The Prayer of Miraculous Trust

I am delighted that I will be visiting Maine during my northeastern trip. I will be in Wells, Maine on Sunday, April 10. Please contact the coordinator, Joseph, at if you can help. He is still looking for some volunteers to help him get everything together. I climbed Mt. Katahdin, which is the northern start of the Appalachian Trail when I was 19 – and saw my first moose ever in Maine. I was stunned. I thought a moose was just kind of a hefty deer. It’s more like a skinny elephant. The details on this visit are:

Wells, Maine

1:00 p.m.  Sunday, April 10, 2016

Village By the Sea, GPS1373 Post Rd., Wells, Maine 04090

Contact:  Joseph


Make sure to check the Upcoming Events link at the top of the Page for updates on visits.


Things are speeding up throughout the world as things break down. We have many new readers. It is time to refer you once again to the Prayer of Miraculous Trust. In many ways, it is about a suitable disposition at prayer that remembers who is God and who is man. I repeat the article here because I think it is more and more important.

Prayer of Miraculous Trust


We all need prayer. In Catholicism, we speak of the communion of the saints, which means that all the faithful – both here and departed – are fully alive to God, and we have access to the faithful departeds’ prayers if we only ask. (for those who have any theological doubts on this point, please see Matthew 22:32, Mark 12:27 and Luke 20:38). But the prayers of the Church Militant, that is the faithful still on earth, for each other are crucial – and even more crucial in these times.

Right around the turn of the millennium, the archangel, Gabriel, gave me a prayer and told me the time would come when we would need miracles – and many miracles would be wrought through the faithful use of the prayer.

Right now, many things are collapsing before our very eyes.

When the normal means of healing are easily available, you should always take advantage of them. When God has provided abundant means of normal medicine, it is a presumption to demand only His supernatural medicine. Ideally, it is best to take advantage of both. But soon (and it is happening far more rapidly than I expected) availability of normal services will be spotty – and if you have something chronic or are elderly, much will not be available at all as surviving doctors start working under an implicit triage mentality because of the shortages of supplies and equipment. God will not leave you bereft.

Along with this posting I have linked to a religious supply house that has printed up thousands of prayer cards containing this prayer and instructions on how to use it. It is the Full of Grace Supply House which is also linked at the right hand of this page. The woman who owns it gave me most of them to give away. I always carry a supply with me. I asked her to carry them in her inventory, so that as many as possible might have access to them.

Now, if you treat these as some magic object, I have utterly failed my duty to you. There is no magic in the card, nor magic in the prayer. Rather, the instructions for the prayer teach you how to align your will with that of God. Having said that, there have been many startling results from the proper use of this prayer. Let me explain.

First, the Lord often acts to confirm His intentions. I tell you to acknowledge Our Lady of Tepeyac, which is Our Lady’s proper title in this image, though she is commonly called Our Lady of Guadalupe. I know this because she told me long ago. She is sent as the Mother of Conversion in these terrible times. It pleases Our Lord that you acknowledge, then spread devotion to His servant and mother in this role He has given her for these times.

Second, prayer must begin with faith, the knowledge that God is in control of all things. But it must not end there. The demons in hell know that Christ is Lord, they know Scripture better than you and all the greatest theologians combined and, as James said, they tremble because of that knowledge. If all you have is faith, you have nothing more than the demons in hell.

Faith must lead to trust, the trust that once you acknowledge and follow Him, whatever the Lord allows to befall you is for your benefit or instruction or that of another that you may give witness to, perhaps never knowing until judgment the witness you have given by your trust. Many Christians treat prayer as the cloth with which they rub the magic lamp to bind God to their will. Prayer is to bind you to God’s will – and to begin to understand it. That cannot happen unless you trust, knowing that His ways are not your ways. Some purported faith healers teach that God will always heal those who trust Him. They are right, but not in the way they think. Their imaginations are so impoverished that, whatever they say, the only good they can envision is of this world. God always heals for eternity – that you may have abundant life with Him in heaven. If that means you must suffer some here to quell your rebellious yearnings, than suffer you will – if you trust God. If you are a particularly useful soul, God may allow you to suffer in penance for others who do not know they need penance, that more might be saved. Trust.

