Let Us Pray Anew for Pope Francis and Our Church

With a heavy heart, I invite us to join anew in prayer for our Holy Father and our Church. Never in the history of the Church has there been a conference focused on the topic of how to depose a heretical pope. On March 17th at Life Site News, it was reported that canon lawyers and theologians will hold a conference in two weeks in Paris, entitled: “Deposing the Pope: Theological Premises, Canonical Models, Constitutional Challenge.”

This news evoked such sadness that I reached out to Yong Duk, asking if he would write for us on this development. We are so blessed with his wise and heartening shepherd’s voice:

Let me pray on this, Beckita.

My heart is telling me that we have hit a junction that Charlie has spoken of before which the Bible speaks of time and again.

Recall yesterday’s Gospel (Friday of the Second Week of Lent: Mt 21:33-43;45-46).

The Pharisees and the Chief Priests.

We saw it under John Paul II from the one side and now we are seeing it from the other side under Pope Francis.

Where is the docility? Yes it is the responsibility of the theologians to speculate and to ponder tough questions but always under Docility to the Holy Spirit and, thus, also to the Church.

Many have spoken on the need that there has to be a necessary Hardening of Hearts. That is God’s way. Look at yesterday’s Office of Readings (Exodus 19:1-19;20:18-21). The same with the Pharaoh. The same with the Pharisees and Chief Priests. The same Today. Then look at the Second Reading from St. Iraneus’ Against Heresies: the Covenant of the Lord.

To go to Hell, one need be perfect in one’s choice, have chosen freely, and to have known what was chosen. The Perfection of a Soul in a radical Choice, a Moral Act, against Charity, against Love, against the Holy Spirit, against Communion and against the Communion of Saints. 

That is the Hardening and it is necessary again within the Body of Christ, just as it was 2,000 years ago against Christ.

Then the Crucifixion. Then the Resurrection. The Church is necessarily going through the Same.

Pace Bene

O let us pray anew for Pope Francis and our Church!

About Beckita

Beckita, widow, mother and grandmother, lives in Missoula, Montana. After more than thirty years of service, she retired from two careers: elementary school educator and director of liturgical music ministry in a local parish. Serving the Catholic Church in many capacities since early childhood, she now provides care for a nearly 90 year old priest of Chinese origin and collaborates with him in evangelizing the Chinese people. For more than twenty-five years, she has welcomed words from heaven concerning these sobering times in which we live and, like so many, takes seriously Our Lord and Our Lady’s call to intercede for the return of souls to God. Responding to heaven’s call for prayer, for her, included making pilgrimages to shrines in Europe, Asia and South America. She says these travels, added to her years as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa in the mid-seventies, have expanded her heart to hold dear all peoples of the world. She is a longtime member of TNRS community and when she began reading Charlie’s posts, immediately, she found that his mission and message harmonize well with Church approved private revelation of our times. In September 2015, she accepted an invitation to become part of TNRS Answers Team. As events of the Storm evolved, last fall (2016), she accepted Charlie’s invitation to become managing editor of TNRS should he need to leave the site. With great gratitude to and for Charlie, founder of TNRS, and with great respect and admiration for the lifelong experiences and God-given gifts he brought to bear on his work at this site - she knows we all know he’s irreplaceable – still, she considers it a great privilege to serve the TNRS community.
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  1. Elina says:

    When I first heard about the talk about unmarried going to communion ,I thought .why ? everyone goes to communion anyway and I doubt if they know any better with the new liberal education.someone here said something about a back door approach of pope Frances where they might think oh,maybe this isn’t just right and they might find a holy priest who will turn their life around……. Maybe a good thought! Our parishes started this in the 60, s There were no holy priests to be found and much confusion.! Mary taken out of the church and Jesus in time out somewhere. It’s still the same in our diocese leaving many people in the dark. maybe we could pray about this , and all the children who were affected. I hope this is not affecting many parishes.

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    • Beckita says:

      A great intention for which to pray, Elina!

      Very often when confusion abounds we want someone or something to blame. The confusion and disobedience in the Church was already rampant when Pope Francis was elected. That back door you mention is exactly what I believe Pope Francis is using *not* in hopes of encouraging sin but in hopes that each pastor, willing to take on a missionary mentality, will go seek the lost, will sit with individuals and couples to help them discover God’s Love and Mercy – not separate from His Law but integrated with it. Again over the weekend, we heard the Good News of Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well. We heard with our own ears that Jesus thirsts for us even more than we thirst for Him. THIS is the message Pope Francis is asking all of us, clergy and laity alike, to carry to those around us, outside of the comfort and confines of our churches.

      Soon enough, all willing sherpas will have ample opportunities to witness to these truths as people drop to their knees, as we are all intensely purified. The formerly unrepentant ones will find hope in God’s Presence in our human skin as we reassure them that He IS Mercy and He wants every kid to come back to Him. We can proclaim Jesus’ own words to St. Faustina: “The greater the sin, the greater *right* that sinner has to My Mercy.” May it be.

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      • Doug says:

        I will drop my rock again and walk away.

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      • sodakrancher says:


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      • mark davis says:

        God bless

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      • Linda says:

        Beckita that was beautiful. I am a product of a failed marriage. What people don’t understand is some marriages are not good and like Pope Francis said..never took place to begin with…there are some very very ugly and dangerous situations out there..we should never judge..I have judged, forgive me Lord, and am judged harshly for being divorced and remarried ( we have been annulled and are good now) God forgives our bad decisions and mistakes and failures…many people are not so kind and crucify unlucky souls that get in bad ways for the rest of their lives…I so understand the woman at the well who went to get water early in the morning for fear of the other “righteous” women…I really do understand Our Holy Father…somehow..he gets our times…The Eternal Spirit YD? But in all the mess I found myself in…it is true…GOD CAN DRAW GOOD OUT OF EVIL…I offer all up to Our beautiful Mother Mary for Her triumph…oh, let us all suffer well, for we all deserve it..I killed Christ, and so did everyone…Let us love and pray and sacrifice for all we love, and for those we don’t love.. For God died for us all…💖

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  2. mbrandon8026 says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

    Docility is not a word that we find in our normal daily lexicon, but it is a wonderful word. The last time I heard it was on Monday January 2, in answer to my prayers after the wisdom I received from my pastor in Confession on Saturday December 30.

    My Pastor has asked me a question from Jesus: “Am I enough?” And so, since this question was a free gift to me, I offer it to you as an equally free gift. Is Jesus enough?

    On the Monday after the New Year began, Jesus gave me the answer to the question, what my response should be in order to take in Jesus sufficiency for my life.

    I am pretty sure I relayed this in a comment soon after it happened, but if I did it bears repeating, if for no one else but me, to get it back into my brain pan.

    The Lord gave me three words, with a vision for each from my life, and a 4th word which wrapped around the other three.

    The words were:

    Docility. With this word came a vision of a horse resisting being saddled. The horse had my face, and when the cowboy saddling him turned towards me in the vision, I saw it was Jesus. At that the horse (which was me too) calmed down.

    Humility. This time the vision, was of Jesus sitting at a potter’s wheel, with a lump of clay on the wheel. I knew the lump of clay was me. The Lord fashioned many things from it, that kept getting smaller and smaller. He was never quite satisfied with the end product. Finally, he was down to one small speck of clay on the wheel. With His middle finger he flicked it off the wheel, looked across at the mirror that was behind the wheel, and seeing His own reflection said 2 words: “There. Perfect.”

    Patience. With patience came a memory from the same general time period as the first two visions, and it is worth noting that all of these happened about 25 years ago. I saw myself at the chapel in downtown Dallas when Father Santos Mendoza, a mystic priest, who has since passed away, was there. I had visited with him the day previous with my spiritual director, and we returned the second day to retrieve something my SD had left there. Father Santos was hearing confessions and I wanted to go, but felt we were in a hurry to get to somewhere else. As I stood at the door to the chapel, my SD came up behind me, opened the chapel door, pushed me in the back and said: “Go.”

    Moments later, I was in the confessional, and after I told Father my sins, I saw him take my heart out of my chest and show it to me. He said: “What about impatience and irritability?” Moments later I was outside the confessional, shriven like never before.

    The fourth word was Trust. Since it was Jesus speaking to me, it required no explanation.

    Without these 4 words embedded in our hearts as ways to live TNRS, TNRS is impossible.

