He Who Follows Me Will Not Walk in Darkness

The initial post about Fr. Robert Spitzer’s newest book, The Light Shines on in the Darkness, simply introduced it with endorsements from well-known contemporary spiritual writers. Let’s take a closer look at but a few of Father’s theological underpinnings which led him to write this compendium on suffering. In the book’s introduction, Father gets right to the truth that suffering is a gift:

Suffering is darkness, leading to light – if we let it…

In its initial moments it hurts, distresses, enervates, isolates, threatens and discourages – obscuring and even eclipsing the light of love, joy and peace that calls us to our true home…

There is no need to remain in the darkness, because we have been told by Jesus there is light – love, joy, peace and home – in every kind and instance of suffering, light that can transform us into a perfect reflection of God’s unconditionally loving nature. If we want to overcome the darkness – to transform it into even greater light than we experienced before the darkness – we will have to be able to see the light in the darkness, and then follow it. But this can be a challenge, because the darkness of suffering can be quite overwhelming – and when suffering is particularly acute, the darkness can seem all-encompassing…

To meet the challenge, Fr. Spitzer invites us to consider:

Jesus has made multiple promises to us – and every one of them is true…

Some of these promises are:

*Blessed are the sorrowing, for they shall be consoled. (Mt 5:4; Father’s translation)

*Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. (Mt. 11-28)

*I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. (Jn 8:12)

*Truly, truly, I say to you, you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice, but the world will rejoice; you will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn into joy. (Jn 16:20)

Father advises us to take these promises to heart, for, says he:

“If we take Jesus’ promises to heart – if we believe that He will fulfill them now and in His Kingdom – then we will begin to see His light in the darkness… If we have faith in the promises of Jesus, the light will intensify through the darkness, and it will lead to the love and joy of Jesus Himself.

Fr. Spitzer’s expressed goal in writing his book is

“… to point us to the light in the darkness – the light of Jesus, His Father and the Holy Spirit – so that we might more easily follow it.”

And, surely, in following it, by ever acknowledging God and asking for Holy Spirit’s help, we are illumined to take our next right steps, so that God may transform us to BE His Light of Hope for those around us.

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. (Mt 5:14-16)

Friends, in these last years of becoming part of TNRS community, I have heard – we all have heard – from many who are suffering great trials, enduring the seemingly unendurable, yet, we know God never ever gives us more than we can handle. He is with us always and, immediately, enters with us into each struggle in which we suffer. Even so, He waits for us to ask Him for help. In all candor, I remain in the thick of current challenges. Not whining and not wasting a bit of it, but it is real and raw in these days for me, as it is for so many of you and for so many we encounter all around us.

Little did I know when I ordered Fr. Spitzer’s latest book that it would affirm and articulate so well what I intuitively perceive as I live what cannot be escaped and I have discovered it is not only a compendium on suffering but also a treasury of consolation.

Father enfleshes and deepens understanding of the concepts he presents via rich detail in his book. If your preferred intake style is hearing rather than reading, you would likely benefit from the You Tube recordings of his presentations, such as this discussion of the nine Christian foundations for “suffering well.”

In future posts, we’ll focus on Father’s wisdom thoughts related to the truth that fear is useless; what is needed is trust. I’ll also share his suggested spontaneous prayers which he says can become immediate conduits of grace. We’ll consider his practical techniques for mitigating fear and anxiety. Lastly, I think it would be of great value to share Father’s suggested practices which help us CHOOSE and ACCEPT consolation.

Charlie has often written, in his posts and comments, uplifting and encouraging all who are immersed in intense suffering. His piece, The Fiery Trial of Love, is worthy of reread if you find yourself bearing heavy burdens at this time.