Trust will lead to abandonment. That is giving yourself entirely and willingly to whatever God wants of you. Gabriel came to Our Lady, Holy Mary, and told her she would get a great honor if she accepted – become the mother of Our Lord in His human incarnation. But there was a catch, This would happen in a way that would subject her to shame and, perhaps even a brutal execution. What incredible faith, trust and abandonment she lived to be able to say almost immediately, “I am the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to your word.” Of course, as Gabriel noted when he first spoke to her, she is “full of grace.” It is hard to get outside yourself. Some years ago, I was undergoing some serious suffering – and it would not go away. I begged and begged to know what I was doing wrong so I could correct it and escape my sorrows. Finally, the Lord, Himself came and said, “This is not about you.” Then He told me who it was about – someone I dearly loved who, unbeknownst to me, was in great spiritual danger. The Lord asked was I willing to accept this penance on the person’s behalf, for he desperately needed it. Foolish and self-centered as I was, I am proud I said yes – and soon was rewarded by seeing how much it was needed. Abandon yourself to His will – and don’t feel bad when He shows you what a silly, little fool you are. He only does that to those in whom He sees great promise. Be glad of your rebukes.

Finally, it is good to have prayer partners. It is even better to have one who already beholds the Face of God, for the saints’ faith is assured and will not fail. Take full advantage of the communion of the faithful. We are really going to need all hands on deck.

Know that with God, the intention is the action. Keep your prayers of petition short. It is not the length of them that aligns you with God, but the trust behind it. If you had perfect trust, all your intentions would merely be stated and then you would accept perfectly what God sends you. If you pray long in petition, you risk deluding yourself it is the Herculean nature of your efforts rather than the effortless grace of God that brings light, and thus become vainglorious. And yet, do not begrudge those who must make long, moaning prayers of petition. A struggle between lack of faith warring with hope can make long prayer necessary. Brevity is not for all prayer. Prayers of worship, praise and thanksgiving – and those that involve the will of another, may be said at great length, either privately or in community. Remember that St. Augustine was bathed in a lifetime of his mother, St. Monica’s, prayers. Also, when a demon is involved, prayers of intercession may go for weeks, but that is best left to priests under most circumstances.

Do not say this particular prayer more than once for any specific intention. To do so is to fail in trust – and defeat the purpose of this prayer, which is abandonment to God’s will. Certainly, God knows how needy we are, so you may say other prayers for the same intention if the need arises, but not this one. In fact, following the lead of St. Monica, you should pray frequently on matters involving the will of another – but only once for this prayer, which is for abandonment to God. If you can, it is best to say it and then let it go, trusting that whatever comes of the matter now is for your eternal good regardless of what happens

Here are instruction and the text for the prayer:

A prayer to abandon yourself to trust in God; to bind yourself to His will with trust rather than trying to bind Him to yours. Pope Francis called Our Lady of Guadalupe the “Virgin of Tepeyac” at her last feast day. Tepeyac Hill is where she appeared, not Guadalupe, hence the title Our Lady of Tepeyac, Mother of Conversion. At its deepest level, this is a prayer that we all convert ourselves to God’s Holy Will.

Back of card: PRAYER OF MIRACULOUS TRUST:  (This prayer is to help you turn things over to God, trusting that once you have done so, whatever He then allows is for your eternal good and that of those you love.  It lets you ask what you want of God, then closes by abandoning yourself to what God wants of you.  Do not say it more than once for any particular intention, as this is an abandonment to trust)

Begin by asking for the help of Our Lady of Tepeyac, then cross yourself and say:

By the power of Our Lord, Jesus Christ; to the honor of Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception; in service to her Immaculate Heart; I ask you Lord (state intention here and ask for the intercession of the saint of your choice).  I thank you for hearing my prayer.  Thy will be done.  Amen.

Cross yourself again, and give it over to God entirely with trust.”

I saw a pithy saying last week I will end with: “Don’t worry about tomorrow. God is already there.”



About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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  1. Patricia says:

    ok, no yelling for me asking but this was rather stark : “surviving doctors”. What will they be surviving from?

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    • charliej373 says:

      Don’t over-read it, Patricia. We are already undergoing a shortage of doctors because many chose early retirement rather than deal with the bureaucracy and forced inefficiencies of federal health care. Actually, when that bureaucracy falls, I expect many will take up their medical vocation anew when they can once again practice medicine rather than endless paperwork to satisfy their federal overlords.

