Cubs Win


By Charlie Johnston

Yesterday was a travel day. I watched the Cubs game with my sister, Kim, who was about 11 years old when the family (except me) moved from the Chicago area back to Alabama. Holding to a piece of her Yankee heritage, she has been a lifelong Cubs fan. I decided when I got there that I wasn’t go near my laptop for a day (it does dominate my workday). Nice day off in preparation for the game – truly the game of a lifetime.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, many of us young Cub fans used to joke that a Cubs World Series victory would be the harbinger of Armageddon – so our long-suffering was doing the world a great service by restraining it. The restraints have been lifted.

I have a piece that will go up this evening. I have a luncheon today and a busy day tomorrow, but we will get back at it. I just have to savor this victory a little. Frankly, the rhythm of it reminded me a little of the rhythm I have seen of the course of the Storm. The Cubs were down 1-3 in the Series and many (including me) thought it was going to be “Wait until next year” for us once again. Last night’s game had more twists and turns than a Robert Ludlum novel. But in the end…triumph.

I was so glad I was at my sister’s. In the perfect fusion of the heritages of the long-suffering Cubs fan and of Alabama sensibility, when they won, my sister jumped up pumping her fist in the air and shouted, “Roll Tide!”

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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  1. Dolly says:

    I honestly couldn’t watch much of yesterday’s final game because it turns out I do not have nerves of steel. Before the game even started, I sensed it was going to be anything but relaxing to watch because it had all the makings of a historical event. In the end, I couldn’t help but think that this World Series was a preview of things to come next week and then next year.

    It was practice for seeing how well or not so well we deal with hope and despair. When Charlie has said that we will ALL lose hope, I believe him. How many times in this Series did that happen? (and this was a baseball game). The important thing will be how we deal with that loss of hope. I heard someone commenting, in remarks after the game was over, that they (the Cubs) could not let discouragement set in when the game was tied. They stayed focused and did the job right in front of them. They had trained and trained for this game.

    Charlie has been in training for years and those of us fortunate enough to have learned of Charlie’s training and try to heed his coaching, will benefit from all the training. The fact that it went into an extra inning and everyone was exhausted and nothing was for certain, made the win that much more thrilling and joyful. The joy I witnessed last night and also today, is but a drop in the bucket of the joy we will have when we are rescued by God through our Mother Mary toward the end of 2017. We have no real idea of the depth and breath of that joy, but God does, and I can just imagine how broadly He smiles when He thinks about it. We need to trust, trust, trust because just like this Series, we will lose hope at times but just like this Series, the next right step will see us to a joyful rescue like none other.

    With this historic World Series win by the Cubs at this time, I’m thinking God is making it personal by giving a little nod of acknowledgement to you, Charlie, for your efforts to spread the importance of acknowledging Him. When you said that of course God doesn’t tell you who is going to win a baseball game, it’s not that He couldn’t, it’s, I’m sure because he wanted to delight in seeing your pure joy.

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    • charliej373 says:

      I did think, with all the ups and downs, that there was a little foreshadowing in it all.

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      • Sandy says:

        Charlie, please, please, please, do not say you are going to up a “piece” that night (Nov. 3rd) and then not do it. It’s very disappointing and tends to “shake my faith” in you just a bit! Sorry, but I just had to say this!

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        • Beckita says:

          Hi Sandy, I think it’s important for us all to remember Charlie’s work load in these days is phenomenally busy with unplanned for demands cropping up daily. I also keep in mind that it’s happened before that Charlie couldn’t get to a piece he’s promised. When this happens, I remind myself that Charlie is manning his post and view the delay as a signal to add more prayer for Him as he juggles more balls than I ever could at once. God bless us all.

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      • al chandanais says:

        There is another way of looking at the Cubbie win Charlie…As a Yankee fan, this truly is the end of the world as we know it. 🙂

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        • charliej373 says:

          Did you know that before 1909, the Cubs had the most World Series victories of any team in baseball? The Yankees have a great, rich baseball tradition. I love teams with a rich, deep heritage. I sometimes think, if I had been a baseball player and could not play for the Cubs, which teams would I most like to play for. There are many that would be great – but the Cardinals and the Yankees always top that mental list. Great traditions, rich heritage.

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    • DanSouthChicago says:

      I had the same thoughts, Dolly. Additionally, they were down three games to one, which was no small obstacle to overcome. God bless.

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  2. John of Arc says:

    So much for those of us who have been so forsaken in Cleveland… :o/ Luckily , I am not a ball watcher.