    TNRS says to us that though Charlie was not literally correct about what transpired in January politically, he was, in fact, figuratively correct, and that we are in the fiercest of battles, not against flesh and blood, but against the forces of evil, who torment us, our loved ones, our leaders, and all people in the world.

    It does not matter if, how, or when our economies collapse, what physical battles ensue, what anyone says about our Pope, President Trump, or any other leader, true or not. What matters is that we stand firm in these raging storms. We are standing, and must continue to stand firm in our faith, trusting that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has got our backs, our fronts, our sides, and our tops and bottoms.

    Stand firm Brothers and Sisters. We are witnessing the convergence of manure and fan blades on a global scale. It ain’t pretty, and it’s gonna smell something awful for a time. But, in the end, all that new fertilizer will help beautiful things grow.

    All will be well. All will be well. All manner of things will be well.

    God Bless All who come here.

    Michael Brandon

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    • leel004 says:

      Micheal…i love LOVE love your theology images. Although I would unfortunatley see Jesus on this donkey…or jack*^’…training me to docile …..
      We are having plenty of manure this year in our island style manure with 5 siucide bills, and a forced abortion bill to advertise in the prolife agencies. It is so dictatorial n nature, it states prolifers MUST advertisers in a certain font size, posted in certain areas, with certain information posted…BUTs not mandatory in the anti-life centers. So I am having a HARD time not picking up the manure and throwing it back!

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    • Profoundly beautiful, mbrandon86. You have given me much to think on and pray about, and you also reaffirmed my resolve to stand firm and keep my mouth shut when all sorts of slander and ugliness is thrown. Peace be with you.

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    • bethsiwsh says:

      This is balm to my troubled, heavy soul. Thank you so much for sharing….

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  3. Doug says:

    I had to drop my rock and walk away.

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  4. lagarrow48 says:

    I will continue to pray for our Pope and our world. It seems that there is no end to conflicts between good and evil. We cannot forget ever that the evil one is doing all he can to divide and conquer, to separate those who do good from the flock of the shepherd and lure them into the commission of deadly sin. I truly believe in the power of prayer, in saying the St. Michael the Archangel prayer every day, the Rosary as our spiritual weapon against all evils, doing good works, and reading the Word of God. The pursuit of power and position could be one of the deadliest sins we are witnessing in so many sectors of our society right now, and through prayer and making the conscious decision to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind…..and the second is this: you shall love your neighbor as yourself” Matthew 22:37-40, we can break the chain of the hardened hearts, we can pray: “A clean heart create for me God, renew within me a steadfast spirit” Psalm 51:12, and ask the same for the leaders of of our Catholic churches, for all people in leadership positions, and the governments throughout the world. Come Holy Spirit, renew the face of the earth. Blessed Mother Mary, give us all your heart to lead us straight to your son Jesus’ Sacred Heart, so we can all by His eyes, hands, feet, and heart to everyone we meet, every day, and we ask the same for our leaders in our Catholic faith, and in all the governments of the world. Give your son Pope Francis the strength he needs to address his adversaries and Thy will be done through the power of the Holy Spirit in all Pope Francis’ words and actions. Peace and God’s love to all of you.

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  5. I find this peaceful, he’s trying to show us something, an inkling.

    Pope Francis – 02/24/2017

    “Is it lawful for a husband to put away his wife?” That is the question the doctors of the law put to Jesus in the day’s Gospel.

    Jesus does not give in to a casuistic logic, but always explains the truth

    They asked the question to once more put Jesus to the test, the Pope observed. Looking to Jesus’ answer, the Pope explained what matters most in the faith:

    “Jesus does not answer whether it is lawful or not lawful; He doesn’t enter into their casuistic logic. Because they thought of the faith only in terms of ‘Yes, you can,” or “No, you can’t” – to the limits of what you can do, the limits of what you can’t do. That logic of casuistry. And He asks a question: “But what did Moses command you? What is in your Law?” And they explained the permission Moses had given to put away the wife, and they themselves fall into the trap. Because Jesus qualifies them as ‘hard of heart’: ‘Because of the hardness of your hearts he wrote you this commandment,’ and He speaks the truth. Without casuistry. Without permissions. The truth.”

    The logic of casuistry is hypocritical, deceptive

    But if this is the truth, and adultery is serious, how then, the Pope asks, does one explain that Jesus spoke “many times with an adulteress, a pagan?” That He “drank from the glass of her who was not purified?” And at the end He said to her: “I do not condemn you. Sin no more”? How does one explain that?

    “And the path of Jesus – it’s quite clear – is the path from casuistry to truth and mercy. Jesus lays aside casuistry. Not here, but in other passages from the Gospel, He qualifies those who want to put Him to the test, those who think with this logic of ‘Yes, you can’ as hypocrites. Even with the fourth commandment these people refused to assist their parents with the excuse that they had given a good offering to the Church. Hypocrites. Casuistry is hypocritical. It is a hypocritical thought. ‘Yes, you can; no, you can’t’… which then becomes more subtle, more diabolical: But what is the limit for those who can? But from here to here I can’t. It is the deception of casuistry.

    From casuistry to truth to mercy: this is the Christian path

    The path of the Christian, then, does not give into the logic of casuistry, but responds with the truth, which is accompanied, following the example of Jesus, by mercy – “because He is the Incarnation of the Mercy of the Father, and He cannot deny Himself. He cannot deny Himself because He is the truth of the Father, and He cannot deny Himself because He is the Mercy of the Father.”

    Justice and mercy: This is the path that makes us happy

    “And this street that Jesus teaches us,” the Pope noted, is difficult to apply in the face of the temptations of life:

    “When the temptation touches your heart, this path of going out from casuistry to truth and mercy is not easy: It takes the grace of God to help us to go forward in this way. And we should always ask for it. ‘Lord, grant that I might be just, but just with mercy.’ Not just, covered by casuistry. Just in mercy. As You are. Just in mercy. Then, someone with a casuistic mentality might ask, “But what is more important in God? Justice or mercy?’ This, too, is a sick thought, that seeks to go out… What is more important? They are not two things: it is only one, only one thing. In God, justice is mercy and mercy is justice. May the Lord help us to understand this street, which is not easy, but which will bring us happiness, and will make so many people happy.”


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    • Kris says:

      I have to admit I got lost in all that ….Casuistry? A Arisotolean thought about first causes? A person who is black and white in their thinking? Cant show mercy to a sinner? I get that God is Justice and Mercy. I get what Jesus was saying to the Pharisees who wanted to trap him. I just dont see what the Pope is really getting at here. Sorry, Young Duk, do you have any explanation that would make sense?


      • Beckita says:

        Sorry, Kris. YD does not frequent the blog. His life is brimming over with the duties of a prelate. I asked for his reflection to aid us in processing the topic of this post.

        Good, merciful intent when discussing the laws of God is the goal. How can we talk of God’s justice in the consequences of sin without naming God’s mercy when we repent and amend? The Diary of St. Faustina is replete with words from Jesus which give a balanced understanding of God’s justice and mercy. The Storm has God’s justice and mercy infused in its events.

        I sometimes think the Ten Commandments should have been named Ten Life-giving Ways because keeping the commandments brings true peace. Abba gave these laws for our happiness. If you look at this definition of casuistry, you can see of what our Holy Father is warning against: “specious, deceptive, or oversubtle reasoning, especially in questions of morality; fallacious or dishonest application of general principles; sophistry.”

        There are those who hammer others with the law. The opposite way of appealing to sinners is found in luvmercy’s story, in the parable of the Prodigal Son, in responding to Our Lady’s appeal to pray in reparation and for conversion and in the parable of the Good Shepherd.

