to hear so that we are all taking the next right steps in this tumultuous world we are in. We can all make plans, but God has already mapped the plan for our lives. To really trust means you believe that. I know that by listening to our hearts, and incorporating works of mercy just one person at a time into what we do every day can help grow our faith and trust in God. I know it is so important to follow Jesus’ final commandment to “love one another, as I loved you”. Monday, October 5th, was Sister Faustina’s feast day, the Polish nun who left us her diary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I decided to go to mass that morning and the Gospel acclamation was just that: John 13:34 “I give you a new commandment: love one another as I have loved you”. To me, that needs to be our focus in this storm. To love like Jesus did. And that’s not just loving the people who love you – that’s easy – it’s about making peace with those who maybe are not so easy to love, those that have hurt you. That is the kind of love that Jesus spoke about. The more we can be less worried about what lies ahead, the better off we will be at leading recovery efforts. So my “message” today (and I’m not prophesying, believe me:) is to go out there and make peace with someone who is tough to love. Make peace with someone you aren’t speaking with right now, and if you have a next door neighbor who you are not getting along with, bake them a cake and go make peace with them. The more we do to demonstrate Christianity to others in this time where good is evil and evil is good, the better our army will be. That to me starts with loving one another. I also find Matthew chapter’s 5 to 7, Jesus’ sermon on the mount, can guide us on how we need to conduct ourselves in this storm, without judgement and placing our total trust in God. God bless everyone! And get well soon, Charlie!

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  11. Denise Eagan says:

    thanks for reposting, Charlie. I could have saved you the trouble of reading and respondign to my email a week or so ago, if i had had this to read beforehand. Take care of yourself, Denise


  12. Lily says:

    Dear Charlie
    I got to see the video with you and Mark Mallett and Kitty
    You all are so funny and entertaining!! Joy of the Lord does shine!!
    Thank you for sending this post out today I forwarded to some friends who really needed to read what you wrote. This will give them all some peace. Many of us here feel calm and not anxious like we felt few weeks ago. Almost like a Holy indifference , if you will. Our prayer is Lord position us Where You need us! And equip us….because we are willing to serve

    So we live we love and we pray and of course, take the next right step!!!

    See we are hearing your messages!!!!!


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  13. Peggy Kushuba says:

    I always feel better after reading your blog! Feel better!


  14. radiclaudio says:

    Hi Charlie. A good post both times. I hope your feeling better soon. Much love and affection, YBiC, Rich


  15. Sr Lorraine says:

    I like to reread your posts because something strikes me in a new way. Today it was this: “When I obeyed, the things I saw still came, but the consequences of them were not near as bad as I expected.” Somehow that gives me hope, that even though the Storm will be bad, perhaps God will help us to weather it in ways that will make it not as bad as I have been expecting.

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  16. Pam Nicholson says:

    And, we should pray that we are not being used to distract or cause scandal among the faithful. I believe that all here feel that something huge is coming for mankind, hopefully, it is a sign of mercy. But, we must realize that we are so small, and want to love God so much we want to be obedient to His every word. Love is a strong word which comes from God, and we must remember that no one loves us as He does. So, we have every reason to sometimes keep things we think we are called to report to the world, as great responsibility comes with this act, reporting things to the world. We must decide that this thing we think we are called to report is also not just for us, not necessarily for the world. I do not like to see anyone report something to the world, and then, this person gets easily torn down. We cannot build them up in the words they issue, possibly, words meant for them alone, but we need to raise them up in prayer so they will see that God has been making prophets, and sometimes, prophecy can be mitigated by prayer, such as what we see in weather, so, we are really much smaller than we can imagine. So, I pray that folks anywhere who think they have something that is a message of prophecy from God, to pray very carefully and thoughtfully about what they feel strongly they want to tell the world. This world can be a cruel place, and never does God want to put a false prophet in his place, but, He will if the person is stubbornly telling things to the world which could actually be very harmful. Praying and watching, I am, pam, from NJ.

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  17. Thomas Butler says:

    I was a”panicky prepper” for about a year, but Charlie’s blog “Take the Next Right Step” is turning me into a “Prayerful Prepper” and a “peaceful prepper.” Here is one of my favorite poems that the great Cardinal wrote during a great personal trial in a time of personal darkness and uncertainty. I think it is a wonderful preparation for enduring the Storm.

    Venerable Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801–1890)

    Lead, Kindly Light

    Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom,
    Lead Thou me on!
    The night is dark, and I am far from home—
    Lead Thou me on!
    Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see
    The distant scene—one step enough for me.

    I was not ever thus, nor prayed that Thou
    Shouldst lead me on.
    I loved to choose and see my path; but now,
    Lead Thou me on!
    I loved the garish day, and, spite of fears,
    Pride ruled my will: remember not past years.

    So long Thy power hath blessed me, sure it still
    Will lead me on,
    O’er moor and fen, o’er crag and torrent, till
    The night is gone;
    And with the morn those angel faces smile
    Which I have loved long since, and lost awhile.

