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The Refiner’s Fire with Chris Lyford: TNRP Episode 9

Hey everyone, Sorry for the break! This podcast was met with many technical difficulties, but persistence brought it to you! Enjoy the episode! Chris’ websites are in the show notes and linked below! -Chaz

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Wildly Simple with Sister Bear: TNRP Episode 8

Hey everyone, This week we are joined by Sister Bear! She is the founder of the Sisters of the Metolius. She has wonderful perspective on trusting God and living simply. I especially liked her example of stewardship. Enjoy the show! … Continue reading

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A Family Affair: TNRP Episode 7

Hey everyone, Sorry for the podcasting break! The only damage that Irma brought through was surging my old computer. I have it back up and running now! This week Dad and I are joined by Christy. My sister and Pops’ … Continue reading

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Hurricane Harvey Aftermath and The Great Convergence ft. Ed Haren: TNRP Episode 6

Please welcome our first guest, Ed Haren! Ed is from Houston (Nassau Bay), Texas. He joins to give first hand experiences of the storm and the love in its aftermath. Pops (Charlie) talks about the signs of the times and … Continue reading

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Prayers for Texas, The Divine Symphony, and Ramblings of the Charlies: TNRP Episode 5

Happy Friday everyone! The latest installment of TNRP is live. The link is below. Keep sending us your comments and questions! I got hyped up and loud for this episode. Please let me know how the sound is! Thanks again … Continue reading

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Cultural Upheaval, Effective Witness, and Faithful Pebbles: TNRP Episode 4

Hey everyone, We addressed some things and didn’t have time for others. This is becoming a regular podcast! Thanks for all of your comments and questions and thanks to all the technical support we get from the behind-the-scenes admin team. … Continue reading

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The Church, The Rescue, and Heartening the Family: TNRP Episode 3

Hello all, Here is the next installment of our little podcast! We hope you enjoy it! Thanks for your questions. Hopefully we got to most of them. I haven’t been able to update the widget, but in the picture below, … Continue reading

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The First Q&A Podcast

  Here is the first podcast that answers your questions. I hope you enjoy it. If you have problems listening to it on your internet browser, I would recommend downloading it from Also, please check your podcast apps as … Continue reading

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The Next Right Podcast Episode One

Good day everyone, The first podcast is uploaded and can be found here This episode was an introductory episode for those who aren’t coming from this site. We’ll get the first series of questions up soon as well. Give us … Continue reading

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