And I believe there is a wealth of wisdom on “suffering well” which can be shared by those in this community of believers as not one of us is immune from trials and we embrace the Lord’s dictum:

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. (Mt 16:24)

In my own times of difficulty, using a simple prayer which I learned from Fr. Spitzer long ago, I reach to God, telling Him I KNOW He is near and I KNOW He loves me, then I follow with a request that He would help me. Most often, this results in being washed in a Peace which I am not capable of producing on my own. In this I KNOW He hears me and He cares deeply, just as He said He would:

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! (Mt 7:11)

As the darkness deepens all around us, let us take heart in this truth expressed in Fr. Spitzer’s introduction:

There is no need to remain in the darkness, because we have been told by Jesus there is light – love, joy, peace and home – in every kind and instance of suffering, light that can transform us into a perfect reflection of God’s unconditionally loving nature… If we have faith in the promises of Jesus, the light will intensify through the darkness, and it will lead to the love and joy of Jesus Himself.”

May it be in each of our lives. We are blessed!


About Beckita

Beckita, widow, mother and grandmother, lives in Missoula, Montana. After more than thirty years of service, she retired from two careers: elementary school educator and director of liturgical music ministry in a local parish. Serving the Catholic Church in many capacities since early childhood, she now provides care for a nearly 90 year old priest of Chinese origin and collaborates with him in evangelizing the Chinese people. For more than twenty-five years, she has welcomed words from heaven concerning these sobering times in which we live and, like so many, takes seriously Our Lord and Our Lady’s call to intercede for the return of souls to God. Responding to heaven’s call for prayer, for her, included making pilgrimages to shrines in Europe, Asia and South America. She says these travels, added to her years as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa in the mid-seventies, have expanded her heart to hold dear all peoples of the world. She is a longtime member of TNRS community and when she began reading Charlie’s posts, immediately, she found that his mission and message harmonize well with Church approved private revelation of our times. In September 2015, she accepted an invitation to become part of TNRS Answers Team. As events of the Storm evolved, last fall (2016), she accepted Charlie’s invitation to become managing editor of TNRS should he need to leave the site. With great gratitude to and for Charlie, founder of TNRS, and with great respect and admiration for the lifelong experiences and God-given gifts he brought to bear on his work at this site - she knows we all know he’s irreplaceable – still, she considers it a great privilege to serve the TNRS community.
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  1. madkatmomma says:

    Dear Beckita – I will pray for you in your trials. I love the idea of sharing excerpts of Fr. Spitzer’s book for our meditation – a perfect companion to these times.

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  2. Beckita, Thank-you for this! I loved watching Fr. Spitzer on EWTN and have looked longingly at his books – my goodness, there are only so many books I can read! (And yet I’ve read some over & over.) Since I can listen while preparing meals I will go to the YouTube videos for now.

    There are many kinds of suffering, I don’t have much physical suffering, but anytime I think of my dear grandson living under the influence of the occult my heart is just stabbed – All six of our sons away from the Catholic Church. I know the evil one is trying to discourage me, but I will pray for these ones until my dying breath if need be.

    I continue to pray for all here – yes, many of you are suffering more than I can know or imagine and I pray for you always. ALL – as I can see that now there are 5,290 followers so I pray for all.
    AND ~ I thank you all for your prayers for me & mine.

    Thank-you, Beckita and God bless us, every one, katey in OR

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    • jlynnbyrd says:

      Bless you Katey. I am praying for you and your loved ones too. ❤

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    • Beckita says:

      Praying for your grandson, Katey.

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    • Mick says:

      Katey, I will pray for your sons and grandson.

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    • Take heart, Katey, because you planted the seeds of Catholicism in your sons’ hearts! As the Storm falls upon all those on the earth, God’s voice will be heard and many will begin their journey back to Him, some slowly, some quickly. My siblings have all fallen away and even my own mother is extremely lukewarm. 😔

      So my daily prayers always include a plea to Our Lady and Our Blessed Lord for the conversion of my family. I supplement this with small and big sacrifices, and do so with full confidence and COMPLETE TRUST that I will see all of them in Heaven, God willing. I think that’s the key — praying fervently but without any doubt it will be granted. It’s a personal request to us from Our Lady of Fatima that we pray for sinners, so such beautiful acts of love on our part, however imperfect, simply cannot be refused, especially for our loved ones. Tonight, I will offer my Rosary for you, your six boys and your wandering grandson. –Patrick

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    • Cindy Baca says:

      myownbackyard2017, I posted on here, awhile back, but, will post again.. After every decade on the rosary, before the Glory Be, say, Blessed Mother, in my hand I hold 10 beads and on these 10 beads, are 10 Hail Mary’s, please place these 10 Hail Mary’s under the mantle of your Immaculate Heart, for the salvation of my children’s souls. I know what you mean, by your kids being away from the Catholic Church, but, who’s gonna come running back, when Mama shows up? You betcha the kids, and I love it. Peace and prayers to you. Let Mama handle it.

