Each Soul is the Battleground


By Charlie Johnston

My public tours are over for the year and I am in the midst of visiting with family. Right now I am with my daughter, Christie, and her husband, Duane, and their daughter, Lily – a lively, smart and headstrong little girl. I made fudge yesterday (gave my daughter her choice for this trip – my famous fudge or my famous green stuff.) Tomorrow I go to Alabama for a few days visiting family there. Monday I go back home and will probably sleep for a week.

On October 13 of this year, I had a very rare type of vision. It was not about the future or the past, but about how God orders all things. I indirectly described the only similar major vision I ever had in the piece, “Into the Whirlwind.” Without going into great detail, there are a couple of striking things I was shown.

The most important is that ALL things serve to accomplish God’s will. ALL things. God never interferes with our free will. But He is omniscient and knows what we will do – and so orders it to accomplish His purpose. If you are Pharaoh, God knows the hardness of your heart – and uses it to demonstrate His power and to free His chosen people. If you are King David, God knows your intense passion and courage, including it slipping frequently into disorder. But He also knows your love. So He uses it to found a kingdom which is a foreshadowing of the Kingdom He will open up to us with the coming of Christ. If you are St. John Paul, He uses your fortitude, courage and brilliance to fortify His Holy Church. If you are Roman persecutors of the early Church, God uses your persecution to spread the Gospel and the faith throughout the world. Whether you are obedient or disobedient, good or evil, scheming or docile, whatever you do ends up serving God’s purposes, even when you intend exactly the opposite. The only thing that is ever at stake is your own salvation.

We are constantly revealing ourselves and giving ourselves up to judgment. If you speak of charity, but devise it so as to give yourself advantage, you reveal yourself to God. If you speak of faith, but are ever eager to be on the side that seems to be winning, you reveal yourself to God, even if you actually deceive yourself. It was not just St. Peter who was called to walk on water to Jesus, ignoring the waves of the Storm around him. We are all so called, called by God to ignore the fearful waves of trouble, the howling winds of ambition to keep our eyes on Jesus and use all He gives us to serve Him by serving His people. When you can recognize both temporal triumph and temporal disaster as the same fraud wearing different clothes; when you can recognize that the only reality that lasts is loving and serving God; when you understand that you most fully serve God by loving your neighbors and seeing in them His Divine Image, you are at the beginning of wisdom.

The devil already knows all this. He knew it from the moment of his rebellion. He knows he will not win – and that, in fact, every gambit he plays will only serve to accomplish God’s will. He knows he will get no kingdom after this world has passed, but will be as isolated and forsaken as all others who have rejected God. The devil is pure malevolence, his sole purpose to negate what God has created – to mutilate, torture, terrify, seduce, and ultimately destroy as many of the souls God has created as he can. That is the only “victory” he ever gets. The satan works with furious resolve to try to pervert your best qualities into parodies of virtue. He seeks to turn your love into lust, your initiative into greed, your search for righteousness into a shallow self-righteousness preening. With everything we do, we accomplish God’s will while revealing whether we are God’s or the satan’s man. It is only ever our soul that is at stake, not God’s sovereign will.

There is a great spiritual war going on right now…and each soul is the battleground.


In the late stages of big campaigns, I always dealt with a rising tide of panic and agitation on the part of insiders as election day loomed closer. It would get strikingly more pressured at about six weeks out, then become an unbelievable pressure cooker the last three weeks. Panicked allies would tell me four or five times a day how we had to throw everything out and do some wild desperation move. Some of the more nakedly ambitious sorts would start rehearsing their excuses and recriminations before any decision had been made. It happened the same whether it was a winning or losing campaign. It was always useful to me, for intense pressure truly reveals character. I was always surprised at how some who had seemed strong to me were merely reeds shaken by the wind – and some who seemed timid were shown to have great fortitude and at their very best in a storm. I came to look forward to the revelations of character the pressure cooker period would reveal. It helped me make better informed decisions after the issue was settled.

