Prayer Requests

Praying Hands with Rosary Beads and Dove --- Image by © JJamArt/Corbis

On this page, readers are invited to send in their prayer requests. I will leave requests up for nine days. All readers are invited to pray for those who ask for it and any who want to offer a word of comfort are invited to do so, as well. May we work together to mutually build each other up and support each other in times of trial.

9,947 Responses to Prayer Requests

  1. Another Karen says:

    Thank you Mick, Jen, Jennifer and Beckita for your prayers! It is such a comfort to have the prayer warriors here praying for my Mom. May God bless you all!

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  2. Laurie Cannon says:

    In about 10 minutes my infant great niece Aurora is having heart surgery. Please pray for the best possible outcome.

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  3. jlynnbyrd says:

    Laurie, I have prayed for Aurora, her family and her medical team. ❤


  4. Carmel says:

    Praying a pmt for Aurora and asking the intercession of St Vincent de Paul whose feast day is today (as I read this prayer request, this feast day is already being celebrated here)

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  5. billbad42 says:

    I pray for all of the requested intentions here. This is a powerful group of faithful who amplify our requests of God, Jesus, and Our Holy Mother.

    I have a request to ask for your prayers for… my 5 year old son had a seizure a month ago (and none since thankfully!) and we are discuss the MRI results with the neurologist today. I pray both to accept the Will of God, but also to ask for healing for whatever caused the seizure.

    Thank you and God bless us all!

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  6. Carmel says:

    Bill, I will pray a pmt for your little boy and ask for healing for him through the intercession of the holy archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, whose feast day it is today.🙏🙏🙏

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  7. Linda says:

    Dearest TNRS Charlie, Beckita, everyone…Please I ask for prayers for my son Frankie and his wife. They’ve been trying to have a baby to no avail, and were just getting ready to adopt and their eye site practice in Collinsville Virginia just burnt down to the ground 2 Sundays ago.. they did have a miracle in that a Bible was in there placed by a Gideon and it did not was unscathed, but I spoke with Frankie this morning, and he is very depressed. I’ve never heard him like this before. They are not going to church these days I think so I believe God is working on their faith, but I beg for sincere prayers from you all so that God through Our beautiful Mother will give them the grace to find joy in this terrible suffering. Thank you all… God save all here! xoxo

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  8. CrewDog says:

    Dear Father,
    I can’t keep up with the needs of my Friends here or the multitudinous needs of Humanity so I ask You to intercede in these needs, in a Big Way, be they needs of Body, Mind or Spirit. In Jesus’ Name I pray. AMEN!!


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  9. Please pray for my daughter’s family and especially the 12 year old who is going thru a terrible spiritual crises…we are desperate. Cannot say all that is happening.Please God heal this family.

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  10. Carmel says:

    Praying, Noreen, for your daughter’s family, and also for your son and his wife, Linda.

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  11. Thank you to all who are praying for my Grand daughter….our family is in crisis at this time. Please continue to pray for us. I pray for all TNRSers.There are young children who are being harmed.

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  12. Go'Shenite says:

    Please continue to pray for my co-worker who’s husband has cancer. He has come through his surgery, and will be starting another round of chemo next week. Their family is very stressed, especially the kids, the whole family needs prayer.

    Also, I have another co-worker who has recently discovered that she is pregnant, and is seriously thinking of aborting her unborn child. Please pray for her and the baby.

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  13. jennifer gamba says:

    Doug and Lambzie,

    Please pray for my children suffering from anxiety, depression, and hopelessness when you visit Medjugorje.

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  14. Deb says:

    Please pray for me and my family. My husband of 15 years
    Walked out on me 2 weeks ago. We have 4 children. Pray I can have faith in God’s will. Amen

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    • Mick says:

      Oh, Deb, I’m so sorry. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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    • jlynnbyrd says:

      Deb, I am praying for you and your family. ❤


    • Beckita says:

      Joining in prayer for you and your family, Deb. My heart goes out to you in this suffering. You may find consolation in the Surrender Novena which can be found here. Sometimes, I simply pray the aspiration repeatedly: “Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything.”

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    • jj says:

      Don’t despair, Trust God and place yourself and your children under the Blessed Mother’s Mantle. Remember that God’s will is Love and Mercy itself (Divine Mercy Chaplet), but sometimes it is difficult to recognize that until later.
      I’m in a similar situation, my wife of 25 years decided she was done with me and our 4 kids (only 2 are still at home) a little over a year ago. Although she says she is only done with me, she has very little to do with the kids anymore either.
      The first few months were an incredibly heavy burden, to much to bear on my own (this is mostly due to my own pride being hurt). When I truly surrendered, and used the Surrender Novena that Beckita recommended, the burden was (and is) still there; but the weight of it is gone.
      Charlie’s advise to me all those months ago was quite simple and effective; “Prayer, Penance, Reparations, and Patience”. I find the patience part to be the most difficult.

      I have also found a new appreciation of the “Our Father”, It is a short form of the Surrender Novena if you really think about the phrases.
      You are not alone.

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    • SteveBC says:

      Deb, I have added a PMT to all the other prayers here. Just take the next right step. God knows right where you are.


    • audiemarie2014 says:

      Deb, I will pray for you and your family. I am so sorry to hear this. God bless you and your children.

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  15. Snowy Owl says:

    Praying for all here, may God bless all of you, and Mother Mary keep all safe in her Immaculate Heart 💜✝

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  16. Carmel says:

    Praying for you Deb. I endorse Beckita’s recommendation of the Surrender prayer – just say it repeatedly especially when you feel panicky.

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  17. foxmomofsix says:

    Please pray for a little girl at our school. Kaelani is in second grade, and they found a spot on her brain. Tests are pending. Please pray that this is benign and grant peace to she and her parents who are consumed with worry. Continued prayers for infant Paisley, please and for my daughter, Taylor, who has a malady the doctors so far haven’t been able to diagnose. Though I don’t post often, I feel so blessed to have the TNRS family, and you are all in my prayers.


  18. Thank you all for your prayers for my uncle’s brother, Jerry. He is slowly recovering in rehabilitation now and should be heading home. Praise God. The family regards his healing as nothing short of miraculous. I told my aunt he had a large number of people praying for him. Thank you again.

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  19. Deb says:

    Thank you all for your prayers. I’m continuing to take the next right step and trusting God to see me through this storm. I am praying for all here. Immaculate heart of Mary pray for us!

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  20. Barbara says:

    Please pray for my husband who is suffering from severe depression and battling suicidal thoughts. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide his soul to a conversion of knowing and loving Our Lord, Jesus Christ and his Beloved Mother, Mary. Praying for healing of our Marriage and continual strength of my own soul to surrender fully to Jesus.


  21. Carmel says:

    Praying for your husband, Barbara. Depression with suicidal thoughts can be due to a chemical imbalance and needs to be treated. Trouble is, people, especially males, are reluctant to seek expert help. I will say a prayer of miraculous trust invoking the intercession of St Luke whose feast day is today.

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  22. CrewDog says:

    Hey Gang,

    I’m sure I’ve spoken of my neighbor and friend, Willie.
    He is in his last week of Radiation Treatment for Colon Cancer.
    Please continue Prayers for him and Family. Thank You!



  23. BlessedIam says:

    On this feast day of St. Luke, the great healer, I humbly ask for prayers for myself and my husband as we go through medical testing in next few weeks. I pray for completely negative results of our testing.

    Thank you and God bless.

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