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      • leel004 says:

        Boy, if that ain’t the truth. Last week i was at my dr office. In discussion he told me all the more work he has to do with the “affordable care regulations”. I was telling him there will be a time to start fresh because one can see the systems are collapsing. He also was sharing that if the patient does not go for the recommended testings and such, he gets reduced pay. His stress level is way up. I will put him on this prayer for sure. He is not a believer, but we know God believes in him and that is why God gave him the talents he has. What a surprise he will have when he realizes it was true about God!!!!!

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  2. Drkis says:

    Thank you Charlie for re posting this blog. I love the Prayer of Miraculous Trust. I use it offen when someone needs special prayers for their particular intentions.
    Jesus, I trust in you!

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  3. BlessedIam says:

    Jesus I trust in you.

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  4. Susan Werner says:

    Yes, thank you Charlie for reprinting this. I needed this tonite

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  5. deereverywhere says:

    I have made an observation regarding The Divine Mercy, the one picture that was hand out at church has Jesus streaming red, wearing white and the water flowing from His side is blue. On my booklet with the Divine Mercy novena, Jesus is just streaming red and the water is white. Jesus is wearing white. The Polish flag is red and white. The French flag is, of course, red white and blue. You don’t think it will start WWIII do you? (I know St. Faustina didn’t like any of the pictures because they didn’t look like Jesus)

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    • Sean Sullivan says:

      Briefly as I am running off to mass. A youtube video depicts the merger of the Shroud of Turin and Divine Mercy Image. Quite breathtaking.
      youtube video

      Toward your request, Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, M.I.C. desribes the meaning of the DM Image.


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      • deereverywhere says:

        Thank you for the lovey article on the Divine Mercy. It is indeed thrilling. I can’t watch youtube because of limited internet. I was unaware of the features as looking down from the Cross.

        I am a life long member of the Polish Heritage Society Phase A because my husband assisted a gentleman by the name of Dr. Leonard V Kosinski. He was a doctor of linguistics. Neither of us are of Polish heritage, but somehow we became members. I had a picture of him and St. John Paul which I had in a frame in his wife’s room at a nursing home but when she passed a 18 months ago it was lost in the shuffle. I just remember how happy and proud he was to be Polish. He was pretty incredible, a golden gloves boxer an a member of the 82nd Airborne who broke his leg just before D-Day. Everything was always red and white with him. Red and white being the colors of Poland. I had not noticed that the colors were red white and blue on the 8X10 Divine Mercy picture I picked up at church. By the way, I picked up from the Spainish basket without knowing it because it says “Jesus, en Ti confio” which only makes me smile more because Doc had a Divine Mercy picture in Polish. As everything was always red an white, I could just hear him now correcting the printer of the image in red, white and blue. Since he was a doctor of linguistics, it could get quite colorful (okay, pun intended). It just tickled my funny bone when I noticed my novena booklet is in red and white and the one I have on the wall is red white and blue. Doc paid great attention to stuff like that.

        Thanks, I will have to wait to see the video though. May the wind be at your back, and may God hold you in th Palm of His Hand.

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  6. SteveBC says:

    I begin by asking for the help of Our Lady of Tepeyac. Then I cross myself and say:

    By the power of Our Lord, Jesus Christ; to the honor of Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception; in service to her Immaculate Heart; I ask you Lord to bring all of us humans, all of our lovely Earth, and all of Your staggeringly beautiful Creation through the Storm into the Rescue as quickly, gently, and thoroughly as Your Divine Will may provide, and I ask all the Gloriana to assist You with all they have and with all they are. I thank you for hearing my prayer. Thy Will be done. Amen.

    I cross myself again, and I give it over to God entirely with trust.

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  7. Nance says:

    LOVE that closing! Truly there is no need to worry about tomorrow! God is definitely already there.

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  8. johnmcfarm says:

    God bless you Charlie, I love your courage and compassion. Thank you for all your wisdom and sometimes brutal honesty. I have multiple copies of the Prayer of Miraculous Trust. I hand the cards out occasionally to people I think will use this simple but powerful prayer.

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  9. Julie Hutchinson says:

    Thank you for this interpretation of prayer. It’s a tough topic abs I like what you have expressed.

