Lord Save Us; We Perish

storm fury

By Charlie Johnston

It has now been four months since last I wrote anything here. At the time I left, I said I might, from time to time, publish non-prophetic pieces if there was an occasion.

People frequently ask me if there is still going to be a Rescue. Shoot, you don’t have to take my word for it: at Fatima Our Lady said that in the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph. She also said, on May 13, 1917, that she would appear six times on the same day, but that she would later appear yet a seventh time. Some think that was fulfilled in a later private appearance to Sr. Lucia. I don’t. She made six public appearances on the same date. Since she was talking in the context of general appearances, I think the seventh appearance will also be a public one – one that has not yet happened. It will.

Whether I was deceived or I badly misinterpreted, I made a terrible blunder in how I interpreted that Obama would not finish his full term. I get many people asking how that affects the rest of what I wrote, hopeful that the rest is true. One of the frustrations I often had was that people constantly had the wrong idea about all of this. It is not simple. I am not a seer, given simple messages to pass on verbatim. I was called to act and to do: to defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful. God uses each man’s authentic personality in the work He assigns – and expects that man to figure it out. Throughout the Bible, God frequently responds to the questions of the nervous servants He sends by simply saying, “I will be with you,” while not answering their direct question. I think I best expressed a simulacrum of how it is in the piece, “Through a Glass Darkly.” In the end, you must assess for yourself. Look at the full body of my work. After the inauguration, I saw that that was not the only thing I had misinterpreted. Yet on the larger picture, the trajectory and sweep of the cultural breakdown, the worldwide descent into a global civil war fought on cultural lines, I have been consistently dead on. I always maintained that believing was not enough: you had to choose to serve, whatever the cost.

Despite the pain of the very public error, it did not change anything substantial for me. I did not make my promise to God based on always being right and never the object of opprobrium. God forbid I should be found to be a mere sunshine soldier, happy to march along so long as everything went as I expected and then fleeing my post as soon as danger or humiliation reared its ugly head. Love is the only motivation powerful enough to sustain a good purpose in trying times; love of God and love of your fellows. True love can only exist in the context of true humility: the determination that you will lay it all out, accept honorably and take responsibility for your mistakes and then soldier on. In the last four months, I have been deeply involved in some pro-life initiatives, am in the process of writing a short book I hope will help people see that Christianity is not just true, but is the practical secret to happiness. I want, particularly, those who have their faith shaken by larger events (whether it is a Christian or functionally pagan faith) to see Christianity for what it is at its most basic level and give it serious new consideration. It is harder and taking longer than I expected. I am reminded of a letter Thomas Jefferson sent John Adams when the two old rivals were in their dotage and had become affectionate pen pals. Jefferson began by apologizing for sending such a long missive, but explaining that he did not have time to send a short one. I can relate! Meantime, I have attended Mass as always, stood sponsor for a young man at his confirmation and sing a little with the choir. Messing up does not relieve one of one’s obligations, nor deprive one of the joy of living them. Oh – and I have kept my backpack and hiking boots close at hand in case there must be a Jericho March. You don’t go into retirement just because you are on injured reserve. In these times, all of us will see our expectations confounded in little ways or big ways. If we only take the next right step when our expectations are confirmed, we are not worthy to be soldiers of God.

In some ways, noting that any piece I write in the future will not break any new prophetic ground is a bit facile. I have already said all I needed to say in that regard. We are in times of fulfillment or we are not. What is needed now is not new information, but how to live well and in Christian fraternity as the Storm reaches a shrieking howl – how to keep faith amidst extreme chaos and confusion. I will not write often, but when I do, this site I founded and that Beckita now runs will be the primary venue I use. Now let us turn to the events of the day…

Donald Trump has not cured cancer, has not inaugurated world peace, nor eliminated crime. If he had, though, the anti-God left, led by Congressional Democrats, the establishment media, Hollywood, and fascist academia (which in a hilarious example of Orwell’s Newspeak, call themselves Antifa – or antifascist) would still be calling for his head on a pike. Trump is certainly intemperate, volatile and provocative, an unusual (though not unprecedented – see Andrew Jackson) set of character traits in a president. The current howl is not a discussion over what is best for the country, but a bare-knuckles battle for power. The anti-God left promised after Trump’s election that they would try to sabotage everything he did, period. Unlike being able to keep your health plan or your doctor, this is a promise they have kept.

