Holy Thursday: Three Mysteries of LOVE

(What a blessed time of year! Catholics call these three days the Triduum and how rich with ritual, meaning and history it is. Again this Holy Thursday night, we enter life-giving mysteries, recalling how Christ, in all His power, kneels as a loving servant to wash feet – and we follow Him in our NRS ways, ready to serve, in LOVE, this community and all others whom we encounter. We also commemorate, with ultimate gratitude, the institution of the priesthood and the Holy Eucharist, two mysteries inextricably fused and given us as gift from our Redeemer.

Contemplating, whether we’re at church or unable to leave home, let us pray, in gratitude and petition, for our priests. Let us strive to be stronger in loving God by companioning and adoring Him in His Eucharistic Presence. In doing so, we will better fulfill the Mandatum in our own lives. I often think of Charlie’s reflection that TNRS’ core message is a compendium of the Gospel. And so it is. And it is rooted in the three mysteries of Love we celebrate and contemplate this very night and in all the mysteries of  the Triduum.

Our brothers and sisters, all over the world, continue to need us so let us enfold them in our prayers of these days. The poor Venezuelans continue to suffer tremendously with food rationing that affects the availability of wheat. Dan Lynch wrote about this crisis which, in turn, affects the ability to bake bread for the Eucharist. Sadly, Coptic Christians in southern Egypt will not hold Easter Sunday festivities for they remain in mourning over the 45 who lost their lives in the twin bombings at their churches on Palm Sunday. Famine continues to plague countries in Africa. Syria and North Korea are hot spots. There are unrelenting attacks on Christians by terrorist groups. Our own country continues with confusion and division which contributes to what looks to be its e-x-c-r-u-c-i-a-t-i-n-g-l-y slow implosion.

In the face of what is, we must remind those around us: we.did.it. Kyrie eleison. Christe eleison. Kyrie eleison. It is GOD Who has a PLAN. HE is the source of our HOPE and LOVE so that we can BE His HOPE and LOVE in the little we can do around us. As we do, we pray, and prayer changes everything. 

Reprinting this piece, now, published by Msgr. Charles Pope at his blog on March 28, 2013. I appreciate his work and have asked for his permission as I think this article connects to the core message of TNRS. May the blessings of this holy night be upon all our TNRS friends and families and upon our whole world! )


Most of us are familiar with concept of a matching gift. So, if I work for a certain company and donate to a certain cause, my employer may match my gift up to a certain amount; a matching gift.

And there is something of this evident in the Liturgy of Holy Thursday which commemorates the institution of the Holy Eucharist and the Priesthood, but which couches it in the context of the mandatum novum, the “new commandment” of love and service, and signified by the foot washing.

These three things are distinguishable in our minds, but in reality they are so together as to be one. And we need to be careful not to separate them in our minds.

To illustrate this danger, consider how, within our minds, we are able to distinguish things that are, in reality, inseparable. For example, think of a candle flame and how, in your mind, you can distinguish the heat of the flame from the light of that flame. But in reality you could not take a knife and separate the heat from the light and put them in different places. In reality they are so together as to be one.

And this is how it is with our triple mystery this night. Though we can distinguish them, they are meant to be so together, as to be one. Without the priesthood there is no Holy Eucharist. And without love there would be neither priest nor Eucharist. And we are asked by the Lord to ponder all three tonight, but to remember that they are meant to be one reality.

The Lord gathers his first priests, institutes their priesthood, washes their feet and and gives them his Body and Blood. And then he says “Do this in remembrance of me.” Do what? Surely, celebrate the Eucharist. But the Lord also surely means that they are to wash the feet of others, for, in establishing their priesthood he says to them, I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you also must do (Jn 13:15). Yes, it is all connected, the new law of love and service, the priesthood and the Eucharist.

Lets go a little deeper

St. Augustine says, reflecting on Proverbs 23:1, If you sit down to eat at the table of a ruler observe carefully what is set before you, then stretch out your hand, knowing that you must provide the same kind of meal yourself. (Tract in Iohannem 84:1-2)

And in this gloss on the proverb is a reminder to every priest and every soul who would approach the Eucharist: we must provide the same kind of meal, a matching gift.

