Prayers for Friends in Earthquake Zones

I have several meaty posts I am eager to get up, but I am frantically busy and do not expect to get the next up until Tuesday. Meantime, please say a few prayers for our friends in New Zealand and in Argentina. New Zealand was hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed two and, it is feared, may trigger a tsunami. Argentina saw a 6.2 magnitude in a largely unpopulated area, causing no casualties or serious damage. Still, such a quake can be a precursor.

Our dear friend, Joe Crozier, of New Zealand checked in to let us know all is well with him. Thanks be to God.

About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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60 Responses to Prayers for Friends in Earthquake Zones

  1. BD says:

    It begins…

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  2. the phoenix says:

    A Prayer in Time of Earthquake

    O God, who hast established the earth upon firm foundations, graciously receive the prayers of Thy people: and, having utterly removed the dangers of the shaken earth, turn the terrors of Thy divine wrath into the means of the salvation of mankind; that they who are of the earth, and unto earth shall return, may rejoice to find themselves citizens of heaven by means of a holy life. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  3. Beckita says:

    Thank you, Charlie. Joe said it wasn’t until he talked to people that he heard about buildings shaking and swaying as well as swimming pools flowing over. Joe has been working so hard lately, he said he thought it was just some mighty big possums on the roof in the night. God bless you, Joe! Ha! I can do Mr. Magoo quite well myself.

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  4. Barb129 says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Joe is well! When I saw the news this morning, my first thought was of Joe and our NZ friends here. Praying for all of them…

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  5. Deborah Seiter says:


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  6. Snowy Owl says:

    Holy One, you are our comfort and strength
    in times of sudden disaster, crisis, or chaos.
    Surround us now with your grace and peace
    through storm or earthquake, fire or flood.

    By your Spirit, lift up those who have fallen,
    sustain those who work to rescue or rebuild,
    and fill us with the hope of your new creation;
    through Jesus Christ, our rock and redeemer.
    I found this on a Jesuit site and thought it was a beautiful prayer!

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  7. drea312 says:

    Lord, have Mercy on us and on the whole world!
    Jesus, we trust in you!
    Heavenly Mamma, keep your loving arm around us, always guiding us to your Son, so we can always see His face despite the darkness surrounding us.

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  8. Margaret Noecker says:

    Charlie, Are you scheduling any conferences the rest of 2016? Or beginning of 2017? We would love to have you come here. We are in Hastings, Nebraska. Just 2 1/2 hrs west of Omaha.


  9. KMA says:

    So happy to hear Joe is ok. Praying for all affected.

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  10. leel004 says:

    Thanks Joe for the Kiwi update. My cousin has many relatives there. Will tuck you all under Mary’s mantle as Our Lady of Tepeyac, God bless

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  11. Evangeline says:

    You, said that there would not be an election, but what happen, did u misunderstood the Angel?


    • charliej373 says:

      I did not say there would not be an election. I listed it as one possible scenario. But as I wrote last January, there are numerous possible scenarios that would fit. Inauguration Day is the key day.

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    • Joe says:

      Evangeline, yes, in the Birmingham video, Charlie did say that he didn’t think there was going to be an election, but there is a lot more to it than that. On that 15 month time frame, Charlie taught us about the fluid dynamic of prophecy in “Through A Glass Darkly” noting that he has gotten many things wrong in his prediction of HOW things pan out in relation to the prophetic message. He, then, in January as he noted above in your respomse, has focused on the message (i.e. that the next stable leader of the US would not come from the election process) and not the actual methods of actualization.
      So, while your statement is true, it neglects to ask for the rest of the story.
      Now, as charlie has said, the true date of test for the message is Inauguration Day (Jan 20, 2017). I hope that helps.