My examination of conscience in the weeks leading up to decision rarely involved mere victory or defeat. I always trusted that, if I had done my work well with fortitude and refinement, God’s will would be accomplished through whatever the final result was. I would ask myself if I had done all I reasonably could to accomplish victory. Not, mind you, that I had made no mistakes – if I made no mistakes I regarded that as evidence I had not worked hard enough. Had I fought with vigor and skill, with honor and fortitude, in a way that I would be content with my conduct whatever the outcome? If I had, I was content to leave the results to God. I am sad to say that there were some victories where I was not entirely satisfied with my conduct – but also gladdened by  some losses where I was quite pleased with how I had comported myself throughout. Certainly candidates, staff and volunteers all appreciated that the stormier it got, the steadier and more deliberate I got. It helped keep all focused and panic at bay.

Now that we have entered into the year of fulfillment, I see signs of the same thing among some readers here. More than a few have asked for serial clarifications, a few have tried to come up with novel ways in which I would be right even if I were wrong about a fundamental milepost (kind of a corollary to those critics on other sites who have been arguing that just because I have been strikingly right about the sweep of things, that does not mean I am actually…right). None of this means much, just the sound and fury that always rises as you approach a critical moment.

It is pretty simple and does not require clarification. If I have been accurate that there will be no peaceful transfer of power from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, I will be publicly around until July 5, 2018. If I have erred about that, I will take responsibility for it and quit the scene. If the latter happens, I will remain on full alert even in exile until July 5, 2018, which is the end of my time of active service, always in complete obedience to the lawful authority over me.

God is always at hand to those who call on Him. His goodness endures forever. I know He comes to reclaim His people, not to destroy them. I know some of the details of how He intends this, but only some. I know He will accomplish it.

I guess my way of assessing things is a lot different than most people’s. I described it in the piece, “All In.” I meant what I said in it. That is the way I do things.

As we draw closer to an hour of fulfillment, I imagine the questions will get more intense. So long as they are civil and not hectoring, I will clear them. But I will rarely answer them. I have said what I have said and I take responsibility for every bit of it. We are all revealing ourselves and delivering ourselves up to judgment. Remember that before panicking.  I have been true to my promise of long ago – and I have been greatly heartened by how many have taken heart from it. It has been a good few years of work. And on the big things, I have almost always been right. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, I have every expectation that it will be the same this time – and I have another year and a half of heavy work before me.


Our team member, Beckita, sent me a note to say she thought I should reprise the piece, “Through a Glass Darkly” once more as we have so many new readers – and she considers it absolutely foundational. So I reprise it below:

Through a Glass Darkly

deep space stars.jpg

By Charlie Johnston

Authentic prophecy is always an invitation from God. It is an invitation to remember His goodness in times past, to see His mercies in times present, to come back to Him with our whole heart, and to call others to do the same. It is guidance on how to act in particular times and circumstances to accomplish this. It is assurance that He is there, that He loves us, that He wants us back, and that He will walk with us if we heed Him. It is an invitation first to the one called to prophesy, and then to all who will hear. It is an invitation to come to God and participate with Him in His gathering of His children. The most important part of prophecy is its call for what we should do.

It is a great achievement of the devil that he has seduced so many into reducing prophecy to fortune-telling, a sort of mystical mystery theatre in which most act as passive spectators, choosing the character on-stage who best appeals to their interests, beliefs and vanity – then sitting back and enjoying the show. God calls you to act, to act with Him, to act selflessly to rescue His children from despair and disorder. If the emphasis of any mystic is on what will happen rather than what you are called to, it is a diversion, not prophecy. Authentic prophecy is active, requiring you to stretch out your heart and your mind to God and to stretch out your hand in solidarity with your fellows. It is not passive.

Many seem to think interpretation of prophecy is simply getting the narrative right, then charting it two-dimensionally. The foolishness of this reminds me of the ancient fable of the six blind men and the elephant. The Book of Revelation is fascinating for many reasons, not least of which that it presents the closest thing to a raw telling of what the mystic actually is shown than anything I have ever seen. Oh, there is plenty of interpretation in it to make it somewhat comprehensible to us, but St. John gives us a good look at much of the raw material he was working with. Revelation has been seriously studied by thousands of great saints and theologians – and there are almost as many variations in interpretation as there are people who have studied it seriously. There is a general consensus on some larger themes in it (though even here some things are hotly disputed) but there are huge disputes on the meaning of many of the details.

