Your Brother’s Blood Cries to Me from the Ground

O let us pray and pray in these days of Choosing as truths, long hidden from clear telling, are being revealed. Those who have had personal experiences or have read extensively concerning the tangled, perverted, appalling web of evil in abortion, and associated with abortion, are aware of the heartwrenching personal devastation, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, of those involved. We know well, there is grave, far-reaching impact on a society which legally condones this evil.

In an address to the new Ambassador of New Zealand at the Holy See on May 25,
2000, Pope St. John Paul II said: “A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members; and among the most vulnerable are surely the unborn and the dying.”

In Evangelium Vitae (1995, no.59), Pope St. John Paul II proclaimed: “But responsibility likewise falls on the legislators who have promoted and approved abortion laws, and, to the extent that they have a say in the matter, on the administrators of the health-care centers where abortions are performed. In this sense, abortion goes beyond the responsibility of individuals and beyond the harm done to them, and takes on a distinctly social dimension. It is a most serious wound inflicted on society and its culture by the very people who ought to be society’s promoters and defenders.”

Today’s sickening news concerning Planned Parenthood may not be anything new to many. On the other hand, it may stun those of good will, not fully aware of this depravity. Either way, let’s open our minds and hearts to receive this news as an opportunity to recharge and renew our own resolve to act, with whatever next right steps to which each one is nudged, and to pray that our legislators will move, NOW, that the laws in our land which promote a culture of death will, finally, be reversed to support a culture of life. It’s beyond time to defund Planned Parenthood. May NOW be the time, please God! 

Let’s pray that scales will fall, scales fossilized in dehumanizing babies, firmly blinding the eyes of too many, hardening the hearts of abortion doctors, workers and providers. Let’s pray that those involved in abortion have an illumination of conscience concerning this evil. Seem impossible? Simply pray with great faith. “For nothing will be impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)  Let’s pray for people who may be battle weary in their pro life work that they be heartened with truth revealed, ugly, sordid and horrid as it is. Let’s pray for all people of good will to be moved to prayer and action. Let us surely continue to pray for David Daleiden, CMP Project Lead, as well as all who are a part of CMP.

Today’s news:


Longtime Planned Parenthood Arizona Medical Director, Trained by PPFA Senior Director of Medical Services, Discusses Custom Abortions to Harvest Baby Parts

LOS ANGELES, March 29–New undercover video shows Dr. DeShawn Taylor, previous Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Arizona and longtime abortion provider at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, graphically describing how to deliver intact fetuses in late-term abortions to harvest high-quality body parts, and indicating possible cover-up of infanticide.

The footage is never-before-released material obtained by The Center for Medical Progress, whose undercover videos recorded top-level Planned Parenthood leaders negotiating the harvesting and sale of the hearts, lungs, livers, and brains of aborted fetuses for financial benefit.

At a networking reception at a Planned Parenthood conference, CMP investigators posing as buyers from a biotech company are introduced to Dr. Taylor by Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services.

Dr. Taylor confirms she does elective abortions on healthy fetuses and pregnant women up to 24 weeks. When the investigators ask her about obtaining intact fetal organs, Dr. Taylor replies, “It’s not a matter of how I feel about it coming out intact, but I gotta worry about my staff and people’s feelings about it coming out looking like a baby.”

She continues, “We have the people who do our paperwork for the fetal death certificates, they email us calling them ‘babies’. Baby this, baby that, baby so-and-so, and I’m like, that’s creepy!”

Dr. Taylor explains to the investigators, “In Arizona, if the fetus comes out with any signs of life, we’re supposed to transport it. To the hospital.” When one investigator then asks, “Is there any standard procedure for verifying signs of of life?” Dr. Taylor replies, “Well, the thing is, I mean the key is, you need to pay attention to who’s in the room, right?”

Dr. Taylor then laughs as she repeats what the Arizona law requires, and says, “It’s a mess. It’s a mess.”

Dr. Taylor acknowledges that the feticidal chemical digoxin cannot be used in an abortion where fetal body parts will be harvested for sale, but she remarks that in a standard dismemberment dilation and evacuation abortion, “My biceps appreciate when the dig[oxin] works,” to kill the fetus before the procedure. “I remember when I was a [Family Planning] Fellow and I was training, I was like, Oh, I have to hit the gym for this,” she says, describing the force she feels in her biceps when performing a dismemberment abortion with forceps.

Dr. Taylor also mentions she was trained by Dr. Nucatola. In CMP’s first-released video in July 2015, Dr. Nucatola discussed the per-specimen pricing of fetal tissue and harvesting intact hearts, lungs, livers, and brains using partial-birth abortions.

CMP Project Lead David Daleiden notes, “This footage shows a longtime Planned Parenthood abortion doctor willing to sell baby parts for profit, use criminal abortion methods to get more intact body parts, and even cover up infanticide. This doctor was trained by Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, and encouraged by her to participate in the fetal body parts market. This footage is just a preview of the damning and incriminating admissions of Planned Parenthood leaders on our further unreleased tapes, being censored by an unconstitutional gag order from a federal judge in San Francisco.”

Daleiden continues, “The only difference between Planned Parenthood’s barbaric abortion business, and that of the notorious Dr. Kermit Gosnell, is that Gosnell was not so careful as to ‘pay attention to who’s in the room.’ Elected officials must stop forcing taxpayers to subsidize Planned Parenthood’s criminal abortion business, and the Department of Justice must immediately open a full investigation and prosecute Planned Parenthood to the fullest extent of the law.”

