Proclaiming the Rescue

(This piece, just three months ago, is well worth a repeat as we go forward. It is startling how much things have degenerated in just these few months. As outrage is piled on top of outrage so that you just can’t keep up, look forward with hope, for your deliverance is at hand.-CJ)

I Proclaim the Rescue


By Charlie Johnston

Sometimes friends send me little snippets of what others are saying about me on the Internet. Yesterday a guy sent me a comment that I think was pulled from the “Mystics of the Church” website. When the commenter says “he” it is me he is talking about. This was part of the comment:

“It seems like he’s trying to work us all up into a frenzy again similar to what happened over this past summer where many of us were living hour-to-hour during the months of September and October waiting for the complete economic collapse where money would be worthless, worldwide civil wars, millions dead, and tanks rolling down the streets. And to be honest I was taking Xanax on pretty much a daily basis during the months of September and October waiting for the crash. During that period I took time off work to get my license to carry, stockpile water, food and medical supplies to the point that my house even today is filled to the ceilings with boxes of supplies. You can’t walk 5 feet in my house without tripping over boxes. We don’t have company over the house anymore and my kids can’t have friends over because the inside of my house looks like we’re hoarders. My kids have asked me if the world is ending because they knew something is wrong with all the stockpiling. I even contemplated having my 11 year old daughter’s braces removed last fall because I was so fearful that during the collapse her Orthodontist would be unavailable. Thank God I didn’t do that. So either this guy is telling the truth and we are about to experience a period of hell on earth worse that any previous time in human history or he’s a crackpot.”

This comment struck me as both funny and annoying at the same time. The frenzy he speaks of rose because of predictions made by the old Locutions to the World website (LttW), which I consistently said I did not believe was of divine origin. Then he goes on to say that he was doing exactly the opposite of what I have recommended to people in preparing for difficulties – and so because bad results came from believing predictions I said were not authentic and doing what I warn people against doing, he thinks people should be very cautious in taking what I say to heart?! I am speechless.

Thankfully, I tend to recover my power of speech pretty quickly – resilient  fellow, you know. But it did trigger something else. I occasionally hear from people who are critical that I am frightening people with my predictions of a Storm. That is absurd. I am not predicting a Storm. Twenty years ago I was predicting a Storm. Now we are in it. I responded to the friend who sent me this in part like this:

When bombs are bursting all around, noting that bombs are bursting is NOT working anyone into a frenzy. I did not create the Paris, San Bernardino, Belgium or Pakistani atrocities…I did not create ISIS…I did not create the global financial crisis…I did not encourage China to militarize international waters. I did not encourage North Korea to shoot off missiles and threaten the world with nukes. This is just silly…this comment speaks as if people did not read me they would not notice that anything was wrong at all. For crying out loud, people are getting into a frenzy because they watch the STINKING news – which I have nothing to do with.

For decades I said nothing about the Storm to any but my Priests and a few friends I trust, knowing that to speak of such a thing when it was not obvious COULD be scary to many. When the contours of the Storm that I had described privately became publicly obvious to anyone paying attention, I DID come forward – to proclaim a Rescue and to encourage people to be part of it now, to assure them that God is NOT done with us.

Seriously, does anyone think that if I would just shut up ISIS would go away, China would retreat to her own borders, officials would be responsible with the economy, North Korea and Iran would dismantle their nukes and all would suddenly be sweetness and light? Absurd. If I shut up and went away these things would still be deepening – and who would be there to give credible hope that God has a plan and is not done with us?

I have to tell you I am a little weary of people acting as if I summoned the Storm I accurately described decades ago. Rather, I waited, hoping it was not true…and when it came proclaimed a Rescue – that this is God’s purification. So people should get a grip and quit trying to tear down a person who accurately foresaw this long ago and now – with equal accuracy – assures all that God has NOT abandoned us. If I shut up, the Storm remains and who is there to give credible hope of Rescue?”

One of the little-noted but highly significant lines of Archbishop Samuel Aquila’s letter concerning me was that they examined an “archive of writings detailing Mr. Johnston’s alleged visions as far back as 1998.” I have joked with my director Priests these last few years that you don’t need to be a prophet to see what is happening now – but it sure did help two decades ago. I have been consistent. When I got the archives to give to the Archdiocese, it was like traveling through a time machine, for I had not seen them since I had written them. I know I have consistently said that the Rescue comes in late 2017, but I saw I had written that in a letter I had sent in the fall of 2001.

The prediction of the Storm I was making over two decades ago is not the heart of my purpose. In fact, its main importance is that the consistency and accuracy of it lends credibility to my assurance that God is not done with us and this is lead-up to a Rescue. The Rescue is the indispensable prophecy here.

I have been gratified at how well regular readers have embraced the fundamental heart of my message to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope. Drive-by readers still come up with some lurid mutations of what I emphasize, though. So I am going to do a candid review of some things that are absolutely critical.

Do you know why I don’t discourage people from doing some small, prudent preparation? It is not because of the objective protection those preparations will give them. Rather, it is for the same reason that I would not snatch a teddy bear away from a frightened child. It soothes people, so I leave it alone.

I am a serious student of history. We live in an age where the elite leadership throughout the world – in politics and cultural institutions – is almost universally stupid, incompetent, irresponsible, feckless – and supremely convinced of their own superiority. It is unprecedented in its scope. Plenty of nations have been governed by self-absorbed, bumbling idiots – but to have almost the whole world governed by such at the same time is astonishing. Yet that is how it is. The first stanza of W.B. Yeats poem of a century ago, “The Second Coming,” is downright prophetic for these times:

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.”

I have said repeatedly that the rules have been changed – and it will soon be obvious. Everyone who gets their primary sense of security from anything other than God will have it taken from them. Everyone. This is not just for some, but for all. If you use anything I have said to devise your own plan beyond acknowledging God, taking the next right step and being a sign of hope, your plan will be smashed against the rocks of reality. The only way you can have anything is if you have it as if having not – and if you can do that, then you can have not as if you have. Whatever “preparations” you do can only be in support of the central issue – to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope. If you are focused on the central issue, then you know that whether you have or have not is God’s call and will be used to help you carry out His will.

Some think they are smart and so, if they know enough, can outwit God. If you are the smartest person in the history of the world, your knowledge does not amount to the babblings of a three-month old in eternity. Others trust to their wealth and means to evade God. In these times, wealth and means are not as reliable as Monopoly money. “Give us this day our daily bread” must be your humble cry to the Lord for all the good your wealth will do you. Others think their power and prestige will exempt them. The graveyards are full of the bones of the formerly powerful and prestigious. Betting on your own power and prestige in these times is like betting on a gnat to beat a lion. Others are so certain of their own moral rectitude that they think God will exempt them from the vicissitudes of the Storm. God is going to show all of these what fragile clay their feet are formed of.

We have gotten to a point where self-actualization trumps everything. Vanity reigns supreme. Even many clerics plot and scheme over how to manipulate those around them and crawl over the backs of their peers to gain position or prestige. It is the masque of the red death, a frenzied dance of despair for a culture that believes life has no meaning except for the indulging of appetites and the gaining of notoriety. It is the logical end of materialism. Marx finally got his way and we are buried under a bitter harvest of quiet desperation at the emptiness of it all. Yet people try all the more frantically to get the better of their fellows and colleagues.

In the late 90’s I was told at the end of a little vision (the term I use to describe a particular type of stylized vision; it does not mean it is unimportant) that, “What you desire most is most effective against you. Desire God and all shall be added.” That is worth deep contemplation in these times.