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        • Kris says:

          Truly I get that reaching out first in LOVE, in the most honest sense of what that means, ‘I want your best to be accomplished by my interaction with you.’ ‘ I want Christ’s mercy to shine out in my hands, feet, eyes and tongue to whomever I meet’ So if this is what Pope Francis is saying, I am all behind it. I just have to admit, what i read, what I see happening, what the local priests are doing where I live, horrifies me. I was given an understanding not too long ago of what I call a great leveling. As the walls crumble (metaphorically speaking) there is no place to hide. People are running to where they think they will be best protected. If that means taking the easy way out, like telling anyone they are okay doing anything, because the world says so then , for some that is where they will chose to go , to have the least impact on them. But it is a false shelter. For i also know that this leveling is only temporary, to uncover the hearts of all, their intent. I have to hold onto the fact that Christ must pick his army that will be faithful, like Gideon’s army. I re-read the speech that Pope Francis gave after the first Bishop’s summit on the family (3? Years Ago) and his use of the Book of revelation, to challenge the Bishops with the same words that Christ challenged the early churches, the temptations that they were corrected with and the good things they were doing to continue. So it seems like the waiting it out period, to see just who will take the challenge and not give in to the world is where we are. Patience is the virtue of the day. I really try hard not to read anything much any more, even what the Pope is saying because there is just too much misinformation. I think it is too much to try to figure it out so my take is , trust in that LOVING God who has a plan and never leave Peter.

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  6. Thank you, YE. Where is my docility?

    A few months ago just before the election, I had to sit through a painful sermon by a new rector that attacked subtly and unfairly Donald Trump’s platform (and, thus, many of my strongly-held beliefs about border security and our willingness to help our neighbors). I was furious. “Ugh, a liberal priest!” I thought (although as Christians we are not to be identified by political affiliation but rather as followers of Christ). I confessed to the other “conservative” priest that I was angry at the other priest and that I desired to argue with him – why doesn’t he preach against abortion and gay unions which are Clinton’s passions and contrary to Church teaching (etc., etc…I could go on and on about my political views.)

    After a time, fortunately, my attitude toward the “liberal” priest softened. He IS a wonderful pastor who is gifted in the confessional. His sermons are generally thoughtful and meaningful. He’s clearly an intellectual. And the parish really loves him.

    During this past Sunday Mass, I learned he has been selected to become bishop. Reflexively, my anger and self-righteousness shot back up to the surface. But gazing upon Our Lord represented in the beautiful Crucifix at the front of the church, I realized Jesus has given this priest this position of incredible honor and importance. Father is obviously qualified to become bishop, and I pray he will have great success in accomplishing God’s Will in his future diocese.

    Slowly, the adverse emotions in me subsided as I struggled to accept God’s Will in this matter. Eventually, the feeling of docility arrived. Ah, how often the virtues of humility and trust require great effort to bring to the forefront!

    To quote Doug above, I had to drop my stone.

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    • Beckita says:

      Beautiful, Patrick.

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    • madkatmomma says:

      I fail miserably at docility. St. Joan of Arc was my confirmation patron saint, and in that spirit I’m quick to take up arms and will probably be burned at the stake someday. In all honesty, I don’t really understand YD’s explanation at all.

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      • Beckita says:

        Laughing at your St. Joan of Arc humor, madkatmomma. Don’t we all fall and rise again in so many ways?

        YDs reflection connects to God revealing hearts as He is in events right now. We’ve often discussed here one of Archangel Gabriel’s sobering statements made to Charlie, “They must choose or perish.” And so we must in these days, choose for or against God, just as millions before us have done throughout salvation history. Jesus tells us He’s the Good Shepherd Who searches day and night, doing all He can to bring back the lost sheep. Our Lady has been coming to earth in this Age of Mary to awaken us and call us back to her Son as well as to ask us to pray with her for all the lost ones that they be saturated in grace so they may choose God.

        YD refers to a classic spiritual teaching: when we persist in our choices against God and His Law, our hearts become hardened. We make those choices all day long, every day. When we sin yet repent and rise again, we are choosing for God. When we sin and choose to give up repenting and returning, we are hardening our hearts. Are we then forever lost? Only if we choose repeatedly to reject God. But even then there’s hope – until the time when choosing comes to an end.

        We TNRSers, and the people of God beyond our community, have been invited to a great spiritual work of mercy in our times. As we strive to live the ordinary way, prayer is desperately needed for souls to choose God. I use the word, “desperately,” intentionally as we look upon the millions worldwide who are not choosing God. We are not called to condemn them. Jesus came to save and Jesus, living in our hearts and prayers, will reach out to the lost as we persist in prayer and sacrifice for the love of His people everywhere.

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        • jj says:


          Allow me to be pedantic and add some emphasis to your use of the word “desperately”, instead of “millions”, insert “Billions”. 7+ Billion in the world… According to Google (“credible” source, maybe, meh…) about 1/3 are Christian…

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        • madkatmomma says:

          HA! You’re so simple and clear Beckita…why didn’t YD just say what you said *wink* but I still don’t see what that has to do with the controversy over Pope Francis. I truly believe the holy father is doing his best to work at the direction of the Holy Spirit, and Mary, mother of the church, by loving and counseling the sinner, making the church a less judgemental place to come back to so that you can help them heal, reconcile and reclaim their relationship with Christ. In my view that is what we need now. We need to decide if we want to gather people into the fold or build a mote.

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          • Beckita says:

            I agree with your assessment of what Our Holy Father is doing, madkatmomma. There is danger for those so acrimoniously accusative and opposed to Pope Francis, including clergy, for they could harden their hearts and remove themselves from the Church, out of the safety of the Barque of Peter. There is so much and so many for whom to pray even as we remain calmly focused on God, trusting in His Plan.

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  7. Joe says:

    My perspective – truth has no need to be defended. It is perfect and nothing can come against it. The Devil can’t change it. He can only hope to cover it up. But it is patient and the Word will not go back to God empty. It will have served its purpose. Pope Francis is offering his personal sacrifice to God. All that comes against his Papacy will be brought to not. All this reminds me of a question God posed to me several years ago. Are you more attached to tradition and your understanding of truth or me? The human ego, I have found, seeks to justify itself. It will attach itself even to that which is good and true but will stifle mans growth. It does not allow man freedom. It is only comfortable with mans understanding and does not want the finger of God touching it; which patiently challenges its understanding. Like Charlie has spoken about (Job).

    This does not mean one follows the way the wind is blowing. In fact it often means going against the prevailing winds. Be lead by the barque of Peter. Be challenged, but do not just give away what is good. A prudent man is slow and cautious, often asking for clarification, not relying solely on his understanding but also not throwing away what is good for the prevaling winds. Rather a sheep allowing itself to be shepherded, while not discounting its own responsibility to honestly seek and discover.

    All have an opinion but very few indeed have a true perspective. A true perspective is found in the revelation of truth in the soul of he who receives truth. It is careful not to come against truth as seen in the souls of others but it also is not afraid of the opinions of man which are like a puff of smoke, vanished completely on that day when truth reveals itself in all its Glory. No man can escape that day. So we seek to replace our understanding and opinions with truth and Godly perspective because in the end it will remain and shine on that Day. Charlie hit the nail on the head with his discussion of Job and the wirlwind. To grow one must not fear just rebuke, one must not fear littleness, one must not fear brokenness. In these things a perspective, beginning as a seed, is watered by truth from the Eternal Word, and begins to grow. Opinions are like weeds to be gathered and thrown into the fire.

    I have heard before that Moses studered, that Paul was a terrible speaker and we know that Peter was often overzealous. Pope Francis by his very office is being used by God. On his back shall the pride of those who would narrow the doorway be broken? I ponder this question.

    One may think I am a huge fan of Pope Francis, in fact, he is far from my favorite Pope. But I cannot deny his perspective and where he, the only rightful man, is steering the Church. Some would argue he is taking us aground or towards a collision. No he is not. He may be getting close to the rocks but it is for a purpose and is not reckless. The problem is more the crew that is panicking, thinking they know better. A true crewman offers his assistance and perspective at the service and help of the captain.

    Unfortunately it is often difficult to distinguish the Perspective – good Criticims versus the Opinion – unjust criticisms. But this too shall pass. They will be made known by their fruits. The Holy Spirit will defend his Church and protect her. St Boscos dream will come to pass. Don’t fret. I see Jesus here on the ship. He is not disturbed, in fact he is sleeping. When he awakes it will all make better sense. Let us go rest by him.

    I am thankful for this blog. For indeed light must be spoken in the darkness. Most times this is done in the quiet of our hearts. Known to God alone. But the light must also shine in the mountain top. And here it is being allowed to be spoken. The war will not be won by one man but the many who forming a true perspective form the army of Mary, nurtured and cared for by her. For in the silence of the heart the greatest victories are won. Far more expansive than the whole of the universe is but one soul, and more valued than all the treasures. For in no other place has the Eternal Lord chosen to make his resting place and home for all eternity.

