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A Good Day For America

By Charlie Johnston I was deeply heartened by the election results yesterday. I can now amend my promise  that I would retreat into silence if Barack Obama peacefully transferred power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on January 20. Now it … Continue reading

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In the Eye of the Storm

By Charlie Johnston As this election season goes careening wildly towards its inevitable fiery conclusion three weeks from now, a little advice… Large political campaigns get into a higher gear six weeks out. The last three weeks are an unbearable … Continue reading

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Semper Fidelis, Adeste Fideles

By Charlie Johnston The single most chilling event of the last year occurred yesterday afternoon – and it didn’t have anything to do (maybe) with the American Presidential debate last night. I am not a fan of the Michael Savage … Continue reading

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The Election…and Other Potential Triggers

By Charlie Johnston Lately I have gotten all sorts of notes and comments that begin, “You say there will be no election…” I have been explaining all year that there could be an election, but it would not ultimately matter. … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need No Stinking Fig Leaves

By Charlie Johnston I find myself in an interesting position right now. I have heard from several people of substance who, last year, were profoundly skeptical of my discussion of the Storm. Now only the invincibly ignorant and the willfully … Continue reading

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