I warn you not to put your hopes in traditional politics. It is collapsing around our very eyes. I know that is the way we have always moved on. Not this time. If you are riding a bus and it pulls over to the side of the road because it has caught fire, the engine has dropped out and the wheels have fallen off, getting a new driver will not help with the problem. Right now, getting passionate about politics can only tempt you to sin against charity. Our problem is spiritual and cultural. It is not in our stars, but in ourselves. Salvation will not come via a heroic figure from without, but by the quiet resolve to follow God by loving our neighbor from within.

When I speak of the rules changing, I mean that God is doing a new thing, something amazing. It is a great blessing or a great curse, depending on your interior disposition. Whatever you sincerely do or hope for another will return to you twofold. If you sincerely hope for the good of another, if you do some simple kindness for them, it will return to you twofold. If you try to attack them with malice, to undermine them with bitterness, or manipulate them to your advantage, it is yourself that you are savaging. The only way forward in these times is to deny yourself and devote yourself to the good of others. It is a primary way in which you express your love for God. That does not mean you must become a wimp. When France’s King Charles VII started dithering over peace negotiations with the English, St. Joan of Arc testily told him the only peace they would obtain from the English would be at the point of a lance. If you fail to defend those who are under attack, again, you shall reap what you have sown twofold.

I have said repeatedly over the last year and a half that everyone will be sifted. So it has been coming to pass. I have heard from more than a few who thought they would be a safe haven throughout that are undergoing severe trials and turmoil. Don’t you know that God has little use for sunshine soldiers in these times? If you have not proven yourself when the smell of burnt sulpher fills the air to the accompanying boom of cannons, how can you know you will not lose heart in the Storm? So be glad of the trials and trust in God. He is not proving you to Himself, but to yourself, so you may walk with confident trust in Him as the din grows – and thus be a steely sign of hope to those around you.

I have been thankful to meet so many people who have put some of their means into preparing places where those who might be displaced or homeless may come to find shelter and work. Generosity directed towards others never goes unrewarded, though it does not exempt anyone from the vicissitudes of the Storm. Most people will stay where they are for the duration of the Storm, but some will not. It is good to prepare to live in community helping each other.

Yet I have also heard some who claim that refuges are being set aside where all the good little boys and girls will go to sit out the Storm. That will not happen. The Storm comes to all. As it is written, God sends the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike (Matthew 5:45). If you are truly among the just, even in the midst of your trials, you will help others caught in the Storm. That is your portion, not to sit and be served by angels while everyone else suffers.

A great dividing line has risen and everyone must choose where they stand. On Easter we celebrated the Resurrection of Christ. You must take hold of His robe to rise with Him or sink into the dust of the chaos we have made of our culture. You are called to be among the rising cohort that prepares the way for the great Rescue Our Lord is sending Our Lady to accomplish, but so long as you remain caught in your vanity, ambition and dreams of self-actualization, you just add to the chaos of our toxic culture.

I ask you again not to over-anticipate things based on novels you have read or movies you have seen. Frankly, I think there will be a lot less violence than some imagine and a whole lot more confusion and chaos than most any can imagine, at least in the early stages. Remember that God has a plan, a plan for your welfare and not your destruction. He will wipe out the vanity of all. So long as you pray like the Pharisee, thanking God that you are not like other men, you shall sink ever deeper into the mire. When you have the humility to pray as the tax collector, crying “God, be merciful to me a sinner,” you will become a useful instrument in the Hands of the Master. (Luke 18:9-14)

The confusion of the present age influences all. Do not be shaken if you hear something peculiar from a Prince of the Church. The rain falls on them, too. Remember that Our Lord said the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church He founded. Work, then, with your Priests and Bishops to mount the assault against those gates, building each other up and covering each other’s nakedness. Now is not the time for retreat, but to sound the charge. May every street in the world become the sacred route of a Procession of believers behind Our Lord in the Eucharist and Our Lady, who is sent to Rescue us! As even the most secular and cynical lose hope in a world visibly spiraling into collapse, let them see the community of believers walking with confident faith in our two Pillars. Many will convert and begin to participate in the Rescue because of this. But first, you must deny yourself and take up your cross – see yourself for how little you are…and then you can begin to see yourself for how much you are, what you are truly called to be: Our Lord’s own beloved.

In July of 2000, the Archangel Gabriel came to speak to me of some elements of the Storm. I immediately began pleading with him that the Storm might pass over us. In a very rare moment of anger, he was transformed to an intimidating majesty and light. I think it was the only time his ceremonial wings were visible to me. I trembled as he told me with furious intensity, “You must tell them true – and they must choose or perish.” I was deeply thankful it only lasted a moment and he immediately went back to his normal, cheerful self. But I have pondered the meaning of what he said ever since. I had wit enough to never again plead for the Storm to pass over, but the command has remained enigmatic, both powerful and mysterious.

I think in the course of this past Lenten season I got a little better understanding of it. You must choose God through love of your fellows or perish under the weight of your own machinations.

I come not to proclaim a Storm. We are living the Storm – and near the entrance to the fullness of it. I come to proclaim a Rescue – and to call you to participate in it, to prepare the way. Choose or perish. I have told you true.

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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113 Responses to Proclaiming the Rescue

  1. colleendrose says:

    Happy 4th everyone. Be of good cheer, the Lord has overcome the world.
    I am encouraged that I see signs in people everywhere. .we made a quick trip to San Diego on this very busy weekend and everywhere people were kind, cheerful, helpful. We bought a loud young man a beer in a beach hang out and he turned out to be smart, generous and super friendly. We stayed in a modest place on the beach and the young hosts were great servants, calm, helpful and friendly. This isn’t a review for trip advisor, just an observation that there are kind people, many of them young. They’re also loud, scantily dressed and unselfconscious, but we found them honest and without guile. God is mysteriously at work in them. I am encouraged.
    We sang God bless America at a side walk cafe with some people we met at morning mass and a local radio guy came by with a .mike and asked for a repeat, promising to replay it throughout the day on the air. More little signs that there is cause for hope among men. God is with us in simple ways, and I thank Him.

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  2. BJ says:

    Charlie, has your understanding of the rescue changed/developed over time?
    Once you said things which made little impression on earth could be
    massive in the spiritual realm and vice versa. Is it feasible that the rescue
    will not be recognised or even perceived by us or will it definitely be an
    undeniable intervention clearly understood by all on earth due to
    world wide breakdown and chaos?Things are bad in the world
    now for sure but normal life goes on for the vast majority. Sports tournaments, holidays etc.
    Will this surely not be the case by later 2017 in your understanding of coming events?


    • charliej373 says:

      No, my understanding has not changed in the slightest. I hope my ability to convey it to people who often overlay it with their own dark fears or hopes is getting better. I often (maybe even usually) get people telling me about what they think and it does not even much resemble what I have said – and sometimes not at all. Yet often, as people get a more refined understanding of what I am talking about, they think I have changed. Go back and read some things from the archives. I have been pretty consistent from the start – but (and thanks be to God for this) most people’s understanding of it has grown.

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  3. paulaokeefe says:

    Oh we are so ooo like Peter. Eyes on the storm and not Jesus. Eyes, hearts, minds on Jesus helps big time…but it’s awful when we relay totally on our efforts only…our efforts r important, but He is more!
    Lord give me and all who seek You….and those who do not seek You….wisdom amd courage in the storms of life and they are many these days!

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  4. lynnfiat says:

    Charlie, Get into the boat with Jesus during the storm you are under and remain at peace. God’s Wiil be done! Fiat!