The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2). In December, after over a year of comprehensive, nationwide investigation, the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s Select Investigative Panel referred Planned Parenthood Federation of America, several of the largest Planned Parenthood affiliates in the country, and three of their fetal parts business associates to the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.

Watch the video at:

Find out more about CMP’s investigative journalism work at

About Beckita

Beckita, widow, mother and grandmother, lives in Missoula, Montana. After more than thirty years of service, she retired from two careers: elementary school educator and director of liturgical music ministry in a local parish. Serving the Catholic Church in many capacities since early childhood, she now provides care for a nearly 90 year old priest of Chinese origin and collaborates with him in evangelizing the Chinese people. For more than twenty-five years, she has welcomed words from heaven concerning these sobering times in which we live and, like so many, takes seriously Our Lord and Our Lady’s call to intercede for the return of souls to God. Responding to heaven’s call for prayer, for her, included making pilgrimages to shrines in Europe, Asia and South America. She says these travels, added to her years as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa in the mid-seventies, have expanded her heart to hold dear all peoples of the world. She is a longtime member of TNRS community and when she began reading Charlie’s posts, immediately, she found that his mission and message harmonize well with Church approved private revelation of our times. In September 2015, she accepted an invitation to become part of TNRS Answers Team. As events of the Storm evolved, last fall (2016), she accepted Charlie’s invitation to become managing editor of TNRS should he need to leave the site. With great gratitude to and for Charlie, founder of TNRS, and with great respect and admiration for the lifelong experiences and God-given gifts he brought to bear on his work at this site - she knows we all know he’s irreplaceable – still, she considers it a great privilege to serve the TNRS community.
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112 Responses to Your Brother’s Blood Cries to Me from the Ground

  1. erin483 says:

    Horrifying…PRAY….we are doomed if we can’t get this right

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  2. moreen67 says:

    I just said a prayer Beckita to change the hearts of those who think that abortion is ok – I know someone close to me who thinks it should remain legal and it broke my heart but I also remember a time long ago before my conversion that I told my mom well if a woman doesn’t want her baby…….and right at that time I broke my mother’s heart. However, I had a conversion and as I say to people – if I can have a conversion anyone can – so pray pray pray. Whenever I read about the selling of baby parts and material from babies being in a lot of our current vaccines I think we (as a nation allowing this) are no better than the Nazi’s. Change has to come soon! Marantha! Mo

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    • Barb421 says:

      I am so tired of hearing people say, “Well, I don’t believe in abortion, but I support a woman’s right to choose”

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      • moreen67 says:

        I know definitely an oxymoron of a statement. Yes you can choose to kill (end a human’s life) but God doesn’t like that. Maybe that’s how I can answer if that statement comes up….

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    • Sean Sullivan says:

      A prayer for OUR times is the Chaplet of Divne Mercy. A day for OUR times is Divine Mercy Sunday: April 23, 2017.

      May I propose a solution? Offer this day of Divine Mercy for your Nation. This is my intention. I will offer for the United States of America imploring God to forgive the sins of my Nation and of its punnishment due to our Nations sins…particulary allowing Abortion of innocents.


      Concerning the Feast of Mercy Jesus said:

      Whoever approaches the Fountain of Life on this day will be granted complete forgiveness of sins and punishment. (Diary 300)

      I want the image solemnly blessed on the first Sunday after Easter, and I want it to be venerated publicly so that every soul may know about it. (Diary 341)

      This Feast emerged from the very depths of My mercy, and it is confirmed in the vast depths of my tender mercies. (Diary 420)

      On one occasion, I heard these words: My daughter, tell the whole world about My Inconceivable mercy. I desire that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and shelter for all souls, and especially for poor sinners.

      On that day the very depths of My tender mercy are open. I pour out a whole ocean of graces upon those souls who approach the fount of My mercy.

      The soul that will go to Confession and
      receive Holy Communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment.*

      … On that day all the divine floodgates through which grace flow are opened. Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet. My mercy is so great that no mind, be it of man or of angel, will be able to fathom it throughout all eternity.

      Everything that exists has come forth from the very depths of My most tender mercy. Every soul in its relation to Me will contemplate My love and mercy throughout eternity. The Feast of Mercy emerged from My very depths of tenderness.

      It is My desire that it be solemnly celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter. Mankind will not have peace until it turns to the Fount of My Mercy. (Diary 699)

      Yes, the first Sunday after Easter is the Feast of Mercy, but there must also be deeds of mercy, which are to arise out of love for Me. You are to show mercy to our neighbors always and everywhere. You must not shrink from this or try to absolve yourself from it. (Diary 742)

      I want to grant complete pardon to the souls that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion on the Feast of My mercy. (Diary 1109)

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      • moreen67 says:

        Sean Divine Mercy Diary was the start of my conversion back to the Lord and His Church and, of course, that conversion continues, I pray for the rest of my life with His Church and the Holy Spirit continuing to educate me internally. So thank you for this as I do discern that He has called me to show the charity to all souls that was shown to me thru Divine Mercy. I thank St. Faustina for her witness and I am simple soul. I relate to her I’m a secretary and (half) Polish. Blessings to all here. Maureen Dombrowski

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      • madkatmomma says:

        Sean what does the fountain of mercy refer to?
        Whoever approaches the Fountain of Life on this day will be granted complete forgiveness of sins and punishment. (Diary 300)

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    • Carla says:

      This is so horrific!. I also have a close friend of mine. A catholic mother who thinks it is a woman’s right to decide for her body. I have tried to talk and explain why this is murder no matter how you look at it. But really, we are blinded, so blinded these days.
      God please take the scales off our eyes. As we cannot not see how horrific and barbaric this is!!!!
      I agree moreen, how can we judge the Nazis when we are doing the same things. Or even worse.
      God helps us!!!!!
      Let us unite our prayers for the end of this slaughter.
      May our Lady’s Heart triumph in all of our hearts real soon!!!!!!!

