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This website contains a large number of posts and pages, as well as a massive number of comments entered by the members of what has become a very active and blessed community.

In addition to the website, we offer several services, including an email answering service as well as a separately operated private forum where people can safely exchange items such as contact information, make arrangements to meet, or set up local groups for specific purposes like prayer or prepping, and more.


If you are new to the site, we strongly recommend that you get up to snuff on the basics of Charlie’s teaching and of what *may* come. You can do this in several ways.

First and best is to read the Pages in the top row of this website’s Navigation Bar, from left to right. Start with “God’s Plan” which is just to the right of this “Start Here” page, then read the “My Purpose” page. Continue with “The Plain Path,” “True Preparation,” “Go Forth,” and “Be Not Afraid.” Complete the set by reading, “I Proclaim the Rescue.” These are the articles Charlie himself has picked out of his writings as particularly helpful in a survey of his work.

The best and most thorough summary of the Storm can be found here: The Great Storm. This detailed overview is maintained by Linda Summerfield on her Blessed Hope website (which is itself expansive and worth exploring).

Linda has several other pages that might be of interest to you:


In 2015 Charlie traveled all over the United States, meeting with thousands of people. A number of the presentations he made to those groups were recorded. To watch one or more of these videos, please go to Charlie’s Visit Videos page. Note that St. Clare Heirloom Seeds has voluntarily made a number of audio files and CDs and DVDs of these talks available for download or purchase. You can find links to their materials on the above “Visit Videos” page.


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  • Many visitors are handling difficult issues in their own lives and have requested that members of this community pray for them or those they love. To answer the prayer requests of others or to enter your own prayer request, Click Here.
  • To learn about the Prayer of Miraculous Trust, Click Here.
  • To hear early versions of the Song of Thanksgiving, Click Here.
  • Many participants in this community are concerned about family members who are currently far from God or the Church. If you have similar concerns about family, friends, coworkers, or others, Charlie has written a Page specifically dealing with this issue: Click Here.


To learn how to search all Posts to find answers to your questions, Click Here.

To contact the various people and groups that support Charlie’s mission, Click Here. This includes links to the Next Right Step forum and its director, to Charlie’s administrator for travel, and the email address for the TNRS Answers email answering service.

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For Charlie’s three-part Rules of Regency, click for Part I, Part II, and Part III.


PDFs of all of Charlie’s Posts from January 14, 2014, to his final post on January 21, 2017, can be downloaded  for free from Section 1 of the Books/PDFs/FAQs/Extras page. PDFs of Beckita’s posts will be added every 3 or 6 months from then on.

The TNRS Answers team has prepared a series of answers to questions frequently asked by community members. The topics covered include summaries of Charlie’s writings pertaining to specific subjects, an article on prepping, and a few technical articles to help you on topics like “How do I sign up to get posts and comments emailed to me?” or “How can I activate and use the “Like” button in comments?” To consult that set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Click Here and go to Section 2.

Charlie has authorized Full of Grace Supply House in Colorado to produce and sell items related to his mission, such as English and Spanish cards for the Prayer of Miraculous Trust, DVDs of his Birmingham talk, “T-D-L” auto stickers, squirrel t-shirts and ball caps (which use Michael Patrick’s artwork), and “0.0002%” buttons.  Charlie has no stake in the sale of these products and makes no money from them, but he likes the idea that community members can buy and use them.  To see the page of products Full of Grace offers our community, Click Here.

We hope these links help you get up to speed quickly.

29 Responses to START HERE

  1. Lorena Lalor says:

    How do I connect to to be able to comment

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    • charliej373 says:

      You just did. You just have to wait for moderation.

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      • Dale Blom says:

        Hi Charlie
        My wife and I met you at your talk in Billings, MT. We really enjoyed it, but now I’m kind of in a quandary on where to go next.
        We had breakfast with Marti and Ed and their daughter this morning and Marti said to go to the youtube video you did in Birmingham. Problem is, I can’t find it for some reason.
        I thought it was interesting though while trying to find it, I listened to one where you said your home Parish is in Arvada, Colo. at St. Ann’s. I am a convert and after my wife and I married in North Dakota, we moved to Arvada. I was baptised and accepted into the Catholic Faith there, did my first confession (not a good experience) and then for the next fourteen years, St Ann’s was our home. Small world.
        Thank you so much for what you are doing and am looking forward to learning as much as I can about what God is telling you
        Dale Blom
        Laurel, MT


        • charliej373 says:

          God bless you, Dale. Although my home Parish is actually St. Joan in Arvada. I have been at St. Ann – and have several good friends from there, but it is St. Joan that is my home Parish.


        • Beckita says:

          Hi Dale,
          Here’s a link to the Birmingham talk:

          There’s also a transcript if you prefer written intake:

          It’s well worth the time to read Charlie’s major posts here. Please take a look at everything you can access in the black nav bar at the top. You might also like to use the search features on the side of the page if there’s a particular topic in which you’re interested.

          I began reading from the beginning of Charlie’s major posts a year and a half ago when I came here. I simply committed to reading a couple of major posts at intervals throughout my day and I found that taking the time to read the ensuing comments was well worth the time.
          God bless you.


  2. Maureen says:

    Dear Readers,

    If you want to take the Right next step in a concrete way then consider joining the Rosary Crusade started by Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke. Please check out and join Cardinal Burke and fellow prayer warriors in praying the rosary. We are praying in unity with Cardinal Burke every 1st day of the month during the “Year of Mercy” which has been dubbed “Operation Storm Heaven.” The rosary praying began the 1st of Jan. Please go to the website and read about this tremendous effort of storming Heaven against the attacks on marriage and families.