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    • Annie W. says:

      Katey, all of us here, mothers and grandmothers especially, feel the same heartache for our children who have left their Catholic faith. However, I know the Blessed Mother will not let them be lost. I give them to her (and Jesus and St. Joseph) every day. Maybe it was Father Gobbi who told us to say to Mama Mary, “I chain my loved ones…….to you with every Rosary I say.” How can we lose! Blessings to you and all here!

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  3. Mary Ann says:

    Since October of last year my family & I have been enduring a tremendous trial of suffering. I will listen to Fr. Spitzer’s talks on YouTube thank you so much for the recommendation. We are trusting and hoping through this suffering. May God help us all.

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  4. irosemj says:

    So beautiful…thank you for bringing this to us, Beckita!

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  5. Ed says:

    I love this Fr. Spritzer drawing close to Him and He even closer to us. True wisdom.

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  6. DRG says:

    I don’t always respond, but I felt it was time I let you know I appreciate all you do for Charlie, his site, us…for God.
    God Bless

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  7. MaryT says:

    Beckita, what great timing this post is for me! Thank you soooo much for posting it!
    Prayers for all here!
    God bless all.

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  8. Starshine says:

    A friend gave me a Christmas card one year with this saying. I don’t know who wrote it. “Alone the candle is a fragile flickering light. Shared by millions, it becomes a shining beacon of hope” so lovely.

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  9. marybeth75 says:

    Our family has endured many trials in the last few years, but the hardest was just over three months ago when my husband died suddenly at age 60. He had survived a heart attack and subsequent quadruple bypass. He was actually cleared to go back to work and looking forward to it, when he became ill again, seemed to recover and then I found him one morning…

    He was a quiet, hardworking loving husband and father to our nine children and eight grandchildren. He attended daily Mass and often led the rosary at church and with our family.

    It is somehow possible to work, pray and function, even with love and humor, when your heart is full of grief and you really wish to join your spouse. I have parents who are ailing and very needy. There are too many challenges to go into. But I have never seen so much grace and love from God and neighbor. It has rained down upon us constantly. There have been many signs and dreams in our family and friends too concerning my husband’s continued care for his family.
    Suffering deepens love. So many people here and in so many places undergoing the most difficult trials. I pray for this special group and I appreciate the loving prayers of so many who wish to unite in heart.
    May God bless you all and keep you!

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  10. Kim Sevier says:

    God bless you sweet Beckita. I see what seems to be an inordinate amount of suffering of those around me. Everyone in my Cursillo group and even in a wider group of my “prayer” family are being astonishingly battered. Those we are praying for are great in number. Always keeping everyone here in prayer too.

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    • Beckita says:

      Agree wholeheartedly, Dear Kim. When I ponder the universal, intense suffering of the many, I believe God is preparing us, just as Charlie conveyed in his piece: The Fiery Trial of Love. Too, it seems the evil one knows his time of undue influence, as revealed in the vision seen by Pope Leo XIII, is coming to an end so our Mother’s adversary is thrashing, spitting, spewing and foaming as a mad dog, attempting to cause as much harm as possible while Our Lady’s Petite and Powerful Heel is, even now, c-r-u-s-h-i-n-g his head, with every prayer and sacrifice, every offering and appeal to God’s Mercy. When I pray the Rosary, I often think of what a privilege it is to be part of our Mother’s Holy Heel as She intercedes and acts to do what God has ordained Her to be and do. And it does not escape me that those of us who continue to strive to love, both God and His people, in prayer and deeds, are allowed to offer our suffering for those who do not yet know how much God loves them, for with that knowledge, deep and sure, each one would more readily turn to his Creator in repentance with a change of heart. May this be, please God!

