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The Rule of Justice

Western Civilization is the history of bathing culture and civic society in Judeo-Christian values. It is what progressively, over several millenia, brought the principles of freedom, liberty and human rights to places of honor in the hearts and imagination of … Continue reading

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The World Enters its Passion

As many of you have probably surmised, I have had quite the struggle the last month. It has run the gamut from physical illness to family issues to spiritual matters and more. It did not trouble me much. I rather … Continue reading

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Form Ranks

People around me often tell me they know I hold back a lot and am very careful and measured in what I share. That is true, but it is usually not for the reasons they think (or at least mostly … Continue reading

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The Gift of “Waiting”

I am going to jump a little ahead on my pilgrimage for a day. I had never been to Louisiana before I walked through it – and did not expect to like it. But Southern Louisiana was fantastic, my favorite … Continue reading

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Family: Blueprint for Society

(I have been struggling for weeks on writing about how family is the blueprint for authentic Christian worship and practice – and a participation in the interior life of the Trinity, itself. It dawned on me that I can’t contain … Continue reading

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Who Will You Serve?

The world has reached a time of division. God is showing people the state of their souls, gently but firmly. It is easy to miss if you are in a frenzy of malice. Last year’s trial of the murderous abortionist … Continue reading

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For Those Who Grieve

A few words for those who grieve… Some of you have written me privately to speak of great sorrows in your life, usually accompanied by an apology for bringing it up. I am grateful for those times when I have … Continue reading

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Upcoming Family Post, Dedications

I am working on a post concerning family life. I take a little longer with it because it is important. It is central to all that is happening and how to endure. It is about what God intends for us. … Continue reading

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The Hour of Darkness

As Monday passed into Tuesday across America earlier this week, we had the first of a tetrad of ‘blood moons.’ A blood moon is a full eclipse of the moon. It gets its name because the moon turns a deep … Continue reading

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Noah as Darth Vader

The movie, Noah, is out and is the big winner of the weekend. Contrary to the title, it is not a Biblical epic. It is more a Bizarro-world version of Star Wars with God in the role of Evil Emperor, … Continue reading

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