Now, as then, a glimpse into eternity does not produce a neat, little, linear narrative. If it were so, I would not have spent a lifetime being instructed. I have told you I spent nearly two decades getting much wrong when I was instructed by my angel. I think you know that, in earthly terms, I am a pretty smart fellow. If it was as simple as studying a linear narrative, I would not have needed five decades of instruction and testing. So, with a caveat that I cannot describe it with precision unless I made up a whole new vocabulary, let me tell you a little about how it actually is.

I gave you a hint of it in my piece, “Into the Whirlwind.” I described the cosmos, in part, in these words:

Imagine that God showed Job our world, sparkling blue and green like some impossibly rare and precious gem, glittering with life and light. Then God shows Job the entire universe. Think of Job’s wonder at the billions of stars, comets, quarks and planets all pulsing and whirring, a symphony of light and rhythm…”

When you are shown, when you get a glimpse into eternity, it is like that. Trillions of parts all pulsing and whirling, traveling at different speeds and directions, often changing speeds and directions. It is like a three-year-old trying to make sense of the working of a nuclear reactor. At the most elementary level, you try to discern the convergence point of several different elements. It is a game that appeals to your vanity – kind of like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube writ large. Except it is impossible. Things change speeds and direction regularly. After a while, if you are wise, you largely drop that effort and focus on patterns that emerge. While you can’t discern all – or even many – of the details, you can see the larger trends they form.

There are several complications even in this. First, some things are symbolic and some are literal – and it can be difficult to recognize the difference. Some things can’t be changed; others are changed dramatically by our response. It is similar to a cruise liner sinking in the open ocean. Once it reaches a certain point in its distress it is certain to sink. It is almost certain that some people will die. How many will die, though, depends on the behavior of those caught in the catastrophe.  If everyone is in panic and acting in an “every man for himself” way, many will die. If many are steady and resolute, they can help others do the same and many lives will be saved.

Meantime, there is a huge disconnect between how things appear here and how they appear there. We come up with clever schemes we think will solve problems – and most don’t even make a dent in the heavens. The sincere and humble prayer of a single person can change multitudes. When you get a cohort of people praying – and living the prayer of doing, of denying their own appetites and caring for those around them tenderly, it can change the trajectories of entire realms of those moving parts. If you knew the power of sincere, humble prayer and doing the little right in front of you, you would eagerly live it well. The machinations of those in power are mere sparklers in comparison to the majestic, tidal power of a single sincere and humble prayer.

Obviously, I explain this allegorically to you. I do it to give you some sense of what it is like, not what it is. Applied to current times, the Storm is something that is set, it must be fulfilled. But the intensity and duration of it can change based on our response. Some things about it have already changed. The intensity was increased by our determination to persist in rebellion; the duration of its fullness has been decreased because of the rise, often quietly, of renewed faith and fidelity among many who have already despaired of hope in human devices. There are far more troops out there ready to  answer the call. Even in the midst of the Storm, we have entered into a great Christian revival. What God intends is that you live it and bring the hope that is in Him to those around you. If you do that well, it will spread like wildfire. It is not sufficient that you be right, but that you be effective, which means you must bury your ego. If you simply browbeat those around you, so they run away from the faith, you have utterly failed. If you never defend the faith when it is assaulted, you have utterly failed.

I am very careful in dealing with my critics. If they seem animated by a restless malice – or a vanity to prove themselves right – I largely ignore them. If they are serious, perhaps pointed, but showing no signs of malice or vanity, I try to answer them well – sometimes provocatively, sometimes gently. Many of my honorable critics have helped refine my thinking. But the key reason is that I am not sent primarily to say, but to do: to give heart to people, assurance that God is right at hand to them, in the midst of a great crisis in world and salvation history that they may endure until rescue. I am responsible for doing that for my critics, as well, insofar as it can be done, as for everyone else. So I largely refrain that their malice or vanity does not fossilize around them – and when they see God act, they may take firm hold of Him, whatever they think of me.

