Our Lady of America, Pray for Us

Our Lady of America

(A recent article by our friend, Dan Lynch.  His website, Dan Lynch Apostolates, is found here.)

Johnny Depp and Other “Kill Trump” Celebrities
Dan Lynch

Johnny Depp and other “Kill Trump” celebrities by their words and actions have made implied threats upon the life of our duly elected President, Donald Trump. Regardless of his apparent character defects, the Catholic Catechism recognizes our duty to honor his authority and to treat him with respect. (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1900). He certainly has a natural right to life as recognized by our Founders.

On the eve of the celebration of our country’s Declaration of Independence, we must recognize and defend God’s natural law that our Founders recognized. Thomas Jefferson wrote the immortal words in the Declaration, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Last month, actor Johnny Depp alluded to the assassination of President Lincoln by actor John Wilkes Booth, with an apparent reference to President Trump, by asking a crowd, “When was the last time an actor killed a President?…It has been awhile and maybe it is time.” The crowd cheered.

Last May, celebrity Kathy Griffin posed for abhorrent photos holding a mask that looked like the bloodied head of President Trump. How do you think that would affect his innocent children? President Trump tweeted, “My children, especially my 11 year-old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!”

At January’s Women’s March on Washington, celebrity Madonna mused in a speech that she’d “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

A summer production of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar in New York City had a President Trump look-alike actor dressed like our President who played the part of Julius Caesar. He was bloodily assassinated on stage with the implication that President Trump’s presidency should end in the same way.

We should recognize and honor our President’s legitimate authority and respect his dignity and his life and not make him an implied target for assassination. St. Paul said to pray “for all in authority, [such as our President] that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life in all devotion and dignity. This is good and pleasing to God our savior, who wills everyone to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth.” (1Timothy 2:1-4).

The Catholic Catechism teaches us:

  • Human society can be neither well-ordered nor prosperous unless it has some people invested with legitimate authority to preserve its institutions and to devote themselves as far as is necessary to work and care for the good of all….
  • Every human community needs an authority to govern it. The foundation of such authority lies in human nature. It is necessary for the unity of the state. Its role is to ensure as far as possible the common good of the society.
  • The authority required by the moral order derives from God: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore he who resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.” (Romans 13:1-2; cf. 1 Peter 2:13-17).
  • The duty of obedience requires all to give due honor to authority and to treat those who are charged to exercise it with respect, and, insofar as it is deserved, with gratitude and good-will. (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1897-1900).

Let us pray for President Trump, Pope St. Clement of Rome’s ancient prayer for political authorities:  “Grant to them, Lord, health, peace, concord, and stability, so that they may exercise without offense the sovereignty that you have given them. Master, heavenly King of the ages, you give glory, honor, and power over the things of earth to the sons of men. Direct, Lord, their counsel, following what is pleasing and acceptable in your sight, so that by exercising with devotion and in peace and gentleness the power that you have given to them, they may find favor with you.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1900).

The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in Indiana to the visionary Sister Mildred in 1956 and identified herself as “Our Lady of America, The Immaculate Virgin, Patroness of your land.” She promised peace and protection if we responded to her requests.

Change will come to America either through violence or conversions. Let us pray through Our Lady of America her Novena for conversions, true change and hope and for her promised peace and protection, especially for our President.

About Beckita

Beckita, widow, mother and grandmother, lives in Missoula, Montana. After more than thirty years of service, she retired from two careers: elementary school educator and director of liturgical music ministry in a local parish. Serving the Catholic Church in many capacities since early childhood, she now provides care for a nearly 90 year old priest of Chinese origin and collaborates with him in evangelizing the Chinese people. For more than twenty-five years, she has welcomed words from heaven concerning these sobering times in which we live and, like so many, takes seriously Our Lord and Our Lady’s call to intercede for the return of souls to God. Responding to heaven’s call for prayer, for her, included making pilgrimages to shrines in Europe, Asia and South America. She says these travels, added to her years as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa in the mid-seventies, have expanded her heart to hold dear all peoples of the world. She is a longtime member of TNRS community and when she began reading Charlie’s posts, immediately, she found that his mission and message harmonize well with Church approved private revelation of our times. In September 2015, she accepted an invitation to become part of TNRS Answers Team. As events of the Storm evolved, last fall (2016), she accepted Charlie’s invitation to become managing editor of TNRS should he need to leave the site. With great gratitude to and for Charlie, founder of TNRS, and with great respect and admiration for the lifelong experiences and God-given gifts he brought to bear on his work at this site - she knows we all know he’s irreplaceable – still, she considers it a great privilege to serve the TNRS community.
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102 Responses to Our Lady of America, Pray for Us

  1. drfeesh says:

    Beckita, thank you for posting this. It hurts my heart that there is SO much ugliness going on right now. I suppose all we can do is TNRS and PRAY!

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  2. Maybe not in actuality, but at least in conscience, President Trump is a TNRSer. In his speech to our veterans, he acknowledged God (Step 1) quite frequently. Yes, absolutely! Let us pray for our President and for the conversion of hearts through Mary, the Immaculate Comception, Patroness of America. Let TRUE freedom ring; especially freedom from sin and enslavement to the spirits of darkness. Peace and blessings and a very Happy Independence Day to all who remain here.