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    • Mary W says:

      We can easily say we are worse than the Nazi’s as none of us can say we did not know this was going on as some rightly could say back in pre-media Nazi Germany. What will we say to our grand and great-grand children when they ask why we let this continue…55 million dead babies worth after 43 years. My stomach turns at the thought. We must beg for God’s mercy at every turn.

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  3. Sue Werner says:

    I don’t know if there is much we can do about the state of the world and our country other than what Charlie taught us with the Next Right Step. Prayer is a good thing. Fasting and prayer is what Our Lord told us to do in the face of particularly evil spirits. Keeping that in mind…I wish you and Charlie a very Happy Easter. Peace, Sue Werner

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    • Mick says:

      Yep, Sue; prayer and fasting. Padre Pio said, “The Rosary is THE weapon”; so, praise the Lord and pass the “ammunition.”

      Just a question: How many of us here in the TNRS family are in a position to pray 5 decades of the Rosary daily, for the intention that abortion end in this country and worldwide, and that life be respected from natural conception to natural death? I’m not asking for people to publicly commit to this; I’m just asking everybody to please prayerfully consider whether this may be the next right step to which he may be called. For those who already pray the rosary daily, simply adding the above intention would suffice.

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  4. pvaldez7 says:

    Pray, pray, and then pray more for the Innocents killed by PP. Thank you Beckita for letting us know of this new continued bad news which calls us to double our prayers for the little Angels taken from us by PP.

    Paul in Katy

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  5. Simone says:

    Lord, truly have mercy on us all. Thank you, Beckita, for bringing this to our attention.

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  6. billbad42 says:

    Oh dear God have mercy on us! I know others here feel as sick as I do over reading this. I am praying for CMP, all of our Church leaders, and anti-abortion legislators for strength! I pray for those involved in all ways in this horrific act, and ask Mother Mary’s mantle to cover those poor unborn babies.

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  7. maryopl says:

    He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them. John 12:40

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  8. Phillip Frank says:

    In my experience with the Pro-life movement with my wife and her father who was our state president I have come to the realization that as long as our society desires sexual immorality we will be saddled with abortion.
    The pro life movement is weakened by this as many of its members overlook the abortifacient aspects of birth control and the underlying effect that mindset has on the true dignity of a fetus and do not discuss this failure at their pro-life rallies! Can a true defender of life in good conscious allow/use a drug that may cause the same effect as to what they rally against? It is the elephant in the room at these rallies, the hush of the noble with a skeleton in the closet.
    Can God, in His justice, give freedom from what we ourselves choose to commit under the disguise of legal, moral, personal or just plain adopted ignorance?
    This is the slippery slope prophecied by Pope Paul VI on how birth control would lead us into these things. Until this is addressed, (the contraceptive mindset) the floodgates of abortion will continue and societies view of the dignity of ALL life will only get worse.

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    • Beckita says:

      Amen, Phil. We need the Storm.

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      • Mary W says:

        Phil has encapsulated the problem beautifully in a few lines. How can a society so entrenched in the contraceptive mentality be weaned from it however at this point? As Beckita so aptly stated: we need the Storm. Is there another way now? I am doubtful.

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    • I agree, Phillip. The contraceptive mindset is a huge elephant in the room that many are unaware of, or choose to ignore. It’s seeming like the line in the sand, or a big one anyway, is the insistence on “sex without consequences,” which of course is a very slippery slope to abortion 😦

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    • theresa323 says:

      I have been involved with the Pro life movement from the very beginning. It boggles my mind that 43 years later we have not done away with Roe Vs. Wade. Contraception is the elephant in the room. I have had my battle with clergy that have accepted contraception, and have led their Flock into sin. As Pope Paul VI, prophesied this would lead to divorce, Promiscuity, homosexuality etc..
      This is spiritual warfare and we are in the Thick of it….Hearts have been hardened. We must rid the church of this contraceptive mentality.
      I agree wholeheartedly with Phillip Frank.
      Let us pray for the Church, so that we truly follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  9. sodakrancher says:

    May God bless us all. Thank You Beckita for your work here ,and may God protect and support you . Also prayers for David Daleiden and people and his work . May God protect him. My goodness does this issue ever make so clear the spiritual battle taking place all around us . And how it exposes the ugliness and horrifying mindset of Satan and his cohorts.
    Just as it is impossible to imagine the beauty of God , it is also just as impossible to imagine the despair and hatred of Satan .

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  10. CrewDog says:

    I’m sure Voris is more right than wrong and, in truth, the politicization of Catholic Parishes has been on going since Vatican II was hijacked by lavender lefties in the late 60’s and what Pope Paul VI was, no doubt, thinking about when he made his “Smoke of satan” comment.


