Prayer Requests

Praying Hands with Rosary Beads and Dove --- Image by © JJamArt/Corbis

On this page, readers are invited to send in their prayer requests. I will leave requests up for nine days. All readers are invited to pray for those who ask for it and any who want to offer a word of comfort are invited to do so, as well. May we work together to mutually build each other up and support each other in times of trial.

7,054 Responses to Prayer Requests

  1. Linda says:

    Just had a beautiful celebration for my 91 year old mother in law.. but found out my niece, Sarah.. Fell today down stairs and fell full force on her 6 month old baby in belly..JUDE… please Charlie..Beckita..jlynbird and all.. mick.. all of you asking big guns to pray for baby far so good..I promised my sister Cindy I’d beg you all for prayers.. Thank you.. God bless you all…

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  2. kat3116 says:

    Praying for baby Jude!


  3. jlynnbyrd says:

    Linda, I will keep Cindy and her sweet baby in my prayers. In my 2nd pregnancy I was baking and sprayed oil on cookware, and accidentally some spray ended up on the linoleum floor. I wiped out after slipping across it in my 2nd trimester. I hit the ground hard right on my backside. My doc assured me my body as well as the baby were well insulated enough so that this should be no problem, and it was not, thanks be to God. ❤

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  4. jlynnbyrd says:

    It was lovely to see and chat with you and yours again. We really do need to get our mad scientists together before February!! Fingers are crossed for November. 🙂


  5. Snowy Owl says:

    Can I please ask for prayers for two people in my extended family, one passed away yesterday ( I just found out today) and the other, is not expected to make it through the night. Thank you, everyone!

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  6. jlynnbyrd says:

    Snowy, how tragic. You can count on my prayers. ❤

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  7. Barb129 says:

    Snowy, praying for your family.

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  8. BlessedIam says:

    Answered prayers. My aunt is home and actually made it to mass on Saturday. Praise God and thank you all for your love and prayer.

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  9. jlynnbyrd says:

    Blessed, that is wonderful. God is Good! ❤

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  10. jlynnbyrd says:

    Thanks be to God Snowy!❤

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  11. Barb421 says:

    please pray for my brother in law, George has heart issues, and increased fluid in his legs, he is 71 – thank you


  12. jane manarik says:

    My elder son who is bipolar and unmedicated has gone missing. He hasn’t been seen for over a week. He didn’t show up to work, checked out of the ministry where he was living and hasn’t used his CTA card since Tuesday of last week. His name is Gregory. Please pray that he will be safe and we will hear word of him. This has been going on for 6+ years. He is so ill. Thank you and bless you.

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  13. I have dedicated my home to the “Blessed Mother”. The rosary is prayed here every day. Please pray for my family.

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  14. jlynnbyrd says:

    Barb, I will keep George in my prayers for his health and healing.

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  15. jlynnbyrd says:

    Carole, I will keep you and your family in my prayers. ❤

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  16. Would you all mind saying a prayer for me and my family. I’m feeling under spiritual attack. Thank you.

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  17. Lilia Florentiae says:

    You asked about the Novena I prayed to Saint Joseph.
    In Italian it is called the Novena del Sacro Manto (or Holy/Sacred Cloak/Mantle).
    In English I found it here:
    It has to be said for 30 days, that correspond to the 30 years Saint Joseph spent on Earth with Jesus, according to tradition.
    Perhaps it is the same you were praying…
    Still hoping for the best for your father…

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  18. A Quiet Person says:

    It seems as if I am being stretched in terms of being generous with prayers for those in need, be they friend, enemy, or stranger. I just received a text asking “prayer warriors” to pray for the father of my school’s principal (the one who wrote me up for “loafing on the job” while I was in the e.r.), who fell down some stairs and hit his head on concrete. He has a brain aneurism and doctors are saying it will be a long, slow recovery. The principal is pregnant and there is concern that the stress may cause her to go into premature labor, so prayers are requested for her as well.

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  19. Debbie says:

    Praying for Gregory that he will be found and for healing.
    Praying for you and your family’s safety, Susan,
    Snowy, praying for you and your family. Will say the Divine Mercy chaplet for them both.
    Wonderful news that your aunt has left the hospital and is doing well, BlessedIAm.
    Praying for George’s healing.


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  20. little one in PA says:

    Will you offer up your sufferings this day for my husband’s dying father?

    He is not a man of ffaith and this is the final battle for his soul.

    If you’re inclined a Divine Mercy chaplet would be awesome!

    Thank you for considering!


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