Upcoming Events in Southern California


Los Angeles, CA (Free Event)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

2:00 pm:  Rosary

2:30 pm:  Public Talk

St. Monica’s, 725 California Ave., Santa Monica, CA  90403

Contact Josephine at   tnrs.losangeles@gmail.com

Volunteers Needed


Orange County, CA (Free Event)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

6:45 pm:  Chaplet of Divine Mercy   7:00 pm:  Public Talk

Laguna Hills Community Center (Heritage Center), 25555 Alicia Parkway, Laguna Hills, CA  92653

Volunteers Needed

Contact Meg at  tnrs.orangecounty@gmail.com


Los Angeles, CA (Free Event)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

1:30 pm:  Rosary

2:00 pm:  Public Talk

Pauline Books and Media  3908 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

Contact Josephine at   tnrs.losangeles@gmail.com

Volunteers Needed


Riverside, CA (Free Event)

Friday July 29, 2016

7:00 pm:  Canyon crest country club,  975 Canyon Crest Drive, Riverside, CA. 92506

Contact Vanessa at tnrs.riverside@gmail.com


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43 Responses to Upcoming Events in Southern California

  1. Susan Werner says:

    What a pretty picture! I wish someday to get to one of your talks. Things aren’t looking so good, Charlie. In my own family and the world. I am trying Nar Anon, please pray for my son. Sue


  2. Bellsouth Email says:

    I am so confused. If I get a couple of months of food, water & meds I will be punished for not trusting God enough?

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    • charliej373 says:

      Bellsouth, it seems that the most controversial things I say tend to be restatements of things Christ said. Read Luke 12:16-21, where the man fully prepared by building and filling new and bigger barns…and the night he finished, he died. Or Matthew 6:19.

      I have said that if you really could have as if having not and have not as if having, it would not matter what or how much you had. The key is your interior intention. If you have a decade’s worth of supplies, but would not be shaken if it all were taken and keep working, trusting in God, you would be in much better shape than if you merely had a month’s supplies and though you had it covered and did not have to concern yourself with what God does.

      People want to reduce the things Christ said to simple formulas, formulas that if they use exempt them from any real interaction with Christ. It is why so many are screaming at Pope Francis…they have adopted the legalistic formulas in their own heads and Pope Francis is pointedly challenging it. Much of what I write is an invitation to contemplation and to prayer…to make real your relationship with God rather than just dry formulas and plans. Without contemplation, without prayer, without real surrender, there will be no peace in your heart – and no amount of planning will do it until you truly trust Him. When you do, it won’t matter how much or little you have right now.

      While on my pilgrimage, once when knowing I would be hitting a long dry stretch, I got a box of 12 pieces of chicken. The next day I woke up and ants were swarming over the remaining 10 pieces. At first I was angry…and then I laughed at myself and walked on. It was fine. There is no formula to give you except trust God…and then the question you ask would be of some interest to you, but not of vital importance to you.

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      • jlynnbyrd says:

        Charlie, I learned this lesson well. In 1985 my father went blind and lost his life’s work/job, my dear mother, God rest her soul, got a second job in order to *maintain their modest lifestyle* and *keep enough savings for a decent retirement.* Well mom died of a massive heart attack at age 46, with more than enough money in their house’s escrow to coverage the balance due owed and lighten the load, and dad really wasn’t *living* by any stretch of the imagination for many years and he died at age 61 years old, no retirement. We live and learn, and then of course die too. In hindsight I have come to appreciate the proverb, live for the day. I was a chronic control freak and planned way into the future and I wrote off, live for the moment as hippy nonsense. Oh my, I do have a thick skull! Inherited perhaps? Mom was a bank mortgage loan officer. 🙂
        Knowing well the redemptive value of suffering, I can smile now, decades later at the irony.

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      • YongDuk says:

        “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh; Blessed be the Name of YHWH” – Hiob 1:21

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      • I like that incident about the ants. Chuckled there a bit. How many times Jesus said in the Gospels, “O you of little faith…”

        Lord, help my unbelief!

        Jesus, I Trust in You!

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  3. deereverywhere says:

    Wow, Mary, I guess you have been getting many questions as to the cost of admission. So, it is free😇🙋😱(bahawaaaaa said the evil laugh)

    Seriously thank you for your great work for Charlie and all of us.💚💙💜

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  4. From a friend of mine;I was just thinking, whenever there’s a radical Islamic terror attack, Catholics should flood social media with images of Our Lady. No words, just her image. She’s the convertor of hearts–particularly Our Lady of Guadelupe/Tepeyac

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  5. Patricia says:

    Hard to get a handle on the military coup in Turkey. Good or bad?

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  6. Vanessa Joy says:

    Hi! I might add the Chaplet of Divine Mercy begins at 6:45pm on the 29th at the Canyon Crest Country Club!
    Blessings and prayers in abundance !