    An interesting 2006 take by Jimmy Akin on PPVI:


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  11. Snowy Owl says:

    We could all pray this prayer daily (or more) specifically for abortion providers so that may TRULY SEE what they are doing.
    Jesus said: “This prayer is an instrument in your hands. By collaborating with Me, Satan will be blinded by it; and because of his blindness, souls will not be led into sin.”
    The Unity Prayer
    May our feet journey together,
    May our hands gather in unity,
    May our hearts beat to the same rhythm,
    May our souls be in harmony,
    May our thoughts be in unison,
    May our ears listen to the silence together,
    May our glances melt in one another,
    And may our lips beg Our Heavenly Father,
    together, to obtain Mercy.
    Lord have mercy!

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  12. But yet, there it is…that feeling of JOY watching what the Lord is doing to reveal the truth in all of this, ugly and uncomfortable as the process may be. May God remove the scales from our eyes and have mercy on our nation. One of my favorite lines of Charlie’s was “…watching as more flesh falls off the zombies” or something like that (well, “favorite” seems the wrong word here, but you know what I mean!) May it be so. Maranatha!!

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  13. Sean Sullivan says:

    California has doubled down and passed an Indictment against Daleiden

    “The California Attorney General’s office has been going after Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress for more than a year after CMP’s undercover investigation exposed potentially illegal sales of aborted babies’ body parts at Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities across the U.S.”

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    • Beckita says:

      Yes, Sean. David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were charged yesterday. The new PP video was released this morning. The battle is as heated as ever. Planned Parenthood and all who support them have been in a frenzy since the inauguration because they know pressure is building to defund PP. I’ve been receiving emails from some pro life activist groups in the last 2 weeks, pleading for contributions so they can proceed with efforts to demand defunding. May it be.

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      • Sean Sullivan says:

        “Can judges who do evil be your friends?
        They do injustice under cover of law;
        they attack the life of the just
        and condemn innocent blood.”

        This quote above caught my eye while praying during this hour of Divine Mercy… and as usual, speaks quite fittingly.


        Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office)
        Todays (March 29, 2017) Mid-Afternoon Psalm
        Psalm 93 (94)

        “Happy the man whom you teach, O Lord,
        whom you train by means of your law;
        to him you give peace in evil days
        while the pit is being dug for the wicked.

        The Lord will not abandon his people
        nor forsake those who are his own;
        for judgement shall again be just
        and all true hearts shall uphold it.

        Who will stand up for me against the wicked?
        Who will defend me from those who do evil?
        If the Lord were not to help me,
        I would soon go down into the silence.

        When I think: ‘I have lost my foothold’;
        your mercy, Lord, holds me up.
        When cares increase in my heart
        your consolation calms my soul.

        Can judges who do evil be your friends?
        They do injustice under cover of law;
        they attack the life of the just
        and condemn innocent blood.

        As for me, the Lord will be a stronghold;
        my God will be the rock where I take refuge.
        He will repay them for their evil wickedness,
        destroy them for their evil deeds.
        The Lord, our God, will destroy them.

        Glory to the Father and to the Son,
        and to the Holy Spirit:
        as it was in the beginning, is now,
        and will be for ever. Amen.”

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    • Snowy Owl says:

      Oh no… I didn’t know this. Thank you for posting. What champions David and Sandra are! God bless them.
      O California…. California, sitting on more than one dangerous fault. Lord have mercy.

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      • jlynnbyrd says:

        Indeed! They are so brave.

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      • sheralyn80 says:

        I live in this lovely state, (but was born and raised in MN, Snowy). Most of CA is controlled by the San Francisco and Southern California crowd. If you look at an Electoral map by county, it’s pretty interesting. Pray for us! We also are still keeping an eye on that very broken Oroville Dam, they are letting water out every few weeks down the broken spillway. I’m one of the 180,000 people that live beneath it. We should be good by May/June, once the snow melt is done.🙂

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        • Snowy Owl says:

          I will certainly pray for you, Sheralyn, that’s a little scary about the dam!
          I didn’t mean anything by my comment… just frustrated by how far these crazy people will go to keep control and all of this so they can continue killing children. Unbelievable. Having come from MN- another crazy state, you know it’s no better here, we just don’t have as much sway as Cali does. (Thank God…yikes) anyway, I’m sorry if what I said upset you. 😕

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        • Mick says:

          Praying, Sheralyn.


  14. Julia says:

    And to add to the horror of this death culture, I have read that in Canada they are using euthanized patients for body part transplants. It appears at least two countries in Europe are already doing this.

    Has nobody connected the dots here. An organ could not be taken for transplant from a euthanized patient. Surely the organ would be poisoned or contaminated by the agent used to kill the patient. This can only mean, the organ or organs are removed before the patient dies. Even without euthanasia, organs had to be removed before the patient really died, so they were kept alive on live support.

    How does a world that says on the one hand there are too many people on this planet justify using babies and elderly and vulnerable patients as fodder for medical experimentation, under the guise of helping people stay alive. Hitler might as well have won the war.

    The elderly, the mentally vulnerable and depressed patients are todays fodder for these butchers. For shame on them.

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    • Beckita says:

      Yes, Julia. How often it has been stated that once we fail to protect life at its inception, every life issue is at risk. We need the Storm.

