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In the End, My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph

[Many beautiful articles have been written for this centenary year of celebrating the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima. Motivational, inspirational and edifying contributions are everywhere.  It was Msgr. Charles Pope’s piece, based on last Sunday’s parable of the vineyard … Continue reading

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We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

  Please remember the announcement posted today: Charlie will be in Lake Charles, Louisiana Sunday for an informal visit. There will be a home gathering at 5009 E. St. Charles Ave, Lake Charles at 2 p.m. on Sunday that is open … Continue reading

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Sex and the 2016 Election

Below is an analysis of the 2016 election from a spiritual perspective by our friend, Dan Lynch. This morning, I finished my first international presentation, speaking to a conference in Guadalajara, Mexico via Skype. It was wonderful! Though it was … Continue reading

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Purity and the Domestic Church

(I have added our regular commenter, Michael Patrick’s marvelous website, ‘Sweetwater Haven’ to the links under my favorite spiritual sites and the Surrender Novena, one of the best ever, to the Devotions links. Susan Skinner writes the elegant Veil of … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

(Once I got back to the Conference yesterday, the Internet was not working properly, so I had to wait to get home to put up this fabulous short post by our friend and regular commenter, Michael Patrick. He gives us … Continue reading

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Crosses in the Year of Mercy

(I am criss-crossing between a Conference and another Prayer Meeting this weekend. Those of you who have complained that I am overdue for the second installment of the Rules of Regency are now completely right. I get home late tomorrow … Continue reading

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The Fog of War and a Papal Field Hospital

(As I get back to work focusing here, I am worried that we are spending way too much time finding things to deplore and getting the vapors over everything the Pope says. If we are reduced to defining ourselves almost … Continue reading

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A Better Interpretation of the Pope on War

(I think the Pope’s comments on war may have been far more canny than I first realized. He probably was NOT ignoring the role of ISIS and Islamic fundamentalism in the terrors that now beset the world, but offering a … Continue reading

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Violence, Hatred and Wars Will Grow Yet Greater – Dan Lynch

(A piece from Dan Lynch apostolates) By Dan Lynch In the light of the recent satanically inspired slaughters of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge; the hundreds killed or wounded by a Militant Muslim Jihadist terrorist in Nice; the failed … Continue reading

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A Rosary Crusade for Peace: What You Can do to Stop Jihadist Attacks

(Our friend, Dan Lynch, offers this short piece calling people to join a new Spiritual Rosary Crusade, to change hearts and help us remain recollected about who we are called to be. – CJ) By Dan Lynch In remembrance of … Continue reading

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