Catholics Find Their Voice




Norman Rockwell’s Freedom of Speech Painting

By Charlie Johnston

I have been to Washington, D.C. more than a few times – always in the company of politicians. This time, I was in the company of people of faith. It was wonderful. I had a great and lively crowd. Entering the belly of the beast, I was prepared for a significantly smaller crowd than usual – and the room was only set to hold 80. To my pleasant surprise, the crowd spilled out into the hall as we tried to find some extra seats. The volunteer dinner the night before had been marvelous – and our hostess made us an early Thanksgiving dinner. I found that if the Son of Man came today, not only would He find faith on earth, He would find faith in Washington, D.C.

While in D.C., I visited the St. John Paul II National Shrine, just across the street from the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. While there, I spent near an hour perusing the traveling exhibit on St. Thomas More. It seems particularly appropriate at this time in American history. St. Thomas, once the Chancellor of the Realm, was persecuted and ultimately beheaded by King Henry VIII because he would NOT violate his religious conscience to voice approval for the King’s illicit marriage and mutilation of the concept of family, marriage and faith.

In America, the Democratic nominee for president has made public statements making clear that the Churches that treasure orthodoxy are going to have to change their attitudes about abortion, marriage, and gender or be banished from polite society. The WikiLeaks releases have shown that her team has busied itself working to undermine the Catholic Church from within and seeks to legally banish traditional faith, freedom of religion, speech and assembly be dashed. They have made it clear they don’t need no stinking Constitution.

Meantime, President Obama, while decimating health care in America, has made its remnants the primary support system for the Culture of Death. His war on the Little Sisters of the Poor, trying to force them to offer access to contraception and abortion in their health care insurance is well-known. This week, the president has threatened to veto the annual National Defense Authorization bill unless Congress removes all religious protections of conscience provisions from it. The party of the left has made it clear that religious people must not just tolerate dysfunction, they must actively celebrate homosexual marriage, abortion and forcing little girls to share their washrooms and showers with grown men or be fined, fired, bankrupted or jailed. This should not be a political issue. America was founded on respect for matters of religious conscience – and the Constitution guarantees it. But the anti-God progressives respect no conscience save their own authoritarian power and consider the Constitution an annoying dead letter that sometimes gets in their way, but can usually be safely ignored. They made this fundamental freedom into a matter of political contention. Those of us of faith have only three choices: we can submit, fight, or perish.



I love this meme, which I came across on a Page by Fr. Richard Heilman

I clearly am not the only Catholic contemplating the example of St. Thomas more. Earlier in the week, I wrote of the candid, bold leadership of Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles Chaput. About a dozen readers have sent me links to this bold homily by Fr. John Lankeit at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona. This homily followed the clear direction of Phoenix Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead’s on the matter in a booklet with a foreword by Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez.


My own Archbishop, Samuel J. Aquila of Denver, issued a clear statement on the matter. Its gentle, but clear, dissection of the issue before us caused a poor denizen of the Boston Globe, Thomas Farragher, to get an intense case of the vapors. The lawless political officials who seek to impose their unconstitutional will on us are startled that the folksies are kicking back. The clueless denizens of the establishment media who have long thought their ignorance to be enlightenment are baffled at the open contempt with which people are treating them, why we aren’t robotically just doing what they tell us to.  When you constantly use “tolerance” as the justification to ruthlessly persecute and marginalize ordinary people and the faithful people who have been the backbone of our culture, it is only a matter of time before the persecuted defend themselves.

I occasionally hear criticism that our Bishops are not doing enough, that they are not standing up for the faithful. Sometimes there is merit to such criticism, but what I see are Bishops and Clerics across the land standing up boldly for the most fundamental of freedoms, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Below is the statement Archbishop Aquila issued that so aggravated the Boston Globe. Thank God so many are finding their inner Thomas More – and Joaning Up!

Comments by Denver Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila on Voting as a Catholic in 2016

“I have voted in every presidential election since 1972 and I have never experienced an election like this year’s. Both candidates are disliked, lack credibility, and have made comments that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The American public is fed up with politics as usual and with the establishment in both parties. So, what should Catholics do when we vote in November?

That question is one that I have been asked by the faithful more this year than in any previous election. Recently in a dinner discussion with a group of Catholics, the conversation turned to politics and became vigorous, as some at the table supported Clinton and some Trump. All eyes turned to me and one of them asked, “Archbishop, what do you think?”