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    • MarieUrsula says:

      Julia, your apt comments about objectively horrifying trends remind me of this:

      In 1949, during the Nuremberg Medical Trials that followed World War II, Doctor Leo Alexander, the chief medical investigator, wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine:

      “Whatever proportions these crimes finally assumed, it became evident to all who investigated them that they had started from small beginnings. The beginnings at first were merely a subtle shift in emphasis in the basic attitudes of the physicians. It started with the acceptance of the attitude, basic to the euthanasia movement, that there is such a thing as a life not worthy to be lived. This attitude in its early stages concerned itself merely with the severely and chronically sick. Gradually the sphere of those to be included in this category was enlarged to encompass the socially unproductive, the ideologically unwanted, the racially unwanted, and finally all non-Germans.”
      (From “Medical Science Under Dictatorship”)

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  15. Julia says:

    The silent scream goes on.

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    • Sean Sullivan says:

      GRAPHIC CONTENT- Be Advised-

      Thank you Julia for your witness. Yes, “The Silent Scream” does go on and it is available for all to review for their abject horror and edification. Dr. Nathanson has a more complete documentary titled “Eclipse of Reason” shown here:

      It is an Abortion documentary, narrated by Dr. Nathanson and introduced by Actor Charlton Heston. I listened to Dr. Natanson’s CD “Aborting America” and he describes the industry in a candid and overall manner.

      I find these type of films to be disheartening to watch to say the least, but it does display in the most intellectual and graphic manner the nature of the Abortion Business. No one can state abortion does not kill/mam babies without being a bold faced Liar. The limited viewing I watched (prior to this note) displays a fully formed Human baby in the womb. A camera with a light is inserted into the pregnant womans abdomen and the abortion procedure is displayed for all to see.

      Warning- it is graphic.

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  16. Randy131 says:

    “Your Brother’s Blood Cries to Me from the Ground”

    Jesus said in Mathew: Ch.5, Vs.17,18,19 – “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place. Therefore, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do so will be called least in the kingdom of heaven. But whoever obeys and teaches these commandments will be called greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Moses was considered to be one of the greatest of prophets)

    Numbers: Ch.35, Vs.33 – “You shall not desecrate the land where you live. Since bloodshed desecrates the land, the land can have no atonement for the blood shed on it except through the blood of him who shed it.” (On the plains of Moab, GOD told Moses to tell the people)

    Acts: Ch.5, vs.27,28,29 – “When they had brought them in and made them stand before the Sanhedrin, the high priest questioned them, ‘We gave you strict orders [did we not?] to stop teaching in that name. Yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teachings and want to bring this man’s blood upon us’. But Peter and the apostles said in reply, ‘We must obey GOD rather than men’.” (Who do our clergy obey and teach of today, like the Pharissees did in the past, what GOD and Jesus have said, or what men that are above them in the heirarchy of the Catholic religion have told them to obey and teach)

    Abraham’s actions with GOD in Genesis: Ch.18, Vs.32 – “But still Abraham persisted, ‘Please, let not my LORD grow angry if I speak up this last time. What if there are at least ten righteous there’? ‘For the sake of those ten’, GOD replied, ‘I will not destroy Sodom & Gomorrah’.

    More of Abraham’s actions with GOD in Genesis: Ch.22, Vs.2,9,10,11,12 – “Then GOD said: ‘Take your son Isaac, the only one whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah. There you shall offer him up as a holocaust on a height that I will point out to you’. When they came to the place of which GOD had told him, Abraham built an altar there andarranged the wood on it. Next he tied up his son Isaac, and put him on top of the wood on the altar. Then he reached out and took the knife to slaughter his son. But the LORD’s messenger called to him from heaven, ‘Abraham, Abraham!’ ‘Yes, Lord’, he answered. ‘Do not lay your hand on the boy’, said the messenger. ‘Do not do the least thing to him. I know now how devoted you are to GOD, since you did not withhold from me your own beloved son’. (Abraham challenged GOD’s plan for Sodom & Gomorrah and all the people who lived there, but when commanded by GOD to kill his own beloved son in a scarifice, he obeyed without question. Do our clergy today do the same for GOD’s commands in the Holy Bible, as Peter and the apostles also did, or do they obey men in the heirarchy of the Catholic religion, over that of GOD’s words and teachings)

    Satan never temps with things that are disliked by man, and Satan will tell a thousand truths to get man to believe just one lie. While the road to perdition is paved with good intentions, but not of GOD’s words and commands. GOD gives us many things to expose the truth, and says we only have to seek to find it. Maybe our clergy need to start viewing the ‘YouTube’ videos of Catholic priests who have had a ‘Life-After-Death’ experiences, and learn of their fate and why they were sent back to earth. It might open their eyes as to what to teach, and what not to teach, to GOD’s church, the people that they have been made responsible for. Why have seminaries in the USA been teaching the seminarians that Jesus did not really multiply the fish and loaves, but the real miracle was that all the people shared the food that they had brought to be prepared for ‘Passover’, like all good Jews have always done? This is an attempt to put man’s good actions and intentions on the par with the miracles of GOD, and was being taught at the seminary in Baltimore, and probably many other seminaries in the USA. The people who run the heirarchy of the Catholic religion are just men, as were the high priest and Sanhedrin that condemned Peter and the apostles for teaching in the name of Jesus, but apparently we do not contemplate and learn from the teachings, precepts, and mandates of GOD in the Holy Bible

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  17. jaykay says:

    O Lord, I wish the naive ” useful idiots” who parrot the “I don’t personally agree but…” could open their eyes and really understand the true horror that’s been exposed by DD for some time now. It’s not hard. There are so many of them in my country, fence-sitters, sheeple, hand-wringers. Lukewarm. Meanwhile our “leaders” have sold themselves wholesale to the deathmongers, actively working to dismantle our Constitutional protections for the unborn… yet still themselves mouthing these platitudes, the whitened sepulchres, trying to appear “concerned”, while in reality not caring a tuppenny damn as long as what they perceive as being the popular tide can get them re-elected. Well, we bloody well showed them back in 2013 when we got the equivalent in US terms of 1.5m people on the streets of the capital. They failed to get a majority in the next election, the socialists got annihilated, and yet they seem to have forgotten. Well, we haven’t, you……. and there will be another day of reckoning, depend on it!

