Don Bosco’s Prophecy and Today’s World-Wide War Against the Church

(My good friend, Fr. Regis Scanlon, is writing a series of pieces relating Don Bosco’s famous prophecy to today’s events. Fr. Regis is a Franciscan Capuchin. He has lived his entire life taking the next right step. While I was in Birmingham, one of the priests I had lunch with remembered Fr. Regis, who did an Eucharistic series for EWTN. That priest told me, delightedly, that Fr. Regis was one of Mother Angelica’s favorite priests – both for his lively sense of humor and for his straight-forward, blunt and orthodox homilies. That’s Fr. Regis.

I have read two of the three pieces. I will print the second tomorrow and the third when it is finished. I think they are prophetic in the truest sense of the word. These appeared first in the Capuchin Franciscans NewsBlog-CJ)


By Fr. Regis Scanlon, O.F.M. Cap.

Reading the signs of the times, it is difficult not to conclude that God has sent humanity a message for today using the teachings and events of various past lives of the saints .

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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55 Responses to Don Bosco’s Prophecy and Today’s World-Wide War Against the Church

  1. YongDuk says:


    Between this post and yesterday’s on the Sick and Infirm, my heart has been prompting to ask you to post (or a link thereto) Pope St. John Paul II’s Salvifici Doloris: On the Meaning of Christian Suffering:

    How important offering up past, present and future sufferings for the Good of the Church, the Salvation of Souls and the Unity of Christians is…

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  2. Becky-TN says:

    Beautiful! Have mercy on us O’Lord!

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  3. Phillip Frank says:

    Straight forward and concise.
    He doesn’t mince words about what ails us.
    Thank you Father.

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  4. BD says:

    Thanks and looking forward to part 2 and 3 as well.

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  5. John says:

    May the Holy Spirit enliven our hearts and minds to the Divine will. Don Bosco saw pillars of the Eucharist and Mary, but what were the ropes and who threw them to the pillars? I was sitting in a cafeteria today and a young woman blessed herself with the sign of the cross before eating. It was the first time that I’ve noticed someone, besides myself, doing it and it gave me great comfort and pulled my mind to God, reminding me to be a sign of hope. She cast the rope for me and tied my mind to God for a meal. I thank God for her today.

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  6. fcwponyx says:

    Another One !

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  7. gwen5559 says:

    The devotion of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is out protection in these times of heresy. I recommend this for everyone.


  8. Sr Lorraine says:

    This prophetic dream of Don Bosco has always fascinated me. I looked it up in the large set of the complete memoirs of St John Bosco. As Fr Regis mentions, there are discrepancies in the details. the priest who edited the memoirs said there may have actually been three popes, not just two, in the vision. That makes me wonder if they could have been John Paul, Benedict, and then Francis. I don’t know and of course it’s only speculative. But the Storm definitely qualifies as probably being the prophetic storm referred to.

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  9. N Wright says:

    I agree Sr. Lorraine. Pope John Paull II didn’t die and the enemy’s self -assurance has not vanished, as the interpretation says, but has become increasingly more hostile since 1981’s assissination attack.
    “Suddenly, the Pope fell, gravely wounded. He was helped up by his fellow warriors, only to be struck down again. This time he died, and victory shouts rang out from the enemy. But to their horror, another Pope was quickly elected, and this swift recovery from disaster made the enemy’s self-assurance vanish.”
    It seems that the Storm is just approaching and that this dream of Saint John Bosco will have great meaning and Hope during the storm. It seems that Saint Pope John Paul the Great’s
    words are coming with the storm.:


    • CHADPRO123 says:

      Pope Benedict’s retirement in 2013 might have been the fulfillment of the Pope being “struck down”. It’s no secret that many Cardinals and Bishops in the Church today openly promote ideas and practices contrary to faith and morals. It’s also no secret that Pope Benedict XVI was a very tradition minded Pope who sought to correct some of the post-Vatican II abuses going on in the Church. His resignation came a complete shock to virtually everybody. I recall reading many high-strung traditionalist blogs that worried Benedict’s successor would reverse the momentum started by Pope Benedict and kick off another era of doctrinal confusion and lax faith.