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  10. I fell in love with this prayer of miraculous trust a few months back. I ordered many to pass out to “my new best friends…”
    “Pray what you mean, and mean what you pray.”
    Prayer is a dialogue. To simply know that Our Father wants to dialogue… He wants to claim us as “His own!” Well, it doesn’t get much better than that!
    I’ve read and studied Fr. Michael Gaitley’s books. Wonderful books with unforgettable details and imagery. Well, his lastest, 33 Days to Merciful Love, is proving itself to be a joyous blessing! I began on March 1st and have placed the daily prayer ( from day 1) in the miraculous trust prayer. Charlie, my friend, I’m in awe…( I don’t even think that’s the right word…)
    Everything. Everything, is through Him, with Him, and in Him. ( first line of prayer…)
    To the honor of Our Lady (yes, Mother Mary, we would be eternally grateful for your help.)
    To include the church millitant! Yes! I never run out of names… They flow from my lips! They’re truly alive to me…(they’re more Alive than we are! They’re truly IN Christ.)
    And the last line…”Thy will be done.”
    Charlie. It all comes down to this.
    His will WILL be done. ( with or without us…)
    I truly believe Our God loves us so much, He really does have our best interest in mind… ( How I wish I could get my friends to believe this!)
    My ideas, or ” imagined prayers of how I’d like things to go,” well they’re not as well thought out… I kind of gave up on my plans for the future…and I am afraid to admit it, but this is “an exciting adventure…”
    So thank you, Charlie. It took courage to stick your neck out for us. I’m so happy you shared, my friend. Praying for all of us, and happy to do so.

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  11. Snowy Owl says:

    I wrote the Prayer of Miraculous Trust in my little black prayer book on one of the blank pages in the front and when I first came here. When I say my prayers for the Holy Souls I have it right there! I pray it for a special intention or person and then I leave it to God so completely…a week or two later I have forgotten if I prayed it for this or that person…so I pray it again (sometimes-maybe- I mean sometimes I remember oh yeah! I DID pray for him or her….) anyway, hoping that since I forgot the Lord won’t be offended. I’m completely hopeless,Charlie…sigh! 🙂

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  12. I’m going to ask a dumb question. Why should we pray without ceasing, and pray things like the rosary, if this prayer will do?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve prayed the Prayer of Miraculous Trust for people, and it’s powerful– perhaps more for me than them. But then why go and offer up a rosary for that person, or situation?

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    • charliej373 says:

      Ah, Briana, don’t you know that prayer is how we express our live with God? You might as well ask that since you already told your spouse you love him, why should you ever say or do anything else to demonstrate it? This prayer helps dispose you to real trust in all your prayers…but you should never stop giving flowers, candy, sharing dinner, laughing and delighting in your beloved.

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    • Beckita says:

      I think, too, Briana that each authentic message from Heaven is as a brush stroke or mosaic piece in a beautiful work of art. Each stroke/piece integrates to create the whole work of what God wishes to accomplish in a particular time in salvation history. Most of us are here because we believe that Charlie’s message and mission are decidedly preparing us for the “prayer of doing” in the midst of trials and the intensifying Storm. Praises to Our Lady of Tepeyac and Glory to God for revealing to Charlie this new way to help us as we navigate the Storm!

      What is happening now is a fulfillment of Fatima. It was in Fatima that Our Lady revealed the great POWER in the Rosary to bring about Peace:”Pray the Rosary every day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary to obtain peace in the world . . . for she alone can save it.” (Our Lady, July 13, 1917) “God has placed peace in her hands, and it is from the Immaculate Heart that men must ask it.” (Jacinta, shortly before her death)
      “When you pray the Rosary, say after each mystery: ‘O Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those who have most need of your mercy.’ ” (June 13, 1917) (Every Rosary increases Mary’s power to crush the head of the Serpent and to destroy his evil power in the world.) All this is from a Fatima Center maintained by Dominican Fathers:

      We also continue to embrace the words and declarations of Popes and the Teaching Magisterium. Not only did Pope St. John Paul II write an entire encyclical on The Rosary, he added five more decades for us to facilitate meditating on the Life of Christ as we pray.

      I love Charlie’s analogy of the little and loving ways we pray without ceasing. I DO love formal prayer and engage daily in these practices. They launch me into, perhaps, my favorite form of prayer: speaking from my heart to the Lord of the Living, our very best friend, and to our Mama who has been ordained by God for a preeminent role in sheltering us and being a safe refuge for us in all the storms of our lives. And doing so ALL DAY LONG. Really, it’s not so difficult; all we need do is ask for the grace and then strive to the best of our ability.

