A Talk in Denver and Other Things (aka 3890 BCPs)

meeker in snow

Charlie’s schedule for upcoming public talks may be found under “Upcoming Events.”   There is never a charge for his talks and reservations are NOT needed.

The date for one of the public talks in Los Angeles has changed to Sunday, July 17th:

2:00 pm:  Rosary, 2:30 pm:  Public Talk at St. Monica’s, 725 California Ave., Santa Monica, CA  90403.

Prayers and volunteers are needed.  Please contact Josephine at  tnrs.losangeles@gmail.com


Charlie will be speaking in Denver on Saturday August 20, 2016.  The coordinators for this event are going to add a potluck to the talk.  Yippee!  Food!!  😎👍  Come hungry!

In general, Charlie’s talk will begin at 4:00 pm, Q & A with Charlie and the potluck will begin at 6:00 pm.  Anyone who is able is asked to bring a side dish.  Details are below.  Area hotels are also listed.  Volunteers are needed and if you have any questions, please email Mary at tnrs.denver@gmail.com.

4:00 pm:  Apex Community Recreation Center, McCormack Hall, 6842 Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada, CO  80003

For the Potluck:

Please bring one dish that will serve 10 to 15 people.  If your last name begins with:

A-G:  Please bring an appetizer, salad or side

H-S:  Please bring a main dish

T-Z:  Please bring a dessert

Hotels in the area:

Residence Inn Denver North 5010 W 88th, Westminster, CO
Denver Marriott Westminster 7000 Church Ranch Blvd, Westminster, CO
Holiday Inn Express & Suites 10101 S I-70 Service Rd (kind of iffy area)
Hampton Inn Westminter 5030 W 88th Pl, Westminster, CO
The Westin Westminster  10600 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO
La Quinta Inn Denver Westminster – 8701 Turnpike Dr, Westminster, CO

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20 Responses to A Talk in Denver and Other Things (aka 3890 BCPs)

  1. Beautiful shot of Meeker! ❤️

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  2. Snowy Owl says:

    Appetizers Menu~
    Spicy hot Jalapeno stuffed with sciurine cream-cheese filling and wrapped in some crispy delicious hickory-smoked bacon.
    Mini tender sciurine meat balls sauteed in a wonderful sweet and tart orange marmalade sauce, served with a silky smooth crème de la acornia and walnut butter dipping sauce.

    Main Course Choices~
    For the elegant main course we offer the following choices~
    1. Wrapped tender filet of Grey Squirrel in a delicate buttery pastry served with an exquisite smooth and savory green acorn sauce.
    2. Delicate Red Squirrel sautéed with a savory Tandoori spice mix and simmered in an aromatic, slightly sweet curry sauce thickened with Greek yogurt.
    3. For those with a hankerin’ for the great outdoors, we have delicious sweet, spicy, smoky BBQ’d squirrel kabobs that will satisfy even the choosiest diner.

    A delightfully rich, smooth Banana and Acorn Cream Pie served with sweet crunchy toasted acorns and sugar roasted peanuts.
    A tart delicious Key Lime Pie served with a delicate sprinkling of honey roasted birdseed.

    * The Chattering Squirrel Chef* 😎

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  3. MarieUrsula says:

    Okay, I’m a little dense just now. I understand “3890,” but what are “BCPs”?


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  4. Linda says:

    black cherry pies?

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    • moreen67 says:

      Too funny – I’m trying to (not completely) reduce my sugar and carb intake but after being on the TNRS blog all I think about is key lime pie, banana crème and now black cherry pies…..I’ll go and have a sugar free hard candy now how boring -ha!

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