      It’s also true that no Pope has ever been fawned over quite like Pope Francis has by radical secularists and heterodox Catholics. In spite of this praise, Pope Francis has not promoted any of the revolutionary changes sought by these groups. To date, there are no woman priests, abortion and contraception are still grave sins, homosexuality is still openly regarded as an intrinsically disordered inclination, sacramental marriage is still indissoluble, etc. Criticisms of capitalism and global warming fancies aside, Pope Francis has not become the progressive pope they hoped for.

      It seems to me that in spite of all the recent hand-wringing and uncertainty, we are on the cusp of a stunning reversal in favor of genuine Catholic teaching and faith. We are at the point in the dream where all seems lost, the wind and waves are high, and the enemies of the Church and Holy Father are confident they have won.

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      • Sarah says:

        I like to remember that his prophetic name may be “Peter the Roman.”

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      • SteveBC says:

        ChadPro123, your idea that the second incident of the pope cut down might be Benedict’s resignation is actually rather brilliant. I’ve been figuring that it meant another pope would be attacked and cut down dead, which would mean Pope Francis would be at risk and could not take us through the Storm. But this alternative solves that issue nicely, and it provides support for Charlie’s comments that Pope Francis is the pope of the Storm.

        Thank you. Very persuasive. And the rest of your comment is quite interesting.


  10. kims1111 says:

    I am teaching my 3rd grade CCD class The Rosary. Each week we recite 1 decade. We have given them rosaries, today we made bracelet rosaries with a cross. The children love them. Hopefully I can give them something to hold onto during the storm. I am trusting in God and trying to take the next right step.

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    • jlynnbyrd says:

      That is so sweet and thoughtful!


    • donna says:

      I taught 5th grade CCD for years…it was the Rosary year in our diocese….We made Fruit Loop Rosaries with dental floss and I would make sugar cookie crosses….brings back some wonderful memories. This was in celebration of them being able to orally recite all 3 sets of mysteries and their meanings….We would make the rosaries and watch the Fatima cartoon movie….”The Day the Sun Danced”

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  11. Lillian says:

    Fr. Scanlon wrote a booklet with bible verses for each bead of the Rosary. I loved it. I gave it away and don’t know where to get another. Do you have any contact with him? Could you ask about that? Does anyone reading Charlie know about this booklet.
    Lillian Teresa


  12. aj says:

    I’ve been wanting to share a dream I had about four nights ago…a very vivid (clear) dream. That night before I slept as I knelt next to my bed my prayer was only “JESUS I Trust in You”, over and over again. The next morning my wife said she was hearing me saying it.
    The dream: My son (8 yrs) and I were at a beach swimming near the shoreline, there were other people there as well. Suddenly I noticed the waves began to recede and recede it did. Immediately I knew it was a tsunami, so I alerted others to get off the beach, grabbed my son and started off to get some head start of this tidal wave. Looking back at the wave to see how large it had grown made me stop. This was a monstrous wave its height was above everything in front or behind me and its width was the full length of the beach…I stopped and said to the Lord, “JESUS please guide me, I Trust in YOU. If my son and I are to die this day so be it. Give him courage and take us to Your bosom this night. Whatever the outcome JESUS I Trust in YOU!” There was no audible voice as in the old Moses movies but I just took the next right step, which was to brace myself between an unfinished wall and the tidal wave that was fast approaching, holding my son to my chest.

    I then closed my eyes and again told the Lord HIS Will be done and I Trust in HIM. When I opened my eyes the tsunami was gone but it was now replaced by a sea of molten lava. All the surrounding area was steaming the ground was becoming hot, so I picked up my son and just started taking the next right step again…no visible Guardian Angel to guide me. I simply followed a trail but realised that all sorts of animals were following me, snakes, raccoons, a young panther etc…somehow I felt no fear and knew it was safe. There was no water in site, we tried some pipes we saw along the way but steam and sulphur were coming from them. To fast forward the dream; we eventually came upon a small cottage in the woods and a very simple family opened their doors to my son and I. Their taps had water, they had food and I realised they were also taking the next right step in this disaster and being blessed for it.

