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The Pope and the Wolves

By Charlie Johnston Some friends and readers have quizzed me on how I can be so indifferent to Pope Francis’ often provocative comments on environmental issues, the economy, and the philosophical infrastructure that make human freedom possible. After all, I … Continue reading

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Holding Pattern

By Charlie Johnston Sorry folks. I know you expected me to be more voluble once I got home…and soon enough, I will be. We are going into a new phase of things. That always unsettles me a little. It was … Continue reading

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A Family of Faith

By Charlie Johnston For several reasons, I stayed in my family’s home until I was almost 23. Actually, it went two years longer than that, for my Dad was transferred and I stayed in the house, paid the mortgage and … Continue reading

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Deeper Into the Vortex

By Charlie Johnston Something downright weird is going on at the Vatican. In the warm-up to the release of the Environmental Encyclical, almost all top Vatican officials who speak about it are notably petty, arrogant, spiteful, malicious and defamatory. They are also … Continue reading

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All Shook Up

Signposts By Charlie Johnston I have put up a new link at the top bar on the Page for various versions of the Song of Thanksgiving. Kitty Cleveland has finished composing hers, but it will still be a few weeks … Continue reading

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Reality is a Stubborn Thing

By Charlie Johnston At a chatty informal evening long ago, Abraham Lincoln is reputed to have memorably asked his companions, “If you call a sheep’s tail a leg, how many legs does a sheep have?” Several gave no answer at all, … Continue reading

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Turbulence Ahead

By Charlie Johnston The last few weeks for me have been something of a foreshadowing of what lies immediately ahead. Besides a three-day power outage and a five-day Internet outage I had a week’s worth of floods. The heavy snowstorm brought … Continue reading

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Signposts – Breaking the Tablets

By Charlie Johnston The rule of law, simple fair play, is dead. Rather than a system for discerning and dispensing justice, it has become a blunt instrument to bludgeon political and ideological opponents. First up, I will have a full … Continue reading

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Getting Our Sea Legs

I know many are waiting for my promised article on the nature and tactics of the satan. That is the next big article coming. But I hate to write about him…and I am trying to get my bearings. A family … Continue reading

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Musings – Despair is for Chumps

By Charlie Johnston I was grateful that so many of you offered your prayers up on my behalf yesterday and today. It is nice to have such a community sending up prayers. I went to Daily Mass this morning, did … Continue reading

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