When I hear purported private revelations, there are certain things I watch for. Does it sound primarily like a running commentary on current events? While authentic prophecy does touch on some current events, its focus is always on the eternal and what our response to it should be. So if it sounds like a radio talk show, it may have value, but it is not prophecy. Does it have heavenly beings profusely condemning various people or peoples? In my entire life, I have never heard Our Lord or Our Lady speak in bitter condemnatory tones about anyone. I have only heard the angels speak with contempt for one person, one time. Often, they condemn sin, but there is a yearning sorrow, almost a lament at times, for their poor lost children The focus is always calling the children of the Kingdom back, not casting them into outer darkness.

The Rescue, late in 2017, is one of those things that is certain. I get nervous about it sometimes because I have frequently been wrong about times – but this is one of the incredibly rare occasion where I was told that, specifically, rather than the enigmatic “soon” or “now.” But I am constantly examining and re-examining those matters which are interpretation, for it pleases God to show me, too, how little I understand. Until my spinal event in 2003, I always assumed I would be in excellent, robust health throughout the Storm. It seemed a good interpretation because I could not see how anyone could do the things I was called to without such health. But it pleased God to show me that He writes straight with crooked lines – and that my robust health was not necessary to accomplish His purposes. I assumed too much. It is why I am grateful for my little disability, often calling it “God’s leash.” It reminded me that God is not at all dependent on me, but I on Him.

I constantly go back to what I call “first things,” what I was told specifically or the larger, immutable principles that have been embedded in me, to re-examine my interpretations. I have often said there will be no presidential election this year. Actually, there are some narrow circumstances in which there could be, but the results would be irrelevant. What I was told was that President Obama would not finish his term and that our next stable national leader will not come from the election process. You could have an explosion of events after an election and before an inauguration. You could have Obama declare a national emergency, cancel elections, extend his term and then depart before the extension was up. The most likely scenario is that everything will be up in the air before election, but there are narrow circumstances where that may not be.

I knew that the fullness of the Storm could have begun as early as the summer of 2012. I was grateful that it did not. But I thought, along with many of my critics, that with all that had to happen, we really did need to enter into the fullness by mid-2014. I somewhat nervously was telling the Lord that I knew He knew best, but didn’t we need to get a move on? After enough of this, He appeared to me and simply said, “When I act, it is done.” It was a reminder to me that, even with all the instruction, I was thinking of these things and time in the way men do, that He is not subject to such limitations. I have since come to see what a grace the delay is. If anti-Christian governments had wanted to assume emergency powers, the fall of 2014 was about the last time they had a reasonable chance of imposing it and making it stick for more than a few weeks. Since then, their real power has been ebbing away even as they act more arbitrarily and oppressively. Their very oppressive and harassing actions have sapped the fundamental consent of their citizens.

The key to everything in these times, after five decades of instruction, is not in the grandiose, but the simple. Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. That is wisdom that will last and will not fail. Live this well and you are already part of the Rescue.

I want to finish with a meditation which originally appeared as a comment here. It was written by YongDuk, the pseudonym an American Catholic Bishop uses to comment with. I often hear people explain to me the meaning of various Biblical prophecy and private revelations. They give me their complex explanations for the two-dimensional linear narrative they have come up with. I usually listen politely but know that, like early Job, they have not entered into the whirlwind and have no clue that the things they speak of are too big for us – and not subject to linear narratives. Whatever YongDuk’s intention was with this piece, I recognized it as one of the best meditations on prophecy I have read.

By Yong Duk


While quite possibly historical, the city and tower in Gen 11:3-4 are allegorical to all the false gods that we humans make for ourselves, to make a “name” for ourselves, to make ourselves–individually or collectively–a man-made habitation away from God and above other people or proper hierarchies and authorities out of ourselves: our creativity, intellect, bodies, spaces, etc.

«They said to one another, “Come, let us mold bricks and harden them with fire.” They used bricks for stone, and bitumen for mortar.”

Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the sky,* and so make a name (Heb: shem) for ourselves.»

The tower in Genesis 11 comes out of the city and therefore the city might be seen as the essential component wherein mankind fosters the creation of false-god — again individually and collectively — as the Author is careful to note who first founds a city in Gen 4:17. (The clan is wherein God and the Family of God is protected.)

