Since we on the TNRS Answers team began our work in September of 2015, we have developed a number of materials for you. We do our level best to keep them current and bear sole responsibility for them.  Charlie Johnston has not generally reviewed or approved these materials in their specifics, although he *has* approved our overall approach. Beckita is in the process of reviewing all these items.

On this page you will find (Section 1) a set of PDF Book Files that contain all of Charlie’s posts and pages up until January 21st, 2017, and will contain all of Beckita’s posts thereafter, and (Section 2) a list of several FAQ files you can consult for answers to questions we frequently receive. If you would like to watch one or more of the videos of Charlie’s talks, please go to the Visit Videos page. Also available on that page are links to pages at St. Clare Heirloom Seeds’ website where you will find these talks as audio files or as CDs and DVDs.

Section 1: PDF Book Files Containing All Pages and Posts up to January 21, 2017

We have had many requests for book-like compilations of Charlie’s Pages and Posts.  Thanks to, we have been able to generate these compilations.  Please excuse any minor formatting errors the process may have introduced, but you will find both text and pictures successfully compiled. The posts are extensive and require separate books for different periods of time. Every 3-6 months from now on we will add another PDF to cover more recent posts from Beckita.

For those of you who might want to print these books out, that is perfectly fine, provided that you honor the copyright restrictions on the first page of each book.  We suggest that you copy to a USB flash drive those files that you have downloaded to your computer’s hard drive.  Take that flash drive to a Fedex Office outlet or a similar copier outlet and ask them to help you print it. Since most of these books are around 500 pages long, you will want to ask for the lowest rate per page you can get.

Finally, if you have any comments or questions about these books, copyrights, or other related matters, please enter a comment below.  You may also email the TNRS Answers team (go to the Contact page for our email address).

For PDFs of all of Charlie’s posts from January, 2014, to his post announcing his withdrawal into watchful retirement on January 21st, 2017:

For PDFs of all posts since Beckita became the site’s Managing Editor (including posts by Charlie since the Inauguration):

For all Pages in the navigation bar as of 10/8/17, click to download: CJ373-AllPages-All. (Please note that the Pages in this PDF are ordered as you see them in the navigation bar, so ignore the date information in the book.)

All the above PDF Blogbooks are also downloadable from here.

To return to the website to read all posts since September 30th, 2017, Click Here.

Section 2: Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

The TNRS Answers team has developed a number of Google Documents that provide answers to questions we frequently receive. Please read down this list to find the one you need.

Section 3: Some Extras for Inspiration and Fun

If you are interested, Full of Grace USA provides a number of items related to The Next Right Step as part of its product line. This includes prayer cards, stickers, a DVD, and even squirrel-themed products (based on Michael Patrick’s artwork). To see these products, please click here. Along with Full of Grace USA, we hope that the members of our community will find these items both fun and uplifting. (Note that Charlie and Beckita do not receive any funds from the sale of these products.)

Blessings to All,

Beckita, Doug, EllenChris, Lambzie37, JLynnByrd, LisaMania7, Mick, and SteveBC
The TNRS Answers Team

18 Responses to Books/PDFs/FAQs

  1. Bruce Cyr says:

    On the first Sunday after Christmas, when I woke up, I immediately heard the name “Charlie Johnston”. I am familiar with this name because the Lord, through the Holy Spirit, has confirmed this particular person as credible. I have placed information in Chapter 37 of my book acknowledging some events of Charlie Johnston’s prophecies referenced from Michael Brown and Spirit Daily.
    In 1992, after experiencing an event of seeing St. Bridget of Sweden and after 15, now 20 years of studying prophecies on many saints of the Catholic Church including visionaries of Mary, I have written a book on the chronological order of events that are about to unfold on this planet. God does not hold back information of these serious future events. There are many prophecies that give us much confirmation of these never before seen events on this earth. His Word and His Mother’s words must get out in all ways possible. Please consider reading and recommending this book. It is on and .ca under the title “After The Warning 2016”.
    There are 27 reviews on on the catalogue page.
    Thanks and Blessings
    Bruce Cyr


    • charliej373 says:

      Bruce, I have seen some of your work and you have some useful insights at times. I am opposed to detailed timelines, though, for reasons I explained in short form here. That said, I think it is useful to ponder these things, but dangerous to come to conclusive certitude about them. It leaves little room for the action of God, the actions of the satan, or the effects of men calling out to God.

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  2. Josh says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I would like to share the following information, which will probably interest your team/readers:

    1) For saving your articles as complete eBooks, for offline reading (in epub format):

    2) “On Weathering the Storm” (video):
    On Youtube, there is a .3gpp version of the video (for mobile & tablets), at only 95MB, compared to the original 2GB (the huge size of the original is too much for most viewers). Other download options also available (ca. 400-500MB).


    • charliej373 says:

      I don’t understand any of that, though I reckon Steve BC will.

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    • SteveBC says:

      Josh, thank you so much for your thoughtful advice. I’ve already put a link for the youtube video into the Visit Videos page. Please go check it out and see if my brief note works in your eyes. Let me know if you think I should rephrase my text.