    As for “Dr.” Taylor, who says: “you need to pay attention to who’s in the room, right?”

    Yes, indeed you do, “Doctor”… except you can’t see the presence who’s really there all the time. And he’s very interested in you… your soul, particularly. As he watches you carry out his work.

    Liked by 4 people

  18. Snowy Owl says:

    One more thing I wanted to add here because I’m upset and well… you’ll see what I mean.
    I was just reading about little Jacinta from Fatima, on Spirit daily:
    That little girl sacrificed everything because of what Mary showed her about the troubles in the world… and how this broke her heart. This was so long ago… 1917 and yet really, it was just a moment ago in eternity. Can you imagine what she would have done, what she would have tried to sacrifice if she had seen our world today? She was such an amazing child!
    Reading about her was really quite painful… sigh. was eye-opening, heart wrenching…it made me see so much more clearly and so painfully what our world has become. It is so sad how lost and backwards our society is.
    Show me what I can do, Lord! Seems so overwhelming.. for starters I can follow little Jacinta’s example… so many little sacrifices for Love, from Love! Look at what she did and what this became! God is so wonderful!
    Just imagine for one second if PP was doing this to animals…selling body parts, ripping kittens and puppies out of the womb… tearing them apart for profit..Oh the OUT CRY! would be incredible- world-wide! Facebook, Twitter and all social media would implode and probably crash the entire internet in an hour. A person can go to prison for killing baby animals and get applauded for murdering a human being. How pathetic, how heartbreaking- how lethargic, selfish and self serving we have become. Lord have mercy on us! 💔💔💔

    Liked by 11 people

  19. jlynnbyrd says:

    LifeNews just tweeted that Facebook is censoring the video:‏ @LifeNewsHQ 3h 3 hours ago
    Facebook Censors New Video Exposing Planned Parenthood Doc Admitting Babies Born Alive are Killed  #prolife #facebook

    Twitter is shadow banning the tweets, which means that the tweets are selectively distributed and first thing this morning #pinkout (pro-abortion aka pro-choice) was tending on Twitter at the same time this video was released. Trends are manipulated and Twitter has bots that auto-post tweets to their favor. PS-They are not conservative.

    I also posted and saw a lot of activity on – a Twitter alternative, which unfortunately is almost like singing to the choir.

    We have to talk about this and pray!!

    Liked by 4 people

  20. moreen67 says:

    TNRS folks the Gospel reading today struck me in John 5:31-47 but specifically this….”I came in the name of my Father, but you do not accept me; yet if another comes in his own name,
    you will accept him. How can you believe, when you accept praise from one another
    and do not seek the praise that comes from the only God?” This hit me because I thought of how divisive we as a country are right now and I also think about what SteveBC has said don’t get caught up (upset about things) in the old world. I also believe that God wants us in this time to focus on Him, no one in government, business, etc but on God alone. I have a feeling He is going to teach all of us some mighty lessons soon. Have a blessed day. Maureen

    Liked by 9 people

  21. al chandanais says:

    After my Decade, and after saying St. Gertrude’s prayer, (much like St. Maria Faustina’s) I have been taught “Eternal Father I offer up to you all the unborn, especially those in danger of abortion”. My 50 round clip (Rosary) wouldn’t be the same without this addition. I will now add …and “Strengthen those fighting for they’re protection”.

    Liked by 9 people

  22. John Stantislaus says:

    Regarding Charlie’s prophesying. He was correct, it just has taken a different form. Past gov is still present. It takes the form of. Shadow gov. Check out their web at Katie Hogan OFA. Very N.B.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Beckita says:

      This has often been noted in the comments since the inauguration, John, via many articles and news items. At the same time, Charlie set the criteria for his departure and we honor the Archdiocesan’s caution to not reinterpret this aspect of the prophecy concerning January 20th. We can remember that Charlie remains in watchful retirement, ever ready to do whatever the Lord asks of him. Charlie does not fully retire until July 5, 2018. All that said, I have been pointing to this quote Charlie made shortly after the election in November las year:

      “Sometime in the next year, I will be significantly wrong about something. It won’t be the Rescue, but it will be something. When it comes, it will not be a test of me, for I already know that God is good and seeks our reclamation. It will be a test for some of you, to see whether you have put your faith in me or your faith in God. If it is in me, your faith was always ill-placed. God is good, all the time, whatever the circumstances – and works to call us all back to Him. When I am wrong, I will accept the correction with gratitude and more wisdom. I will not leave the scene unless it is one of the fundamentals, and then, in full obedience to Holy Church, I will wait on the Lord, knowing that He will strengthen my heart and that it serves His purpose to call all His children back to Him.”

      God bless you, John.