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  3. Judith Gaylord says:

    Thank you. Let us, as Cathoiics and Americans, give praise to our President for the good things he has already accomplished and those he is working on so diligently. Let us also be grateful for our hard working Vice President. So glad you’re beck, Charlie. Judith Gaylord

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  4. Rosemarie glynn says:

    When the president acts like a human being should and like a president should, then we will be happy to support him and , yes, pray for him. He is making our country poorer in all ways. We need a leader chosen by God who lives by God’s laws not a 3 timed divorced malaprop!


    • Beckita says:

      Totally disagree with your assessment, Rosemarie. Is President Trump perfect? Of course not. But take a look at all the God-fearing people who voted for him. Acknowledge his gains in promoting life and deterring abortion. Consider how the leftist agenda would have kicked into high gear with people who *do* profess and live by God’s Laws being fiercely oppressed, fined and incarcerated by the government under HRC for living their beliefs. You simply must carefully read Charlie’s latest piece here. And SteveBC’s comment here.

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    • jlynnbyrd says:

      Rosemarie, unfortunately we did not seem to have a presidential nominee that met that criteria to a T and former presidents that ‘acted’ presidential were not serving God or their country, imho. God loves each of us although we are unworthy sinners and in need of prayer. ❤

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    • SanSan says:

      Rosemarie, if you opened your hard heart just a little, and take the beam out of your own eye first, you would see that President Trump has done many things “right” in his life. He doesn’t drink or abuse drugs, he has beautiful and loyal children who adore him and he acknowledges God as his creator and savior. Since becoming President he has cut spending, created jobs, and protected our shores. Give him time and you will see that he was chosen by the silent majority of hard working people in this great country as our last hope to undo the mess of 8 years that Obama created. Just look how insane the left have become. Even if defunding Planned Parenthood is his only accomplishment after 4 years that will be a major victory for the sanctity of Life.

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      • SteveBC says:

        SanSan, I would add that he has pushed hard to roll up sex trafficking rings here in the US. The last numbers I saw were that he had within just 2-3 months arrested 5-10 times as many as were arrested in 2016. This is a huge deal, and I suspect there are many many law enforcement people, as well as rescued children, who are extremely grateful for his strong efforts. Yet you hear virtually nothing in the main media outlets about this most important program.

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  5. Rosemarie glynn says:

    Tell me what “good things “this president has done! Is inciting violence a good thing? Is maligning reporters and journalists a good thing? Be truthful and acknowledge the real harm beig done to our country by this man, our president!


    • Beckita says:

      Again, I cannot agree that President Trump is responsible for inciting violence. An outstanding resource for a clear view of what is transpiring in our country is found in the writings of Victor Davis Hanson here. The depth and breadth of his erudite analysis and insight is refreshing in a world where too many news reporters and journalists lack a solid foundation of history while infecting their work by pushing their personal political views. Hanson’s work is often published at National Review where more fine reporting and analysis is provided by additional authors.

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      • jj says:

        Beckita, This “person” is most likely a troll, I would not waste your valuable time and energy trying to engage with them!

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        • Beckita says:

          Thanks, jj. Could well be and I appreciate your comment. Nevertheless, remembering to read the great analysis with Victor Davis Hanson and check in with National Review for news updates is good. SteveBC’s highlighting of where to focus is good.

          Now, while I’ve got your attention, what culinary delights are you cooking for the 4th? 😉

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          • Doug says:

            Culinary delights? I will be there…….

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          • jj says:

            I plan to avoid cooking all together, my sister will be the cook, I’ll probably be the clean up crew. Since most of the eating will be done by teenagers “culinary delights” are not appreciated or even desired, they just want hot dogs and complain about me adding mustard. It’s just sad to behold their lack of sophistication 😁

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          • Beckita says:

            Gosh, jj. I’m laughing with delight at this reply! Love it. Happy 4th!

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          • jlynnbyrd says:

            I will start the day with our Independence Day Mass of thanksgiving and shed some tears of joy and sorrow when singing ‘America the Beautiful,’ handkerchief in hand. The our entire neighborhood meets across the street and one house down the road from us for fellowship, games, potluck food, beverages and a late night dip in the pool followed by a fireworks display. We are blessed to live in such a warm and welcoming community! We are bringing finger sandwich wraps and chips. Simple and sweet. ❤

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          • SteveBC says:

            Sounds wonderful, JLynn! 🙂

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    • SteveBC says:

      Rosemarie, in some respects I sympathize with you. Trump does many things we don’t normally see a President doing. If one likes what he just did, one reacts one way. If one does not like what he just did, one reacts another way.

      The problem is that all this back-and-forth about Trump, as exemplified by your two comments, actually completely misses the major point, and it is an absolutely crucial point.

      Trump’s election against all odds (and in support of some previously ignored prophecies by others, believe it or not) has given all of us one last chance to “Choose whom we will serve.” The answer of course is we should choose to serve God. But how many people are taking this temporary reprieve from the Troubles that were coming to cogitate on the question of whom he or she actually serves?