      On the GrabMyBooks option, I’m not familiar with it, so I may be mistaken in passing it by. However, with BlogBooker, I just save a calendrical group of Posts to a standardized file (which makes a one-step operation) and then upload that file to BlogBooker in what is almost a one-step operation, and they cook up a nice PDF for me. Very easy. It appears that GrabMyBooks works only on mobile devices and is designed to select the exact page(s) you want to save, which is great for someone browsing the web but would be much more work for my application than BlogBooker is.

      I do appreciate your advice and hope that you will pass along anything else you think might be helpful. If you do, please be sure to put my screen name in your comment. SteveBC (no spaces). I sometimes can’t read all the comments, but I *am* able to scan all comments for my screen name and therefore will see any future comments of yours that you address to me. 🙂

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      • Josh says:

        Hi SteveBC,

        Thank you very much for your answer.

        GrabMyBooks also works from computers (I always use it from there), as a Firefox extension:

        The way it works, is by first opening in tabs on your Firefox browser all the articles that you want to save from a particular website: then, under “Grabmybooks”, press the option “grab tabs”; then go to “My book”, further edit, if you need to, and finally download it. What I like from this extension, is that both written content and images are perfectly formatted, and your book has a table of contents for easily finding and accessing a specific article.

        What I like from the epub format, when used with an eBook reader, is that it allows you to flip pages as in a normal book (instead of vertically, as usually in pdfs), put on night mode, etc.

        As for videos on Youtube, I forgot to mention that the Firefox extension “Video DownloadHelper” detects all the different download options (7 options in total, for “On Weathering the Storm”), which include the smaller .3gpp one (only 95MB).

        God Bless You.


        • SteveBC says:

          Josh, thanks for the detailed look at GrabMyBooks. It got me to thinking that it would work if we decided to select a set of Charlie’s Posts that were themed instead of calendrical.

          The BlogBooker method is much easier for doing all posts over a six-month period. That’s way too much to do with GrabMyBooks. However, if we wanted to create a specific themed “book”, GrabMyBooks would be ideal. Do a Search to select all the relevant posts for the theme, open each in a series of tabs, then use GMB to create the ePub. Simple and focused.

          I’m going to save your comments here so I can refer to them if this idea or application comes up someday. Now that I know it’s possible, it might be something we find useful.

          Thank you!

          On the .3gpp issue, I actually looked at the youtube and vimeo stream files on my iphone to see what options my phone and related apps would provide. The youtube video app gave me the 7 different levels as explicit selections, where the vimeo page in my phone’s browser did not give such selections (it may be dynamic/automatic, though).

          Because of this explicit ability to select the different resolutions, I decided to put in the link you recommended for the youtube video. Again, thank you! 🙂

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  3. Marie B. says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for creating the BlogBooker pdfs! I have begun printing and reading them from the beginning. Will you post a pdf for the first six months of 2016 soon? God bless you! ~Marie

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    • charliej373 says:

      The TNRS Answers team is hard at work on it even as we speak.

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    • SteveBC says:

      Marie B, you stun me with your timing. I just finished generating the new PDFs for 2016 and the Pages file, and then I find your comment popping up asking for them. Well, ask and you shall receive: I will be putting them up tomorrow! 🙂

      And you, Charlie, are positively prophetic with your message, since I was indeed *at*that*very*moment* working on these new files!

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    • SteveBC says:

      OK, Marie B, the new files are now included in the list above. Note that Charlie is becoming more prolific, so I had to divide the first half of 2016 into two PDFs covering three-month periods. 🙂

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      • Marie B. says:

        I highly recommend that anyone who has a basic familiarity with Charlie’s messages read the archived PDFs from 2014 onward. The articles read like the chapters of a book and provide spiritual insights and direction that are especially useful in these urgent and exciting times. I am printing them out for reference. Thank you, Charlie and the TNRS team, for all that you do to serve the Lord. May God continue to bless you!

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  4. Fantastic time-saver, Steve. And easy to forward to friends. Thanks!

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  5. Ronald Meyer says:

    Several years ago when I was involved with a Catholic study group, I did a lot of research on prophecies. One of the things I learned was that there are two basic types: unconditional and conditional. When Our Lady told the Fatima children that WWI would soon come to an end, that was an unconditional prophecy. No matter what people did, it would come to pass. She also told the children that if people did not change their ways and turn back to God (I am not quoting her here), then an even worse war would happen. That was a conditional prophecy. It did not have to happen. I have not been able to read all Charlie has written, but I get the impression that the Storm falls into the realm of the unconditional prophecy. I do think that a large part of America rejected an outright evil agenda for this country in not choosing Clinton to be the next president. Do you suppose that will have any mitigating effect on how the Storm will affect our country?

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  6. Everyone who believed in you says:

    Your advice is good Charlie, but your prophetic words have failed. You have embarrassed everyone who believed you and spoke about your presidential prophecy to family and friends. Thanks for nothing. Stick to giving good advice and forget the prophecies that are evidently self-made in your own mind.


    • for the sake of ... sorrowful passion says:

      The prophetic words failed in our plans, but not God’s.
      Back at the upcoming year 2000, I remember something about a Fr Gobbi prophecy
      and I also was convinced and told family and friends. When it didn’t happen, fellow
      believers told me that God had extended his time of Mercy.
      … So this time I kept Charlie’s words to myself, as in the comment from Ronald Myer
      that due a lot to prayer, prophecies are conditional too.


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