    I know this post is uncharacteristically long of me so I’ll fast forward to near the end. These simple people said one other traveler had reached them before us and he came down the step and it was you Charlie Johnston. You seemed a bit uneasy with the trail of snakes and wild animals etc and I told you I understood the Lord telling me that these disasters are going to bring back the order of nature. Man will resume his role of “master” of creation…the role of caretaker and animals will once again be obedient to man as long as we are obedient to GOD. I also remember saying to you Charlie: “Charlie you’re right! No “visible” Angel with flaming sword to lead, no audible voice of GOD, just Faith…step by step.”

    To sum up my friends, I think some very difficult times are ahead but if we truly abandon ourselves to GOD and Trust in JESUS we will have Peace…dead or alive.

    Blessings…and sorry for the length 🙂 let’s take that next right step every moment!!!

    JESUS I Trust in YOU!!!

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    • aj says:

      Oh…I forgot to mention that the following morning I felt the close presence of GOD with me. There was such Peace…as if the Lord was giving me a foretaste. This song kept coming to my mind that morning ans so I’ll share it…CHRIST before me. St. Patrick’s breastplate.


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    • Mick says:

      Thanks, AJ. And I don’t think it was too long. In fact, I was rather disappointed that you left out some of the details. 🙂


    • DanSouthChicago says:

      Thank you, aj. That was very helpful. I pray that I have the same trust you exhibited in the dream. God bless.


  13. Pam Nicholson says:

    Yes, Charlie, the Church Militant and the Church Triumphant! Thanks for this piece. It also reminds us that, although we are so smart and worldly wise, we seem to forget that huge losses of life due to wars and atheistic communism in less than 100 years. I think we will have a smaller but stronger church, and that is maybe how it must be. Many weeds try to steal the nutrients in the soil, so it must be time to do a very revealing weeding. Great fruit can be very hard to find among thickets. Thanks for reminding us that we have very powerful weapons for good to wash away the evil. God always wins, and so will His Mother! pam, from NJ.


  14. Norma Capote says:

    Thanks for educating us I’m so happy to receive these messages and may God continue to guide and protect us through these so very difficult times. I’m a mother of 5 boys and a daughter imagine my grief as I see them struggle with their Faith!, thanks again God bless you and all of us to fight to keep the faith!

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  15. nicky says:

    Pray for Canada!! We have just voted in the liberal party . Justin Trudeau is now president. Mark Mallett has a great little reflection on it. This will be a dictatorship. The Storm is coming together quickly. Our strength is in the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Jesus I trust in You.


    • June1 says:

      Yes, Nicky! I came to the comments specifically to ask for prayers, too. The new prime minister is EXTREMELY pro-abortion (he said if you are pro-life you CANNOT be a candidate in the Liberal party), pro-gay marriage and pro-legalization of marijuana. I am so worried about our Catholic schools. He may strip us of funding and maybe try to force the same horrid explicit sex ed curriculum that the public schools have been struggling with this new school year.

      As Charlie says, these things must come, but we need strength. Lord, let Your hand be on our country and preserve it from evil as much as possible.


    • jlynnbyrd says:

      Prayers for our brothers and sisters in Canada. I am French-Canadian in my Father’s (surname – Arcand) lineage. I feel great love for Canada and tear up to your anthem whenever I hear/sing it. The maple leave has been a family emblem of sorts for us. God Bless Justin Trudeau and God Bless Canada.


    • Kim Sevier says:

      Yipes, Nicky–I know–I was watching that yesterday and looked it up this morning because I saw a Lifesite news article on Sunday saying that a Harper defeat in Canada on Monday would allow a “world government” win at the UN Paris Climate meeting. According to the article, Harper and Australia’s former PM Tony Abbott were the only hold outs against this thinly veiled (world order) climate change agenda. Abbott was recently overthrown and now Harper. But–no worries—the bad guys aren’t really going to have enough time to implement their evil plots–right Charlie? Seriously–that is so comforting–knowing that we will be rescued from the insanity!

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    • LukeMichael says:

      The God of the Living!


    • Beckita says:

      Praying for Canada, Nicky.