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  3. Jim Martel says:

    So happy for you Charlie, your sister, and all the loyal Cub fans. It truly was a game for the ages. In addition to Ernie, Ron, Harry, & Jack, I bet Steve Goodman must have been watching and singing “Go Cubs Go”.

    “Let’s play two!!!”

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    • charliej373 says:

      Ah, that it came on All Souls Day…so many souls, both here and departed, have waited for this. I like to think we were all cheering together.

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      • justsayin392 says:

        The same night as the game,Nov. 2, our parish celebrated a Memorial Mass for All Souls Day, remembering all deceased parishioners . For the recently deceased, Acolytes lit candles in a beautiful display at the foot of the altar. As each name was read, a duo led us all in “Jesus Remember Me When You Come Into Your Kingdom.” The congregation voiced the names of their other beloved deceased as the singing continued. Holy Spirit brought to mind many more ‘forgotten’ loved ones than there was time to mention aloud. And, I’ll bet that I wasn’t the only one impressed with a renewed appreciation for the communion of saints, particularly the Angels attending at Holy Mass.

        I returned home to catch the game in progress in a reflective mood, almost like watching the game in slow motion because somewhere too much processing capacity was already engaged. “Roll Tide” had me chuckling heartily. Sharing wide grins is such a gift. Thank you. Like your sister, I too jumped to my feet at the final score in the 10th. Wish I could say I yelled ‘gig’em’ but not so. . .

        Yesterday I attended my seventh funeral for the year. My cousin’s funeral happens next week, number eight.. So what had my internal processor preoccupied for forty-eight hours was this: The Season for Flame of Love has begun for me. Yes! It’s time to fortify the ranks of Church Triumphant with holy souls freed by God’s Grace. I see this as the little work before me for this moment to help ‘the people of the Kingdom and the people of Heaven. . .rise together. . .” Spread the effect of Grace of Thy Flame of love over all humanity. Amen.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I like how you said “wait until next year,” because it implies that in the midst of the storm/crash, there still won’t be too much chaos to interfere with the beloved American pastime of baseball — and that is a grounding thought.

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  5. leel004 says:

    congratulations to all of those enjoying this earthly pleasure!

    Off topic Charlie, i can’t thank God enough for your gift and mandating it be shared.

    The peace I have this election cycle is so God sent . This cycle is so bizarre it would be a great novel, but unfortunately it is “real time”.

    And i can ONLY imagine HE raising an eyebrow thinking “dear children hang on tightly to Mary” .
    My angel is giving you a hug as reading this. Aloha

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  6. Cheri F says:

    If I accidentally put my last name on my last post could you take it off? Thx. I get hurried sometimes. 🙂

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  7. Annef444 says:

    Since the start of the world series people have been writing thanks and prayers of loved ones that have past on the bricks on Wrigley. Yesterday was all Souls Day!!

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  8. All right, has everyone had their victory lap?: back to Trump and Clinton.

    Lennon is likely a Red Sox fans, but around him are the Fallen Indians…

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  9. dianebelvs says:

    We loved watching the game last night and couldn’t think about going to bed, until we saw the end of the game. Wow. There was great joy watching the Cubs finally win it after all those years. And then, the thought “oh oh ” came to mind…if you catch my drift! :o)

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  10. Simone says:

    And in other news, Charlie must have been coaching the squirrels…

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  11. Barb129 says:

    It was an exciting game indeed! The only problem was that we stayed up way too late watching. It was so nice to have an evening to think about something else besides the crazy way the world is going right now.
    Jesus, I trust in You….

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  12. Marti says:

    Charlie, I was so excited for you when the Cubs won! I had a sense that what looked like negative event~the rain delay ~turned out to be a true positive event for the Cubs. Player after player talked about the rain delay, how grateful they were for it, and for how the team used the time to come together, to encourage and challenge and lift each other up! They came back on that field and won! It felt very much like the Storm we are in- rain delays are often blessings, if we acknowledge God in everything!
    Thank you for guiding us, Charlie! Enjoy this victory!

