In Praise of Donald Trump


(I have just put up the video from my talk in Racine, Wisconsin on the Visit Videos link at the top. I particularly enjoyed this one because my two oldest grandkids, Mya and Camron, were there with me. The following article is not the meaty one I am working on, but a prelude to it.-CJ)

By Charlie Johnston

Donald Trump has had an amazing month. After stunning the establishment by winning the presidential election last month, his transition has been steady and quick to act. Despite the establishment press squealing that the transition was delayed and chaotic, Trump has acted more quickly and decisively than any incoming president-elect in my lifetime. (I guess for the press, waiting six weeks to make your first choice is being “deliberate” if you are a Democrat, but having it almost finished before six weeks is up is “delayed and chaotic” if you are a Republican).

The quality of Trump’s appointments is top-notch. Most of his appointees are solidly pro-life, but he has reached out to all elements of the Republican Party, uniting them with real enthusiasm. After a bitter election where establishment Republicans sometimes openly opposed him, Trump has shown a magnanimity to his opponents few expected. Even his new incoming White House counsel, Don McGahn, is a solid pro-lifer. Trump has done no


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mealy-mouthing on his pledge to defund Planned Parenthood and make it stand on its own two feet instead of taking half a billion dollars out of taxpayers’ pockets each year. I am rather persuaded that his conversion to the pro-life cause is real and deep.


His deal to save the Indiana plant of Carrier Corp. sends a powerful message, saving 1,000 American jobs. It is particularly stark in contrast to President Obama last summer condescendingly telling Trump that there was no magic wand he could wave to save jobs – and that Americans were going to have to get used to the fact that those jobs are going away permanently. Trump didn’t need a magic wand; just a pen and a telephone. He can’t and won’t be able to do this every time – or even most times – but it sent a powerful message to average Americans in flyover country that they have an advocate coming in – and not someone who will tell them they are too stupid to understand that nothing can be done.

The establishment media told us the stock market would tank with a Trump victory. Instead, it has soared. Goldman Sachs put out a bullish report suggesting Trump will be good for almost all sectors of the economy.

The media and the foreign policy establishment are getting a case of the vapors over Trump’s talks with foreign leaders, particularly his call with Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, arguing it is a great provocation to China. After eight years of leading from behind and allowing China to disrupt international shipping and passage in international waters by building artificial islands and claiming them as sovereign territory, this is a welcome rebuke to China, pulled off with a little finesse. The U.S. has managed little more than letters of protest as China has violated international law and menaced its neighbors in the South China Sea. Trump sent a shot across their bow by accepting the call from President Tsai. The last time the press and foreign policy establishment was in such horror at the clumsy, provocative antics of an incoming president it was to shriek what a dangerous, fumbling amateur Ronald Reagan was. The nervously timid press and foreign policy establishment can’t imagine there is any way to deal with bullies and tyrants other than weak-kneed appeasement and bowing.



My volunteer coordinator, Mary, with her husband Mark.

The appointments of several solid generals to top positions in the administration signals to our military that they will be treated as soldiers once more, not as social workers. They will once again be able to play for the team they thought they signed up for in the first place. In his Victory Tour Thank You Rally in Cincinnati on Dec. 1, Trump reiterated his support for America’s police officers and its military.


The establishment media is doing its best to provoke a fight with Trump, failing to understand that the election was also a repudiation of its condescending hectoring of the public. Trump will love those fights, for they will cement the discrediting of the media altogether. The media loves to make mountains out of conservative molehills and molehills of progressive mountains. You can only get away with that when the folksies haven’t figured it out. The folksies have figured it out. The media might try reporting straight news even-handedly, at least if they are capable of it any more.