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    • Beckita says:

      Thank you for this insightful reflection, Joe.

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    • jj says:

      I really like what you said here: “Don’t fret. I see Jesus here on the ship. He is not disturbed, in fact he is sleeping. When he awakes it will all make better sense. Let us go rest by him.”

      If there are any sailors (those who use the wind to move the boat, not those who are on engine powered vessels, although the analogy applied to them as well) they know that only when you are moving with the prevailing winds does the voyage seem calm. In order to make way in any other direction you must oppose the prevailing wind, and in doing so, the apparent wind is that much stronger. The same is true with “cultural wind”. Whenever we wish to make way against the “cultural wind” it will seem that much stronger.

      That event occurs in 3 of the 4 Gospels (Matt 8:24, Mark 4:38, and Luke 8:23) and Jesus response in all 3 cases is the same, after He calms the storm He asks them where is their Faith?

      I think there is a valuable lesson in a Gospel event that occurs almost identically in 3 of the 4 Gospels.

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  8. Mack says:

    Certainly Pope Francis is the legitimately elected Pope, and we must respect his authority and pray for him. Any attempt to “depose” him should rightly be rejected.
    Still, I think there is more going on with this papacy than meets the eye. I believe that, as Charlie said, Pope Francis is the “pope of the Storm.” But I see two senses in that: one in that he is leading us through it, and another in that he is causing some of the storm winds. Please don’t anyone be scandalized by that, but it is very obvious. That doesn’t mean we should reject him, not at all. But as Catholics we are not required to think that every utterance from the pope’s mouth is infallible; it’s not. History shows us popes who have made grave mistakes and damaged the Church. I’m not saying that Francis has done that; history will judge it from a more impartial view. Respect for the pope has to be grounded in a sound understanding of Catholic teaching on infallibility. It doesn’t mean the pope is immune from making mistaken remarks, but that in his capacity as the successor of St Peter, he will not definitively teach error on matters of faith and morals. The Holy Spirit will not allow him to do that.
    But the Holy Spirit does allow popes to be mistaken on other things, as well as to sin. (See history of the popes). With this, I’m just saying that we should have a respect for the Pope tempered by an honest realism about the limits of his office.

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  9. Sean Sullivan says:

    Reading through the comments, advice and hysteria led me to an article written by Mark Mallet titled “The thin line between Mercy and Heresy”. It consists of three parts and is an excellant description of our current time in accusations of Heresy to the Pontif. It was first published October 31, 2014.


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  10. lin says:

    Just wanted to say that I’m still reading here! Very weighed down with cares related to my children, both adult and younger ones. Heavy of heart and with very little to say. But still reading and praying! God bless.

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  11. sodakrancher says:

    Well Beckita I don’t know if any of the worlds problems are being solved here ,but you solved the mystery of the missing commenters 🙂 They were still here just needing a good controversial topic to talk about .

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  12. luvmercy5775 says:

    Reading through the comments regarding Pope Francis’ seeming disregard for Church doctrine and then seeing the video of what appears to be an erotic mural with Jesus in the center emitting healing rays of light from His hands, it occurred to me that it might be appropriate to share this story. The verse of scripture that came to mind for me was Luke 5:32

    ” I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

    My prayer is that this story speak to your heart and help put our mission as Christians into proper perspective.


    Back in the early 90’s I found myself working as a correspondent for a daily newspaper located in NC. One of my jobs was to write a weekly column on antiques, a business and subject which I know well. In conjunction with the article,I also wrote a business profile on an antique dealer.

    Since I lived in an area where there were many antique shops this was not a problem. However, one shop I was reluctant to visit was owned by a young man who, in today’s vernacular, was “Gay”…and that for all the world to see. And boy was he proud of it. He flaunted his lifestyle in every way possible. Patrick had long flaming red hair, which he kept permed. And he always wore the color purple. He was often seen zipping around town in his robin’s egg blue sports car, windows open, music blaring — red hair flying in all directions. An entity to be reckoned with that’s for sure.

    Not knowing what to expect from this young man, who seemingly thumbed his nose at anyone who even dared look at him sideways, the day came when I could no longer avoid the inevitable, and I called and made an appointment for an interview.

    Walking into Patrick’s store was like entering a fairyland. His use of color and flair for decorating was outstanding. Much of his inventory was of the style and period I also liked, so much to my relief it seemed we had something in common after all.

    As he talked and I took notes for the story, suddenly the most overwhelming sense of grief came over me. I literally “felt” the Lord grieving over His wounded child. Time passed and the interview was about over, but the feeling had not gone away. If anything it had intensified. Feeling awkward, yet knowing I could not leave without expressing what I was experiencing, I finally just blurted it out.

    What was coming through loud and clear was that the Lord loved Patrick and wanted him to know it. Much to my relief, Patrick accepted my words and agreed to pray with me before I left.

    After telling him Jesus loved him, I prayed the Lord would bless this special child, this child in whom He had bestowed a gift for making, in many ways, what has become an ugly world, a little more beautiful. A trait, not often accepted as being “manly.” Nevertheless, Patrick possessed a God-given talent for all who had “eyes to see.”

    So much for background info. What follows is “the rest of the story”. Some months later, the same newspaper that published Patrick’s business profile published an article on him again. But this time it was carried on the religious page.
    “Found of God”

    “I am a recovered homosexual, ” stated Patrick in his opening remarks to those gathered at the church he attended to hear his testimony. “This is the only place in my entire life that I have ever felt welcome.”

    Patrick went on to tell of growing up in a dysfunctional military family with an absentee father. “We moved around a lot. Usually every six to eight months and I never made lasting friendships.”

    Patrick also noted, “I was a sickly child, not very athletic. I never seemed to fit in. From the time I was six years old, kids called me rude, unkind names. “Fag” being one of their favorites.”

    Then, at the age of 12, Patrick said he was introduced to pornography. His voice choking with emotion, and fighting to hold back tears, Patrick said. “I am an avid advocate against pornography — if you have children and have it in your home, remove it immediately. You have no idea what this trash does to a child’s life.”

    Patrick also recounted that he had been sodomized by an adult male before his 13th birthday. “I blamed myself for a long time,” he said. “I felt everything, everybody had always said about me was true. I started to isolate myself from people and became an angry, hostile person.”

    He also recalled sermons in the church he attended with his parents as a child. Sermons that denounced, not only the lifestyle of homosexuals, but the people themselves. “As far as I knew, this was what I was and all I was. According to the experts, people like me were terrible and were going to hell.”

    Shortly after completing high-school, Patrick left home and moved to California. “For three years I lived in what is known as a “gay ghetto. I was drinking heavily and developed a cocaine habit as well as an unhealthy sex life.”

    Going downhill at a fast clip, help arrived when Patrick’s sister, a committed Christian, invited him to come live with her and her husband in NC. Out of work and with no place to live at the time, Patrick agreed to the proposal.

    Patrick said many changes took place in his life during the next year or so…changes he now realizes were the result of prayers offered on his behalf.

    “I established a meaningful relationship with another man, which gave me something to focus on. I stopped going to bars, stopped taking drugs and went into business. All of which helped me recover some sense of self-esteem.”

    Patrick said the turning point leading to his conversion to Jesus Christ came about when a woman came to his store one day and in the course of conversation told him, “Jesus loves you.”

    Note: This was not published with the original story but I want to include it here. Before leaving Patrick’s store that day he gave me his sister’s name and phone number. ” She is a Christian like you,” he told me. “Her church is having a special service this week. Maybe you could do a story on it.”

    I called her as soon as I arrived home. After obtaining the necessary information about the church function, I casually commented. “Oh by the way. Don’t worry about your brother. I prayed with him today. Jesus told me to tell him that He loves him.” Not aware of the family history, I had no way of knowing how profoundly these words would effect her. Rushing to her car she quickly drove to Patrick’s antique shop. Tears streaming down her face she rushed in and cried out, “Patrick! Oh Patrick, Jesus loves you.”

    Standing at the podium, tears now flowing freely, Patrick claimed that at that moment he literally “saw” Jesus standing before him saying “I SAID I LOVE YOU.”

    “My life has changed since that day,” Patrick explained. “Now I can’t get enough of Jesus Christ. You have no idea how much it means to me to know that he loves me.”