  5. moreen67 says:

    Thanks for posting this again Charlie. I am alone at home right now and I read it out loud and all the words sunk in. When I was reading the part about the challenges we as individuals have been thru (our crosses that we bare) I stopped reading out loud and looked over to my Divine Mercy picture and told the Lord thank you for those challenges. The old saying “if God brought you to it – He will bring you through it” is so true. I try to talk to my fellow Christian friends who see all the craziness going on and they say things like “oh I hope it is when I’m gone” (meaning going thru a chastisement/cleansing) and I often say that God has you here at this point in time for a reason. Thank you for this blog (website) too because it’s a place of reason and tranquility for me personally. God bless you all.

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  6. lynnfiat says:

    And thank you for your faithfulness!

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  7. Deborah Seiter says:

    I don’t quite understand people blaming you for the Storm. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see how bad things are. I don’t need you or Mark Mallett to tell me we are in a really bad way. I can see that for myself. What I do need (and I readily admit this) is the encouragement I get from you both. Neither one of you are telling us to do anything we shouldn’t already be doing. To live TNRS is how we grow in holiness, in our love for God! Thank you! God bless all with mercy and the grace to know and accomplish God’s Will!

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  8. BD says:

    The chaos that will erupt when the entire corrupt system fails will be unimaginable. Kind of like the “Day the Earth Stood Still” movie. Money and/or credit is what moves goods and services. They stop it all effectively stops. Barter anyone?

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  9. al chandanais says:

    I have seen a cross in the sky twice, I’ve seen the moon move across the sky 2x and have watched the Lords Host dance in the sun 4 times. This is a first for me, I guess it’s God’s way of telling America how much He still Loves her.

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  10. Minnesota Bob says:

    Been a while since I have visited the site.
    18 months before Mother Mary acts, and a whole lot has to happen in those 18 months.
    Let me recall.
    America defeats the People of the middle east and they convert to Christianity.
    Economic collapse happens.
    China is a war with the would and is winning, America tries to survive.
    Something like that has to happen in 18 months, really, REALLY.
    What is GOD going to do a miracle like parting the Red Sea for these events to occur in 18 months.
    Just commenting with a thought of how all this is going to happen in 18 months.
    You could try to explain your time frame of events that are to happen before Mother Mary acts, that may clear up a lot of confusion of what you say.
    I do not think you are making up a story with what you say; it is just is not logical to happen in 18 months.


    • charliej373 says:

      I have explained it as much as I am going to, Bob. As the Lord said, when He acts, it is done. You will no more figure out how it could be, working from our miniscule human imagination, than an accountant could have figured out how Christ fed 5,000 to their fill with two fish and a couple of hunks of bread – no matter how intensive his forensic investigation.

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  11. nanannda2 says:

    Another great and necessary reminder. Stay the course. Keep it simple. Remember whose battle this is.. Trust. Do. Love. Remain in Him. All will be well.

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  12. Diane says:

    Our pastor, has his touch on the pulse of this all, he gave the most candid, prophetic, warning of a sermon two Sundays ago, as any he has ever given. He is trying to wake people up, how quickly things are deteriorating, and how Christians rights are being ripped away at lightning speed these past several months. As we know it’s the Sacred Mass, but people heartily applauded at the end of his sermon…that was heartening!!! I have been in deep prayer, contemplation, Pilgrimages, scripture, Mass etc. For the past 6 years (more than my previous 49 years)…..I feel I have been returned to being a little more social, especially with my huge family, as I feel the Lord thus prepared me to take the next right step and hearten those who have been away from Our Lord and the Church for decades!!! Wholly, unaware if what lies ahead, living not decadent, just not living for The Glory of the Kingdom of God. I have even had a few dinners/BBQs here the past few months…to draw closer to extended family than ever, to meet them where they are…and to be open and ready to share more, as they know I have a deep relationship with Jesus, entrenched in our Parish since I was born there, have a trusted relationship with our Pastor as my spiritual guide and they all know I’m devoted to Mary and have travelled to many of her shrines to honor her and Pray for all of them and the world. I feel, all God’s Grace in me, coming to closer fruition to be meeting people’s, neighbors, strangers, family, needs, confusion and the coming disillusionment of their normal lives and the world! Praised Be Jesus and Mary. Our Last Of The Immaculate Conception…PRAY FOR US!!!

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  13. luminalove says:

    God wanted me to watch your video again today
    Just got your email ,I Proclaim the Rescue with much Joy and gratitude !!! God bless you


  14. CVH says:

    This one is a print it out and keep it to refer to as needed. I heard your talk in Newtown Square, PA. God bless you.

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    • 19bfmurph86 says:

      I’d like to get together with other TNRS ‘ers in this area (Newtown Square, Media, Delco.,Pa): prayer group, meetings, bible study, support, whatever .

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  15. Moira says:

    I am thankful to God for you Charlie Johnston. if I had never found you, I believe I would be truly frightened and angry a lot more about what we are living through right now. Your message and guidance are a blessing to me and have calmed my anguish. I will keep pushing myself to take the next right step and being a hope in Christ for those God has put in my path.

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  16. BlessedIam says:

    It is almost as though time is collapsing in on itself .
    These words do give me hope for what is to come after the rescue.

    Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners….

    God bless you, Charlie!

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  17. maryopl says:

    It was good to read this again. I had forgotten some of it or it has hit me differently this time. It is good to be reminded of my littleness and to reach out to others and give them hope – trusting that hope will return to me twofold – which I know I need now and always. Thanks, Charlie.

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  18. radiclaudio says:

    An arrow of Truth in charity to my heart both times.

    Charlie, thank you for staying grounded in Christ, small, humble, and True (even if your do get a little cranky some times – lol). It’s helping me (us) learn to be the same. Yay!!!

    Much love and affection to all here.


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  19. Tanya says:

    Thank you for telling the need to carry on.I am exhausted with all the trials coming from within my family.I am exhausted too, with all of the unrest coming from he world,with it’s hatred and confusion. I love the Lord God and He is a good Father looking for our best interest. I pray for the grace of staying focused and is hard, especially when the trials look like immovable mountains. My love to you in the Lord Jesus. Please recommend me to Our Lady in your prayers.Tanya

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  20. Julia says:

    Charlie. After the Brexit I think we are seeing some of what you have said will happen. And it is caused by sheer selfishness by politicians who have forgotten why they were elected in the first place.
    I am glad God is the true Sovereign Leader, and look forward to the time when politicians realise they are servants not gods.

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  21. Phillip Frank says:

    “In politics and cultural institutions – is almost universally stupid, incompetent, irresponsible, feckless – and supremely convinced of their own superiority. It is unprecedented in its scope. Plenty of nations have been governed by self-absorbed, bumbling idiots – but to have almost the whole world governed by such at the same time is astonishing.”

    Your quote her simply personifies the scriptural passage about mankind slipping so far into darkness that Jesus asked “will there be faith left on earth when the Son of Man returns?”
    It seems we have reached this reference point of Jesus, no?

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    • charliej373 says:

      Oh, not quite, Phillip. There is a LOT of faith on earth – and I am privileged to see it all across this great country. The evil is showy and frothy…but the faithful are gathering their resolve and rising…and even many who had been alienated from the faith are finding new hope in it as they see what the worldliness of the elites have wrought. Things will change soon. It will be painful and chaotic, like birth, but it is upon us.