The unhinged left continues to attack, charging racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and whatever toxic “ism” it can pull from its near-exhausted shelf of insults to substitute for making an actual coherent argument. It is ludicrous that the party that calls Trump an existential threat still hasn’t finished lionizing the late Fidel Castro (who executed conservative and Christian dissidents) as a hero. Kind of shows what their actual values are. I would be glad that the left considers anti-Semitism a bad thing again, after nearly eight years undermining Israel and blaming “Jews” for every problem it doesn’t blame George W. Bush for, except that Democrats seem poised to elect Congressman Keith Ellison as their new party leader, despite his ties to the anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood and former ties to Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

The virtue of last month’s election is that it showed large swaths of the country are no longer willing to be bullied about and condescended to. The virtue of the transition to this point has been that it has shown what real hope looks like for people who want to work and be left alone to practice their faith, raise their families safely, and defend their communities against terror. Such people would be peeved, indeed, if the unhinged left snatched that away from them.

America once had a sane left. It needs it again. The bully-boy left has been driving voters away from it for over a decade. Unfortunately, when it can’t get what it seeks at the ballot box, it often starts rioting and using raw force to get its way despite the public’s disapproval. The stakes are higher than ever after this election: allowing the results to stand strikes a death blow to the ambitions of European globalists and American “progressives.” I am not worried about recounts. If the globalist-progressive cult is developing any strategy to overturn election results, the recounts are just a magician’s distraction. Whether or not the cultural divisions in the west have become malignant will be the subject of my next column.

Less obvious (but more fundamental) is the question of whether the election results lead to Americans embracing a renewed commitment to being a moral and religious people. Our falling away from fundamental tenets of faith, honor and decency are what got us to this pass in the first place. Until that is renewed with vigorous commitment, any dawn is a false dawn merely delaying the inevitable collapse. But have no fear: this is the year of fulfillment – and God comes to reclaim His people, not to destroy us. In good times and in bad, remember to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you – and you will be a participant in the true dawn.




About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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  1. Alphonsus says:

    The hope that Trump and the people he surrounds himself with represent, in my opinion, is the potential uncorrupting of the youth in our country. The souls, spirits, and promises of the youth who grew up under the malignant administrative government led by Obama may never be reclaimed. God willing, they will be.

    But the generation coming up, the one that had no hope of knowing America as she was intended to be and can be under post-Obama Clinton, have a chance now. The anti-human progressives fear they have lost this new generation to their indoctrination, and that is why they are as mad as hades and are spitting fire.

    If there is a storm, it has been the anti-reason, coercive, malignant rule of the past 8 years. The rule of madness. A government against the people and human nature. If there is a rescue to follow, it will be in the young who have known nothing of it and who, LORD have mercy, were blessed to be born instead of being murdered in the womb under the tyranny of the devil’s acolytes.

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  2. Bob says:

    I was reading a few articles on Charlie’s link to Crisis magazine on the right including this one:

    And I noted several articles discussing the “Progressive” push against Christian morality and of persecution of those who hold to basic truths. With the blindness and divisiveness of those on the so called “tolerant left” I do fear that a major housecleaning is in order. And I was listening to a discussion recently of how God is in control and of how God only allows the satan to go so far in doing harm, creating confusion and disorder, etc. And I began to ask why God allows the satan to harass and warp our society so badly in these days and of what good God plans to bring out of these evils? This question is worth meditating on I think, so we can learn how God would like to use the temptations to make us more holy certainly, if we are listening. And the speaker, whose name I forget now, was implying that God has the satan on a chain and uses it to make us more holy and to test us in our growth in holiness.

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  3. Padre says:

    Great Advent article:


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  4. Sylvia says:

    It’s the unveiling. We are witnessing it. Thank you Charlie for holding on to the hope for a better world. The storm is not over yet, but we are finally headed in the right direction. Trump promises wealth and greatness, and that’s exciting! I believe through Trumps enthusiasm, we are encouraged to work hard. But will all the positive promises come to reality? I believe it will, as long as Trump follows Gods plan.