    Patrick claims to have been delivered of his homosexual lifestyle and says he intends to spend the rest of his life telling others — especially AIDS patients — that Jesus loves them. Having now read the Bible, Patrick said he believes he was born to be a eunuch. “People need to know that there are right options,” he exclaimed. “Just because a person is different doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them.”

    He and his live in partner even found a Biblical precedent for the love they shared for each other…the story of David and Jonathan, son of Saul. In closing Patrick said. “The reason people are dying from AIDS today is because no one has ever told them that they could spend their entire lives just loving the Lord.”

    My brothers and sisters, heed these words. The world is in turmoil. Most living today have been wounded in some form by the spirit of the age. A spirit of ungodliness and lawlessness. Be obedient to the leading of the Lord. Let the Holy Spirit guide you as to when, where and how to share the truth in love. He remains our only hope.

    Shortly after the writing of this story, Patrick was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS. When it became apparent that the Lord was not going to heal him, Patrick told me he went into the woods for a time of prayer and fasting. He said during that time the Lord spoke to him saying, “Walk through this with me and I will use you to bring many others to a saving knowledge of me.” I’d like to believe that telling this story is part of the fulfillment of those words.

    At the age of 32 Patrick went to his rest and now lives with His Lord. But I have often wondered if things might have turned out differently. What would have happened If Patrick’s sister and her husband had not reached out to him — accepting him just as he was. What would have happened If I had not been obedient to the Lord’s leading in sharing His love. Would things have ended differently? I sincerely hope not. I’d like to believe that the Lord would have sent someone else or found another way to reach him. But what a blessing I would have missed.

    People, stop judging and start loving. Did Patrick die out of season because of his sin, or was he was the victim of others sin? Bottom line…love is not a sin, it’s in not loving that we sin.

    To God be the glory.

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    • Beckita says:

      Thank you for this, luvmercy. All Glory to God!

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    • Kati says:


      This is absolutely one of the most beautiful accounts of the action of the Holy Spirit that I have ever read. Thank you for sharing it. Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

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    • moreen67 says:

      luvmercy – you can never go wrong when you say Love is the answer. My Uncle Charlie (my mom had 7 brothers and 2 sisters) was gay and was beaten to death in 1979. I felt so bad because at that time I was 12 and liking boys I couldn’t understand why he liked men but I can tell you he was my favorite uncle. He loved me and my sister so much and was very generous to us. I felt so guilty after he died but I know God let me see him at a bus stop and Uncle Charlie was smiling and waving to me – that only lasted seconds and he was gone but it remains in my heart for a lifetime. It’s hard to believe but he would be in his mid 90’s today. Being one of 10 and not the same as the others wasn’t easy for him. Mo

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    • Mick says:

      Wow, Luvmercy… just wow. Thank you.

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    • madkatmomma says:

      Luvmercy this is the best thing I’ve read in weeks! Thank you for sharing. Maybe Patrick died of love. It seems so.

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      • luvmercy5775 says:

        What an inspiring thought. I know Patrick never lost his faith, though he was disappointed at not being allowed to become an evangelist. Who knows, this format may be the best way that could have been done. Thank you for a lovely thought to hold onto. 🙂

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    • Joe Crozier says:

      Thank you for this story, luvmercy. Poor Patrick was subject to such abuse in his youth – just a wee caveat – not all “love” is love. In many kinds of “love” we can and do sin. I can’t see Patrick being fully culpable for his choices after what he went through. The perversion of the love he craved made him the victim of others’ sins. I don’t believe Patrick died out of season. He met you in God’s perfect timing and died in God’s perfect timing. I too have prayed – even in church – with homosexuals who wanted to change. Some returned to their sin. In my view God wanted to keep Patrick right and so he led him away from temptation and delivered him from evil and took him home. Just in time.

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  13. Joe Crozier says:

    Prophecy of Father Pel
    The Original Link in French is given…

    Fr. Constant Louis Marie Pel was born in 1878. In his desire to become a priest, he was directed by Fr. Antoine Crozier, the “saint of Lyon” – – who had the invisible stigmata. Ordained in 1901 after having received 2 doctorates, Fr. Pel became a seminary professor. He was a personal friend of St. Padre Pio and Bl. Charles de Foucauld, and spiritual director for a time of Marthe Robin.
    Fr. Pel had a great devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and would spend nights on his feet in church with his forehead leaning against the Tabernacle. He was the beneficiary of more than 3500 Eucharistic miracles.

    Blessed with good health, it was a car accident that ended his life in 1966 at 88 years of age. Padre Pio frequently asked his French visitors: “Why do you come here to see me when you have in France so great a saint!

    Fr. Pel was the founder of a convent for women and a seminary for men, and it was one of his spiritual sons, a seminarian, who wrote down the following prophecy that Fr. Pel related in 1945.
    Since the sins of the world are increasing in horror, very great punishments from God will befall the world and no continent will be spared from the wrath of God.
    France, being guilty of apostasy and renouncing its vocation, will be severely chastised. It (France) will be divided as by a line stretching from Bordeaux (in the southwest) to Lille (in the Northeast). East of this line, everything will be laid waste and set ablaze by peoples invading from the east, and also by great flaming meteorites falling as a rain of fire upon the entire earth and upon these regions in particular. There will be devastation everywhere: revolution, war, epidemics, plagues, poisonous chemical gases, and violent earthquakes. France’s extinct volcanoes will reawaken and destroy everything: Auvergne, the Alps, the Pyrenees and other areas.
    France to the west of that line will be less affected – – the Vendée (the area evangelized by St. Louis de Montfort and then also as a result was the primary area that rose up to defend the Catholic Church in France against the demonic French “Revolution”) and Brittany – – because of the deeply rooted faith in these regions. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to stay far from the coasts, sometimes even 50 km (c. 30 miles) away, to escape the sea’s swallowing (of the land) as will take place in Marseille and the Riviera because of the sins and scandals committed at the beaches of these regions in particular.

    But I must make known that the (evil) sectarians and the great enemies of God who would want to seek refuge there – hoping to escape the global cataclysms – will be put to death by the demons themselves wherever they attempt to hide, because the wrath of God is holy and just.
    Thick darkness caused by war, gigantic fires, and fragments of flaming (burning) stars that will fall for three days and nights — will cause the sun to disappear. Only candles blessed on Candlemas will give light in the hands of believers, but the Godless will not see this miraculous light because their souls are in darkness.
    In this way, three quarters of mankind will be destroyed, and in some parts of France survivors will have to go 100 km (c. 60 miles) to find another (living) human being. It will reach the point where people have to eat human flesh to survive.
    Several nations will disappear off the face of the world’s map. France will become very small, but as a small part it will survive until the end of time. And thus purified, France will again become the “Eldest Daughter of the Church” – renewed — because all the Cains and Judases of humanity will have disappeared in this “Judgment of the Nations.” But this is not yet the end of time, which will take place later.
    The Mediterranean Sea will disappear totally; the oceans will cast enormous jets of burning steam up to the skies and will deluge the continents in a frightful tidal wave that will annihilate everything in its path. New mountains will erupt out of the earth and the oceans, while the Alps and the Rhine Valley to the north will collapse as they are inundated by the sea. In this way, the map of the world will be totally changed; the earth will undergo great shocks (i.e., shakings) that will prevent it from turning normally on its axis. The seasons will be cease to exist for three years, after which the earth will once again produce it plants and vegetation. There will be great famine in the entire world. Paris will be destroyed by the revolution and burned by atomic fire (i.e., weapons being fired) from Russians in Orleans (south of Paris) and the region of Provins (east of Paris.)
    In the future, when you see that this frightful time is near, take leave to Brittany (on the western coast of France) but go to the center, far from the coasts – – because they will collapse. This global scourge will begin on a cold winter’s night and with a terrifying roar of divine thunder – an unnatural sound filled with demonic screaming – that will be heard by the entire world.
    It will be the voice of sin that terrified men will hear on that night.


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    • Beckita says:

      Thank you, Joe. It’s amazing how many holy ones have prophesied similarly for regions all over the world. In the midst of these many local prophecies came what many call the “Age of Mary” with Blessed Mother’s prolific activity, imparting messages for the whole world. May all who have responded to her pleas for prayer and sacrifice continue to intercede with our Mother for mitigation and a great harvest. May Fr. Pel, Fr. Crozier, St. Pio, Blessed Charles de Foucauld and the Servant of God Marthe Robin pray for us as we make our way through this Storm.