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  22. avaeadie says:

    Charlie, I think you have mentioned or referred to the nature of man more than once before in your articles as being impatient, and maybe only very diplomatically inferred as pathetic. But for those of us who for whatever reason, are not hearing directly from our own Angels, or visits from Heaven, Mary, Jesus or other Saints, it can be hard. Especially if we have been living knowing much of this for decades now, from other sources with similar messages, even if it oddly at times was by walking down crooked paths strewn with erroneous information. Having told so many people some things ages ago from one false seer or another, mainly wanting to be believe rather than doubt should it be the Word or Will of God, and then when it did not happen, and one looks silly afterward, one gets weakened in spirit. And all that helped to create the cynicism in those who have or are still required by love or law to be around us, but who think we are ignorant or backward, believers. Oh yes, I will readily agree, this sort of thing played into the evil plot of Satan to set up just such confusion and chaos , but was it because we were gullible? Some of us were just trying to trust in God, trying to be GOOD SHEEP. Lucia’s mother had difficulty believing, doubting Thomas had difficulty believing, if we don’t want to be one of these, we believe. Now, I am not saying I was one of those on the bus with the Locutions to the World, but I knew several who were. and as I had nothing to prove counter, I said little more than a few things that I thought were sort of odd regarding the predictions, and didn’t Jesus say, “those who are not against us, are with us.”? And yet still now, when one wants to tell friends and loved ones of pending crises or even just to take advantage of the Papal call to the great year of Mercy for the grace of the plenary indulgence, one agonizes over the consequences, again the repetition of being scoffed, and mocked and ridiculed. My father, if it were not for him, I don’t know that I would be where I am in my Faith today, anyway, my Father, began reading so many things many, many, many years ago…some that have been disproved, and then of course the tried and true, Fatima, and Lourdes, and the saints and so much. He had his rough periods of understanding and deciphering and plucking through some of the muck of it all, but towards the end of his life, wrought with pancreatic cancer and giving himself over to the Will of God and Trusting in God, he began to live by this Motto, “Pray, wait and see, pray again, wait and see, and pray some more.” Everything now seems so like the days of Noah. As you say, you were warning years ago of the pending storm and now we’re in it , and yet none of us, unless some here are in their 90’s, have had to live for 100 years, getting up every morning to work on a boat that would survive a deluge that no one else could believe was coming. Every day held another breezy blue sky, with fresh air. So at least thank the good God for that mercy. And if we did not have the wretched media reports, for many of us, every day, would be another breezy blue sky, with fresh air…could I just say, that it seems part of our suffering is the misery of the waiting, and the wondering? The media is a bitter sweet pill to take. As it is, we can not know the details exactly of how it is all to play out, but yet for our salvation, lest we be lost, and others too, we must be told that there are mysterious details, and they will be played out in God’s time, (as it well should and must be ), yet we simply must accept this, so we pray, wait-and-see, pray again, wait-and-see , and pray some more, but it can be very hard. ♥†♥

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    • charliej373 says:

      Proclaim the rescue. People can see for themselves that things are unhinged and getting more so by the moment. Tell them the sure truth that Christ does not abandon those who do not abandon Him.

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      • avaeadie says:

        Charlie, I sincerely thank you! “PROCLAIM the rescue” Like a hammer upon my head. Many years ago AFTER acquiring my degree, God took me down paths to actually open my mind so I could comprehend (yup, go figure), yet for me there was a downside to this blessing, where before, I did not do much thinking, now far too often, I have thought too much. So while I might have been able to see the light through the trees and the forest, it was but a pinhole in the darkness so that I have foolishly stood thinking I had to hack at the brambles along the path. As it was, having had the words before me, “In the end my Immaculate Heart Will Triumph” has been like having a glass of water in my hand while looking for something to drink. REALLY, your words have actually made my heart feel lighter today, my Spirit to recognize, to finally see a course of action in a way I think will not bog my mind and body down into the abyss of melancholy. So let me be an example, please don’t lose your patience with those of us a little slower to “GET the IT”…Educators learned only in our life time that everyone learns things differently (ha, I myself scoffed at this as an educator. Man, I am really one of the Lord’s most stubborn cases) Modification can actually make the light bulb brighter, sometimes anyway. Thanks again! ♥†♥

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      • Kati says:

        Thank you for telling us TRUE, Charlie. It is also interesting how we find the Mass Readings, Gospel and Liturgy of Hours all supporting what we now experience and giving us that same hope that you mention with the Rescue.

        Psalm from the Office of Readings today:

        Psalm 36 (37)
        The fate of the evil and the righteous
        Commit your life to the Lord, and he will act on your behalf.
        Do not envy the wicked;
        do not be jealous of those that do evil.
        They will dry up as quickly as hay;
        they will wither like the grass.
        Put your trust in the Lord and do good,
        and your land and habitation will be secure.
        Take your delight in the Lord,
        and he will give you what your heart desires.
        Entrust your journey to the Lord, and hope in him:
        and he will act.
        He will make your uprightness shine like the light,
        your judgement like the sun at noon.
        Take your rest in the Lord, and hope in him:
        do not envy the one who thrives in his own way,
        the man who weaves plots.
        Abstain from wrath, abandon anger:
        do not envy him who turns to evil,
        for those who do evil will be destroyed,
        but those on the side of the Lord
        will inherit the earth.
        A moment yet – and the sinner will be gone:
        you will look where he was and find nothing.
        But the meek will inherit the land
        and delight in abundant peace.
        Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit,
        as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
        world without end.
        Commit your life to the Lord, and he will act on your behalf.

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        • LukeMichael says:

          And who worries that God does not speak directly to us? He speaks to us constantly. Contemplate this scripture. It is for us right now, today.

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          • JudyM says:

            For the past year my priest friend has been asking parishioners and everyone he knows the same question: “Do you know Jesus?”
            When he asked me, I answered: “Yes, I talk to him daily.”
            After several months, he told me that out of all of the hundreds of people he has asked this question, I am the only one who answered immediately and answered “Yes.” He said the others would look at him with confusion or change the subject or walk away or ask for clarification of his question.
            I was astounded when he told me this. I don’t have the actual presence of Jesus that Charlie has, but I feel his presence, and I talk to him, and he answers me.

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          • Beckita says:

            Amen, Luke Michael!

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        • Mick says:

          Kati, Psalm 36 (37) is my favorite chapter in the Bible. Thanks for the reminder to read it again.

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    • Minnesota Bob says:

      Good Post, my thoughts also, I am just too logical, 2 + 2 = 4, 24 hours in a day how can all this happen in a short time frame 18 months.

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      • Mick says:

        Bob, I’m like you: a logical, 2+2=4 type of person. The way I look at it, though, it’s totally logical to believe that God can accomplish all that needs to be accomplished in 18 months. You mentioned the parting of the Red Sea. Well, the Israelites had been slaves in Egypt for hundreds of years when God sent Moses to free them. Egypt at that time ruled the world and had the most powerful military that the world had ever seen. Pharaoh had no intention of giving up his labor force. And yet, within a short time period (a few weeks? A few months? Who knows, but I’m betting it was less than 18 months), the Israelites were freed from bondage by the power of God, who then did stunning miracles for them (the pillar of cloud/pillar of fire, the parting of the Red Sea, the decimation of Pharaoh’s army). The next 18 months aren’t going to be fun; but I have no doubt that God can, in that time period, do all that need to be done in order to bring about the Rescue and the era of peace. Maranatha!

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      • jlynnbyrd says:

        Luke 1:37 KJV: For with God nothing shall be impossible.

