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Akita – Tears of Heaven

[Last Friday, I shared excerpts from Msgr. Pope’s recent blog piece which included passages from the messages of Our Lady of Akita. (The complete set of messages can be found here.) In the above photo, the statue which has been exquisitely … Continue reading

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In the End, My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph

[Many beautiful articles have been written for this centenary year of celebrating the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima. Motivational, inspirational and edifying contributions are everywhere.  It was Msgr. Charles Pope’s piece, based on last Sunday’s parable of the vineyard … Continue reading

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Prelude From the Top

By Charlie Johnston Beckita suggested that the piece below, from almost two and a half years ago, is a perfect companion piece to my most recent post, “A Decisive Conundrum.” After re-reading it, I heartily concur. Despite the dust that … Continue reading

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A Decisive Conundrum

By Charlie Johnston I have been struggling for a while to figure out how to say something that is very important going forward. When I wrote the piece “All In,” I was pleased with the result. (If you have not … Continue reading

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A Good Day For America

By Charlie Johnston I was deeply heartened by the election results yesterday. I can now amend my promise  that I would retreat into silence if Barack Obama peacefully transferred power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on January 20. Now it … Continue reading

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The Election…and Other Potential Triggers

By Charlie Johnston Lately I have gotten all sorts of notes and comments that begin, “You say there will be no election…” I have been explaining all year that there could be an election, but it would not ultimately matter. … Continue reading

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Back on the Road, and a Reprise of the Shrine

By Charlie Johnston I thought you might enjoy this particular picture of the Stone Chapel of St. Catherine at Mt. Meeker. Notice our mascot sitting in the foreground. The photo is courtesy of Lisa Jenkins from Facebook. I have had … Continue reading

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Through a Glass Darkly Redux

(Our resident archivist, Beckita, suggested that because of the influx of new readers, I ought to repeat this piece that originally ran last January. I agree…and will try to make it a habit to repeat foundational pieces on days when … Continue reading

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Proclaiming the Rescue

(This piece, just three months ago, is well worth a repeat as we go forward. It is startling how much things have degenerated in just these few months. As outrage is piled on top of outrage so that you just can’t … Continue reading

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Gird Your Loins…

By Charlie Johnston When those who are appointed guardians of the law sacrifice the law to their own personal preferences, there is no law and justice is stricken. All that remains is the will to power. Persisted in long enough, … Continue reading

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