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    • madkatmomma says:

      Interesting Joe, I hesitate to “like” this though. Frightening. Are you any relation to Fr. Antoine?

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      • Beckita says:

        Madkatmomma, I heard from Joe this morning and he’s going offline for Lent. As he’s acknowledged here before, we are as brother and sister, supporting and encouraging one another in these times. He’s shared with me before about Fr. Antoine and he’s not sure of any family connection. There are so many Croziers in the world.

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  14. Joe Crozier says:

    I tried to copy a photo of Canon Crozier, stigmatic, – I don’t know if he is related to me – who was spiritual director of Fr Pel, mystic, who visited Garabandal. As you can see from the article above Fr Pel also directed Ven Marthe Robin, stigmatist and mystic and victim soul who affirmed the authenticity of Garabandal. Fr Pel was a friend of Padre Pio who asked pilgrims from France referring to him, “Why do you come to seem me when you have such a great saint in France.” Of course Padre Pio also verified the authenticity of Garabandal. Garabandal has described the course of Tribulation as Communism and Russian.

    ” France, being guilty of apostasy and renouncing its vocation, will be severely chastised….. Paris will be destroyed by the revolution and burned by atomic fire (i.e., weapons being fired) from Russians in Orleans (south of Paris) and the region of Provins (east of Paris.)”

    I checked with Glenn on MoG forum who is an expert on Garabandal and he said Fr Pel was “Golden.” In other words, a reliable source.

    Why am I posting this here, Well, this plea from Beckita for prayers for Pope Francis has arisen from the report of the upcoming conference of canon lawyers, theologians and scholars to examine the possibility to depose our Pope under the false charge of heresy. They are probably gorging themselves of the fruit of the tree of knowledge as I write. The conference is to take place in Paris. France and Paris in particular is singled out in Fr Pel’s vision for destruction because of its apostasy. God says “Vengeance IS mine. I WILL repay.” You would think Paris would have learned something from its recent tragic history of terrorism.But no. This dreadful conference is apostasy in the making and it may be the cause of the destruction of Paris and France. The Tribulation comes through the hands of man. Chastisement, which, if it happens, will be much worse, is directly from the hands of God. God have mercy on us all. God save Our Pope.

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    • Beckita says:

      And I stand corrected. I see Marthe Robin has moved in her process of canonization from servant of God to being named venerable. Amen.

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      • Joe Crozier says:

        As you say Becks, Pope Francis has never contradicted doctrines or negated eternal truths. The great lie that his enemies have propagated is that he has endorsed a right of reception of communion to divorced and remarried Catholics who are knowingly in a state of mortal sin and who are without remorse and without repentance. He has clearly described the way to regularization and encouraged the clergy and the laity to acommpany and assist those pilgrims as much as possible. Far from contradicting or confusing the teaching of John Paul II he has highlighted the areas that are most relevant to the church of today in which many have lost their way and cannot find the right way to return home. He is not guilty of relativism or modernism but is sure and clear and orthodox in his teaching. It is only those who doubt and detract and disobey and divide and denounce and deviate and distract (I like alliteration) who cause the trouble. As Pope Francis has said there are many marriages that were invalid for all practical purposes and which preceeded re-marriage. These need to he regularised. Pope Francis has shown the way.

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        • Joe Crozier says:

          How I wish that the doubting princes of the Church would apply their great minds to self correction and expound on Amoris Laetitia in its best possible light showing the love and freedom it truly offers. How preferable this would be to a plot to depose The Holy Father. One of the marks of maturity is ready adaptibility to change. Rigidity is the enemy of Truth. Where there is movement there is life and Truth moves in Our Pope and in us us through Him with Him and in Him in the unity of The Holy Spirit. This is the difference between Tradition and Traditionalism which is stagnant in its disobedience and lack of docility which is the oxygen of the soul.

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  15. KMA says:

    I’m still here! Haven’t commented for awhile because I’ve been hanging on to Jesus with both hands through more personal storms so I haven’t had a free hand to type😊. YD, it is always a comfort to see you here and I pray about your words every time you post. Thank you. Beckita and Steve BC, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping this family going. You are doing a fabulous job, not only with the web site per se , but even more importantly, being a sign of hope to us.
    My husband and I have been praying for Pope Francis, our beloved Church, and all who are confused. We pray for those who have left the Church and those who don’t know God. We pray for our own conversions. We pray to be faithful. I must admit, I have been confused by Pope Francis at times but I trust Jesus and His assurances that the gates of help will not prevail against the Church. It seems to me that Charlie wrote several times that ALL will be shaken. I hope I’m not misquoting him and if I have I apologize. I took that to mean that each one of us will experience something that may shake not only our hearts but our thoughts as well. Our own faith will be tested, our hearts revealed, and all of us will be brought to our knees. But that is the place of meeting with God. I find the stormier it gets the more peace I find by closing out the noise of confusion and bringing it to prayer.
    P.S.: Mick- I thought I’d get out to shop for a sling shot or wrist rocket over spring break. Ha! The only thing that got catapulted was me, into my bed for many naps. God bless all here and Love and prayers to you all.

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    • Beckita says:

      So great to hear from you again, KMA. United with you in prayer for all the intentions you name and lifting you and your family in prayer as well. PS You didn’t misrepresent what Charlie has conveyed. This Storm is for each and every one of us that we may fully return to God. May it be.

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    • Mick says:

      Ha, KMA! How did you know that I’ve been thinking about weapons for the past couple of days? Just yesterday I saw a slingshot on a website and thought, “Hmm… I still gotta get me one of those.” And just this morning it occurred to me that when I see my husband later today, I should ask him if we can go to the range on Saturday. Anyhow, praying for you and yours. 🙂

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  16. KMA says:

    BIng! The gates of hell. Hmmmm. I had to add the word “hell ” to my kindle dictionary. Even my kindle is secular!!! 😁😁😁

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  17. jtbrannigan says:

    The more I come to believe and understand, the more I see that the mercy of God, like His love, is fuller, deeper, stronger, than anything we can ever fully know or appreciate. I was once told that the “sin against the Holy Spirit” spoken of by Jesus in the Gospels, was the failure to believe that God could work in any situation. I now think that failure to accept that God’s mercy is open to all, in every situation, in every level of sinfulness, is part of grieving the Holy Spirit.

    I think Francis sees himself as called to be the champion and messenger of God’s mercy.

    When Jesus let the woman (possibly one of ill repute) wash his feet with her tears and dry them with her hair, the Pharisees were appalled. For them it was sinful to be in her presence, an abomination to be touched by her. Jesus saw her, not in her sin, but as one crying out for the love and mercy of God. Reaching out to her was more important than worrying about upsetting the sensibilities of his host and the other people at table with Him.

    Our world is crying out for mercy. God’s people, the Church, is the channel through which that mercy will flow. We can be the prosecutors standing in judgment, or we can be conduits of His mercy. I do not think we can be both at the same time. Now is the time for mercy. Judgment will come but it is God’s, not ours, to dispense.

    Doug is absolutely correct in his comments. We must drop the stone. Holding the stone feels secure. The stone gives a sense of protection, of power. God calls us to drop it and rely instead on Him.

    Francis is the man God has chosen for our time. God is more concerned with saving his lost children than about our sensibilities. Praise Him for that.


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  18. Christene says:

    Beckita, my last comment on this sad topic will be this passage from a book called Padre Pio Gleanings by Pascal Cataneo, a dear friend of Padre Pio’s. It recounts a meeting between Archbishop Lefebvre and the great Saint shortly before he died. The admonition St. Pio gave to the Archbishop is an admonition that the entire Church would do well to heed in these current times:
    Among the many, many people who came to see Padre Pio was Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who, later clinging stubbornly to Catholic Tradition, as he called it, questioned the authority of Vatican II and was removed from office by Pope Paul VI.
    The Archbishop had a meeting with Padre Pio in the presence of Professor Bruno Rabajotti. This witness reported that at a particular moment Padre Pio looked at Lefebvre very sternly and said: “Never cause discord among your brothers and always practice the rule of obedience, above all when it seems to you that the errors of those in authority are all the more serious. There is no other road than that of obedience, especially for those of us who have made this vow.”
    Padre Pio could give this advice because he had to obey some rather questionable orders himself. His attitude was to put this in God’s hands because He would find a way for Truth to triumph. It seems that Archbishop Lefebvre did not see things in quite the same way even if he did respond to Padre Pio with: “I Will remember that, Father.” Padre Pio looked at him intensely and, seeing what would soon happen, said: “No! You will forget it! You will tear apart the community of the faithful, oppose the will of your superiors, and even go against the orders of the Pope himself and this will happen quite soon. You will forget the promise you made here today and the whole Church will be hurt by you. DON’T SET YOURSELF UP AS A JUDGE. DON’T TAKE POWERS THAT DO NOT BELONG TO YOU AND DO NOT CONSIDER YOURSELF AS THE VOICE OF GOD’S PEOPLE, AS HE ALREADY SPEAKS TO THEM. DO NOT SOW DISCORD AND DISSENSION. (emphasis mine) However, I know this is what you will do!”