The rule of law is already dead, the cultural consensus that binds the country together has already collapsed. When Trump is merely alleged to have committed in diluted form what Barack Obama committed overtly, the left screams for impeachment. Trump is alleged to have urged former FBI Director James Comey to go easy on Michael Flynn. He may or may not have, but the allegation is cited by the anti-God left as obstruction of justice, seeking to influence an investigation. Obama said publicly while the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server was ongoing that she was innocent of any crime, thus telling the investigators he was boss over what outcome he expected. He did the same in declaring there was not a â “smidgen” of corruption at the IRS while the investigation was ongoing. The left will be constrained by no law when accomplishing its purpose – and makes mere clumsiness an impeachable offense when attacking its opponents. Congressional Republicans are not blameless. A significant minority of the Republicans are always so eager to fit in with the elite that they join with the shrieking mob. These are the ones I have the most contempt for. Congressional Republicans could not see fit to defend ordinary Americans from assaults on their liberty from the IRS and other alphabet agencies, nor from the assault on religious liberty mounted by the last administration, nor from the assault on freedom of speech, nor a host of other assaults, but when Trump offends establishment sensibilities the Vichy Republicans are Johnny on the spot, thinking themselves profiles in courage.

We are immersed now in fake law – the legal system used as a partisan cudgel rather than a system of justice. Many left-wing judges are not judges at all. They are the equivalent of the political officers of the old Soviet Union or the SS in Nazi Germany: there to see that the ideological preferences of the ruling elite are upheld. Their job is to enforce leftist doctrine, then mount a fig leaf of a justification for why the Constitution does not actually mean what it actually says. They routinely assert jurisdiction even in areas where the Constitution explicitly says they have none. They rule by whim and dare anyone to check them. It is the fault of the Congress and of superior judges that they get away with it. Superior court judges have the authority to slap lower court judges down when they make up fake law to protect left wing priorities, but they do not. Congress has the power to set aside the rulings of federal judges and to impeach offenders, but it does not. Such arbitrary decisions mainly affect the little people – and the ruling elite is not terribly concerned with such as that.

The “law” is applied differently to conservatives. In California, David Daleiden is charged with felonies for filming undercover videos of abortionists in public settings, revealing their stark, casual brutality and violations of the law. Filming undercover videos is routine practice in both California and U.S. journalism. Not a single leftist has ever been charged for the same things in California. The only thing Daleiden is guilty of is practicing under-cover journalism while conservative and Christian. The law is no longer about equal justice for all; it is merely a partisan blunt object. As violent riots break out on campuses, most frequently in California, some officials give stand-down orders to police, telling them not to interfere unless there is immediate threat to life when the targets of such riots and mayhem are conservative. Some officials actually go further and argue that it is right that conservatives and Christians not get the vigorous police protection that the left gets – even as those leftists make no effort to hide their contempt for police.

We are in the midst of a soft coup attempt by the anti-God left. It is determined to get by force what it cannot get by persuasion. It has terrible consequences for the country, as the great classicist Victor Davis Hanson concisely explains in this piece. I don’t think many on the left actually believe in their Russia collusion fixation; it is merely a useful tool in their partisan belt. If Trump carries out any normal diplomacy with Russia, it is mounted as evidence of collusion. When Trump gives away huge chunks of our uranium stores to Russia in exchange for huge speaker’s fees and millions in donations – like the Clintons did – I will take the charges seriously. Meantime, North Korea is shooting off ballistic missile tests and refining its nuclear capabilities. We could use Russia’s help in reining N. Korea in. We already know that China has lost effective control of its former client state. But if Trump tries to collaborate with Russia on fighting terror or making common cause against N. Korea (a threat to everyone), the left screeches in rage. Here’s the deal: if not stopped, N. Korea is going to set off a nuke against someone. It could be Japan, Alaska, northern California – or even China. When it happens, the left will scream about our failure to stop it, even though the left has been the primary obstacle to mounting an effective coalition with means to do so.

Since the Enlightenment, left-wing movements have sought to take control of various nations by force rather than by persuasion. Though they have usually constituted a minority, they have succeeded too often in taking power because of their willingness to use brutal and deadly force to impose their will. This was the case in Revolutionary France, Russia, Nazi Germany and China. (There were actually two revolutions in Russia in 1917. The first, in March, was a soft socialist revolution that sought to invest sovereignty in a freely elected Constituent Assembly. The October Revolution was when Lenin seized power by brute force, even though many of his own people feared he did not intend any “dictatorship of the proletariat,” but the dictatorship of one man – himself. It has always been striking to me that the soft revolution came before the events at Fatima – and the brutal dictatorship came a few weeks after Our Lady’s final apparition in Fatima that year, which warned of disastrous errors coming from Russia. Also, though ignorant popular culture regards Nazi Germany as a right-wing phenomenon, it was a left-wing socialist phenomenon fused with a ferocious nationalism.) In every case, once precarious power was obtained, the dictators solidified it through brutal and deadly force.

The Enlightenment made a catastrophic error in re-defining the nature of man. The Judeo-Christian culture is the foundation of Western Civilization. It recognized man as fundamentally a creator, made in God’s own image and imbued with His very dignity. The Enlightenment viewed man as fundamentally a consumer, a complicated animal who, when his basic needs of food, shelter and companionship were met would be content. The Christian definition constrained the power even of kings, for an assault on any man without just cause was an assault on God. The Enlightenment definition reduced governing to animal husbandry. If some men were discontent, socialist leaders could simply cull the herd.