      By your comment you are demonstrating that you have failed to pick up on this. The minutiae of what Trump does is meaningless. The minutiae of what the media and those who castigate Trump (oftentimes for what they themselves are doing) is also meaningless. Look around you. You will see enormous numbers of people focusing on the meaningless minutiae of our current situation. They are focused on the chaff, on the tares among the wheat. Somehow, for some reason, all these people think the problems of our world are caused by someone else, when in fact they themselves are part of the problem. Don’t get faked out like those others. Don’t get caught up in these minutiae.

      We have been given a great grace, a brief moment in time where we can focus on what matters, what truly and deeply matters. Instead of getting sucked into the meaningless chaos, contemplate the following question, the question that is by far the most important question each of us now faces:

      Whom do you serve?

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      • Beckita says:

        Wisdom, Steve.

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        • Yes, wisdom from Steve! As CJ has said, “hearts are being revealed.”

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        • Phillip Frank says:

          Steve, this mindset, “Who will you serve”, has become a battle cry these days.
          Lucifer said “I will not serve” and his followers did ( and still do) the same. The renowned exorcist Fr. Amorth, while questioning a demon about this rebellion, was told ,”I rebelled against God; thus, I showed that I am stronger than He is.”
          Those who have anchored themselves to the the god of relativism have swallowed the camel of this mindset and consider themselves “stronger” or more appropriately, “greater” than the God of the Christians because by relegating morality to relativistic constructs they have “freed” themselves from the restrictions of morality and allowed “reason” and “passion” to dominate over morality which basically leads to the notion “if it feels good, do it” montra.
          But unlike the angels, who had perfect intellect and will at the time of their rebellion, we do not and are subject to a flawed, fallen nature to discern things through.
          So it is no surprise we get a human being for our president instead of a super hero! Jesus said that with man we cannot be saved but with God that all things are possible.
          Therefore, despite our fallen nature, our propensity to sin, our enemy the satan and his allies against us- we can still win….because God said it is possible. Each of us has a fight to fight, a race to run and a faith to keep.
          By ourselves, these things are impossible.
          But with God, the impossible becomes possible! So it is through our faith in God, and not in ANY man, that our salvation is assured. Trump offered us a more faithfilled option that HRC by a long shot. But I do not trust President Trump can do it alone, but I do trust he can do it with God on his side.

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          • SteveBC says:

            Good point, PF. I note that Charlie has told us that the Archangel Gabriel said maybe 15 years ago that Charlie must tell us truly and then we must “Choose or perish.” That statement is a different way of saying exactly the same thing as “Whom do you serve?”

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      • SanSan says:

        hmmm, I remember seeing Obama do things that we don’t expect Presidents to do. President Trump is the best thing that has happen to this country since Reagan. May God continue to bless and protect him and his family.

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      • sheralyn80 says:

        I’ll just say…wow! Thanks Steve BC.

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    • Doug says:

      Rosemarie, inciting violence? Really? Have you really looked where all the violence is coming from? Do you see people on the right out protesting and burning things? It is not uncharacteristic for the left to protest this way and blame what they do on the right. Open your eyes lass.

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      • Well said, Doug. The opponents of the President behave atrociously and then seek to blame him for their actions! We all have one primary responsibility, and that is to decide how we will react in any given situation. Blaming other people for one’s own poor decisions is a dead-end.

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    • dianebelvs says:

      God Bless You Rosemarie. Such a beautiful name. You’ll be in my prayers.

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    • Judith says:

      I was going to fire back a comment to you, but on reading other comments I think less is best. Your heart seems to be hurting, angry, maybe even hateful at this point. I hope not. I pray for you a forgiving and peaceful heart and I recommend to you two sites I go to frequently for spiritual strength and consolation. pelianitoblog.wordpress.com -post of 25 June 2017, “Those who have spurned and rejected me…”, and veilofveronica.wordpress.com – post of 20 June 2017, “Clothed in the Sun”. (I reread them a lot)
      Walk with the Lord.

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    • Joe Crozier says:

      Hi Rosemary
      I am not even a U.S. citizen but I am a big fan of Donald Trump. He had the guts to make a stand from the start of his presidential campaign and call out the elite. This same elite with their vast financial resources have tirelessly opposed every good direction he has taken. They do not want him in power because he will not let them have their own way. From the start he has tried to strengthen and protect the borders of America. He has tried to protect and preserve the lives of Americans from the womb to the tomb, from terrorism and abortion. He has fought to free the world from the slavery of human trafficking. He has tried to protect and preserve the jobs of Americans. The world forgets that it was China and Russia whose combined forces backed North Korea in the Korean war. Only America stood up against Communism as it did in Vietnam. What a different world we would live in if America had let the world be overrun with the errors of Communism. I believe the world owes a huge debt to America. And once again She alone is standing up to the axis of evil: Russia, China and N Korea. When he came up for election I sent off for a novelty silver dollar on which is imprinted the face of Donald Trump. He has earned his place on that dollar and in the hearts of American Citizens whose welfare is the the only concern in the heart and mind of their President. He ain’t heavy he’s my brother. God bless America.

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  6. Doug says:

    Wow! All I can say is saving this little girl from ISIS is inspiring and brings tears to my eyes.