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    • Kati says:

      WoW!……obedience…as unto God.

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    • Thank you for this Padre Pio story, Christene. “There is no other road than that of obedience…” These words are certainly for every one of us. Jesus emphasized repeatedly to Saint Faustina how obedience to authority and humbly doing our duties far exceeds fasting, sacrifices, and prayer in God’s eyes.

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    • Mick says:

      Boy, did THAT hit me where I live. Thanks, Christene.

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    • Doug says:

      Boy Christine, you really busted your lenten sacrifice big time to not comment. Actually, I’m teasing. Glad you are commenting.

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      • Christene says:

        Oh, Doug…….TOTAL FAIL!! I have refrained from going on any other comment threads and have managed to extract myself from the cesspool of political theatrics and headlines that are playing out 24/7 in our never-ending national soap opera that I have nicknamed “As the Beltway Burns” but I bit off way more than I could handle when I tried to stay away from here! I just missed you guys too much and THIS story pushed every single button I have. I need all of your help to process this. I wish I with all of my heart that I could be like St. Therése of Lisieux or one of the many gentle saints who knew how to take the pain they were feeling and lift it up as a sacrifice by keeping their mouths shut. That is not me and especially when my heart is breaking. I am a fighter and my tongue can get me into a world of trouble. There is a reason that I have such a personal affinity for St. Jerome.
        So I come here……my sanctuary of peace, sanity and reason among my online friends who will correct me in my errors but never forsake me because of my opinions.

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        • Doug says:

          Well Christene (spelled your name right this time), you are definitely in a safe place here. I have ventured to a few other places just once or twice and what shocked me was the ire and vindictiveness in the comments that I saw. Here, we do our best to build each other up and see the great dignity in each other. We are all God’s children. God bless you!

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    • Joe Crozier says:

      Archbishop Lefebvre himself repudiated this story. He said it was complete fabrication. He met Padre Pio very briefly in 1967 and asked for a blessing. Padre Pio insisted that it should be the Bishop who blessed him. To be clear, I have no time for schismatic traditionalists. Just thought I should put the other side. Seemingly Pascal Cataneo does not exist and there is no record of anyone by that name being a friend of St Pio.

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        • Beckita says:

          Thanks for this clarification, Joe. I should have vetted this story before clearing.

          This site has a long-standing policy that asks commenters to attach points made for the reasoning of sharing a link. Obviously Joe did that in the first part of his two comments here. Normally, I wouldn’t clear a SSPX link because of their separation from the Church but this one does verify Joe’s clarification. At this time Pope Francis is working with this society to bring them back to the Barque of Peter. May Holy Father’s efforts bear fruit.

          Please, let’s help each other by vetting stories for accuracy before we share them.

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          • Christene says:

            I’m sorry Beckita but I’m a little confused? Did I do something wrong by sharing the passage from this book? As I understand, Pascal Cataneo was a close friend of St. Pio for 30 years and has written several books about him. With all due respect to Joe, and I truly do mean that, Archbishop Lefebvre defied two Popes and was excommunicated. And while Pope Benedict XVI did lift the excommunication of the four bishops that the Archbishop consecrated he did not lift the excommunication for Archbishop Lefebvre. Or am I mistaken? I’m sorry, but I do not take a denial by the Archbishop as the final word on this story. Is there someone else that repudiated Pascal Cataneo’s characterization of this exchange corroborated the Archbishop’s?

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          • Beckita says:

            I only want to be sure of truth, Christene. You shared with good intent. Joe shared with good intent. Anyone who wishes to do so, let’s search to see if there’s more info verifying or detracting from this story.

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          • Christene says:

            Here is an introduction to another book written by Pascal Cataneo titled Padre Pio; Glimpse into the Miraculous;
            “Let Pascal Cataneo (the author) introduce you to his dear friend, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, whom he knew from 1940 to 1968. from his own encounters with this beloved Franciscan priest, as well as the testimony of many others who knew him, Cataneo shares a wealth of glimpse into God working concretely in people’s lives through the words and presence of Saint Pio.”

            As far as I know this is a reputable book sold by reputable Catholic Book stores.

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          • Joe Crozier says:

            Yes I had already sent this story to several people before I had properly investigated it. I doubt Archbishop Lefebvre or the present day SSPX would have lied about St Pio so my gut feeling is that the story is false. Mea culpa.

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          • Joe Crozier says:

            You are quite right Becks – SSPX is closer than ever to re-integration with the Church at large. Deo Gratias. I may not like the SSPX but I love the old ways properly practiced and celebrated. I will enjoy going back for a vist to the mass of my childhood but will remain a Catholic of the Mass as said well in most of our churches today. The Heart of the Mass beats in the Heart of everyday Catholics. The everyday life of the Church is the life of the parish. We Catholics all feed on the same Food of life – The Eucharist. I hope the re-integration goes smoothly and quickly. Seemingly they are only one signature away.

            Catholic World News
            Vatican official confirms: agreement with SSPX is close

            March 20, 2017

            The secretary of the Ecclesia Dei commission has confirmed that the Vatican is close to an agreement with the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) that would regularize the status of the traditionalist group.

            Archbishop Guido Pozzo told the German newspaper Die Tagespost that the Vatican will ask the SSPX to endorse a formal declaration, resolving some remaining doctrinal issues. However, confirming what SSPX leaders have said, the Archbishop Pozzo acknowledged that the SSPX would be allowed to continue raising questions about some teachings of Vatican II. Over the years, the archbishop observed, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has answered a number of questions about conciliar documents, and “I do not see why this work of clarification and answers to doubts and reservations… could not be carried forward.”

            Archbishop Pozzo said that, in interpreting the documents of Vatican II, one clear principle would be continuity: that if an understanding of the Council’s message involves a break with the constant teaching of the Church, “this intepretation must be rejected as false or inadequate.”

            The archbishop suggested that the cause of reconciliation for the SSPX should be confided to the care of Our Lady of Fatima, as the Church approaches the 100th anniversary of the apparitions.


            „Der Heilige Vater drängt“ (Die Tagespost)

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          • Beckita says:

            Yes, Broseph, and Amen.

            Liked by 1 person

        • Christene says:

          In the interest of charity and truth, I share with you a portion of a letter written by Padre Pio to Pope Paul VI a month before his death that was published by EWTN’s answer forum concerning a false visionary named Ron O’Brien who claimed that St. Pio rejected the reforms of Vatican II. In it, they also reference other schismatic groups that claim St. Pio supported their rejection of the reforms. I believe the implications are clear.

          …..”The Missal was only published in 1969, the year after his death. However, various revisions had already gone into effect, beginning in 1965, from which he was excused by the law of the Church, which granted to elderly priests the permission to continue to offer the Mass from the Missal of 1962. The suggestion of O’Brien’s apostolate, and other schismatic groups, that Blessed Pio was a dissenter over Vatican II and the Mass is sufficiently refuted by the below letter. The arrogance of their materials can be contrasted with its humility,  written to Pope Paul VI a  month before Padre Pio died (September 23, 1968). Thanking the Pope for Humanae Vitae and offering his own filial obedience, Blessed Pio makes explicit positive reference to the reforms of Vatican II, showing himself to be the the soul of charity and respect towards apostolic authority in the Church. 
          I unite myself with my brothers and present at your feet my affectionate respect, all my devotion to your august person in an act of faith, love and obedience to the dignity of him whom you are representing on this earth. The Capuchin Order has always been in the first line in love, fidelity, obedience and devotion to the Holy See; I pray to God that it may remain thus and continue in its tradition of religious seriousness and austerity, evangelical poverty and faithful observance of the Rule and Constitution, certainly renewing itself in the vitality and in the inner spirit, according to the guides of the Second Vatican Council, in order to be always ready to attend to the necessities of Mother Church under the rule of your Holiness.