  5. CrewDog says:

    Sadly 😦 The below is just another “Sign” that nothing of serious substance is likely to change in DC Trump or no … a Storm must come to “wash away” the rats of both parties and the accumulated filth of the entire Federal Bureaucracy …. States & Local too! …… Same-Same in the former Christendom of Europe!

    “Disappointment as Senate Republicans drop religious freedom amendment”…icans-drop-religious-freedom-amendment-11589/


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    This takes 90 seconds….well spent….and fits for today’s posts.

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  7. BlessedToLiveNow says:


    Thank you so much for this piece. I was an early Trump supporter who had to go into “hiding” due to the number of those of the Clinton persuasion that surround me. I quietly studied and due to my own background in management, work with the poor and currently struggling under the ACA burden, I felt a glimmer of hope. My research on HRC and the Clinton Foundation actually made me so physically ill that I had to stop. When The Knights of Columbus Novena came out I began praying it; two days before the election I knew that I would be able to handle the result either way. I felt so calm that I didn’t even watch the election, was in bed by 9pm and didn’t know until the next morning. Just today I felt a little bit of love for Trump, kind of like when a bully stands up for you and your admiration grows.

    What I feel though, is that we are still in a very deep battle, for souls. I actually feel that a large physical disaster could be looming and Trump is who we need from a physical battle perspective.

    We are those who will help in the battle for souls.

    This evening at work, one of my employees had a heart attack (please pray for Tommy, currently stabilized). I went to wait and pray in the hospital. The employee who gave him CPR and his girlfriend came and we waited. I had my rosary beads, after hearing Tommy was going to be life flighted to another hospital we heard a call for code blue in ER, it was Tommy, noticing my beads the girlfriend said, let’s find the chapel. You know what? Not one employee knew where the chapel in St. Charles was, so we gathered in prayer in a circle outside the ER. The look of derision when asking about the chapel was incredible….this here is the problem that looms. Trump can’t fix this problem, only The Fire of Love, Jesus and his Blessed Mother could do that.

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    • jlynnbyrd says:

      Blessed, I will keep Tommy in my prayers.


    • Mick says:

      Prayers for Tommy, Blessed.


    • MarieUrsula says:

      Right on, BlessedToLiveNow.

      Were you in the R or the B hospital? The chapel in B is prominent, so for ER employees not to know about it shows a need for more thorough employee orientation.

      Prayer going up for Tommy.

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    • Beckita says:

      Beautiful, BlessedToLiveNow. Praying for Tommy’s health and soul and for all who participated in that circle of prayer outside the ER.

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    • bthanntrm says:

      Praying for Tommy.
      When the Benghazi Report came out and I read it and also what happened in Haiti and the possibility of HRC being our leader did not scare me as much as made me sick and so sad that our beloved country was going to be an evil country When Trump won I felt that there was still some fight in our country for good, we could offer to God. That we weren’t all lost.
      Now please don’t tell me that not everyone that voted for Trump did it for good. I want to keep the Idea that I am going down with a ship that is mostly for God, not an evil one that has to be destroyed because nothing in it is at all worth saving.
      God Bless


  8. usafriendofgoodwordofgod says:

    Do you think Trump will shake the root of the tree, our funny money and the Fed? I truly believe as long as our money is not stable and propping up the dollar is our goal no real solutions can be attained as the mission is built on a house of cards. I hope we change all that God sees as fundamentally wrong as part of justice, including our Monopoly money. It drives every decision to no good end.

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  9. zeniazenia says:

    Good Morning Beckita, Would you please give me the contact information for your Liturgical supply house? I still need to acquire hosts and I would need some gluten free hosts too. Please and thank you agan. –ZJ

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  10. Al V. says:

    My wife and I did not like Donald Trump. His words were sometimes troublesome, his temperment concerning. But we had hopes in the Republican Platform and that Trump stated he was Pro-Life. He also said that Planned Parenthood did some good things. We voted for him and will now see. We are praying for him to have wisdom as our leader. I read that Winston Churchill was not a “nice” man (drunkard, womanizer, foul mouth) but was the right leader at the right time for his nation. We hope Donald Trump works out to be the same for America.