      I’m also in love with so many saints and angels because as I continue to reach out, and we know they await our invitation, they are splendid friends, very real and from what I’ve experienced, very aware of our need for them in these times. See, we’re all “talking ” to each other here and the people around us all the time. When we chat up a different kind of storm with our friends in Heaven, we are actually praying without ceasing.When we make the morning offering and remind ourselves throughout the day with action, we engage in the prayer of doing to which Charlie often refers. God bless us all!

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      • jlynnbyrd says:

        I think, too, Briana that each authentic message from Heaven is as a brush stroke or mosaic piece in a beautiful work of art. Each stroke/piece integrates to create the whole work of what God wishes to accomplish in a particular time in salvation history. Most of us are here because we believe that Charlie’s message and mission are decidedly preparing us for the “prayer of doing” in the midst of trials and the intensifying Storm.

        Beckita, I love the picture you paint here and you have narrowed it down to a certain era. As loving parents we tell our children, this is the last time…(when we know we will do all we can to keep giving them chances to succeed.) 🙂 I say that because todays gratitude reflection from Brother David Steindl-Rast OSB, is a message that predates Our Lord Jesus Christ and seems to mirror TNRS prophetic words of today:

        “Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly, now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.” – Interpretive translation of Talmudic texts

        His love, steadfastness and patience of this magnitude and beyond just makes me tremble.

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      • Tarja says:

        Like very much, Beckita! I think in the same way, only I have akathists instead of Rosary (at the moment). I talk all the day with my heavenly friends, most of all with Mother of God. I have not many human friends but it doesn’t bother me any more. I have been given much more… Of course I have family but I am very much alone at home, and nowadays I’m happy to be alone. I read a site named Cloistered heart… those words tell about the secret I want to find.

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        • Beckita says:

          Beautiful, Tarja! Thank you for introducing me to “akathists” about which I just read. Thanks, too, for naming the website which I have just bookmarked and will revisit.

          You know, Tarja, from what I see in the world today, both at home and when I visit other places, people are living isolated lives while being in the midst of so people around them. To me, it’s another manifestation of disorder because God created us to be in relationship with Him and with others. I’m looking forward to a New Beginning.

          God bless you, Dear Tarja, and all here!

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      • Robert Cunningham says:


        Great post. I love the topic of prayer. There is so much that can be said about the Rosary but in the simple terms of my heart , the Rosary is the umbilical cord to my Mother. It is also the most efficacious means to get my prayer from my head to my heart – about the distance of a Rosary.

        As for praying without ceasing, that has become for me a type of perichoresis


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        • Beckita says:

          Amen, Robert. Love this: “…the Rosary is the umbilical cord to my Mother.” Oh how blessed are we, to be united as brothers and sisters here, in prayer for one another and for all souls, on this special day of Divine Mercy Sunday, and every day as the rescue continues. Thank you for your posts, Robert, which I appreciate very much! Praying for you, your family and all here.

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    • Brianna, I pray in a variety of ways simply out of love.
      It’s one way we show our imperfect love to God the Creator.
      The Angels and Saints love when we pray as they are praying for us.
      Jesus and Mary, who are with us always, ask this of us and, so, love it when we do pray (and I love doing anything that I know Jesus and Mary love!)
      It is very mysterious how it connects us with our neighbors here on earth and those beloved souls in Purgatory and Heaven, but this simple way of giving of our time and showing our love through prayer is so very, very good and pleasing to God.

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  13. Joey says:

    The storm seems to be darkening ever so quickly and I feel grateful for the time that has been allowed me to become spiritually more prepared. I am coming to realize that thru Trust in Our Lord, that I am now and will be wherever and doing whatever is his Will. I pray that I can proceed on and be hope for others. I thank God for your messages. I wanted to share the message from Holy Love Ministeries yesterday message as it is paralleled with your messages and I found this to be of comfort and thought it may give strength and comfort to others. It is truly everything you have said here as people seek to know a timeframe.

    Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

    “Dear children, you know the Flame of My Heart as it is associated with the First Chamber of Our United Hearts. It is a benevolent, yet purifying Flame – burning away all iniquity, thus allowing the soul to progress through the subsequent Chambers. A great part of this purification is recognition on behalf of the soul as to his errors. Today I tell you, the heart of the world must pass through the Flame of My Heart before the New Jerusalem can be established on earth.”