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      • avaeadie says:

        Hi Bob, Our Lady appeared in Fatima nearly 100 years ago, and she warned of wars and calamities, and she pleaded for repentance. She asked for daily sacrifices and Rosaries, and the Reparation of the 5 first Saturdays, but she concluded, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will Triumph and there will be a time of Peace.” It has been a long, long, long time coming, we just have not had the obligation to be at its inception and its climax as Noah had to be. And surely it is obvious that Mary’s Immaculate Heart has not Triumphed yet as the world has not known a time of peace for every living creature or Nation during the last 100 years. ♥†♥

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  23. Kris R. says:

    Thanks Charlie, I needed that.

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  24. Ann says:

    I had to chuckle with your statement, “Seriously, does anyone think that if I would just shut up ISIS would go away…” My sentiments exactly! When having a discussion with an acquaintance re: Satan, I was given similar feedback, as if to stop mentioning the devil, he would no longer exist??? One would think we lived in Ancient Egypt, as so many are in “de-Nile”.

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    • jaykay says:

      Heh, heh Ann. My sentiments entirely. I can’t remember just who said this and how it went exactly (St. Pio?) but it was to the effect that the Satan’s greatest triumph was to get us to believe he doesn’t exist. And obviously, ceasing to even mention him is a huge step along that road. The ostrich instinct. But if ostriches (allegedly) have their heads buried in the ground, well then their… umm… hinder parts are sticking right up in the air, and ready for a collision with brutal reality. And the reality of the Satan is brutal, in the extreme.

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  25. Pater0325 says:

    So, you are saying that the Cubs, who are having one of their best seasons ever, will be on the verge of making it to the World Series then a comet comes, the world falls into chaos, an EMP hits the U.S. the polar magnetic field is moved and the World Series is cancelled so the Cubs don’t play in it?

    Or really as I understand it, you are stating the obvious that we are already in a storm of evil. You give a general framework for what the Lord has shown you for the upcoming time. While the most important thing is that we trust in the Lord and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Likewise, we do the charitable act in front of us and don’t be so preoccupied with all the so-called prophecies of so many many of self-proclaimed prophets today. Trust is in the Lord is the most important thing, whatever comes, as it always has been.

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  26. Well I can only say – ditto – !!! I am human, given to foolishness and fear, learned by long experience. Amen. Christ is Lord. He is merciful Love. Though I may not “feel” it, I will
    trust and soldier on. pray pray pray

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  27. Susan says:

    Draw near to Me with a thankful heart, aware that your cup is overflowing with blessings. Gratitude enables you to perceive Me more clearly and to rejoice in our Love-relationship. Nothing can separate you from My loving presence! That is the basis of your security whenever you start to feel anxious, remind yourself that your security rests in Me alone and I am totally trustworthy.

    you will never be in control of your life circumstances, but you can relax and trust in MY control. Instead of striving for a predictable, safe lifestyle, seek to know me in greater depth and breadth. I long to make your life a glorious adventure, but you must stop clinging to old ways. I am always doing something new within My beloved ones. Be on the lookout for all that I have prepared for you.

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  28. Sylvia says:

    No worries Charlie. I see it all so clearly. It’s happening right in front of our faces. Everything you say is happening. Some just don’t see it. And as for the prediction that the next leader in the USA will not come from the political process can be interpreted in many ways. Who would have imagined in the past a businessman and not a politician as the Republican nominee? None of it really matters as you say, only making sure we are prepared spiritually will open our eyes to these end times. We are surely heading for a new era. God bless.

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  29. Scott says:

    I can’t say why I feel compelled to replay here to this post, but I do, and so I am.

    To the moderators: It is personal, of course, and contains my story, which you may or may not find appropriate to share. You may publish all or any part you feel may help or inspiration to someone else. If not, I do understand. I offer this to God for His use during these difficult times, in whatever way is useful. Peace be with you all, and thank you for your ministry.

    Charlie, thank you for your message, and for your service to Him in serving us. Peace be with you, and 1,000 angels to guard and guide. Your message of hope is heard by those who are ready, and to guide those who are not, however His plan works.

    I do understand why some people get angry, defensive, and dismissive at this message. We all forget where we come from ( from Him ), and why we are here ( for Him ). And when we do, our ego creates a sliver of on opening for the devil to slip in and wage war on our soul. It’s not the devil’s fault – that’s who he is and what he does. It’s our fault, because God has given us the protection we need. We just forget, or our own skills aren’t developed enough to defend against the devil on our own. But thank God we don’t have to. We have brethren to help us, if we let them. But we must let them, and often that’s hard to do. It is a skill that must be practiced.

    Even, Charlie, I’ve noticed, will fall pray to ego. He is under attack, like us all, or more so because of his mission. And from time to time I sense anger and hurt in his defending himself. That’s natural, isn’t it? But this is not a criticism of Charlie. It is in fact quite the opposite. I have seen him recognize his own frailties and correct his course. And THAT is what speaks to me as to Charlies authenticity, what makes his message at least worth listening to.

    We all forget, sometimes, to lay down ourselves at the foot of Jesus, or to “take hold of His robe” as Charlie so elegantly states. I do it – forget. A lot! We all forget, if we’re honest, don’t we? That’s a constant struggle, because we’re human. To deny that, in my opinion, is both foolish and dangerous. It’s remembering to recognize ourselves, and ask for help – to change, that draws us nearer to each other and to Him.

    Faith isn’t easy, in any way shape or form, especially as an adult. ( Perhaps that’s why Jesus advises us to be like children.) Talking about faith and living faith is even more difficult. So very often I personally struggle with reconciling between “trust God” with “do for yourself”. What I mean is, I’m supposed to help myself, right? God won’t actually DO it for me. But, doing too much in my name (as apposed to His name?) is the ego and turning away from God? I’m not meaning to enter into a philosophical discussion here, simply to point out that we, as humans on this earth, don’t really understand. So what do we do? Take the Next Right Step! (Thank you Charlie!)

    Still, though, what do we do? How is it we know we’re trusting God, and not just ourselves? I don’t really know for sure. I know what it means to me, though. I think. Have you ever felt so helpless in the world, with your struggles whatever they are, that you just don’t know how or why, or even sometimes what? And who am I to even ask something so personal of you? Nobody. But I’ve been there, more often than I’d have though, and maybe a little of my story can help you. Maybe it can’t, but as I stated at the very beginning, something has compelled me to answer here today. And as my fingers tremble on the keyboard, the devil plays doubt and fear in my mind, I’ll commit to laying it out for you.

    Somehow along my path, I’d come to understand a fairly powerful paradigm (for me):

    God is constantly trying to talk to us. Always in whispers, at first. It’s up to us to listen. And when we don’t, God speaks a little louder. Then, when it’s really important to Him, he starts to shout. When that doesn’t work, he’ll toss pebbles at us – simply to get our attention. But, if we still ignore, soon it’s rocks, then stones, and, eventually, boulders. When God needs us to listen to Him, He will make it happen one way or another!

    I don’t share that very often, but when I do most people can apply it in some shape to their lives. When this business of the Storm came to my consciousness, I thought “Oh, the world isn’t listening, and God needs us to hear something.” Better to start listening now, in my opinion and experience, than to wait for the boulders to get bigger. What is God not capable of throwing at us?

    Yes, I’ve had boulders crush me. But the biggest boulder (so far, and hopefully ever) which came crashing down on my world a little over 10 years ago, is undeniably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Because I’m closer to God than I’ve ever been, and at the end of the day know that He has a plan for me, and that if I Trust Him and His plan, that I’m going to be OK. Oh, I’m scared, and I’m nervous, but I Trust Him completely.