First, I shared my aversion for both candidates. Then I said that they need to reflect on the platforms of both parties, with an emphasis on the human life issues. Everyone at the table knew well the teaching of the Church on life and the dignity of life. They knew that Catholics in good conscience cannot support candidates who will advance abortion.  All pretty much agreed that, when it comes to life issues, Catholic politicians on both sides of the aisle have put party ideology before their faith and living their faith in the public square.

This is the most important guidance I can give: allow your ongoing personal encounter with Jesus Christ and the Church to guide your political decisions. I say this because we believe that the truth about ourselves and the world we live in is revealed in and through him. Our society suffers and has suffered for quite some time because too few people live an integrated life – one that does not divide “the personal” from “the public.”

This year there are some critical changes to the two major parties’ platforms that some at the


Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila

dinner were not aware of.  Most important is that this year the Democratic party platform calls for the overturning of the Hyde Amendment, a provision that both parties have voted to include in the federal budget and on other spending bills for 40 years. The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal taxpayer money from being used for abortion. The platform is aggressively pro-abortion, not only in funding matters, but in the appointment of only those judges who will support abortion and the repealing of the Helms Amendment, which prevents the U.S. from supporting abortion availability overseas. Conversely, the Republican party platform is supportive of the Hyde Amendment and just this year strengthened its support for life by calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, banning dismemberment abortion and opposing assisted suicide.

Our conversation then turned to the understanding of the freedom of religion, the freedom of conscience, and the ability for faith-based organizations like the Church to provide charity through shelters, hospitals, homes for the elderly, etc., without fear of government interference and the existence of a respect for religious values.

In that vein, the subject was raised of the Health and Human Services mandate. This regulation requires the provision of contraceptives, sterilizations and some abortifacients through employer’s health plans. Most
surprising to me was that all at the table were practicing Catholics who are involved in their faith, and a couple of them had neither heard of the difficulty the Obama Administration has created for the Little Sisters of the Poor, nor the litigation that has occurred trying to force them to violate their consciences.

Catholic voters must make themselves aware of where the parties stand on these essential issues. The right to life is the most important and fundamental right, since life is necessary for any of the other rights to matter. There are some issues that can legitimately be debated by Christians, such as which policies are the most effective in caring for the poor, but the direct killing of innocent human life must be opposed at all times by every follower of Jesus Christ. There are no legitimate exceptions to this teaching.

The health of our nation depends on a deep respect for human life from the moment of conception until natural death, and the future of our society depends on how we protect that right. If we don’t, eventually we will go the way of Rome and Greece and other great civilizations that have risen and fallen.

Some, both in politics and in the Church, have stated that it is the Church that needs to change her teaching to include abortion, same-sex unions, and even euthanasia. Yet, in faithfulness to Jesus Christ, to the Gospel and to Sacred Tradition, the Church cannot change her teaching on these issues without denying Christ. She would cut herself from the vine and only wither away, as promised by Christ. The further we move away from Jesus Christ and his teachings, the more will our churches empty.

We are where we are today because too many Catholics and other people of faith have embraced the ways of the world and not the ways of Christ. They have not served as leaven that transforms society, but rather have condoned evil and the throw-away culture that Pope Francis frequently reminds us to reject.

When we fail to do this, the government will step in to fill the void. Indeed, the government will become “god” and impose its beliefs on the citizens. One only needs to look to the Health and Human Service contraceptive mandate, or the attempt by President Obama to force a transgender agenda onto public schools. We may even soon see the federal funding of abortion and the approval of physician-assisted suicide in Colorado. We are witnessing the dictatorship of relativism and the erosion of true freedom. And as Pope Francis often preaches, the devil gets in the mix quickly, especially when people no longer believe in God.

So my advice to Catholics in voting in this presidential election is to first look at who forms you and your conscience. Is it your personal encounter with Jesus Christ and the Church, the voice of God which cannot contradict the truth or revelation, or is it the ideology of some political party? Secondly, look at how you have been a leaven in society. How have you sought the common good and the values of the Gospel, especially by serving the poor, the needy, the unborn and the dying. If you truly live your Catholic faith, you will not find complete alignment with any political party, and that is okay.  Thirdly, look at how each party platform supports human life from conception through natural death, the freedom of religion and the freedom of conscience, the family, and the poor. Finally, do vote, as every Catholic has an obligation to participate in the political process.