    “These times of purification of the heart of the world will bring hardships and trials never before experienced in the world. God will bring souls to the realization that they must depend upon Him for their survival. Many things taken for granted in the past will be considered luxuries. Freedoms will be challenged.”

    “You, My children, must understand that I am holding your hand when you pray the rosary. Therefore, you are never far away from Me, nor I from you. Grace will be your companion. You must trust in this. Do not try to estimate times or situations. Allow God to be God. You cannot outguess Him.”

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    • Beckita says:

      Joey, the Bishop of Cleveland, issued a decree on Holy Love Ministries in November of 2009. He definitively declared these apparitions to be NOT of supernatural origin. There are additional statements of concern and directives given to both clergy and laity by Bishop Lennon. One “forbids” and the other “admonishes.”

      I began to read these messages in 2003 because I was on pilgrimage with the then spiritual director for the laity in this group. This priest relayed to me a conversion and healing he had experienced at the site of the Holy Love Shrine. Within a few years, however, the priest disassociated himself from the Holy Love group because he observed firsthand the group’s change in direction. It seems those in leadership in the Holy Love group could see the Diocese of Cleveland readying to move towards an investigation of what was happening there. Most disturbing to me, as a result, they quickly formed themselves into an “ecumenical group” and refused to meet with and cooperate with Bishop Lennon. That exists to this day, as does the statement of Bishop Lennon.

      In my mind, this is exactly how NOT to be humble and obedient. It shows complete disrespect to the legitimate authority of Bishop Lennon as well as revealing actions which spurn trusting that anything OF God will be protected and upheld by HIM in the face of challenges or difficulties.

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      • charliej373 says:

        Thank you, Beckita. I will endeavor to remember that if anyone else tries to cite this disobedient group.

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        • Joey says:

          Charlie and Beckita,
          Thank you for this response. I had no idea and am grateful for this information. I am a realativly new Catholic and try to listen and act with my heart, soul and mind and am sad that it is so easy to be deceived but glad I wore my armour today. Onward.

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          • charliej373 says:

            Don’t worry about it, Joey. There are so many out there it is easy to run into a problem. Fortunately, we have some very solid people here – so when one of us is not sure, another usually can find the facts.

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          • Beckita says:

            Hi Joey! SO very glad you’re here! Amen to Onward!

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          • Joey, amen to your receptivity to this new info. I told some friends in Cinci about it and they got upset with the messenger. We should all definitely pray for Maureen Sweeney Kyle of Ohio who is the subject of this unfortunate matter.

            And a plug here for Charlie: the thing that differentiates him from many others is his unwavering and absolute obedience to Mother Church.

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          • janet333 says:

            Joey..I was so relieved to see your reply. The ones I’ve been explaining this to have answered with…..”well the Church is in a mess so why should we listen to our Bishops?” They would rather read messages from so called seers than listen to the Church.

            God Bless You.

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      • Joey says:

        Thank you Beckita. Did you know Fr. Kenney? I tried to like your comment below but can’t.

        Also to Patrick SD thank you. I look forward to you all’s guidance.

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        • Beckita says:

          Hi Joey. I didn’t know Fr. Kenny. The priest to whom I referred actually lives in another country and had been asked to be the spiritual director of the lay group at Holy Love. God bless you.


  14. “Don’t worry about tomorrow. God is already there.” … I love that!
    If it’s His Will, I’ll be making the trip with my sister to the Fatima Shrine in Holliston, MA this Saturday for your visit, Charlie. Really looking forward to it! Hope to meet some of you NRS’ers ☺ From there we’re heading to Stockbridge for Divine Mercy Sunday. I will definitely be praying for ALL in this wonderful family☺

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  15. ann says:

    You are coming to Maine!!! I can hardly believe it. I’m going to try so hard to be there and to bring a few others with me. Thank you for making the effort, Charlie.

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  16. leel004 says:

    I am OVERWHELMED with giddiness at God’s “coincidences” with your article Charlie ! Tonight i went to a teen group coordinator meeting that my son belongs to. We had such an INTENSE discussion and multiple topics overflowing…you know the kind you don’t want to let end.
    Anyway the theme for our upcoming teen meeting is spiritual warfare, and there are SO many points in this article that we discussed for the gathering. Too bad I didn’t see this article before going to the meeting as I would have printed it out, especially for the young married couple who volunteered to be the lead on this topic. I sent him several things already tying into this subject,…and YES this article was forwarded too! Heaven must be having a grace filled party tonight with all of peices coming together so quickly. Lots of aloha and virtual hugs Charlie!
    Glad you came off the mountain!