It is true we cannot give all Christ gave and did, we have but five loaves and two fish. But the fact is we are called to provide the same kind of meal, a meal of love, of self sacrifice that is willing to wash the feet of others.

In the Old Testament priesthood, the priest and victim were distinct. Perhaps the priest offered a lamb or turtle doves or a bull. But the victim was distinct from him.

But in the New Testament priesthood, the priesthood of Jesus Christ, the priest and victim are one and the same. Jesus offered himself as the sacrifice. And every priest who would gather with Jesus our king and ruler ought to, as St Augustine says, observe carefully what is set before him, realizing that he must provide the same meal, a matching gift.

Thus, when the priest who stands at the altar says, “This is my Body,” the first meaning is that it is Jesus Christ who is speaking these words through the priest.

But it must also be somehow true that the priest, as a man, is also saying to his people, this is my body. He must be willing to say to them, without simulation, I, your priest, also give you my very self in sacrificial love and service. I will wash your feet. I am willing to die for you if necessary. I will spend myself in your service. My body, my life, is yours.

Yes, the priest must be willing to provide the same meal as the Lord, a matching gift. The priest and the victim are one and the same. And thus, the priesthood, Eucharist and the mandatum novum of love and service are ultimately one reality.

And what is true for the priest is also true for the faithful. For to approach the altar of the Lord, to partake of this sacred and sacrificial meal is to incur the same admonition that one must provide the same meal, a matching gift. To the faithful who hear the words, this is my body, comes the ultimate obligation to say to another, this is my body, here is my life for you, I will wash your feet. Same meal, matching gift.

There are some who have, in recent years, wished to downplay the mandatum, the foot washing at Holy Thursday Mass. To some extent this is understandable, given all the shenanigans of the past decades. The rite ought to be done but can be omitted for pastoral reason.

But theologically, there can be no downplaying the mandatum. For those who would wish to downplay what the washing of the feet signifies: Sorry,  no can do. The Eucharist and the command to wash one another’s feet cannot be separated in reality. They are so together as to be one. An unloving priest or communicant is a countersign. Every priest and communicant who stretches out their hand to the Lord and his Eucharist must provide the same meal, a matching gift.

Pope Francis gave elevated importance to the foot washing this year in going to a prison. And while it does not follow that every priest should relocate the Holy Thursday Mass outside the parish, it is as though Pope Francis is saying to those who would minimize the foot washing:  Don’t do that. For the mandatum novum it signifies is so one with the priesthood and the Eucharist as to be one reality.

The three mysteries we preach tonight are really one mystery of love. And we who would partake of the Eucharist, or be its celebrants, must never forget that we must provide the same meal, the matching gift.

About Beckita

Beckita, widow, mother and grandmother, lives in Missoula, Montana. After more than thirty years of service, she retired from two careers: elementary school educator and director of liturgical music ministry in a local parish. Serving the Catholic Church in many capacities since early childhood, she now provides care for a nearly 90 year old priest of Chinese origin and collaborates with him in evangelizing the Chinese people. For more than twenty-five years, she has welcomed words from heaven concerning these sobering times in which we live and, like so many, takes seriously Our Lord and Our Lady’s call to intercede for the return of souls to God. Responding to heaven’s call for prayer, for her, included making pilgrimages to shrines in Europe, Asia and South America. She says these travels, added to her years as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa in the mid-seventies, have expanded her heart to hold dear all peoples of the world. She is a longtime member of TNRS community and when she began reading Charlie’s posts, immediately, she found that his mission and message harmonize well with Church approved private revelation of our times. In September 2015, she accepted an invitation to become part of TNRS Answers Team. As events of the Storm evolved, last fall (2016), she accepted Charlie’s invitation to become managing editor of TNRS should he need to leave the site. With great gratitude to and for Charlie, founder of TNRS, and with great respect and admiration for the lifelong experiences and God-given gifts he brought to bear on his work at this site - she knows we all know he’s irreplaceable – still, she considers it a great privilege to serve the TNRS community.
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33 Responses to Holy Thursday: Three Mysteries of LOVE

  1. Beckita says:

    One rendition of the Ubi Caritas of this Night of LOVE.

