Volunteers Needed

The coordinators for Charlie’s Philadelphia, Memphis, Virginia and Iowa visits in late October/ early November are asking for volunteers to help them. They can be reached at:

Philadelphia:  Contact Luis at  tnrs.philadelphia@gmail.com

Memphis:  Contact Kim at  tnrs.tennessee@gmail.com

Charlottesville, Virginia:  Contact Roman at  tnrs.virginia@gmail.com

Epworth, Iowa:  Contact Charlie at tnrs.iowa@gmail.com

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6 Responses to Volunteers Needed

  1. fcooney@neb.rr.com says:

    Is he running for office?

    Just kidding!

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  2. Chinese Yuan just added as an IMF reserve currency, feels like a nail in the coffin.


  3. margaret says:

    Thank you for coming to Omaha Charlie. It was wonderful to see and hear you in person. What a trooper you are!

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  4. Sylvia says:

    Watching on EWTN tonight the life documentary of Saul Alinsky. Finally the truth about the communist party and their tactics in the U.S. Excellent information !

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  5. Lisa Vigliotta says:

    Come to Long Island and I would live to volunteer!

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