The theme of Cain and Abel are sown through Genesis and the Torah into the rest of Scripture. The structure of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 echoes the list in Genesis 4 and 5.

There is a change in Genesis 11:

Initially, it is an individual and individuals acting. After the Flood, it is the collective.

Genesis 10 and 11 shows that while Shem, the firstborn son of Noah, is still alive and kicking, almost immediately (within a generation or so) the collective revolts against him and in him, as the Patriarch of the Family of God, against God by the theme of city being reintroduced. This introduction of the tower shows the degree of the pride and perhaps even intends to show the degree that the Flood failed to due its job.

Charlie many times speaks that he hopes that it is generations upon generations before the Great Apostasy happens after the Storm. While Grace (i.e. sanctifying grace wherein we become friends of God and temples of the Holy Spirit) had not yet been restored in the case of the Flood, St. Peter echoes the theme of Noah’s Ark in his epistle, so that we should see our Time of Grace (the fullness of time, Gal 4:4, when God sent for His Son, born of Mary) as parallel to the Time of the Flood and the restoration of humanity. Yet, how few of us ponder the connexions? How few of us truly sift through our egos and tear down our temples to false gods. How few of us stop aiding and abetting in other’s building bricks that lead to temples to false gods in them?

And then, with the Storm and after the Storm, who of us will to one another, “Come, let us mold bricks and harden them with fire.” How much time, years or generations? (I mentioned weeks ago that it will be the challenging of hierarchies that will usher in the Great Apostasy. It is making for ourselves a “name” over and against the Patriarch and Patriarchs of the Family of God. This is reflected in Genesis 11 in the Schisms and Heresies throughout the Ages, the break up of families and the family.) How will we respond and will we endure and judge righteous judgment?

St. Peter says as much in 2 Peter 2:

For if God did not spare the angels when they sinned…
and if he did not spare the ancient world,
even though he preserved Noah, a herald of righteousness…
and if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah…

making them an example for the godless [people] of what is coming…

and if he rescued Lot…that righteous man…
then the Lord knows how to rescue the devout from trial…

Charlie mentions the role of the prophet in preparing in speaking of what is to come.

The object of prophecy in the Old Testament is to remind people, to cause people to remember what God has done for them.

The Prophet points to the past to prepare God’s People for the future trials and to live righteously:

“See what God has done for us? He has done it again and again and again in Christ and will do it yet again! But will you do it again?”


About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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  1. Jos Collin says:

    Dear all,

    I got up a few days ago with some inspiration for a tune on “Acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around you”.

    If you like it, and you have some good singers around, you might give it a try. You can also just whistle it!

    You’ll find the score and a computer based mp3 here:


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  2. Snowy Owl says:

    Has anyone heard from Patrick lately? I hope he’s staying warm! The cold snap hitting MN and the Dakotas is really frigid!

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  3. CrewDog says:

    As the Islamists and their stooges in the UN attempt to erase the history and existence of Israel, the more, of late, historical evidence is uncovered to thwart the above. Mere coincidence? I’m not one of those Replacement Theology types and I believe that The Chosen People still have a big role to play … maybe soon!??
    “Free Zion” coin minted 1,967 years ago unveiled”



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  4. CrewDog says:

    I Know, I KNOW!! I’m just a nasty Old Grinch but bishops promoting Perversion and the Flouting of The Rule of LAW …. and … Let’s Face-It!! …… Aiding and Abetting the Democrat Party of Unlimited Abortion, Sexual Perversion and every form of Fringe godlessness is EVIL! … THE STORM ….. anyone!!?? …. and don’t hand me the usual Lefty Arguments of compassion, hearts in the right place and their intentions were good BS!!


    “Brooklyn Bishop vows to stop immigrants from being deportated”


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  5. Lisa H. says:

    On a lighter note – Did someone say, “famous fudge recipe”? Would you consider sharing your recipe? I’m planning to give some homemade gifts this year.
    Love receiving your blog posts Charlie! God bless you always!…and Merry Christmas!

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  6. Each soul is in the battleground, but it is hard to lose when God is on your side! Flee to God and you will win 🙂

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