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    • madkatmomma says:

      De Colores Kim. I think we could spend the day on our knees. That’s why we need each other.

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  11. Barb421 says:

    God bless and comfort you in your trials, Beckita, thanks for this piece

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  12. Doug says:

    Thank you dear Beckita! Langue and I continue to offer prayers for healing for your situation!

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  13. Kris R. says:

    Thank you, Beckita., for this post. What a great reminder that suffering does not mean we are abandoned by God, but rather that we are closer to God. This Truth will keep us strong if we embrace it. I had been fighting the temptation to give into weariness. I am now renewed and resolved to pick myself up and take the next right step.

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  14. Sean Sullivan says:

    I intend on re-consecrating myself to Jesus through Mother Mary (33 days to Morning Glory-Fr. Michael Gaitley) commencing tommorrow July 20th. I have felt a calling to do so in these past few days. I had intended on renewing the same on my original date: September 15th but upon looking at the next available Feast Day, it is quite fittingly I start now.

    It concludes on August 22nd, the Marian Feast: Queenship of Mary.

    For those who are unfamiliar of hesitant toward this consecration, here is a brief article describing such from Charlies website: https://charliej373.wordpress.com/2016/10/25/comfort-through-the-storm/

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  15. CrewDog says:

    VDH, as usual, writes an excellent article on the “State of Affairs” in the USA. It would not be difficult to write a similar article about The Catholic Church with much of the same Talking-Points and Good/Bad Actors ;-(
    “The Fifth American War”


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  16. Snowy Owl says:

    Beckita, I didn’t know you were going through such a heavy trial- or continuing to do so, I should say, I’m praying for you as well!
    This is beautiful as always, and this: ““If we take Jesus’ promises to heart – if we believe that He will fulfill them now and in His Kingdom – then we will begin to see His light in the darkness… If we have faith in the promises of Jesus, the light will intensify through the darkness, and it will lead to the love and joy of Jesus Himself.”
    Amen! It is true and Jesus is the Truth and He is so gentle and kind and if we accept the suffering He gifts us with we will see Him, His Beauty in it because He is there with us! This is what He is showing me and I am so deeply grateful for this.. All of Heaven helps us if but ask! Mary, the Angels and all of the Saints, all of them are there waiting to help us! You know, we do honestly get to the point where we can begin to imagine Heaven- even if only a little bit.. but it’s enough until we get there! God is so wonderful!
    How is Father Wang doing? Still praying for him too! 🙂

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  17. Sharon somon says:

    I have lost evertything…my siblings have abandoned me since the death of our parents…at 69 I am a divorced female just waiting to die.
    Raised Catholicity but have lost my hope and faith.

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    • SteveBC says:

      Sharon somon, as a moderator of this site I have to consider the possibility that you are a troll giving us a sob story to yank our chain. Believe it or not, we get some pretty strange trolls around here occasionally.

      However, I am going to assume that you are who you say you are and in the situation you say you are in.

      When I read your comment, I just wanted to explode out of my skin. I am so busy, I have almost no free time. To be able to be alone and unoccupied for a time sounds like heaven to me. I would be consuming books by the ton, science fiction, religious and spiritual books, near-death experiences, stories of the saints, politics, history, oh my gosh, what a *feast*! I could think of myself as a monk and pray and meditate on God in the quietness of my home or on walks through parks or the wilderness or on beaches. I could travel or sail. I could read children’s books to children and roar around with them having outrageous amounts of fun. I could volunteer to help people in need, or I could take up a hobby that lets me be alone but fascinated with something I find cool and deep. All I know, though, is that the more I am interested in what I’m doing, the more excited I am about what I’m doing, the more people will spontaneously show up just to be around my enthusiasm. Soon, without much effort to meet people, I would have a circle of friends who were just as enthusiastic as I. If you’re depressed, pick up a book called “Body by Science” and learn the simple exercises, join a gym and do the exercises once a week. A few days later do a session of cardio. Get out every day somewhere beautiful and take a walk. Don’t tell me you can’t do that – you’ve got *plenty* of time on your hands. Depression is no fun, but getting active and fit directly counteracts that. So does a better diet with quality food (“Fat for Fuel” by Mercola). And just doing something every day that you find even a little bit fascinating. Oh my gosh, Sharon, you have so much potential to do what you want to do.