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  7. Thank you for posting this article. My heart is so sad to see such hatred against our president and his family and all who stand by him. I am committed every day to pray the Rosary for our president and all who want to harm him. I place all in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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  8. Mack says:

    Yes, this is so important, to pray for this intention, especially through Our Lady’s intercession.
    Previously Beckita also wrote about the Holy Face novena:

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  9. dianebelvs says:

    We too pray for the President and his cabinet every night when we pray the rosary. The world is becoming so ugly now….we must keep taking TNRS and praying. Thank you for the Novena to Our Lady of America. I started it tonight. God Bless everyone here.

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  10. SanSan says:

    anyone without a “character defect” raise your hand.

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  11. dianebelvs says:

    Speaking of the Rosary, as a few of us were a short time ago, I was reading Vatican Exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth’s last book in which he related: ““During an exorcism,” Father Amorth remembers, “Satan told me that, ‘Every Hail Mary of the Rosary is a blow to the head for
    me; if Christians knew the power of the Rosary, it would be the end of me!’”
    Wow. Now that’s saying something! Keep praying your rosaries!

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    • Annie W. says:

      Yes, if only every human knew the power of the Rosary and Momma Mary herself to help in our battle with the evil one. Look up Aleteia.org and search for “Father Amorth” to see the article about the Madonna’s power over Satan. (I couldn’t get a link to work in this reply.) The evil one gives the 4 reasons he is afraid of Mother Mary.

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  12. James Ignatius McAuley says:

    Heavens! One commenter sends everything off on a tangent from the article. A good discussion, but, that is frustrating. Well, God bless Rosemarie and her family, relatives, friends, benefactors and enemies. “No time to hate,” as Jerry Garcia used to say (not that I liked the Grateful Dead, but it is a good statement, properly understood).

    Invoking our Lady of America here and for all of you and your friends, relatives, benefactors and enemies. So many people who need to be prayed for. So many times I have let opportunities for grace that could help others slip through my fingers. No time to cry over spilled grace, I need to get right back into it. I am sorry for having offended anyone on the site and I hope you will all forgive me. (No, I am not depressed or wallowing in self pity, but the words of Orthodox Elder Paisios move me to do this.) So, I am trusting God, being a sing of hope for others, and taking the next right step!

    Have a great fourth everybdy and God bless America!

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  13. Beckita says:

    Repost today:

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  14. Beckita says:

    And our friend, Joecro, shared this gem with me some time back:

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  15. MaryT says:

    Oh gee, what with the way the world is, it sure is depressing. However, our God is with me every step of the way! I have prayed to St. Anthony to help me find things lost and he has helped me
    EVERY time, and I am talking within the last 2 weeks! Small wonders, GREAT miracles, for me. Our dear God has been with me, he has not left me, even though at times I may have left Him! He never leaves any of us, we leave Him. I hold my head low, what with the happenings in the world but I am always nudged back into reality by the spiritual that “all will be well”. I hang tight to that, as well all should you be too.
    I cannot keep up with all of the prayers, novena’s and all the rest that is offered here, but I still do know that God is with me, and you too, and with the little bit we can do, or the thoughts we have, that God acknowledges that! Just that thought alone gives me strength.

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    • SteveBC says:

      Wonderful, MaryT. Thank you. 🙂

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    • Annie W. says:

      I often smile, MaryT, when I recall some of the items St. Anthony has found for me. Probably the most unusual request was many years ago asking him to find my son’s snake in the house! I liked the snake, but he got out of his aquarium and lo and behold St. Anthony came through right away. He was hiding inside the netting on the bottom of the sofa in another room (a large, gentle python!). Aren’t the saints awesome?!

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  16. CrewDog says:

    “U.S. Cardinal Tobin Trashes Trump: Appeals to ‘Dark Side of Americans”


    HullyGee!! I’m sure that during the eight years of Obama’s racially and politically divisive reign which included Obama’s 100% Plus support of unlimited Abortion/Perversion and DOJ’s suing The Little Sisters of the Poor that Tobin was issuing similar unpleasant Rants about all of the above …. Right!!??? …… Hello!!!!
    More “SIGNS”!!! Civil War in the USA State … & Church!!!


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  17. Love this. Thank you for standing up for our country.

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  18. CrewDog says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Voris but I figure he is more right than wrong and believe he should be allowed to have his voice heard. Do these Idiot Liberal Bishops and their wipers not know that they are only making their positions worse and exposing their true selves? Do they not know that The Church is confused, divided and in peril? Well … none here should be surprised as all this chaos was foretold long ago! Ya Ready … Yet!!!???

    PS: Yes!! It’s time to call a spade a spade and stop pretending that all is Sweetness & Light!! …. LONG past time actually!!!!!

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  19. CrewDog says:

    The below is a catastrophic “SIGN” of a Nation/Culture in it’s death throes … and I think Satanic… really!!… aided by/with the Liberal godless Welfare State Media and their puppet corrupt politicians. Oh!! Not to Worry!!! We have plenty of Illegal Aliens to do the work these lazy, ignorant and rudderless slugs won’t do. I Know! I just be a heartless Ol’ Meanie who worked his way through High School, College and three days after graduation signed in to my first Air Force Base.
    Is our Church “Leadership” any better? The Vatican II hijacking Lavender Lefties have managed to empty countless churches, schools and missions but … Hey!!! … No Problem! ….. We just fill them with Illegal Aliens .. Right!?? ….. It ain’t gonna end well!!!:(

    “The Number Of Young Men Not Working Has DOUBLED In 15 Years”


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    • In relation to your comment, CD, the following comes from Paul’s 2nd letter to the Thessalonian church;

      “Now we command you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you keep away from any brother who is walking in idleness and not in accord with the tradition that you received from us. For you yourselves know how you ought to imitate us, because we were not idle when we were with you, nor did we eat anyone’s bread without paying for it, but with toil and labor we worked night and day, that we might not be a burden to any of you. It was not because we do not have that right, but to give you in ourselves an example to imitate.