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  7. Robyn says:

    To anyone who reads the “magnificat” may I recommend reading “How the church has changed the world “by Anthony Esolen. In my magnificat it starts on page 194 in this month’s edition. It is a scathing rebuke on the stupidity of the world and how one man, Malcolm Muggeridge an agnostic, could find God because of one little woman in Calcutta who was acknowledging God, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope for others. Mother Teresa was one light shining in the darkness, what a difference it made. The story was not that long but so beautiful and I was inspired and in tears by the end. In the darkness light shines even brighter, and currently it is very dark.
    This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine…

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    • moreen67 says:

      Really like this picture! But seeing the “Y’all” reminds of a corny joke my old boss from Tennessee told me- he asked me what is the plural of Y’all? (I didn’t get the answer right) He said – All Y’all.

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    • justsayin392 says:

      I like that squirrel right where he is…just like the Rabbi’s blessing for the Czar in Fiddler on the Roof : “May God bless and keep the Czar – far away from us!” Hummph . . God’s sense of humor could intend those critters as encouragement because they hang around – reminding us that in God’s Providence we all have plenty to share – with them! Meanwhile, squirrel chatter here signals my soul like the canary in the coal mine to head for the Surrender Novena. God bless and keep all ya’ll wherever God needs you!

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  8. ronandoherty says:

    Charlie I have a question not related to this post but I’ll ask it here anyway as I’m not sure where else to ask! I may be interpreting what you’ve said incorrectly, this is what I’ve picked up: Regarding Islam, you said that after the rescue, most people will become Catholic or Christian, and that there will be very few peoples of other religions, especially Islam, remaining, except small pockets here and there. However you also say that our main tasks after the rescue will be to prepare to combat Islam and China. Have I picked this up wrong? It just confused me a little bit how we would have to combat Islam if so few Muslims remained after the rescue. Hope you can bring clarity.



    • charliej373 says:

      Yes, you have picked it up wrong. We have to rise to confront Islam and China DURING the Storm. I wrote about that just last week in this piece on Restoration.

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      • ronandoherty says:

        Thanks a lot for your reply Charlie. I guess it boggles my mind a little bit that all of this will have occurred and be over by late 2017! But then, I guess that’s God’s mercy, making the time as short as possible. 🙂

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        • Beckita says:

          Glad to have you commenting, Ronan. Two things come to mind in response to your comment.

          One is something Charlie wrote on 10-27-15:
          “Something for you to contemplate while I get resettled. Most of the time, I am given some information and expected to figure it out, work out an approach. On rare occasions, I am given a direct order by the Master. I have told you before that sometimes I am rather sulky during our interactions, as I am told to do or say things that do not make sense to me, that I don’t understand, or that I think will make things worse.

          On a couple of occasions, I have sullenly remarked to the Lord that “that is not how I would do it.” His response on each occasion was merely to say, “I know,” with a wry smile.

          Jesus, I trust in You.”

          The other is something Charlie said for which I don’t have the correct quote and I loathe the thought of adding to the untold number of times he’s been misquoted so let me just say it was very much connected to how God operated in Genesis during Creation, such as: “Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light.” That’s how immediately God can work. All that will occur between now and the Rescue by Our Lady WILL come to pass because HE has ordained it to be so.

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  9. Nikki Bruni says:

    Hi Charlie! I also have a question not related to this post, but to a post you had put up a few months ago. I am trying to get our bishop to approve a Eucharistic procession (along with Mass and prayers of exorcism) at our local PP. I read your email that said you had it on reliable sources that the Stapleton PP had many employees leave following the procession there. You said that you needed to “vet” those reports and would let everyone know. I didn’t hear anything more about it, so I am emailing to ask whatever became of those reports? Were they true? Did many employees leave that PP? Also, I had decided to try to get this to happen BEFORE I you wrote about the importance of these processions (that was the confirmation that I really needed to do it). I first got this idea from Zachary King, a former high priest in the church of satan….now a Catholic and pro life activist. He said in his testimony that the way to close an abortion clinic is by having a Eucharistic procession around the property, prayers of exorcism of a property (prayed by a Catholic priest), and to celebrate Mass on the property. My bishop is likely to agree to the Eucharistic Procession but may not agree to the other two things. What do you think? Do you think the other two things are necessary? Thanks for your help!

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    • charliej373 says:

      I think a Eucharistic Procession is always good. You might show your Diocese and Bishop materials from Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila’s Jericho March around Planned Parenthood. I wrote about it here and provided links to some other stories.

      As for a clinic being decimated of employees, I had it on good authority, but then someone suggested to me that this is very delicate work and I should be discreet, for Planned Parenthood is very vigilant and coercive about the defection of workers – and to push too hard could make it harder to get people out of those terrible places. So I have scaled back on that.

      The person doing the very best work on this is Abby Johnson, a former Texas Abortion worker who is now pro-life and has devoted herself to getting people trapped in employment at abortion facilities out. I am trying to follow her lead on how to handle this delicate subject.

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