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  12. Glad to hear about Joe, praise God indeed. I just wanted to check in at a safe place, as the social backlash has been pretty severe here in my CA mostly-very-liberal echo chamber. I made the mistake of telling a family member (on social media…my bad…) that, when it came down to it, I cast my vote for T, and it just became an onslaught of all the ways I don’t understand the marginalized, on and on. *sigh* There is SO much anger and confusion, and doubling down on positions rather than discussing. It’s hard to converse, much less help bridge the divide. Went to confession, feeling better now. I realize that the world just needs saints right now. God is the only audience that really matters. We fall down, we get up. We take TNRS and live our Christian lives as best we can. May He give us the grace to persevere and truly rejoice in persecution (not easy!). I’m thankful for all the “mini storms” we’ve had in the past year, as I’m getting the sense that they were just training ground for more intensity to come. The good news is that the election results and the events of the following days finally tipped my dear husband over the edge…now he’s rooting for the Storm (and of course, Rescue!) that I’ve gently been discussing with him for months 😌 That’s something to sing Hallelujah about 😜 Love and prayers to you all

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    • charliej373 says:

      Strange how, in these times, say something the left doesn’t like and you are quickly besieged by a “tolerant” lynch mob.

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    • Doug says:

      It’s a beautiful thing when husband and wife are on the same page momma-c!

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    • Jill Marie says:

      Hey, Momma C, Living in a blue state (NY) and feeling similar backlash. Made the mistake of going to social media (FB) in attempt to bridge the divide and help alleviate the intense fears/confusion. You’re right, no discussion, just doubling down. Interestingly, when providing explanations, some just ignore while others insist that’s not my (Catholic) position. Really? How do you get to define my argument? Guess it makes sense, though, for any willingness to try to understand and accept my views risks invalidating some of their own. What Charlie noted elsewhere it true. Many don’t seem to want peace. They just want to be right. More sad than anything – was very fond of these people and it’s painful to see them swept away in this darkness.

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      • charliej373 says:

        In the end, they will have to choose whether to give up their preening vanity or just be swept away.

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      • Yes, Little, it is a sad feeling for me too. Folks willing to throw real people in their lives “under the bus,” severing relationships in defense of an ideology. Hmm, sounds like the storm to me! I like what you said about how showing the willingness to understand may invalidate–we all need a healthy dose of humility here. Those of us who are praying for it need to be sure to pray for those who are not. So much deception, we must stay under Mary’s mantle lest we too lead others astray.

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  13. Lilia Florentiae says:

    Prayers for all the friends in Argentina and New Zealand.
    If you can, add some prayers also for people of Central Italy. After the earthquake, which struck in August and killed 300 people, another big earthquake destroyed Norcia and neighbouring villages (included the Basilica of Saint Benedict of Norcia, patron of Europe), killing one person, but leaving thousands homeless, at the end of October.
    Thank you and I shall remember Joe and his people.
    Lilia from Italy

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  14. Theresa says:

    Thankful our Joe is okay and praying for all in New Zealand. May Jesus, Mary and the Holy Angels protect us all!

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  15. Lisa Vigliotta says:

    Prayers Charlie. We finally have a group for prayer and preparedness on the east end of Long Island. Ask and you shall receive! Thank you for all of your hard work. There is also a Brittania on Long Island too.

    Lisa V-Sent from my iPhone


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  16. aj says:

    We give thanks Joe is well and we pray that these quakes lead others to The LORD.

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  17. Simone says:

    Thanks be to God, indeed.

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  18. Doug says:

    Prayers with you and your country Joe Crozier!

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  19. Diane says:

    Prayers for everyone’s safety and more so for conversions – God Bless you all. Love. I do. Diane

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  20. Becky-TN says:


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  21. So happy to hear that Joe is safe. Prayers for all affected by the quakes.

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  22. Praying for all in New Zealand …. I am just back from losing internet etc for three days…..
    Thinking of you, Joe.

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  23. singingjuls says:

    Charlie, thanks for letting us know that Joe is OK. Prayers going up for all affected by these earthquakes. God Bless.

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  24. ann says:

    Thank God Joe’s all right. Hope all bloggers here from NZ are safe. Prayers going up for every one.

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  25. Matthew says:

    Sorry for being totally off thread but…..
    Not sure if many have heard of the bombshell dropped in Rome:
    Four Cardinals, safely free of diocesan or curial appointments, have submitted five “dubia” (“doubts”) to Pope Francis officially requesting clarification on the application of Amoris Laetitia. A “dubia” is a style of question submit to the Holy See. This style is susceptible of only a “yes or no” answer. These were submitted in September and no answer has been given. There is a report that Pope Francis REFUSED to answer these questions. Following this lack of an answer, the cardinals released the text of the “dubia” along with their explanations of them to Sandro Magister. There is a consistorial meeting of all the cardinals in Rome this weekend. You can go to the link provided above and read the document.
    For historical perspective, something of this nature and scope has not happened in at least 500yrs.
    Let us pray for Pope Francis and all the Church!