      Over the next 20 years the world is going to go through an absolutely *crazy* transformation, and you’re *bored*?? Waiting to die? Come on, the world is outrageously interesting right now. Get up, get going, read a book for my sake, watch the world go nuts and watch God come moving through it. Your situation is a bad one only if you choose it to be bad. For others like me, it would be heaven to be on our own with lots of free time. Change your perception and start taking advantage of your many many opportunities. *Do* something. *Anything*.

      And pray. Pray for yourself. Pray for your siblings. Pray for me! Pray for all of us here who are going through their difficulties and changes. Pray for your neighbors. Pray for the world. And after that, if you have any time left over, do something fun. If you do all this, in fairly short order, there won’t be a minute of your day for feeling bad. You’ll be too busy having an absolutely *awesome* life. 🙂

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      • Doug says:

        Wow Steve!

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        • MaryT says:

          this is absolutely stunning excellence! This writing of yours fits perfectly with some in my family and I have copied and pasted it and sent it on to one of them. (I hope this is okay with you). You have explained what I cannot but what I wanted to, I am always at a loss for words. Your post should be at the forefront of all, for those who feel abandoned and lost like Sharon Somon. Thanks a million times over for posting this!!
          God bless you and all here!

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      • Janet says:

        Hi Steve…I remember, when my family were young how I yearning for peace and quiet..and now for the first time I have it and don’t like it. I live in quite an isolated area and don’t drive. There is no public transport so I have to rely on others to take me shopping to Church etc. They have their own lives to live so it isn’t always easy for them to spend too much time with me. Still, I don’t think a visit or a day out, helps ease the loneliness. My best friend died last November and how I miss the companionship, caring and sharing. I’m too distracted with ‘self’ that’s my problem. Anyway enough of me..lol Now I have a little puppy, my daughter bought me to keep me company. This is my first day with him and wow has he kept me on my toes..lol. Shhh I have to keep quiet because he’s just gone asleep after wearing me out. I don’t think I’ll have time to think of ‘self’ now. He’s gorgeous and so cheeky. God is good I asked for a friend and companion and he sent me a dog! What a sense of humour our Jesus has. 🙂 x

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    • If you are truly Catholic, Sharon, GO TO DAILY MASS and do what SteveBC has suggested…any…all! Just move.
      Offer all your sadness, all your “nothing” to our loving God for the salvation of souls.

      If it turns out that you are false, I pray for your conversion.

      God’s blessings, katey

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    • jlynnbyrd says:

      Sharon, I am holding you close to my heart in prayer as I have experienced much of the same trials that you speak of very young in my adult life and have also experienced the consolation of amazing graces and blessings from God through it all. We are truly never alone. ❤

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    • Sharon, depression is extremely tough especially when family is involved. My daddy’s remains were finally interred in April in my home town in WNY. Because of a deep rift with my three younger siblings and other reasons, I was unable to bring myself to attend. There was also a huge event with the rest of the family (a half marathon for Alzheimer’s) that I also missed. I languished in my home, incapacitated, at a loss, simply marking time. My prayers dropped off, I missed Mass, abused substances, slept all day, all to no avail.

      But it was being away from our Blessed Lord that caused me the most grief, and my heart could feel it. Even though I tried to turn him away from me, he remained next to me and patiently waited for me to ask for his help. He always keeps his ear close to our hearts.

      So if you can muster the strength to go to church and maybe have a casual chat with the preist, you may start to find relief from your pain.

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      • Doug says:

        Such wisdom Patrick!