Socialism never works on a large scale. It is, in fact, an ideology that promises much while leading directly to the death camp. Many socialist leaders are quite intelligent. But intelligence does not guarantee wisdom. Some men use their intelligence to see things as they are, human nature for what it is, and then mount policies to make things better, acknowledging the dignity and free will of all men. That is a tough job. Other, lazier men, create utopian castles in the air and use their intelligence to convince themselves they are right. The only reason their schemes don’t work, they think, is because of the resistance of lower men. Since men have no inherent dignity in their view, the solution is to jail or kill the dissenters – and then the utopia will be realized. It is a determined, but intellectually lazy man’s vain path to power. As things continue to fail, greater terror is mounted, ultimately cannibalizing many who helped raise the socialist standard. Robespierre ended on the very guillotine he set in motion. Trotsky, Lenin’s closest comrade in brutality, was assassinated by Stalin. In almost any socialist seizure of power, give it five years and at least 20% of those in the vanguard of the takeover will, themselves, be consumed by the inevitable terror that follows.

In all the great utopian death camps, God is the first enemy. France, Russia and China were ruthlessly atheistic. Nazi Germany is the exception: it was a functionally pagan phenomenon. Socialism cannot tolerate the existence of a monotheistic God, for that God is a rival to the supremacy of the state. It recognizes Christians – and Jews – as a more deadly destabilizing influence and threat than even ideological rivals. So it invariably persecutes the faithful, in the mildest forms by ridicule and alienation; more often by jail and execution. It is hostile to the concept of family, or any voluntary association not run by the state. America was founded with an abundance of voluntary associations, with the state envisioned as primarily an umpire. The left can tolerate no mediating institution in society but the state, in which it vests all power.

The anti-God left seeks the fundamental transformation of American society into one of its nightmarish socialist utopias, by any means whatever. It got so much closer with Obama and thought it could nearly finish the job by political means with Hillary Clinton. Now it acts by any and all means, rather than forfeit its gains. As I said, the law is a mere partisan cudgel in its hands. In the years before the revolution, whenever Lenin was in the majority of socialist cadres, he demanded unity from all others. When he was in the minority, he demanded his right to speak freely in dissent. At a Socialist Congress a few years before the revolution, some of his fellow Bolsheviks (and most all of the other groups present) accused him of lying, cheating and betraying to get his way. Astonishingly, he did not deny it, but argued he had the right to lie, cheat and betray to accomplish his aims. I thought of that when former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid justified his knowing lies about Mitt Romney’s income taxes by simply saying, “We won, didn’t we?”

The anti-God left does not understand what the election of Donald Trump really was. It was the last peaceful chance offered by ordinary, traditional Americans for the left to stand down from its bully-boy tactics and seek to win the argument by persuasion rather than rule by force. As of now, the left would make war rather than acknowledge the right of their fellow citizens to exercise their conscience, exercise their freedom, or live their faith in the public square. They have misinterpreted the restraint of normal Americans. In the end, ordinary Americans will accept war rather than give up their liberty or their faith. And so, war will come unless the left stands down and begins the hard work of persuasion, rather than coercion.

While previous left-wing putsches have succeeded because of the determined use of brute force, there are a few things the Jacobins, Bolsheviks, Nazis and Red Guards did that the modern left has neglected: disarmed the opposition while heavily arming themselves AND taking pains to curry favor with the police and the military. Without these things, all coups are doomed to failure, no matter how much their adherents shriek and howl. Nonetheless, when hysterical ideologues unleash the winds of chaos and revolution, it destabilizes the existing order. A variety of contestants seek to seize power in the chaos. I have no faith that the left will stand down nor much faith that the Congressional Republicans or judges will defend the liberty of ordinary people.

And yet, there is another factor this time around. I have maintained from the time I founded this website that God is in this, allowing us to suffer the consequences of our vanity and fecklessness, letting crises continue to spiral downward. It is not for our destruction, but for our renewal. Christ is Master of the Storm. Confusion and chaos reign for a time. Whatever the question, whatever the challenge before us, the answer that will serve us as either Christian warriors or Christian peacemakers is the same: acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. Man your post in the sure, serene knowledge that, in the end, Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph. She told us so 100 years ago. You must choose.


About charliej373

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. From Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012, he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. He has received prophetic visitation all his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and now speaks publicly about on this site. Yet he emphasizes that we find God most surely through the ordinary, doing the little things we should with faith and fidelity. Hence the name, The Next Right Step. The visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.
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257 Responses to Lord Save Us; We Perish

  1. popefrancisfan says:

    So wonderful to read your words again Charlie. Everything you wrote made perfect sense to me.
    The world is looking for answers to all it’s problems… but it’s looking in the wrong places! When God is once again welcome in this world we will indeed see a new era of peace. 🙂 Praise His Holy Name!.