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  17. diane says:

    all I can say is Amen – this is tough – this is not an easy ride. God Bless us all and by God’s Grace we will prevail. Love. I do. Diane

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  18. After stowing away a couple hundred pounds of beans and rice for our growing refuge community, it’s now time to get a couple hundred cards of the Miraculous Trust to give to those we will soon meet.

    Liked by 11 people

  19. Beckita says:

    O Lord and God, have mercy on your people. We now admit babies are real humans in the womb by proceeding to “humanely” administer pain relief before butchering them to death. Deliver us, O Lord, from disconnect royale!!!

    Save us O Lord; carry us back. Rouse your power and come!
    Rescue your people. Show us your face. Bring us back!

    Liked by 8 people

    • I know, Beckita. It just keeps streaming in: FDA expands use of abortion pill, Georgia Governor vetoes religious liberty bill, Weed “Nuns”, desecrated statues of Mary at Catholic church, and on, and on, and on…..every day now.

      I’m at the point where I’m surprised when I DON’T see a daily news report that we “good guys” are losing. Of course, these are just skirmishes.

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  20. leel004 says:

    I thought i saw someone make a comment about saying the rosary and relecting on our Heavenly union. I just want to add a quote from a poster that was recently shared with me, especially with those of us with fallen away children. It brings GREAT peace in saying it, and shows how God NEVER ceases to try and reach us ( as this precious website also shows☺️). It is from St. Louise de Marillac: at the end of each decade of the holy rosary say “With this rosary bind my children to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”. St. Louise says that Mary Will attend to their souls !!!!

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  21. zeniazenia says:

    It has been my experience that God heals us, sometimes after many years of His silence or a lengthy trial, or gives us consolations in prayer, so that we can be startled by His sweet mercy for us personally at the time of the healing. With this new appreciation of God’s power, goodness and closeness, we (the seed on fertile ground) appreciate the future sufferings He sends us with a great deal more trust and abandonment, always welcoming His almighty presence. With that healing grace, we understand in a fresh way, the Gospel message that a seed must die in order to be raised to new life.
    Mother Angelica was a great example of a person who grew in trust and abandonment after being healed many times. In the end, she had the radiant gifts of courage, understanding and fortitude in order to welcome all suffering in relationship with her spouse Jesus. She desired to die to self and prayed that we all promote His Will in the world. 🙂 consecration day 30

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  22. Annie W. says:

    This is a perfect reminder today, when one of our daughters just found out she has a heart condition! I said the prayer for her, as I did when I first saw this prayer here, after learning of one son’s loss of faith. Wow, each year Lent doesn’t seem to end at Easter, but the Lord gives us peace because of all the “weapons” we have to use. What a gift our Catholic faith is!

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  23. Snowy Owl says:

    Charlie, I have not been able to read through all of the comments so not sure if people have read this- (if so, you can just delete this) but Father Tom may still be alive…ISIS is demanding millions for his return and sent a video.


  24. gotoJoseph says:

    Small Consolations! Last night around 2am, my young son woke me up for pain reliever (he fractured all four fingers on his hand earlier in the day – ouch). Afterwards, I began thinking of work challenges and then personal finance challenges, which kept me up for over an hour, and I wondered whether I would sleep again. I then began to think about how I had offered the finances up through the Prayer of Miraculous Trust, how things were in God’s hands, and my prayer needed to focus on my trust in His care. That led me to taking my rosary off my night stand, and before the second decade, I was so at peace I fell asleep. Reading your re-post on this prayer was just the reinforcement and consolation I needed. It’s becoming more clear how “learning” radical dependence on God is going to be key through the remainder of the storm. Thanks and God bless! Jesus, I trust in You.

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  25. canada1nw says:

    I haven’t read the comments here yet, but I am excited at 3:30 AM to see that Charlie is only a seven hour drive from my home on April 10th. Oh darn..I have a retreat to attend with two granddaughters that day, I am their sponsor for Confirmation.

    Liked by 3 people

  26. Doug says:

    Thank you Charlie. I keep one of the cards on my burrow and use it every now and then for special intentions. Can’t say I have not used more than once for the same request though. That will change now. ☺

    Liked by 3 people

  27. Doug says:

    Oops. Should have been bureau. Bing! Another soul!