  11. Alfred says:

    There are things I hope a Trump administration will put in place–a good Supreme Court justice primary among them, one who supports human life at all its stages and all its circumstances. But I still have my reservations. IMO in today’s Washington Post Garrison Keillor does a good job of predicting a worsening in the storm that is taking place. I think he’s a lot more right than wrong.

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    • Alfred says:

      As troubling to me as the things President-elect Trump is liable to do (or not do) as president is his public persona. There are numerous places on line that list the things he’s said that are untrue. While many would call these things mere hyperbole, the extent of these false statements and the harm they may cause gives me pause. We all know who the father of lies is.

      As the clock ticks down, my hope that Charlie’s prophecies are true is stronger than ever.

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      • Mick says:

        I’m with you, Alfred. As an example of the point that you are making, I just read this on Zero Hedge: Trump has just appointed a third Goldman Sachs alum (Gary Cohn, Goldman’s president and COO) to a key position in the administration. I’ve got nothing against Goldman, but in the primaries Trump frequently bashed Ted Cruz and Cruz’s wife for their connections to the company. Here’s a bit of the article:

        “Trump’s Treasury secretary pick Steven Mnuchin and senior advisor Steve Bannon also worked at Goldman Sachs, which Trump repeatedly attacked on the campaign trail. As a reminder, Trump cited Goldman as evidence that corporate and financial interests have influence over politicians and criticized former opponent Ted Cruz for taking a loan from the firm.”

        Here’s the article:

        So we appear to be left with the possibilities that either Trump was seriously dishonest toward the Cruzes and Goldman during the primaries (in which case he owes apologies to all concerned), or that he’s OK with corporate and financial interests’ wielding influence with politicians. Maybe I’m missing something, but neither of these possibilities inspires me to believe that Trump is a changed man or that he would be good for America.

        I truly hope that I’m wrong about him; but, some good appointments notwithstanding, I as yet remain unconvinced that we can really trust him.

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        • charliej373 says:

          I don’t know, Mick. I am not as enthused at his financial picks as most of the rest…but I long ago came to the conclusion that if 70% of a president’s picks are solid to me, that is a home run. It is important, I think, to remember that trusting someone is not the same thing as having them agree with us on all. I have come to trust that Trump’s priorities is to work for American domestically and for American interests internationally. I expect I would occasionally, even often, disagree with him on how that should be accomplished, but I a coming to trust that those are guiding principles for him.

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        • BD says:

          Mick, I’m scratching my head with Trump picking anyone with a Goldman Sachs background. Goldman’s market manipulation is well documented and they are fierce globalists. Goldman was a staunch backer of Hillary so I’m not sure what virtues Trump sees in aligning with any of them. When Trump said it was time to drain the swamp my first thought was get rid of all the old Goldman alumni’s from key posts in government and all the regulatory agencies. Kinda disappointing for sure.

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        • Doug says:

          Hi Mick, I’m not trying to argue one way or the other, but is there a possibility those individuals left Goldman Sachs because they did I not agree with Goldman? Could this be a “guilt by association” type of thing? Again, I am not for or against these picks since I do not know these guys well. Just say’n.

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          • Mick says:

            Well, I’m not sure about Mnuchin and Bannon; but Cohn is the current President and COO of Goldman Sachs.

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          • zeniazenia says:

            I cannot imagine Wall Street will ever give up on their effort to get around the tax laws though I also doubt that Trump can fail to extract a pound of flesh from any person in his service when posted at the Treasury Department. I’d like to see one or two strategies developed to catch a few crooks.

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  12. Bob says:

    Let’s see Donald Trump tweeted comments about the Chinese South China Sea artificial islands and yesterday tweets about a planned jet being too costly. Me thinks if Trump were to serve that we would have a president with off the cuff comments much like Pope Francis and he may not leave any one segment untouched from his blasts over time. It would be interesting!