    • Petra says:

      Praying for Canada, nicky. God bless that beautiful country and the people of faith who love God there. Our Lady of Good Help, pray for them.
      God bless.


    • SteveBC says:

      Nicky, this is the kind of thing that I find gets me to thinking, “Well, OK, they’ve chosen, so can we please get on with the Storm?” And it is true that the people of Canada *have* chosen, one way or another. Why wait? But we will have to trust and wait.

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    • I just read Mark Mallett’s piece as well. Very sad for Canada. But we must hold the faith, and help others do the same too.

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  16. Doug says:

    Very interesting.


  17. Colleen DeRose says:

    Aj, thanks for sharing that dream. I have had 5 or 6 dreams over the last several years that were vivid confirmations that big stormy things were coming. I’ve found that when dreams come from the Lord, they really help us to understand things often beyond our normal scope.

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  18. James says:

    Yes what we have is a brewing storm. But the connection to Don Bosco’s dream is quite a stretch. Sorry, I just don’t see it.


    • Julia says:

      @James, I believe if you look at the prophesy of Don Bosco in the light of American politics, it’s meaning will not make sense.

      I have always seen it in the light of Islam; and in our day militant islam. Of course there are other more obvious problems (battles) going on in our Church, and these add to the state of affairs we see unfolding in our Church today.

      I feel it can be best seen as a global ‘storm’ and how the Church is affected by it.


  19. caroline bordas says:

    thanks Charlie, you are a light in the darkness. Caroline, Dallas/Fort Worth

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  20. So glad I found ,The Next Right Step,

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  21. nicky says:

    Hi June, Justin Trudeau could even remove tax exemption from the Catholic Churches. He’s as pro choice as Obama. I watched a video recently about a UN treaty to be signed in Paris for One World Government regarding the environment agenda. It stated that Australia and Canada where the only obstacles for approving this still. They were waiting for the Canadian election. Not sure if this was a true source but interesting to ponder none the less. Discernment with everything coming from media. God wins!! Just keep us faithful through it all. He alone suffices.

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  22. Connie B. says:

    It looks like only audio books are available, but you could google the book elsewhere and see if a book is available.


  23. Paul says:

    Thank you Charlie for another good article and for your Blessed trip to Katy (outside of Houston). I am not sure how many readers you have in Europe, but the WSJ had a good article about “In Defense of Christendom” and Pope Benedict is quoted at the end.


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  25. Beckita says:

    Finally getting to read this in its entirety. Thank you, Fr. Scanlon. WOW! In our prayer group, we have embraced the pillars in St. Don Bosco’s Two Columns Dream. I appreciate your insights and connections made to events in our world today. Love the ending!


  26. donna says:

    Charlie, Just want to say it’s wonderful having you back and more interactive with us here….I know how busy you have been traveling and spreading the message. God Bless and we appreciate all of your efforts, direction but mostly spiritual support to strengthen us in these difficult times.

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  27. N Wright says:

    I loved your dream Aj !

    Here is a prayer,posted on FB, for Justin Trudeau, our young Prime Minister..may all us Canadians storm heaven for his conversion ! Prayers for the President of the USA too.

    Lord, whisper to his heart, and the hearts of our new leaders.

    Light in him a new fire of Holy accountability and fill his dreams with visions of your Will that cannot be shaken off upon waking.

    His idealism and inexperience is a strength. Take this soft clay and shape it. Take this raw ore and refine it. His newness to the vicious arena of politics has not yet hardened him with cynicism or bitterness.

    Lord, direct his feet in the way they should go. Give him eyes to see what You have him to see.

    Surround him with wise counsel; let him hear it and embrace it.

    Protect his marriage and his children. Protect his body and his mind.

    Lord, shape him into a champion.


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  28. Charlie, Thanks for posting this on John Bosco’s dream. I certainly agree we are in those times. We are Missionaries of Our Mother of the Eucharist (founded in 2004) and actually have a website all about “anchoring on” to the Two Pillars of Mary and the Eucharist. We are contemplative missionaries that help to draw others to the Eucharist and Mary, from the deeper heart (“Put out into the Deep).

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