    Liked by 2 people

    • janet333 says:

      Doug… I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out what a “burrow” is! Ha ha I thought it was another of those American words I needed to learn. 🙂

      Definitely a soul out of purgatory..Eternal rest grant unto them Oh Lord…..

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  28. Mack says:

    A testimony: this morning I prayed the PMT for a problem with my car that needed the state inspection done. The “check engine” light would not go off despite repairs by my excellent mechanic. So I just gave it to Mary and prayed that it would go off so I could get the inspection. Well, this morning when I started the car the light was off and I got the inspection done. God cares about the little things too. Mary our Mother is so tender she cares for all our needs.

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  29. DD says:

    Charlie, what if, just like everyone’s interpretation of Garabandal may not play out as popularly envisioned, your interpretation of the storm and the election do not play out as you envision? What if we wake up the Wednesday after the first Tuesday in November and Donald Trump is POTUS as of January 2017? I know we will all say, well, we said it would not be a normal election, and it wasn’t. Meanwhile, faithful and intelligent people who should have been engaged in the process will kick themselves for being so disengaged. I know you may not let this get published since you made the policy, no politics, and i respect that. I know you say you never meant for us to take literally the “storm”, it is already happening, look at Syria, and i believe you are right. But what if that extends to the election, and the non-normal, storm-induced election result is a Trump presidency, because those who listened to you couldn’t help but focus on storing water and quitting their jobs? Have you been listening to him? You are seasoned in politics…what would a Trump presidency look like. Don’t say like Reagan. I’m fine if you don’t print this, just please consider.

    Liked by 1 person

    • charliej373 says:

      No, DD, this post involved politics, but is focused on a much larger issue. I will say in passing that if you think it remotely possible that I would say a Trump presidency would be “like Reagan,” you sure could not yet have read very much of me.

      First, there is the difference between interpretation and reporting. Most of the time, I am given raw material, often of an enigmatic nature – and am required both to interpret that and to take responsibility of my interpretation. Deal with that long enough, and you get very humble about your reporting. For example, while I interpret some of the meanings of Garabandal and some other prominent prophesies different than most conventionally do, I would not be at all upset if it turned out I was wrong and the conventional view was right. In several cases, I would be a little relieved. Most of the raw information I do NOT share – as that is for me to help me do my work. One exception of an enigmatic statement that I have contemplated for 16 years I have shared – including in this article. That is the directive given to me that I must “…tell them true – and they must choose or perish.” I have no confidence that I have a deep understanding of that, though I think I have discerned a few facets of its meaning.

      But specifically on what is developing, I was told in 2008 that Obama would win the election, that he would not finish his full term and would live to convert long after he had left the world in ashes. I was told the next stable national leader would NOT come from the political system. A little, but not a whole lot to interpret there. I was emphatically told the Rescue will come in late 2017 and that I am to publicly proclaim that. Frankly, I was not enthused about that. If there is anything I have frequently misinterpreted, it has been time frames. That is mainly because those in the heavens almost always say “Soon” or “Now.” As I learned to my discomfort, soon and now obviously do not quite mean the same thing there as they do here. But that was not the case here; I was told this specific time frame and ordered to proclaim it.

      Over the years, I have contemplated this most unusual command. I read a piece in a secular magazine last year about shipwrecks during a storm close to shore. The thing that struck me was that most people in such a situation die within easy swimming distance to shore. They are lost because they can’t see it – and give up hope before they reach it. I know things are getting much worse – and will get incredibly difficult before it ends. I have come to think that this is an incredible condescension by God. Knowing how difficult it will be and how fragile is our trust, in this instance He gave me a specific time frame to give you – so that you will remember it in the final raging of the Strom and hold on just a little longer with hope that shore is much closer than it appears. There is only one other time I can remember a specific time frame being given to me – and that was a matter of training rather than of substance. It is an extraordinary condescension by Our Lord.

      Liked by 8 people

      • leel004 says:

        It is true that looking at what is happening around the world and the logical process of demise that is occurring, it is a life jacket to think that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. And if being advised of a time frame leaves some with uncertainty or cautious, there is also the ‘coincidence’ of the anniversary of the authorized church approval of Fatima that coincides with the projected timeframe you have been instructed to proclaim. I selfishly ask Mama Mary to come earlier if can, but I know she only will say “in His Divine time”. Aloha and God bless

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