      For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat. For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies. Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living.

      As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good. If anyone does not obey what we say in this letter, take note of that person, and have nothing to do with him, that he may be ashamed. Do not regard him as an enemy, but warn him as a brother.”


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      • jaykay says:

        Ahh, another one of St. Paul’s “uncomfortable truths” that we rarely, if ever, hear any expounding upon. Just like that one about, ummm, how does it go? Ah yes, something about effeminates, homosexuals, men and women doing with each other what is shameful. That one. Shoved to the back of the cupboard by the Church of Nice ‘n’ Easy because it’s soooo embarrassing when they’re trying to cosy-up to the World. That’d be the same World that makes no secret of its contempt (hatred, even) for the Church, and yet they’re trying desperately to get all huggy-wuggy with it, trying to suck-up to the Kool Kidz. Just like the early Christians rushed to burn all that incense before Caesar’s image…

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  20. Starshine says:

    Loved the Red Skelton video. Thank you.

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  21. Starshine says:

    Also loved the video with the story of Francis Scott Key and our American flag. So moving and beautiful. Makes one proud to be an American. Thank you.

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  22. “I am the herald of the King.”

    “Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to His beloved is that of overcoming self.”

    “Holy poverty confounds cupidity and avarice and the cares of this world.”

    “Where there is injury let me sow pardon.”

    “Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”

    “While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart.”

    “It is not fitting, when one is in God’s service, to have a gloomy face or a chilling look.”

    “Praised be You, my Lord, through Brother Fire, through whom You light the night, and he is beautiful and playful and robust and strong.”

    “We must not be wise and prudent according to the flesh. Rather, we must be simple, humble and pure.”

    “No one is to be called an enemy, all are your benefactors, and no one does you harm. You have no enemy except yourselves.”

    “It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.”

    “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

    — St. Francis of Assisi

    I was wondering tonight what YD would say, then stumbled onto these quotes from one of my favorite Saints. If you read between the lines there’s some stuff about Thai chili peppers in those quotes. Or so I imagine.

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  23. Joe Crozier says:

    Our Beckita was wakened by a 5.8 earthquake this morning. I was very glad to hear that she was unharmed. I pray that she and Fr Wang continue to enjoy God’s protection and are preserved from potential disasters such as this.

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    • Beckita says:

      Thanks, Joecro. I pray your beautiful prayer over you, as well, for you live in ongoing earthquake peril. I also extend your prayer to all in our TNRS community that each of us, and our families, are protected from natural disasters – that we may BE Christ’s Light when the going gets tough for us and for those all around us.

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      • vkmir3 says:

        Thought of you this morning, Beckita, when I read about the earthquake. Biggest one there in 20 years! Praying for your safety as well as Fr. Wang. God bless.

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        • Beckita says:

          Thank you so much, Vicki. It was kinda’ exciting. As a kid growing up near your neck of the woods, there were plenty of nights with tornado sirens blasting in Sioux City. My mother and all 10 kids were sent to the basement. Dad did allow one or two boys to join him upstairs and I, too, scooted up the stairs because I so badly wanted just a wee glimpse of some twister action. What I remember, most of all, was the dead silence – not a single animal sound – before the winds picked up. Eeriness.

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    • Doug says:

      Becks, good to hear you are ok. You are really rocking the world with this blog😎

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  24. Joe Crozier says:

    I am pleased to say have had no big quake here for some time but thank you for your prayers.

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  25. Joe Crozier says:

    How strange – no sooner had I thanked you for your prayers when my sister Mary rang from Scotland to say my big brother John has just had a heart attack. He has survived and has had two stents inserted so he has survived his own natural disaster. Most people do not survive such events so thank you for your prayers.

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  26. Starshine says:

    I have not always agreed with Charlie, but what I DO know, is that Jesus loves him, and all of us. In Christ, I believe we Christians must join together in unity, especially in these difficult times.

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    • Two heartfelt little sentences loaded with simple wisdom, Starshine, and they bear repeating over and over and over again. Difficult for all to accomplish because it requires overcoming self, but not impossible with Jesus. “Get up, let us go.”

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  27. mshannahmae says:

    Beautiful post! I agree with all your points and views we should respect our President whether you like him or not.

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  28. Kathy says:

    No one should travel to Oregon after their sweeping new abortion laws. Don’t cal their travel agents or hotels, unless, it is to tell them why you won’t be staying there & they will notice the revolution in their pocketbooks. Such a shame. Spread the boycott.

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  29. Pawel says:

    (Great Trump’s speech in Warsaw, Poland 7/6/17)

    It is a profound honor to stand in this city by this monument to the Warsaw uprising, and to address the Polish nation that so many generations have dreamed of, a Poland that is safe, strong and free.