    • Snowy Owl says:

      I read that Mathew, but did you also get a chance to read this one?

      “He believes that the church should be a field hospital, should be out on the frontier interacting with the poor, helping the poor, but learning from the poor and listening to the poor. He has done that throughout his life and he is doing it now and just recently in the Vatican as well and that I think is profoundly insightful as to who the man is and what he wants for the Catholic Church to be” he says.

      In the book the author writes that Pope Francis is an inspirational figure, like Shriver’s own uncle, President John F. Kennedy was, and he speaks about what it is in the vision of Jorge Bergoglio that strikes him the most:

      “I think that the most challenging part of his vision is that he really is challenging us to go out and ‘to get our shoes muddy’, as he says. ‘To smell like the sheep’ and that means to be out working with people, listening to people that are poor. I think when he says poor he doesn’t mean people who are just financially poor but those that are suffering physical, emotional, or spiritual poverty. And that really means is all of us. Because we are all suffering to some degree. We are all sinners. He is challenging us to have mercy for each other, to spend time with each other and to get out of our comfort zones. I think great leaders challenge us to get out of our comfort zones. They challenge us to be better human beings to reach out, to create more of a community. That is a message we can all benefit from here in the United States and around the world. Get out of our comfort zones reach out to our neighbors but also the stranger on the street and really help them and learn from them. It is not a one way relationship. People that have resources aren’t just helping the poor; the poor are helping us as well to learn how to be more merciful, to learn how be more human to each other. That is what a great leader does. They challenge us to be better human beings. I think that is what President Kennedy did” he says.

      I think, Shriver concludes: “that is what Pope Francis is doing today. He is a prophet and prophets challenge you to be a better human being”.

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  26. Jennifer O'Dea says:

    Thanks Charlie for your prayers. I live in New Zealand in the upper North Island so was not directly affected, but feel for all the victims.

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  27. Joe Crozier says:

    Thanks for all your prayers and for the laugh biscuitnita

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  28. donna says:

    Joe Crozier…..shout out MOG friend! Hope all is well!

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  29. CaringinConnecticut says:

    BD said, “It begins….”

    Winston Churchill gave a speech in November 1942 when British and Allied forces had defeated the Nazis under the command of General Erwin Rommel in Egypt and North Africa. He stated, “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

    I think many of us feel this sense of an ending, but I believe it is a false sense. We need to continue to be vigilant for evil does not go down so easily and definitely not without a fight! Keep praying, going to daily mass as often as possible, saying the rosary, novenas and fasting.

    Thank you Charlie for all that you do. May God bless you, all your helpers, commenters and readers of this site. You have become a second family to me and give me support when my family and friends have turned against me. It is because of you that I have the courage to persevere to the end!

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    • BD says:

      CC, I believe the significance of the earthquakes now occurring around the world are directly tied to the eschatology of our time, aka the Minor Judgement. We should not allow the minor in Minor Judgement fool us regarding it’s intensity. Forget the election folks, while a much appreciated reprieve, the Storm is still heading our way. We are now witnessing more signs of it’s imminent onslaught.

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  30. Who was the particular saint that SteveBC heard in prayer? In front of he blessed sacrament I heard st. Bellamine. Wondered if it was the same saint?
    Tried to search!!!

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    • Mick says:

      Same saint, Highview: St. Robert Bellarmine.

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    • St. Robert Bellarmine saint if the counter reformation 😊👍🏼

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    • SteveBC says:

      Highviewhopes, the name that came to me was St. Bellarmine (first name Robert). It turned out that he stood on the shoulders of St. Thomas Aquinas and articulated the basic principle later enshrined in our Constitution, that authority is vested by God in the People as the Sovereign of a nation, and that the People, acting as the Sovereign, delegate a certain limited portion of their authority to government to act on their behalf as their servant.

      Government is like fire, a wonderful servant but a fearful master. We have a lot more of the fearful master these days than the warming servant. I was amazed that on the eve of the election, as I prayed a Prayer of Miraculous Trust for all affected by the election, that the name of the saint who came to my mind was this one. I felt it was exceptionally heartening, so I decided to pass my experience on to this community. 🙂

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