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  13. Joe says:


    If I may use the Cubs win to draw a parallel to our Battle as Christians today…. (Sorry Cleveland fans). The Cubs battled through 14 games. They won some and lost some. They’ve battled both Giants and Dodgers – and a team whose home is “Progressive Field”. Now if you do the math you can see that it has been 108 years since the Cubs last World Series win. We will get back to that. In total, in the post-season, the Cubs played 14 games or a total of 131 innings. But let’s forget about the last inning (10th inning Game 7 of World Series) for a second. Let’s maybe compare innings to years. So we have 130 years (excluding the very last year or inning). To subtract from 2016 we have 1886. What is important about that year? Well it is the year that the St. Michael Prayer began to be prayed at every mass. The Christians fight back. Now if we consider the two wild card games (Which the Cubbies didn’t play in – so no innings played) but we assign them year status we get back to 1884. The year that Pope Leo had his famous vision on October 13th.

    And to show I am not to far off in my calculations, what post season Cubbies game was the only other one, besides World Series game 7 to go extra innings? Well it was Game 3 against the Giants. So take the 18 innings you have total in Game 1 & 2 and add the 13 innings in Game 3, you have 31 innings. Take 31 years and add to 1886. Well yes you have 1917. Is it a coincidence that game 3 against the Giants, which the Cubs lost, went 13 innings? [October 13th]. We got some extra innings didn’t we. Of course the Cubs lost that game. As did the World when the Russian Revolution occurred in 2017. But remember our Lady came to crush the head of the snake. She has always been in it for the long run. She told us what we need to do but put the responsibility of doing it in our hands.

    Now remember we have been given some extra innings [years] to make this happen. But let’s exclude the extra innings for a second. That would take us to 1890. What happened in 1890? Oh what indeed… Pope Leo III published Sapientiae Christianae. A quote “It is a high crime indeed to withdraw allegiance from God in order to please men, an act of consummate wickedness to break the laws of Jesus Christ, in order to yield obedience to earthly rulers, or, under pretext of keeping the civil law, to ignore the rights of the Church; “we ought to obey God rather than men.” This answer, which of old Peter and the other Apostles were used to give the civil authorities who enjoined unrighteous things, we must, in like circumstances, give always and without hesitation. No better citizen is there, whether in time of peace or war, than the Christian who is mindful of his duty; but such a one should be ready to suffer all things, even death itself, rather than abandon the cause of God or of the Church.”

    “To recoil before an enemy, or to keep silence when from all sides such clamors are raised against truth, is the part of a man either devoid of character or who entertains doubt as to the truth of what he professes to believe. In both cases such mode of behaving is base and is insulting to God, and both are incompatible with the salvation of mankind. This kind of conduct is profitable only to the enemies of the faith, for nothing emboldens the wicked so greatly as the lack of courage on the part of the good. … Christians are born for combat, whereof the greater the vehemence, the more assured, God aiding, the triumph: Have confidence; I have overcome the world.”

    “For the enemies of the Church … are fully conscious that the more faint-hearted those who withstand them become, the more easy will it be to work out their wicked will. Therefore, they who cherish the “prudence of the flesh” and who pretend to be unaware that every Christian ought to be a valiant soldier of Christ; they who would fain obtain the rewards owing to conquerors, while they are leading the lives of cowards, untouched in the fight, are so far from thwarting the onward march of the evil-disposed that, on the contrary, they even help it forward.”

    So here we are, World Series – game 7. It is all on the line. The storm is beginning. We have our 17 minute delay. We are going into the final inning [2017]. How do we make sure this Billy Goat Curse is truly broken?

    I think it’s in the numbers. So if we take 108 years and divide by two we have 54 years. So what does 54 mean to us? I think of 54 day novena. But two. What does that mean? I can only think of one thing. The inseparable Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. By these two hearts we will Triumph!!! The Curse will be broken and the Victory will be our Lord’s and our Lady’s.

    For now we wait as the storm begins to gather. But remember we have to be on the top of our game. It’s going to be a nail bitter. But I like the symbolism of 17 [17 minutes]. For me it means that our struggles for ordinary perfection [10] is met with God’s Divine perfection [7] and God taking on our human flesh brings to us the treasures and help of heaven.

    We’ve already seen the Cubbies break the curse. 2017 is our 10th inning of game 7 of the World Series. It’s time for Satan’s curse to be broken. We know it shall. But we have to go out there and play like World Series Champs!!! In the end the “Woman” crushes the head of the snake. We can’t get proud or boastful. What happens when we do? We lose a sizeable lead and risk losing. But nonetheless, if we take a minute, gather ourselves, let the rain of God’s peace fall on us, listen to our Leader [Pope Francis] speak words of encouragement and allow him to focus us, we will do what needs to be done in this 10th inning. At this moment we need the direction of our Manager (Shepherd) to re-focus us on the prize. I ponder indeed what his words are going to be as we edge closer to the fullness of the storm.