    And this part I’ve only shared with a handful of people, ever. Because it’s difficult, and elicits judgments, pain, and fear in other people. And I’m ashamed of my actions. I do caution you that the next bits may be difficult for you to read.

    A little over 11 years ago I was standing in the shower, getting ready for work, when a swarm of police came into my house and arrested me in front of my wife and children, and took me away. Yes, I did it, yes I knew it was wrong, and yes, it was completely my own fault. I let the devil into my life and almost lost my soul for it. I thank God that He intervened before I actually hurt anyone physically, but I was headed down a path that I’d never ever thought I was capable of.

    The night before my trial the Blessed Mother gave me a vision which to this day I believe was His message of Trust to me. Laying in bed, I wasn’t sleeping, and in fact was in the middle of a full on panic attack. Would I go do Jail? For how long? Would I be hurt, abused, killed… (did I deserve it…) ? Everything I’d thought I knew about my life was gone, and I had no idea what would take it’s place. And then:

    Eyes closed, I could feel my body free falling down into a deep, dark abyss of unknowing helplessness, and probably every negative emotion you can name. When I next inhaled, it was deep, not the shallow breaths I’d been struggling with all night. In the middle of this darkness in my mind, I saw a small figure surrounded in a sea of black, falling, arms flailing. Forever falling, and hopeless. And then a ray of light began to grow brighter – both white and red. I came to recognize that light as the blood and water from the image of Divine Mercy. And as I exhaled that deep breath, the falling image of me slowly decelerated it’s decent, and when I heard in my mind the words “Jesus I Trust You,” I felt my body come to rest in the palm of His hand. Jesus had caught me, finally. More accurately I know now that I’d finally allowed him to catch me. He was always waiting. But as I exhaled that equally deep breath, my body was more relaxed than it had ever been, quite possibly in my entire life, but certainly in the year since I’d been arrested.

    Now, please believe me when I say I was still scared, still worried. In fact it was almost a continual struggle to remember that vision, let the Blood and Water of His Mercy rescue me.

    I was adjudicated and sentenced, and am now almost done serving my civil restitution. My brother thinks it interesting that I’ll be finished with that part of my life in early 2017. I don’t know. I do know that I live somewhat as a leper in our society. I am feared and scorned, have trouble finding jobs, and all you might imagine from a registered sex offender. But that is my cross to bear, and I offer it to God for His purpose.

    But this isn’t the end of the story, as far as this post is concerned. My life isn’t all hunky-dory now that I’ve decided to trust. I do often forget to trust Him. Not in the hurting other people way, but normal every day life things. And guess what – when I don’t listen God gets the stones out again.

    Three major times since then I’ve forgotten to Trust God, and His plan for me. Forget it in a big way. And all three times I’ve ended up in the hospital for trying to kill myself. And those three times I’d denied His message to me. You see, I always thought, always been told, that God has a plan for me. But I don’t know what that plan is, and so couldn’t believe it. How can I live out His plan if I don’t understand what that plan is? And so, in came the devil, to steal my soul. And, after having such a miraculous gift as my falling vision from the Blessed Mother, how could I not know, how could I forget? But I didn’t now, I did forget, and I couldn’t see the signs. My ego had hold. And so the rocks got bigger again.

    After my first suicide attempt, how could I not pay attention to the fact that when I woke, alone at home, (and disappointed that I had woken), there was a Miraculous Metal and a Green Scapular beside the table? I saw them, I recognized they were significant – that they weren’t there when I’d started. They were in my wallet which I’d layed out on the coffee table for others to find. And yet I didn’t understand that I’m special, that God really did have a plan for me, and that I still had forgotten to Trust Him.

    And looking back, after each subsequent attempt to deny God and my purpose (and thus my worth?), what was it that got me to the point of hurting so badly I felt I had no other option than to end my life? Then I realized something important – I was trying to do it myself. I was trying to be in control, to make things right, to do it the way I thought it should be done.

    Even today I still don’t know what God’s plan is for me. But I do realize that He DOES have a plan, even if my meager mind cannot understand it, and that’s OK with me . He’s not finished with me here on this earth. I tried really, really hard to impose that on Him. It didn’t work – my will is but a pittance to His. The scars on my wrists remind me of what happens when I try and take control myself, instead of leaving it where it belongs – with Him.

    Charlie is right – look around and most can see we’re in the midst of the Storm. Call it what you will, label it however you need to accept that we’re in trouble. It is hard, it will get harder, and I don’t want it to be that way. But that’s my will again isn’t is? I get scarred, of course, because I forget to Trust Him. But then I remember. Or I am reminded. Look what trials I’ve endured so far, and what it was that allowed me to survive them. I’ve lost contact with my beautiful children. I’m a social pariah. It’s extremely difficult for me to find work, I can’t often pay my bills. I don’t have the life I thought I wanted. But that’s OK. God has a plan, God loves me, and when I remember to turn to Him, to Trust Him, and to do The Next Right Step, there is calm in my heart.

    And please don’t think I ask for pity, or acceptance, or understanding. I do not. I make no case that my trials and tribulations are anything other than of my own doing, and that they are no better or worse than any other persons. We all have our individual paths to walk. I do ask for your prayers, that I may continue to offer myself, my talents, time, and crosses, for His use in accordance to His plan. That’s about all I can do. I offer my prayers to you, reader, who has endured my story thus far.

    And let’s not forget that Charlie is just a messenger. We can’t judge him for his message. We are fully cognizant beings capable of hearing and discerning for ourselves. Charlie didn’t choose to be a messenger, to have his visions, and certainly to endure the criticisms he’s gotten. They’ll probably get worse as the Storm strengthens. But, what is inspiring to me, anyhow, is his choice to follow Gods Will, to accept it. He doesn’t have to, you know. But isn’t life ultimately much easier when you do?

    The Storm is a blessing, embrace it. Suck it up and get ready to do some hard personal work. Do that work offering the pain and growth to God for your soul and the souls of our brethren. Go with God, and ask for help. I offer my guardian angel to anyone who needs it – you only have to ask in your heart. He’s pretty good at his job. Then breath deeply, Trust God, and take The Next Right Step. Allow God to wash over your heart with Grace. He will catch you if you let Him. Then hold out your hand and offer to catch someone else. Please.

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    • charliej373 says:

      Thank you for this candid story, Scott, accepting full responsibility for yourself before God. Keep to a plain path. I will pray for you and ask you to offer some of your struggles up on my behalf.

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    • jlynnbyrd says:

      Scott, thank you for your candid witness to faith. I am so glad that you are here among TNRS family. ❤

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    • Snowy Owl says:

      Thank you, Scott, for sharing this, it is very powerful and so heart wrenchingly honest! God bless and keep you close to Him! Don’t give up and don’t let go of Jesus and Mary!!

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    • Serena J says:

      Thank you for sharing your testimony, It really touched my heart. Your humility is palpable. God bless you and strengthen you abundantly in fulfilling the grand design that Jesus has for your life!

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    • Mick says:

      Scott, thank you. I love your closing exhortation. I will pray for you, brother; and I ask you to please pray for me.

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    • Beckita says:

      Thank you for witnessing to God’s Mercy in your life, Scott. A powerful witness it is. Praying with you and for you while seeking your prayers as well. Grateful to God and to you that you are here.