      Liked by 5 people

  23. sodakrancher says:

    What a spiritual war we are in huh? I feel so inadequate sometimes . I feel as though I should be doing something more . As a couple of people commented .: if we allow this to continue how can we judge Hitler?

    But as so many people I’m sure have the same situation . My vocation is a father husband and provider for my family and we have 10 children and 1500 head of cattle to care for .

    As Beckita keeps saying we have to go through and we need the storm . I know prayer is the most important weapon and strategy in spiritual warfare and as Father William Casey says : “We are armed with the Holy Rosary and it contains 50 round clips ”

    This issue is a very huge part of the storm we are in the midst of . We must pray for each other , and also those on the other side . Doctors and nurses , women who feel no hope ,love or support, and fathers who have no sense of responsibility or morality .

    It is overwhelming and it is a level of confusion and divisiveness only the Devil could manufacture I suspect ,and only God can unravel . Prayer and trust in God

    I know all here understand this . I hope I’m not sounding preachy . I guess I just need to get it of my chest now and then . thank all of you for your faith , and prayers

    Liked by 10 people

    • Beckita says:

      Amen. Amen. Amen, sodakrancher. Thank you for what you’ve written. We’re here to help one another, to encourage and hearten each other. So much of what we have loved about living in this country has been dying for a long, long time. Sometimes, I think we’re at a funeral, mourning the passing of what this country and its people were meant to be. When a person dies, we gather to pray together. The mourners believe in the promises of faith that life never ends yet it does dramatically change. Stricken with great grief, those mourners rely on the strength of the believers who are present and affirming the truths of faith. Now, here we are, amidst great confusion and division, mourning and relying on one another to keep the faith and cling to hope. We know and love the paschal mystery: after Good Friday comes the Ressurection and after the Storm comes the Rescue.

      Liked by 11 people

      • Barb421 says:

        wow, Beckita , you nailed it- I DO feel like I am at a funeral, I literally have tremors, sometimes at night, I feel immense grief, and regret, fear, longing, longing for the face of God and our blessed Mother- I look to the birds, doing what they were created for by our Father… yesterday I stood and watched a goat in some stage of labor, and I said a little prayer for her and felt an empathy, one mother to another…I will seek out more of nature where and when I can, we all need Hope

        Liked by 7 people

      • sodakrancher says:

        Thank you so much again Beckita . This makes so much sense and it is something I was needing to hear

        Liked by 4 people

    • jaykay says:

      “I hope I’m not sounding preachy”

      You’re not – you’re sounding eminently practical! As I would expect from a father-of-ten and stock rancher 🙂

      Liked by 7 people

    • Snowy Owl says:

      Sodakrancher, I think your comment is wonderful and not at all preachy. I agree and thought the same thing… everyone here already knows. But It’s such horror had to say something!

      Liked by 6 people

    • Doug says:

      I think having ten kids is about as pro life as it gets. My hats off to you Soda.

      Liked by 4 people

  24. Yes, share hope.

    As you can see, I finally got around to painting my favorite spot on the Verde, though I know that it does little justice to the spot as I witnessed it that Fall day. Such a sign of Spontaneity, Joy and an excess of Love in creation as I watched in silence (well, maybe I let out a low whistle at some point)… mostly silence.

    Oh, how inadequate my little brushes seem as I endeavor to share it. The sights, sounds and scents were beyond description. The oranges and yellows of the Fall foliage sang praises of Hope and Joy. “God Is!” And the river… oh, I could get lost in the mystery and movements.

    Bees buzzed. Birds sang and soared. Brush rustled. A single beaver played, and although he could have boasted of the hand he played in creating/maintaining this lush riparian habitat, he had nothing more to say than a simple swim and splash of his tail on the surface of the water.

    Of course the wild horses waded into the river nearby. They’re just out of the frame, but after admiring their majestic beauty, I couldn’t help but notice once again their kind and gentle eyes. Certainly they spoke of a certain patience as well.

    That all spoke of Silence to me, over the occasional niggling thought. Oh, I sometimes miss some of the other voices. Yet we are together in Him. Embraced by Silence, and thus we have Love, Hope, Joy… Everything.

    God Bless,

    Liked by 12 people

  25. sheralyn80 says:

    I have to say thank you to everyone for being here! This is such a wonderful place to come for love, support, encouragement and challenge. I volunteered to be part of 40 days for Life, and my time is this afternoon. There are always 4-6 people there and I had already been into town today, so I thought,”maybe I’ll just stay home today, it will be covered.” Then I come to this site and it reminds me of what really matters. I will be heading back into town shortly to man my post and TRNS.

    Liked by 7 people

  26. Doug says:

    If my Lambzie was born 20 years later, she would be one of the unlucky ones. Her Mom was 16 when she was conceived. She was institutionalized, later placed in a foster home and adopted. Her Mom chose life. They reconnected in adulthood and Lambzie helped bring healing. Her biological Mom died last year at 3:00 AM at the hour of mercy on the anniversary of Roe V Wade. God has had his hand in her whole life and for this, I am grateful. Lord have mercy on us!