    Another style:

    Ubi cartias est vera, est vera
    Deus ibi est
    Deus ibi est

    The love of Christ joins us together
    Let us rejoice in him
    And in our love and care for all
    now love God in return

    For those in need make us your mercy
    for those oppressed, your might
    Make us your Church a holy sign
    of justice and new life

    May we one day behold your glory
    and see you face to face
    rejoicing with the saints of God
    to sing eternal praise

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  2. May you all receive many blessings from these Holy days. Love your posts Bekita. Anniecorrinne

    Sent from my iPad


    Liked by 4 people

  3. SteveBC says:

    Thank you, Beckita. I never understood this before. Quite a responsibility, easily glossed over in the normal affairs of living.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Thank u . A noble challenge.

    Hoping you and yours have a blessed Easter

    Liked by 2 people

  5. CrewDog says:

    Some Holy Thursday Good-News! 🙂
    “President Donald Trump Signs Bill to Overturn Obama Rule Forcing States to Fund Planned Parenthood”



    Liked by 8 people

    • audiemarie2014 says:

      CrewDog, that is good news! Was just wondering where you’ve been, but I might have missed some postings here. God bless you and all of us!

      Liked by 3 people

  6. Diane says:

    Happy Easter to all –
    Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed
    Love, I do, Diane

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  7. SanSan says:

    Beautiful post. Blessings to all on this Holy Thursday.

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  8. Janise says:


    Easter services will be held, but not in full festivity out of deference to the attacks.

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  9. Luke Michael says:

    Happy Easter to all the TNRS family!

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  10. Irish7 says:

    Didn’t Charlie say the fullness of the Storm will break through North Korea? It sort of seems like it is all converging this weekend. Lord have mercy.

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    • Beckita says:

      Interesting, Irish7. I do remember Charlie saying the Storm initially broke in 2009 when North Korea did a missile launch. Archangel Gabriel alerted Charlie to it. But I just found an old post that mentions what you remember, Irish7. So now, I think there must be a continuum for fullness. We seem to be in an uneasy peace right now. In my view, there are still too many far from the Lord. He wants all His kids back and it seems deep suffering aka the height of the Storm is needed. Amen to Lord have mercy, Irish!

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      • Irish7 says:

        Yes I completely agree. I know we all stand ready to show them the love of Christ in our field hospitals. I was one of them not too long ago. God has a plan and loves all His kids. Have a blessed Easter friends.

        Liked by 2 people

      • SteveBC says:

        A mild correction, Beckita. North Korea performed an underground nuclear test in May 2009, to which it may have invited technicians from a number of sketchy countries. Charlie is referring to this specifically. Before and after the test they lit off a few missiles, too, so late April to late May appears to have been the public evidence of a significant change in the country’s strategy. Of interest as well is that in 2008 Kim Jong-Il had such serious health issues that a successor was designated shortly thereafter. That was Kim Jong-Un. Big changes in North Korea around that time.

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    • Mick says:

      I’ve been thinking along those lines, too, Irish.

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  11. dianebelvs says:

    We are on the road for out of town visiting starting tomorrow morning early, so I just want to wish all of you good people a Blessed Good Friday and a very Happy Easter. God Bless You and Yours.

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  12. sodakrancher says:

    Thank you again Beckita . I think we all come here each day to receive a portion of our daily Bread . God bless you and thank you for carrying this on .

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    • Beckita says:

      Why, sodakrancher, you are living Msgr. Pope’s article and I appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much for staying and commenting. Sooner rather than later, I would imagine we may have a ton of returnees and a ton of newcomers. God bless you and your family as well.

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  13. Moses Foo says:

    The current affairs of the world is mind-numbing. I can only say Your way is not my way, Your thought not mine. Lord Jesus, I trust in You. A blessed Easter Triduum to everyone.

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  14. flora potter says:

    Thank you Beckita. The “matching gift” is a Word for me tonight.
    Peace to all in this Holy Triduum.

    Liked by 4 people

  15. singingjuls says:

    Beckita, I am so behind on my reading. What a treasure this is, even reading it after our Lord rises from the dead. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message.

    Liked by 2 people

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