    Liked by 7 people

  2. Paul says:

    Glad you finally wrote us, it is great to read your postings once again. Don’t be too concerned about the miss you had on the power transition; you hit many predictions spot on and other events you foretold are continuing to unfold before our very eyes. You are 1000% correct to truly be able to love you have to become humble. God brings these scourges to his very chosen ones so to be drawn closer to Him.
    I do know for a Fact chastisements are coming! And without question we are in the culmination of a major awakening. Our self-serving, selfish and sinful behavior is no longer going to be tolerated by God, mainly because most creatures don’t even know or care that they have a soul and live strictly for their body. Further they do not know our Creator and that He made each created thing out of Pure Love and He created man His greatest creation in His very image and likeness. We are obliged to Know, Love, and Serve our Creator our God, the author of our life.
    I voted for Trump primarily for Pro-Life and next for ensuring that faith filled appointments to the Supreme Court will repeal Row v Wade; repeal the legalization to break Triune God’s 6th Commandment in the United States of America, get prayer back into our schools etc. In Trumps first weeks as president he signed into law many good changes and proposed a viable economic reform plan, while his plans sounded plausible, being that we are $170 trillion in true debit, there is no way he is going to be able to do much, if anything at all. I do respect your opinion regarding your viewpoints on Trump; however, I personally didn’t realize that he was going to become the pillar of pride, deception and all out prevaricator. His behavior is not winning friends and influencing people, nor bringing this country together, rather it has become so very dangerous that it is going to lead to a complete reversal in the balance of power, putting those democratic incarnate devils back in charge 2019 and unwinding anything he does accomplish. Many of his supporters are Furious!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Trump appointed a pro-life Supreme Court Judge…that is a dream come true for me.
      Ask Fr. Pavone of Priests for Life, what he thinks of Trump. Defunding Planned Parenthood is another great accomplishment. It is the RINO and Dems that are the problem Trump could be the new Constantine as Mike Voris stated on ChurchMilitantTV
      This is not a personality contest.

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  3. Judith says:

    Been off the web and away from the TV for several days – what a blessing! Delighted when I saw your post, Charlie. “And so, war will come unless the left stands down…” I think you see it clear yet so many of our young are duped and deaf to common sense.

    Today is the feast of Mary’s Visitation, a visit to serve Elizabeth in her need ( and God with her). I asked Our Lady to visit me today and a friend in special need. I can see my prayer was too little. I must ask for the needs of our nation, especially for souls so duped.

    Holy Mother, please visit us now who are so broken and confused. Help! America is so hurting! Bring us Jesus, that the Flame of Love blaze intensely in our lives! That words of Truth leap from our mouths! That we go in haste, with Jesus and you, to lift up all who are in need. Amen

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Storm Tracker Ed says:

    So glad you have returned. I have continued to check into the site from time to time to see what’s up. Will do so more often from now on.

    We’re still here Charlie.

    The Storm is waxing even yet. Breezin’ up as they say in New England.

    Your post nails it IMO. God is in this. We have time to choose. But choose we must.

    God bless you Charlie.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ValiantWoman says:

    I was so happy to see this post last night. I appreciate Charlie’s analysis of the current situation, and above all, the sign of hope he is for me, and others. God bless you, Charlie.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. littleone says:

    Charlie, I thank God for your keen perceptive eye and giving us insights on what is before us. It is a great gift. I am not talking about anything supernatural, but am thinking it super sensitive….and so helpful for those who do not have it. What a gift….your experience and insight on the political and in the spiritual and the possible ramifications resulting….so helpful. I frequently repeat to myself, take the next right step….etc. That’s do-able and keeps me surrendering to God. I’m grateful for what I am learning from you. Thank you. Please keep posting.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. MichaelK says:

    Quite frankly, I am not sure your prophecy was wrong but only misinterpreted. Watching events it is quite clear that Obama, and the political faction he represents, have not handed over the reins of power but he is instead exercising power from behind the scenes with allies within the federal bureaucracy and in media. Until his supporters are rooted out of the NSC, DOJ, and intelligence services he will continue acting as a shadow president. I don’t claim to know how things will work out but the power struggle in D.C. right now is not being won by Donald Trump.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Beckita says:

      Hello MichaelK. Welcome to commenting. As one reads through the posts and comments left at TNRS site since January, there are actually quite a few links shared with contemporary writers noting what you have stated as observation. We carry on with the core message: acknowledging God and taking next right steps so He may make of us a sign of hope to those around us. Even as we ponder God’s Plan in this community continue to pray, together, for so much and so many, we know we can only do the little right before us. God bless you.

      Liked by 4 people

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