    Remember, we are all young players. Some of us may make errors, but even so God like’s surprises and redemption (like a Baez home-run in the top of the 5th).

    “Safe in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary!”

    Signs in the sun, moon and stars (and apparently Wrigley Field).

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  14. Davey says:

    Hi Charlie, I sent up a few prayers for the Cubs during the rain delay. When I was watching the fans celebrate the victory, I thought, how are we going to celebrate when the rescue arrives? I would like to think we will all do so by giving thanksgiving on our knees.

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  15. Richard Ziegman says:

    One writer noted that it was so good for the country to have something else to occupy their minds: to remind them of a better America.

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  16. Linda says:

    They were Acknowledging God😇

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  17. Amy says:

    Congrats, Charlie and all the Cubs’ fans. Now if the Vikings could win my husband would be really happy.

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    • charliej373 says:

      I rooted for the Vikings in the playoffs once because my brother was a big fan. The Vikes are a strange team that can’t seem to handle success. That has GOT to be very frustrating for their fans.

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    • leel004 says:

      My Minnosotan brothers say…it will be a cold day in Hell when the Vikings win the BIG one.
      So my prayers in humor will be asking God to allow Hell to have a FREEZing season for that to happen!😉

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  18. I keep checking for that new post, Mr. Charlie!

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  19. Charlie says:

    I probably speak for a lot of folks when I ask whatever happened to that piece you were gonna put up Thursday evening?


    • charliej373 says:

      It went up this morning. Got tied up Thursday night, then in meetings and visits all day yesterday until about 11 p.m. I have to take the advice of someone who suggested I just say soon.

      I get frustrated because when I was in the newspaper business I never missed deadline. Doing this, I have three major components: the website, visits, and responding to many people’s personal crises. At every moment, I am making decisions about which takes immediate priority. It is constantly shifting. When on the road, I always put top priority on direct personal contact. But when some of my hosts want me to “relax” by sightseeing, I have to confess that is rarely relaxing, for I have duties here online. But I don’t want to shortchange anyone on a visit, nor to lose the grace of the wonderful things I learn from people. It is a trickier balancing act than I ever imagined. BUT, yesterday was a fantastically productive day, from which I think great fruit will rise.

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  20. Charlie says:

    Thanks, Mr. Charlie. It’s always better late than never! Keep up the good work.

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  21. Philip Prendeville says:

    Just a quick message to highlight that the Irish rugby teams also made history in defeating the mighty All Blacks New Zealand rugby team in Chicago yesterday. This is the first time in our history achieving this remarkable feat. Also recently a very well loved ex Ireland and Munster rugby player, Anthony Foley died at the yong age of 42. He is survived by his wife and 2 sons aged 8 and 11. We know God brings the best out of what appears to be dire circumstances and this was proved when Anthonys 11 year old son put up a post on Facebook asking people to attend mass for the 8 weeks leading up to Christmas and pray for their deceased loved ones, his Dad wore the number 8 jersey. That is really special and to come from a young man, amazing. Heres a link if thats ok.

    More importantly i want to highlight the fact that the people of Limerick are very grateful to the sons and daughters of America who have come to our shores these last few years in the form of The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal and The Nashville Dominican Sisters. Today the Nashville Dominican Sisters held a lovely event. This being the year of Mercy, they organised a pilgrimage from St. Saviours church to St. Johns Cathedral here in Limerick. About 100 people took part after 1pm mass. Some of us had dressed up as saints. Our family went as St. Therese, St. Joanna (wife of Chuba, steward of Herod), St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Our Lady of Tepeyac and St. Juan Diego. It was a lovely day and the sisters treated us to pizza, catechesis and games. Fr. Laurence of the Franciscan Friars does a bible study class on Tuesday nights and last week he gave a really good talk on New Age and what to watch out for. All I can say is thank you and God bless America and God bless all you readers.

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    • Mick says:

      Philip, congratulations to your rugby team! I don’t know the first thing about rugby; I know that my sister-in-law’s brother in Germany used to play, and that the men don’t wear helmets or pads as they do in American football. But congrats just the same. 🙂

      I will pray for the repose of the soul of Anthony Foley and for his family.


  22. Philip Prendeville says:

    Yes, no helmets or pads but their are restrictions on the tackling to protect players. They’re are still a lot of issues with players getting knocked unconscious however. Thanks for your prayers for Anthony.


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