    President Duda and your wonderful first lady, Agata, have welcomed us with the tremendous warmth and kindness for which Poland is known around the world.

    Thank you.

    I sincere — I mean sincerely — thank both of them, and to Prime Minister Szydlo a very special thanks, also … We are pleased that former President Lech Walesa, so famous for leading the Solidarity movement, has joined us today, also … Thank you. Thank you.

    On behalf of all Americans, let me also thank the entire Polish people for the generosity you have shown in welcoming our soldiers to your country. These soldiers are not only brave defenders of freedom, but also symbols of America’s commitment to your security and your place in a strong and democratic Europe.

    We are proudly joined on stage by American, Polish, British and Romanian soldiers. Thank you. Thank you. Great job.

    President Duda and I have just come from an incredibly successful meeting with the leaders participating in the Three Seas Initiative.

    To the citizens of this great region, America is eager to expand our partnership with you. We welcome stronger ties of trade and commerce as you grow your economies. And we are committed to securing your access to alternate sources of energy, so Poland and its neighbors are never again held hostage to a single supplier of energy.

    Mr. President, I congratulate you, along with the president of Croatia, on your leadership of this historic Three Seas Initiative. Thank you.

    This is my first visit to Central Europe as president, and I am thrilled that it could be right here, at this magnificent, beautiful piece of land. It is beautiful.

    Poland is the geographic heart of Europe. But more importantly, in the Polish people, we see the soul of Europe.

    Your nation is great because your spirit is great and your spirit is strong.

    For two centuries, Poland suffered constant and brutal attacks.

    But while Poland could be invaded and occupied and its borders even erased from the map, it could never be erased from history or from your hearts. In those dark days, you have lost your land, but you never lost your pride.

    So it is with true admiration I can say today, that from the farms and villages of your countryside, to the cathedrals and squares of your great cities, Poland lives, Poland prospers and Poland prevails.

    Despite every effort to transform you, oppress you or destroy you, you endured and overcame.

    You are the proud nation of Copernicus — think of that..

    Chopin, St. John Paul II. Poland is a land of great heroes.

    And you are a people who know the true value of what you defend.

    The triumph of the Polish spirit over centuries of hardship gives us all hope for a future in which good conquers evil and peace achieves victory over war.

    For Americans, Poland has been a symbol of hope since the beginning of our nation. Polish heroes and American patriots fought side by side in our War of Independence and in many wars that followed. Our soldiers still serve together today in Afghanistan and Iraq, combating the enemies of all civilization.

    For America’s part, we have never given up on freedom and independence as the right and destiny of the Polish people. And we never, ever will.

    Our two countries share a special bond forged by unique histories and national characters. It’s a fellowship that exists only among people who have fought and bled and died for freedom.

    The signs of this friendship stand in our nation’s capital. Just steps from the White House, we’ve raised statues of men with names like Pulaski and Kosciuszko.

    The same is true in Warsaw, where street signs carry the name of George Washington and a monument stands to one of the world’s greatest heroes, Ronald Reagan.

    And so, I am here today not just to visit an old ally, but to hold it up as an example for others who seek freedom and who wish to summon the courage and the will to defend our civilization.

    The story of Poland is the story of a people who have never lost hope, who have never been broken and who have never, ever forgotten who they are.

    AUDIENCE: Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!

    TRUMP: Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you so much. Such a great honor.

    This is a nation more than 1,000 years old. Your borders were erased for more than a century and only restored just one century ago.

    In 1920, in the Miracle of Vistula, Poland stopped the Soviet Army bent on European conquest.

    Then 19 years later, in 1938, you were invaded yet again; this time by Nazi Germany from the west and the Soviet Union from the east. That’s trouble.

    That’s tough.

    Under a double occupation, the Polish people endured evils beyond description: the Katyn Forest Massacre, the occupation, the Holocaust, the Warsaw Ghetto and the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the destruction of this beautiful capital city, and the deaths of nearly one in five Polish people.

    A vibrant Jewish population, the largest in Europe, was reduced to almost nothing after the Nazis systematically murdered millions of Poland’s Jewish citizens, along with countless others during that brutal occupation.

    In the summer of 1944, the Nazi and Soviet armies were preparing for a terrible and bloody battle right here in Warsaw. Amid that Hell on Earth, the citizens of Poland rose up to defend their homeland.

    I am deeply honored to be joined on stage today by veterans and heroes of the Warsaw uprising.

    What great spirit.

    We salute your noble sacrifice and we pledge to always remember your fight for Poland and for freedom. Thank you. Thank you.

    This monument reminds us that more than 150,000 Poles died during that desperate struggle to overthrow oppression.

    From the other side of the river, the Soviet armed forces stopped and waited.

    They watched as the Nazis ruthlessly destroyed the city, viciously murdering men, women and children.

    They tried to destroy this nation forever by shattering its will to survive.

    But there’s a courage and a strength deep in the Polish character that no one could destroy.

    The Polish martyr Bishop Michal Kozal said it well: “More horrifying of a defeat of arms is a collapse of the human spirit.” Through four decades of Communist rule, Poland and the other captive nations of Europe endured a brutal campaign to demolish freedom, your faith, your laws, your history, your identity; indeed, the very essence of your culture and your humanity.

