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The Heartbeat of America

By Charlie Johnston I rode a train from Washington, D.C. to Charlottesville, Virginia. I don’t care for buses, but I like Amtrak. Riding a train offers the cozy intimacy of coming in the back door of an old farmhouse you … Continue reading

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A Leading Shepherd

By Charlie Johnston I have to apologize to many people. I am very hit and miss on getting through emails. I don’t mean to ignore anyone…but those come pretty much at the tail end of things. I often get behinder … Continue reading

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Bulletin: Mother Angelica Has Passed

I just got word that Mother Angelica has died today. I had been told that her condition had worsened as Lent began. Please go to EWTN for more information. As you undoubtedly know, Mother Angelica founded EWTN in Irondale, Alabama. Ironically I spent … Continue reading

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Mary and the Saints – for Protestants

By Charlie Johnston I was in my early 20s when I went to my first Catholic Mass as a worshipper. Oh, I had been to many in my teens as a hired trumpet player, but the musicians in the choir … Continue reading

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Of Saints and Scoundrels

(This guest column is a reflection by Padraig Caughey, the Irish gentleman who runs the marvelous Mother of God Forum. It is on hiatus for a few more weeks, so Caughey was kind enough to offer this column. It reminds … Continue reading

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Black Mass Fizzles

One of the Satanists gathered in Oklahoma City for their “Black Mass” last night claimed that Jesus is a “mute” and “fugitive” god. But alas, the poor dweebs following the dark path could only raise a little over 40 people … Continue reading

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The Not So New Age Nonsense

(I have discovered that some of my email has been going into a spam folder particularly those that come from outside the North American continent. I think I have resolved the problem – but I want you to know it … Continue reading

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Things You Might Not Know About St. Therese

I found this lovely article on St. Therese today. It bothers me that many who love her do not know of her struggles with her faith and, thus, the magnitude of her triumph. Jesus told ‘Doubting Thomas’ that he believed … Continue reading

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St. Therese on Purgatory

I am working on a piece on The Shrine, which I will have up before bed tonight or by tomorrow morning. In the meantime I came across this lovely piece on St. Therese and purgatory. I am not familiar with … Continue reading

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Christ Triumphs Over Satanists

Thanks be to God, thanks be to God. The Satanists planning a black mass in Oklahoma have returned the consecrated Host after being sued for theft of property by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. Here is Archbishop Paul Coakley’s statement. … Continue reading

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