I know that your heart is suffering much these days in the interest of the Church, for the peace of the world, for the innumerable necessities of
the people of the world, but above all, for the lack of obedience of some, even Catholics, to the high teaching that you, assisted by the Holy
Spirit and in the name of God, are giving us. I offer you my prayers and daily sufferings as a small but sincere contribution on the part of the least of your sons in order that God may give you comfort with his Grace to follow the straight and painful way in the defence of eternal truth, which never changes with the passing of the years. Also, in the name of my spiritual children and the Prayer Groups, I thank you for your clear and decisive words that you especially pronounced in the last encyclical “Humanae
Vitae”; and I reaffirm my faith, my unconditional obedience to your illuminated directions.

May God grant victory to the truth, peace to his Church, tranquility to the world, health and prosperity to your Holiness so that, once these fleeting doubts are dissipated, the Kingdom of God may triumph in all hearts, guided by your apostolic work as Supreme Pastor of all Christianity.

Prostrate at your feet, I beg you to bless me in the company of my brothers in religion, my spiritual children, the Prayer Groups, my sick ones and also to bless all our good endeavours which we are trying to fulfill under your protection in the name of Jesus.

          Humbly yours,

P. Pio, Capuchin

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          • Joe Crozier says:

            Hi Christene
            I was aware of this beautiful letter written by Padre Pio in support of Pope Paul VI and his teaching. Thank you for reminding me of this great witness to true Catholicity. It is a wonderful and wise example of humility and loyalty. As you say what a difference it would have made if only others had followed this example. How many billions of lives would have been spared, how many souls saved, how the church would have grown in unity and peace. I have always believed that Pope Paul VI was a great prophet. History has shown how reliable his vision has been and this letter demonstrates how his vision dovetails with that of St Pio. It is truly fitting that they now share the joy of the beatific vision in heaven.

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      • Christene says:

        One can only imagine what the Church AND the world would look like today had certain “Liberals” not launched their wholesale assault upon and rejection of, in its many forms, Humanae Vitae and had certain “Conservatives” not launched their wholesale assault upon and rejection of, in its many forms, Vatican II. Imagine if EVERYONE had just humbled their hearts and LISTENED to the Holy Spirit…….

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        • Beckita says:

          Amen, Christene. It’s been a long and weary road. You’ve just captured what YD conveyed when he wrote: “We saw it under John Paul II from the one side and now we are seeing it from the other side under Pope Francis.” This constant upheavel with ongoing battles within the Church has made me, at times, absolutely eager to go through the Storm and get to the shore with a renewed, united and resplendent Church. It sounds like heaven on earth.

          Nearly thirty years ago our family had guests and not enough beds in the house to accommodate everyone so my husband and I gave up our bed and while he slept in our son’s room, I slept with my daughter. After my little girl had fallen asleep, I continued in prayer and tears spilled as I spoke with the Lord about the deep divisions within our Church affecting so many on a local level. Ever the one who wanted to jump in and do something to assist, I asked Him: “What can I do?” My little nine year old suddenly said aloud as she continued to sleep, “I will show you the way.” Some NRSteps emerged locally for me and, like all TNRSteppers, I keep praying, loving, acting when nudged and hoping, knowing that every good deed and prayer ripples throughout the Mystical Body of Christ and beyond. But it has been a long and weary road.

          Liked by 7 people

          • thankful4mercy says:

            Thank you for sharing this hopeful story. It is beautiful how God still speaks to us through little children. Often, they don’t know why they tell us things, whether they are asleep or awake. But it is what we most need to hear. They are healers and encouragers without knowing it.

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    • Joe Crozier says:

      Hi Christene
      I had to reply to you to thank you for your thoughtful response. I too had thought that the denial allegedly issued by Archbishop Lefebvre may not be 100% reliable as he did go back on his word after an initial settlement had been reached that accommodated hm and his followers. Going back on one’s word is a form of dishonesty. Sadly the Archbishop did die excommunicated and may well be in hell. So I agree with you that his denial may not be “the last word” and that with there are grounds to reject his repudiation but for some reason I felt in present circumstances that I ought to give him and SSPX the benefit of the doubt. In general I do not trust SSPX and do not like their attitude. I love the ritual they use, the Tridentine Mass -which of course is ours – but hate that it is used a a weapon of schism. I wish I had more time to research but I will try to contact the friends of Padre Pio to see what they have to say. Meantime I have to get back to work. Thank you again for your well reasoned comment.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Joe Crozier says:

        Hi Christene

        I have just sent this off and will keep you informed if I receive a reply. (I did a wee bit of honest name dropping to encourage a response)

        Joe C

        : Capuchin Priests’ Communication Center
        in the religious province of “Sant’Angelo e Padre Pio”
        via De Nunzio n. 13
        71013 San Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia)
        Tel. +39-0882-413113
        Fax +39-0882-450231
        E-mail: info@padrepio.it

        Dear Fathers

        Can you please tell me if the Pascal Cataneo, author – or the real identity behind this pen-name if it is a nom de plume – really was a close personal friend of Padre Pio, some say for 30 years. He has written many books abut Padre Pio. Some say he is just cashing in on the good name of Padre Pio by claiming to have been a personal friend while St Pio was on earth. I have found it impossible to verify Pascal’s claim.

        In one of Pascal’s books, “Padre Pio Gleanings he claims that Padre Pio admonished Archbishop Lefebvre about the dangers of schism and the importance of obedience. Can you please tell me if this really happened.

        I assure you I have no political agenda in asking these questions and am obedient to The Catholic Church under Pope Francis. By way of pedigree, my dad was knighted twice and my mum once by Saint Pope John Paul II. I seek only the truth.

        I would be most grateful for any help you can give in this matter.

        Yours sincerely

        Joseph Crozier

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        • Beckita says:

          What a beautiful example of working together to resolve this issue, Joe and Christene. Yet another example on this site of living life after the Rescue. Thanks for being a sign of hope in our midst.

          Liked by 3 people

      • Christene says:

        Thank you, Joe, and peace. May we all just dwell in peace with one another.

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  19. Linda says:

    I really like listening to Fr Ripperger…he talks often about the far right and how hardened they’ve become ..

    They get so mad at me when I say…I stand with Pope Francis. Period! I get that from Fr. Larry Richards… Another fav priest..

    .Have u all seen the dems now want to impeach Trump????? Get your keyboard ready Charlie… we’re gonna need you right quick now!!!😆

    Good to hear from you YD😇

    Liked by 4 people

    • Beckita says:

      While the chaos, confusion and division continue, Dear Linda, we can recall Charlie said upon leaving that he would only come out of his watchful retirement if there was a crisis such as a hard coup. While we don’t know all the hows, whys, whens, wheres, etc of God’s Plan unfolding, we do know Charlie most likely would be called to action which would preclude having time to be back at this blog. If you’re like me, I like to mentally prepare for change so it’s important to prepare ourselves for the eventuality that Charlie may well not be back here as he would be fulfilling other duties asked of him.

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  20. Kathleen from New Jersey says:

    Hi Beckita – better late than never to comment, however, please note that during the 54 Day Novena portion (February 13 – April 7) of the Ninevah 90 prayers we are requested to pray for personal holiness and the Roman Catholic Church. I find that refreshing and reassuring that many people are already praying for the Church, which includes our Pope Francis.
    God Bless!

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  21. Linda says:

    You probably all saw the little girl steal Pope Francis’ hat…hahHHahahahhhahaha. So precious☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😇

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  22. zsa says:

    Hello to all here. I haven’t posted in a long time. This therefore may not reach the person I especially hope will read it. (And if it’s already been posted, and I missed it, might a soul be freed? Or is that only for typos? 😉 ) I read this and immediately thought of our Janet333, a loving and faithful daughter of the Church, and a strong defender of our beloved Pope Francis. Hugs Janet, and congratulations on the marriage in your family! 🙂 This article was posted April 4 and I love the title. “Oh, That Conference on Deposing a Pope: Church Militant Had It Wrong. And LifeSiteNews.”

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  23. Nearly all I would imagine..


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