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182 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Moses Foo says:

    Hello Mr Johnston,

    I can only say providence led to your blog, for I had just come back from our Triduum. Our parish has been designated by the archbishop to honour Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was feeling the joy of the second night of the celebration that I had googled the term for me to understand the background better for myself. The only reason I clicked on the search result was due to the unusual title of your blog post related to Our Lady of Guadalupe. I must admit that I am kind of “fool” for unusual stuffs but at the same time a little hesistant to fall head-over-heel into your writing, especially stuffs related to supernatural revelation. But your sophisticated and elegant writing draw me in and decide to write to you and to spend some time reading and reflecting on your posts and writings.

    What struck me most was your urging to trust in the Virgin of Guadalupe in the salvation of the old world and Islamic world to God where human struggle to make any headway. For my part, I can recognize my poverty in articulating any kind of wonderful rhetoric or work in convincing others about my faith. I can see myself failing miserably yet struggle with the injunction of Christ to proclaim the good news. Nevertheless, I would to read your thoughts on this for although I don’t mind saying, it is the pursuit of personal intellectual “vanity” rather than entering into a meaning relationship with God.

    In any case, thank you for your thoughts and reflections in this blog. God bless.

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  2. Moses Foo says:

    I saw the youtube videos, both the talk and the Q&A, in Washingston DC, dated 10-28-2016, and what I like most and the key take away for me is to things in front of me, those that I’m called to do and that I can do. It kind of calm me down about my own anxiety about the worsening economic condition brought on by our own inept, corrupt government in general and a totally despicable Prime Minister. It does not mean it will a red carpet walk but more learning to trust that everything is in God hand.

    And thank you for the welcome.

    p/s I am continuing to read your blog postings, writings and videos for me to get a better understanding of your work.

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  3. JK says:

    Dear Charlie,
    Could you give us your understanding of how Our Lady Of Tepeyac came to be called Guadalupe? I was listening to the Kristine Franklin show today and she mentioned something about it. Would love to hear your take on it.
    Thank you

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    • charliej373 says:

      It’s actually very simple and well attested. When asked who she was, Our Lady said she was (phonetic spelling) “tuh-quad-luh-shupe-pay,” the Nahuatl phrase for “she who crushes the serpent.” Bishop Zumarraga was a Spaniard – and his ears heard “Guadalupe,” a famous town in Spain. Actually, it’s very appropriate: she came under a European title to convert Americans – and now she acts under her American title to re-convert the Europeans and the world. I believe that this is the only case where an apparition was not initially known by the name of where she appeared or what her primary affect is. She appeared at Tepeyac Hill.

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  4. cynthialawry says:

    I have just read your take on Muslims after 9/11 [Concerning Islam] and find it hateful and full of bigotry. I do not want to live in a country where we go on a witch hunt for people who do not worship or look as we do. Muslims did speak out in righteous indignation after 9/11. You need to remember that since then they have been the target of much hate and violence so their seeming silence is understandable. Your ‘this is what I would do’ section seems to have been written by Donald Trump and is full of confusion and disinformation, as you purport to oppose. This will just foster further hate in the world. Bad information does equal bad policy.


    • charliej373 says:

      Bad information does, indeed, equal bad policy, Cynthia. Calling Jihadist terror everything but Jihadist terror has empowered and emboldened terrorists throughout the world. Facilitating mass unscreened immigration from terrorist countries has led to wider terrorist attacks. Screening out Christians – who are actually persecuted – from refugee status while facilitating the entry of those who persecute them has left the persecuted unprotected while spreading the threat throughout the globe.

      I notice you do not refute any facts or any of the logic in my piece. You just call it hateful and bigoted. You know what those words are? They are what the uninformed and malicious who do not have an argument call those who do in order to try to shut down discussion entirely. Your fact-free tirade is what has lost you and your fellow travelers the country. But you go right ahead doing the same thing so you can prove to those still on the margins that you really don’t have an argument, only insults and slurs for those who dare to deal in facts, logic and evidence.

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  5. Beckita says:

    I love the rich colors, Phoenix!