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    • Susan says:

      Thank you thank you for your heart to speak so honestly. That is God will to share your struggles. You have probably helped more people than you know but God know and blessings will be abundant. Prayers for you always Hugs

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    • lauraleeinSD says:

      Wow Scott, thank you so much for listening to your God-nudges and Guardian angel, by allowing yourself to become incredibly vulnerable and share your heart-wrenching testimony with us! My heart is not only moved by your contrite and candid words, but also filled with sorrow over what you have lost in your life. I will be praying especially hard for your life, and offer up my own suffering on your behalf. And for those beautiful children of yours.
      I have 2 children myself, and just can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through. I ask you to take heart in knowing our prayers are with you- including our own Guardian Angels to pray for and with one another!
      You have no idea how many lives you are impacting and changing by sharing this incredibly powerful and painful testimony; straight from the heart. ❤
      God-speed to your life, Scott.

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    • Thank you, Scott, for sharing your story. We are all a story. Let’s just allow God to write it. Sometimes I do take the pen from His Hand and write it myself. But charity of charities! He erases my mistakes —as long as I acknowledge and take full responsibility of what I did in the Sacrament of Confession. Oh, His Mercy is from everlasting to everlasting!

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    • Doug says:

      Scott, there is nothing you have done that God cannot forgive. Often, we punish ourselves more than God does which hurts him more than the thing we did. The evil one wants us to be discouraged into thinking our sins are unforgivable or that we have sinned one to many times. God can take those desires that burn within you and take them away and liberate you. Don’t give up the fight! If you get knocked down, get back up and keep fighting with the knowledge that God is on your side! God bless you man!

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  30. Beckita says:

    I love the HOPE in this piece as much today as when you first posted this, Charlie. Yesterday, one of our readers here, Vanessa, sent me an incredible song which reveals people all over the world singing about rescue and solidarity – people all over the world, yearning to love and be loved. Maranatha!

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  31. Bruce Cyr says:

    I enjoy the strength of your writings and the wisdom in your explanation of these times. I am waiting in much prayer for these events to unfold in their fullness even though I struggle to see this happen but know that it is best for all of us including our children and grandchildren. Take heart, as the Lord has given many messages from heaven of events through others, who have been given a commission to convey other events that surround what you have been given. These other events from other visionaries including Marian visionaries only confirm and validate in similar ways what you are saying.
    P.S. I was also wondering why the interview from Covington is not coming up on the videos?

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    • charliej373 says:

      On Covington, that was done by Focus TV. They made the interview publicly available for a time, then returned it to availability through the purchase of a DVD from them. They are funded by contributions, sales, and license fees, so that is their right…and, in fact, their need. Last I looked, you can purchase a copy of the interview for $10 from them. I will be doing another interview with them in about two months. I think they are doing great work and so I am supportive of them.

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  32. BD says:

    The elites are doing the happy dance right about now. Hillary is going to skate free as the fbi will not recommend charges against her. It was naive of me to think for a single second this beast of a person would face criminal charges. Oh but wait a minute! Perhaps some Divine Justice will be served up during the “Storm.” That certainly would be unforeseen by the likes of this ilk. I believe the “Rescue” is our only hope. God Bless to all…

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    • goldensun says:

      It’s really hard for me to watch her cackle and gloat. I’ve just keep reading the Magnificat to give me peace. “He has shown might with His arm, He has scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart. He has put down the mighty from their thrones, and has exalted the lowly.”

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      • jaykay says:

        Yeah, goldensun, I won’t comment on US politics but the princes of this world very often, as Charlie said in another post, are leading desperate and empty lives. However their overweening urge towards control in all spheres is really being unmasked. “Liberal”. Hah! Lord, how much we see it here in Europe. As an Irishman, I deeply resent unelected potentates from some countries that have a very short tradition of democracy, in the Anglo, common-law sense, lording it over us, who sent many of our best to liberate them, not only in WW1 (WW2 is a bit more complicated) but right back to the 17th century when Irishmen were often the backbone of their armies. Ok, they were Catholic then and that’s why we fought for them, for the True Faith. Full stop: it was for Catholicism. Did they help us then? Nah! And now we’ve given in to a soft invasion, in a way the heretics never could achieve.

        Sorry if this sounds like a simplistic nationalist rant, but we truly have sold ourselves out and adored the calf. May God spare us. He will, if only we turn back.

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        • jaykay says:

          Ok, I’ve got over that ☺( cough). But, I thought again, the Introit of the Mass for St. Stephen, first martyr, quotes the psalm: “Princes sat and spake against me…”. Those princes, in his case, were the Sanhedrin, the Establishment. Saint Paul was their willing and active agent. And, well… Damascus and all that. And the Sanhedrin also included good men, who did see the Light and withdrew. It’s the same with us. So may our own princes and Establishment do likewise, we have to hope, trusting and praying in love for them. It’s difficult to do right now (always was, though) and words are easy. So, go and do it, J.

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        • charliej373 says:

          I think it is a pretty sound rant, jaykay.

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        • goldensun says:

          I appreciate the rant! Ireland is close to my heart. All of my ancestors came from Ireland right up through my paternal grandmother. It amazes when I think of the centuries of repressing the Irish and now Great Britain is/was only too happy to capitulate to modern-day foes.

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          • jaykay says:

            Well, goldensun, maybe that vote showed that the spirit is still there. In fact, anyone who really knows England (and I use that word in full knowledge, as opposed to “UK”) would not have been all that surprised. Relieved, yes, that the country that gave us, I mean the world, really, so much of liberal value (and I mean that in the purest sense) should have… how to put it?… “recollected” itself and saw where its true interests really are. Which are not in some two-bit European superstate, a crock of the highest order. Unfortunately, my own country seems to remain wedded to that busted flush. Talk about an abusive partnership! God almighty, we Christianised great areas of them back 1400 or so years ago, and preserved much of the true greatness of classical/Christian civilisation and spread it again. Why are we now such pusses?

            Ooops, sorry Charlie, another rant 😏

            God bless yiz all! J.

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  33. Doug says:

    I really like this this piece Charlie. Thanks!

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  34. Brad J says:

    Just read this again to my family and we appreciated it again.

    Thanks Charlie

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  35. ticamom says:

    Hi Charlie, thanks so much for re-posting this. I think I had missed it the first time and boy, did I need to read it! I do have a question, and I apologize if you’ve already addressed this, but what are we to do regarding others who are not “in the know”, who perhaps do not have much of a relationship with God, or faith, etc. Are we to talk to them about what is approaching even though they will most probably scoff at us and not believe it? Or is the best course of action to simply pray for them? I am thinking of all those in my family, my friends, heck, anyone I remotely care about, and I worry for their wellbeing (I worry for mine too but at least I have your wisdom to guide me and lead me back to trusting in God!), and ultimately I worry about their souls! So I’m just trying to figure out what is the best way I can help them now and throughout the Storm. Thank you very much!

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  36. lauraleeinSD says:

    “But if you do choose to walk through the depths–even the depths of your own sin and mistakes–you will come out the other side, knowing you’ve been taken there by a Source larger than yourself.” – Richard Rohr

    Dying Into Life-

    2 years ago, as I’ve previously shared here, God set my hardly-calloused feet upon this hard and rocky path. It’s obviously not the path I would have ever desired, much less ever chosen. I know many of us can say the same, walking along our own path of hardships.

    I call this path of hardship a Grace, because it was the one path in life that I have constantly and carefully avoided, at all costs, even if knowing it was the one and only path for God to save my soul. Because to actually face IT, would mean to face MYSELF…too hard!

