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The First Light of Dawn

By Charlie Johnston Public surveys of late have consistently shown that the number of people who believe in God in America is in  precipitous decline over the last decade, though it is still over 50%. In Europe, the Old World … Continue reading

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The Existence of God

By Charlie Johnston A few weeks ago someone forwarded to me a note from a young man who claimed to be tormented by his sudden lack of belief in God. He wanted proof of God’s existence – and asked for … Continue reading

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Our Lady of America, The Immaculate One

Guest Column (Dan Lynch retired as a lawyer in 1996 to devote himself full time to working to spread devotion to Our Lady of America; Jesus, King of All Nations; and Our Lady of Guadalupe. I have come to highly value … Continue reading

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The Siren Song of Factions

I have been taken aback by the mail I get on the subject of Medjugorje. The Catholic Church has made no determination on its supernatural authenticity yet. It neither forbids, nor endorses, devotions arising from it. At this point it … Continue reading

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Prophecy Unfolds Hidden Before Our Eyes

I monitor the news each day, checking for matters of interest. Much of it is the same as what anyone else looks for. But I also watch for things from a perspective of what I know about the battle that … Continue reading

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