For many, the presidential election will involve a choice between the lesser of two evils. On the Colorado ballot, we will also face the evil of physician-assisted suicide, known as Proposition 106. In conforming our hearts and minds with the Gospel and its clear teaching on life, all Catholics are called to vote “no” on this issue. A “yes” vote only furthers the throw-away society, and the culture of death. You will be hearing much more on this in the days and weeks ahead. Let us keep our country and state in our daily prayers, praying for God’s protection and blessings in these challenging, difficult times in which we live. And let us in charity pray for the conversion of those who support a throw-away culture of death!”



About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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549 Responses to Catholics Find Their Voice

  1. donna says:

    Hey Charlie……did your angel let you know it would be Cubs in 7 in overtime? 😉

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  2. Josh in ND says:

    Congratulations Charlie on the Cubs win. Maybe this really is the end? I expect Jesus to be showing up any minute now.

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  3. Linda says:

    Sounds like what you’re saying too Charlie😇

    Mirjana’s 2nd of the month message this morning November 2, 2016

    Our Lady’s message to Mirjana Soldo of November 2nd, 2016
    Dear children,
    To come to you and to make myself known to you is a great joy for my motherly heart. It is a gift from my Son for you and for others who are coming. As a mother I am calling you: love my Son above everything. In order to love Him with all your heart, you need to come to know Him. You will come to know Him through prayer. Pray with the heart and with your feelings. To pray means to think of His love and sacrifice. To pray means to love, to give, to suffer and to offer. I am calling you, my children, to be apostles of prayer and love. My children, it is a time of vigilance. In this vigil I am calling you to prayer, love and trust. As my Son will be looking in your hearts, my motherly heart desires for Him to see unconditional trust and love in them. The united love of my apostles will live, will conquer and will expose evil. My children, I was a chalice of the God-man; I was God’s instrument. That is why I am calling you, my apostles, to be a chalice of the true and pure love of my Son. I am calling you to be an instrument through which all those who have not come to know the love of God—who have never loved—may comprehend, accept and be saved. Thank you, my children.
    While Our Lady was leaving, Mirjana saw a chalice.

    Poruka preko vidjelice Mirjane Soldo od 02. studenoga, 2016.
    Draga djeco,
    Dolaziti k vama i očitovati vam se velika je radost za moje majčinsko srce. To je dar moga Sina za vas i za druge koji dolaze. Kao majka pozivam vas, ljubite moga Sina iznad svega. Da biste Ga ljubili svim srcem, trebate Ga spoznati. Spoznat ćete Ga molitvom. Molite srcem i osjećajima. Moliti znači misliti na Njegovu ljubav i žrtvu. Moliti znači ljubiti, davati, trpjeti i prinositi. Vas, djeco moja, pozivam da budete apostoli molitve i ljubavi. Djeco moja, vrijeme je bdjenja. U ovom bdjenju pozivam vas na molitvu, ljubav i povjerenje. Dok moj Sin bude gledao u vaša srca, moje majčinsko srce želi da On u njima vidi bezuvjetno povjerenje i ljubav. Ujedinjena ljubav mojih apostola živjet će, pobjeđivati i razotkrivati zlo. Djeco moja, ja bijah kalež Bogočovjeka, bijah Božje sredstvo. Zato vas, svoje apostole, pozivam da budete kalež istinske čiste ljubavi moga Sina. Pozivam vas da budete sredstvo preko kojega će svi oni koji nisu upoznali ljubav Božju, koji nikada nisu ljubili, shvatiti, prihvatiti i spasiti se. Hvala vam, djeco moja.
    Dok je Gospa odlazila Mirjana je vidjela kalež.

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  4. E Bruce says:

    wake up and listen people Hilary Clinton is drowning in her own swallow. Thank God for Donald J. Trump says Bruce.

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  5. This just in… folks who voted “leave” aren’t going to be happy

    Brexit pushback

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    • charliej373 says:

      While the powers that be continually seek to prove to the folksies that their opinion only matters when it agrees with the elites, they should not be surprised when they are removed from the halls of power and supplanted by others who know their job is to serve the public, not rule them. These things must come – and are prelude to a great fall for the arrogant.

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      • janet says:

        That is exactly what I thought when I heard this news, Charlie.

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        • charliej373 says:

          Are you in England, Janet? If so, what reaction do you get from your friends.