    Yet through it all, you never lost that spirit.

    Your oppressors tried to break you, but Poland could not be broken.

    And when the day came on June 2nd, 1979, and 1 million Poles gathered around Victory Square for their very first mass with their Polish pope, that day every Communist in Warsaw must have known that their oppressive system would soon come crashing down.

    They must have known it at the exact moment during Pope John Paul II’s sermon when a million Polish men, women and children suddenly raised their voices in a single prayer.

    A million Polish people did not ask for wealth. They did not ask for privilege. Instead, 1 million Poles saying three simple words: “We want God.” In those words, the Polish people recalled the promise of a better future.

    They found new courage to face down their oppressors. And they found the words to declare that Poland would be Poland once again.

    As I stand here today before this incredible crowd, this faithful nation, we can still hear those voices that echo through history. Their message is as true today as ever. The people of Poland, the people of America and the people of Europe still cry out, “We want God.” Together with Pope John Paul II, the Poles reasserted their identity as a nation devoted to God. And with that powerful declaration of who you are, you came to understand what to do and how to live.

    You stood in solidarity against oppression, against a lawless secret police, against a cruel and wicked system that impoverished your cities and your souls, and you won. Poland prevailed. Poland will always prevail.

    AUDIENCE: Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!

    TRUMP: Thank you.

    You were supported in that victory over communism by a strong alliance of free nations in the West that defied tyranny. Now among the most committed members of the NATO alliance, Poland has resumed its place as a leading nation of a Europe that is strong, whole and free. A strong Poland is a blessing to the nations of Europe and they know that. A strong Europe is a blessing to the West, and to the world.

    One hundred years after the entry of American forces into World War I, the transatlantic bond between the United States and Europe is as strong as ever and maybe, in many ways, even stronger.

    This continent no longer confronts the specter of communism. But today, we’re in the West, and we have to say, there are dire threats to our security and to our way of life.

    You see what’s happening out there. They are threats. We will confront them.

    We will win. But they are threats.

    AUDIENCE: Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!

    TRUMP: We are confronted by another oppressive ideology, one that seeks to export terrorism and extremism all around the globe.

    America and others have suffered one terror attack after another. We’re going to get it to stop.

    During a historic gathering in Saudi Arabia, I called on the leaders of more than 50 Muslim nations to join together to drive out this menace which threatens all of humanity. We must stand united against these shared enemies to strip them of their territory and their funding and their networks and any form of ideological support that they may have.

    While we will always welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people, our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism of any kind.

    AUDIENCE: Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!

    TRUMP: We are fighting hard against radical Islamic terrorism.

    And we will prevail.

    We cannot accept those who reject our values and who use hatred to justify violence against the innocent.

    Today, the West is also confronted by the powers that seek to test our will, undermine our confidence and challenge our interests.

    To meet new forms of aggression, including propaganda, financial crimes and cyber warfare, we must adapt our alliance to compete effectively in new ways and on all new battlefields.

    We urge Russia to cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere and its support for hostile regimes, including Syria and Iran, and to instead join the community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies and in defense of civilization itself.

    Finally, on both sides of the Atlantic, our citizens are confronted by yet another danger, one firmly within our control. This danger is invisible to some but familiar to the Poles: the steady creep of government bureaucracy that drains the vitality and wealth of the people.

    The West became great, not because of paperwork and regulations, but because people were allowed to chase their dreams and pursue their destinies.

    Americans, Poles and nations of Europe value freedom and sovereignty. We must work together to confront forces, whether they come inside or out, from the south or the east, that threaten over time to undermine these values and to erase the bonds of culture, faith and tradition that make us who we are.

    If left unchecked, these forces will undermine our courage, sap our spirit and weaken our will to defend ourselves and our societies

    But just as our adversaries and enemies of the past learned here in Poland, we know that these forces, too, are doomed to fail if we want them to fail. And we do indeed want them to fail.

    They are doomed not only because our alliance is strong, our countries are resilient and our power is unmatched. To all of that, you have to say, everything is true.

    Our adversaries, however, are doomed because we will never forget who we are.

    And if we don’t forget who we are, we just can’t be beaten.

    Americans will never forget. The nations of Europe will never forget.

    We are the fastest and the greatest community. There is nothing like our community of nations. The world has never known anything like our community of nations.

    We write symphonies. We pursue innovation. We celebrate our ancient heroes, embrace our timeless traditions and customs, and always seek to explore and discover brand-new frontiers.

    We reward brilliance, we strive for excellence, and cherish inspiring works of art that honor God. We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression.

    We empower women as pillars of our society and of our success.

    We put faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, at the center of our lives.

    And we debate everything. We challenge everything. We seek to know everything, so that we can better know ourselves.

    And above all, we value the dignity of every human life, protect the rights of every person and share the hope of every soul to live in freedom.

    That is who we are. Those are the priceless ties that bind us together as nations, as allies and as a civilization.

    What we have, what we inherited from our — and — and you know this better than anybody and you see it today, with this incredible group of people — what we’ve inherited from our ancestors has never existed to this extent before. And if we fail to preserve it, it will never, ever exist again. So we cannot fail.