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  13. canada1nw says:

    So right Annie !

    I do not know if this was said in another post, I haven’t had time to read them all.

    I was thinking this morning about prophesies which do not happen as the prophet proclaimed..I thought about Jonah and how he was upset when God didn’t do as He said he would – that Nineveh would be destroyed in 40 days. Charlie isn’t like Jonah, he has said what he was asked to say. Perhaps things haven’t happened as quickly as he thought. Maybe God has given us a prolonged time to repent…perhaps because many people are praying these days. God did relent after Jonah warned the people of Nineveh and they responded well.

    Yesterday, while caring for our 3 year old grandson, I had a God Mercy moment…Sebastien wanted my IPad, I said not now..he went and got it anyway. He fell and the IPad hurt his finger, he cried. I picked him up and comforted him. He accepted my comfort. I thought that is the way God treats us when we disobey. He is always ready to comfort us and forgive us if and when we turn to Him . Little Sebby hugged me and when he stopped crying he said: ” Nanny you’re my berry (very) best friend”. That melted my heart. He is a little fickle though, since I have heard him tell his Mommy the same thing. God is our berry, berry best friend I told him and He is always waiting to comfort us …not to punish us .

    His Mercy trumps His justice !

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  14. JeanT says:

    I really enjoyed this article. It reminded me that I am called to act regardless of what lies ahead. Sometimes I find myself making decisions on what is to come. While it is certainly a blessing in letting some things go and looking at the larger picture, it can become for me a crutch not to plan and to mourn the things I enjoy now in thinking these pleasures will be a thing of the past (travel, dinner with friends, etc.).

    I do contemplate how the world can be again and know that I will give,up my pleasures gladly to have a world which was intended, with God at the center of our lives. Then all other things can be added unto us. (Seek yes first the kingdom of God…). In contemplating th fall of Islam, I read about a pilgrim asking Mirjana of Medjugorje about Islam and its evils. Her response below fits right in with taking the next right step and also standing up for our faith no matter what. It was posted on Mystic Post.

    Q: Does Our Lady say anything about radical Islam because its getting very scary out there?

    A: No, radical Islam is not so dangerous but we are too weak. Let me give you an example. When I was talking with Italians on Saturday, the question was: there are so many muslims who come to Italy now and they change everything. We are not allowed anymore to have crosses in our hospitals, in our schools. I immediately stopped that gentleman and I said “ who is taking that cross off the wall, you or that muslim?”. He said “ I…but…”. I said there is no but, there is no excuse. We are weak. We are weak in our faith and then everyone else is allowed to do whatever they want. If Jesus is the one who teach me to open the door to everybody, I have to do it. The same Jesus teaches me to open you the door and if that Jesus is an obstacle to you, to whom I open the door, then go back home. That is what I think. We always put the guilt on to someone else but we never start with ourselves. What am I like? What do I do for God? How much is my faith strong, how much am I ready to do for my faith?

    So its easiest to say they’re radical, they’re this, they’re that. With my God I can do anything. I lived in Sarajevo and the most of the people are muslims, very few orthodox. But we had cross and Our Lady in our home. Those people were coming to our home, they were asking and I would explain to them what that is all about. But no matter what price I had to pay, I would never ever take that cross or Our Lady off the wall. Because our parents told us as well ; if you have to die for God then you will live forever. But if you say no to God, then you will die forever.