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    • Fran says:

      I love this poem, “Lead kindly Light”, Thomas, and I was just scrolling down to post about just this thing, when I saw it. How the Lord does give us so many little smiles and winks that we are on the right path!
      I can honestly say that I feel a peace that I had not felt before, after the Lord gave me an interior “picture”, while praying the rosary, of how He wishes me to be. In the picture, I see myself as a child, I am dressed in white, and holding a light. All around me there is darkness, but I can catch glimpses of snarling and screeching creatures, noise and all kinds of swirling debris, and confusion. There is lots of confusion. I am peacefully taking one step at a time with my little “Light”, and I am not to pay attention to all that is swirling and snarling around me. He will take care of all of that. I am happy, and trusting. The Lord,” my Light” is leading me on.
      I am a long time reader, but haven’t time to read and post much lately, but thank you Charlie for your calming presence, and faithful friendship to us all. May God bless you all, and lead you kindly.

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      • Petra says:

        Fran: Again, 100 *Likes*!
        Yours is exactly my kind of pious imagery. I often think God uses this kind of imagination with me to enlighten me about some truth I need to understand, or some way I need to be. I get a lot more of the meaning of something when I envision a scene. One of my favorites that I use often lately, that I have shared here before, is seeing Our Lord (in a brilliant white robe cinched at the waist) standing in front of me with His hands outstretched toward me, and I (a little, raggedy dressed child, like a little waif) have a BIG white bundle of what might be like laundry, wrapped in a white sheet, something I can hardly lift, something that is going to tip me over, and I give it to Him with the words, Please, You take care of this Lord.

        So as you described your little self, in my own imagination I pictured a beautiful barefoot child, in a white sleeping gown to the floor, with cherub cheeks and curly hair, holding a little candle with a yellow circle of light around, but black darkness just beyond the light of the little candle, taking baby steps forward. This is a powerful image to me too, and I thank you for sharing it, because it is REALLY going to help me!

        You guys are awesome!
        God bless.

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        • Fran says:

          I am glad that it has helped you Petra. It is really helping me too. When I feel myself becoming anxious, I can “place” myself in this scene, (which in my mind looks much like you described) and in doing so, I feel immediately in the Lord’s presence. It’s kind of my quiet place of prayer, if that makes sense. God bless you too!


    • Beckita says:

      What a beautiful witness you give us, Thomas, to grow in TRUST! Thank you. As well, thank you for this poetic expression of what we are practicing in our lives. Christ be our Light!

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    • Kati says:

      LIKE!!!!! 🙂


    • Petra says:

      Thomas Butler: *Like* is too small a word for this kind of post! (I wish there was a *Love* button and also a *Praying* button, but alas, *Like* will have to do.) But if *Like* will have to do, I wish I could press it 100 times!
      Thank you so much for this poem. I’ve never seen it before, and it is my new prayer!
      God bless.


  18. Vivi says:

    Dear charlie, all over my church community a lot of suffering, personal storms are intensifying and i think we have not faced the social storm yet. i dont think i know so.
    God is merciful, He loves us He wants to surrender, personal storms are needed for ous salvation. I faced a major one in my life and still dealing with what is left but blessed this storm that woke me up from my vanity. thats not counting what we suffer with our loved ones.The storm cleaned up and purified, what im trying to say suffering is good, will make us stronger, all nailed to the Cross. Small sacrifices.

    Thank you for this post.

    God bless us all and praying for all of us in this community.

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  19. Lisa says:

    Thank you Charlie for this message. I am a devote Catholic but just heard about you recently. As soon as I started listening to the Birmingham video, I knew in my soul you were speaking truth. I have to admit, hearing Fr. Mitch’s voice in the background sealed the deal for me.
    This message calmed me a great deal. Storing some food an water and getting a small wood burning stove so that I can help my two daughters sons-in-law and four baby grandsons as well as whomever else might need help to weather the storm.
    I am also speaking with anyone that I feel called to speak with about you and refer them to your Abraham’s Journey site. Thank you forever for telling us, confirming for many the reality of the worlds state. The next right step, prayer and trust in God’s love. To Jesus through Mary.❤️


  20. Debra says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Charlie!


  21. Doug says:

    Always good to be reminded of this. Time for me to continue to learn how to walk. Thanks Charlie.


  22. Dick Giroux says:

    Charlie, I want to thank you for coming to Katy, Texas and making a presentation. I would also like to thank Bobbie, your primary host in Katy, for pulling it all together. If you still have a chance to attend one of Charlie’s remaining presentations, I would recommend you do so. I also recommend those who haven’t explored Charlie’s web site “The Next Right Step” do so. Charlie’s message is the same as what’s on the web site. With Charlie, like Pope Frances, what you see is what you get.

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    • charliej373 says:

      Thanks Dick. I really enjoyed Katy – Houston. I felt like I shortchanged you folks a little with my illness this week, but what a wonderful group you all are! Keep at it…be the signs of hope the world so badly needs.

      I think my illness has finally broken today. I sound like a frog…but I feel much less like one than I have. And finally my appetite was robust this afternoon. I am staying in the rest of the day and hope to have great visits in San Antonio and Dallas.


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