          Liked by 3 people

          • janet says:

            Yes I’m in England. I’m surrounded by friends and family who have different ideas..some voted remain and some voted to leave. The Brexit voters feel betrayed, Charlie. Theresa May is assuring them that she doesn’t accept the High Court judgment and says she is confident of victory in the Supreme Court. I’ve stopped worrying about it all now…what’s the point? I’m ready for the Lord’s Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. 🙂

            Liked by 6 people

    • Beckita says:

      As I listened to the report, I couldn’t help but think: Oh, I get it. The nefarious powers are readying to lower the boom and allow the economy to fall while they have their cozy little nests all prepared so they’re insulated from the chaos and confusion they will cause. On the way out, they’re dropping lies (what’s new?), blaming the common folk for this state of affairs.

      Best part: God will draw great good from this as well. The illusion of control these nefarious powers *think* they have will be shattered for the world is about to turn.

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  6. SanSan says:

    Charlie, please cancel my above wail…..God has a Plan

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  7. SanSan says:

    Thank you Charlie……

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  8. Monica Joseph of the Blessed Sacrament OCDS says:

    “Spirit cooking ” in Wikipedia information, along with possible child/sex trafficking by officials at the highest level, e.g. possibly Podesta and the Clintons? I couldn’t even delve too deep in it, it’s so horrifying, demonic and lost. You sound like the only sane one these days! I am sick at heart. All the evil and horror of all of it certainly dovetails with what you said –chaos, confusion, and I have even seen on secular sites a term like “global cultural civil war.”

    Sigh. And through a long series if twists and turns, a long awaited house remodel suddenly went in play (it was the next right step for us; I resisted the temptation to reschedule the whole thing based on my thinking I had “inside information.”) On Monday, I will have no kitchen, living room and my 12′ back brick wall will be missing! I prayed for the remodel not to go through (like it hasn’t for the last two years) if not God’s will. I woke up last night in a panic attack over it all.

    But, as you say, I guess these things must come. All things are certainly being revealed; our elites, for the good of their and others’mmortal souls, need awakening.

    Liked by 4 people

    • charliej373 says:

      The “spirit cooking” was literally horrifying and credible yesterday. Who are these people? There just seems to be no bottom to it.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Mick says:

      Monica, you said, “…[P]ossible child/sex trafficking by officials at the highest level, e.g. possibly Podesta and the Clintons.” Do you have a link to an article that makes this allegation? At first blush, it sounds like something from the fever swamps; but I’ve reached the point of being able to believe that crowd to be capable of almost any depravity.

      Liked by 2 people

      • charliej373 says:

        Oops, Mick…good catch. The flirting with the real occult is now something we have serious evidence of – for people close to Clinton if not to Clinton, herself. I am so dismayed by each new revelation that I just get weary of them. But I am not aware of any sex trafficking data – although the whiff of ugliness around Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein is palpable. I am beginning to think that the true fever swamp stuff is to think there is any depth of depravity to which the Clinton crowd won’t sink.

        Liked by 5 people

    • Doug says:

      Monica, because the renovation did not go as planned, it is OK. God is in control and he may be trying to teach you to trust. Personally, I find comfort when things like this happen (shut doors) as it becomes clear what God does not want me to do. When I am presented with open doors, I find it takes more faith because then I am presented with a decision. God bless you!

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  9. Monica Joseph of the Blessed Sacrament OCDS says:

    Thanks for asking for sources/clarity about the pedophile rings. I have seen some of this type of accusation swirling around the net for awhile now, but I don’t want to traffic in rumors — I am glad for Charlie’s input in his answer. You are definitely wise to ask for sourcing; there is so much troubling information that is true. Time will tell about some of these others.

    Thanks, Doug, for your kind comment. It is mind boggling how this remodel project was stalled, and now is happening, but on a timeline that probably puts us in the height of the storm. As you say, though, I’m just looking at it as God having a plan (gee, where have I heard that before? 😉 ) With the irony being, of course, I have been reading Charlie for close to 3 years, I think, and wanted so to be prepared (with the ever growing application of Charlie’s admonitions on trust in my mind) that, you are right, this will be quite the nitty gritty application of absolute trust. Maybe, through, I could wish God did not have quite such the sense of humor. 😉 Truly, I am just shaking my head –and wryly smiling. It’s not like Charlie did not state it all pretty clearly! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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