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Links from the Edge

By Charlie Johnston I will speak in San Antonio tomorrow afternoon at 3 p.m. San Antonio, Texas (Free Event) Saturday, September 24, 2016 3:00 pm: Carver Community Cultural Center, 226 N. Hackberry, San Antonio, TX  78202 Contact Bill at fr.ed2015@yahoo.com RSVP, if possible, … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the Fences

By Charlie Johnston I will not be able to study Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation, “The Joy of Love,” until I get back home next week. From early reports, it looks like it unambiguously comes down on the side of orthodoxy. No … Continue reading

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Perspectives on the Pope

(Whew…it has been a wild week. As it turns out, neither Blessed Paul VI nor St. John XXIII said anything publicly about allowing contraception for nuns in danger in the Belgian Congo. Many prominent theologians were suggesting it – and … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Lent

As we prepare for the Lenten Season, I have been considering what some key issues are that I want to cover. In the next few weeks, I will post items on The Church as the Family of God, the Divine … Continue reading

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The Beginning of Wisdom

(I was quite impressed with how people responded to my article, “Concerning Islam.” An article like that is often referred to as ‘troll-bait,’ because of its propensity to draw out people who just want to yell, or confuse, or to … Continue reading

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Tradition, Traditionalism and Modern Theologians

Two pieces posted recently by our friend, Bishop Rene Gracida of Texas: First is a marvelously titled piece by Rod Dreher – with commentary by Bishop Gracida. It speaks for itself. The second is a piece on modern theology. At … Continue reading

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A Few Right Steps

By Charlie Johnston Thank you, dear readers. Your generosity is astounding. I was in St. Louis the last few days – actually in Belleville, where I lived for five and a half years. I visited with the McGlynn clan. When … Continue reading

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Adding Flint to Our Resolve

By Charlie Johnston A couple of things… I am being inundated of late with people in panic and/or frenzy about crash coming next week or some other specific date. First, I have given no date – though I routinely see … Continue reading

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Into the Desert

(I was shaken last week when Dr. Kelly Bowring launched his full frontal assault on Pope Francis and the legitimacy of the Church. I am not shaken because he did it: he has been plotting and scheming how to continue … Continue reading

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Christian Steel in Birmingham

By Charlie Johnston (Before I write about my Birmingham visit, I want to firmly clarify something. I am getting letters and emails asking about Fr. Mitch Pacwa or EWTN endorsing me. Neither Fr. Mitch nor EWTN has or is going … Continue reading

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