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Renew the Face of the Earth

(I first stumbled upon this piece on Our Lady of Guadalupe two years ago. It was written by Dr. Peter Howard and first appeared at Dr. Howard is an authority on Bishop Fulton Sheen. He currently is based in … Continue reading

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Heavenly Fusion

  As a child in the primary grades, during every early October, preceding the Columbus Day holiday, I would join classmates in artistically recreating and labeling the three ships on which Christopher Columbus and his mates sailed to the New … Continue reading

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Preparing for a Pregnant Advent

By Charlie Johnston I have been working on a meaty piece. Sometimes these things just flow; other times it is like cold extrusion. On this one, I am earning every paragraph. I had been waiting to finish it before putting … Continue reading

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Upcoming Visits

Charlie’s on the road again, heartening the faithful. Please remember, the black nav bar at the top of this page is, once again, updating Charlie’s planned visits as they are determined. You can click on the words, “Upcoming Visits,” any … Continue reading

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The Decisive Moment Has Come

By Charlie Johnston Although few yet understand what has happened, the Rubicon I spoke of a few days ago has been crossed. There is now no negotiated settlement or stand-down possible. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, assigned to investigate possible collusion … Continue reading

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Nearing the Rubicon

By Charlie Johnston In the last week, the Russian collusion story has collapsed. Well, not exactly collapsed: there was collusion with Russian officials, but it was all done by the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Obama … Continue reading

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All Things Are Being Revealed

By Charlie Johnston What a wonderful celebration of the centennial of the penultimate Fatima apparition! Our Archbishop consecrated the entire Archdiocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Some Parishes held their own special Mass – and 73 Parishes live-streamed the … Continue reading

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Lake Charles, Louisiana Visit

Charlie will be in Lake Charles, Louisiana Sunday for an informal visit. There will be a home gathering at 5009 E. St. Charles Ave, Lake Charles at 2 p.m. on Sunday that is open to any who would like to … Continue reading

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Podcast Saturday – Report From Houston

This week’s Podcast will be delayed until Saturday evening. Joining Charlie and Chaz will be Ed Haren of South Houston, who coordinated a visit by Charlie last year, to discuss how the city is digging out and how people worked … Continue reading

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Now Is the Time

Many in this community have worked and prayed, long and hard, for an end to abortion. Now, we have new, prime opportunities to ACT as well as PRAY at a momentous juncture in the ongoing campaign to build a Culture … Continue reading

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