    Liked by 12 people

    • SteveBC says:

      Indeed, Doug, you and Jacki are inspirations to us all. 🙂

      Liked by 4 people

    • al chandanais says:

      Beautiful Doug, you bring me to tears of joy. Surely God held her very close right to the end. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Doug says:

        Also, she was given up on her first birthday. They thought she had a mental handicap and placed her in an institution that dealt with such. In addition, she had no motor skills. She was like a limp baby. Some how, her motor skills got better in the institution (hmmm). When she was 2 and a half, a family with a daughter in youth ministry visited and noticed she was different than the all the other kids. This family started to bring her home on weekends for the next 2 years and tried desperately to adopt her to no avail (we learned about this family when Lambzie was 30 and reconnected with them). Her biological parents still had custody and insisted on a Catholic family for foster parents. So she was placed in her current family where she was eventually adopted. Her biological parents had to relinquish custody for this.

        The institution she was in was the Walter Fernald. They used to do radioactive experiments on the kids in the 50s. Fortunately, she missed that Era.

        I met her in college. We were both 18. I am proud to say she is probably the only person from that institution who ever graduated from college and also magna cum laud with a degree in computer science.

        All that said, what she went through in her childhood took a toll on her. She had lots of insecurities. It was rocky for us at first, but then the Lord came into my life and changed everything for me. Years later when she developed breast cancer, we went for special prayer at our parish. During this prayer time, the Lord revealed to me interiorly that this was all part of his plan and my roll especially was to counter all the negativity of a life time and be God’s flesh in a way for her. Our relationship went to a whole new level after that. She and I are best friends. 2 more cancers later with less body parts, she is more whole and beautiful than ever. We have absolutely no regrets after 32 years of marriage. God bless you!

        Liked by 5 people

  27. al chandanais says:

    Praise God, I just heard on Fox news the House and Senate approved a bill yesterday to DEFUND planned parenthood, this bill goes to President Trumps desk today for his signature. The result is that only the States will choose to support PP or not. Our federal taxes will no longer kill babies. GLORY BE TO GOD!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Beckita says:

      As I understand it, Al, the funding part is tricky (imagine that?) and complicated. This article explains what has just happened. This is the victory I mentioned in yesterday’s post. But as the article states: “This is a separate and distinct issue from the battle over direct funding of the Planned Parenthood abortion company.” So, yes, GLORY BE TO GOD for this victory even as we work and pray for a bill to directly defund Planned Parenthood. Also within the article to which I link is a petition urging Congress to do just that. But I also understand that more effective than a petition signature is direct contact with one’s representatives. God bless you, Al. Blessings to your wife.

      Liked by 3 people

      • al chandanais says:

        Thank you Beckita, for your blessings and the straight info. As you say this is the beginning, sadly i was misinformed by Fox News or perhaps I just heard what I wanted to hear.

        Liked by 2 people

  28. Monica says:

    Abortion is truly a great evil. Often we think only of the baby who is lost, but the devastating effects of abortion go beyond even the lost child. Up to 70% of women regret their abortions. They suffer for years from guilt, shame, self-loathing . . . Sometimes they are unable to emotionally connect with their surviving children because of their feelings of guilt or fear. They may suffer from addictions, promiscuity, and other self-destructive behaviors. And the fathers are not immune to these adverse effects. This has terrible repercussions for the communities we live in. Abortion is detrimental to all of us, whether we have participated in one or not. I volunteer in a post-abortion healing ministry in our community and pretty much the average time it takes for a woman to seek help after her abortion is 20 years. Twenty years of suffering for a wrong choice. If they are Catholic, they may confess their sin over and over. All of us know people who have had or participated in an abortion—we may not know it because it is a closely guarded secret. We need to reach out in compassion to our wounded brothers and sisters and help them experience the mercy of their loving Father. There is no sin that cannot be forgiven. Help us, Jesus! We are praying and fasting. Let this horrible crime against humanity be ended.

    Liked by 4 people

  29. CrewDog says:

    Rest in Peace my Christian Comrades!!
    We have played the “Wise Monkey” Routine in the West for the past 50 years in part because we need MidEast Oil, partly because the MidEast Oil Cartel has spread lots of $$$$ around to corrupt Western Politicians/Islamic Front Groups and partly because of Kumbaya Bleeding Heart better RagHead than dead godless Liberalism. Because of all of the above, the USA/EU has not waged war/peace “Over-There” in an effective/efficient manner and thus we are “reaping the whirlwind” as made, even more obvious in the Egyptian Horror today, ongoing Horror in Syria and wherever Islam is more than 5% of the population.
    The USA/EU/UN is arguably bankrupt …. morally and fiscally! The USA has frittered away much of their military power, equipment and has exhausted it’s troops and war material stockpiles. The USA, since 1990, has allowed it’s NATO and allies worldwide to renege on their military treaty obligations and has allowed the UN to become a Cabal run by 3rd World despots……… with China, Iran and North Korea “In the Wings” and waiting for their part to begin.
    I’m praying that 2017 will be just another year that Earth totters along with “acceptable” casualties and a pleasant Christmas Season to “Top it Off” 🙂 ……. However!! I’m planning and preparing for less, much less, pleasant contingencies!! 😦

    Two blasts targeting Coptic Christians in Egypt on Palm Sunday have killed at least 40 people, officials say.

    Palm Sunday attacks: ISIS says it carried out bombings at churches in Egypt that killed at least 37

    Bombings at Egyptian Coptic churches kill 36, injure more than 100

    11 killed, 33 injured in explosion at Saint Mark’s Church in Alexandria


    Nothing has changed since Muhammad’s Gang burst on the scene in the 8th Century! It’s Them or Us, Fight or Submit and No Quarter Asked or Given. Dust off your World History books if Ya doubt me.


    Liked by 3 people

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