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  6. Renee says:

    I have been reading these posts and my mother has been updating me with so many things but I still have questions that I just leave me so confused. Because I believe in the storm and the rescue I understand that Satan will be locked up until the 1,000 years of peace is over. My mom says that there will be very little sin in the world and mostly everyone will turn their lives over to God once our lady comes to rescue us. But the deliverance ministry has been on my mind. What happens with such a ministry after something like this? If Satan gets locked up does that mean all the spirits flee from everyone who turns their lives over to God? Will we no longer need to worry about deliverances because there will be little sin or would we need to pass on such practices for when the end of the world is to come? Would we need to use deliverances during the worst part of the storm? I suppose I shouldn’t be worrying about such things but at the same time I am very confused as to what happens to all people with spiritual attachments and what will happen to all the evil spirits? Any answer will help thank you


  7. Joseph Patrick Cahill says:

    Dear Charlie; I have read with great interests your comments about the coming “Storm”. Prayer changes the mind of God. Scriptures are full of instances, where the Almighty has relented and changed his intention to allow some calamity to occur. If things as stated by you in “The Storm” do not come about, be of good cheer. Almighty God has heard the prayers of the many victim souls throughout the world. He has averted a disaster and usually a disaster of our own making. Look at Jonah and the Whale. Look at our own lives where disaster dose not eventuate in spite of our unworthiness. “Rescues” take place often and mostly we are not aware of them. The Loving nature of Divine Providence. We have the beloved of the Father, Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews and his blessed Mother the Queen of Peace and our Lady of Medjugorie as our advocates. They hear us, listen to us, they pray with us, they intercede for us with the Father. Whatever happens or dose not eventuate on the 20th January, go forward Trusting in the Mercy and generosity of God Almighty.
    Remember Charlie, Prayer changes the mind of God.
    With Love and Peace and New Year Blessings upon you and all we hope and love for.
    Joseph Patrick
    Sydney Australia (

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  8. Beckita says:

    Welcome, Joseph Patrick. Aussies rock!

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  9. Anonymous says:

    You are a fraud. After reading your horrendous articles. It is clear you are apart of the bigotry of the corrupt, poor and unintelligent side of this country which should not even exist. You have no followers because you have no factual evidence, clearly biased to the right. You speak about nothing but Baracknophonia, if you even know that means. It is pathetic. You should be ridden of your right to “preach”, as you call it. I will stay anonymous for now as I am in a diplomatic family, who would have you vanish shall I wish to do so. I’m going to dedicate my time, wealth, connections and resources to prove that you are simply a fraud spreading bigotry, created by a campaign based on hatred, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and violence. I suggest you end this before a hand is forced to shut it down.


    • charliej373 says:

      I was initially going to delete this, but I figured it might be useful for you to see some of the garbage that comes in. In this case, it comes from prestigious school in New England. The young man is in college in the east. I got enough info to verify that it almost certainly does not come from a staff member. If it did, my actions would be different. It comes from a student. Amateurs have no idea how much information I can get from a submission, even when they label it anonymous or use a phony email address. I know his full name, but I will only use his first name, Joseph – or, Joe, as he likes to be called. And he has a birthday coming up in a little over a week. I know quite a bit more about the young man, but I won’t mention it, for I don’t want to give strangers any real clues to his identity. I just give away enough so that he knows I know. And Joe, if I could glean this much from your “anonymous” posting, imagine what I could have gotten if you had not been “anonymous.” You snowflakes on campus are not ready for the big leagues – so complain to your dean about my micro-aggression and stick to the sandbox.

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      • MarieUrsula says:

        By the way, Anonymous from a prestigious school, I agree with this phrase of yours although not necessarily the syntax: “It is clear you are apart of . . . .” etc., etc. Charlie is, indeed, apart of that, not close to it at all.

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        • charliej373 says:

          I get stuff like that sometimes, Sr. Bear. Usually I just delete it. But I weary sometimes of these snowflakes thinking my good nature indicates that I am easily intimidated and rolled. This time I decided to send a warning shot. Politicians in the Midwest who used to try to play me are grinning right now; many found to their sorrow when they tried to muscle me that that stuff don’t play with me. The snowflakes should stick to their snowboards – and actually learn a little something before seeking a seat at the grownups table.

