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Take No Thought of What You Shall Speak…

(I am taking a little time to clean up a few things – and pondering how to address the challenges now before us most effectively. We are in a relative calm before things speed up incredibly. I know, it is … Continue reading

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The Not So New Age Nonsense

(I have discovered that some of my email has been going into a spam folder particularly those that come from outside the North American continent. I think I have resolved the problem – but I want you to know it … Continue reading

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Spiritual Direction Update – Volunteers Needed!

You might think I have put the project on spiritual direction on the back burner because I have said little about it lately. To the contrary, some marvelous people have stepped up and have offered help to provide people with … Continue reading

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The Shrine

In the very late 90s my angel came to me in a vision and took me into the mountains. From the sky, high above a very distinctive mountain, we looked down upon a great courtyard and shrine nestled below the … Continue reading

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Guest Column: Untangling Fatima – Fact, Fiction and Prophecy

By Peter B (This column was written by a working European theologian at my invitation. While he is identified here only as Peter B, I am fully advised of his full name, address and credentials. While I have emphasized that … Continue reading

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Choose or Perish

In the Gospel read round the world in Catholic Churches today (Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014), Jesus comes to His disciples walking amidst the waves of the wind-tossed sea. He invited Peter to walk out to Him, and so Peter did. … Continue reading

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On Suffering

(This is a reprint of a post I did on my Facebook Page, Abraham’s Journey on May 21, 2013, in the wake of deadly tornadoes that swept through Oklahoma last year. I reprint it because it is a contemplation on … Continue reading

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On Spiritual Direction

Some years ago my son, who is not burdened with visitations, told me he had prayed he might get a touch of what I had. He was surprised when I immediately panicked and begged him quite emotionally not to do … Continue reading

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I have written before that the Lord has told me that all faithful Jews and Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, are to be treated as full partners in the work ahead of us. There are no junior partners among the … Continue reading

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Hope’s Eternal Spring

At the Annunciation, the Archangel Gabriel told Mary that she was about to receive a great blessing, if she would accept it – to become the Virgin Mother of the Messiah. A great blessing, indeed, but one that, from a … Continue reading

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