    This great community of nations has something else in common. In every one of them, it is the people, not the powerful, who have always formed the foundation of freedom and the cornerstone of our defense.

    The people have been that foundation here in Poland, as they were right here in Warsaw. And they were the foundation from the very, very beginning in America.

    Our citizens did not win freedom together, did not survive horrors together, did not face down evil together only to lose our freedom to a lack of pride and confidence in our values. We did not and we will not. We will never back down.

    AUDIENCE: Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!

    TRUMP: As long as we know our history, we will know how to build our future.

    Americans know that a strong alliance of free, sovereign and independent nations is the best defense for our freedoms and for our interests. That is why my administration has demanded that all members of NATO finally meet their full and fair financial obligation. As a result of this insistence, billions of dollars more have begun to pour into NATO. In fact, people are shocked. But billions and billions of dollars more coming in from countries that, in my opinion, would not have been paying so quickly.

    To those who would criticize our tough stance, I would point out that the United States has demonstrated not merely with words but with its actions that we stand firmly behind Article V, the mutual defense commitment.

    Words are easy but actions are what matters. And for its own protection — and you know this, everybody knows this, everybody has to know this — Europe must do more. Europe must demonstrate that it believes in its future by investing its money to secure that future.

    That is why we applaud Poland for its decision to move forward this week on acquiring from the United States the battle-tested Patriot air and missile defense system, the best anywhere in the world.

    That is also why we salute the Polish people for being one of the NATO countries that has actually achieved the benchmark for investment in our common defense.

    Thank you. Thank you, Poland. I must tell you the example you set is truly magnificent and we applaud Poland. Thank you.

    We have to remember that our defense is not just a commitment of money, it is a commitment of will. Because as the Polish experience reminds us, the defense of the West ultimately rests not only on means, but also on the will of its people to prevail and be successful and get what you have to have.

    The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it? We can have the largest economies and the most lethal weapons anywhere on Earth, but if we do not have strong families and strong values, then we will be weak and we will not survive.

    If anyone forgets the critical importance of these things, let them come to one country that never has, let them come to Poland… and let them come here to Warsaw and learn the story of the Warsaw Uprising.

    When they do, they should learn about Jerusalem Avenue.

    In August of 1944, Jerusalem Avenue was one of the main roads running east and west through this city, just as it is today. Control of that road was crucially important to both sides in the battle for Warsaw. The German military wanted it as their most direct route to move troops and to form a very strong front. And for the Polish home army, the ability to pass north and south across that street was critical to keep the center of the city and the uprising itself from being split apart and destroyed.

    Every night the Poles put up sandbags amid machine-gun fire — and it was horrendous fire — to protect a narrow passage across Jerusalem Avenue. Every day, the enemy forces knocked them down, again and again and again.

    Then the Poles dug a trench. Finally, they built a barricade.

    And the brave Polish fighters began to flow across Jerusalem Avenue.

    That narrow passageway, just a few feet wide, was the fragile link that kept the uprising alive. Between its walls, a constant stream of citizens and freedom fighters made their perilous — just perilous — sprints. They ran across that street, they ran through that street, they ran under that street, all to defend the city.

    The far side was several yards away, recalled one young Polish woman … That mortality and that life was so important to her. In fact, she said the mortally dangerous sector of the street was soaked in blood.

    It was the blood of messengers, liaison girls and couriers. Nazi snipers shot at anybody who crossed; anybody who crossed, they were being shot at. Their soldiers burned every building on the street and they used the Poles as human shields for their tanks in their effort to capture Jerusalem Avenue.

    The enemy never ceased its relentless assault on that small outpost of civilization. And the Poles never ceased its defense. The Jerusalem Avenue passage required constant protection, repair and reinforcement.

    But the will of its defenders did not waver even in the face of death.

    And to the last days of the uprising, the fragile crossing never, ever failed.

    It was never, ever forgotten. It was kept open by the Polish people.

    The memories of those who perished in the Warsaw Uprising cry out across the decades. And few are clearer than the memories of those who died to build and defend the Jerusalem Avenue crossing.

    Those heroes remind us that the West was saved with the blood of patriots, that each generation must rise up and play their part in its defense and that every foot of ground and every last inch of civilization is worth defending with your life.

    Our own fight for the West does not begin on the battlefield. It begins with our minds, our wills and our souls. Today, the ties that unite our civilization are no less vital and demand no less defense than that bare shred of land on which the hope of Poland once totally rested.

    Our freedom, our civilization and our survival depend on these bonds of history, culture and memory. And today, as ever, Poland is in our heart, and its people are in that fight.

    Just as Poland could not be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the West will never, ever be broken. Our values will prevail, our people will thrive, and our civilization will triumph.

    AUDIENCE: Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!

    TRUMP: Thank you.

    So together let us all fight like the Poles, for family, for freedom, for country and for God.

    Thank you. God bless you, God bless the Polish people, God bless our allies, and God bless the United States of America.

    Thank you. God bless you. Thank you very much.


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    • Beckita says:

      Normally, Pawel, I would simply post the link to a piece like this which is so very long and can be readily accessed via a link. However, as one dear friend commented, this is a “watershed speech” by President Trump so I clear this in its entirety. Godspeed our Journey through the Storm and grant us moments of clarity such as these words express.

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