    Peace to you & yours,


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  3. Kathleen J. Murphy says:

    Your readers may also be interested in joining with the efforts of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception’s invitation to “Save the World” through consecration to Divine Mercy. They will be broadcasting live on EWTN on the Feast of Divine Mercy, St. Therese of Lisieux’s oblation to Merciful Love. That is April 3 and the consecration will be read on air between 12 noon and 1 pm EST in their effort to have the largest Consecration to Divine Mercy ever. You can read the article here

    The article starts by asking, “Do you want to help save the world? Do you want to help bring the world back to God?
    Do you want to cause an ocean of mercy to overwhelm the raging inferno of hatred, violence, and war that have engulfed the world at this time?

    Additionally, you may also be interested in their 33 day preparation written by Father Gaitley. They are so enthusiastic about their invitation to save the world that they are offering Father Gaitley’s book for any donation plus S&H. The 33 day prep is to be started on March 1 and there is still time if you order it now, as they are making efforts to ship these out right away. All the info is in the website link listed above. (And, if you get the book a few days after March 1, you can always catch up.)

    Even without doing the 33 day prep, every person can still join in the Consecration on April 3.

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    • Dale Blom says:

      My wife and I and probably around 40 Parishioners at St Anthony Church in Laurel, Mt started out three years ago with the 33 Days to Morning Glory study guide and video. It was so well received that the next year we subscribed to the next guide and last year we did the third. Each of these built on the other so each segment was a little easier to understand. Fr. Gaitley is a powerful teacher, a great Priest and is able to help us believe that God loves us and that He wants our love just as much.

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  4. jlynnbyrd says:

    Kathleen, thank you for sharing. I have my 33 days book and will now be sure to tune into EWTN too!!


  5. Kathleen J. Murphy says:

    It keeps getting better!

    The Marian Helpers are offering their 33 Day Consecration Book as an ebook!! No need to miss out. They have posted the first 7 days online and you can have your ebook to continue – go to the Marian Helpers website.…/…/54170006/MARIAN


  6. Paul Chavosky says:

    Has there been a change in the church stand on Lusia Piccarreta’s writings?

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    • charliej373 says:

      Only Paul that there are official translations into English now ongoing. The only thing forbidden are the old English translations that were badly written. Daniel would no more, but the work is steadily going on – with Vatican approval – and Daniel is only using those officially approved translations as they come available.

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  7. YongDuk says:

    Oh, no… I never started here.

    I am lost. Lost I say. So lost.

    Oh, the humanity…

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  8. Jerry Schindler says:

    I know the history of the Fatima Apostolate. The article by William Sockey is typical of the “interpretation” of the consecration of Russia. If it is possible, ask one of your angelic visitors about the authentic interpretation. Have you ever heard of the late Fr. Grunner.? Do you know of the book, “The Fourth Secret of Fatima,” by Antonio Socci? In the Marian Movement of Priests
    Our Blessed Mother talks about ‘ecclesiastical masonry..’ #406. You have an article which contains masonry in the Vatican. Keep up the good work. Bless you, Jerry


    • charliej373 says:

      Hi Jerry, if you use the search feature at the top right and put in the keyword “Fatima,” you can pull up articles that reference Fatima.

      As for asking my angel, that is not how it works. He tells me things that are necessary to my work, but not just things I want to know. We are all called, like Mary, to ponder these things in our hearts and stretch our minds and hearts out to God.

      I have, on rare occasions, asked specific things – but never since I was child just to satisfy myself. Any time I am given new information, whether I ask for it or not, there is a price to be paid for it. Whenever I can avoid that, I prefer to, trusting that God will give me what I need to know to do my work.

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  9. colleen kelly says:

    The one in charge asks the questions ~~ God doesnt have to explain Himself although He may chose to reveal something.

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  10. Denise Waletzko says:

    Charlie, where is Mt. Meeker? I’m coming to Colorado soon and would like to visit it, even if only to imagine the shrine.

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  11. Robert Cunningham says:


    From Denver take I-25 North to Hwy 34 in Loveland. Go West for about 30 miles. When you get to Estes Park turn back South on Rt 7. Just past mile marker 10 on the right is the mountain. There is a small gravel parking lot and the St Catherine’s chapel at the base which may be open again now. There is also very large statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the adjacent hill. It is common to see big horn sheep in the road between Loveland and Estes Park

    If you are heading back to Denver, Rt 7 will wind around through the mountains and eventually get back to I-25. Just use the GPS.

    I didn’t know before I went there th first time but Charlie informed me when we met in Dallas that when JP2 went to Denver for world youth day he hiked a trail at Mt Meeker


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  12. Joveline Ollero says:


    Thank you for the changes! It looks great.

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  13. Wonderful to see the very people that have been most hurt over the last several decades, strike back for what they know is right. They seek to regain what has been deliberately stolen from them by a globalist elite who look to govern the world solely for their own interest. We may or may not be successful in overthrowing them and restoring this country to what it once was, but in Britain, and now in the USA, the forces of evil have been shown that God still has a remnant in the Land of the Free.


  14. ICH says:

    Mary tells us over and over again, “Prayer can change everything.” Your angel notified you—-
    you notified us—-we prayed—-thousands of others prayed—and our prayers were answered.
    Don’t be so hard on yourself.
    God just wants us to know that when His Mother speaks, it is always true.

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  15. Laura Bevis says:

    I first heard about him through our Padre Pio prayer group. I was skeptical. I kept hearing about the person elected will not take office. Now I see some question that as not true.If you look at the election from a people vote, then Trump lost but yet still took office.
    I will continue to skeptically read your posts and most importantly pray about them. Thank you for the words of Mother Mary and our Savior. God bless

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