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  15. Fr. Peter says:

    I am stating up front that I am bragging. I am pastor of a very small parish in Vermont. We just concluded our devotions for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception which included 40 hour Eucharistic Adoration, two holy day Masses and a Eucharistic/Marian procession ( I carried the monstrance and others carried a largish picture of Our Lady of Tepeyac). We walked through town and down to the shopping center and then through some not so nice neighborhoods where drugs are bought/sold and used. We sang Marian hymns and said the rosary. We finished with a wonderful lasagna dinner in the parish hall.
    50 people accompanied me up and down hills out of breath and in the dark (We gave them glow sticks and the canopy over the Blessed Sacrament had Christmas lights). My people are not very holy or overly devout. The minute we stopped the rosary they chattered away about silly things right in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. But they are good people who love God and given an ounce of encouragement will be heroic in their service. I love them and can’t even imagine how much God loves them.
    I said to them today at Mass that real evangelization occurs when we love enough to suffer for people. Following Mary’ and Jesus’ example we will just try to suffer for love’s sake, for people’s souls. “Procession season” and good weather are long gone here, but we are preparing for…
    the birth of our savior with Mary our Mother. Haha! Told you I was bragging.

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    • Mick says:

      “I’m stating up front that I am bragging.” Hahahaha! Love it, Father! 🙂

      It sounds like you have a wonderful congregation, and they are very blessed to have you as their pastor.

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    • zeniazenia says:

      How wonderful Father, I am quite sure you are trying to be anonymous, but could you tell me which county you are in? My son lives in Newfane now but will be moving to the southern most part of Lake Champlain… Orwell / Rutland area. Are you close to either? yes or no would do 🙂 –ZJ

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    • Thanks for sharing this, Fr. Peter. If that’s your idea of bragging then by all means –– brag away! I was so deeply touched by your story that I printed it out, folded it neatly into a ziplock bag, and added it to my outdoor pack.

      “My people are not very holy or overly devout. The minute we stopped the rosary they chattered away about silly things right in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. But they are good people who love God and given an ounce of encouragement will be heroic in their service. I love them and can’t even imagine how much God loves them.”

      That part is pure gold. It showed me something of the Father’s Heart, maybe more so than anything I’ve read in a quite while (and that’s saying a lot since I read quite a bit).

      God Bless,


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    • Wonderful Fr Peter, thank you for sharing.
      The Spirit is a moving! ❤️

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    • SanSan says:

      so beautiful Fr. Peter

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  16. CrewDog says:

    I know that folks here, like me, are tired of all the USA Election/Politics but I must remind you that politics is part of Life and that we are in the MESS we are in because People of Faith did not participate &/or Vote in the political arena! Thus allowing the godless Left to run roughshod over us and our beliefs … and facilitating the deaths of millions in the womb. I’m guessing that, sadly, we will look back on Election 2016 as a major precipitating event in The Storm of 2017!?
    The Washington Compost and New York Slimes are gleefully reporting that the CIA claims The Russians did poor Hillary in by leaking the Democrats e-mails (evidence of dirty dealing) to WikiLeaks;-( Just how many scapegoats does Billary need to excuse her poor election campaign? A campaign where all the “chips” and twice the $$$$ was on her side!

    SO!?!? ………. they funneled the Slimy Democrats e-mails (evidence of dirty dealing & worse!!) to WikiLeaks. Good for them and the USA. Now!! Let’s talk … NO!! Shout OUT-LOUD about China PLA $$$$ flowing into Democrat coffers for the past 30 years … and George Soros …. and millions of Illegals Voting … and tens of thousands of dead people voting in every Democrat enclave …. and Voter/Vote Fraud in those same S***Holes …. and ……
    It’s all part of the Plan to discredit, destabilize and de-legitimatize Trump and His Deplorables ….. and it might just work ;-( This will give “ammo’ to many Electors to not Vote Trump on 19 December. Obama-n-Democrats & Media, I’m sure, already have a campaign in place to laud rogue Electors as “Patriots” and even if Trump gets his 270 the stage will be set for “Patriot” BlackLives, Occupy, La Raza and Muslim Anarchist Rent-a-Mobs to disrupt Inauguration Day …. all funded by Soros-n-Ilk and covertly supported by Obama/DNC. Time is NOW more than ever to be Prayerful, Vigilant & PREPARED!!!