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        • Thx Doug. Any advice, though, is so much easier said than done in this matter. Depression is frustratingly debilitating as one is steeped in self-absorption and futile cyclical thought — like a gerbil running in a plastic wheel or someone trying to ice skate up a steep hill. Charlie’s last post gave good advice about avoiding this powerfully oppressive tool used by the satan.

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          • Doug says:

            Yes. I so agree Patrick. It can be debilitating and have a biological component as well as spiritual component. It is wonderful that God gives all avenues of help through doctors and through the church.

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          • Sounds like you have some experience in this department, Doug. You know the catch-22 of this disorder is how it takes away the will of the afflicted person to look outside themselves and ask for help.

            Charlie’s discussion about vanity definitely helps put a new spin on how I view depression.

            You know, I used to mistakenly believe that Jesus did not suffer mental anguish since he is all-knowing. But to not feel psychological pain is to not be human. Alas, he wept outside Lazarus’ tomb, felt the desolation from the betrayal of his apostles (even after some had witnessed his Transfiguration), felt deeply the anguish of his Sorrowful Mother, as well as the hatred of many toward him despite his immeasurable, loving sacrifice (though this was hidden). He told St. Faustina how it pains him when a soul is condemned. So when my self-absorbed sadness surfaces, I’m quick to hand it over to him as an offering, and the relief can be quite immediate.

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          • Doug says:

            I tend to go through seasonal variations, but Lambzie has experienced some deep depression in the past. Doctors, medicine and spiritual healing have carried her and I. As you know and others here know, she is a 3 time survivor. The suffering has brought enumerable graces. As I say, less body parts, but more whole than ever. Of course, as you allude to, our Lord has experienced the full range of emotions. The most difficult may have been on the cross, “my God, my God! Why have you forsaken me?”. Blessings!

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      • Mick says:

        Patrick, I’m sorry that things aren’t going well with your family. I will pray for them, and for you. I gotta say, though, that I was tickled to see you refer to your daddy. I call my dad “Daddy,” also; and my father referred to his father as “daddy” until he (my grandpa) passed away at almost 79 years of age.

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    • Snowy Owl says:

      Sharon, I’m sorry for the pain you are in, I’m praying for you. I wish to tell you that you have been given a very great gift in all of this! It may not ‘feel’ like it to you but we were told by Jesus that we need to give up everything- sometimes even family when they so choose it to be, pick up our cross and follow Him. Please don’t throw this away! Say Yes to Him and offer your pain for the very people who have hurt you and you will be blessed beyond anything that you can even begin to imagine! Trust Him! He is Truth and He loves you and has never left you! And may God bless you! 💘

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    • Mick says:

      Sharon, I will keep you and your siblings in my prayers. Hang in there with Our Lord; after all, He hung in there for you.

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    • Dear Sharon, will pray for you. ❤️

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  18. Dorothy Dunneback says:

    I ordered the book. D

    Sent from my iPad


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  19. How do we get the book on darkness to light. I’d really like to read it. God Bless Maria

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  20. Starshine says:

    When people are depressed, there is only one direction to go, to, and that is to God. He will guide you and show you the way. Give God all your heartache and concerns, and He will help you. He loves you. It is not the end.

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  21. for the sake of ... sorrowful passion says:

    Pelianito: July 16th, 2017: Do Not Discount The Effect Of Your Prayers

    Good to hear.

    * * *

    If I showed you what the world would look like without your prayers, you would be appalled…

    Wisdom 18:22 He conquered the wrath not by strength of body, not by force of arms, but by his word he subdued the avenger, appealing to the oaths and covenants given to our ancestors.

    “My beloved children, do not make the grave error of discounting the effect of your prayers, your humble prayers, on the divine wrath. Already my much-wounded heart has been appeased through your little offerings.

    How can I encourage you in this? How can I convince you that your efforts are having their effect? If I showed you what the world would look like without your prayers, you would be appalled.

    So, if your prayers seem to go unanswered, do not give up. It is only that I have applied your prayers to a higher purpose.

    Then offer me your disappointment, wrapped in the words: ‘Jesus I trust in you. Save souls!’ I tell you, even in your disappointment you will be filled with joy!”

