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Peace and Patience

As we walk through our personal trials and survey our country and world, we need to steady ourselves in Christ’s Peace. Perhaps easy to say at times. Nevertheless, it is truth. Isn’t it often a matter of choosing? In the … Continue reading

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An Apology with Clarification

The Archdiocese of Denver issued the press release quoted below in response to a column I published on February 7. I regret that I was not fully clear on what I meant. The Rescue which I referenced, the “Process of … Continue reading

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Invitations can be rich with possibilities to consider and explore. First, I invite us all to place the prophetic elements of Charlie’s work in a personal place where we let them rest from analysis and parsing. One might discern to cast them … Continue reading

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The RESCUE Has Begun

In recent comments, the topic of all of Charlie’s prophecies continues to be raised. For some, in discernment, there is a belief that the error in the inaugural prophetic piece puts belief in all of his prophecies at risk. Not so fast, … Continue reading

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Ask and You Shall Receive

How surprised I was to read Anne’s comment last night. She found a book of fiction entitled, Storm and Grace. The very topic I’ve been pondering, from several perspectives, for this post! For more than twenty-five years, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of … Continue reading

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All Hands on Deck

Welcome back, Everyone, with prayers for God’s blessings through the intercession of St. John Bosco whose feast we celebrate this day. While thanking God for all the good He has done at this site through Charlie, let us continue making our way through … Continue reading

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An Invitation

We have entered a new phase of this journey through the Storm as Charlie, in the epitome of humility and integrity, has stepped from the public view under the terms he had set. A friend succinctly said it best for me: “Was … Continue reading

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