    I also want you to know that this is not about “myself”. Unrecognized, sometimes the biggest and most destructive ‘Storms’ take place right inside our very souls.

    As a young child, I had an intensely curious imagination, and was prone to building stories and scenarios in my head. As I got older and learned how to formulate thought into writing, I channeled that wildly curious imagination into writing short (mostly unfinished) stories of drama, adventure, and suspense.
    Although I would love to have the time and creative effort to write some best-selling fiction, I have somewhat lost my imaginative and creative-writing ability as an adult. Big problem for a wanna-be writer! 😋

    Instead, I am given to contemplative thought and the unmerited ability to recieve real-life truths and “organize” them into metaphorical form, or “stories.”
    I figure there has to be a reason, and maybe one I’ll learn later in life. But for now, my “reason” is to share some of them with you all, right here.

    Now, in reference and response to the quote from Richard Rohr: If we are really being honest, our weak human nature recoils at this statement. In extreme vulnerability of “self” is this place of ultimate surrender; not only in the surrender of our will to God’s Will, but also in surrender to the pain and darkness that this brings about.

    From my own personal experience, the very things that I have spent years building around myself (the bitterness, resentment, anger, blame, “control”, judgement etc.) to defend or “deflect” against the pain, darkness, inadequacies, and the illusion of being “in control”…came unraveling down around me in ways that nothing short of a series of “personal Storms” could do.

    Although, in my metaphors, I am referring to the “world of the soul”; there is in many ways, a connection between the “the world at large” and the “world of the soul” and how it parallels to the ultimate purpose of ‘The Storm’ that Charlie talks about- in reference to the trials and tribulations already upon the world.

    Here is, in part, where I begin the “world of our soul” analogy; using the metaphor of our lives as the “little seed”. 🙂
    Now this plain-looking little seed holds all of its God-intended purpose and potential within its hard little shell, yet it’s unable to plant itself and bring forth this greater life on its own. Relying on “self”, and what it thinks it is, this seed becomes easily entangled in the world. Discouraged, and feeling ill-equipped to continue to live in the world, it soon settles into a state of inadequacy, despondency, and ultimate defeat. It now sees itself as doomed to nothing more than “striving” to exist as the useless little seed it has become.

    Thankfully, we have a Landowner. 🙂 He sees everything this little seed does not. One Who not only created the land, but gives to the land the ability to produce and bring forth the life and love inside each of one of His little seeds!

    He also knows that we are scared to death! In His deep Love for us, He brings the caring Farmer (the Holy Spirit) to look upon this plain-looking little seed for what it really IS, and convinces the little seed it WILL be okay as He works to dig a place for it deep inside the soil.

    As its shell starts to strip away, it feels more pain, more vulnerability, more anger than ever as it is overwhelmingly tempted to fight the entire process- of dying to itself.
    In anguish and despair, it cries out to Heaven, begging God to “please hurry up and make this dying process easier!”
    Only to be met with His Love-filled, heart-wrenching response- “My Son had to go through the same.” In pure humiliation and heart broken sorrow, the little seed finds itself wounded by Love; shedding not only tears, but more of itself.

    Strange comfort and immense love pours into the deep woundedness of this little seed, helping it to fall apart. As the dam of tears break, its woundedness is able to break free and flow out in tears over the wounds of the Son’s beautiful feet.
    Jesus, being moved, weeps along with His creature, knowingly and gently impressing upon its heart that this entire process was never meant to harm it, but is the only lasting way by which its roots can come out and grow deeply into HIM- its Source- eventually bringing it UP and out of the dirt.

    You know the rest of the story. 🙂 But it is apparent to me that God uses the things we human “seedlings” most avoid- the “dirt”- a.k.a darkness, depth, pain, exposure, vulnerability, the rainy days- all to create in us a complete dependence on our actual Source, not our shell.

    Love to all of my fellow seedlings, in Christ.
    May we all sprout tall! 🌷🌻🌹

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  37. Jane Manarik says:

    The sentence, “What you desire most/desire God…” I keep reading it over and over. It’s like a cold glass of water after a long walk in the desert. My brain lit up with it. Thank you, eloquent friend. I think of you often and always with love.

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  38. Judith says:

    Greeting folks,
    Just returning home [actually to my daughter,s home] from my ‘freedom weekend.’ God is good. His mercy endures forever! And He has rescued me,

    On the afternoon of 29 June, after wishing my brother a happy 76th birthday and the reading Charlie’s “Gird Your Loins” posting, I was putzing around the house and started noticing a burning irritation across my chest, then in my lower jaw finally also in my upper back. Oh, oh. Yep, a heart attack! No classic signs, but high bp. Taken to local cardiac center and immediately had stents put in to open [and hopefully keep open] coronary arteries.

    What a blessed experience! No, not the heart attack, but my spiritual understanding, First, no fear or anxiety as I received care. Before leaving my home, I prayed the Prayer of Miraculous Trust, asking intercession of St Margaret Mary and St Therese. At every turn, at every level, I met men and women who ‘served” with positive, joyful hearts – expressing a love for their work, often wishing me God’s blessing. Patient! Oh my goodness, were they patient .

    These people were from every walk of life and throughout the world and I think God allowed me to witness the genuine goodness in all people. I had become quite cynical.

    At night, I’d often imagine a regal procession of Lord Jesus and Queen Mary, escorted by holy angels, moving from room to room and blessing all there, patients, families and staff alike.
    Praise and Thanksgiving to you, O God, for this awesome insight.

    I am staying with my daughter for a time. Now comes the real test. I’ve asked Our Lord for our reconciliation with Him and each other. I think my of heart attack as the start of some thing Great. Please pray for us to be little in spirit and open to His will.

    Thank you, Dan, for sending King of all Nations devotion and Holy Communion novena. It’s right on time.
    God’s blessing to all,

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  39. So well spoken, Charlie. Your consistent advice, direction and even admonishment are so helpful and have given me so much peace. When I first started following you, I had a moderate degree of fear, but as each day passes and events unfold in the world around us, I fear not having the storm more than I do having it. We need our moral compass reset so badly it isn’t funny. I just pray for perseverance and faithfulness no matter what happens. The passes given to the Clinton mob this week are the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I pray your predictions about no 2016 election are true! KEEP THE FAITH!
    P.S. I’m almost done with my term paper on that recent article…lol

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  40. yooper mike says:

    How true this all is , My wife and I have been going thriugh lots of trials. God is preparing us for what is coming. We just have to remember to always be humble with ourselves and our neighbors. The things that are obviuos won’t happen as much, but the things that are quietly happening will be stronger. God Bless

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  41. Joe Crozier says:

    A few years ago a Mr Casey Brenner (ICE450) published his investigations into the Warning and Miracle of Garabandal. (He did associate himself with MDM before she was exposed as a fraud.) His predictions failed to eventuate but he was a man of prayer and put a great deal of work into his enquiry. It was actually through his writings that indirectly I timed my first visit to Garabandal. Although his predictions and stellar interpretations of the Tilma failed to hold water this was not a wasted journey. I took the journey based not on what Casey thought but on a long held faith in what had been revealed through the seers of Garabandal. I just wanted to go there. Through his research Casey came to the conclusion that the planet Mercury and Wormwood were one and the same. According to the calculations he made at that time he concluded that when Mercury reached its perihelion it would be struck by the tail of a comet. The resulting debris would shower earth with devastating effect. I see that the perihelion of Mercury is on September 15 2017, the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Do you know if these findings hold any relevance whatsoever to the Rescue? Please feel free to publish this even if it is to expose it as rubbish.


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