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Reality is a Stubborn Thing

By Charlie Johnston At a chatty informal evening long ago, Abraham Lincoln is reputed to have memorably asked his companions, “If you call a sheep’s tail a leg, how many legs does a sheep have?” Several gave no answer at all, … Continue reading

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Musings: A Time of Division, Mexico

Many people have contacted me privately asking about an unusually large amount of bickering – and even ugly disputes – among families and friends, wondering if this is part of the darkening of the times. Yes, it is. I have expected … Continue reading

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On the Road: Alabama (#5)

(This is the 5th Installment in my Journal of the year-and-a-half, 3,200 mile walking pilgrimage I took across America) When I set out, my intention was to make my way down the mountain where my family lived, going towards Rte. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and Communion for the Remarried

Pope Francis has surely been a sign of contradiction. Leftists were first enthused, thinking his passion for social justice meant he was one of them. Now they are dismayed to discover he insists on social justice for the unborn and … Continue reading

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Family II: How You Should Love Yourself

(Today I continue with the second part of the four or five part introduction to the concept of family as the blueprint for authentic worship and a participation in the interior life of the Trinity) Humility To love yourself in … Continue reading

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Mallett’s Latest

I do not like to talk about “spiritual warfare” when it is close to home and I try to act in a way so that I do not impose crosses I should bear on others. That said, sometimes the battle … Continue reading

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New Book on St. John Paul the Great

I just finished a marvelous short book on St. John Paul the Great. It discloses no serious new information, but does not attempt to do so. My son thought I might not be interested as JPII has been a subject … Continue reading

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Family: Blueprint for Society

(I have been struggling for weeks on writing about how family is the blueprint for authentic Christian worship and practice – and a participation in the interior life of the Trinity, itself. It dawned on me that I can’t contain … Continue reading

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Who Will You Serve?

The world has reached a time of division. God is showing people the state of their souls, gently but firmly. It is easy to miss if you are in a frenzy of malice. Last year’s trial of the murderous abortionist … Continue reading

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Prepare the Way

I have maintained radio silence for about a week now. Sorry for not responding to those who have emailed or messaged. It has been an intense period. In three primary areas, I have been taking instruction for preparation. I know … Continue reading

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