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Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

By Charlie Johnston By my own standard, I was wrong about the peaceful transfer of power in the U.S. yesterday.  My favorite note came from a friend who said, “You got close on it, but this isn’t horseshoes.” That encapsulated my own … Continue reading

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Time to Choose

(By this time tomorrow, we will know whether or not there has been a peaceful transfer of power from Barack Obama to Donald Trump. If there is not, it will be apparent to all but the most obtuse that we … Continue reading

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Entering the Danger Zone

By Charlie Johnston Over the last few weeks there has been much speculation over the possibility that I might be objectively wrong about the peaceful transfer of power. That is well and proper, since the key to everything is to … Continue reading

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Prelude From the Top

By Charlie Johnston Beckita suggested that the piece below, from almost two and a half years ago, is a perfect companion piece to my most recent post, “A Decisive Conundrum.” After re-reading it, I heartily concur. Despite the dust that … Continue reading

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A Decisive Conundrum

By Charlie Johnston I have been struggling for a while to figure out how to say something that is very important going forward. When I wrote the piece “All In,” I was pleased with the result. (If you have not … Continue reading

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Each Soul is the Battleground

By Charlie Johnston My public tours are over for the year and I am in the midst of visiting with family. Right now I am with my daughter, Christie, and her husband, Duane, and their daughter, Lily – a lively, smart … Continue reading

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In Praise of Donald Trump

(I have just put up the video from my talk in Racine, Wisconsin on the Visit Videos link at the top. I particularly enjoyed this one because my two oldest grandkids, Mya and Camron, were there with me. The following … Continue reading

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The Divine Symphony

By Charlie Johnston Even the most venial sin, when habitually engaged in over a long period of time, creates such a hole that we end up in a pit. The aim of Christian solidarity and ministry is to help each … Continue reading

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Let Your Light Shine

By Charlie Johnston I’m going to keep it fairly simple today, to make a point that should be deeply contemplated. First, I want to direct you to the TNRS Local Connect Link at the black bar at the top of … Continue reading

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In the Eye of the Storm

By Charlie Johnston As this election season goes careening wildly towards its inevitable fiery conclusion three weeks from now, a little advice… Large political campaigns get into a higher gear six weeks out. The last three weeks are an unbearable … Continue reading

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