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    • YongDuk says:

      I am a fraud too 😀

      I know nothing about the trajectory of comets, except that they have them!

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      • YongDuk says:

        (Oh, well… but I was once really good at differential and vector calculus and engineering physics and the like, so maybe I know more than I realise, but still… I am a fraud.)

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  10. jlynnbyrd says:

    Joseph, labels are for cans. January 12, 2017 Presidential Prayer Team Daily Devotional:
    Words for Life
    Today’s verse reveals that the words of an upright person can often redirect people away from evil. As this New Year dawns, Americans are navigating themselves through a violent war of words – in print, on television, and sometimes spewing from the person right next to you. If healing and unity are to define the future, how will it happen? Words of the wicked lie in wait for blood, but the mouth of the upright delivers them. Proverbs 12:6
    The Bible says life-giving words flow out of a heart full of life. Criticism comes from a self-righteous mind. Condemnation comes from a bitter heart, and complaints come from an ungrateful spirit. But a faithful heart, grounded in the love of Jesus, speaks truth and peace. Encouragement toward others comes from a heart that trusts God.
    Today, pray your speech will be filled with hope and healing for the divided and hurting people you encounter. Pray the leadership in America’s highest offices will likewise guard their words, honoring their position and sustaining relationships. Fill yourself up daily by reading God’s words from the Holy Bible. Ask the Father to use you to bring words of life to all who will hear.
    Recommended Reading: Matthew 12:33-37

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  11. peter ocallaghan says:

    charlie, may god bless you. If you are wrong in relation to the transition of power i would not worry, it is to be expected that the evil one would try to decieve you clothed as an angel of light so that one wrong prophecy would, in the eyes of the readers, negate the whole. If the overall message is genuine satan will be there somewhere. rather than go away, perhaps some comment by you along the lines above might assist others. i for one am inclined to accept the essence of the message. May St Michael defeat the intentions of the evil one in relation to your ministry

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  12. Gail says:

    Although former President Obama has technically stepped down today, I notice that he is still making speeches whenever he stops in his travels! He says he will speak up whenever he feels he should. I think a case can be made that he may not have fully “stepped down”, and intends to be the centerpiece of the Trump resistance movement. So perhaps the predictions that he will “refuse to leave office” are not entirely off base!


  13. JoAnn says:

    I’m praying for you Charlie and our country. Thank you Lord for giving us such a loving Mother!!

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  14. Jean says:

    (from Jean: JA) Thanks, Charlie for sticking your neck out to follow God instead of sitting comfortably at home. Countless crucial prayers were said and fasts begun because of it. Was the riotous day of transfer less so because of you? As you said, events would sometimes turn out differently than you expected, but still be true. God is always outside the box and he will honor your obedience. Many have appreciated your engaging and profound words. Much work to be done – including the increase in acknowledging and trusting in God, as well as covering this country…with prayer and fasting. Thanks for being a source of wisdom and hope! This time may also be a protection for you. God bless you!

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  15. Jane Jacobs says:

    hi Charlie,
    As much as I️ want to believe in the Rescue coming before the end of 2017, I️ have reason to question as all of the events that have to precede the Rescue have not yet materialized? Like the Economic Collapse for at least a period of 3 to 6 months, the further turmoil in the East with China AND Russia , Iran and N Korea, etc? And the appearance that things will appear hopeless? With one month to go? Do you still believe that the Rescue is to come before the end of this year where we will see and hear Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception?


    • Beckita says:

      Jane, please read this reply written today. I’m going to assume you may not be a regular reader. The Rescue is not an endpoint. The Rescue is a great gift in this transition into the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. But, as Charlie has conveyed, we will get to that Era by way of the Cross. After the Rescue, there will be many more interventions and actions by the Lord in His Perfect Plan in which He Alone knows how all will unfold. We remain here at TNRS for the duration of need to build each other up as we travel, in solidarity, through this Time like no other in salvation history. Blessed be God in ALL His Ways and Decisions for us! Ave Maria eternally for a Mother who never leaves her children!

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