    O my Lord, Blessed Trinity of Love, how can we begin to comprehend your love and mercy? That even your ‘no’ is a ‘yes’— yes to a much greater good. In the Divine Will, help me to always respond as I do now—Jesus I trust in you. Save souls! Amen.

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  22. Beckita says:

    Bumped into this clip recently and have shared it with friends to say: Look at how far our culture has fallen. It’s from Walt Disney’s production of Fantasia in 1940. WD’s films today feature constant promotion of the LGBT lifestyle. Then I discovered more context to its production via a link at Spirit daily:


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    • jlynnbyrd says:

      Beckita, thank you for sharing this beautiful Disney clip.
      On the flip side, in a relatively short time span, many people are rising up to combat the *influences* that have corrupted the institutions of good and holy. They have been infiltrated and we have been conditioned in a slow, incremental and subtle way, that it is so easy to miss the in-your-face clues. Sticking with the “Disney” theme, I recently came across this notice from a group I support:
      This is just one small example, I do believe good is prevailing as we continue to pray, pray, pray, acknowledge God, take the next right steps, and trust, do, and love. It is so simple and so powerful. We are the lights in the darkness with our Blessed Mother Mary interceding for us to bring all to the Prince of the Light, as the video shows. Full circle. Thanks be to God. ❤

      2 Corinthians 4:4-7King James Version (KJV)
      4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.
      5 For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake.
      6 For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
      7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

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    • Barb421 says:

      saw this on spiritdaily today, it makes me sad how far we have sunk, longing for the innocent joyful times our Lord wants for us, too!

      Liked by 6 people

    • The Walt Disney Company also encourages materialism and promiscuity, it praises broken families, mocks our Holy Church, and even promotes the occult – particularly in their daytime TV cartoons and kid dramas. Movies as early as the 1960s and certainly today are shown to have sexual images and subliminal messages laced in them. This uber-powerful global media empire is totally controlled by the left. I’ve been saying for over a decade to the puzzlement and shock of my friends: “Disney. Is. Evil”, although it might be more accurate to say Disney is a tool of the devil. Seeing that lovely Ave Maria video simply adds to my outrage.

      I’m still bitter toward Disney for that liberal anti-hunting/anti-gun propaganda film known as “Bambi” (1942). The left has been at work in this country for well over one hundred years. It’s taken years of deliberate effort on my part to undo the indoctrination of such poisonous, anti-American ideology dressed up as cutsie cartoons. Maybe I’m overreacting. Better stop here…..😡

      Liked by 2 people

      • jlynnbyrd says:

        Wow Patrick, I was going to go full out detailing the ills of Disney, but took a softer approach with a current event as one example. It is good to know that these things are not a secret anymore and people are just plain fed up with it all. ❤

        Liked by 3 people

  23. Joe Crozier says:

    My nephew Ciaran is home from his tour of duty in Iraq with the army. My heartfelt thanks to all here who prayed for his safety. He looks well and very happy to be home.

    Liked by 13 people

  24. Joe Crozier says:

    Cheers Steve I have passed your message on to Ciaran and have just heard from him – recovering now from the celebrations – as Teddy Roosevelt said “It is not the critic who counts but the man in the arena.” God bless us all.

    Liked by 6 people

  25. Joe Crozier says:

    Today, as usual, I had a hot shower, scrambled eggs and beans with coffee and a vitamin/ mineral drink for breakfast and watched a little tv. I was feeling a little sorry for myself and a little angry about unanswered prayers for help with an ongoing difficulty. Then I thought of the billions who have no home comforts – millions who have no home – no water never mind hot water, no food, no clean clothes – no clothes – no shoes, no doctors or hospitals, no friends, no family, the list goes on and on – page upon page. And I felt shame for my self pity and lack of gratitude for the goodness of God. And I asked forgiveness. My old director used to say “cultivate an attitude of gratitude.” He said take a piece of paper and make a list of everything you have. Then go out and DO something for someone else – nothing grandiose – just something to help. And say thank you to God.

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