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  17. Catherine Anthony says:

    Dear Charlie,
    Your reflections often sound like those of saints and mystics of old. I thank you for this. But I am dismayed by your praise of Donald Trump. I completely understand your pro life stance and how your political views aligned with prolife. But your blog posts about Trump during and after the election resemble a sycophantic stance. He is not King David. He is a man. A man who, in his own words, believes he has never had anything for which to ask God’s forgiveness. He is also a man who displayed reprehensible behavior throughout his campaign – and his career and marriages. I do not judge his heart or soul; he is accountable (only) to God for his purification and salvation. But he IS accountable to U.S. citizens for consequences of his lies and business practices which lack honesty and integrity, often ignoring basic social justice principles. He breaks the law. All of these behaviors reflect the same lots you cast against Clinton (whose behavior I am not defending here). And as he assembles his administration we are starting to see the swamp refill right before our eyes with a Wall Street kingpin.
    In my opinion, his election campaign co-opted the pro-life vote of morally conscientious Christians and conned the populous into advancing his international business under the ruse of caring about average Americans.
    Conversations about abortion with pro choice people over the decades (I am of course against abortion) revealed every woman believed abortion is wrong. While Trump may also believe it is wrong, his words and actions towards women, minorities, the handicapped (to name a few) demonstrate a profound lack of respect for life – beyond conception!
    Larger moral issues surrounding abortion that continue to be ignored are intercourse outside of marriage and boys’/men’s pressure on girls/women for sex. Which brings us back to Donald Trump’s behavior. An unrepentant adulterer who objectifies and sexually assaults women does not exhibit behaviors consistent with respect for life – or the Ten Commandments. Praising a person with this code of conduct is when TNRS loses me. If your Storm/Rescue prophecy are true, I wonder if the next part of the Storm will be a direct result of Trump’s decisions and relationships, particularly with Russia and China.
    The enemy is so crafty, using what is most dear to us..against us. If electing Donald Trump was the lesser of two evils, I am not worried about what comes next. Our Lady’s heart WILL triumph. I agree with your recent post that God uses everything towards His plan. I trust God in all ways – and always!
    May God bless your every word and next right steps.


    • charliej373 says:

      Ah, Catherine, before the election I had to ban a commenter who got increasingly frantic because I would not allow this site to become a sycophantic forum for Trump. And now, because I see some virtue in many of his appointments, you call me a sycophant for Trump. I have clearly been calling them as I see them since I began this site.

      Note to readers: when you try to impute illicit motives to all who disagree with you on any point – and even worse – mount straw men that never existed to make your point, you reveal yourself in an unflattering way. It takes on the leftist quality of assuming that the only reason someone could ever possibly disagree with them is because that someone is evil, venial, or self-serving. That sort of vanity has led to the huge divisiveness we face. You want to make the case against Trump, fire away. You can do it without telling me what a sycophant and chump I am for having the temerity not to see it precisely as you do. And I can make my case without insulting you and accusing you of various evil, unworthy motives. I noted the flaws I saw in Trump clearly. I noted the unique and dire threat Clinton posed to fundamental liberties. After election, when Trump made appointments and announced solid policies, I acknowledged it candidly – even though it meant some of my initial assessment of him was wrong. If I’m a Trump minion, he surely needs a better, more reliable corps of minions.

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  18. lambzie37 says:

    Ready of course only to watch Meatball, our cat, go nuts trying to chase em all, But one more absurd visual! 🤗

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  19. M.L. says:

    Wow! I began reading articles on this website to be inspired and to get away from everything I’m seeing on Social Media regarding others political views. As well as, what I’ve been reading in both Liberal and Conservative publications. Tired of everyone judging and name calling. Really. Christ wasn’t and isn’t like this. Perhaps if our country viewed things without posting labels on ones opinion, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’ve been in over the last 20+ years! It’s not a sporting event and BOTH party’s haven’t really accomplished anything. Endless tug of war with no comprises. Very disappointing to see this whole string on this site.


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